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Congressman Is Tendered aJ
Banquet; Mayor Presides
As Toastmaster.
,a west side canal in the upper valley,
he said, to permit the five community
ditches 'on the west aide of the river
to get water from the Rio Grande
This work would he let to farmers, he
said, so that they might work their
teams during the dull season.
Claiborne Adams and attorney gen
eral R. F. Iiooney, of Austin, were in
troduced, and also spoke.
LOCAL polltioe, the Mexican sit
uation and praise tor congress
man Smith were mixed at the
dollar dinner given In his honor at the
Paso del Norte Saturday evening. An
nounced as a. nonpartisan tsdtiiaonlal
of appreciation for me Bi Paso con
gressman, there were a number of
political sideliights visible during the
dinner and frequent references to the
Mexican situation.
When mayor C B. Kelly, acting at
tmaimadar Introduced Robert 1l Hoi-
liday, he said that he had frequently-
made the statement that ne wouiq
rather be president of the Teung Men
Democratic club, of which Mr. HolH
day was the executive, than be presi
dent of Mexico.
"Since the president of Mexico has
put it right up to president Wilson
and if he does not go and do what
the president of Mexico tells him to
come and do, then I may say that I
would rather be president of the
Young Men's Democratic elab than
president of the United States." said
fcr. Kelly.
Toob Shot at Cobb.
The mayor referred to customs col
lector Z. U Cobb, who, he said, had
stood in the same place where he stood
and declared that he had ne boss.
"He 18 different irom me tor x jj ;
SCQM bosses," said the mayor, and
he sat on a platform in New York at
an Independent ticket meeting against
a. XMmocratic tioket. I also have seen
by the papers that the Democratic
ticket lost out If my young friend
swung that election he has more in
fluence in New York than lie has here.
If there was an Independent ticket
and a Republican ticket in the field,
hut no Democratic ticket, I would
vote for the Republican ticket, ae it
stands for something."
When he Introduced 0. H. Baum as
a Republican he took another shot at
collector Cobb by saying that Mr.
Baum was a man "who never gets
into his automobile and gees down
the alley to his ranch to feed the pigs
when the interests of Kl Paso are at
stake "
Smith Offers Farther Help.
Congressman Smith made the prin
cipal speech at the dinner in his honor
and said that he wanted to know how
to could help El Paso in the future as
he had obtained the Elephant Butte
dam, the new postoffice (someone in
the audience asked where It Was to be
located) and the fort enlargement He
said t
Realizes His Highest Ambition.
I want to thank the people of Bl
Paso for this dinner tonight. It Is a
rare privilege to meet face to face with
so many people who have so signally
honored me in the past. I sometimes
wonder if I have been worthy. I was
-proud of my first nomination ar.d
those which followed for six oonsecu
tive terms. But after over 10 years
to have the people say "well done good
and faithful servant," is me realisa
tion of mv greatest ambition. I would
rather hae your approval of my work
than wear the crown of an emperor.
Problem to Satisfy OHIeeseekers.
The greatest problem a congress
man has ever had is to please 19 or 12
men in one office. ThlB is a nonpar
tisan meeting and I am not going to
discuss politics. My creed is equal
rights for all and special privileges to
none. IB local matters my creed is
to get everything from the federal gov
ernment that the people need. I have
devoted many years to the Irrigation
project, but not without the help of
all the people of El PasO. An adequate
postoffice building hae been provided.
The enlargement Of Fort Bliss has been
provided for. How in the future can I
show my appreciation.
"I want to express my appreciation
of your friendship and I know that I
will always have your support." (Ap
plause.) Capt. Beall Commended Smith.
Cast. T. J. Beall was the first speak
er at the dinner. Robert Holliday
president of the Young Men's Demo
cratic club, was next, and district
judge Dan M. Jackson followed.
Barsre Say Word for Mesealero.
Richard F. Burgee urged congress-
man Smith to work for one more thing
that El Paso wanted the Mescalero
National park bill in congress. If he
would do this, Mr. Burgee said, the
people Of HI Paso would giv him five
times as big a dinner when he came
back next time.
O. H. Baum followed Mr. Burges.
Sweeney and White Abnent.
Judge Joseph tJ. Sweeney was called
upon, but was not present Z. T. White
was also called upon, but had just left
the banquet room. Judge James R.
Harper declared that if there was any
thing congressman Smith wanted it
was up to El Paso to get it He also
spoke highly of attorney general R. F.
Looney, who was present as an Invited
guest '
Adrian Pool spoke of the needs ot
the valley and urged congressman
Smith to get a system of drainage In
the valley and to have established at
experimental station so that the ranch
ers might know what could be raised
to the best advantage.
Mattel' of Local Pride.
Judge A. S. J. Eylar said that It had
been a matter of pride to El Paso that
the chairman of the irrigation com
mittee in congress was "one of our
own people."
Hill Promises Water for 1015.
Supervising engineer L. C Hill, of
the reclamation sevrice. outlined the
work that was being done on the Ele
phant Butte project. He aaid that the
foundation cf the dam would be com
pleted by the last of March. He said
that when the reservoir was com
pleted the crops would yield a higher
return than in any other project in the
southwest or west
I.awsen Waiting: for Plans.
I M. Lawson, project engineer for
the reclamation service, said that his
office was waiting for the approval
of Washington for the plans for im
proving the Franklin canal. He said
that it would include the parking idea
of mayor Kelly for the canal through
the city and would require the ce
menting of the canal at a total cost
of J175.000. Plans submitted to Wash,
ington also covered the construction of
Animal Life Can Be Developed Without i
the Agency of the ainle, Says
Dr. Jaquea Iioeb.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 8. Scientists are
interested in the announcement of Dr.
Jaques Loeb, head of the department
of experimental biology at the Rocke
feller institution, that animal life can
be developed without the agency of the
In a book released from the press
today. Dr. Loeb tells of experiments
by -which he raised fregs from unfer
tilized eggs by pricking the surface of
the egg and injecting jb. tiny drop of
frog's blood. The products of the ex
periments possessed sex glands and
were capable of reproducing.
Sea urchins and starfish. Dr. Loeb
says, were developed in a similar man
ner. "I have seen the frog." This was
the answer of Dr. W. A. Evans, former
Chicago health commissioner, to the
question of the possibility of producing
frogs without the male of the speoies,
as announced by Dr. Loeb.
"Dr. Loeb is the highest authority
on this subject." declared Dr. Evans.
"His book doubtless is the story of
a frog that he showed at a recent in
ternational congress of hygiene. The
frog, which I have seen, was labeled
'the fatherless frog- and attracted a
great deal of attention.
- "Dr. ,Loeb is careful to state that
human reproduction along similar lines
is impossible. The frogs so produced
are all of the male sex and cannot re
produce themselves."
Order Is Issued by Senator
Swanson After Visit to the
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Strife." is a real feature from begin
ning to end and you will not be disap
pointed when you see it It is full of
action and the story and situations are
conditions that exist In every day life.
It is a. story of the Kentucky moun
tains and shows a real Kentucky feud
In action. It Is a strong picture and
the tragedy has its value in the human
wisdom that it Is able to show and it
is, therefore, the highest form of art
You can't afford to miss this picture.
Monday. "Grist lo the Mill," a two
part special, giving a dramatic story
woven around the tremendous sacrifice
made by the woman for the man she
loved, will be shown.
Tuesday "The Fifth String," a two
part Sellg special, written by John
Philip Sousa, the March King. A story
of a musician's supernatural ability
gained at the cost of his life, will be
Wednesday, "Trooper Billy," a two
part western feature of high quality,
illustrating the play of the same name
by Frederick Paulding, Is to be shown.
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part feature with its program every
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Berlin, Gennanv, Nov. 8. Otto Bccius,
a director of the fvrupp armament works,
and Maxilliah Brandt, former Berlin
agent of the firm, were found- guilty of
bribing military officers to secure ord
nance secrets. Brandt was sentenced to
four months and Eecius was fined $375.
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President Wilson gave the order
late this afternoon for a senate
caucus on the currency. Following a
conference with the president, senator
Swanson, in charge during the absence
of caucus chairman Kern, returned to
the capital and issued the call. The
caucus will be held Wednesday after
noon. As soon ae the currency commit
tee adjourned, the Democratic mem
bers, with the exception of senators
Reed and Hitchcock, closeted them
selves In the room of senator Hollis
and went over the situation. They
reached the conclusion that a full
agreement In the committee was im
possible and that a caucus was the
only solution. Senator Swanson
reached the room at that moment and
senators Owen, Pomerere, Shafroth and
Hollis signed the caucus petition.
Senator O'Gorman did not sign.
Republicans Ready for Fight.
Republican members or the currency
committee, irritated at what they de
clare to have been the efforts of the
Democrats to put the onus of delay
on them, tonight notified their Demo
cratic colleagues that If the presi
dent wanted a fight over the currency
question in the senate, he would have
it and It would be a fight that would
arouse the whole country.
The caucus petition was signed by 27
Democratic senators, practically all of
whom are In the city Telegrams for
all absentees have been sent out
Deadlocked on Reserves.
The morning session of the commit
tee was devoted to a discussion of a
motion of senator O'Gorman's that the
number of proposed regional banks
should not be less than four nor more
than eight
The vote was a tie.
At the afternoon session the pend
ing motion was one, by senator Shaf
roth, providing for the creation ot
eight regional banks. Before any
conclusion was attempted on this prop
osition, senator Reed proposed a sub
stitute that the number established
should be not more than eight It
was defeated by a vote of 10 to 2.
Immediately, senator Reed offered
another amendment to the Shafroth
motion, this time providing that the
number of banks should not be less
than five nor more than eight Upon
this the committee was in discussion
for the rest of the day, without a
conclusion being reached or another
vote taken.
East St Louis, HL, Nov. 8. The East
St Louis city- court grand jury today
returned 59 indictments against present
and former city officials, the report
supplementing that of October.
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After Five Years Little Card Seller
Will Be Able to Walk Without Limping
pother's Mistaken Kindness Twice Prevented Lillian Isaacson From Profiting by Surgical Aid; Court Decree Makes
Cure Possible.
Edmund E.
- TING on a white cot at Hotel
I Dieu is a Sweet-faced little girl.
- ' Her left leg is enveloped in splints
and bandages. When these are taken
off. in a month or two, the little girl
wiL walk without a limp for the first
time In five years. Her left foot. In
stead of being deformed and weak, will
he normal and strong.
Back of this simple picture lies a
story of suffering and charity that, for
unusual features, has rarely been
equaled in the southwest.
The child is 10 years old. Her name
is Lillian Isaacson. Her parents are
Illiterate and poor. They reside in Al
amogordo, N. SL, where the father plies
the humble trade of shoemaker.
Five years ago Lillian was playing
in her father's front yard in Alamo
gordo, when he fell and broke her
right ankle. She was carried Into the
house by her mother and a surgeon
called. He reset the broken bone And
put it In splints and bandages. Un
used to the wearing of such, things, the
child cried Out against the pain they
caused her, and the mother, ignorant
of the effect it -would have, removed
them and allowed her baby daughter to
begin walking before the bones had
knit The ends of the bones slipped.
the end above the ankle turning out at
almost a right angle.
Little Cripple Sells Postcards.
Hard times came to the Isaacson
family and Lillian, at the age of eight.
began selling postcards, newspapers
and fruit to passengers dn trains pass
ing through Alamogordo. The little
sufferer became a familiar figure to
El Pasoans traveling back and forth
to Cloudcroft and many have bought
her wares.
Two years after the child broke her
ankle, an El Paso surgeon offered to
reset It. His services cost tho Isaac
sons nothing. Using bloodless surgery
methods, this surgeon broke the bones
at the ankle, reset them and left the
child In her mother's care. Again the
mother removed the "splints too soon,
and once more the bones slipped
out of place into a right angle above
the ankle. After that Mrs. Isaacson
refused to consent to any more opera
tions. She could see nothing in it but
cruelty, useless and unavailing.
So Lillian went about her daily task
of postcard and fruit vendor at the
Alamogordo railway station with a pit
iful limp and a deformed foot.
Alamogordo Society Takes Interest.
Last year the Alamogordo Charity
association tried without success to se
cure the mother's consent to another
operation. Since that time the civic
league made repeated efforts to per
suade Mrs. Isaacson to see the case in
its true light, but always without suc
cess. Finally a new plan of campaign was
conceived 10 days ago by stata senator
J. M. Bowman, of Alamogordo H& ap
plied to the court for assistance. Judge
E. "U Medler, of the Alamogordo court.
called the mother and child before him
and Issued an order removing the little
girl temporarily from the jurisdiction
of her parents.
Money Is Subscribed.
When the court's action becamt
known in the New Mexico town, a sub
scription list was started. Headed by a
donation of $50 from the civic league,
it it-aw in a. few hours to a sum large
enough to pay all the expenses of a trlp-j
to Bl Paso ana nospiiai diiih. ai is
said that there was almost a pltehed
battle to get on the subscription. Cit
izens contributed so freely that many
contributions had to be refused as more
than enough money was on hand.
Nurse Brought Her Here.
A trained nurse brought the little
girl to El Paso last Tuesday. Wednes
day afternoon she was placed on the
operating table at Hotel Dieu and two
El Paso surgeons, whose services were
given without charge, began the work
of changing a deformed, weak foot into
a strong and healthy one. The names
of the surgeons are withheld -at their
Faultless skill or technique, as it
is professionally termed was needed
In the operation, which is said to be one
of the most delicate of its kind ever
performed in El Paso. When the de
formed ankle was laid open with- the
knife, it was found that the bone at
the apex of the angle had become
"ebonized," or hardened to an abnor
mal degree. New bene possessing some
"life" was needed to plant upon the
diseased piece.
Transplanted Sblnbqne.
The shittbone of the girl's left leg
was then laid open and- from it was
taken a piece abotit for Inches long
and an inch in diameter. This piece was
transplanted to thd broken ankle bone,
where it will boM and cause to grow
together the two ends that were torn
apart when Lillian fell five years ago.
Modern surgery, it is said, has made
this sort of work possible only by Its
experiments on animals. Four years
ago this operation would not have been
considered poseible by the medical
world. It surpasses in its demand for
faultness technique, brain and abdom
inal operations. The danger of infec
tion was reduced to almost nothing in
the operation. Human hands touched
no part of the bones exposed during the
whole proceeding.
Lillian Is n Good Patient.
High tribute to the sweet disposition
of the little girl Is paid by the phvsi
cians and nurses Ttfho attend her. '"She
always smiles when one of us enters
her room," said a surgeon Saturday.
"I have never heard her utter one word
of complaint; although she suffers a
good deal of palh at times.
"She will wear a cast, on her ankte
for several weeks before it will be safe
to remove it "We arewnot going to take
any chances with her mother this time
and we have the permission of the Ala
mogordo court to ke&p her with us
three or four-months. It will be that
long before she is able to walk well
again. We are very sure that the op
eration will be entirely successful. By
the time she is allowed to stand again,
the piece of hoOto removed from her left
shin will have grown -baek again and
she will. never netideMhe1ltee'
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