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Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1913.
Helen Loses Gem From Pen
dant and Warren Grows
a Bit Sarcastic.
MRS. STEVENS opened the small
bl'j. elvet case. Inside on
tie white satin lining glittered
a pearl and diamond lavalliere.
"And it's pink pearl, too: .Helen
leaned i or ward with breathless ad
miration "Aren't they very rare?"
"Well, she said sne paid four bun
dred, but 1 could have It for Just
what she could pawn it for a hun
dred and fiftj."
'"1 don"t know anything about
pearls." murmurred Helen, "but I
should think that was awfully cheap!
And all those little diamonds, and
th.T fx imsite mountlngP'
'That's why she couldn't pawn it
for more so much of the value was
in the sotting and workmanship, .and
lh'd ullow her only for the stones.
Bi-t I suppose it is foolish," thought
full . "for me to think of buying it
v hen I already have one."
"Oh, 1 wish I could take it," sighed
H'len Hnging'v.
"Why don't you?" -with sudden en
thusiasm "You could never get any
fiinsr like it for that price. Make
Vijirrn buy it fox you ask him
now "
' Xo no. I wouldn't think of it!
fur trip to Paris was so expensive,
and I got a lot of things there. Oh,
I w ouldn't evenouggest It to him." '
"Well, I wouM! .'The more a man
Do You Pay for
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1 C..U
l if
spends on you the more it makes him
chink of you. There," clasping the
lavalliere around Helen's neck, "go
look In the glass "
A Beautiful Sight.
The fine platinum chain was almost
invisible, and the lustrous pendant
seemed to lay unsupported on Helen's
white neck.
Bxcepting her engagement ring,
which she had lost last spring, Helen
had never had an expensive piece of
Jewelry, and she always longed for a
lavalliere. She turned from the mir
ror, reluctnantly unclasping the chain.
"Well, you're foolish. I never hesi
tate to ask for what I want even if
I don't get It."
"What's all this?" asked Mr. Stevens,
as ho and Warren came in from the
dining room, where they had lingered
over their cigars.
"I was showing Mrs. Barclay's laval
liere." "Oh, yes." Mr. Stevens took the or
nament and handed 'it to Warren.
'TVhat would you say it was worth?'
"Don't ask me. I don't know any
thing about pearls. But I should say,"
holding it off critically, "that cost a
lot of money."
Again Mrs. Stevens took the pendant
from its case and clasped it around
Helen s hecK.
Up to "Warren.
"There," turning her, flushing;
toward Warren. "Why " don't you
give it to her for a Christmas pres
ent? I already have one that's the
only reason I hesitate."
The pause that followed was some
what awkward. No man likes to be
put in the position of admitting that
he cannot afford cr ".:s not want
to give his wife jewelry.
"Oh. dear, you know I don't want
you to get me anything so expensi-e."
faltered Helen, wishing desperately
that Mrs. Stevens had not made such
a suggestion.
"Why not take it home and think
about it? I don't have to give Mrs.
Barclay a decision until day after to
morrow. I'm satisfied that It's worth
mere than that; but if you're not,
why not take it some plaf.e and have
it valued?"
"Oh. no. no." protested Helen. Td
be afra(d Td lose it or something
might happen to it."
In spite of Warren's frowning dis
approval, Helen finally yielded to Mrs.
Stevens's insistence and put. the case
in her pocket.
For the rest of the evening Helen
could think of nothing but the pearl
lavalliere. It would be wonderful
with evening gowns and she could
wear it in the afternoon, too. Only
yesterday she had ridden down Fifth
avenue with an' expensively dressed
woman, whose fur collar was open at
the neCk to show just such a pearl
But would Warren be willing to
put that much money in a piece of
jewelry? And even if he were
should she let him?
Iater, when they were leaving, Mrs.
Stevens whispered:
"Now, don't be a little goose. Let
him get it for you if he wants to."
Helen In Sbrry.
But outside Helen took Warren's
arm with an anxious:
"Dear, I'm so sorry Mrs. Stevens
suggested that. You know I don't
want anything so expensive. I know
we can't afford it."
"Haven't said we couldn't have
I?" gruffly. "But she had a nerTe
to propose it. You want to steer
I friends anyhow. If you've got to have
one of those gewgaws, ltd be a darn
sight better to go to a jeweler's than
to get mixed up in any -nonkey busi
ness like this."
"But dear, she said it cost four
hundred; you couldn't buy anything
like It for a hundred and fifty! It's
nothing to Mrs. Stevens whether we
take it or not it was only kind of
her to give us the chance."
uiamed presumptuous that s what
it was," muttered Warren. "But have
the thing valued, if you want to.
Wouldn't surprise me if the pearl was
a fake. I've my doubts about that
woman. Mrs. Stevens is an easy mark
for anybody like that."
They -were in the subway now, and
Holes could not resist taking iut
the case.
"Oh, this pearl must be genuine
they couldn't imitate that luster!"
"Put that away," growled Warren.
"This is no place to look at it.
Everybody In the car's watching you."
As Helen closed the case Warren
took it from her and put i; in his
But when they reached home
Helen's eager excitement could not be
suppressed. She flew into her
dressing room and hurriedly -slipped on
an evening gown.
The Pearl Gone.
"Sow, dear." runrilng into the
library, where Warren was reading,
"let roe have it. I want to see how
it looks with this."
Helen ran to the mantel mirror and
was clasping the chain around her
neck, when she fell back with a
startled cry.
"Whafs the matter now?" Warren
looked up with a scowl.
"The pearl! It's it's gone!"
Throwing down his book, Warren
strode over and, catching h-jr jough
ly by the shoulder, whirled her around
so the light would fall on the oraa-
mpnr -
The larce nink nearl which "haA
hung from the center of the pendant
was missing. There was a moment's
grim silence.
"Well, we're out a hundred and fifty
that's all."
"Oh. Warren, don't say that! Look
in your pocket. Oh, it may have
fallen on the floor when I took it
But it was not in his pocket, and
Helen's frantic search around the floor
was fruitless.
A Fruitless Search.
Warren maintained the grim silence
which to her was more terrifying than
any violent raging. She was still grop
ing blindly around the floor in a
tremulous, futile search.
"Oh, it couldn't have fallen In the
subway, I know it couldn't!" she kept
repeating in a dazed way.
She was trembling with the sick
dizziness that always came with any
great and sudden distress. Her very
knees were weak and shaky.
One hundred and fifty dollars, and
nothing to show for it! If only she
could scrimp and starve to save the
money! It was the thotight ot War
ren's having to pay for it that so ter
rified her.
"Yes. and we've the pleasing knowl
edge that we're probably paying for
a fake pearl." His laugh was harsh and
Helen, who was feeling blindly
around the edge of the rug. now sat
upon her knees and looked at him
through wretched, tear-blurred eyes.
You can look here till you're grav.
That pearl's In the subway, and there's
about as much chance of your ever see
ing it"
"Oh, no! no! It couldn't have fellen
in the subway, it couldn't!" wailed
Helen. "Oh, why did I take it out why
did I look at it there?"
"So everybody In the car would know
you had It! A cool hundred and fifty
that's what your fool vanity's costing
me this time," and Warren sHrnmed
Into the b-H'n.om.
New York, Nov. 19. That the board
of city magistrates had adopted a plan
to take the fingerVjjints of every man
convicted as a "ma.Syp" so that the
police might know offenders by means
of the Bertilllon sysU1 was an
nounced b magistrate Layey in the
men's "niqht court."
"Undoubtedly men are a Tested for
this offence more than one. magis
trate Lcve said, "and untii we are
able to discover the habitual 71iits we
will be unable to punish then proper-
Dairying Continues To Interest the
Farmers of Quay County, and
Proves Profitable.
Tucumcarl, N. M- Nov. 19. A. Martin
and sons have loaded a car of bear
grass. A local merchant is advertis
ing for 25 cars of this native plant for
an eastern concern. With bear grass
selling at from ft to $7 a ton, it Is
said that good wages may be earned
by anyone cutting It where the supply
is plentiful. It is said that one man in
theeastern portion of the county has
earned more than $100 during the sum
mer in this way, working at intervals.
Workmen were engaged during the
last week cutting from the flats norjh.
oi town.
Dairying is becoming more and more
profitable for farmers in this commun
ity especially for those who have erect
ed silos. R. D. Hutchins of Quay aver
ages $15 a month from five to 'seven
cows from butter fat sold here, hav
ing made from his cows more than
$100 since April 1. Dr. H. D. Nichols,
of Tucumcari, feeds all of his stock
from the sales of cream from three
cows besides supplying his own family
I with butter and milk. Numerous sim
ilar cases are on record in this county
with the number of successes con
stantly increasing.
J. G. Burges is drilling a well 20
miles north of Bryantlne. S. B. Bos
well is having a well drilled on his
property at San Jon.
M. McCunc has taken a homestead.
O. Lewison has been selling wheat
from his place near Corral Lake.
Farmers in the eastern portion of the
country have been hauling maize dur
ing the last week or two. most of It be
ing ground for feed.
. Curtis Hale of Seymore, Texas, has
filed on half a section of land north of
Endee, this county.
London, Eng., Nov. 19. "I am voicing
the opinion of a large merchant shipping
interest in saying that we rely on our
costly navy to prepare measures to keep
the Panama canal always open to Brit
ish shipping," declared Chas. Stuart
Nairne, representative of extensive Scot
tish shinning interests, in an address be
for the Soyal United Service institution
here today.
"Despite the Hay-Pauncefote treaty,"
said Mr. Xairne. ''the vorld is now faced
by a fortified Panama canal, instead of
one entirely for the benefit of the com
merce of all nations. I See nothing to
prevent the United States from closing
the Panama canal at will against those
having equal rights in it. I regard this
as a serious situation if not an entire
breach of faith by the United States
Charleston. W. Va. Nov. 1 The
case of president John P. White and
other officers of the United MInft
Workers of America, under indictment!
here for alleged conspiracy in restraint!
of trade, was not called in the United
States district court here today. It
was reported that the case, at least
under the existing indictment, might
never come to trial.
El Pano CltizenR Testify for the Public
A truthful statement of an El Paso
citizen, clven in his own words.
i should convince the most skeptical
auuui ine menis uj. Lmu 3 xviuue
Pills. If you suffer from backache,
nervousness, sleeplessness, urinary
disorders or any form of kidney ills,
use a tested kidney medicine.
An El Paso citizen tells of Doan's
Kidney Pills.
Could you demand more convinc
ing proof of merit?
J. W. Weir. 34 Smelter St, El Paso,
Tex., says; "For two years I couldn't
straighten after stooping without help.
As long as I stood straight I had no
trouble, but the least strain on the mus
cles of my back caused mo to suffer
severely. I tried different remedies,
but had no relief until I began taking
Doan's Kidney Pills. The result was
a complete cure. Off and on I use
a few doses of Doan's Kidney Pills,
but I don't have much need of them.
I felt so grateful at the time Doan's
n.ianey puis cured me that I recom
mended them. I have had no reason
to change
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. Advertisement.
jayer Honorbilt
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5 WWl'-. '.-,'''.',. ' V'v'''i ', . S,,s:yMW''A',S', '''', tW ,,ysJfrMSMM, Z3 l"SL?eM :tlm nmeh) c H roar dnSS
B ' M
qualities far in excess of average shoes. You can always depend
on lasting service as well as style in these shoes.
tm 1 f. .Hr for
Mayer Honorbilt Shoes stand up and hold their shape and style
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xnera ine nnesr. uppers tne toughest soles the"
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points of style and fitting qualities. If you want style,
comfort, quality and wear for your shoe money, you
can get them in Mayer Honorbilt Shoes.
WARNING Be sure and look for the Mayer
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not handle Honorbilt Shoes, -write to uc
Wo make Honorbilt Shoes in all styles for
men, -nomea and children: Yarana Cnshinn
Shoes; Dry-Sos, the great wet weather
shoe, and Martha Washington Comfort Shoes.
F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co,
Chicago, lit, Nov. 19. Official re
ports of the eye clinics of Dr. Robert
H. Elliott of the Indian medical serv
ice, presented at an executive session
of the Chicago Opthalmological society
have Wen made public.
Dr. Elliott is the originator of an
operation for glaucoma, popularly
known as "old folks" blindness." Hith
erto, the appearance of glaucoma
presaged blindness, but by the Elliott
method the blindness may be averted,
the report said, or even cured where
the patient's sight had not been gone
more than six months. Dr. Elliott told
the surgeons present that any one of
their number of average experience
could perform the operation.
quialy replaced. If you break your
Glasses phone 1439 and we will
send for them. We grind any lens
in two hours or less. N
boa w- Walker
I BPBilll Cabinets
Sib? 1SP5?ML'
have a sample file in a few days and will be glad to
show you. Full line of cabinets in wood always in
stock. Filing supplies to fit any file.
r5..?- d -i- ct...
of this i jk s - -&H o &e ff wfcsr .1 jrir&a
,a . Mt!&Jl ? JSa'SUrASL felbtLPJI
111 108 Mesa Avenue. J t.m
Shoes are the dressiest,
shoes that hold their shape
men, women
and children
ALSffiSfiflM - Ei3ttR8i&
Plans are being made for the sale
of the Red Cross Christmas seals by
the central committee of the Red
Cross society in El Paso. To make
arrangements a. meeting was held
Tuesday at the home of Mrs. J. A. Pot
ter, at which Mrs. H. W. Broaddus,
Mrs. U. a Stewart, Mrs. W. C. Davis.
Mrs. Julia Sharpe and Mrs. T. del
Campo were present.
It was decided to do away this year
with all personal soliciting. The seals
will be placed on sale immediately, lw
the drug stores, book stores and dry
goods stores. The second week in
December the seals wfTl be on sale in
the postofflce for two weeks.
Besides these places, the principals
of the public schools will be asked to
permit the sale of seals in the school
buildings, and all the different socie
ties, the city and county officials and
the chamber of commerce will be
asked to use the stamps on all mail
Seals in $5 quantities will be de
livered by telephoning Mrs. U. S. Stew
art or Mrs. H. W. Broaddus.
The new Shaw-Talker
steel construction is the
best on the market. I will
snappiest shoes
and have wearing
r?Sl?m ' mm 111
i33HE23&,tt&dg?a?4e!?Y VWr .V
Buc, France, Nov. 19. Maurice
Cheviallard, a French aviator, estab
lished a new record for turning somer
caults in the air by carrying a pas
senger in his machine. He accom
plished an aerial loop twice in brilliant
fashion, going through the perform
ance apparently with as much ease as
if he were alone.
Three nutomobllists were notified
by the police to appear in police court
Tuesday. Chris Moore was notified
because of alleged speeding. Automo
biles belonging to J. J. Longwell and
J. F. Weeks were noted as lacking tail
HalFs Hair Eenewer certainly stops '
f ailing hair. No doubt about it "what- J
ever. Yon "will surely be satisfied.
Bottled In "the cot try at oar1
dairy where It Is produced.
The znllk Is offered to the con
sumer with the knowledge that
it fulfils every ethical and scien
tific demand that may be made
on a milk supply.
It represents the cumulative re
sult of over a quarter of a cen
tury spent In promotion of milk
hygiene. It Is the result of over
25 years of ceaseless effort in the
production of CLEAN MILK, a
life of endeavor In which the EL
PASO DAIRV CO. was the pio
neer and has always been the
Every drop of milk comes from
a dairy that is a model of san
itation and system. Clean barns,
healthy cows, 3anitary dairying
methods, pare, wholesome milk,
plus the safeguards of conscien
tious men who are experts In
That'a the whole mtorr Uuie
can be nothing better.
"Not How Cheap But Haw Good
Table Cloths,
tyapkms, Tray Cloths
and Doilies must be beautifully
laundered or the effect of the
table setting is spoiled!
At this laundry we wash them
under sanitary conditions, iron
them smooth, absolutely no string
marks, deliver them spotlessly
Why not try our work on
Table Linen?
Phone 2177.
Elite Laundry
Sanitary and Fireproof .
412-414 S. Oregon St
Yonr Ynletide problem solved
Twelve Feldman Photographs
Iij'in lj?5 Mb 3 98 fi J J 0 A v w I
Restores Gray. StmVed or
Bleached Hilr or Uoostacha
InstantanMosly. Gtres anr hada
from Light Brawn to Black.
- ..-. vr hw Vila KiUii-
tabts bo poijonj xnd la cot silelcy
w v TT mnJ ww. . T-1..1 &l .... .
lareft alze (elcM timet u much) ec n ronr drosi
con i ku k jrna urect to to. Send the yellow
wrapper from two bottles psrehised from a dfaczist
and we will sire you a full-size bottle for nothiae.
WALNUTTA CO, 2203 Clark At St. LoeIs, Ho.
lie Medi
terranean, Suez Canal,
Rid Sea and Indian Ocean
to Bombay and Colombo,
including side trips through
India, Thz Holy Land and
Egspl, stopping at interest
ing points in-Europe, Asia
and Africa, by the
From NewYcrV. January 15.1914
93 Days $700 and up
faetadlse shore excursions and all necessary expenses
Alo cruises to West Indies, Panama
Canal. Around the World, through the-
Panama Canal, and Mediterranean trips.
Sad for booktd, ttaUnj ante
902 Olive St, St Lotus, Ido., Or Local
derori you are OUed
irlth Mercury aS
Other folsutioos
Drag, see Dr. Che j
Hot. the botaisst !
specialist, who cures !
the following dis
eases without the
aid of minerals or
mfe: Cancer. Blood i
toison. Kidney
Trouble. Rheuma
tism Heart Disease.
a LJver aeranjre-
Hilts. Consultation i
lll slkfSi zn'o
Stops Falling lair
. - "-J .' "wtwlgH
fi 8!8laHfc"r' 3TW l-i a
1 a! IflL WW a
' See i
otuart s '
Twelve presents in
every dozen photos.
for Appointment
Pnnne A7R 998 Hf-
X UUUV CflV HsatU lllCajOA W
For yonr social parties, for school
and church entertainment or for
any occasion yon -wast it pure.
Ours is both pore and delicious.
Free delivery.
Camozze Ice Cream ill
Phone 296.
Dress Well At
216 San Antonio St
Sole Agents for "W. L. Douglas Union
Made Shoes.
For Sanitary Dry Cleaning
Albert Benjamin Suits
and Overcoats.
Largest Stock in the Southwest.
312 S. El Pass St
Pure Rich Milk
Look for the
Red Neck. Bottle
phone 4W
7ZZ r", ZZ '. Z ; T"" '
Herald Want Ads for results.
jLSMBHfc ffjSWfciftff aaWaHtWi

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