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Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1913.
. -. H k I IK Ja. ILJfUL JtM,EmMS.m.m.&Ls s
Defendant and Mother Both
Take the Stand; Attorneys
Have a Tilt.
ARGUMENTS in the case of "Bill"
Caples. charged by grand jury
indictment with criminal assault
fn Ellen Godsey. will commence this
. ftfrnoon and the case will go to the
jur. some time Thursday.
HrldKcrV Argument Delnjed.
More witnesses were being intro
d ui ed W cdnesday afternoon, and this
ilflacd the opening argument of dts
in. t'attornev Bridgers, which was exl
pe. ted to be made shortly after court
convened for the afternoon session.
air Endears said he expects to con
i L'de Ms first argument Wednesday
.lfternoon. .
tilt between attorneys featured
1' c morning session Wednesday. Ca-li,-.
the defendant, and bis mother,
."'r: Margaret Caples, both took the
bland Tuesday afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon, judge Dan 31.
J ckson appointed Drs. Paul Gallagher,
M B. "Wesson and Howard Thompson
to make an examination of the girl.
T.'e were subpenaed Tuesday, but
wore not put on the stand Wednesday
Depatv Falgbcm Testifiei.
Den-atv sheriff Jim Fulgham. the
f -rt wltnots call Wednesdav morn
ing testified that he returned in an
P'jton-obile from Las Cruces with the
defendant. Caples.
D. V Carpenter, one of the jurors,
ho before the session of the court
1 ..esday morning, asked jndge Jackson
if h' might ask a question, was in
structed to reduce his question to writ
ing The -juror wanted to know wheth
i - the burs testied to by Ellen God
s' v were blown in her hair by the
'nd or put there by some other force.
The defence here announced that it
nsud but withdrew the announcement
to ca'l W A Sutherland, an attorney
rf Las Cruces, :. M. He testified that
be receired a message from Mrs. Ca
ples to the effect that she wanted Ca
ples to go to his brother in St. Louis.
Ir going to board the tram, the wit
ness said that he saw deputy Jim
Kulgham get off 4he train. He and Ca
pics passed right in front of him.
Kulgham had testified that he did not
se Caples at Las Cruces at that time:
if he did. he sa.d. he did not recognise
CapIeK "U ouJd Return Home.
At Socorro. Mr. Sutherland said,he
n is awafeened bv some one talking In
the aisle. Mr. Cook, of Socorro, he
snd, was telling Caples that Mr. Holt
-"nted him to come back. Caples," he
sral stated that tea d aat want t
bo back, but wanted to come to El
District attorney Bridgers moved to
have the latter statement stricken
fiom the record on the ground that it
was self serving. Judge Jackson over
ruled the objection.
"We recei ed that telephone mes
Fg from his mother to the effect that
there was no warrant as far as could
ne ascertained, satd tautnenana. e i
then advised him that under the cir- !
ci.msiances ne couia go any ptace ne
r eased. He said: 'O, hen, I will go
I ack ' Hr finally decided to do what
h: mother wanted him to do"
On eros examination, the witness
5?id that he and his partner were Ca
j.less attornejs at Las Cruces and
reoreserted him in proceedings there.
T.ic defence here announced that it
Mildred Meredith was called by the
itisin, Thinness,
infirmities of
Maw fee
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c c
T-cc too, S. S. S. Las such specific,
state, he testified that Ellen God.
sey had & number of burrs in her liair.
whan she returned home the night or
the alleged offence.
"Mr. Weeks has just been talking to
you, hasn't her' asked Mr. Bridgers.
"I did talk to her; I don't want any
insinuations." declared Mr. Weeks. Dis
trict attorney Bridgers arose.
'Gentlemen, I want you to cut out
this personal matter," said judge JacK-
' Mr. Bridges was sworn as a witness.
"You asked the witness about thesa
cockle burrs?" Mr. Dale asked him.
"Yes, sir," replied Mr. Bridgers. "The
witness testified about these burrs be
fore the grand jury. I discussed the
burrs at that time.
Tilt Between Hudipeth and Bridgers.
"Then you knew," said state senator
Hudspeth, rising to his feet and llft
inh his voice, ''that she would testify
about the cockle burrs."
"Didn't you hear she would testify
to that?" asked -the district attorney
to the state senator. "If you did not.
you had better amend that manuscript.
(The district attorney indicated the
notes that senator Hudspeth has been
keeping during the trial of the case.)
"That manuscript " began the
senator. .
"Senator the court has already ad
monished you gentlemen," interrupted
judge Jackson, "about this matter. The
court will not permit this before the
J. P. Weeks arose. "The state has
insinuated these things," he said. "Per
sonally I do not like it- I practice law
honorably. I may have spoken hasti
ly. I want to explain my conduct"
"That is not necessary," said Judge
Motion Is Overruled. -
"Do I understand the court overrules
the motion to strike out?". Mr. Stanton
asked judge Jackson.
"Yes. sir," replied the court.
"I think the whole controversy Is
improper." Stanton said. "I don't want
it to prejudice the defendant's rights."
"If I thought that" judge Jackson
said. "I would grant the motion."
Mildred Meredith testified that she
was singing a song as she was remov
ing the burrs from Ellen Godsey"s hair
and combing it
Stanton Likes Music
"What was that song?- Mr. -Stanton
asked her leaning forward and placing
his hand back of his ear. "I am very
fond of music." He smiled at the wit
ness. The jurv was sent into the stenogra
pher office. In the absence of the
jurv, she said: "When Ellen Godsey
came in I was taking the burrs out
of her hair, and combing it I was
sin gin c"
"What was that song?" asked Mr.
""You made me love you but I did
not want to.' " The witness said that
Ellen Godsey half smiled at the song.
County attorney P. R. Price was put
on the stand by the state. The county
attorney testified that he first met
Ellen Godsey at the special meeting
of the grand jury and later in the of
fice of chief of detectives Jesse C.
Stansel. A question of the district at
torney about the statements - the girl
made at that time precipitated an ar
gument and the jury was again re
tired. Testimony To Be Disregarded.
Pending a final ruling on the ques
tion relative to the statements of the
Godsey 'giil, judge Jackson instructed
the jury to disregard the testimony or
the county attorney already given.
Mr. Prioe then testified, under objec
tions of the defence, that EIen Godsey I
stated, that prior to the alleged occur
rence, she had never had relations with
anv man.
The county attorney stated that Ellen
Godsey was a witness before the grand
jury when investigations were being
made in the cases of Dave Marshall and
Harry Davis.
The defence moved to strike this out
on the ground that it was not materia).
The motion was overruled.
On cross-examination. Mr. Price testi
fied that there were no Indictments re
turned by that grand jury against
Marshall -and Davis.
Mrs. Ida Grissom was recalled by the
state. She testified that Ellen God3ey
came in the morning of the alleged
assault about 2 oclock. Rose Bailey,
she-said, she thought came in at 12.
Bars in Back of Girl's Hair.
The Meredith girl, recalled, testified
that the burs were in the back of Ellen
Godsey's hair.
Crawford Harvey, a member of. the
grand jury that Indicted Caples, was
"Was there a discussion about with-
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Atlanta, Go,
Rebel General Declares Federals, After 49 Hours of Con
tinuous Fighting Evacuate, Only to Be Overtaken
and Defeatedr Many Buildings Are Des
troyed by Shells and the Torch.
pv ROWNSVILLE. Tex Nov. 19.
r With the loss of hundreds of lives
--" and with great destruction of
property in what Gen. Pablo Gonzales,
rebel commander, describes as the
"bloodiest battle of the revolution,
Victria, capital of the Mexican state of
Tamaullpas. was captured by "Consti
tutionalists" early yesterday.
The fall of the capital city gives the
Insurrectionists control of the entire
state except the important seaport or
Tamplco. against which a strong force
of rebels already is operating. Gener
al Luis Caballaero probably will be
named military governor of Tamauli
pas by the "Constitutionalists."
Dead Litter the Street.
General Gonzales, who commanded
the besieging "Constitutionalists" made
his report by courier to Jitninez and
bv telephone from there to rebel
headquarters at Matamoros. No defin
ite estimates were given of the loss of
life, but It was said that bodies of the
dead littered the streets and lay
thick through the courtyard and halls
of the government palace, where a
portion of the federal garrison made a
la3t stand after being driven from a
Catholic sanctuary where they took
Every one of these defenders were
Federal Demomllxed.
The greater portion of the garrison
of 3.000 men. however, evacuated the
city after 49 hours of continuous fight
ing. They retreated to Tula, several
miles away, where thev were overtak
en by the "Constitutionalists" and
again decisively defeated. They fleo
demoralized into the hills.
General- Rabago, Araamendi anl
drawing the indict-nent against
Caoles?" Mr. Bridgers asked.
"There was not"
mien Godsey took the stand. She
stated that she had submitted to a
medical examination. She had gone to
Dr. Paul Gallagher and two others, she
said. Dr. Gallagher. Dr. Howard
Thompson and Dr. M. B. Wesson had
been appointed by the court to make
the examination.
On cross examination she was asked
if she had met a certain man and at
her request he had taken her in his
automobile to the road house. The
court sustained the objection to the
Adjournment was taken until 2 oclock
Wednesday afternoon.
Defendant's Mother Testifies.
Mrs. Margaret Caples, the mother of
the defendant, was the first witness
placed on the stand by the defence
Tuesday afternoon. She testified: "I
have lived here 2S or 29 years. I have
five children, four bojs and one girt.
"Bill" is past 21 years.
"I was In St. Louis recently. My
bealth has been very poor."
"At the time you got this informa
tion did you know anything about a
grand Jury?"
"I did not. I sent for the girl. I had
a talk with her. She said she was
out joy riding and there was nothing
to it just a drunken row. I thought
it best to send for my attorney Mr.
"l"ou (addressing M. Stanton) told
her she might talk or needn't to: that
you were the attorney for the. Caples
estate and would represent Bill." Mr.
Stanton examined the witness.
"She said she was 16. She corrected
that and said she was born in 1895.
"She said that some one had advised
her wrong, that it was nothing seri
ous. I think you went first. You told
her to go back to her room.
"I talked over with you. If you re
member, four or five days before that,
about sending him to school.
"I sent him away. At that time I
did not believe there would be any
Qncntloned the Girl.
"J asked her all about the case. I
asked her if she was a pure glrL She
positively said she was not."
"What was the object In asking her
"If she was a good girl he should
marry her.
"The girl told me she would ,llke to
go home to her parents in Los Angeles.
She said she did not have any clothes
or a trunk. I had a trunk and told
her that If she wanted it she could
have it.
"Of course, when I found out there
was an indictment out against Bill I
had him brought back."
Mrs. Caples said that she did not
know of any process being out for El
len Godsey when the girl left for Dem
ing. "I gave Harry Davis the check to get
the girl's clothes antT trunk. She said
her mother was very sick and she
wanted to go home to her. I felt very
sorry for her."
On cross examination she testified
that Caples was gone when she had the
conversation with Ellen Godsey about
"She said she had been with other
"Then you changed your mind about
letting 'Bill' marry her?"
Mrs. Caples bowed her head and an
swered: "Xes."
Mrs. Caples reiterated that both her
son and Ellen Godsey had told her
there was nothing to the case. The
girl she said told her this four or five
Mrs. Minnie Marsh, a witness for the
defence, testified that she ran a room
ing house on West Overland street.
She saw Ellen Godsey at her house
sitting In the parlor talking to a man.
Edith Campbell was there with an-othex-man.
After awhile the two men
left and then the girls followed..
"mil" Caples on Stand.
"Bill" Caples was then put on the
stand. He testified: "I am the defend
ant. I am 21. I met her on Sept. 7. It
was in the evening. Harry Davis in
troduced me. I asked her if she want
ed to go out and. she said she could
not. she had a date with Mr. Schuster
"I saw her the next day. She was
standing in the theater. She c.me out
I thought I would get a drink and
went into the bar. She passed by and
called me out.
"We went into the cafe. She said she
wanted beer. We stayed around drink
ing off and on. all afternoon." He did
not know how many drinks they had
"I know I had $10 and when I got home
I never had a cent." he said.
"I gave Davis 70 cents, all I had, to
go out and get two tickets to the show
I invited him to supper We came back
about 7:30.
Wasn't Looking for Her."
"A negro porter. I believe, told me
that the Godsey girl wanted to see me
"I wasn't going to look for her at
all T went in. T think we had about
two, drinks. I asked Davis in the pres
ence of the girl If he had th tickets
and she spoke up and said she wanted
to go.
"We figured that we were all prettv
well under the weather and bad better
wait until the curtain went up and the
lights went out.
"After we got In T requested her to
keep still or I would have to leave I
saw mv mother, she kent nodding to
me to get out T wfi afrpid th-t 1 T
ptTtrl on Mi""- "ode iouM "rail
i- rd mill i 4o" " T ' T i:-. wT r ,
(Jod's saue, let s trj .iiid keep her
II BATTLE fei ffffi? mmwmmmm ji
jLIL VlblUHiH m
Eugenio Aguilar commanded the fed-
The attacking "Constitutionalists"
were reported to number about 5,000
men. Their loss was four officers and
between 30 and 50 men. General Gon
zales said that the federal loss would
run into the hundreds.
Property Loss la Heavy.
Terrible destruction to property was
done in the two days battle which
raged throughout the principal streets
of the city and many handsome build
ing not razed by shell, were levelled
by the torch. Victoria has a popula
tion of 15,000 and is situated in a rich
farming section. Inhabited by many
Before the federals abandoned the
city hundreds of guns were piled In
front of the arsenal and fire started
about them.
The "Constitutionalist" lead re
ported, however, that many of the
guns were salvaged.
Horses, sadles, four cannon and
much ammunition was captured. Four
prisoners were captured.
Veracruz. Mex., Nov. 19. The battle
ship New Hampshire sailed from here
today to join the Louisiana at Tuxpam.
whre the situation is reported threat
Manchester, X. H- Xov. 19. .Presi
dent Wilson's attitude in the Mexican
situation was endorsed today by the
rational Grange, which is holding its
annual meeting here.
ouict and then when the curtain goes
down, we'll get her out.'"
Caples then detailed the bottle Inci
dent and the disordc-.
"As the curtain was going down I
got up to get out. I did not stop to see
whetner she was following or not. In
the meantime an usher came and said
that if she could not act like a lady
not to stay in there.
"I don't know to this dav how we
ever got together again. Wo were in
the Angelus cafe again. We must have
had three or four drinks.
"I had the machine out in front.
"She Requested
"She requested that we take a little
automobile ride until the other girls
got out of the show. We went out Mon
tana street first. She was nodding her
j head like she was drunk. She did that
1 twice. Coming back she said she had
driven a machine in Los Angeles.
Harry was afraid she would run It into
"I said to let her have her way
that if we were to go, all would go.
"She drove the machine back and
then Davis took the wheel again.
"With the other girls we went to
Juarez. Miss Godseys statement that
we did not is very untrue.
"We went to 'George's' place. They
had a piano player and a gentleman
singer. Miss Godsey appeared live and
happy. Everybody I saw was drinking.
I danced the rag.
Got $20 From Mother.
"Were you stocked up with money?"
"I had been home to my mother and
told her I owed a friend $20 and she
gave It to me.
"I came back -from Juarez the same
street I went down. There was a big
clock. It was 15 minutes of 2 I sent
Davis down to the Swastika club and
he got a dozen pints of beer.
"When we got to the cafe, we sat
there a minute. I was broke anl I
knew that I could not go in and charge
"We went out in the machine again.
She kept pulling the spark up and
And Let Her Go."
"When we got past the cemetery and
there was no one on the road, I just
advanced the spark and throttle, and
let It go.
"The hood blew back and hit the
wind shield. Then I said I would have
to stop and get it. She said we could
get it when we came back.
"We were running closfe to the ditch
when she put her hands over. She
had her hand on the throttle. I pulled
her off and she struck me.
"I stopped the machine and walked
back to get the hood. We must have
passed the Lone Star a mile or so
before we stopped. I got out and got
six bottles of "beer." The witness said
the two drank ten more bottles of beer
at this time and missed two.
Witness denied specifically the main
"Friendly an Ever."
"Coming back In the machine she
was Just as friendly as she was going
down," he said. "We weren't talking
much." -
Mr. StantSn read the indictment to
the defendant. "Is that true," he asked.
"It is 'not," the defendant emphati
cally declared.
The rest of the testimony was chiefly
about the trip to Las Cruces and the
"My conscience was all right, didn't
bother me There was nothing on my
conscience," said Caples.
The witness said arrangements for
him to attend school had been under
way. The witness said that his Inten
tion was when he went to Las Cruces
was to go on to school at St. Louis.
The witness said that Ellen Godsey
wnen yon feel lass hm i
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had told him about the picture first
objected to. "I figured out she wasn't
much." said the defendant. The defence
here again urged the introduction of
the picture in evidence. Objection to
Its Introduction was again sustained.
?io Sympathy for GlrL
"Miss Godsey said when I saw her
again that she had been arrested for
perjury and I had better stick to her
and get her out."
"Well, you did stick to her?"
"I did not"
"Who employed Mr. Weeks and Mr.
Stanton to defend her?"
'I don't know. I didn't know they
defended her." "
"Well, you had sympathy for her?"
"You have sympathy now for her?"
"Not a bit."
The witness denied that he knew
anything about Ellen Godsey being
asked to leave.
Acton, Ala., Xov. 19. An explosion
in .No. 2 mine of the Alabama Fuel and
Iron company here late yesterday killed
24 men and injured six others. Six
of the miners who were entombed by
the explosion were rescued alive. . The
bodies of nine of the victims have been
The rescuers, who began work" last
night, came upon the bodies of seven
miners at the sixth entry to the mine.
The explosion is believed to have been
caused bv ignition of dust, set off by
a miner's shot.
Rescue work was undertaken in a
systematic manner. The new federal
automobile ambulance made a quick run
of 34 miles from Birmingham, arriving
here simultaneously with the Tennessee
Coal and Iron company's crew by ppe-1
ciai train, xiie mine inn, -tvmcu as
not damaged by the blast, was set in
motion at once.
The mine "was comparatively new and
was said by officials to have been pro
vided with modern equipment through
out. State mine officials are investigating
the explosion.
AV. E. Arnold, Cashier of Rio Grande
Valley Company, "Will Reopen
Arizona Institution.
Douglas, Ariz Nov. 19. W. E. Ar
nold, cashier of the Rio Valley Bank
and Trust company, of El Paso, who
has been appointed receiver for the
Arizona Bank and Trust company, of
this city, has gone to Tombstone to
file bis bond. Mr. Arnold expects to
return to Douglas Wednesday and Im
mediately begin making arrangements
for reopening the bank for business.
It Is stated by former bank officials
that the institution will probably be
able to pay a larger precentage than
had been anticipated.
Winchester Cooley, manager of the
Rio Grande Valley Bank and Trust
company, said Wednesday that Mr. Ar
nold would remain In Douglas for
about a month to reopen operations
of the Arizona bank.
The deposits of the bank reached
about $113,000. Mr. Cooley said, while
Its capital stock is 25,000. "Our bank
is interested to a small extent in the
matter of a loan to the Douglas bank."
said Mr. Cooley. "and we succeeded In
getting Mr. Arnold named as receiver."
A. S Reynolds, a "newsboy." though
aged and Infirm, was found dead in
his room at the New Home hotel, 581
1-2 South El Paso street. Tuesday by
Henry Loeben. an E. P. & S. W. engi
neer who roomed with Reynolds. Jus
tice E. B. McCHntock was called for
coroner service. Acute pneumonia was
given as the cause of Reynold's death.
He was long a familiar figure on the
streets every afternoon, and many
bought their copies of The Herald
from him regularly.
Mrs. Frances Pas de Piquero died at
hr residence. 321 Chihua sua street,
earlv this morning. The funeral oc
curs this afternoon at i o'clock at the
church of the Sacred Heart. Mrs. Pi
quero was 68 years of age. Three
children survive her: Mrs. A. Long
challon of New Orleans, and Mrs. M.
Fernandez and Caesar Plouero of El
Paso The latter is an employe in the
auditor's office of the Madera com
The body of F M Goodln. which has
be-n buried for 25 years at Capitan.
N. M. was disinterred and shipped to
EI Paso. and burled in Evergreen
cemetery Wednesday afternoon.
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to one illustrated C007 of my pocket
compendium and guide for the self
restoration of lost strength. (See
description below.) Upon hearing
from you. this valuable little book
of private information for men will
be sent by return mail in plain,
sealed envelope. Please call or write
There 13 a new and marvelous
method for restoring lost manly
strength, for renewing vigor, which
every man should know of. a self
restorer which operates without tne
use of drugs or medicine, a new way
to treat yourself for your ills and
weaknesses. See description eIow.
Please remember that a. man is
not one day older than he actually
feels, and therefore no matter what
your age. If you are young or elder
Iv. married or single, large or small,
if I can show you. reader, how you
yourself may actually add to your
system, nerves and blood the very
nerve force or vigor which mar na-y
been drained away, and which 13
necessary to make you strong, vigor
ous and capable again, then I have
shown you the real secret of per
petual strength, and how you can
again be filled with vigor, and again
be Just as powerful In your influence
and just as thoroughly manly in
your capacity as the biggest fullest
blooded, most successful fellow of
your acflualntance.
The new self-treatment for the
I refer above, is a. little light-welgnt vii AUiiiiiNi Appliance 01 my inven
tion, which Is now meeting with a tremendous demandL anjlbeing ased by
men everywhere all over the world. This little VITALIZER. Wfighlng
only several ounces. Is comfortably buckled on the body and worn all
night It is so small and so conmact that even a roommate would not sus
pect that you were wearing it. If, however, this VITALIZER is smaU in
size. It Is not small In power, for it generates a greattangible FORCE,
which can be measured on scientific instruments a POWER which I call
VIGOR or NERVE ENERGY, and it sends this- marvelous FORCE into your
blood, organs and nerves while you sleep. All you have to do is to lead a
decent, manly man's life, free from excesses and dissipation, then use the
VITALIZER. nothing more. If this is followed, out And the VITALIZER
does for you what these others say It does for them, then all the pain or
weakness will disappear from the small of your back possIWy from the
first night's use and you will be restored to a strong, vigorous, manly,
capable man, without a single ache, pain or weakness. Please remember;
I am not asking you to buy one of these VTTALIZERS, but merely request
vou to first send for the free book described below, a section of which is
devoted to an explanation of this VITALIZER. and gives you its whole
wonderful story, so that you may know what Intelligent young and elder
ly men everywhere are saying about it.
This Is the Book You Get Free
My S6-page illustrated booklet (pocket size) was compiled, by me to
answer fully and correctly those questions which are asked .privately by
any man needing new strength and who seeks personal advice pertaining
to the ailments and weaknesses he wishes to overcome. The book, fully
illustrated, with photo reproductions, contains much that a single or mar
ried man should know. It also fully describes my VITALIZER and tell3
how you may secure one to use in your own case, should you decide Ton
want to use one. Remember, the book is sent absolutely free in plain
sealed envelope. Why not write for a copy today? Or, ir nearby, please
call. Hours 9 to 6. Sundays 10 to 1.
E. A. SAN'DEJf CO- 1201 Broadway, Nejr Tort If. Y;
Dear Sirs Please forward me your book as advertised, free;, sealed.
r -ii'i'-w J uxmum. 3
Even Most Cnronic Suffer
ers Find Quick Relief.
A few doses of Croxone never fall
to reliare such troubles, beeaase it
cleans out the clogged up. Inactive or
gans, and mks them work prop
erly. It soaks right Into the kidneys,
cleans out the little filtering cells
and glands; neutralizes the urine so it j
ne longer irriiaies toe lenaer mem
branes of the bladder; dissolves the
poisonous urtc acid substances that
lodge In the joints and muscles, and
scratch and Irritate, and cause rheu
matism, and cleans out and strength
ens the lifeless kidnejs so they can
filter, and sift the poison from the
Ask for Elk Soles. They w
Enterprise Shoe &
GoMei Medical
N. Y.
Witncmt Drugs
restoration or manly strengtn. to wbicu
blood, and drive It out of the st
So sure so positive so quick i
lasting are the results obt 1 - 1
from Croxone, that three doses .1
for a few days, are often all th.i
required to end the worst baek
regulate the most anrolng bl-'l
disorders, and put the kidnejs n
healthy, actlv condition.
It i3 practically impossible to take
this quick-acting, effective prepara
tion, without results.
An origim! package 3t3 but a
trifle, and all druggists are authorized
to return the purchase price if Crox
one falls to promptly ge desired re
sults, regardless of how old you are
or how long you hae surrered. Ad
vertisement. ear twice as long.
Leatfeer Co. Mesa Ave.

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