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I Bronze Colonial Pumps
? ' 9
All the Rage
in New York
In El Paso Found Only at
The H-U Shoe Co.
I $6
Saturday Night From 6 to 9 O'clock
Should Attract Every Woman in El Paso
Black Caracul Coats
As a leader Saturday night from 6 to 9 o'clock we
offer one collection of full lined and full length
coats made of black Caracul with roll collars and
turned cuffs. All sizes 16 to 44. Plain backs
and nicely tailored. An extraordinary value for
the hours named. None will be sold before or af
ter these hours at the very low price of $6.95
Fall Skirts at $3.95
At this price we show a remarkable collection of
the very latest styles in black and white checks
and stripes, diagonals, serges, mixtures and novel
ties. All the new fall colors are represented in
cluding black and white checks, brown, blue, tan
and light shades. All cleverly draped and trimmed
with pretty buttons. See these unusual values
Saturday night 6 to 9 $3.95
$1.50 Undermusliris
One. assortment of fine muslin and nainsook gowns
and petticoats. Gowns are shown in V, square
and round necks, kimono and set-in sleeves beau
tifully trimmed with embroidery and lace. Petti
coats nicely made and elaborately trimmed. We
offer these exceptional $1.50 values Saturday night
6 to 9, each $1.15
October Corset Sale Closes
Saturday Night
CORSETS Up to $4.00. On
sale 6 to 9
CORSETS Up to $6.00. On
sale 6 to 9
CORSETS Up to $12.50. On
sale 6 to 9
One lot especially
adapted for stout
fiigures. Up to
$4 values, $1.95
59c Pr-
75c Kid Gloves
Women's wrist length glace gloves -with
two clasps in black, tan, gray and
white. Contrasting stitched backs and
plain. Saturday night 6 to 9, the
pair 59c
Toilet Articles
25c Doz-
Children's Handkerchiefs
Soft sheer white lawn handkerchiefs in
regular 50c doz. quality. Nicely Hem
stitched and liberal size. Saturday
night 6 to 9, the doz 25c
n50c TOOTH PASTE Pebeco pro- oe
duct, 6 to 9, tube OiJC
25c CUTICURA SOAP Full size,
6 to 9, the bar '
$1.00 LISTERINE Lambert's pro
duct, 6 to 9, bottle
'25c FACIAL CREAM Woodbury's
make, 6 to 9
lie Pr-
Women's 15c Hose
Good seamless cotton hose, in black,
white and tan. Double heels and toes.
Deep garter top. Absolutely fast col
ors. Special Saturday night 6 to 9, the
pair 11c
10c BORAX 20 Mule-Team brand, j
6 to 9, the package
35c TOOTH BRUSHES Prophylac- Q
tic brand, 6 to 9 tjC
25c TALCUM Squibbs Talc Powder,
6 to 9, can
25c TAR SOAP Packer's make,
6 to 9, cake
-35c Ea-
. Good House Corsets
One lot of new house corsets made of
American coutil with medium low bust
and extra long hips. Embroidery trim
med tops. Four hose supporters. Sat
urday night 6 to 9, each 35c
20c Ea-
50c Coat Chains
One assortment of German Silver coat
chains with pretty colored stone and
pearl settings. Very fashionable and
attractive. Saturday night from G to
9, choice 20c
The Above Specials on Sale 6 lo 9 O'clock Sal
urday Night Only.
Millinery Specials
Mezzanine Floor
TAILORED HATS $4.95 Fifty $8.00 and
$10.00 high grade trimmed and tailored hats in
silk plulh, silk velvet ana French beavers trimmed
in fancy ostrich, ribbons, etc All smart models.
Choice Saturday night gi rJZ
6 to 9 Apft.y p
STUDENT TAMS 69c New velvet styles in
new two-tone striped effects. $1.50 CZQf
values, Saturday night, 6 to 9 OI7Ci
ladies silk velvet tailored ready-to-wear hats in
good $2.50 values Saturday night rfi aa
6 to 9 pl.UU
Dust Caps
2 for 5 c
Made of calico,
in light and dark
colors. 6 to 9,
2 for 5c
if-WMir U-lammsmMmimseir3
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switch at the Gamboa dike, which in
turn set in motion other apparatus,
furnishing the current which exploded
the charges.
Single "Wire Carries Spark.
From Washington to Galveston. Tex
as. 1.556 miles, a single wire carried
the spark. There It was taken up in
stantaneously by sensitive repeating
Instruments and sped over the cable
along the bottom of the Gulf of Mex
ico to Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, 793 miles
further. 'Prom that noint it sped over-
land across the Isthmus and Tehaun-
lepec, loo miles iu aiiumci ..uc puuvh
at Salina Cruz, on the Pacific ocean,
where other sets of sensitive telegraph
instruments snatched It up and hur
ried It 766 miles through another cable
on the bottom of the Pacific ocean to
San Juan del Sur. Nicaragua, a cable
station. There other delicate machines
trasnferred it to still another cable and
shot it 718 miles more to Panama.
t Reaches the Dike.
When the spark emerged from its
long submarine journey It took the
overland telegraph wires to the Pana
ma Railroad company and completed
its mission at the Gamboa dike.
Originally it had been Intended to
set off the charge at 9 oclock In the
morning, but president Wilson granted
a request for a change to accommodate
points having Pacific coast time.
The electric current started by presi
dent Wilson exploded the thousand
charges of dynamite which have been
burled in the 300 feet of dike which
stood between Gatun Lake and the
famous Culebra cut.
Oceans Not ActnnllyTJnlted.
The Atlantic and Pacific oceans were
not actually united today when the
Gamboa dike was destroyed, and the
waters of Gatun Lake were allowed to
flow into Culebra cut, as the lake and
cut are, at the normal surface of the
water, 85 feet above the level of the
The destruction of the Gamboa dike
however, removes the last obstruction
to the navigation of the great part of
the canal by light draft vessels and
opens u direct connection between the
great Catun lake, which already is
practically ready to discharge vessels
into the Atlantic through Gatun locksN
and the Pacific division.
The waters of the lake rushing
through the broken diko at Gamboa,
sweep through Culebra cut until they
reach the great locks at Pedro Miguel,
which mark the beginning of the de
scent from the top level of the canal to
the Pacific.
Dredges Enter First.
The first craft to enter will be the
great dredge's, whose work is to clear
and deepen the channel. The presence
of small craft in portions of the canal,
however, does not as yet mean ocean-to-ocean
navigation. Thi3 will be first
possible when each link in the canal
has a sufficient depth of water and all
the locks are working.
Dike Is Blown at 2:04 u. m.
Panama, Oct. 10. The Gamboa dike
was blown up at 2:04 oclock this after
noon. Dike Successfully Exploded.
Panma. Oct. 10. The Gamboa dike
was exploded at 2:02 p. m. this after
noon. The destruction of the dike was
successful in every way.
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For dress ncar this season there is nothing quite as,
stylish as the bronze Colonial pumps. These pumps
are all the rase in Nero York, and other eastern cities.
In El Paso thev are found only at The H-U Shoe Co. "The Store Ahead.'
They are made of genuine imported French bronze kid. Have the nero Span
ish heel, thin sole, and plain toe. Finished with bronze cut steel buckle.
204 San Antonio St.
220 Mesa
We Aim to Supply Our Trade With the Best
Quality of Steer Beef that Can Be Bought
(Continued from previous page.)
the Maese Incident and Maese was
brought before the grand Jury here.
Haese's Statement.
The statement of the witness, Maese,
to the grand jury was as follows:
"About 10 days ago a Mexican came
to me and told me if I would testify
In the Orner case to the effect that
while I was employed in a drug store
during February, 1911, a man named
J. D. Lee came to me and purchased
some arsenic, that I would be paid $100
for It. I told my employer, Mr. Peak,
and he reported the matter to the au
thorities immediately. The authorities
came to see me and instructed me to go
through with the matter. I was later
telephoned by a lawyer, -who said he
wanted to see me. I made an engage
ment to meet the lawyer In my room, in
the rear of the Peak undertaking es
tablishment, which meeting was to be
Saturday night, October 4. The lawyer
phoned me on Saturday night, saying
he 'would call on me Sunday morning.
"I reported all this to the authorities,
who came to my room and installed
some kind of a machine. On Sunday
morning at 9:30 oclock Charles Owen
called on me and I brought him back
to my room. At that time the cellar
below my room was fall of sheriffs and
other officers and they had an operator
who was to take down everything that
was said in my room. Mr. Owen asked
if I worked in a drug store In February,
191L and I said I thought I did. He
said he wanted me to come and testify
in the Orner case to the effect that a
man named J. D. Lee came and bought
some arsenic of me, telling me he
wanted to poison a dog and that I sold
him the arsenic, and that shortly
thereafter Lee came back to me and
said for me not to tell anybody I had
sold him the arsenic, as I might get
into trouble.
Says He Was Given $10.
Mr. Owen told me to describe the
man Lee as a man about my heicht and
that he was dressed in overalls when
he came in. He told me he would srive
me 550 for doinc this and he cave me
a nice cigar and $10. As he left me. he
said he would send for roe to come to
Van Horn Wednesday nljrht. After he
left I went and repeated to xny em
ployer and the officers all he said, and
the man who had the machine connect
ed to his ears also made a statement
which was exactly like mine. Mr. Owen
told me he would jrive me the rest of
the money when I cot to Van Horn. I
was instructed by the officers to Insist
on payment of the moner before I went
on the stand, which I did. but only got
$10, and I am $10 ahead anyway, and
then the nice clear, too.
"I was sent for Wednesday and cot
to Van Horn Thursdav. They wouldn't
let me testify down there."
It is said here that some of the judces
who have formerly tried the case were
told that Deriurv was nosslhle in thn
trials, and had got in communication
with the district attorney some months
ago. Iookintr to a solution of the affair.
The authorities In EI Paso finally
concluded to take drastic action in the
matter, and much moner was exnended
in the case. The results of the use of
1 ETWV iiftY
ifai m cj o m
PHONES 5053098.
204-206 E. OVERLAND ST.
On account of hqliday next Saturday we will close, until 6 p. m.
Patrons will kindly place your orders Friday for delivery.
The Ciassy AiadStorSiim Rink
Open Saturday and Sunday Rooming
From 10 a. m. to 12 Noon.
Afternoon Session 2:30 to 5:00 p. m.
Evening Session -.- 7:30 to 10:30 p. m.
This Piace Conducted For
the dictagraph were so successful and
astounding that a resrular operator was
employed and the developments In Van
Horn are but the first of a series of
surprises, it is claimed, that are in
Orner Trial Cost $15,000.
So far at least $15,000 have been ex
pended by the state and county In try
ing Mrs. Orner. While the case has
been tried away from El Paso four
times. El Paso county Is still paying
all the bills, for the reason that the
alleged homicide occurred in El Paso
Testimony of Grand Jurors.
Court convened at 9 oclock Friday
morning. The state offered the tes
timony of the grand iurors before
whom Tom Delaney was said to have
testified with regard to his relations
with Mrs. Orner. The defendant's at
torneys objected to the testimony for
the reason that the state could not
impeach a witness on an immaterial
issue and whether or not Delanev had
had such improper relations with Mrs.
Orner was immaterial to the case.
Defence Objection Sustained.
The state's theory -was that it was
material to show the animus of the
witness Delaney in testifvinjr for Mrs.
Orner. but the court sustained the ob
jection, so neither James A. Dick. Put
nam or Carre were put on the stand.
Both Sides Close.
The state then announced that it
closed, and defendant closed. Under
the new law the jury must be charced
before artrument of counsel and the
charge of the court must be submitted
to counsel for the defendant to file
their objections to it. The court's
charge was already prepared and was
submitted to counsel for defendant and
they asked for time in which to file
their objections and exceptions to the
charge. The court granted them un
til 1:30 p. m.
Defence Raises Point.
Counsel for the defendant raised the
point that the 33d legislature repealed
-all laws with relation to murder in the
first degree and therefore that the de
fendant cannot be found guilty pf any
thing. The charge of the court merely
submits to the jury the question of
whether or not the defendant is guilty
of murder. The Indictment charges
murder in the first degree.
The penalty for murder under the
law passed at the last session of the
legislature is death or confinement In
the penitentiary for any term nf -vonr
not less than five, while the penalty
under the old statute for murder In the
How to Brown Hair
Without Detection
first degree was death or life imprison
ment. For the first time In the history of
the case no charge on circumstantial
evidence will be given. Heretofore It
appeared that circumstantial evidence
was in the case, but with the testimony
of B. F. Vanhorn to the effect that Mrs.
Orner said. "I killed Lillie." It Is now
the theory of the state that such con
fession takes the case out of the realm
of circumstantial evidence. This is
considered an important point for the
Shortly after the defendant got seat
ed in court Friday morning she began
to cry and moan. The attorneys have
agreed to close all arguments by C
oclock tonight.
The term of court here will end Im
mediately on the final disposition of
the Orner case, as there Is no other
business to be disposed of at this time
Mrs. rotter's AValnut-Tint Hair Stain
Can Be Applied In n Few Minutes
Every Month.
Ladles and Gentlemen On!y
Special interest taken in teaching those who -wish to
learn to skate by experienced instructors.
Good Music Perfect Floor Excellent Skates.
Corner Mills and Kansas.
There is a way of staining gray,
faded or bleached hair any shade de
sired, from a beautiful rich brown to
almost black, so that it Is difficult, if
not impossible, for oven experts to de
tect that the hair has been treated
in any way.
This preparation has the tremendous
advantage over hair dyes of contain
ing no silver, sulphur, lead or other
poisons which invariably cause hair
falling. It has no odor, no oil, no sedi
ment and no grease, and does not rub
off on the clothing. It makes the hair
grow out fluffy and luxuriant.
A liberal amount as a laboratory
trial package of this Walnut-Tint Hair
Stain, together -with a. hnnklpt nn Vinlr
is sent by Mrs. Potter's Hygienic Sup-
' nlv Cn 1Q9Q H.ntn. T311r fit l l
Ohio, in plain, sealed wrapper, if you
will send twenty-five cents in stamps
or coin, and If it Is desired to continue
the treatment, full-sized packages mav
be obtained at drug or department
stores for one dollar a package.
It is applied in a few moments with
the comb, and it stains the hair evenly,
from tip to root. It produces any shade
desired, from a beautiful, rich brown,
to almost black.
One bottle of this Walnut-Tint TTnir
Stain can last a year. Advertisement,
Sensational developments to be fol
lowed by immediate arrests are ex
pected at any time as an outgrowth of
the Incident of the us of a dictaphone
In connection with the Agnes Orner
trial now on at Van Horn. Tex.
County attorney P. R. Price, who was
an attendant at that trial for several
days, arrived In El Paso Thursday
night. His return here at this time is
believed to be for the purpose of issuing
complaints in the case and delivering
warrants to sheriff Peyton J. Edwards,
for execution. The arrests in the case
are not expected until after the con
clusion of the trial. However, they
may be made when " the arguments,
which are expected to be started today,
have been finished. At present the
case Is being held open for judge Dan
M. Jackson, pending the arrival of ad
ditional witnesses who were sent to
Van Horn Thursday night.
Grnndjurymen Go to Van Ilorn.
James A. Dick and Ira E. Elder, mem
bers of the Dick grand jury, and W. H.
Shelton, a member of the Stevens' grand
jury, were the witnesses that left for
Van Horn Thursday night. The re
port is that they were summoned after
Tom Delaney, a witness for the defence
testified on cross examination Thurs
day morning that he had not been inti
mate with Mrs. Orner and had not
testified before the grand jury that he
had. That is the reason for sending
Mr. Dick and Mr. Elder to Van Horn,
it is said. Why Mr. Shelton Is wanted
is not known. Delaney also testified
that at one time he had been employee
by L. E. Ross as a sort of detective.
It was brought out by the state that
Ross stands Indicted here on a charge
of robbery by the use of fire arms.
Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 10. Passengers
on interstate trains whose moral sensi
"bilities are shocked bv the actions of
fellow travelers may have recourse to
the law under the terms of the Mann
white slave act.
Citizens of Phoenix who arrived by
train from California points onfTues
dav established a precedent when they
complained to the United States mar
shal of the conduct of Robert Meahl, a
deputy sheriff of Los Angeles, Calif.,
said to be connected with the district
attorney's office there,' who was accom
panied on the train by a woman. An
investigation by the marshal resulted
in the arrest of MeaU for alleged viola
tion of "the Mann act.
Meahl was arraigned before a United
States commissioner here today and
held to answer. His bond was fixed at
The ordinary cost of a Want Ad in
The El Paso Herald is 25 cents. It
r?flfhp5 fin nvimffl ef !..... nft nrtn
ruans each issue.
"fit to be the 'chief executive of this
state." and for whom it was "abso
lutely imDOSsible to pvpn rpirnin th
confidence of the people."
J. he governor knew, judge Parker
saia. wnen ne signed the statement of
campaign contributions placed before
him by his secretary. Louis A. Sarecky.
that the statement was untrue."
"The man who read that list and ex
amined It," said the attorney, "knew
it was not true. It does not help him to
say he did the best he could. His mas
ter. William Sulzer. knew it was a lie."
Calls Peck Story "Counterfeit,"
Louis Marshall devoted several pages
of his address to the testimony of
Duncan W. Peck, superintendent of
public schools, who swore that gov
ernor Sulzer had asked him to deny
under oath that he had given him a
SoOO contribution. Marshall declared
that his story was a "brazen counter
feit" and accused Peck of having a
strong motive for so testifying because
John A.-Hennessy. the governor's spe
cial' investigator, had unearthed "ir
regularities of a serious nature" in
Peck's deDartment. He sM that Pwlr's
testimony would "enable him to aid in
me destruction or the man who nut him
in office."
Cannot Charge Larceny.
Most of Mr. Marshall's address cen
tered about the "money articles" in the
impeachment, charges charging lar
ceny. Mr. Marshall said no larceny ex
isted because the monev came into Mr.
Sulzer's hands legally and that the
charge of periury was groundless be
cause the law never required an affi
davit to a campaign statement. Further,
he argued, the governor thought the
statement correct when he signed it
He said:
"The corrupt practices does not make
necessary the publication of campaign
funds received, only those expended.
Therefore the governor violated no law.
"No perjury was committed by him
in swearing to the inaccurate campaign
expense statement, because the cor
rupt practices act does not require an
affidavit This action on the part of
the governor was voluntary."
Alamogqrdo, N. M., Oct 10. The First
Baptist church of this city is again
without a Dastor. Rev. Lee B. Snencer.
the pastor for the past two months, has
tendered his resignation, to take effect
at once, and it was accepted by the
church. Rev. Mr. Spencer came to New
Mexico last spring fj-om Dallas. He has
gone to El Paso.
R. W. Cooper is remodeling his resi
dence, on Ninth street, and making an
addition to it.
T. S. Doniphan and wife, of Roswell,
passed through in an automobile en
route to El Paso.
Rev. J. D. Tant pastor of the Church
of Christ of this city, has returned
from a trip in Texas, Tennessee, Ken
tucky and other eastern states, whero
he has been holding revival meetings
for the past three months.
Mrs. R. H. Pierce and little daughter,
Hazel, have gone to El Paso to visit
friends and realtlves.
Jim Blakeley, who has been visiting
his parents, has left for San Diego,
Calif., where he will probably remain
this winer.
Willie LeBritton has returned from a
visit in El Paso.
H. M. Denney, of Cloudcroft, was a
visitor in town the first of the week.
Asa MVasser and Leland Johnson have
returned from a week's hunting trip on
the Penasco.
Mr. ancL Mrs. Fred Roberts have gone
to El Paso for several weeks' visit
Eugene Hardwick. Alfred Andregge,
G. M. Towers and Henry McRae have
left for the "backbone," on the other
side of Alamo canyon, for a several
days' hunt
Mrs. J. F. Goebel and children, of El
Paso, have returned to their home, after
a visit with Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Souther
land. Mr. and Mrs. George Weigle, sr., have
returned from a visit with Mrs. Julia
Gurney, of Carrizozo.
T. J. Pitman, who has been visiting
hisTamily, has returned to El Paso.
Sheriff James Hunter has returned
from a trip to Santa Fe.
Mrs. W. E. Warren has gone to East
land, Tex., for a visit
Sidney EUwood'has arrived from Chi
cago to visit friends.
Rev. E. B. Atwood, secretary of mis
sions of the Baptist church of New
Mexico, with headquarters at Albu
querque, will preach at the First Bap
tist churcb here next Sunday night
Saturday Specials
German Pot Eoast, per pound 15c
. Pork Shoulder Eoast, per pound 17 l-2c
Veal Shoulder Eoast, per pound 20c
Prime Eib Eoast, Standing, per pound 20c
j. w.o . oy Butter,-2 pounds -.-.-. .75c
New York Oysters, Counts (extra large),
per dozen . . .20c
Presh Water Croppie, per pound 20c
Home Dressed Hens, Springs and Turkeys.
Fresh Fish and Oysters Received Daily.
Try a Box of Nations' Little Pig Sausage for
Sunday Breakfast.
Fancy Tokay Grapes, per basket 35.c
Fancy Black Prince Grapes, per basket 35c
Fancy Fresh Tomatoes, per basket -sv. .25c
I Buy Good Things to Eat at
You Owe It to Your Family. I
Commissions for Texas, Arizona and
New Mexico Are- Preparing Reports
on Agrlcnlrnral Conditions.
Washington, D. C, Oct 10. An
nouncement was made at the Southern
Commercial congress that the special
commissions appointed by Gov, Colquitt
of Texasv Gov. McDonald, of New Mex
ico, and Gov. Hunt of Arizona, to re
port to the permanent commission on
agricultural cooperation of the needs
j of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona
concerning improvements zuiu agriuux.
tural finance, would soon be made.
Following are the commissions:
Texas Gus Shaw, Texarkana; How
ard Bland, Taylor; Peter Radford, Ft
New Mexico James G. Fitch, Socor
ro; Ralph Ely, Demlng; Geo. H. Slaugh
ter, Roswell.
Arizona Andrew Kimball. Thatcher;
W. K. Brown. Mesa; R. H. Forbes,
Wife of Surgeon AVho Sncd Mrs. Clar
ence Mackay for 51,000,000 Says
Husband nan Deserted Her. ,
New York, Oct 10. Mrs. Joseph A.
Blake, wife of an eminent New York
surgeon, has filed suit for separation
in the supreme court Desertion for
more than three years and nOnsupport
for the past three months, are alleged.
Mrs. Blake recently sued Mrs. Clar
ence H. Mackay, wife of the head of
the Postal Telegraph-Cable company,
for $1,000,000 damages for alleged
alienation of Dr. Blake's affections.
The present suit for separation Is the
outgrowth of that suit, although it
was never brought into court
Mrs. Blake seeks alimony in no speci
fic sum, for the support of herself and
her two boys, the elder of whom is at
college. The younger boy, 12 years
old, is with his mother in this city.
Any Dip Approved by United States Is
Permitted to Be Used Sheep In
spector at Magdaleca Xott.
Albuquerque, N. M. Oct 10. The
state sanitary sheep board nassed a
resolution Thursday to the effect that
the sheepmen of New Mexico may use
any dip approved by the United States
government unless sheep come from
an Infected district In such an event
the state board provides that either a
sulphur or nicotine dip must be used.
The cattle sanitary board has also
rearranged Its districts, locating or.a
headquarters at Magdalena. N. M. On?
inspector will be at Magdalena, one at
Albuquerque, and the third at Santa
Fe. The board decided to continue
tuberculin tests as soon as the bureau
of animal industry Is ready to assist
In the work.
It Is expected testing will be started
by November L The members of the
board attending the session were;
Charles L. Ballard, president Roswell,
W. J. Llnwoqd, secretary, Raton, W.
W. Cox. Las fcruces; Cole Ralston. So
corro; W. H. Jack, Folsom; Harry A.
Martin. Silver City.
Floyd Payne has a telegram from
his brother. Jesse, sayinc that the v
all "arrived at Fort Worth O. K." and
that "Dave stood the trip well.' For a
long time the family hava been trying
to get permission from the physicians
at St. Louis to move the 'aide man to
Mineral Wells, in -the hope that he
would improve mere rapidly there.
Until now he has been uaabte to travel,
but the news from Fort Worth sounds
mighty encouraging.
'Continued from Page One.)
in Bisbee and, after the racers leave
there next morning, the train will
take the passengers on to Tucson, to
meet the racers again.
From Tucson the train will run di
rect to the Phoenix fair grounds, so
the El Fasoans can see the finish ot
the El Paso race. That night the El
Fasoans will again sleep aboard the
train and next day (Tuesday, the 6th)
they will attend the automobile races
at the fair. Thursday night at mid
night the special train will leave Tor
El Paso, arriving here Friday after
noon at three oclock. The trip YwiU
consume Tuesday, Wednesday. Thurs
day and Friday, will cover over 1000
miles and will cost each passenger less
than $25 outside of meals. Meals
should not average more than $3 a day
per -person. The committee in charge
of the race believes that it will have no
trouble filling the train.
YA canvas for passengers will begin
immediately, as the equipment must
be ordered from the S. P. railroad y
Oct 25. Any person desiring to make
the trip can get information from C. B.
Stevens, R. H. Rinehart George R. Le
Baron, G. A. Martin or W. J. Rand, and
an reserve space by appling to any or
Whenever You Need a General Tonic
Take Grove's.
The Old Standard Grove's Tasteless
chill Tonic is equally valuable as a
General Tonic because It contains the
well known tonic properties of QUIN
INE and IRON. Drives out Malaria,
enriches Blood, Builds up the Whola
System. 50c. Advertisement
Saturday and Sunday,
54 clear Havana cigars, lftc size.
Special box price, $XM,
Hotel Sheldon Clear Stand.
Phone 343 for the best cleaning,
pressing and dyeing in El Paso.
Wright's. Advertisement.
See the new imported, fancy trays
at The China Palace. Advertisement.
The-Largest Selection i
of S
MAf aBIt C.
in the Southwest
107 San Antonio Street.

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