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gggt Union Labor News m
5b Longer Any Ezcuse for Ken cs
Women to Be WeaK Bervea, firain
Tagged, Thin or Haggard.
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Preparations Being Made For An
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Pioneer Pfcvaa. Advertisement
ACCOUNT of the expected In
crease in business on the Harri
man system, engines are being
put in to shape at all of the shops.
The company has several large shops
in California, Texas, Louisiana and
Illinois. Some of these shops are re
ported to be overcrowded. The local
shops are well stocked. Several en
gines of both the S. P. and G. H. have
been turned out recently and are now
in service. Because of the expected in
crease in business, several passenger
firemen of the Southern Pacific have
been called up to take the examination
necessary before being promoted to
engineers. Several G. H. men have
passed recently and others expect to be
called upon at any time. Among the
G. H. men who have been recently
called up are: Oscar T. Ward, Ben
Durham, A. Giroir and Ervin. The
Southern Pacific firemen called up yes
terday were all employes on the other
side of Lordsburg: H. I Fuller, fire
man on the Simon helper; J. E. Eng
lish, fireman between Gila and Yuma
in regular passenger service, and fire
men R. I. Harberson and J. W. Wln
drim. A. E. Hale, the Tucson road
foreman of engines, will hold the ex
aminations at Tucson.
Mrs. B. E. Major, mother of engi
neer George Major, of the eastern di
vision of the El Paso & Southwestern.
Is in Bl Paso on a visit She resides
with her son at Tucumcari. N. M.
P. S. Evans, helper on the day lead
engine in the El Paso yard service of
the G. IL, has been promoted to engine
foreman and was assigned to the lead
engine. This turn was recently made
vacant by C. N. Holford, who has been
assigned to the night position as en-
1 gine herder.
On account of a shortage of brake
men, the G- H. & S. A. at El Paso had
to borrow an extra man from the Texas
& Pacific. Jack McMindus caught this
turn between El Paso and "Valentine.
Harry L. Moore, engineer for the
Southern Pacific Is making a few
round trips in through freight ser
vice on engine 2712, between El Paso
and Lordsburg.
J. W. Daniels, extra engineer for
the G. H.. Is making a round trip in
through freight service between El
Paso and Valentine, on enirlne 756.
j Regular fireman Dave F. Flynn Is flr-
The C H. & S. A. railwav used an
extra switch engine last night to load
stock. Extra engineer J. C. Green
was used to run it and extra fireman
W. Barksdale fired for him.
Harrv Heilman. extra fireman for
the G. H. at El Paso, was used in the
EI Paso yard service last night with
engineer W- E. Gorman.
L. J. Tager, extra fireman for the
G. H. at El Paso, worked In the local
yards last night on the S oclock en
gine, with eng!neerC. H. Morris.
Extra engineer J. Horton, of the
G. H., was used yesterday on the 8
oclock day engine in the local yard
service. Extra fireman J. F. Gould
fired for him.
Hugh McMichael. regular switchman
for the local yard service of the G
H. & S. A., on the day union depot
coach engine, has reported for duty,
after attending court for several days.
He displaced switchman T. O. McCabe,
who goes back on the local extra list
H. R. Payne, regular passenger
brakeman for the Southern Pacific be
tween El Paso and Tucson, is laying
off for a few trips and an extra pas
senger fireman Is filling his vacancy.
E. B. Bovle, assistant superintend
ent of the G., H. & S. A, Is making
trip over the El Paso division of the
road, for the purpose of Inspection.
Frank Appel, who for the past eight
vears has been employed with the G-,
H. & S. A. yard service at El Paso, has
resigned to take a position at Los
Angeles, Cal., with the Salt Lake road,
as brakeman. For the past year he
has been foreman of the day union
depot coach engine. Willie Weed, the
Wpnrv Wallace, a throujrh freight
brakeman of the G. H. & S. A-, between
El Paso and Valentine, is laying olt
for a few trips and an extra man of
the local extra list is filling his va
cancy. Fred Wessel, assistant superintend
ent of the mechanical department or
the Harrlman lines at El Paso, is mak
ing a round trip over his division of
the road.
P. O. Harris, a switchman of the
Santa Fe at El Paso, is working on the
3 a. m. engine In the local yards. In
regular switchman Willie Stewart's
place, who is at the Albuquerque fair.
J. E. Jones, extra switheman of the
Santa Fe at El Paso, Is working on
the day house engine for a few shifts,
while the regular mac is taking a lay
off. Q. D. Black, pasesngerbrakeman for
the G. H., has reported for duty, after
a few trips's layoff.
R. W. Whitfield, brakeman for the
Southern Pacific at El Paso, is laying
off for a few shifts.
Pete Kleld, extra engineer for the G.
H., at El Paso, worked in the El Paso
yard service yesterday on the 8 oclock
F. N. Craver. regular throuch freight
engineer for the .Southern Pacific, be
tween El Paso and Lordsburg, has re
ported for duty.
R. E. Stinson, extra fireman for the
Southern Pacific, deadheaded out yes
terday as messenger on engine 2596.
This engine is consigned tor the Sacra
mento, Calif., shops, where it will un
dergo a complete overhauling.
W. C. Henrich, extra fireman for the
Southern Pacific, is making a round
trip in through freight service, be
tween El Paso and Lordsburg, on en
gine 2798, with engineer H. R.
Vaughan. He took out 243's train.
Ed Laymen, extra engineer for the
Southern Pacific at El Paso, Is making
a round trip in through freight service,
between El Paso and Lordsburg. W.
S. Hooson is the regular fireman on
this turn.
W. Smith, regular through freight
fireman for the Southern Pacific be
tween El Paso and Lordsburg, is mak
ing a few trips in regular passenger
service, on the Rio Grande division In
regular fireman W. Taylor's place,
with engineer Dave Brock, on engine
3045. Taylor is laying off for a few
M. D. Gamdy. extra engineer for the
Southern Pacific, Is making a round
trip In through freight service, be
tween El Paso and Lordsburg. on en
gine 2717.
Charlies Gillespie, extra fireman for
the G. H. at El Paso, is laying off for
a few trips.
H. L. Spence, regular through freight
engineer for the G. H. between El
Paso and Valentine, is laying off for
a few trips, and an extra engineer of
the El Paso slow board is filling his
J. W. Johnson, extra engineer for the
G. H., is back on the local extra list
after making a round trip in through
freight service, between El Paso and
Valentine, on engine 951. On account
of the danger of this crew being over
taken by the "16 hour interstate com
merce service law" an El Paso srew
was deadheaded out to relieve them.
Andy Young and fireman Harry Hell
man were used on this turn. They
deadheaded out on the Texas & Pacific
ryid Johnson and his fireman were
brought back as "dead heads."
Oscar Darr, pasenger fireman for the
Texas & Pacific, is laying off for a few
trips, and extra fireman L M. Arter
burn is filling his vacancy, on engine
R. Long, extra fireman for the Texas
& Pacific, Is back on the El Paso ex
tra list after having fired engine 382
for a few trips, with engineer A. Ma
gee. H. Cochrens, passenger engineer for
the Texas & Pacific, is laying off for
a few trips and engineer C. S. McNew
is filling his place.
T. A. Johnson, fireman for the Texas
& Pacific extra board at El Paso, Is
being used for a few nights as a host
ler in the local yards, in regular hostler
S. H. Price's turn.
Harry Arant Texas & Pacific fire
man, is laying off for a few trips and 1
extra iireman js. o. ciaric is filling his
Texas : Pacific passenger brakeman
Champ, Is laying off for a few trips
and extra freight brakeman J. Mason
Is filling his place with conductor E.
B. Broadstreet
M. D. Gandy, extra engineer for the
Southern Pacific at El Paso, is making
a round trip in through freight service,
between El Paso and Lordsburg. G. H.
Cope is firing for him.
At a late hour last night there were
five engineers on the extra list of the
G. H. at El Paso and two firemen. The
Southern Pacific slow board consisted
of one engineer and three firemen.
Engine 368 of the Texas & Pacific
is back out of the El Paso back shop
and will be given back to engineer 3.
Nunn. W. A. Long Is firing it
J. E. Scofield, boiler inspector for
the G. H. & S. A., left last night for
Eagle Pass, Del Rio and San Antonio.
Appetite Poor?
Stomach Bad?
It will
prove of ereat
benefit to sufferers from
Stomach, Liver or Bowel Ills.
four telegraph operators, all employed
overtime, according: to the charjre.
The company's defence was that the
violation was unavoidable and had been
caused by a succession of wrecks.
BIsbee, Ariz, Oct 9. Two additional
freight crews have been put on this
end of the main line of the E. P. & S.
W., to handle the increased regular
freight business which comes about
with the operation of Rock Island
freijrht trains over the system between
El Paso and Tucson. This bulsness
during the week, has occasioned extra
freights daily beside the two new reg
ular trains and Is bringing much in
creased employment to the division.
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for a
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Dept. 3JHJ. Rochester, N. Y.
Los Angeles. Cal Oct 9. The San
Pedro. Los Angeles & Salt Lake Rail
road company has been found guilty
and fined In the United States district
court on a charge of working its em
ployes overtime. Judge Olin Wellborn
instructed the jury to return a verdict
of guilty of a violation of the Interstate
commerce law.
The railroad was assessed J100 each
for lfi PnCrinflATfl rrt truinman tlCft
each for six trainmen, and $150 each for 1 business throughout the southwest
rmi. i.iflmni. .. i, , j tta vnfpfl Vit"a nv tnA southwestern
Fordyce, and Albert T., Perkins, di
rectors of the St Louis Union Trust
company, have issued a circular letter
asking all stockholders of the St Louis
and San Francisco railroad to attend a
special meeting here next Monday af
ternoon. . ,
The object of the meeting, it 13
stated, is to harmonize the apparent
differences between the New York
protective committee of 'Frisco stock
holders and the committee formed by
James Campbell, vice president of the
St Louis. Mo.. Oct 9. Restoration
of party rates on Interstate passenger
St Louis, Mo., Oct 9. Samuel W.
was voted here by the Southwestern
Passenger association. The rates pro
vide a fare of 2 cents a mile to par
ties of 23 and 2 cents a mile to parties
of more than 25 passengers. These
rates were withdrawn August 1, fol
lowing the United States supreme court
decision upholding the 2 cent rate and
maximum freight rate laws.
Minus smokestack, bell, cab and nu
merous other exterior Darts. Santa Fe
switch engine 382. which was derailed
into the turntable-pit near the Santa
Fe roundhouse Tuesday afternoon, is
again on the track. A wrecking- crew
risrhted It The big locomotive looks
like some war machine stripped for
Fireman O. H. Rudlff. who was
aboard the engine and was scalded by
escaping steam when It overturned. 13
recovering at Hotel Dieu.
Oar Hal Renovating depart
ment is complete in every de
tail. Expert hatters are in
charge and we guarantee to
give you the best work in El
i-aso. a i l Kinas or n a i a
cleaned, blocked and retrim-
med. Send us your old hats with your
next laundry bundle. The cost" is
Our wagons are everywhere. The same
careful service is maintained in our
cleaning department that has always
characterized our laundry.
Phones 470-471
Cleaning Department Phone 6379
Carpenters' Union Elects Press
Agent; Will Buy Him Automobile
H. Brown Will Collect Infor
mation for Carpenters;
' .Trustees to Select
(By John W. Harm, Stereotyper
THE Carpenters union held a
lengthy and important meeting
Wednesday night at the Build
ing Trades hall.
H. Brown, who was elected business
PECIAL inducement to every man who
wishes to assure comfort for his feet as well
as good quality shoes. We have just received
a large shipment of Men's high grade shoes.
I Men's Elk Shoes . . . $2.50 to $4.00
Men's Russia Calf Shoes $3.50 to $6
Men's Vici Kid Shoes $3.50 to $5.00
Gun Metal Calf Shoes $3.50 to $5.00
es ...... . $4-50
To introduce these shoes we make this extremely low price at the very
begining of the season. We will make an additional reduction of 50c
off on each pair of shoes sold on next FRIDAY and SATURDAY.
H, W. FBSHEe, Proprietor
manager ror the union last weeK, was
elected press agent A resolution was
passed and adopted that the union buy
an automobile for the convenience of
Mr. Brown, so that he can visit the
construction work that Is Delng dyne
In different localities of the city, where
union carpenters are employed. In order
that he may obtain union news and
keep In touch with the building work
that is going on beyond street car lines.
The matter of selecting new head
quarters for the union was transfered
to the board of trustees, who will de
cide the location in a few days. Over
100 members were present at the meet
ing. J. B. Williams; president, presided
and H. Brown, business agent, reported
the standing of the union very flourish
ing. The regular weekly meeting of the
Sheet Metal Workers' union, will be
held tonight at the Building Trades'
hall, at 8 o'clock. Sam Baynes is pres
ident and C W. Scott secretary.
The Blacksmiths' union held an in
teresting session last night at the
Central Labor hall. The attendance
was good. President Thomas Hunter
presided over the meeting. Secretary
J. W. Ducas says all members or the
trade are working.
The Painters and Paperhangers'
union held its regular weekly meeting
last night at the Building Trades' halt
Adam Haust president called the
meeting to order. John Mason Is sec
retary and reported work good. The
meeting was well attended.
Victor A. Iee. president of the Bar
bers' union, will call the semi monthly
meeting of that union to order tonight
at 8 o'clock, at the Central labor halt
Charles Manning is the secretary.
O. Roggenbock is Installing the
heating plant in" the new army hos
pital building at Fort Bliss, and is a
member of the Plumbers' union.
Wade W. Schreffler has been ap
pointed by mayor C E. Kelly to repre
sent the journeymen plumbers on the
state board of plumbing examiners.
M. p. Maloney, of the Master Plumbers,
and Al J. Carpenter, city plumbing In
spector, represent the state board here
and will conduct an examination of
plumbers at the city hall Saturday af
ternoon at 1:30. Mr. Schreffler Is a
member of the Plumbers' union.
Claude E. Wilson, a member of the
local Bricklayers' union, has trans
ferred his membership card to Birming
ham, Ala, where he has taken a posi
tion doing brick work.
Max Schlueter has taken a transfer
card from the local Bricklayers" union
and departed for Fort Worth, where he
has a position.
D. E. Centarlno, a member of the
Bricklayers' union, has been granted
an honorable withdrawal card from
that union and has departed for St.
Louis, where he will go into the con
tracting Business.
.William Melsel. a member of the
Plumbers' union. Is doing job plumbing
for Fraser Bros.
T. D. Butcher has been doing job
plumbing for the last few cays for tho
Geo. Mattice Plumbing company. Mr.
Butcher is a member of the Plumbers
Earnest Bartholomae and W. A.
Heigh, members of the Carpenters'
union, are doing the repair carpenter
work on the residence in the 2600 block
on East Missouri street, for Hewitt &
Manuel Aguilar, a member of the
Carpenters' union who lost the end of
his right hand thumb two weeks ago,
has returned to work at his old job
with contractors Crawford & Prlngle.
Adam Haust is doing the painting
work on the new six room bungalow
in the 1300 block on Magoffin avenue.
He is a member of the Painters' union
and employed by the McKee company.
Mrs. F. F. Tuffano. wife of Fred Tuf
fano. sefcretary of the Central Labor
union, has departed for New Orleans.
La- where her father Is seriously 111.
E. C. Forney, a member of the local
Carpenters' union, has returned here,
after spending a vacation of several
months visiting cities in California.
Mr. Forney says 1600 idle carpenters
are seekintr employment at the expo
sition grounds at San Francisco.
T. D. Davis, former business mana
ger for the local Cnmenters' union,
leaves tonight with his famllv for
Sherman, Texas, where he will locate.
Mr. Davis will stop over at Dallas,
to attend the meeting of the executive
board of the State Council of Carpen
ters, of which he Is a member. The
board will be in session two davs.
J E Tolson. J D Horflor and C C
Cheno-Pth. members of he Camon
trs' union h..vc been laid off tempo
rarily on the new army hospital at Ft
I ara
Ico SU
i a
v n & bc .
" " x
Time Service and Scenery
DAILY AT 8:30 P. M.
City Ticket Office 206 North Oregon
W. C. McCormick, G. A." J. E Monroe, C. P.&T. A.
Bliss, while the plaster work is go
lnjr on.
J. S. McGregor was granted an ap
prentice card to work at the Carpen
ter trade at the meeting of the Car
penters' union Wednesday night
W. P. Ponder was initiated at the
Carpenters' union Tuesday night and
after a round with the coat received
his journeyman workinsr card, after
serving an apprenticeship of four years.
Lee Pollard. M. Aguilar and L. J.
Selly; members of the Carpenters'
union, are doing the shelf work at the
store rooms in the old Zelger building
and are employed by contractors Craw
ford and Prlngle.
C. W. Scott a member of the Sheet
Metal Workers' union, expects to leave
for the Mogollon mountains, where he
will do sheet metal work for a mining
O. A. Taylor, who recently had three
fingers amputated on the rieht hand,
is doing nicely and expects to be back
to work In a few weeks. Mr. Taylor
receives $10 per week benefit from the
Carpenters' union, of which he is a
Lovelia, la., Oct 9. John P. White,
president of the United Mine Workers
of America, has been summoned from
Indianoplis to the bedside of his moth
er, who is seriously ill here.
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