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Friday, October 17, 1913
ijA triple I
The clothes guar
antee that you
are -well dressed.
"We guarantee
the clothes. The
maker guarantees
them to us. You
get this triple
guarantee when
you wear
I itse ,mne price the vccM over"
Style, plus all
wool fabrics, phzs
STTzp, pests nt, pins
That is the STYLE
PSUJS principle and the
clothes more than make
YarrwHl be surprised
that yoa can get clothes
that look $25 worth and
-wear accordingly. It is
are made in one of the
largest and most modern
clothing factories in the
wuiM by workmen who
are expeits in producing
style and values at a
innTiiiiu price.
Coxae in and try on a suit
crovcrcost. Wc will live it
to your good judgment and
oar mirror. Come to-day.
"Papers Dlapepsln ends Indigestion,
Gas, Dyspepsia and Stomach Mis
ery in five minutes.
If what you just ate is souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead, refusing to digest or you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of dizziness,
heartburn, fullness, nausea, bad taste
in mouth and stomach headache, you
can get blessed relief in five minutes.
Ask your pharmacist to show you
the formula, plainly printed on these
fifty-cent cases of Pape's Diapepsin,
then you will understand why dys
peptic troubles of all kinds must go,
and why they relieve sour, out-of-order
stomachs or indigestion in five min
utes. "Pape's Diapepsin" is harmless;
tastes like candy, though each dose
will digest and prepare for assimila
tion into the blood all the food you
rat, besides, it makes you go to the
table with a healthy appetite; but
what will please you most, is that you
will feel that your stomach and intes
tines are clean and fresh, and you will
not need to resort to laxatives or liver
pills for biliousness or constipation.
This city will have many "Pape's
Diapepsin" cranks, as some people will
call them, but you will be enthusiastic
about this splendid stomach prepara
tion, too, if you ever take it for indi
gestion, gases, heartburn, sourness,
dyspepsia, or any stomach misery.
Get some now, this minute, and rid
yourself of stomach trouble and indi
gestion in rive minutes. Advertise
Many people are led to believe that
Lung Trouble is a disease which can
not be conquered. This is wrong, as
many have fully recovered their health.
A change of climate has helped some,
but many more have been restored to
health by breathing the freshest- air,
eating well cooked wholesome food,
being temperate in their habits and
adding the tonic qualities of Eckman's
Alterative, a medicine for Throat and
Lung Troubles. Investigate this case:
Cowling "Green, Ky.. R. No. 4.
"Gentlemen: The spring of 1908 I
had a severe cough for six months. I
tried all the medicine that my doctors
recommended to me, but no results
came for the better. I had night sweats,
and would cough and spit until I got
so weak I could hardly do anything.
But, at last James Deering. of Glas
gow Junction, insisted that I try your
medicine. In one week's time there
was quite an improvement in my con
dition, and after I had taken several
bottles I felt as well as ever in my life.
I firmly believe that Eckman's Alter
am e will relieve any case of lung trou
ble if taken before the last stage."
Affidavit) A. C. BETTERSWORTH.
c Above abbreviated; more on re
quest )
Eckman's Alterative has been proven
b many years' test to be most ef
ficacious for severe Throat and Lung
Affections, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asth
ma, Stubborn Colds and in upbuilding
the system. Contains no narcotics,
poisons or habit-forming drugs. Sold by
leading druggists. Write the Eckman
Laboratory, Philadelphia, Pa for book
let telling of recoveries and additional
evidence. "Kelly & Pollard. Knoblauch
Drug Co., People's Drug Store." Advertisement.
g Mai
Mail dvflirQ FlUed and sluPPed on day of re
IViail KJTaerS ceivt Everything in Sporting
Goods, Arms and Ammunition. Write for nricps
El Paso Man Says Plant
Juice Maes Health Con
tagious Instead of
Mr. "William Sergent of El Paso has
a new idea regarding- Plant Juice. He
says it makes health catching instead
of disease Mr. Sergent is connected
with the Sheldon barber shop and his
home is at 2616 Wyoming street. He
"My wife has suffered some time
with stomach and bowel trouble; cons
tipation at times and then bowels
would move too freely. Her stomach
troubled her and her nerves became
affected. I did not sleep well myself.
A statement in an El Paso paper by a
lady suffering the same way and who
was cured by Plant Juice, induced me
to try It My wife had not used all
of one bottle and her bowels are not
giving her any more trouble. Her
stomach digests the food and she
sleeps well and wakes up refreshed.
Her complexion is getting better every
day, and any man who has had sick
ness at home will know "what I mean
when I say I feel better in mind and
body as a result of it all. I think
that Plant Juice makes health catch
ing." Plant Juice is the greatest specific
and tonic ever devised by man. It is
purely vegetable and is the rarest and
best combination of juices, extracts
and essences that science has been
able to take from the medicinal plants
of the earth. If your ailment is
chronic Plant Juice will relieve it and
bring a permanent cure. It Is the
greatest of all specifics for all
stomach, liver, kidney and blood ail
ments. For sale at Kelly & Pollard's
drug store. Advertisement.
Help Comes Quickly irhen Hyomei Is
I Bed for Catarrh, Coughs, Cold
In the Head or Bronchitis.
Quick relief comes from the Hyomel
treatment for catarrh and all troubles
of the breathing organs such as stop
ped up head, sniffles, bronchitis,
coughs or that choked up feeling. Put
a few drops of liquid Hyomei In the
pocket inhaler that comes with every
original outfit just breathe it and
before you have used the treatment
five minutes you will get relief from
your catarrhal troubles.
Hyomei as sold by druggists every
where gives a tonic healing effect to
the air you breathe, destroys the
catarrhal germs, stops the poisonous
secretions, soothes the irritated mu
cous membrane and makes a marked
Improvement in the general health.
If you suffer from offensive breath,
raising of mucus, frequent sneezing,
husky voice, discharge from the nose,
droppings in the tnroat, spasmodic
coughing, watery eyes, or any other
symptoms of catarrh, use Hyomei at
. uuwe j.l win uanisn me disease germs
in fhrt. tinea t-i -. ..! !.. :i
nnnn T ...111 i - -.
-- srM V0- LLlAUzlt- illlll IIIITtlN 1 I V I 1 1 1:
refunded by Kellv & Pollard
Hyomei does not contain cocaine or
any habit-forming drug. The complete
outfit including inhaler and bottle of
liquid, costs JL00; extra bottles of
liquid. If later needed, 50 cents. Ad
Arizona Federation of Labor to Keep
Hands Off; Will Initiate Black List;
Politicians and Hand.
Bisbee. Ariz., Oct 17. The Arizona
Stifle Federation of Labor rejected
resolutions offered from outside inter
ests asking endorsement by the Federa
tion of prohibition for Arizona. The ac
tion went through by a large majority.
A resolution of encouragement to the
striking miners in the Lake Michigan
copper country, urging them to hold
out. In their fight was adopted and or
dered forwarded by telegraph,
vi A "solution was passed to initiate a
blacklist law and also a universal eight
hour law. It was the opinion of dele
gates following these actions that it
would be best to curb inriiHmi.i
offerings of recommendations for new
legislation and confine efforts to a
few of the more Important measures.
Secretary and treasurer Campbell
reported an increase in funds at the
disposal of the State Federation and in
membershlD. ITo srii tTn ,-oo- v.j i
l11??" satisfactory one. The report
l " eimomon of the law and legisla
tive committee declared headway be
ing made, but that the results had not
been secured from the legislators that
had been hoped for. and recommended
that in future labor use the initiative
and pass laws they need themselves.
The political atmosphere prevalent is
due tp the belief that prevails that
whoever gets the federation endorse-
f,ntVfor the nomination for governor
will have much easier sailing than he
who fails of it Overtures were made,
however, to the end that the federa
tion keep hands off in politics. It Is
believed these cams from the Hunt side
and the friends of Worsley feel
3k bell?7InS- it an admission
sion of weakness that has been dis
covered in the Hunt strength among
the delegates. The convention will
prooablv be Tirmhlo rtni. i
.business It has before it until the end
-.. nranucM luai nas Deen dis
most certain.
,Vv- Federjtion of Labor endorsed
the Kenny bill, requiring that all for
eigners employed in mines must un
derstand English sufficiently to convev
orders intelligently fro mone workings
to another, but it drew the line on the
proposed amendment requiring that S6
percent of all mine employes be Amer
icans. Bringing up the bill and amendment
,.v.lCu ... iivCljr iictu wnicn
continued during the greater nart of
the sessions. The endorsement of the
SI11. witnut the amendment carried.
Jo to 8.
Delegate Oberst gave notice that
adoption of the 80 percent idea would
mean his withdrawal from the organi
zation, and added that many others
would go with him.
People as a Rule Are Ilonest, and
Everyone Reads nerald Ads for
AVhat They May "Want.
LOST Pocketbook containing two E.
J- S. W. passes. Finder please phone
5187. Reward.
When this ad was inserted In The
Herald, the loser had but faint hope
of ever finding her lost pocketbook
again, or the valuable E. P. &. S. W. R.
B. passes it contained.
People are honest as a rule, and the
finder of the pocketbook looked for
the ad in The Herald and so returned
the lost article to its proper owner.
With the biggest circulation. The
Herald naturally reaches the greatest
number of people, so no matter what
your wants may be, an ad in The Her
ald will bring you an answer.
See "The Glow Worm" at the Grecian
todny. Advertisement.
Flower Parade Feature of Opening; ,
Display of Valley Products a Rev- J
elation: Governor McDonald
Reads Address.
Artesia, N. M., Oct. 17. The fourth
annual alfalfa festival and flower
show opened here with the store fronts
and sidewalks gaily decorated and the
streets filled with out of town visitors
The products exhibited are the fines-i
ever displayed In this section of the
Pecos valley and are a revelation to
strangers and townsmen alike.
The C A. P. ranch and Johnson
brothers have large and beautiful dis
plays of apples. The grapes, peaces
and pears make a fine appearance.
Various kinds of vegetables come in
for attention, with a 110 pound pump
kin the center of attraction. The larg
exhibits of Indian corn are convincing
evidence that this is a good country
for corn.
The milking contest on the streets
resulted in favor of a short horn cow
belonging to Larsh brothers, which
gave over 24 pounds at one milking.
Flower Parade Made nit.
The flower exhibit, given by the
women of the cemetery association, for
excellence and variety, exceeded thos
of other years. Roses, dahlias and
chrysanthemums predominated. The
nn-nTpT- nnrnfln Trna thft birr fntnrf of '
the day. It was led by the local cor
net band, followed by Mrs. Sallie Rob
ert, riding a white horse, bearing the
figures 1877, tne year Mrs. Robert
came to Artesia as the first settler.
A band of Apache indians on horseback,
with war paint, came next, after which
were a number of riders on decorated
horses. Tandems, go-carts and floats
followed, which displayed art and ef
fort Decorated autos, buggies and
motorcycles brought up the rear.
Indians Won at Baseball.
The game of baseball between the
Apache indians, of the Mescalero res
ervation, and the Artesia boys was
hotly contested and resulted In a
score of 6 to 0 in favor of the indians.
Presi Men Deliver Addresses.
The eastern New Mexico and west
ern Texas Press and Commercial Club
association meeting was opened by an
address of welcome by Joe Clayton,
acting mayor, and was responded to
by R. M. Harkey of Pecos, secretarv
of the association. Gayle Talbot of
the Artesia Advocate, spoke on "Get
ting Together," as did A. M. Hove of
Otis, and Parson Gage of Hope.
In the evening Jack H. Estes, of
Dallas. Texas, manager of the Texas
& Pacific Magazine, gave an interest
ing talk on freight rates. Capt El
liott of Dexter, made some remarks
on the same subject G. R. Brainerd
and Walton A. Hyatt gave good talks
on "Alfalfa" and J. B. Cecil and R,
M. Love on "Fruit Raising." William
H. Mullane, of the Carlsbad Current,
read an interesting article on "The
Newspaper." The audience was then
treated to apples and sweet cider from
the C A. P. ranch.
Gov. McDonnld Head Address.
The second day of the alfalfa festi
val was celebrated 1y some fancy
shooting through the streets and at
the baseball parte, by the expert rifle
shot Capt A. H. Hardy. At noon gov
ernor William C McDonld, from an
alfalfa stand, in front of the Hotel
Hardwick. read an interesting address
on the county salary bill, good roads,
education and other topics of general
Interest Though a drizzling rain fell
during his remarks the audience re
mained to the close of his address.
A banquet at the Hotel Hardwick
followed. Rain interfered with tne
sooond came of basball between the
lS SKi
nA hrdntnrrt tr interfere "With me
alfalfa parade, horse and stock parade
and third game of baseball.
Sec "The Glow Worm"' at the Grecian
today. Advertisement
Alpine, Tex., Oct 17. The art school,
which was conducted in the auditorium
of the high school building, has closed,
having finished its session.
C T. Hawker, of Lobo. is In town on
Mrs. S. E. Bunton, who has been con
fined to her bed for 10 days, is con
valescing slowly.
Geo. W. Newton Is recovering from
an attack of the grip.
W. E. Lynch of New Mexico, formerly
of Valentine, is here looking after land
tt, E. Mays and son of Sanderson are
here. 3Ir. Mays is seeking a location.
VTVa J. Rloomfield and little son.
Homer, are visiting relatives in El Paso.
Mr. ana Jars, jonn jtooi axe nero ironj
their ranch home. They report ranges
in fine condition.
C "R Cnurinsr is ilL
Mrs. J. T. Snelus and little son, Mar
tin, are in El Paso.
Mi& J. S. HQWard. who recently pur
chased the Keesey property, is having
both houses remodeled and modern con
veniences added. Mrs. Howard will also
erect a new house on a vacant adjoin
ing lot , .
C E. Couring. who has purchased the
Browing property, is having the resi
dence remodeled.
J. A. Lees has rented the Janes resi
dence and moved his family her for
school advantages.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Stegall and little
son, Robert, have returned from an ex
tended visit to Los Angeles. San Fran
cisco and Seattle.
D. E. Decorey, who has been reliev
ing Mr. Stegall. will return to El Paso,
accompanied by his wife.
D. E. Dearman, who is relieving
agent J. A. Gardner, expects his wife
soon from Mississippi. They will
occupy rooms at Mrs. W. A. Foley's.
J. A. Eden and family have returned
from a visit in eastern Texas.
Jonas Reineratein is In Buena Vista
on business.
Mrs. J. A. Parker has opened a board
ing house.
Dubuque, Iowa.. Oct. 17. Former
mayor C. H. Berg, who last night was
named receiver for the firm of Peter
Klene & Son, In federal court here, to
day took charge of the affairs of the
company. A petition In involuntary
bankruptcy was filed against the con
cern, and liabilities are estimated at
from a quarter of million to a half
million dollars. The assets are said to
be sufficient to pay the creditors.
It is claimed that the suit is the out
come of alleged discrepancies amount
ing to more than ?100,000. which came
to light several months after the death
of Peter Kiene, a year ago.
Chicago, 111., Oct. 17. William J.
Bryan, secretary of state, tarried a few
hours in Chicago this afternoon, be
tween trains.
He was accompanied from Washing
ton by congressman Maurice Connolly
of Dubuque, Iowa, where he will ad
dress a piiblic meeting tonight. To
morrow he will review the acts of the
Wilson administration at Waterloo, la.,
at the state dairymen's fair.
There Is one Chinese who is richer
because of the federal court session
here. His name is Chong King and he
arew a warrant for S108 Wednesdav
afternoon as his witness fee in a '
Chinese deportation case which was on
appeal. Chong was detained at the
immigration station for 108 days and
drew $1 per day during that time. He
is planning to return to China.
See VThe Glow W orm' at the Grecian
today. Advertisement.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 17. President
Wilson has pardoned Thos. P. Dow
man, of Washpeton, N. D., sentenced
in June, 1912, to five years imprison
ment for embezzlement from the Citi
zens Bank of Washpeton. He was in
the Anamosa, Iowa, reformatory.
See 'The Glow 1 orm'' at the Grecian
today. Advertisement.
"Anxious " lfe" Give 10 to 15 drops
of the following in water an hour be
fore each mral and your child will soon
be controlled from bedwetting: Comp.
fluid balmwort, 1 oz., tincture cubebs.
1 dram; tincture rhus-aromatic, 2
"La Rue" writes: "For many years
I have suffered with stomach and bowel
trouble which has been caused by a
severe case of catarrh. My blood is also
in poor condition. What can be done
for me?"
Answer: If you follow the directions
given below you should be well and
strong again. Obtain the following
from any well stocked drugstore and
mix by shaking well, then take a tea
spoonful four times daily: Syrup sar
saparilla comp., 4 ozs.; comp. fluid
balmwort 1 oz.; fluid oxt. buchu. 1 oz.
Use in connection with this the follow
ing local treatment: Get a 2-oz. pack
age of antiseptic vilane powder arid
make a catarrh balm by mixing one
ounce of lard or vaseline with a level
teaspoonful of the powder and use in
the nostrils daily. Also make a wash
of one pint of warm water and one
half teaspoonful of vilane powder and
use two or three times a day until the
nostrils are thoroughly cleansed and
your trouble should soon be gone.
"Elsie M." writes: "I have such short,
stringy, straggling hair and my scalp
is full of dandruff. Please advise what
to do."
Answer: The best advice I can offer
is simple. Get at a well stocked drug
store a 4 oz. jar of plain yellow min
yol, directions accompanying, and use
it regularly. It promotes a healthy,
vigorous growth of hair and abates
dandruff, itching scalp, lustreless hair
and stops falling hair. If the hair is
harsh and straggling it restores a soft,
fluffy appearance, and brings back the
intense natural color.
"Hazelle" says: "I would certainly
appreciate something that would in
crease my weight and take away that
languid feeling which I am subject to
most of the time. My blood is weak
and watery and my appetite is poor."
Answer: Your condition is very easily
overcome if you will follow the direc
tions given below. Ask your druggist
for 3-grain hypo-nuclane tablets and
take according to the directions and
your weight should increase. These
tablets promote assimilation, absorption
and aid digestion, transform the com
plexion and figure. They are prescribed
by physicians ana are perfectly good.
They should be taken regularly for sev
eral months and you should depend up
on gaining flesh and that languid feel
ing will vanish completely.
-, r, .. , . .
"D. E. G. writes: "My rheumatism
;rTX.i & Sil? .v Z -."c ""ie- am
getting so stiff that it makes It very
""" '" mc iu 6ci aruuna.
Answer: Do not worry about your
rheumatism, as that can be very easily
controlled by using the following: Get
Even Most Chronic Suffer
ers Find Relief From
Few Doses of Croxone.
Croxone soon relieves such con
ditions because it reaches the very
roots of the disease. It soaks right
Into the stopped up. Inactive kidneys,
through the walls and linings; cleans
out the little filtering cells and
glands; neutralizes and dissolves the
poisonous uric acid substances that
lodge in the joints and muscles to
scratch and irritate and cause rheu
matism; heals the inflamed mem
branes of the bladder, and cleans out
and strengthens the stopped up, life
A Simple Remedy io Correct Con$li
patlon Before It Becomes
"Very few people go through life
without some time or other being
troubled with constipation. Thousands
injure themselves by the use of
strong cathartics, salts, mineral wat
ers, pills and similar things. They
have temporary value in some cases,
it is true, but the good effect is soon
lost, and the more one takes of them
the less effective they become.
A physic or purgative is seldom
necessary, and much better and more
permanent results can be obtained by
using a scientific remedy like Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It does not
hide behind a high sounding name,
but is what it is represented to be, a
mild laxative medicine. It is so mild
that thousands of mothers give it to
tiny infants, and yet it is so compounded,
and contains such definite ingredients
that It will have equally good effect
when used by a person suffering from
the worst chronic constipation. In
fact, among the greatest endorsers of
Syrup Pepsin are elderly people who
have suffered for years and found
nothing to benefit them until they
took Syrup Pepsin.
It is a fact that millions of families
have ur. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin con
stantly in the house, homes like those
of Mr. H. A. Fenstermaker. Siegfred
Pa. He says he has had wonderful re
sults from the use of Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, that, in fact, he ha3
never found a remedy so good, and he
Is glad to recommend It. The special
value of this grand laxative tonic is
that it is suited to the needs of everv
All Clogged Up?
ww y i rs w
nere s kuicr t
With Every $4.00 Shoe Purchase.
gfJPr. leirrs BaAer
The questions answered below are
general in character; the sjmptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
should apply to any case of similar na
ture. Those wishing further advice free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Building, Coliege-Ellwood streets,
Dayton, O., enclosing self-addressed,
stamped envelope for reply. Full name
and address must be given, but only
initials or fictitious name will be use'i
in my answers. The prescriptions can
be filled at any well-stocked drug
store. Any druggist can order or
at the drugstore the ingredients named
mix thoroughly and take a teaspoonful
mealtime and again at bedtime and you
should soon be entirely relieved of that
disagreeable disease, rheumatism. Pur
chase 2 drams of iodide of potassium;
Vz oz. of wine or coichicum; 4 drams of
sodium salicylate: 1 oz. comp. fluid
balmwort; 1 oz. comp essence cardiol,
and 5 ozs. of syrup sarsaparilla. This
has satisfied thousands and I am sure
it will you.
"Musician" asks: "Can you tell me
how to overcome a bronchial trouble
which manifests itself after singing by
a tickling in the throat, hoarseness and
a slight cough?"
Answer: Obtain a bottle of essence
mentho-laxene and use it pure, or make
into a cough syrup by mixing with or
dinary granulated sugar syrup or
honey. Directions for use and how to
make accompany the package. It makes
a full pint of effective, pleasant cough
syrup and is excellent for all throat
and bronchial trouble.
"Mrs. G. B." -writes: "I suffer a great
deal with stomach disorders heavy
feeling after eating heart palpitation,
wind and gas on stomach, etc. Am rest
less and irritable. Afraid to eat a
hearty meal. Sometimes great pain. I
fear appendicitis.
Answer: The neglect of constipation
and indigestion is the most frequent
cause of appendicitis. It Is better to
prevent than to cure by an operation. I
advise that you obtain tablets triopep
tine and take according to directions
accompanying sealed carton. They are
pink, white and blue, to be taken morn
ing, noon and night, respectively. I
think many cases of appendicitis could
be-prevented by using tripeptine intel
ligently. "Mrs. C. C." writes: "Can you pre
scribe a tonic for one who is sleepless,
nervous, hysterical, thin and getting
thinner? Have little appetiie and am
restless day and night"
Answer: The following if used for
several weeks will gradually restore
and strengthen your nervous system -Compound
syrup of hypophosphites, 5
ozs.: tincture cadomene, 1 oz. (not
cardamom). Mix, shake well and take a
teaspoonful before each meaL
"K. K." K." asks: "I am growing
more stout as I get older and weigh
60 pounds too much now. I am alarmed
and want to reduce. Please advise
what to take."
Answer: You need not be alarmed if
you will begin taking 5-grain arbolone
tablets. These tablets reduce usually at
the rate of a pound a day after the
first few days. Any druggist can sup
ply them in sealed tubes with full di
rections. "Poor H." writes: 'My health Is very
poor on account of a long-standing con-
supauon. l nave to use pills or some
thing all the time. Can you prescribe
something to take that will cure
chronic constipation?"
Answer: Constipation Is probably the
cause of more Illness than any other
thing. Most remedies only aggravate
the trouble and never cure. I always
i presence o-grain suipherb tablets (not
j sulphur tablets), and have found them
mosi reuaDie and gradually curative.
They act pleasantly and tone up the
bowels and liver while purifying the
I blood. Advertisement. "l"lS
less kidneys so they can filter and
sift all the poisons from the blood,
and drive it out of the system.
So sure, so positive, so quick and
lasting, are the results obtained from
the use of croxone, that three doses
a day for a few days are often all that
is required to end the worst backache,
regulate the most annoying bladder
disorders, and overcome the numerous
other similar conditions.
Croxone is so prepared that it is
practically impossible to take it with
out results.
An original package costs but a
trifle, and all druggists are authorized
to return the purchase price if Crox
one falls to give desired results, re
gardless of how old you are, how long
you have suffered, or what else has
failed. Advertisement.
mr. ir.
member of the family. It is pleasant
tasting, mild and non-griping. Unlike
harsh physics it works gradually and
in a very brief time the stomach and
bowel muscles are trained to do their
work naturally again, when all medi
cines can be dispensed with.
You can obtain a bottle at any drug
store for fifty cents or one dollar. The
latter size Is usually bought by
families who already know Its value.
Results are always guaranteed or
money will be refundec
Families wishing to try a free sam
ple bottle can obta:n It postpaid by
addressing Dr. W. B. Caldwell. 41S
Washington St. Montlcello, 111. A pos
tal card with your name and address
on it will do.
. w.
Write or telephone us about your paint trouble, and we
will be pleased to aid you in any way we cair
TyttSe Paint and Glass Co,
PHONE 206 210-212 N. STANTOW
Tell These People What You Want
They Will Respond Promptly
Bell 608 & 629.
Rates $3.00 per Hour
To haul your baggage or move yon. Storage and packing by careful raea.
BELL 1054.
Phone NO. 1 Day Or Night For Ant03 Hacks and Baggage Service.
Limousine 5 and 7 Passenger Cars- Auto Baggage Trucks
Banking hy Mail
Just as easy to open a savings account with us as though you
lived next door.
WE PAY 4 percent Interest compounded Twice Every Year. We
do business under the Depositor's Guaranty Law of the State of
Texas and are a Guaranty Fund Bank as provided by such Law.
Our plan, in addition to being convenient, is safe, profitable and
liberal. Nobody has ever lost a dollar in a State bank in Texas.
Write today for our free booklet "BAXETNG BY MALL" or
simply mail your deposit.
EI Paso Bank and Trnst Co., EI Paso, Texas
C. R. MOREHEAD, President. C.N.BASSETT, Vice President
L. J. GILCHRIST, Asst. Cashier.
The Two-Republics Life Insurance Company
A. KRAKAUER, President.
Good men wanted to sell policies that guarantee
Supt. of Agents. Secty. and Geal Mgr.
Absolutely Fireproof, Modern, European. Rates $1.00 to $3.00 per day.
Our 50c per Lb.
Pink and White Cream Dip
ped Glace Pineapple
PHONES G30 and 347.
A Before you are filled
iiiui Amur una
Other Polsonoaa
Orncs, see Dr. Che
Hok. the botanist
specialist, who -cures
the following: dis
eases without the
aid of mfnpmlo nf
knife: Cancer. Blood
Poison. Kidney
Trouble. Rheuma
tism. Heart Disease,
and Liver derange
ments. Consultation
free. 06 San An-
no St. Phone 2910
Dates of Sale October 12-22
Gen. Pass. Agt
(tO j? 9 tf
' Kas8Jfojoji
1 !kJiLS$ ii i ! I
Opposite Hotel Paso Del Norte s
TV. San Antonio St
Phones t
fstfepenaairz ssay crma
Jbtatfpr Ort VAlppu t tea
tad Uncrttd ipea. iiflSxa Rf Jr 4
Custom Assay Office
Assayers Chemists Metallurgists
210 San Francisco St
Ben Pione 334. Auto Phone 1334.
Jobnson AssayCo.
Assayers; Chemists.Bullion Assayers,
Buyers of high grade Ores
and Bullion.
BOX 570. PHONE 427
Sheldon Hotel Corridor.
GRAND LODGE, Oct. 15-25
Final Return Limit October 27
City Pass. Agt
-f p. o. peres.
a. Mtss.-rxxaa.

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