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Thursday, November 6, 1913
Maj. and Mrs. Charles N. Barney en
tertained on Wednesday night at the
Country club with a most delightful one
step party. The rooms were atractive-:-.-
decorated in red chrysanthemums
and a splendid orchestra furnished
the music Supper was served at 11
oclock from small tables in the dininp
room. Harry Prince rendered several
vocal selections, which were enjoyed.
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Coles, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sher
rod, Mr. and Mrs. Waters Davis, Mr.
and Mrs. U. S. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. W.
I,. Tooley, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dudley,
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth D. Oliver, Mr.
.md Mrs. W. R. Jamieson, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Tj. Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. Vance Stew-
art. Mr. and Mrs. Max Weber. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. A.
1m. Latbrop. Col. and Mrs. Robert D.
Read. Capt. and Mrs. G. T. Scott. Capt.
and Mrs. C. G. Harvey, Capt. and Mrs
Awbrey Lippincott, Capt. and Mrs.
"harlcs Fenton, Lieut and Mrs. Henry
MerPr Lieut and Mrs. B. T. Merchant,
Lieut, and Mrs. W. N. Hensley, Lieut,
and Mrs. E. R. Coppock. Dr. and Mrs.
S. L. Chappell: Mesdames J. H. Rus
sell. Josephine Nations Mofflt, E. 3
Bell. W. S. Tilton. J. H. Nations, Anna
Belle Rohrabacher; Misses Anne Lee
Oaines. Walker McClellan, Ivah Cool.
' 'live Davis, Lemire Nebeker, Alice
wuirr. Marion rotiRg, Kuby Stone, Em
ily Kemp. Lucille Daniels; Maj. R, E. Li
Michie, Capt. H. X. Cootes. Lieuts. F.
Armstrong. G. B. Nelson, W. G. Meade,
J. T. Kennedy, James Mooney, G. N.
Finch, W. H. Nelll: Messrs. Talbot Hill,
James Curtis, E. I Ford, Edmund Da
vis. W. A. M. Roxby. Dr. Charles Bull.
Gist Russell, Pajje Kemp, Tom New
man. H- I. McMichaeL E. L. Tinker and
Dr. E. R. Carpenter.
Upon the return to the city of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Bunts from their hon
eymoon. Mrs. R, Bahnert gave a recep
tion in their honor and also in the hon
or of Mrs. Bahnert's and Mrs. Roamel's
mother, Mrs. C. Moehring's, 87th birth
day at the hotel Green Tree. The hall
was prettily decorated and luncheon
was served. Music was also enjoyed by
the large number of relatives and
friends present.
Oaf Of Town Visitors
Miss Edith Glenson. of Brooklyn, N.
T., is the guest of Mrs. N. D. Kennary,
21S Arizona street. Miss denser is on
ljer way to San Francisco to spend the
winter with her brother, who is an at
torney of that place.
Miss Gladys Green, of Lebanon, Tenn.,
is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. S. J. Gatlin, on East Rio Grande
After a pleasant visit for several
months with her sister, Mrs. R. Bah
nert, of the Green Tree hotel, Mrs. P.
Romel and Miss Bertha Person have
returned to their home in Seguin, Tex.
Mrs. Edmund Bronson and little
daughter will arrive from their home in
Los Angeles on Friday to be the guests
of Mrs. Bertha Congdon Stougfe and
Mrs. A. Congdon for several weeks.
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Telephones 2020 or 2040, day;
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& &
& Friday. &
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Williams
& entertain with a dance compli-
mentary to Miss Emily Kemp.
Hai-Wal dance. -&
& Mrs. J. D. Neejy and the
Misses Brick entertain at cards, o
Meeting of the Philathea
-& class of the Calvary-Houston
I - Square Baptist church.
Church Affairs
The Guild of St. Clement's church
will hold a meeting on Friday after
noon at 2 oclock at Kendrick hall.
The Junior Philathea class of the Calvary-Houston
Square Baptist church
will hold its regular monthly party on
Friday evening at the home of Miss
Paquita Clements, at 3S08 Alameda
avenue, at S oclock.
The central division of the women
of the First Presbyterian church will
give a musical at the home of Mrs. W.
L. Gaines, on Montana street, on Tues
day afternoon, November 11 at 3 oclock.
The chorus of the First Presbyterian
church will meet tonight at the church
to rehearse "Elijah" and other num
bers at s oclock.
Mrs. Dave Roberts, of p51 Upson
avenue, will entertain the Woman's
Bible class of Trinity Methodist church
on Friday afternoon.
The missionary meeting of the First
Christian church was held on Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. M.
Geddes. The usual devotloanl period
was held. The subject was "New Amer
icans for New America" by Mrs. P. J.
Rice. The second chapter of the book
which is being studied, "America God's
Melting Pot" -was discussed by Mrs. I.
A. Shedd. Musical numbers were given
by Mrs. L. Lehman and Miss Eunice
Anderson. The pastor. Rev. P. J. Rice,
made an address. Rev. Hugh McClel
lan, of San Antonio, spoke of the church
in that city. A social hour was en
joyed, with refreshments.
Miss Bda May Lochhausen and Yval1
ter Khrhart were married on Wednes
day morning at 6:15 oclock at the home
Of the bride. Dr. H. F. Wright per
formed the ceremony. The house was
decorated in ferns and green tulle
gracefully tied on the chandeliers. The
bride wore a broadtail velvet going
away suit, with a French hat. She car
ried a hoauet of bride's roses and Miles
of the valley. The groom's gift to the J
oriae was a diamond jua vainere ana
the parents gift to their daughter was
a diamond bracelet. Only members ot
the family attended the wedding. Mr. I
and Mrs. Ehrhart left immediately lor
San Francisco. From there they win
go to Australia, where they will spend
the winter and from there will take a
trip around the world, spending two
years abroad. Mrs. Ehrhart has lived
several years in El Paso and the groom
made his home in El Paso several years
sgo and is well known In this city.
El Pasoans Away
' Mrs. L. C. Wilson, of 3325 Montana
street, will leave on Friday morning
for Tucson, Ariz where she will spend
a few days visiting friends.
Mrs. A. Odell and son, E.' E. Odell, left
Wednesday night for Jacksonville, Fla,
to spend the winter with their son and
brother. Homer J. Odell. They went
for the benefit of Mrs. Odell's health.
Austin, Texas. Xov. 5. By its action
today in refusing a petition for a writ
of mandamus in the case of J. H.
Plunkett. of Dallas, vs. W. -W. Collier,
commissioner of insurance and banking,
the supreme court sustained that
feature of the act which permits the
charging of a separate fee of $20 for
each license issued to an agent of a
reciprocal or inter insurance concern.
Capt Robert Reaney, of the Second
cavalry, has been transferred to the
15th cavalry and will remain, at pres
ent station pending arrival of the 15th
cavalry at Fort Bliss.
Deeds Filed.
Sierra Blanca, Texas B. P. Throop
to C. M. Mickle, let 20, block 32, Gil
cress map of the town of Sierra
Blanca, El Paso county. Texas; consid
eration, $150; Oct. 28, 1913.
Licensed to Marry.
Walter Earhart to Edna May Loch
ausen. Antonio Houston to Natalie Madra
no. Antonio Ronqullo to Macenta Mclen
dez. Births Girls.
To Mrs. E. M. Montez, 814 Hills street
Nov. 2, 1918.
Births Boys.
M-rs. Thomas S. Kelly, 612 Mesa ave
nue, October 17.
Austin, Texas. Nov. 6. A case involv
ing the validity of the act of the 33d
legislature, relative to the reappraise
ntent of state lands declared forfeited
for non-payment of interest and giv
ing former owners an opportunity to
repurchase, will be heard hv fhc sfntn
supreme court on November 12. The '
case is ior mandamus proceedings bv
one Frank A. Judgkins versus J. T.
Robison, state land commissioner.
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Women's Organizations
The Thursday afternoon sewing club
is entertaining this afternoon with a
surprise meeting for Miss Anna Soren
son, one of the club members, who is
confined to her bed, having been ill for
several weeks. The club will meet on
Thursday afternoon, November 20, with
Mrs. Tom Lea.
The W. C. T. U. will hold a meeting
on Friday afternoon at 3 oclock in the
Y. W. C. A. rooms. The subjects will
be "Influence of Women for Temper
ance' and "Influence of Women on the
Christmas Spirit and Chrlsfmas Indus
try." The delegates from theWoman's club
who will leave here Saturday night to
attend the convention of federated
clubs at Corpus Christi, Texas, are Mrs.
A. P. Averill, who goes from the gen
eral club; Mrs. Bertha Congdon Stough,
from the music department; Mrs A. M.
Loomis. from the literature depart
ment; Mrs. J. W. Cox. from the art de
partment, and Mrs. W. R. Brown, from
the state directory.
Mrs. S. E. Wooten and Miss Josephine
Wooten are enteraining this afternoon
with an "at home" in honor of Mrs. A.
R. Howard, of Palestine, Texas; Mrs.
Henry Cllne, of Wharton. Texas, and
Mrs. W. H. Aldridge, of Aldrige. Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Ellis will enter
tain at cards on Wednesday evening.
November 12, at their home on West
Mrs. W- E. Nix will entertain with an
auction bridge party on Monday after
noon, at her home in the Wallace
About El Pasoans
J. E. Amador, night engineer at the
City disposal plant, was called to the
bedside of his sister. Mrs. F. Garcia,
wife of Prof. Garcia. His daughter,
Louise, accompanied him.
A .... wn- !. nr. Phare
King at hotel Dieu on Sunday morning, !
iMOvember 2.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reynolds are cele
brating the arrival of a baby daughter
who was born Wednesday 'afternoon.
Mrs. Reynolds was formerly Miss Ba- .
mona Zeiger, and Charles Zeiger, prop- j
rietor of the Hotel Zeiger, is now a I
? Tl A fa t fl rV
I :
Dinners and Luncheons
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bryan entertained
Wednesday night with a dinner in hon
or of Mr. and Mrs". Charles B. Bryan.
The table was beautifully decorated in
pink and white chrysanthemums and
laid with a cluny lace set. Those pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bryan, Mr.
and Mrs. Horace Blum. Miss Irene Bry
an, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bryan and Daw
son Bryan.
Mrs. E. C- French entertained the
delegates to the D. A. R- convention on
Wednesday afternoon with an enjoy
able luncheon at the Colonial Tea room.
Miss Anna Washburn assisted Mrs.
French in entertaining and delicious
refreshments of salad, Colonial wafers
and tea were served. The rooms with
their Colonial furniture and pretty dec
orations in pink were also decorated
with cut flowers of pink and white
chrysanthemums on Wednesday after
noon, and Mrs. French's hospitality was
enjoyed by the delegates.
The delegates to the D. A. R. con
vention were entertained Wednesday
at noon with a delightful luncheon at
the Paso del Norte hotel by the Rebecca
Stoddart chapter of the Danghters ot
the American Revolution of El Paso.
Observations taken at 8 a. m 75th
meridian time, Oct. 6, 1913.
Bl Paso and vi
cinity Fair to
night and Friday;
warmer tonight.
New Mexico
Tonight, fair;
warmer southeast
portion. Friday,
West Texas
Tonight, fair and
warmer. Friday,
fair: colder in the
Temperature. s
n i. o n
. O n
PS rro o
3 S
Abilene 48 54 46 pt. cldy
Amarillo 38 54 38 clear
Atlanta 46 68 44 clear
Boise, Idaho... 50 4S 46 pt. cldy
Boston 40 60 38 clear
Chicago 42 54 40 clear
Cincinnati..... 38 58- 36 clear
Denver 50 64 36 cloudy
Detroit 38 62 36. clear
Duluth, Minn.. 50 64 50 cloudy
El Paso 45 68 45 clear
Galveston 62 68 62 pt. cldy
Havre, Mont. .. 38 56 36 cloudy
Jacksonville... 66 74 64 cloudy
Little Rock 46 66 46 clear
Los Angeles... .56 72 56 clear
Nashville 44 66 42 clear
New Orleans... 60 70 60 clear
New York 42 56 40 clear
Omaha 54 4 52 cloudy
Phoenix 50 80 50 clear
Rapid City, S. D 44 60 40 pt. cldy
Roswell ...50 62 30 clear
St. Louis 42 56 4Q pt-cldy
Salt Lake City.. 52 60 & cloudy
San Antonio.... 48 64 84 clear
San Francisco.. 58 62 58 cloudy
Santa Fe 36 60 34 dear
Seattle 48 52 . -48 clear
Washington.... 32 68 30 clear
Wichita Kans.. 54- 60 64 cloudy
Yuma 54 84 50 clear
Chicago. Ill- Nov. 6. When fedreal
officers arrested Arthur Carey, of
Green Bay, Wis., on a charge of bring
ing Laura Feulker from AVisconsin to
Illinois in violation of the Mann act
Miss Feulker drew a revolver and at
tempted to prevent deputy marshals
from taking him to prison.
Riotous Scene Follows Effort of Offi
cers to Prevent Sylvia Fankhurst
From Addressing Meeting.
London, Eng., Nov. 6. By a clever
strategem, which hoodwinked the large
force of police- sent to prevent her
from speaking. Miss Sylvia Fankhurst
was enabled to announce at the Bow
Baths, in the East End of 'London, the
formation of a volunteer corps, Organ
ized under command of Capt. sir Fran
cis Vane, a Boer war veteran, for the
protection of militant suffragets from
labor unionists.
Miss Zelie Emerson, of Jackson,
Mich., presided over the gathering. Just
as the meeting was called to order it
was announced the residence of- George
Lansbury,' former Socialist member of
parliament, and a warm supporter of
the militant suffragets, was surround
ed by police. The crowd rushed' from
the Baths, found a large number of
foot and mounted police around Lans
burys house, with a taxlcap in front
of the entrance.
Mr. Lansbury arrived on the scene
and was uproarriously greeted a.s he
entered his home. The report was
spread that the preparations portended
the arrest of Sylvia Pankhurst.
The lights in the house were extin
guished and suddenly a woman rushed
from the doorway and sprang into the
taxicab, which, surrounded by mount
ed police, proceeded to Bethnal Green.
Then Miss Daisy Lansbury, daughter
of the ex-Socialist member, stepped out,
much to the discomfiture of the police.
Meanwhile Mia Pankhursti entered
the Baths practically unobserved. The
only disorder was caused by an attack
by the women on a few reporters, whom
they suspected of being detectives.
The general staff of the organiza
tion will beVdrawn from officers who
have seen service. Men and women
are eligible for the ranks.
Miss Pankhurst said the plan was
based on the Ulster model and she ex
pected the same immunity from gov
ernment interference enjoyed by sir
Edward Carson, the Ulster leader.
When Miss Pankhurst left the meet
ing she was surrounded by a bodyguard
of East Enders and made her escape
after a lively battle with the police,
who had iust returned and who were
compelled to draw their clubs. The
crowd retaliated with sticks and sev
eral of the belligerents were injured,
among them Miss Emerson, who was
knocked dokn and bruised about the
head. She, too, escaped arrest, being
carried away by sympathizers.
St Louis. Mo. Nov. 6. Rev. Logan
H. Roots. Protestant Eplsoopal bishop
of Hankow, China, in an address here
said the western world need fear no
military -yellow peril from China.
"The Chinese," he said, "do not be
lieve in military power and do not
admire militarism. Whatever happens
to China, the Chinese race will remain
great and will have a part in the po
litical life of the world without any
menace to -the western -world."
If you expect to keep in
"the running" you must guard
your health and at the first
sign of weakness take
Stomach Bitters
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sia, and Constipation.
"Tonics Remedies
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thus increase the
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the body, when W Jgnvdescents.
it is reduced" MfJjK Ifllllk It restores
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with his meals. He is convalescing and
needs the right kind of food, the proper
nourishment and a good, substantial tonic
"A tonic that he will relish and enjoy untold
benefits from is a good beer Blatz Beer. The
hops will quicken the appetite and the malt is
nourishing and 'fbody,.,,
All that is claimed for Blatz is that it is an honest,
thoroughly matured product full of character,
brewed on merit from the finest materials, by
masters of the art of brewing.
GBJj'D&WT BBQS., Distributers
41 6-41 8 S. EI FaSO Street Phones BeU 924-Anto 1924
All Personal Effects of Confessed Dy
namiter Are Forwarded to Tampa,
Fla., From Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 6. Jail of
ficials have received Instructions to
ship to Tampa. Fla., all the effects of
Ortie E. McManigal, the confessed
dynamiter and witness against theMc
Namara brother's and other labor union
men in the national dynamite conspir
acy, who was taken from the prison
Supplementary information from
other sources gave McManigal's desti
nation as Havana, Cuba, whence it was
said he was due to sail for South
Pecos. Tex., Nov. 6. The presence of
Peter Clark McFarlane, the well known
eastern magazine writer, gave added
Interest to a hunting party, headed by
F. W. Johnson, which has just returned
from a bear hunt on the EV and Y6
ranches, in the mountains near Valen
tine. Mr, McFarlane came to get a
taste of wild life in the southwest.
The party brought down three bears.
Mr. McFarlane snapped several good
pictures of the bears, alive and dead.
He shot one of them out of a tree with
his own rifle. The party says other
wild game was plentifuL Tha Means
and Evans families entertained the
Miss Willie de Woods, county and
district clerk of Reeves county, went
to El Paso, accompanied by her broth
er, J. D. Woods, to see the big league
ball game.
Five sons of judge James F. Ross,
of Pecos, went to see the Giants and
White Sox play in El Paso.
Hazel tin. Mo., Nov. 6. A mistake in
volving one letter in an order sent by
them to St. Louis was responsible for
the deaths today of T. J. Jackson and
Geo. Hash, who died from drinking
wood rjcohol. They had ordered "good"
alcohol. Four others who drank part
of the wood alcohol will recover.
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it 1011
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"Give him a glass
JKmk Physicians
mk. recommend
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Inspector Reports That Conditions in
Homes Border on the Brutal for
Many Younger Children.
Chicago, I1L, Nov. 6. A bulletin is
sued by state factory inspector Nelson
declares that parents in many tenement
districts force their children to work
at home . under far worse conditions
than obtain in factories.
"Children, 5, 6 and 7 year old, are
pulled out of bed at 5 oclock, shaken
into wakefulness, given a drink of
strong coffee and made to stand for
hours at one monotonous task. In the
tenements a child may be made a slave
under conditions that put to shame our
laws and baffle the efforts of our In
spectors." Youthful, Beautiful
Skin Easy to Have
(From The Clubwoman.)
Tou may be as healthy as a bird
in the air and still have a poor com
plexion. Changing seasons and tem
peratures, winds, dust and dirt, are
apt to injure any skin, even though
the general health be good. When
these external influences spoil the
complexion, the natural thing is to
remove the spoil by external means.
Ordinary mercolized wax will do this.
It will actually absorb the weather
beaten film-skin, a little each day. In
a week or two you'll have a brand
new complexion,- a new skin. The ex
quisitely beautiful and youthful com
plexion thus acquired, conies 6o easily,
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casionally in a solution of powdered
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ing it. Save them and
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Benfro, Ala. T must $a mae S
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be tb means of relieTtDg- soma poor.
Battering woman.
I suffered terribly- for years with,
many Bsrioos 'womanly troubles, and
became so -weas ana nerToas, I could
hardly do anything; I had headaches,
pains in my back and sides, and was
always coins' to the doctor. but
never felt welL
Finally, my husband bought me two
bottles of Cardui, the woman's tonic.
I commenced talcing it, according to
directions, and began feeling- better. I
am now on my eighth bottle, and feel
better than I have in years. I sleep
soundly, have a good appetite, and
so more pains. ;
I never get tired of telling- what
your medicine has done for me, and
X am sure it will help other, suffer
ing women, as it did me.
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and
Thedford's Blaclc-Iranght Hrer- med
icine, are the only medicines we keep
in the house."
If you suffer from any of the troiHi
bles so sommon to wealc women. Try
Mrs. Owens advice tafce CardnL
For more than 50 years, Cardui baa
been used with entire satisfaction, by
thousands of weak and aUing- -women.'
It will surely help yon, too.
N. B. Write i Indies Advisor?"
Dept, Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
tanooga, Tenn.. for Special Instructions.
and 64-page book, "Home Treatment
for -Women," sent in plain wrapper, on
request. Advertisement.
New Orleans, La,
New York, N". T.
Pure Rich Milk
Look for the
Red Neck Bottle
I a' 1
ill cijmjmkP jH
B Fignxe with as for all points jCTj
H in Scratn and East Texas. R
I $85.00 I
H New York and Return; your jH
H choice of routes. Hj
H Phone 7. B

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