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Friday, December 19, 1913
Qfa -isfctnas Spirit Pervades the City Schools)
Santa Clat
San J&ci
tlie 1
icfe .Programs Are
Civen By Many Pupils
is Is a " Visitor in Advance in School Rooms;
nto Giv es a Christmas Program; Fun For
linderg Wteners; an "Old Time Christ
nas" Is ' Reproduced hy Pupils.
. x ALL of the
1 cty this aften
A Christmas prt
ns decorations im
the joful occasion
school for two -i
the San Jacinto scfa
grams were given ii
The low eighth gra4
let, "Christmas at CK
the characters cast a
n-hv Dent, Glenn D
, the manager of MJ
nsonDicK Barlow,
rrank Alderete. Johns
Mitchell THop a
schools th rough the
toon Christ; Vias trees.
crramG. an P Christ-
uric the app
i, and the
reeks holid
ool Christm
i ail or tne
roach of
telose of
y. At
Ws pro-
.1 uuuiDi
prevented i V phW-
lden Gulch,' "Wth
s follows: i
eer; Richard Cur-
e mines, Lai r"
foreman, Fr. MJjJ"
rpin, Frank 9JJ:
ph Farnawo TV.
or, Dan Till ton;
.y Hart, Har ?ld
ett Harley; i. w-
Bridget Burl te.
)lsman, Helt a
Queen Esthe
e, Lteopoldm
Koblitx ,, wae . riven by Gusta
A piano --, fading, ismma wn-
KahrenkamP . a re"!, Geddes Mabee.
less, and iP'fST - PondB.
Christmas KU furnished the
. nv...tinlis fish POUU .uu...
a ""-r,-.t nf tfi e ",u. ."
&UU Vaa
u.. Margaret Condon, a c
telling of nJS Htt
children then J" a
candy and fruit.
ChritM of Old si
"C,hrlfnmthe high sixth g
mils in tne "".,,
.ught by Miss
tmas stones
the pupils,
e, taught by
ish pond also
int. with the
ies, and the
le treat of
terested the
rade taught
A story was
me customs,
i was given
pupils in tne ""hrnds.
by"cSristmaasreenve at the 1 Vorth Pole
Blanche Locas. ountrl s-
Christmas m ail cou Germany.
EngtandEmMcCreaQ Chauncey
Manuela Cawwo". acarra; Hol-
Clark-TTDr Norway and Sweden.
anaMunoritaly.Lo se Brewer.
Sins Christmas S mgs.
, -i-rtJi eraae : room, taught
In the VJi' LoK, be children
Vv Miss Laura Low- j gabella Cor-
S ch5'f fhf story of a iristmas, and
be,tt recited the story jethea gave
Christmas selections eg j
TJ"gh.am wer e entertained
Miss hristmssuSy read by the
with k cl8JmS,tnias songs and se
teacher, uTcul .ss.
lections .given by tne M f
A Christmas graD" j Ml Annle
tyre fscrtmtt, fifth grade, and
FhrTseunaIs1pa,mes and ongs made the
CmldCrhri9tayB For e. Fun. '
JJl box I urnished a big
A ChTistmaso. the ns f
amount of P,f. uu-r-r iedy's low an.d
s2 SSrth "SWae. U a Christmas
progrtSi of songs ana jrec."-
elTen - Mne tVingtte's room, the
. lTi, X',rd fid low fou fth grades gave
h.gh third ana i g!s "Beautiful
, Program of J the entire
Tlough-s was suns . New
room. The third grade s n
Tear sone Tne PL 5 nd "ganta
cJS,liUd 8aSdN'Tn' cfaus" were
wngbV'vi pSpils. A pstofce game
afforded amusement for the youngstera.
A Christmas tree was a part of the
Christmas Jollification of the P"P8 in
the high second and lw third pade
taught by Miss Flora Campbell with
Christmas songs sung toy the class
In the low second and high first
grades taught by Miss Dora Kiefer,
You Don't Want to Keep It
Do You? Then Why
Not Get Rid Of
It Right?
Just a Few Drops of Vln Oil of
Pine Will BrfHR Yon Relief
In Fire MinHtes.
Rush a boy right off or telephone
to the nearest drug store, for a 68-
cent package of Leach's Virgin Oil of
Pine. Pour a few drops onto a lump
of sugar and eat it Then feel the
cold say good-hye.
jr S?jlfei
Virgin (MI of Pine Will Chase Him
Away in a Few Moments.
Pure, healthful and delightful oils.
No "drugs" or "dope."
Curos a cough almost instantly, and
if you don't like it. or if it doesn t
cure jou, please ask for your money
But don't be talked into a substi
tute Insist upon the original Leach s
Virgin Oil of Pine Compound Purl
put up by the Leach Chemical Co,
of Cincinnati, Ohio.
And If your druggist won't supply
ou send SO cents direct and a package
will be mailed you. Advertisement
Christinas games and songs were the
order of the day.
First Grade Pupils GlTe Program.
The first grade pupils in Miss Violet
Anderson's low first grade gave tna
following program:
"A Christmas Play," song by class.
"A Christmas Tree," Addie Mae Co
zart M
"Why Io Bells of Christmas King,
by the class. . .
"Buying a Christmas Stocicing, El
don Reeves. ,
"What We Did." DHlard Bullard,
Herbert Kramer.
"Someone Is Coming Tonight, song
Ijv thft cl&SS
"Six Christmas Letters," three boys
and three girls.
"Story of Piccola," Ruth Holzman.
-The Best Man," Robt Richardson.
"Poor Santa Claus," Barton Tutt
"Nursery Fireplace," four girls.
"Christmas Eve," song by the class.
Fan For Kindergarten.
Christmas fun for the kindergarten
tots, taught by Misa Lula Jones, was
afforded by a Christmas tree, decorated
with the construction and cut work of
the youngsters, Christmas .games were
played and the children presented their
parents with gifts of their own mak
ing in the kindergarten.
Grab Bagf) Furnish Fun.
Vilas school children had a jojlly time
'Friday afternoon celebrating Christ
mas. There were grab bags 3n most
. 3f the rooms, with gifts the children
1 aa brought for each other, that oc
c asioned much merriment No- formal
p rograms were given, but the children
st Uig the Christmas songs, anl recited
th e memory gems they had learned in
th sir class work. In some of tjhe rooms
tre lats of candy and fruit wera enjoyed.
Have Big Christmas Triie.
1 rt the Bailey school a big (Christmas
tre e delighted the hearts of tlie kinder
gai ten youngsters, and in the other
roc ims grab bags and fish poiids enter
tai ned the youngsters, and tlie holiday
Ch ristmas spirit was enhanced by the
sir iging of Christmas songs.
In the Franklin School.
Christmas celebrations at Jie Frank
lin i school were very joyous affairs for
th j children. There was a Christmas
tn e downstairs for Miss Celia Sim
m( ms"s and Miss Mabel Glefnn's rooms,
th- i first and fourth grade .s; and up
. .ire tho awinii and third grades.
tai Jght by Miss Margaret CXeeffe and
lil bo TTai-Hett Uis. united for their
,Ch ristmas tree. The childrf n Hive been
bu Stly at work maKing oi namnts xor
th t trees all the week lift the-r card
bo krd construction class work. Every
ch 5d received a gift from the teacher
an S ther was candy for itll the young
sufs. Christmas songs '.vere srng by
thF children, and a concfert of Ohrist
ma s isarols was given . Recitations
we re given by Charlie Dixon and
Eli ta Luion.
PiipIIn GIre Folk: Dance.
Jfhe Sunset school gar,-e an interest
in: Christmas program in which the
children frm the different grades took
pa rt It opened-wttn a i oik. nance given
by the following- Helen McCrummen.
Jul San Strauss, Myrtle Bakofsky, Mil
drd Stolaroff. Mazie, McKinney. Boh
Ch.krles. Thelma Brovn, Leo Samuels,
Lilv Stedmond, Sue Bettie Ferguson,
Irene Cassaino. Wilroer Hill, Frank
v tn?. Mv McDarfiel. Billy Baehr,
Ch irles Moore, Jeanfee Clugston, Albert
Poisford, Leonardo Oentenox.
Ilhe program inclvided: A recitation
b Marie Grider, alnd a play, "Santa
Claus and the Children," with Santa
Claus John Waton; Jack, Eugene
Ha ivser: Jill, Connae Tobias: "Wee
Wi !lie Winkle." Julius Silberhers; "Lit
tle Miss Muffet." Ruth Zelman.
"Spider," Aubrey Xippincott, "Tommy
Hociks," Walter Howe, "Betsy Brooks,"
Margaret Klein; 'Clack Sprat" William
Elliot; "Jack Sprat's wife," Joyce Ted
ford; "Mary Quito Contrary," Marjone
Foua: "Little Boy Blue," Irvin Kauf
man; "Little Bo-toeep," Efnar Qrmsbee.
"Man in the Moon." James Hoover;
Idttle Scholars," Willis Wilkins.
Louise Jones; "Mother Goose," Marie
Grider. Assisting were Mtfnte Roberts,
Laura. Burdick.,
Song. "The plumber Boat Alma
Goodman, Leon Britton, Victoria Gon
zales, tiaroia snoop, viuih. iiui, "
bert Howe. Mario Carranza,
Recitation, Lois Smith.
"Danish Dance of Greeting," Carmen
Gonzales. Kemneth Spraker, Otllia
Ybarra. Ruth Wright Lorae Dieu, Mary
Robison. June Wallen, Saul Carranza,
Leslie Hale, Harry Samuels. Luis de la
Garza, Carmen Leleveier. Robert Tem
pleton, Arthur Mackey, Ola May Rainey,
Walron Hale, Barl Hayden, De Lancy
Bedford, Francis Hernandez, Eudora
Barela, Alice Bassett Louise ManI-.
ganld, Joshua Nagley, Meta Kuhlman,
Lotrd Wakefield.
All the schools in the city will close
this afternoon for two weeks" holiday.
The schools will be in session again
on January 5 ...,.
Principal A. H. Hughey will spend
the Christmas vacation in vVeather
ford Tex., where Mrs. Hughey is at
present visiting.
MUs Ethel Taylor, teacher of history
at the high school, will visit in Kan
sas City through the Christmas holl-
S. O. Welday, head of the public
speaking department of the high
school, will visit in Albuquerque dur
ing the Christmas vacation.
Interested spectators at a trial in
the 34th district court Thursday wero
the pupils of the public speaking and
commercial law classes of the high
school. The class was under the
charge of Samuel O. Welday. head of
the public speaking department of the
high school. Those In the party were:
Dema Fleck, Eunice Anderson, Rebe
Elliott Ruth Moore Morriss, Pearl Fos
ter, Camille Kibler, Anna McComas,
Mary Titsworth, Gene Smith, Idus
Lambert Maria Mateus, Eugene Thurs
ton, Earl Welsiger, Harry Welsch,
Raymond White, Chris Jungjohapn,
Logan Chilson, Merville Darnall and
Reed Harloiu
Vila. Sunset and Bailey Pupils Slake
. Excellent Records In the Work
Before Holiday Season.
Vilas school pupils who have done
the best work In the manual training
classes are: Alfred Whltmer and Car
roll Stevens, in the low eighth grade;
Roy Reynolds and George Cross, in the
low seventh grade; Guyler Magruder
and James McKenney in the high sixth
grade; Barnardo Bowman and Will
Caples, in the low sixth grade; Harold
Preston and Jim Earl. In the high fifth,
and In the low fifth Jose Enriquez and
John Nelson.
Do Good Work.
Good work in the manual training
classes of the Sunset school has been
done by Ignacio Baker and Hugh Ad
kins, in the high seventh grade; Ber
nard Krupp and W. Dawson, in the
low seventh; Emmanuel Ponsford,
Claude Elliott George Borce. John
Dieu, in the high sixth; Eneas Car
ranza, in the low sixth and Paul Her
bert and Alfredo Calderon, in the high
fifth grades.
In the Bailey School. w
Of the manual training work done in
the Bailey school, the best workers are
Mark Miller and Coleman Darnall. in
the high eighth grade; Russell Ramage
and Harry Pearson, in the low eighth
grade; Newton Cullium and Paul Kerr
In the high seventh; Edwin Burt and
Lawrence Young in the low seventh;
Jenner Ochner and Clifford Stualte in
the low sixth; Richard Green and
Frank Brown in the high fifth, and
Dan White and Tom Johnson In the
low fifth grades. E. a Beezley is the
manual training instructor for these
three schools.
When you think of candy, you in
variably think of Hurler's at Kelly &
Pollard. Ad'ertisement
One thousand bargains in doors. Lan
der Lumber Co.-' Advertisement
a V T Vfe
Ijet His r
nt Here
Always Reliable
Eelief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomacjh, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is given
quickly, safely, and assur
edlyby the tried and reliable
Sold ereryvrhere. la boxes t 10c 25c
At assembly Friday morning the
high school pupils heard a number of
speeches by superintendent R. J. Tighe,
Fred Hunter and Edna Scotten.
The Tenth rivalry will appear in the
motion picture weeklies soon. While
the Tenth was here a motion picture
film was made of the regiment while
the troop trains were In the union sta
tion yards. The film was made by
Homer Scott who is with the new film
company of which Buck Conners is
manager. A number of pictures are to
be made at the fort Friday afternoon
ot the troops and battery stationed
Washington. D. C, Dec. 19. First
Lieut Frederick Test 22d infantry, has
been relieved as inspector instructor of
the New Hampshire militia and or
dered to Santa Fe as inspector instruc
tor of the New Mexican militia He
will report to the governor not later
than Jan. 1.
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more. We vere never heller
able to supply ijour even; want
in the rvay of presents for him
than right now. Below you 11
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rvill appreciate.
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Vests, Bathrobes, Suspenders,
Handkerchiefs, Sflk Socks, Lisle
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Pajamas, Coat Sweaters, Rain
Coats, Hats, Tie Holders, Snit
Cases, Umbrellas, Jewelry.
JS. g
1 TOf3isfli jSSlL. M
gfPr.Zems sAer
The questions answered below are
general in character; the symptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
will apply to any case of similar na
ture. Those wishing further advice free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Bldg.. College-Elwood Sts., Dayton.
O., enclosing self-addressed stamped
envelope for reply. Full name and ad
dress must be given, but only initials
or fictitious name will be used in my
answers The prescriptions can be
filled at any well-stocked drug store.
Any druggist can order of wholesaler.
"Marie ' writes "I would like a rem
edy for a pimply, oily skin. I suffer
from constipation, headache and indi
Answer: Get from your druggist
3-grain suipherb tablets and take ac
cording to directions. These tablets
are packed in sealed tubes and contain
full directions for using. I have found
them to be the most reliable in such
ailments as arise from constipation.
They are made of sulphur, cream of
tartar and herb medicines, and if taken
regularly wUl relieve your constipation
and purffy the blood, thus causing
your skin to become clear. These are
fine for children, as they do not sicken.
"Mary" You can easily correct your
little girl of bedwetting by mixing 1
oz. of comp. fluid balmwort 2 drams
tincture rhus-aromatic and I dram tinc
ture cubebs. Mix thoroughly and give
in water about one hour before each
meal, 10 to 15 drops.
"C. G. O." writes: "I am constantly
hawking and spitting on account of a
bad case of catarrh and would like
your advice to overcome it."
Answer: I always prescribe anti
septic vllane powder, which you can
obtain in either a 2 or 8-ounce box
with full directions. The results please
all who try It
"Mrs. O." writes: "Kindly publish
again the prescription for rheumatism
w hich ou gave to Ted' some time
Answer: I shall be very glad to re
peat the formula. Get at the drug store
the following ingredients and mix your
self, taking a teaspoonful at meal times
and at bedtime. Iodide of potassium, 2
drams, sodium salicylate, 4 drams; wine
of colchicum, one-half oz., comp. es
sence cardiol, 1 oz.; comp. fluid balm
wort 1 oz.; and syrup sarsaparllla, 5
ozs. This is my favorite prescription
for rheumatism.
"Charlotte" writes: "Some time ago
you answered through your columns
telling 'Marie' how to cure bad cough
and cold WH1 you kindly repeat the
Answer: I shall be eery glad to re
peat the formula for you. Get from
your druggist a 2-oz. package of es
sence mentho-laxene and mix with
honey or homemade sugar syrup and
take according to directions given on
the bottle. This is a very mild laxa
tive and will surely overcome your
cold in a few days at most It Is ab
solutely harmless and very pleasant to
"Sadie" says: "I misplaced the pre
scription you sent me for dandruff and
Itching scalp. Will you please send it
Answer: There is nothing better for
dandruff and itching- scalp than plain
yellow mlnyol, which is sold in 4 oz
Jars at any well-stocked drug store.
Use this according to directions and
you will soon We relieved of all diseases
of the hair and scalp.
- "Nina R." writes: "Please advise me
what to take to overcome extreme
thinness. My arms and bust have no
development and my face is so thin
that it is positively homely, although
my features are regular."
Answer: Many ladles would be much
more beautiful if they were somewhat
fleshier, and as an increased weight is
possible it is the duty of every woman
to be always at her best Begin tak
ing three gram hvpo-nuclane tablets,
which are obtained in sealed cartons
with directions, and continue until
your weight Is satisfactory. Frequently
a two months' treatment adds 15 to 30
pounds, besides adding more color to
the cheeks and lips and a sparkle of
health to the eyes.
"P. B." writes: "What can you pre
scribe to relieve dyspepsia, which an
noys me very much? I have pains and
heavy lumplike feeling after eating,
scur risings, nausea, etc."
Answer: A three-course treatment
triopeptine tablets, is very effective in
relieving and permanently overcoming
stomach distress due to indigestion.
"John W." writes: "Being past mid
dle age and observing that my nervous
system is in bad shape, I write for a
prescription. I do notgain strength
from my food, am weak, listless, for
getful, sleepless at times, tired, and
unable to act the part of a strong man
of health, such as I was at one time."
Answer: Get from a well-stocked
pharmacy a sealed tube of 3-grain
cadomene tablets, which are especially
made for those needing a strong, harm
less, rejuvenating tonic. Astonishing
and pleasing results follow and life
and hope are renewed.
"Mrs. De. V" asks: "I should like
to ask you how one can reduce the
weight I am too large, and last sum
mer suffered on account of excessive
fat Can you advise a remedy, harm
less and safe?"
Answer- I have frequently pre
scribed a liquid remedy, but owing to
its disagreeable taste, I am now pre
scribing the same formula In a tablet
form. It is called 5-grain arbolone
tablets and Is sold by druggists In
sealed tubes with full directions for
home use I ndvise anyone who is too
fleshy to try this excellent tablet
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Flies, You Must
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