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Thursday, Dec. 18, 1913
j Women's Organizations
Thn finrrant Events and Literature
department of the woman's club met
on Wednesday afternoon at the cham
ber of commerce. The meeting was in
charge of the chairman. Mrs. W. b.
Valentine. Mrs. D. L. Mundy was in
charge of the "Current Events." la
the absence of Mrs. A. K. Loomis, who
was to have given an account of the
meeting of the department att Corpus
Christ!, Tex.. Mrs. Averili read the re
port Mrs. S. J. Fennel gave a paper
on "Drama in Education" and this was
followed by a talk by Mrs. J. L.
Dwyer on Mary Antin, the author ot
the book. "The Promised Land," which
gives an appreciative account of the
public schools of -the United States, to
which Mrs. Antin refers as "The
Promised Land." Mrs. Olga Kohlberg
gave a supplementary talk on the
same subject Mrs. J. F. Miller gave
a reading on "The Little Red Hen and
the Hign Price of Eggs." which was
amusing. Mrs. Claude Berry spoke on
"The educational situation in Chicago
as regards Ella Flagg Young." Mrs.
W. W. Evans gave a delightful vocal
solo and papers were given as follows:
"Bernard Shaw's estimate bf Eugene
Brleux." by Mrs. Berry; "What Brieux
alms to teach in his plays," Mrs.
Charles Stevens.
The El Paso branch of the Interna
tional Sunshine society will give & so
ciety play, "The Social Highwayman."
at the El Paso theater Saturday night.
December 20. This is under the direc
tion of -Clyde Armstrong and Is the
play made famous by James K. Haek
ett The 20th infantry band, of 82
pieces, will furnish the music, and the
cast of characters follows:
Courtice Jeffrey, Gunther Leasing;
Elinor Burnham, Beulah Brown.
Remsen, a club man, Vernpn Lyman.
Kay. a club man. Oscar L. Bowen.
Destard. an artist Dr. Frank Hughes.
Merton Harley. Charles Brann.
Hanby a valet, Clyde Armstrong.
Duchess ef Clayborough, Isabel
Mrs. Tyle, Catherine Cox.
Dora, a maid, Rose Piatt.
Mr3. Dean, a spiritualist, Ruby Had
lock. Lelia Caprices, Miss Dorma Vicroy.
The patronesses for the play will be:
A Woman's Charm
Taaf Itmespkere of Daintiness Which
Makes a Woman Irresistible
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perfectly raw and bis
hair was all gone.
Everybody said he
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more hair. As the
sores spread his hr
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we had to keep
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PHONE 402 j
-m I I I m 1
Conducted by
Telephones 2020 or 2040, day;
and 245, nlsht
& O. B. S. has Christmas so- &
claL , ,
& Toltec club gives weekly
t dance.
. Friday.
Mr. andMrs- W. R. Bryan
entertain for their daughters.
& Terpsichorean club to pive &
Christmas dinner dance at Tol-
' tec club.
City B. T. P. TJ. meets.
Mesdames C N. Barney. M. Magruder,
A. P. Averill, H. C. Myles, W. L. Tooley,
W C. Davis, J. H. Nations, W. R
Brown, B. L. Farrar, J. J. Pearce. S. V.
Young. Wythe Greer and W. S. Tilton.
-V. .V.
The "S. S." club has postponed all
meetings Ttil after Christmas when
it will meet with Miss Martha Thur
mond at her home on North Bl Paso
The A. L. A. club, of Highland Park,
was entertained on Wednesday after
noon bv Mrs. W. S. Marlin. at her home
811 Aurora street The home was at
tractively decorated in Christmas col
ors. A guessing contest which was a
good geography lesson, was the am
usement of the afternoon. This was
arranged and compiled by the husband
of the hostess. Mrs. E. B. Elfers won
the prise and Mrs. Martha Ward was
awarded the "booby." The next meet
ing of the club will be held with Mrs.
Thomas A. Thurston, at her home, SIS
Lebanon street,
Miss Sue Lattner was hostess of the
Beta Beta club on Wednesday after
noon at her home.
This afternoon the Uinted Daughters
of the Confederacy are holding an im
portant meeting at 3:36 oclock at Trin
ity Methodist church. The state histo
rian's program Is being carried out by
Miss Octavia Barlow, who has recently
been elected to that office.
ElPasoans Returning
PresKleu- Bittick. who has been at
tending the Kentucky Military insti
tute at Lyndon. Ky., is expected home
on Friday morning, to spend the holi
days with, ihs parents.
Mrs. William J. Glasgow, formerly
Miss Josephine Magoffin, of this city,
will arrive from her home in Fort
Meyer, Va., on Friday, to attend the
funeral of her brother, James W. Ma
goffin. Miss Rose Stolaroff, who has been
attending the university at Austin.
Texas, will return home on Saturday
to spend the holidays with her parents,
Mr and Mrs. A. Stolaroff.
Dinners and Luncheons
A farewell dinner was given Tues
day night by the'nurses of Hotel Dleu
to Miss Mary Butler, graduate nurse,
who is leaving to make her home in
Bisbee, Ariz. Dinner was served in the
lecture room which was rendered beau
tiful with decorations of holly and
mistletoe. The table appointments
were also very attractive.
Mrs. Frank Simmons is entertaining
at luncheon today.
Lodges and Clubs
The Order of Eastern Star will hold
Us regular meeting tonight at the
rooms in the Masonic temple. A
Christmas social will arso be given in
connection with this.
Mabel Herbert timers Great Series
Married Lifers Troubles
They Buy a Corner China Closet and Helen Attempts to
Refinish It.
J ( "iTX. EAR, the china closet has come
and It's wonderful . . . Yes,
ust now the men just left
It fits In that Oh, what is the mat
ter with this phone!" and Helen sharp
ly shook the receiver hook. "Central!
Central, CAN'T you give me a better
But the wires were crossed and It
was several minutes before the buzzing
ceased and Warren's voice came clearly
in an impatient "Hello."
"Hello! Oh. it fits in that corner
perfectly not an inch to spare. And
there's no question about it being an
old one! If only it didn't have that
high polish! Dear, couldn't I rub it
down in some way? . . . No, no; that
would make it cost us more! No, I
want to do it myself If I only knew
what they use!" . . .
When Helen hurried back to the din
ing room Nora was up on the kitchen
stepladder chair wiping off the top
shelf of the new china closet
"Nora, Mr. Curtis says we'll spoil it
If we try to rub it down," regretfully.
"He says it takes a man who under
stands it"
But Nora, who could not see why any
one would prefer a dull finish to a nice
shiny one, was not sympathetic
It was an old Sheraton cabinet with
quaint diamond-paned doors, and Helen
was convinced that it was worth much
more than the seventy dollars she had
paid. She had bought it on the last
day of a "retiring from business sale"
shop, and so had to take it as it 'was,
with one small pane broken and that
hideous high polish.
How could any one so desecrate a
' beautiful old piece by varnishing it
up like that? The more she looked at
it the more that high polish grated
on her.
Arranging the China.
"Now, ma'am, the shelves are all
washed!' 'announced Nora.
Then came the fascinating work of
arranging the china. Underneath each
shelf Helen screwed a row of hooks
for the coffee, tea and bouillon cups.
The plates and meat platters she stood
up in the back.
It looked like an illusion in her book
of old English furniture, she thought
proudly, as she stood back to view it
Ever since they were married she had
wanted a china closet but she wanted
an antique. And this was the first one
she had seen at a moderate price.
"Nora, I believe we can rub that
down," determinedly.
The next moment Helen was looking
up antique shops in the telephone book.
She called up a dealer who, very gen
erously told her what to do. Fine pow
dered pumicestone and crude oil rub
with the grain of the wood. That was
Gleefully she ran back to Nora, who
vasnow washing the glass door.
"Nora. I want you to go to the paint
"I Cn5 I
Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Frank
H. Todd entertained delightfully with
bridge at her home on Mundy avenue,
in honor of Miss Alice Swett of Prov
idence, R. I., niece of Mrs. A. W. Fos
ter Mrs. Todd's Home was decorated
in 'potted plants. The first prize, a
potted cyclamen was Jron by Mrs. F.
H. Seamon; the second, a potted Nor
wegian pine, was won by Mrs. A. W.
Foster, and the consolation, a potted
begonia, fell to Mrs. C. A. Reinemund.
Miss Swett was presented with two
embroidered handkerchiefs in' Mauera
work. After the game, refreshments
of a salad course were served. Those
invited to meet Miss Swett wre: Mes
riamoa -RattpliB white. R. E. Hines. A.
W. Foster, R. W. McCandless, Locke
Tucker, H. Y. Ellis, H. R. MccuntocK,
H. D. McGregor, F. H. Seamon, Frank
Wells Brown. Chas. Fraser, D. M. Sutor,
C. J. Anstrand, James Crawford. Roy
N. Davis, J. U. Sweeney, C. A. Reine
mund, Will K. Marr. E. H. Irvin; Misses
Kate Stoker and Hallie Irrin.
The Merry Matron's Bridge club met
on Wednesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. E. H. Burk, 181S East Boulevard.
The first prize, a brass fern dish with
a fern, was won by Mrs. R. W. Fort.
The club prize, which was an ivory
clock, was cut for and won by Mrs.
D P. Eades. The "booby," a hand
embroidered handkerchief, fell to Mrs.
J. M. Burroughs. The non-members of
the club present as guests were: Mes
dames J. J. Finney, A. H. Keyes, D. B.
Johnson. A three course luncheon was
served, and the decorations were red
candles In candelabra; violets were
also used. Mrs. F. H. Brown will be
the next hostess of the club and the
meeting has been changed from Wed
nesday to Tuesday. This will be a
Christmas party.
Mrs. H. R. McClintOek will entertain
rr .! a i aftornOnil.
wim DnaB " t"c-' rrT: f
with bridge
Decemoer 3lfc ai ner nouic, -xD -" t
December 3
tana street
Mrs. J. W. Ridge is entertaining the
Silent Twelve club this afternoon.
Out Of Town Visitors
Mrs. Hugo Meyer and little daughter, i
of Albuoueraue. N. M. are tne guesui
of Mrs. Meyer's mother, Mrs. R. a
Thome. ,. y r-
A. W. Bard, after a visit to A. W.
Bittick, in this city, has returned to
his home in Mexico.
E. H. Yancey, of Hannibal, Mo., and
two daughters. Garland . and elma,
will arrive on Saturday, to be the
guests of Mr. Yancey's sister, Mrs. A.
W. Bittick, of 813 Virginia street
Mrs. Sidney Hockett who has been
visiting her son, Sidney Hockett Jr.,
and family of this city, has returned to
her home in Albuquerque. Mr. and
Mrs. Sidney Hockett sr will spend the
holidays with their daughter, Mrs. K.
B. Reed, of Tucumcari. N. M.
. jj. jj. a
Wilbur Keblinger. secretary of the
International Boundary commission, ac
companied Gen. Anson Mills to El Paso
from Washington Tuesday night and
is staying at the Hotel Paso del Norte.
Mrs. Louis Buford, mother of Mrs.
James W. Magoffin, of this city, will
arrive in the city Saturday from her
home in Torreon, Mex. Mrs. Buford is
coming by boat from Mexico City to
Galveston, Texas.
Church Affairs
The Junior auxiliary of St Clement s
church will hold its monthly meeting
on Friday at 3 p'clock in Kendrick
Round stenlc 17c per lb. Opitz Mar
ket Phone 136. Advertisement
F. G. Billings Piano Co. Open eve
nings. 102 North Stanton St Adver
tisement Loin steak 20c per lb. Opitz Mar
ket Phone 136. Advertisement
store around the corner and get some
fine powdered pumicestone and some
crude oil. This bottle will do for the
oil, about ten cents worth, and say you
want enough pumicestone to rub down
a china closet. Now hurry, I want to
get this done before Mr. Curtis comes
home I'm sure we can"'
Helen Begins Work.
When Nora returned, Helen eagerly
opened the bag of pumicestone.
"Now put some of this in a saucer
and the crude oil in another saucer
and get me a couple of soft cloths."
Hurriedly she slipped on an old
Sn,"?a;S: I
wranner and a
and started in with eager anticipation.
v - " " ". CT .. - f
"I guess wed better try it on an
other piece first Get me that little
stool from the library. I never liked
the finish on that"
Nora brought the footstool and Helen
dipped her cloth in the oil. then in the1
powdered pumicestone. and began rub
bing gently. It was fascinating work,
and when sHe wiped off the paste with
a soft cloth the effect was magical.
It had taken off not only the ob
jectionable shine, but all the smeary
finger prints, and left a soft dull
"I knew we .could do it!" triumph
antly. Emboldened by this easy success,
Helen promptly started on the china
closet As this polish was much higher,
she reasoned she would have to rub
harder. Having no longer any fear
that the pumice might scratch, she
vigorously went to work on one of 1
Rub ffiUSTEROLE on
that Sore, Tight Chest!
Try this clean, white, soothing oint-
ment. Sec how quickly it brings relief.
MUSTEROLE does all
that the old-fashioned
mustard plaster used to
do in the days of our
grandmothers, but it
does it without the blis
ter! Doctors and nurses
franklv recommend
MUSTEROLE for Sore Throat, Bron
chitis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pluerisy, Khcu-
matism. T.iimhjurn. Pains and Aches of
., , . . .
the Back or Joints, Sprains, Sore
Burleson Favors Government Ownership
Says Telegraph and Tele-j
phone Lines Should e
sweeping declaration in favor
of the principle of .government
ownership of telephone and telegraph
lines and an assertion that the postal
service now is self-supporting for the
first time since 1SS3, are features or.
the annual report of postmaster gen
eral Burleson, transmitted to congress.
Concerning the acquisition of tele
Dhone and telegraph lines, postmaster
general Burleson says that the govern
ment has demonstrated its capacity to
conduct public utilities, and, from his
information, he is inclined clearly to
the taking over by the postoffice de
partment of the telegraph lines ana,
possibly, also, of the telephone lines.
The postmaster general says:
"A study of the constitutional pur
poses of the postal establishment leads
to the conviction that the postoffice
department should have control over
all means of the communication or
intelligence. The first telegraph line
in thiss country was maintained
the drawers which divided the upper
and lower cupboards.
"Be careful, ma'am, I wouldn t rub
too hard," warned Nora.
"Oh. this pumice is so fine it can t
hurt it," reassuringly.
But this time, when she wiped off
the paste she was horrified to find
she had rubbed' through both the vaf
nish and stain to the bare, light wood.
Nora gave a little cry of dismay,
and Helen stared at the bare spot with
a sick beating of her heart Hadshe
ruined it?
Makes It Worse.
"Go back to that paint store," ex
citedly, "say we rubbed too hard and
took off the varnish, and that we want
some mahogany stain or maybe he
can suggest something better. Quickly
as you can."
Nora returned with a small can or
mahogany stain. But when Helen
hmohui nver the hare snot it stood out
I in a crude reddish shade very different
J from the rich, dark mahogany ot the
I china closet
, "Oh. It's ruined it's ruined," walled
Helen. "Wb" on the drawer f where
rohr shall I do
it auuwa me jmvo. wp ""2 -
"V Ti ""rr ,,- Z - xxpl(m trlea
lead pencils, crayon, brown shoe pol
ish and other foolish futile experiments
t to darken that light spot At last In
desperation sne aeciaea iu " "--the
drawer ana send It by Nora to the
dealer to whom she had telephoned
la8t- ,, . -
Tho rtMwrs ware small and rora
cquIA easily carry down both; so very
lightly she rubbed down the other one
to the desired uuii iimsn.
"Now Nora, I want you to explain
fhio wrv carefullv. Tell him I'm go
ing to rub down the whole piece like-j
this, and I wnt him to restain ana
'do over the drawer In exactly this
finish. Ask him "What he'll cnarge
but whatever it' le you'll. have to leave
It And say we must have It tomor
row." When Nora had- gone, Helen went
to work on the rest of the closet, and
after an hour's very careful and very
light rubbing the piece was trans
formed. But the Joy she would have
taken in this task was spoiled by the
thought of the drawers.
What excuse could she give Warren
for having sent them away? She could
think of nothing better than to say
she was having the locks fixed.
If only she could tell him the truth!
But since he had warned her to leave
it alone, he would storm out at her
and claim she had ruined it
"What did he say?" eagerly, when
Nora finally came back. "Can he. fix
Fears IVarrcn'js Censure.
"He said he'd try. ma'am, but that
he couldn't end It to yon before Sat- f
urday. He has to put on tnree coats
and give 'em time to dry."
Saturday! The china closet would be
disfigured until Saturday!
She was positive that Warren's first
question would be "Where's the draw
ers?" And she carefully rehearsed her
But when a little after six she heard
him come in. her heart beat guiltily.
"Well, how's the .china closet?" was
his greeting as he strode straight into
the diniag room.
"Oh I think it's wonderfulIT trying
to hide her nervousness. "Look how
perfectly it fits In that corner! Don't
you love tnat topr aho tne legs oa. i
I m wild about those legs: wait I'll
show you a cut in that book of Eng
lish furniture almost exactly like It"
Helen ran into the library and came
back with the book, nervously turn
ing the page& Why didn't he ask
about the drawers?
"There were no keys for the draw
ers, so I sent them out to have them
fitted," she volunteered, disconcerted at
his silence.
"Um-m," grunted Warren noncom
mittally. r
"Here it is." giving him the book
and pointing to the illustration. "You
see the lines are just the same those
same legs and the same shaped top.
And look what it says, 'A very fine
specimen of an original Sheraton cab
inet now in the possession of the Hon.
S. W. Partridge.'
"Um-m," with a keen scrutiny over
the dull finish of the mahogany. "So
you rubbed it down," did you?"
"Didnt it come ont beautifully?"
hopefully. "Oh, if you'd only seen that
awful glazy polish?"
"What'd you use?"
"Just a little crude oil and powdered
pumicestone. I called up one of the
dealers and he told me how to do
"Um-m. Ought to have done your
experimenting on a place where it
"""'' tof- " . charge
vii as mnnfa u
you as much to do over those, drawers
as they would to have rubbed down
the whole -piece.
Helena gasped. "But dear" she
began feebly.
"Oh. cut It! Those drawers haven't
any locks," running his finger along
the upper drawer ledge. "Nothing to
lock into. If you've got to lie, for
heaven's sake tell one that'll hold
Gently Laxative. Sugar-coated.
Dose, one pin, only one.
sow for GO years.
Ask Your Doctor.
J. CAjerOo.,
.unreu. . B
Muscles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosted
Feet Colds of tie Chest (it prevents
At your druggist's, in 25c and 50c
jars, and a special large hospital size
for $2.50.
Accept no substitute. If your drug
gist cannot supply you,
send 25c or ouc to tne
Cleveland, Ohio, and we
will mail you a jar,
postage prepaid.
Prof. J. C. Budlong.
South Lynne, Conn.,
"Your truly good rem
edy, Musterole, has saved my life. I
was troubled for years with Asthma,
Pleurisy and allied troubles. I could
gain no relief whatever. I used but a
small amount of your truly remarkable
rerr-dy, ana toaay 1 am a thoroughly
well man in consequence. It is a God-
st r.l to po.ir. suffering humanity Refer
tome. All letters gladly answered." i8
I Ayer's Pills
operated as a part of the Postal ser- .
vice, and it is to oe b'" ----congress
saw fit to relinquish this
facility to private enterprise. Tne
monopolistic nature of the telegraph
business makes it of vital imP.rn5f.
to the people that it be conducted b
unselfish interests, and this can oe
accomplished only through, govern
ment ownership.
The successful operation of the par
eels post has demonstrated the cfPac'
ity of the government to corducl tne
public utilities which fall Properly
within the postal provision of the con
stitution. "Every argument in favor of the gov
ernment ownership of telegraph lines
may be advanced with equal logic ana
force In favor of the government own
ership of telephone lines. It has been
competently decided that a telephone
message and a telegram are the same
within the meaning of the !
erning the telegraph service and there
fore it is believed that the statute
enabling the government """ ;
upon the payment of an appraised val
uation, the telegj&ph lines of the coun
trv will enabler the government to ac
quire the telephonic network of the
country. While it is true that the tel
ephone companies mno "- --7-with
the reauirements of section 526 1.
with the requirements
i El Paso Women Plan
Boycott of Two Weeks
on High Priced Eggs
Only Revolutionary Generals and Mil
lionaires Can Now Afford Them,
Is Sentiment.
An egg boycott to reduce the price
of eggs Is being agitated by a number
of the El Paso women's organizations.
The housewives say that eggs have he
come almost as valuable as aigrettes
and much harder to keep. - ,,
To drive the price down to where
an egg can be used for other than dec
oratlv! purposes, the local women are
urging abstinence from egg eating
for a period of two weeks or longer,
until the price comes down. iiggs
were quotas high as 66 cents on the
local market last week and are de
clared to be prohibitive for all but
revolutionary generals and million
aires. No formal action has yet been
fiken by the women toward declaring
the boycott
Society Leader Uses
Wealth to Defend Man
on Charge of Murder
Toms River. N. J.. Dec. 18. Joseph
Morlarity, alias William J. Leehan. a
stenographer, was placed on trial in. the
superior court today for the murder of
Mrs. Caroline C. Turner, the pretty
wife of an employe on the Lakewood
estate of George J. Gould. The woman s
mutilated body was found on April 23,
1911, in a clump of pine trees, not far
from her home.
Moriarity has no means, out the
wealth of his former employer. Mrs.
Jasper Lynch, a society woman or the
Lakewood colony, has not been spared
to defend him. Among the lawyers she
has employed in his behalf, she sat to
day, directing and aiding them.
Society women crowded the little
Conditions Shocking,
Girls Ban Slit Skirts
Decatur. BL, Dec. IS. Declaring con
ditions had become shocking, girl stu
dents and women members at the fac
ulty of the Charleston high school, at
a special session, barred diapaneoa
and slit skills and transparent stoeK
ings from that school.
For the Children' Christmas.
One of the nicest gifts you can pos
sibly give a girl or boy is an Ansco
Busfer Brown" camera. This camera
is simple of operation, but makes per
fect pictures. The gift of a camera
will solve the amusement problem of a
restless or lonely child. There is lit
erally no end to th,e possibilities ot a
camera. Besides the actual taking of
pictures, there Is a great deal of inter
esting work involved in the developing
and printing of the films, all of which
can be done by the amateur. We have
a complete stock of Buster Brown and
other Ansco cameras, and also carry
everything in camera supplies.
Scott White & Co., Mills Bldg.
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revised statutes, this can not be held
to nullify the Intent of the law, since
the nonuse on the part of the gov
ernment of any of Its constitutional
privileges in no wise surrenders the
right to exercise these privileges when
ever the best interests of the nation
Postmaster general Burleson re
sents an elaborate statement of tr.e
financial operations of the postoff ce
department Including a discussion of
the methods of bookkeeping, which he
has changed.
"It is gratifying to report, ' says he,
"that the total expenses of maintain
ing the postal service for the fiscal
year ended June 30, 1913, Is.iound to
be exceeded by the revenues for the
rame period; that there Is an actual
surplus of $3,841,.7S, and that the
postal service is now for the first time
since 1883 self supporting."
As to his general financial policy
postmaster general Burleson says:
"The dominant policy of the present
administration will be to conduct the
postal service for the convenience oz
the publie and not for profit. Its con
troling purposes-will be to promote er
fiency by the, complete standardization
of the service, which will be attained
byjiarmonlslng equipment adjusting
The personnel, and securing the great
W" ASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 18. Re
ducing the quota of southern
delegates from 33 to 16 percent
of the convention's total, the Repub
lican national committee concluded its
labor for reform in party procedure
last night and adjourned. It will prob
ably not convene until 1918.
Although this action was criticised
in vigorous terms by several members,
it was made unanimous before adjourn
ment It must be endorsed by states
entitled to cast a majority of votes in
the electoral college. Early action by
the states will be urged by a subcom
mittee. 104 Delegates From the South.
Under the new plan the southern
states will have 164 delegates in all,
the total number in the convention to
be 933 instead of 1083. as in 1913.
Texas will lose 15 delegates Ala
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d the balance in easy monthly installments, will place a
of Utilities
est possible cooperation in every quar
ter." Notable recommendations to con
gress for the enactment of additional
legislation to facilitate, and extend the
operations of the postal service are
made. Among the more important are
the following:
"That the poetoffice department be
given exclusive jurisdiction over the
selection of the sites for public build
ings to be used wholly for postoffice
purposes, and Joint authority with the
secretary of the treasury In the selec
tion of sites for federal buildings to
be used ointly by the postal and
other branches of the government ser-
"To amend existing law in order to
allow ?2e0 indemnity for accidental
death of any officer or employe of the
postal service or for death, within one
year as the result or Injuries sustained
In the service In the line of duty.
"The elimination of surety bonds
mow required of postal officers and em
ployee and the substitution of a guar
anty fund established and maintained
by assessments prescribed by the post
master general.
"To authorise the postmaster general
to contract for experimental aerial ser
vice, for which an estimate of $58,009
has been submitted."
bama, 9; Aransas, 3; Florida, 4; Georgia.
10; Illinois, 2; Kentucky. 1: Louisiana,
7; Mississippi, 8: New York. 4; North
Carolina. 3; Pennsylvania. 1; South
Carolina, 7; Tennessee. ,3; Virginia, 3.
Porto Rico, and Hawaii, 4- .,,.,
The District of Columbia and Alaska,
were provided wit two delegates each
by separate action, and the Philippines.
Porto Rico and Hawaii were also given
two each without the right to vote.
Basis of Representation,
Each state shall be entitled to four
delegates at large; one delegate at
large for each representative in con
gress at large from any state; one
delegate from each congressional dis
trict; an additional delegate from each
congressional district from which the
vote for either RepnbHeas electors in
1908 or for the RepaWlcan candidate
for congress in 1914 shall not have
been less than 75.
HbT f

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