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"Wednesday, October 8, 1913
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This Princess Dresser
Splendid for kindling or for fuel
or stove. . Quick delivery in any
for grate
IflWffMte ' jCheap
fuel la JL1
Cor. of Montana and Stanton Sts.
Are now c'ompleted-and we have one, two, three and
four room suites for rent. The ' 'Wright ' ' is the most
modern and up-to-date apartment in El Paso. Every
convenience. Phone.us and we will-show you.at your
convenience. ' f - -V -
Austin &. Marr
Sole Agents
Yards 7th and Santa Fe.Piedras and G. H. &.S. A. Tracks
Phones 186, 586, 587
none 4&u. - uapies mag. I
Sleep Disturbing Bladder Weaknesses, Backache, Stiff
Joints, Rheumatic Pains Disappear After
Few Doses are Taken
While people along in years are nat
urally more subject to weak kidneys,
they can easily avoid the tortures or
backache and rheumastism, and bo
saved the annoyance of getting up at
night with disagreeable bladder dis
orders. Croxone relieves these conditions by
promptly reaching the cause and mak
mp the kidneys filter the blood and
sift out the prisonous acids and waste
matter that cause these troubles.
It soaks right in and cleans out the
stopped up. inactive kidneys, dissolves
and drives out the uric acid and other
poisonous impurities that lodge in the
1 joints and muscles and cause rheuma
I tism. It neutralizes the urine so it no
longer irritates the bladder, overcomes
unnecessary breaking of sleep and
helps the kidneys and bladder regain
health and strength. -
It matters not how long you have
suffered, how old you are, or what
else you have used. It is practically
impossible to take Croxone without re
sults. It starts to worfc-the minute
you take it the first time you use it.
An original package of Croxone costs
but a trifle, and all druggists are au
thorized to return the purchase - price
if it fails in a single case. Advertisement.
It' Grandmother's Recipe
Bring Hack Color and
Lustre to Hair.
Ton can turn gray, faded hair beau
tifully dark and lustrous almost over
night if you'll get a 50 cent Dottle of
"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Rem
edy" at any drug store. Millions of
bottles of this old, famous Sage Tea
Recipe are sold annually, says a well
known druggist here, because it dark
ens the hair "so naturally and evenly
that no one can tell it has been ap
plied. Those whose hair Is turning gray,
becoming faded, dry, scraggly and thin
have a surprise awaiting them, because
after one or two applications the gray
hair vanishes and your locks become
luxuriantly dark and. beautiful all
dandruff goes, scalp itching and fall
ing hair stops.
This is the age of- ytouth. "Gray
haired, unattractive folks aren't want
ed around, so get busy with "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur to-night and-you'll be
delighted with your dark, handsome
hair and yqur youthful appearance
wtihin a few days. Advertisement.
The ordinary cost or a "Want Ad in
The El Paso Herald is 25 Cents. It
xeacnes an average of aoout 70,000
readers each issue.
. . ' $30,000 PER YEAR
Jury scrip for, the current court year,
runninp- from September 1, 1913, to July
1, 1914, will approximate $30,000. With
the new special district court added the
jurv IvI! averages $3000 per month. This
amount takes in. all of the courts.
Monday night all fury scrip registered
was the same as cash. Both the district
clerk's office and the county treasurer's
office were busy places Monday. .As soon
as the juror obtained his scrip from the
district clerk he went to the treasurer'
office, where he received cash for it.
Scrip now commanding cash includes all
up to the treasurer's number, 53,496.
County treasurer J. D. Ponder has issue
a call for all scrip up to this number.
The call entails the expenditure of ap
proximately $6000.
Austin, Tex., Oct. 8. Homer R
Mitchell, of -Fort Worth, general manager
of the Fort Worth Life Insurance "com
pany, was today appointed as a rate ex
pert by the directors of the Texas Em
ployers' Insurance association, to prepare
a schedule of rates to be charged and
promulgated under the employes' com
pensation act. Mr. Mitchell reached here
today and began hfs work. It will take
i some time to complete. the task.
Chief Cox Sajs Efficiency of Service
Will Be Enhanced Ilnnicrs Must
Obey the State Ijitt.
Austin, Texas. Oct. S. The number
of deputy game wardens throughout
the state has been reduced ff8ni ap
proximately 1000; to less than 200. ac
cording to chief game warden Jeff D.
Cox. and the efficiency of the service
will be greatly enhanced, if the plans
now being carried out by the chief
came warden Drove successful. "War
I den Cox has found that the great ma-
I jority of the deputies wantea ine uosi
1 tion only as a pretext to go armed and
; many oi inem negieciea tneir auues.
When these tacts, ne saia. Decamo ap
parent, there was a wholesale dis
charge of wardens.
He then inaugurated the plan of hav
ing onlv one warden In a county, and
some time ago a warden for two counties-
hut these wardens have been in1
variably recommended by the -sheriff of -
I the county. -
with a plentiful supply of game.t ha,
temptation to exceed the limit of biros
and deer and other game that may ba
killed bvione hunter, is almost irre
sistable. but with efficient wardens, the
hunters will have to keep within th
bounds of the law or suffer the con
senuences. County clerks over the state have
been supplied with large batches of
licenses to be Issued In their respective
counties. State licenses are issued di
rect by the department here.
Building Permits.
To Js S. Morris to -erect a 'brick out
building, 1S03 East Boulevard; esti
mated Cost, $300.
To "W. I Crockett to make additions
at 705-7 East Boulevard; estimated
cost, $1200. .
To Manuel Correon, to build an adobe
room. 804 South St- Vrala street; esti
mated cost, $100.
To H. Clifton, to build a frame "build
ing, block "02," East El Paso; esti
mated value, $500.
To "William Rheinheimer, to make
repairs at 210 Overland street; esti
mated cost, $475.
Deeds Filed.
North side of San 'Jose, between In
diana and Ohio G. BCalnan and wife
to J. M. Langford. lots 7 and 8, hloch
48, Hlglilana park; consideration $1500;
Oct 6, 1913.
Northeast corner of South Oregon
and Third Lucretia A. Croswhite to H.
M. . "Walters, lot 20, block 135, Camp
bell's addition; consideration $4160;
May 17, 1913.
South side of Missouri, between Kish-
Certified Milk
la being delivered to a large num
ber of families other than those who
procure it for nursing purposes, be
cause they know that the scientific
methods employed In its production
and delivery safeguard it from any
possible source of contamination.
The price is- 25 cents per quart, an
acknowledged low price for a
product of such merit. An Increase
of over 100 per cent In our sales in
one year Is evidence of what the
public think of it. Try It for your
selves. El Paso Pairy Co.
Your Stomach Bad?
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach
, Remedy and Be Con
duced That You Can Be
Restored to Health.
Hwcoisifoij sJSSLJ
-Html U freW?-
er and Buchanan William H. Atretin
to Mrs. Alva Howell, lot 7 and east half
of 8, block "C," Stevens addition; con
sideration, $3150; Oct. 4. 1913. By deed
dated Aug. 22. 1913, William S. God
frey and wife convey the same property
to W. H- Austin; consideration $3000.
Stanton and Texas Central Invest
ment company to Felix Martin. J. 11
Primm and W. Cooley, portion of block
39, Campbell's addition; consideration,
$10,010; Sept. 8, 1913. '
North side of Missouri, between
Brown and Nohle Lizzie McCurdy and '
husoana ana others to D. K. stanibener,
lots 28 and 29. blocx. 23, Franklin
Heights; consideration, $1850;-Aug. 7,
IJcensed to "Wed.
George L. O'Neal and Winona V,
Salvador Ortiz and Refugla Gurrala.
Automobiles Licensed.
1771 J. E. Neff, 1715 Montana street"
Buick roadster.
1772 Dr. R. B. Homan, Homan sani
tarium; five passenger Overland.
Births Girls.
To Mrs. Johanas H. Snyman, Berino,
N. M-. Oct. 6.
Tou are not asked to take Mayr's
"Wonderful Stomach Remedy for weeks
and months before you receive any
benefit one dose Is usually required to
convince the most "skeptical sufferer of
Stomach Ailments that this great rem
edy should restore anyone so afflicted
to good health. Mayr's, Wonderful
Stomach Remedy has been taken by
-many thousands of people throughout
the land. It has brought health and
I happiness to sufferers who had des
paired of ever being restored and who
now proclaim it a Wonderful Remedy
and are urging others who may be suf
fering with Stomach, Liver and Intes
tinal Ailments to' try it. Mind you,
Mayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy Is
so different than most medicines that
are put on the market for the various
stomach ailments It is really in a class
by itself, and one dose will do more to
convince thl most , skeptical sufferer
than tons of other medicines. Results
from one dose will amaze and the bene
fits are entirely natural, as It acts on
the source and foundation of these ali
ments, renfoving the poisonous catarrh
and bile accretions, ard allaying the
underlying chrcnic inflammation in the
alimentary and intestinal tract, render
ing the same antiseptic Just try one
dose of Mayr's "Wonderful Stomach
Remedy put it to a test today you
will be overjoyed with your quick re
covery and will highly praise it as
thousands of others are constantly do
ing. Send for booklet on Stomach Ail
ments to Geo H. Mayr. Mfg. Chemist,
154-156 Whiting St, Chicago, I1L Kel
ly & Pollard Advertisement.
Before you are filled
rvith Mercury and
Other Poisonous
Drugs, see Dr. Che
flok. the botanist
specialist, who cures
the following dis
eases without the
aid of minerals or
knife: Cancer. Blood
Poison. Kidnoy
Trouble. Rheuma
tism. Heart Disease,
and Liver derange
ments. Consultation
free. 06 San- An
torlo St. Fhona 2910
Made of beautifully fig
ured American quarter
sawed oak; large oval
French plate glass mirror;
has two large drawers,
with modern knoBs. High
ly polished and well made
in every detail. A splendid
value even at $15.00.
Write for Oar New Catalogue Free On Request ,
The Young Furniture Co.
'Buy From Young and Buy for Less
Phone 835 CASH OR CREDIT 307 S. EI Paso St
Use Herald Want Ads. TTse Herald Want Ads.
The Climax of
in the billing and tabulating typewriter is attained
through the latest Remington development
the Ta b u I at or
Set Key.
", ,'"', , ii ni... ., t, ..,,., ITr Zj
ayer Honorbilt Shoes are the dressiest, snappiest shoes
you can find shoes, that hold their shape and have wearing
qualities far in excess of average shoes. You can always depeni
on lasting service as well as style 'in these shoes.
' men, women
and children
m8$' JSk Ej
does ilillilr 'y-mm
Se3Ma6e38aSS5SSi5?3(&!2i3a&l I I XtZ-vT.-lL..l
WfflfflfflagJi HBKQRSS25
Mayer Honorbilt Shoes stand up and hold their shape and style
because they are made right. Only selected leather goes into
mem me nnesi uppers tne tougnest soles the
most skilled workmanship. There's double the wear
in Honorbilt Shoes and they are unequalled on the
points of style and fitting qualities. If you want style,
comfort, quality and wear for your shoe money, you
can get them in Mayer Honorbilt Shoes.
WARNING Be sure and look for the Mayer
traae mane on tne sole. It your dealer
not Handle rlonorbiit ohoes, write to
We znako Honorbilt Shoes in all styles for
raon, women and children; Yerma Cushion.
Shoes; Dry-Soj the great wet weather
shoe, and Martha Washington Comfort Shoes.
F. Mayer Boot &. Shoe Co,
Recovery of $100 from "Bunco" men
In Juarez and restitution of the money
to H. Coleman, from whom it was
"lifted" last week, is the first definite
result of mayor Cruz's; campaign
against American "con" men operating
in the Mexican town across the border
Coleman, who comes from Detroit,
ilich.. visited Juarez last week and was
"introduced" to the notorious citrar
jrame, which has claimed dozens of vic
tims. The result was that ha came
away minus 5200 in money and Dlus a
feelinp that he had been robbed. He
anpealed to consul Edwards, who took
the matter ud with mavor Cruz
Monday afternoon half of Coloman's
lost money was returned to him. The
Juarez oolice helped consul Edwards,
recover the $100, but made no arrests.
Austin. Tex.. Oct. 8. The walls of thn
Alamo pronerty ffre cracked and warped
and in a serious condition, according to
a letter receivea today by acting gov
ernor Maves from the building insnpctnr
of sanitation, and in need of attention.
uovernor Maves. immediately nnon re
ceipt of this information, detailed Dr.
A. B. CanTey, state superintendent of
public buildings and wounds, and H. Ti.
Kitschke, state inspector of masonry, to
make an investigation and report the
extent of the damage, which was caused
by the recent floods. .
The city will soon besln the work
of selecting' the new auto fire truck
to be added to the fire department
All the reports of the tests of the
different makes of auto fire trucks
maae aurinjr tne convention of the fire
chiefs at New York have been received.
Alderman J. I. Hewitt, chairman of the
fire committee, will have the task of
examining the reports. He will be as
sisted by fire chief W. "W. Armstrong.
As soon as the reports liave been ex
amined a selection will be made.
. This single key sets ,
the Decimal Tabula
tor Stops for every
variety of billing,
form and tabular work
You simply move the
carriage to the desired
points on the paper and at
each point strike the set
key that is all. Hand settings are avoided; all
complications are eliminated. The setting of
the stops is as quick and simple as the operation
of the Tabulator itself.
The, Set Key completes the work of bringing
every act in the operation of the Tabulator within
the compass of the key
board. It makes "the
operation of the Bill
ing and Tabulating
Remington as easy and
as simple as ordinary
Send for our illustrated booklet
describing vthe new and exclusive
features of the
Just to show their regard for a
bunkle, the pack train of the second
cavalry loaded up the mules with their
saddles and packs and came down town
Tuesday as an escort to private C C.
Young, who has sei-ved his enlistment
and is quitting the service to return to
his home , in West Virginia. Seven of
the packers of the second accompanied
him down town, the pack mules being
used for mounts and to bring the kit of
the departing packer to the station.'
Visible Models 10 and II
Jestiington Typewriter Salesrooms
Phone 677
:204 Texas Street
aguwmmjj!uyjj.jHu,4 anw
ns !!." i .udMJi i.j . jwi. i ji.iuim

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