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Tuesday, December 9, 1913
Women's Organizations
The Rebecca Stoddert chapter of tho
Daughters of the American Revolution
held a meeting at the Elks's club on
Monday afternoon. Mrs: Horace W.
Broaddus, the regent, presided. The
meeting was opened with singing
"America." The treasurer's report was
given by Mrs. Julius Lorentzen and the
secretary's report by Mrs. Paul Atkin
son. Both stood approved. A rising
vote of thanks was given Mrs. Lorent
zen for the efficient way in which she
has handled the funds all through the
vcar and during the convention. Mrs.
Lorentzen's resignation was accepted
with regret, and also the resignation
of Mrs. F. A. Hodge, who was historian
of the Rebecca Stoddert chapter of
this city, but has since moved to Los
Angeles to make that city here home.
Mrs. J. R. McLeod waft; elected treas
urer and Mrs. W. S. Tilton, who had
been appointed historian protem, in
the- absence of Mrs. Hodge, was elected
to the office. Mrs. Broaddus reported
the Red Cross Christmas seals on sale
at the International Book store, the
White House, Scott White & Co., and
that they can be procured also on ap
plication to Mrs. U. S. Stewart and Mrs.
Horace Broaddus. Mrs. Broaddus read
a letter from Mrs. W. C. Davis, thank
ing the chapter or the, D. A. R-, for the
generous and prompt response in ap
peal for the wounded soldiers in Jua-.
rez, Mexico. It was voted to donate $5
tnr- tti mnnicinal Christmas tree. Af
ter the business session, the meeting;
was in charge of Mrs. C E. Kelly. Mrs.
Kelly had a delightful program ar
ranged which was given as follows:
Chorus, "America," Alta Vista school
chorus, by 14 young girls.
A paper. "Alamo, and the Five Sur
rounding Missions," by Miss Valory
Lorig. of St. Joseph's academy.
"Aloha," by St Joseph's orchestra.
A paper, "San Franciscan de los
Tehas" and "San Juan Capistrano"
missions, by Gladys Booth, of the Vilas
Chorus. "Texas Land," by Alta Vista
EPhool chorus.
Reading, "Mission of San Jose," by
Frances Clayton, of the San Jacinto
Selections from the "Merry "Widow,"
by St. Joseph's orchestra.
Reading, -"The Conception Mission,
by Marion Howe, of the Sunset school.
Chorus, rexas- inxie, ay ino .urn
Vista chorus.
A paper on "The San Xavier Mis
sion," by Lois Maetze, of the Bailey
"With the Crowd," by orchestra.
A paper on "The Alamo Mission," by
Mary Kelly, of St Joseph's academy.
Mary gave a reading after the paper",
entitled "The Ranger's Story of the
Alamo," which exemplified the paper.
After the program was completed a
rising vote of thanks was given Mrs.
Kelly and the young people for the
unique and Interesting program. The
hostesses for the afternoon were: Mrs.
C. E. Kelly, chairman: Mesdames Ken
neth Brown. G. H. Higgins, Park Pit
man. Eunice Pavne, R. E. Thomason.
R. Pickens and Frank Coles. Refresh
ments were served by the hostesses.
Rehearsals have been started for the
faductlon of "A Social Highwayman"
Ta number of-local young-people, for
e benefit of the babies in the day
nursery conducted by the Sunshine
society. The performance will be giv
en shortly before Christmas in the El
Paso theater. Clyde Armstrong is di
recting the production. Gunther Les
slng will take the hero's part, and the
leading lady" will be Miss Buelah
To Have Smooth, White,
Soft Skin AH Winter
(From The Woman Beautiful.)
Does your skin chap or roughen
easily in this weather, or become un
duly red or blotchy? Let me tell you a
quick, easy way to overcome the trou
ble and keep your complexion beauti
fully white, smooth and soft the win
ter long. Just get an ounce of ordi
nary mereolised wax at the nearest
drugstore and use a little before re
tiring, as you would cold cream. Upon
arising, remove the coating with sudsy
water. The wax, through some pecu
liar attribute, flecks off the rough, dis
colored or blemished skin. The worn
out cuticle comes off just like dandruff
on a diseased scalp, only In almost in
visible particles. Mercolized wax sim
ply hastens Nature's work. Used as
required, it keeps the face constantly
free from devitalized scarf skin and
only the healthy, young-looking skin
is In evidence. It's the best treatment
known for weatherbeaten, aged,
muddy, freckled, pimpled and all un
beautiful complexions.
Some skins wrinkle easily in winter.
There's an excellent remedy In a harm
less wash lotion made by dissolving
1 oz. powdered saxolite in 1-2 pint
witch hazeL This will quickly eradi
cate every line Advertisement.
This Is honest advice for you who
are rundown and sick don't dope
with alcoholic "tonics." We're backing
this advice with our personal guar
antee of satisfaction to you, or your
money back.
There are a lot of so-called "tonics"
on the market that do ndt depend
for their short-lived popularity on any
real merit they possess, but upon the
fact that the alcohol in most of them
and the dangerous or habit-forming
drugs in some of them give a few mo
ments' exhilaration and liveliness af
ter a dose is taken. After a while,
even this effect ceases to take place.'
and the unfortunate patient, -worse off
than before, turns for relief to some
thing else.
Don't dope yourself with such stuff.
Take real medicine that will do you
real good, that will supply to your
system the strengthening, disease-relieving
and- disease-resistlnir ingredi
ents it needs. Take Rexall Olive Oil
Emulsion, and get well and keep well.
It is a real blood and nerve-food med
icine. It contains no alcohol nor any
other dangerous or habit-forming
drugs, but is made entirely from in
gredients needed to build up the
strength and health of tho ailing.
You who are weak and run-down,
and you who are apparently well now,
; but are liable to suffer from various
cold weather ailments, use Rexall Olive
Oil Emulsion to get and keep well and
strong. For the tired-out, run-down,
nervous, emaciated or debilitated the
convalescing growing children aged
' -people it is a sensible aid to renewed
strength, better spirits, -glowing health.
Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion king of
the celebrated Rexall Remedies is for
freedom from sickness of you a.nd
your family. 'Pleasant-tasting unlike
the cod liver oil nrenaratinns ymi'II
be as enthusiastic about it ss we are
when you have noted its strengthen
ing, invigorating, building-up, disease
preventing effects. If it does not help
you, your money will be given back
to you without argument. Sold in this
community only at our store The
Rexall Store one of -more than 7000
leading drug stores In the United
Ptarew Canada and Creat Britain Kel
lv & Forard People's Di ug Store V?
jn ritonio St., El Paso, Tex. Adver- '
. v
Musical by Misses Ruth Mc- :
Curdy and Walker McCIellan.
J Wednesday.
Musical program at Chamber of
Commerce by music department
of Woman's club.
The "Social club" of St. Clem-
ent's Episcopal church enter- ;
"Ground Breaking" for new ;
First Methodist Episcopal church.
corner of Lee and Montana
; : v v
Daily Fashion Hints
EVENING frock for young girl of
"Fenille-de-Bose" satin and tulle.
The bodice is a blouson of em
broidered tulle, silk and beads, with
small sleeves finished by a ruching of
tulle. .
The belt is of draped tulle and a huge
butterfly bow fastens it at the middla
The tunic of embroidered tulle makes
a long point in. the middle front, tight
ened in a. beaded tassel and, gives on
either side, high flounces of plain tulle,
finished by ruching.
The skirt developed In satin is drawn
up at the center front.
A bunch of silk flowers at the girdle
t gives this charming and simple frock
Brown. Among others who will have
prominent parts will be Charles Arm
strong, Charles A. Brann. Dr. Frank
Hughes. Miss Isabel Springer. Mls3
Ruby Hadlock, Miss Catherine Cox and
Miss Vic Roy.
The music department of the Wom
an's club will give a program on Wed
nesday afternoon at the Chamber of
Commerce. The program is in charge
of Mrs W. T. Owen and will be an ex
cellent one. This will be the first
meeting of the Woman's club held In
the Chamber of Commerce.
Church Affairs
The G. O. C.'s of the First Methodist
Sunday school, and old members of
the class, -were entertained last evening
by Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Appleton at
their home, 1119 North St. Vraln.
.Hearts were made the keynote of the
decorations and games, in honor of
the bride elect of the class. Miss Ethel
Lewis, who is to be married this month.
A crepe paper bag hung over the door
was broken as Miss Lewis passed into
the dining room, showering her with
gifts in linen. Chocolate and Swedish
timbales were served at the close of a
merry evening. Those present were:
Misses Ethel Lewis, Minnie Beck, Lulu
Bethea, Jessie Chapin, LIna Collins.
VfTiis Shety, Foy Woods. Elizabeth
Roe, Lucille Magner, Ruth Marston,
Delia Kiefer, Vera Bretney, Jessie
King, Lorna Appleton. Phyllis and El
freda Eickman, Lois Bonney; Dr. Doris
Bowlby, Mrs. Lillie Howard, Mrs. W.
E. DSwson.
Tonight Misses Walker McCIellan
and Ruth McCurdy will entertain their
friends at the First Christian church
with a musical, which will begin at 9
9f 4t 35-
St Clement's Social club will enter
tain on Wednesday night at Kendrick
hall at 8 oclock.
Mrs. A. H. Anderson and daughter,
Mrs. W: R. Schutz, will give a "silver
tea" for the eastern division of the
First Presbyterian church of this city
on Thursday afternoon, December 11,
at Mrs. Shutz's home, 3207 Hueco
The missionary society of Trinity
Methodist church is meeting thlB af
ternoon in the church parlors
There will be a union meeting of the
El Paso association of missionary so
cieties at the First Baptist church, on
Tuesday, December 16.
Lieut. W. W. West. Jr., of the 13tii
cavalry, will leave El Paso soon for
Fort Riley, Kans., where he will bo
married to Miss O. Rumbough, an
army girl, whose father was the late
CoL David J. Rumbnnirh. nf tho -fio
L field artillery.
Miss Hazel F. Wilbank and Thomas
Tate Tunstall, jr.. were married Mon
day afternoon by Rev. Henry Easter.
at the home of the bride in Altura
Park. The bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Wilbank. The
groom is connected with the E. P. & S.
W. railway. He is the son of Thos. Tate
Tunstall, a former consul of the United
States at Cadiz. Spain. Mr. Tunstall.
sr., is over 90 years old, but is exceed
ingly active and hearty. He, was pres
ent at his son's wedding.
Only the families of the couple were
piesent at the ceremony. A daintily
arrtrcu wwuing supper loiiowed the
event. The young people will make
their home in El Paso.
& -r1
John W. Sutton, of e'i Paso, and Mrs.
Mary A. Spink, of Oakland, Calif, were
married on Monday afternoon at 2
oclock at the parsonage of Trinity
Methodist church. Re C. Weiley
Wehdtll. raptor of Trimt presided.
They will irake this citv thfir home.
groom being a railroad emtloye.
t : :
The members of the B'nai B'rith en
tertained with a dance at the Fra
ternal Brotherhood hall on Sunday
night. This was one of a series which
will be given by the order during the
winter. Punch was served during the
evening and about 60 couples were
present and spent the time delightfully
in dancing.
Mrs. C. T. Bailey, of Government Hill,
entertained on Monday night with a
one-step party for a number of pupils
and friends. The house was decorated
with bowls of violets. A four piece or
chestra furnished music and at 11
oolock a six course luncheon was
Those present were: Misses Dora
Harris, Margaret Redmond, Hattie El
lison, Nannie Lane, Helen Mitchell,
Emily Wright, Kate Murray, Ellen
Burman, Evelyn Carter, Ruth Moore;
Messrs. Harry Stewart, Gus Mitchell,
George Davis, Paul Dietz. Frank Elli
son, Bob Adams, Frank Turner, Will
Glen, James Russell, Mr. and Mrs. G. T.
Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Shea.
El Pasoans Away
Mrs. J. J. Lon swell has gone to San
Antonio, Tex., on account of ill health.
Miss Isabel Martin and brother, Rob
ert Martin, are enjoying a trip to
Frank Rives has gone to his home
in Mansfield, La., where he will spend
the Christmas holidays with relatives.
Frank R. Tobln left Monday after
noon for St. Louis, because of the ill
ness of his father. Col.. John D. Tobln.
Mr. Tobin was accompanied by his
son. Jack, and they will probably spend
Christmas in St. Louis.
Bill Caples left Monday afternoon
for Los Angles, where his mother and
sister are spending the winter.
Oat Of Town Visitors
Frank Hitchcock, former postmaster
general, passed through El Paso Sun
day evening en route to the west. He
did not stop. off in El Paso, but tele
phoned to a number of his friends.
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Cowan will arrive
on Thursday from Los Angeles, Cat,
and spend the Christmas holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Sims, at their home
1011 Nevada street.
J. T. Burns, of Memphis, Tenn., Is
spending" a short time in El Paso. He
Is connected with the mechanical de
partment of the Memphis News Scimitar.
Pure Wholesome Reliable .
Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority
unquestioned. Its use is a protection
against alum food. In buying baking
powder examine the label carefully
and be sure the powder is made from
cream of tartar. Other kinds do not
make the food healthful.
Of! DPC 10 W TTinVA t Ally tiaW lnaffnn
Grocery, and the reduced prices cease. For the first time in the 17 years
history of the El Paso Piano Co., has a new EVERETT FISCHER. HAR
have "ways sWcUyTdher'to! " " letimate """ whlch we
tZnit nil" tvailA Tolr "i-WU" TJDTnrwi .....3 rnTTim - .. . .. -
B ;wl 1 . v..u j.juv-u
I the same to an inexperienced as well
B quality. El Pasoans now know when
Paso, advertises a. reduced price, that it means a "GENUINE" reduction.
Our regular line of Pianos, included in this sale, consist of goods that have
proven reliable. We aim to handle only standard makes, such as will build
a future for our business, as we are here to STAY. We expect to sell to
your friends through your recommendation.
Reasonable Monthly Payments Old Pianos Taken in Exchange.
IJiano 1 umng and Repairing a Specialty. Work Guaranteed.
W. R. SCHU1Z, Proprietor
Cor. Myrtle and Campbell Sts. Opposite EIkh" Home.
El Pasoan3 Returning
Miss Meta Ormsbee has returned
from Nashville, Tenn., where she has
been visiting relatives and friends for
the past five months.
Miss Sybil Shedd will arrive in El
Paso from Los Angeles, where she is
taking a course in kindergarten work,
on Friday. .Miss Shedd will spend the
Christmas holidays with her parents
Mrs. O. H. Palm has returned from a
two months' visit in Rockdale and Aus
tin, Texas.
v .
Miss Mary White, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Z, T. White, will arrive on
Sunday, December 21, from New York,
where she has been attending Bennett
school. Miss White will spend the
Christmas vacation with her parents
Mrs. A. W. Foster and Mrs. J. S. Ca
pron will entertain on Friday after
noon with a bridge party at the resi
dence of Mrs. Capron at the smelter.
The ladles of St. Clement's Episcopal
church will hold their annual Bazaar
and turkey dinner Thursday. Dec 11,
at the old Calisher Bldg., 109 North
Stanton. Dinner served promptly for
50c from 11:30 till 2. Advertisement.
Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. S. Artesian wa
ter underlies Phoenix. The first ar
tesian well in the ibalt" river valley has
been drilled from the basement of the
Hotel Adams, right in the center of tha
city, and is now flowing a stream of
about five inches.
The hotel company contracted for the
sinking of a deep well without a sus
picion that artesian water would be
I struck. When the casing was down I
400 feet the water rose and overflowed
1X1L4J LUZ UUOCUlCJlb. .11 is ul-jiccu fcliab
it would have arisen to the street line
had the casing extended that far.
Deeper wells have been sunk in the
valley, but artesian water was never
before encountered. It is now possible
that the city of Phoenix will put dovn
several wells in search of an artesian
supply for municipal purposes.
The ordinary cost of a Want Ad in
The El Paso Herald Is 25 cents. It
reaches an average of about 85,000
readers each issue.
Gen. W. L. Marshall, consulting en
gineer to the secretary of the interior,
and supervising engineer L. C. Hill,
will leave El Paso Tuesday evening
for Phoenix, Ariz. After spending a
short time there, they will proceed
to Yuma, Ariz, where both will serve
on a board involving questions pertain
ing to the protection of the Colorado
river's banks from erosion by the cur
rent. The engineers' board upon
which both served in El Paso concluded
its meetings, with the inspection of the
Elephant Butte Dam, and the reports,
with the recommendation of the en
gineers have been sent in to the re
clamation commission at Washington,
D. C.
Removal Sale
is rapidly nearing a close.
Only a Few Days Remain
A rrA. n . t i a . . .
auu iai price me lowest possible.
as to the most expert judge of piano
this, the "OlilAst tj?, tto i tti
Attorney General Suggests
President Be Given
Washington, D. C, Dec 3. Federal
judges, with the exception of supreme
court justiees, who refuse to retire un
der the' provisions of the law permit
ting them to do so should be removed by
the president. Federal judges hold of
fice during good behavior, but may re
tire at 79 after 16 years service.
1 This is a feature of the recommenda
tions made by attorney general Mc
Reynolds, in his report to congress to
day. "I suggest," says the attorney gen
eral, "an act providing that when any
judge below the supreme court fails
to avail himself of the privilege of
retiring now granted by law, that the
president be required, with the advice
and consent of the senate, to appoint
another judge, who shall preside over
the affairs of the court and have pre
cedence over the older one. This will
insure at all times the presence of a
Judge sufficiently active to discharge
promptly and adequately the duties of
the court."
Mr. McReynolds suggests that clerks
o United States courts should be ap
pointed for specified terms and sub
ject to removal by the president for
cause and asks that provision be made
for a reTiew by the supreme court of
the now final decisions of the court
of customs appeal, on application only
by the government. He approves the
bill introduced by representative Clay
ton giving the supreme court power
to promulgate rules for trials on the
law side of federal courts. He re
minds congress' also of needs of
changes in his office and an increase
In the salaries paid. He terms the
present salaries "moderate for the
character and amount of work to be
Silent on Anil Truftt Prosrram.
On an anti trust legislative program
Snow Drift, better than lard
4 Ife pails 55c; 10 lb pails .$1.35
Fancy Calif. Red Grapes, per lb r J 5c
Fancy Black Twig Apples, 4 lbs. 25c; box. .$2.00
Fancy Late Hawe Cranberries, 2 qts 25c
20 lbs. Best Granulated Sugar $1.00
Blue Ribbon Butter, per lb 40c; 2 lbs .:. .75c
Large Fancy Bananas, per doz 20c
Fresh Vegetables
Home Dressed Hens
Grocery Dept.
Meat Dept. .
lyster's C.O.D. Grocery Co.
Cor. Boulevard and Kansas
LvJeiIv,t fijat &$f9TaTTaTsiiV& lili fgfI
We Have Moved to
108 Texas Street
where we have equipped the finest Op
tical Establishment in the Southwest.
This includes examination, lens grinding
and wholesale departments.
El Paso Optical
Company, Inc.
Established 1901.
-.jjjl 108 TEXAS STREET MBeWHi
K2 3Z5TSZ7 2H
At Reasonable Prices.
Roses, Carnations, Other Flowers in Season and Out
of Season. Pot Plants for All Purposes.
Christmas Decorations.
Funeral Designs. $
EI Paso Nursery Company, Inc.
106 N. Stanton St.
the attorney general was silent. He
asked congress for no amendment to
the Sherman act, the rod his depart
ment uses to bring trusts to terms,
and he points out no fault in its oper
ation. President Wilson, however. Intends
to send a special message on the trust
question to congress in the near fu
ture, and that undoubtedly will em
body some of the attorney general's
Attorney general McReynolds made
it clear, however, that so long as he
was head of the department he would
oppose court decrees in antitrust suits
where the combination was dissolved
into parts under the control of the
same stockholders. That plan, adopted
in the Standard Oil and tobacco cases,
he calls a "fundamental defect" and
later adds in the same connection "my
fixed purpose is to oppose any plan of
dissolution whieh would leave the sep
arate parts of the unlfcw'ul combina
tion unHer the control of the same
set of men."
Coming to a reTiew of the events
with which his department has been
concerned for the fiscal year, tho at
torney general shows that when he
took office 52 eases were pending un
der the Sherman law, and that since
March 4, eight cases have been begun.
Investigations of complaints that the
law has been violated pour into the
department by the score each month,
and come from all parts of the coun
try. Investigations Curb Corporations.
'In many instances." the report
reads, "the investigation has failed to
disclose facts which would justify the .
institution of formal proceedings, Dut
notice of the activity of the govern
ment has impelled officers of large
and industrial corporations to curtail
dangerous tendencies. The bureau of
Investigation has looked into thous
ands of cases of all kinds, those con
cerning violations of the Sherman law
and the national banking ?ict averag
ing, together more than 59 a month.
Through the bureau of investigations
and a corps of local white slave offi
cers, the department, the attorney gen
eral says, has vigorously carried on
the work of prosecution of offenders
and has helped suppress the traffic.
Out of the $475,000 allotod for the de
tection and prosecution of crime $175,
09 has been set aside for that work
and the attorney general concludes
"the department feels that very ma
terial progress has been made, par
ticularly during the past year, in sup
pressing the most vicious features of
this traffic."
of All Kinds.
and Fryers Daily.
Washington. D. C Dec. . The su
preme court dismissed Monday the ap
peal of prince de Beam from the de
cision of the Maryland courts, which
held that his railroad bonds in Balti
more must be sold to satisfy the claims
of Parisian jewelers. The jewelery
was sold to the prince on hid departure
for America in 1905 to marry the
daughter of Ross K. Winans, of Balti
more. The appeal of the prince from
decisions that part of the proceeds
of the bond sale should be used to re
pay money borrowed from his brothers
also was dismissed.
St. Louis, Mo, Oec 9. Railroads of
' United States are sufferers and not
gainers by the increased cost of Hving.
according to president B. F. Bush, of
the Missouri Pacific railroad in an ad
dress before tha Pennsylvania Railroad
society of St. Louis.
"Our wage scale has constantly ad
vanced," he said, "and so have prices
for the materials and supplies we need.
Yet. it has been some time since we re
ceived any general rate increase 'while
we have been subjected to many re
ductions." Jhis
The Can
that holds tho finest syrup
you've ever mouthed. There's
no just-as -good ia flavor or
quality. It's always the asrae.
ought to be on your table to
spread on biscuits -waffles and
mnffins. Try it on batter cakes
and you'll say, 4Tnaf s fine
you can't help it. Red and
green cans your grocer'a. .
PENICK & FORD, Ltd.; -New
Orleans f
Send for
booklet of
candy recipes.
' WO yean ago a teacher of
a eJasx nf IP. orrlr .
a - QU. ..t LL
Sunday School opened a savmgs
account for each member of her
Last Christmas she gave to
each girl a certificate of deposit
to add to her account. She ivas
delighted to find that in every
instance the accounts had grown
materially and that the girls all
fell that she had given them the
best Christmas gift they had ever
Sunday school teachers and
employers isUl find in Texas
Bank o" Trust Company savings
accounts a most acceptable so
lution of the gift problem.
Accounts opened for from
$1.00 up.
We Pay 4 On
Bank & Trust "Coii
Just Below Pastoffice.
Pure Rich Milk
Look for th
Red Neck Bottle
Cut Price Grocery
& Meat Market
Phone 1571 ana 1572.
403 Wyomlne St.
rTEATTn J- PTTTmivn .
109 North Campbell St. Phone VSQ
WVWMU4 iVurjt. a .specialty.
Onr Service Is Prompt
HoneyTTell Hot "Water Heatlnir
.. opcUOK.
Dec. lets and Hth. Mat. Wed.
Ed. W. Rowland, Jr.. (Inc.) Offers
The Great New York, Chicago and
Boston Success
By Edward E. Rose.
Like the Poem and Song it will
live forever. The most beautiful
settings ever seen on any ntagr.
Large Company ct Exceptional
Prices Xlgnt, 3e, 73c, ?1 & $1.80.
Matlnf. 2X4. xib- 9-t an
Seats oh sale at Ryan's drntr st
EI. T4:r TnsiTBi
FrL, Sat. & San. Matinee Saturday.
0 People 80
Cast and Beauty
Chorus Beyond
Our oivn orchestra
"Hat. 25c to St.30
Nigbt. 30c to $2.00
Vte. v" I M B
'""fc"; B

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