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j Oaf Of Town Visitors
Mrs. Hugo C. Meyer and llttl
daughter, Walde, are here from Albu
querque visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. H
Thorne of this city. They will remair
during the holidays.
Dr. Carlos Husk, of Mexico, whn h"1
been attending the surgical congress
in Chicago and h.s been visiting in the
east, has returned to Bl Paso.
The New Social Dances:
w -c -d nnlnn ontprtalnRfl recently
with two tables of bridge and a
luncheon. The tables were decorated
in red carnations and place cards. The
flowers attached were tied with red
and green Christmas colors. Silver
candelabra with red candles were dec
orative and ferns were effectively
used. Those present were: Mesdames
R. B. Homan, D. Baker Smith, J. G.
Barada, A. R. Klein, T. J. Stafford TV.
E. Miller, P. B. Gulnn. Mrs. D. Baker
Smith won the prize.
The "Bridge-it" club will meet on
Saturday night at the home of JHlSs
Constance Pateman.
By Mile. Anna Pavlowa
By patronizing Wisteria Cafe, yoi
pass up the Chinks. Get the habit
Patronize white people. Advertisement.
The Figures in the Ga
votte Are Very Much
Like Ihose in the
Stately Minuet
(This in Me ef a series of articles
especially written for The El Paso Her
ald by Mile. Abu PhvIowh, the greatest
llrlns premiere daaseHSe, ttbo has
lioicd -with her daneiBg partner, Lbtt
rrati XevUceff, far eaefa figure. The
ilaneei te he explained sad illHstrafed
are those bow la vOgae In society ball.
The Private DInlnff Rooms at tha
Zeiger are now open; entrance through
Main Street side of Hotel. Advertise
Scott White's Christmas Catnlog.
w. Vnrt-wr avawhrtilr Is in a. hUrrv
now, so, to assist yqu as much as pos
sible, we nresent below our Christmas
catalog:- .-
12 Wednesday, Dec. 17, 1913
' ' " ! - Ml --.. I. .,.11 - l.. ..-. . . . , , , ,, j J
Daily Fashion Hint
The Gavotte: Lesson 2 ' fri .-"1
The Full-Armed Salute and the Forward rlSiK
Flourish jfff'f- m'7mm$mt
-;- rw r--r
it S a daace of the minuet type, the
f- Russian gavotte reflects not
only the slow, measured spirit
characteristic Of that daace, but U eon
tains also some figures and poses
closely identified with it. Salutations
are quite as much a factor In the Rus
sian gavotte as of the minuet.
In the preceding- article we explained
that for purposes of Illustration and
inasmuch as the positions of both the
man ana tne woman are approximately
the same in this dance I have .posed
wnnout my partner.
The pose4 herein explained are the
third ahd fourth in the Russian ga
votte. The third is the full-armed sa
lute, recovering from pose two (covered
in the previous article). As Is revealed
In figure A, the full'-armed salute de
mands a bearing and a finish that can
not be gained in a few minutes' prac
tice. -Even where the dancer is more
or less etwrt in the saftnl.FB.ncv figures
used in the' tango or hesitation waltz
there is required a deal of wore before
the essential grace can be mastered.
Relaxation is, perhaps, one of the
principal things to cultivate, for with
relaxation there oemes repose, which is
the basis of all grace. The full-armed
salute calls for the weijckt of the body
to be carried on the left leg, while the
toe of the right foot Is pointed. The
arms, as herein shown, are carried a
bit behind the body and the head turned
to one side.
The forward flourish is a poee In
which the qualities of airiness rfiSst he
displayed. There should be no slump
ing of the body in this figure; no heavy
movement of the arms or leers. Buoy
ancy must be denoted te the last detail
evea In the expression of the face, and
the man. especially, will do Well to cul
tivate these qualities.
Passing from the fall-armed salute
to the forward flourish must be ac
complished with dignity and deliberate
movement, but with tile swinging Into
position in this latter fifture Both part
ners will do wall to summon all their
Bnrineiness and vivacity for the finish.
which makes thte poee so effective.
uopyrjgai, i7i, y iuq jKnjture .ntsna
paper Syndicate.
itiiaiii 'SL: :: "-' Mmwmmfmmi:-:m mmsmmmmm
i'- SDHBllKS :L: , -:mm IBHpPT lllras'f vi; 11100
-v, ' UK T-i.SSr' . u-r . A H. Sffi3 VBE3 (?' 3B.Hir -kT4 .. -:? 'WSKv - Z SagBK.otft..A?s. . . S,V?K: &KSHBMQ(aUBIiaiHF;K2Ki
JM'nmfiflib swiff i-RlHfc -(iHim IHaSr
BSSSiSsMH. .9-iT'- w?JS:sii
I iji i i ill lii jiuw tin vc..J.JfKs&sUj JZjimem2JM&t& 3&. &&&?&&&& I W'gaflaaiMaSateyr'Jt- wvA,-vw wv'-vvoJ--w---KSSSSSB
"IM" - I li 4 i- . . .. . . j
' ' ' ' '
Safey razors
Shaving sets
Shaving mirrors
Military brushes
.Focifet cigar cases
Tie racks
Fountain pens
Icy-Hot bottles
Leather collar bags
T Bridge whist sets
Christmas stationery
Hand bags
Parisian Ivory novelties
work baskets
Charch Affairs
The city B. T. P. U. will hold Its
regular monthly meeting at the First
Baptist churck on Friday evening at 8
o'clock, at which time the annual elec
tion of officers will be held.
A combined literary and social meet
ing of the woman's missionary society
of Trinity Methodist church was held
In the church parlors on Tuesday after
noon. Mrs. 1. J. Ayers presided. A
blackboard scripture lesson was given
by Mrs. R. T. 'Wood. The Lord's prayer
was repeated In concert. Mrs. J. Mack
Crawford gavs a paper on the "Women
of Old Testament Times." Mrs. G. I.
Jones told a beautiful Christmas story.
Misses Irene and Lllla Gaylord ren
dered a duet very pleasingly and the
literary program was closed with sen
tence prayers. A social hour was en
joyed, given in honor of Mrs. P. C
Archer of Chicago, sister of the Mrs. C.
Weeler WebdelL Sarin;? flowers dec
orated the parlor and were presented
to the guest of honor at the close of
the hour. Mrs. Mary Webb received the
guests at the door; Mrs. C T. Race
poured coffee, and the hoelesses for
the day were Mrs. Wood and Mrs. I. J.
Ayers. Those present -were reBJaded
of the approach of Christmas when
they were served plum pudding and
The Aseooiatlonal auxiliary of the
Baptist churches of Bl Paeo gave a
Jubilate" program on Tuesday after
noon at the First Baptisv church. The
scripture lesson was given by Mrs. C.
V. Jackson; prayer was offered by Mrs.
J. F. Williams. "The History of the
Woman's Missionary Union" was given
by Mrs. S- Harris; Mrs. M. I Griffith's
paper was on "Our Spiritual Needs;"
"Ijooking Forward to the Future of the
Woman's Missionary Union" was read
by Mrs. H. E. Harris; "Our Duty to the
City, and How to Fulfill It" was given
by Mrs. W. F. Hatchey. A discussion
on "personal service" then followed,
and wa led by Mrs. Stanley Bevan.
Miss Mamie Clark sang a hymn. "Just
a j-iiiue uit or. Jove." Mrs. A. J. Rose,
the president, presided. Mrs. J. H.
Myers is secretary and took the min
utes of the meeting.
"Views of the Holy Ind were shown
to the Presbyterian and Trinity church
men Tuesday evening at the First Pres
byterian church by Rev. Kenneth
Conducted by
Telephones.-2020.or 2040, day;
and 345, alsht.
& Thursday. &
& Silent Twelve club meets,
Order of Eastern Star has
& social-meeting. &
& Mrs. Frank Simmons enter- &
& tains with luncheon. -O-
Brown, of the East El Paso Presby
terian church, and Rev. C L. OTer
street, of the First Presbyterian
churoh. It was the regular' monthly
meeting of the Presbyterian Men's
club, to which the Trinity Methodist
men had been invited. The slides were
made in the places of Biblical Interest
in the Holy Land by the two ministers,
who explained them as they were
shown. The Presbyterian club decided
to send a Navajo rug as a present to
Mrs. William Ellis, wife of the editor
of "The Field of the Continent," a
Presbyterian publication. Mr. Ellis
spoke before the club recently.
Misses Irene and Lilla Gaylord. and
Messrs. M. H. Barrough and Clint Bal
lard, assisted by a male quartet, gave
an enjoyable musical at the Calvary
Houston Square Baptist church ,on
Tuesday night
El Pasoans Returning
About El Pasoans
Harry Ponsford, of El Paso, who is
attending Columbia university, in New
York city, will arrive on Saturday to
spend the Christmas holidays with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Ponsford.
Guy Hammett Davis, of El Paso, who
Is attending the Thatcher school, la
Nordhoff, Calif., will return home oa
Saturday to spend the Christmas holi
days with his mother, Mrs. Benjamin
Lewis Farrar, and Mr. JFarrar.
Ray Peyton has returned from Lex
ington, Ky.
Dr. X C. Olden and family have re- 1 various'
lurnea to isi Paso rrom Dona Ana, N. If we dress your hair. Elite Parlors.
31 and will make their home here. 216 Texas Ft. Advertlsement.
J. X. Strand, who has -been attached
to the local Immigration service, has
been transferred to San Francisco.
James Magoffin is very. Ill at Hotel
Mr. .and Mrs. G. M. Cromble and
daughter. Miss Sue, and Mr. and Mrs.
jHarris Walthall, have moved from 91S
Montana street to 1319 Montana street.
James Magoffin, son of judge Joseph
Magoffin, was operated on at a local
hospital Monday night and his condi
tion was considered serious for a short
time, but he is reported to be much im
proved. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lew Vldel, jr
a son.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Beavelle will move
this week Into their new home at 2705
Boulevard. This was recently com
pleted by the Mayfleld Building and
Improvement company at a cost of
J 4 885. The house contains five rooms,
has a mission finish interior with the
builtin features and is constructed of
yellow brick. The house is built on
two lots.
D. K McKall i3 ill at his home. 1401
Myrtle avenae. Mr. MsNall Is threat
ened with pneumonia.
Essentially a motor coat, warm, light
In weight, and smart for town wear, of
"Bols" (wood) velours de lalne, or of
tne soft vicuna cloth. Cut in kimono
shape the fullness is tightened at the
back at the height of the hips, by
broad stitched plaits and at the front,
the bottom, fully nlain. Is stitched over
the higher part gathered at half length.
A broad band or martre (martin) trims
the neck and the cuffs. Lined with
satin throughout (Photo by Felix,
Paris Supplied by International News
Bure Rich Milk
Look for the
;, Red Neck Bottle
t PHONE 402
Sewing sets
Manicure sets
Toilet sets
Travelers' cases
Card and vanity cases
Fine perfumes
Toilet waters
Infants' toilet sets
Ansco cameras
Fine cutlery
In considering these items, remember
that nowhere In Bl Paso will you find
better qualities or lower prices.
Scott White Co, Mills Bldg.
51.00 REGULAR DINNER 51.00
Christmas Specials
Sterling Silver
Regular BOc Values.
22S San Antonio St.
pfl Iff
1 Enclose i
ft! A :
Picture I
$3 S
You want to look your best at the
s'Chnstmas festivities. You will.
Eat less meat If you feel Backachy or
Bladder treablcN yea Salts is
ftae for Kidneys.
Meat forms uric acid which excites
and overworks the kidneys in their ef
forts to filter it from the system.
Regular eaters of meat must flush the
kidneys occasionally. You must relieve
them like you relieve your bowels; re
moving all the acids, wato and poison,
else you feel a dull misery In the kid
ney region, sharp pains in the back or
sick headache, dizziness, your stomach
sours, tongue is coated, and wiien the
weather is bad you have rheumatic
twinges. The urine Is cloudy, full of
sediment; the channels often get Ir
ritated, obliging you to get up two or
three times during the night.
To neutralize these Irritating acids
and flush off the body's urinous waste
get about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any pharmacy; take a tablespoonful
in a glass of water before breakfast
for a few dj.ys and your kidneys will
then act flue and bladder disorders dis
appear. This famous salts is made from
the acid of grapes and lemon juice,
combined with lithia, and has been used
for generations to clean and stimulate
sluggish kidneys and stop bladder ir
ritation. Jad Salts is inexpensive;
harmless and .makes a delightful effer
vescent lithia-water drink which mil
lions of men and women take now and
then thus avoiding serious kidnev and
bladder diseases. Advertisement
Miss Elizabeth Garrett assisted bv
Miss Virginia L. Bean, Mrs. Gertrude
Ellis Moore and Mrs. V. L. Bean, gave
an excellent program In recital under
the auspices of the Woman's club at
the chamber of commerce on Tuesday
night Miss Garrett is, as she says, "A
New Mexican by birth, but an El Pa
soan at heart" She lived In this city
several years ago and has always been
a favorite with the music loving pub
lic. Miss Garrett who is blind, has
wonderful technique and a touch which
is thoroughly musical. Her voice Is
clear, sweet and sympathetic, with a
splendid range. She plays her own ac
companiments and composes beauti
fully, several numbers of which she
gave in her program of Tuesday night
Her first numbers were a group of
songs, "Fulfilment" "Charity" and
"The Pine"; the first two were by Mc
Dermld and the last by Woodman. Miss
Bean gave, as her first violin num
ber, "Adagio," by Franz Ries, and was
accompanied by her mother, Mrs. V. L.
Bean. She gave as her encore number
"Serenade de Badlne." The next group
of songs by Miss Garrett were her own
compositions. "Now the Summer's
Ended." "Rain Drops" and "Christmas
Bells." Before Miss Garrett nlavd
these numbers, she announced that they
had been written especially for chil
dren and that In composing .for them
.i.c uuuc me accompaniments as real
istic as possible. These were all beau
tiful, and the "Rain Drops" particular
ly realistic The "Mesllla Valley Songs "
by Miss Garrett were very good and
he has written the refrain in Spanish
Mrs. Gertrude Ellis Moore played "Ro
mance," by Grunfeld, and responded
with an" encore, "Marche Mignon." bv
PoM,.n,L Miss Garrett's next number
was "Sunlight" by Harriet Ware Miss
Bean played "Tzlganze." by Gabriel
Marie and her encore number was
effM Mlod,e?:' ty William Wad
dell ,elson. Miss Garrett's last num
ber, a group of old favorite songs, were
?" La,ur" "The Mocking Bird"
and 'Bonnie Doone." Miss Gan-ett re-
Smany t,mes thrSh the pro
hlf. T.Uh encores, among the numbers
Ro?s" another of her compo!
sltions. Miss Bean. Mrs. Moore and
Mrs. Bean are well known musicians of
fuUes1 aFe jUWayS enj0yed l ''
-5i j
Re. V. S. Pit. 05.'
Nft Jie-a-beds to call and call when Aunt
Jemima's pancakes are on the table.
Aunt Jemima's that's enough. They
know that Aunt Jemimas means the
dandiest hot cakes ever. And they'll
all be down in time to get those
delicious, tempting cakes as they
come hot from the griddle.
There's nothing that's .more wel-
come, opreaa tnicK witn good,
Fi-cV TinfTf onrt lore nt nmm
Aunt Jemima's are simply great
And they re just a minutes
work. Have 'em to-morrow.
You can't give the folks
anything they like
At yoHr grocer's in.
the bright red package.
And savo the top it's
good f or ose of the funny
Aunt iendas Rag DoHj.
For Sale by all grocers, or from
either of our retail stores
of yourself in
each package
to your friends.
Nothing would
please them
better. We have
plenty of good
help and can
get your work
out in a few
228 Mesa
You Know the quality
We Perfect Remove Correct
Unshapely Noses. Outstanding
Bars. Drooping Byellds, Hollow
Cheeks. Baggy Skin.
Pimples and Blackheads. "Wrinkles
and Scars, Smallpox Fittings,
Warts, and Moles, Freckles, Su
perfluous Hair. Birth Marka.
Frowns and Furrows, Enlarged
Pores Double Chin. Sallow Skin.
Red Nose.
Face Specialist of Chicajro
Room 303 Herald Buildlas
El Paso, Tex.
Pure Milk Clean Milk
Nothing added, nothing takes
away, just as it eomea from the
eow it goes to the consumer. The
cleanest dairy in Texas. Every
bottle sterilised before filling.
EI Paso Dairy Company
Dress Well At
216 San Antonio St
Sole Agents for W. L. DoBglas Union
Made Shoes.

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