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G.'H.?S.A.Wins $2,000,000 Suit
Gun This One,
Eh! What?
l u
Title togfoc-eighths of Landi PETRAS KILLED
jjs urrenaxaiiwav in trxiti,, is xiiaLtiXil!
I Aurora, HI, Feb. 19. The police found
j a new witness, Peter Wechbaeh, today,
Br a declaim of the eighth court of i , . ,, . . T. "-,rcv'J "" "
civil auueals. handed down Thursday. " " "t Anthony Petras, the
th Galveston, Harrisburg and San An- J vountr married man whose suit Theresa
tonJo Railway company was given title j ttiia., ;i ,, . . a
to a slx-eiKhts shax of property val- Hollander rejected, is ihe mau who beat
w d at approximately $2,000,000. The her to death with a club in St. Nicholas
cemetery last Monday.
Fischbach was & fellow student of Pe
tras at night school, and according to
his story Petras left the school in the
residence section sayine he was iroing
home, while, as a matter of fact, he went
downtown. About 9 oeloek Fischbach
said he saw Petras siantHne, at a down
town corner in the eenter of the business
Bearded Car With Girl.
Petras told him, Fischbach said, that
he was going to catch a car, but when
the car came he did not take it. This
was the car just before the one on which
Petras and the Hollander girl went to
ward home at 9:20 oclock. The police
theory is that Petras waited to see what
car Miss Hollander boarded and they be
lieve Fischbach's story confirms their
Chicago, m., Feb. 19.' Selection of a
jury to try Miss Aileen Heppaer, ac
cused of perjury in connection with the
testimony she gave in the alienation
suit brought against Clarence S. Funk
by John C. Hennuur. was begun in the
criminal court today. Motion to quash
um inuicuiieiiE was aeniea oy juuge jbc
Donald. Henning, a hotel bell ' boy, accused
Funk, the general manager of the In
ternational Harverster company, of
alienating Mrs. Henning's affections, and
Miss Heppner. a manicurist, was a wit
ness for the plaintiff.
prriprtT involved in the suit extends 1
finm Mesa avenue to Cotton avenue,
(miprising about 22. acres. As to one-
i;nm oi me properly me rauwsy j
ippa-iiy was awaraeu wie iisriiKui
i. . the higher court, of using it for
r lilroau purposes. When that use
. .ses on the part of the company, j
t'ien the property is to revert to Vv.
W Mills and the Hague heirs, who the
bmh r court held, were the owners.
Litigation Stnrt.i In 41t Cornt.
The suit was first instituted in the
41 "t district court against the rail
road company by H R and Charles
St. vens. W. W. Mills and the. Hague
heirs about two years ago.
Mr. Mills and his wife were the own
ers of a portion of the property in
volved m the suit, and J. P. Hague
was the owner of another portion. Z.
T. White and the Stevens were the
assignees of the original grantors.
The claim of the plaintiff was that
the defendant company had only been
granted an easement in the property,
ttaa.: easement comprising the right to
use Che property for railroad purposes
and depot grounds.
Tim rail road company naa estab
lished Its tracks and built the Stanton
street depot and had used the prop
erty for about SO years. The plain
tiffs in bringing the suit claimed that
the conditions of the easement under
-which the land had been granted had
been violated. The real purpose of
the suit was to establish the rights
of the different plaintiffs to the prop
erty. Is Carried to Appeals Cemrt.
Judge Walthall, of the district court,
returned a Judgment in favor of the
defendant company, and the plaintiffs
in the lower court carried the case
up on appeal to the civil court of ap
peals. The higher court let Mr. White and
the Stevens out on the ground that
there could be no assignment in their
case. The judgment of the lower court
as to Mr. Mills and the Hague heirs
was reformed to the extent that their
right was established to one-eighth of
the property and the railroad company
had the right to use the property only
so long as that use was for railroad
Judge W. M. Coldwell, who prose
cuted the appeal of the case to the
chil eourt of appeals, stated that the
case would be taken to the supreme
St. Petersburg. Russia. Feb. ttTkaJ
"blaek hundred" socetvismjnmi
campaign against the Hebrews pi
in spite of the fact that its; aefcJ
f "7-itnai murder" atrawst the Jew
tailor. Pashkoff. lias been disproved.--
A Kiev newspaper supporting the
"black hundred" published, today an ar
ticle throwing further suspicion on the
Jews, saying:
"Some invisible hand more terrible
than the American 'black hand is b.
ing our children tremble.
- j? ,
nmrricn fTRRS REttUBST- ",. . .
T.nnrtnnt- T5nir.. Feb. litrSfM- rlhu
Conan Doyle today forwarded to jterij
mier .Asquiyi powwwn .ssi&ucu oy
prominent -BrJt'sh authors urgjag
British partielpr-.ion in the Panama
r-'-fic exposition at Sail Francisco in
The petition dwells on the moderate
ness of the expenditure Involved, com
pared with the great harm which
would result from the deterioration of
the good relations existing between
Great Britain and the United States.
xw'7?xji &m, '""- -a u&sgBfrL&'-v aa .. . ""i ' .j aa .rx r . -vsdssmeimammsa
nrrrtrir inc nrprn cAiWUi "
AT OttOZCOJlBSlD&f Gs tfe-S:
Burglars who entered Gerf yaocuat
Orozco's house on Bast Overland' street
Tuesday night, carried away a steamer
trunk containing S78OT Mexican money.
The money had ljeen - placed in the
trunk by Orozco's wife for .safe keep
ing. In addition to getting away with
the money the burglars secured some
jewelry. The visit was made at the
time the occunantS'.of the home w?re
absent Orozco's 'wife anoT several f
her sisters are occupants of the home.
state at;Strike:inJi3B:
Lansing, Mick, neb.--ii
Ferris in a telesrram sent TO'
xayior 01 tne congressional investiga
tion committee at Hancdck today, said
Samuel Vf. Pepper, assistant attorney
general, will leave for the copper
country tonight to represent the, state
at the strike inqufry. Mr. Pepher is
also judge advocate of the Michigan
national guard.
Type of 10 Inch caliber guns for Panama canal defence (now at Sandy Hook vralting shipment.)
Twenty-Five "Agnes Bertons"
See "The Traffic1" and Its Lesson
S UESTS of Kate J. Adams, 25 of the r tion begun anywhere may lead to. I
(rc; & 5111 uiiucr uiy uiic il prceisni, a
I -r girls tsom Coulter House Home
V for CiVls. witnessed "The Traffic"
lt-Hsoward's theater last Monday night,
Kane ftih&lnurn Tj-i&ina. Miss Adams
twsuperintend,eat",of the ijr stitution, and
4J&.xplanatiort?f-erdsre to have an
tue young women iq her ouarge see tnis
play, she said:
New York, Feb. 19. Thomas Hassett.
a prominent Tammany politician, today
refuted rumors that he would plead I
guilty to an indictment growing out of I
district attorney Whitman's graft inves- j
ligation, ana demurred to tne indict
ment on technicalities. It had been per
sistentlr reported that he would aid the
The indictment charges him with at
tempted grand larceny in trying to per
suade Anthony C- Douglass, former may
or of Niagara Falls, that he could ob
tain the Hudson river syphon contract
on the Catskill aqueduct work bv mak
ing a political contribution of 160.000
through Hassett.
The report of the committee appointed
to investigate the military institute
buildiaas as the site for the "state school
of mines was given before the directors
of the chamber of commerce at a lunch
eon held in the Sheldon hotel Thursday.
The report was not made public, as there
were a number of tilings the committee
wisnea to go into further before the
matter will be submitted to the chamber
of commerce body. A. S. Beach, George
LeBaron and George Evans were the
committee. President Robt. Krakauer
presided at the luncheon.
Laredo, Tex., Feb. 19. Simultaneous
movement of several bodies of Mexican
troops against Matamoras, rebel strong
hold opposite Brownsville, Tex., were
reported today. Three columns of fed-'
erals were said to have left Monterey,
each taking a different route for Mata
moras. One thousand federals at Nueyo
Laredo began preparations to march with
heavy ammunition supplies.
Rockford, 111, Feb. 19. Mrs. Mar-
guerite Mulroy Snyder, a clairvoyant
wnose claim 01 nentage in tne estate
of Joan W. Roberts, a wealthy recluse
of the state of Washington, was thrown
out of the probate court at Tacoma,
vns arreatAri lifirp tiwlav nn a. warrant
sworn out by Mrs. Catherine Rossiter, i
of Broadhead, wis., a sister of the de
ceased hermit and a recognized heir.
The warrant charges criminal conspiracy.
today thaJm&pf;wi
iieia iiiere-. as "KH8WU -as- i(0e -XM visr r-
ine missing Catherine, wjntewr JQr. Vy.
a. winters, ot ftew Castle, Ind., fattier
of Catherine Winters, wired that he had
left for Middlcport. .
Washington. D. C Feb. 19. Dismis
sal of midshipman y. j. McClure of
Iola, Kansas, fom the U. . -Nayal acad
emy, on -charges of lrregHaWOes in
connection with,, ao, examirratfon, was
approved SfisfcSiresident WireSn
The casest-aT ,iitfw'o midshipmen im-plicateJ-withTlirHN'ere
not acted on.
"Very recently I witnessed a perform
ance ot 'The Traffic' in company with a
girl who had herself been a white slave.
This young woman agreed with me that
there was not a shade of exaggeration
in any single detail of the play, and
that facts as they exist today in many,
many cases that are dally coming to
light in Chicago exceed in atrocity the
scenes depicted in the play.
"I. have heard considerable comment
on the inadvisability of presenting such
a play and condemnation of it. In the
first place, it .should be remembered
that this play is witnessed almost ex
clusively by an adult audience not
such an audience as we see In the mov
ing picture show, composed largely
of children.
"If a girl is to be protected and shel
tered all her life, perhaps there Is no
reason why she should witness a play
like 'The Traffic;' but personally I feel
that every girl employed in the indus
trial world and who by reason of her
commercial life is out in the world
alone, would be safer and better
equipped for her life struggle If she
knew the methods employed by the
procurers and ponderers.
".Let a girl understand what a fllrta-
federal white slave witness, who was
held as a prisoner by two Italians with
loaded revolvers for several weeksl un
til her chance came to escape and re
port Jhe, facts to the police; another
beatea . to insensibility by -a man be
cause she did not earn enough money;
another locked in a room above a
Greek restaurant, the room being un
der guard of two men when the raid
was made. White slavery is a reality
and those who say it is a myth do not
know the facts.
"Do the people of the big cities know
that men doing business along the
identical lines followed by Sacco in
'The Traffic' are being convicted in the
morals court every week, and that the
committee of .15 is fighting the busi
ness tooth and nail and -calling on the
citizens of Chieago for-moral and finan
cial backing? ."" ' ,
"It is much Defied tfcjff.gie condi
tions should be showiiJHs.st the thea
ter than continue to exist In the dark
ness where they have thriven so many
years. 'The Traffic' is scarcely a play,
it is more of a photograph of actual
conditions (one of the scenes is that of
'a disreputable hotel which still exists
In the South Side levee), sa faithfully
has the writer held herself to scenes
and facts and the records of the federal
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Berlin, Germany, Feb. 19. A 'sharp
attack of admiral Dewey in regard to
the statements made In his autobio
graphy concerning the German fleet at 1
Manila during the Spanish American
war in 1J98 was made in parliament
todaK by Matthias Krsberger, one of
the leaders of the Clerical party. Ho
said the statement of admiral Dew
had excited the greatest amazement in
Germany. 1
Admiral von Tirpltz, German minis
ter of marine, in reply, said he undei -stood
admiral Dewey would Issue 1
shortly an explanation $hwing that
the conduct of admiral vQrrDierderichs,
the German . commander, and his sub
ordinates, had been "absolutely correct
Say "Movies" Have Made
Farmers Thrill Proof
Chicago, 111., Feb. 19. Moving pic
tures have invaded the country com
munities and made the farmer folk
thrill proof, according to assertions at
the meeting of the American Asso
ciation of State Fairs and Expositions.
Farmer patrons of state fairs have
become too blase for the old fashioned
thrillers that have been entertaining
them for years at the big expositions.
Even an aeroplane exhibition no longer
attracts attention and a balloon can
scarcely get an engagement at the
larger fairs, it was asserted.
XeKrwQuft Pzfc- .JfcXw.
Santa Fe. N. UL. Feb. 19. Assistant
attorney general H. S. Clancy is wrest
ling with the question as to the right
or nomesieaaers to vote in an adjoin
ing community.
At Columbus, Luna countv. near the
Mexican line at a local option elec
tion last week, the Prohibitionists
passed 3Q votes and ttfe wets passed
22, but nine votes were: rejected on
the ground of MDngssideBis, it being
argued that by taking up a homestead,
a homesteader loses his residence
rights in the community which he
left to take up the" claim.
The matter will be taken into the
district court In.Tr. Clancy's opinion
the homesteader cannot vote in the
town which he has left to file upon
Santa Fe, N. M., Feb. 19. Disbarment
proceedings have been filed in the
state supreme court against H. H.
Major, Alamogordo lawyer. The court
has issued an order for Major to ap
pear before it March 16. to answer
the charges. Major recently was ac
quitted of a charge of having murdered
his daughter, Kudora, after a sensa
tional trial held at Alamogordo.
Santa Fe, N. It, Feb. 18. State char
ter have been granted by- the corporation
commission to the Reserve Mercantile corn
puny, of Reserve. N. X., capitalized at 550.
000. of which $21,000 is paid up, Lee Bald
win and John D. Fraser being; the incor
porators, and the Rio Grande Publishing
company, of Las Cruces, capitalized at $25.
000 with $15,000 paid up. J. R. Foster,
Orrin A. Foster and Lytton R Taylor be
ing the incorporators.
Santa Fe, N. M.. Feb. IS. That the con
demnation proceedings instituted in connec
tion with the Elephant Butte reclamation
project are assuming definite form was in
dicated by the departure for Socorro and
Sierra counties of deputy United States
marshal Alfredo Delgado, where he goes to
serve papers on witnesses and others af
fected by the project
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Santa Fe, X. M, Feb. 19. Adjutant
fLenf "7J Harl-y T. Herring announces
that the annual federal inspection of
the New Mexico militia by United
States army officers will begin Feb
ruary 23 at Roswell, when battery
field artillery will be Inspected. Com
pany D will be Inspected at Silver
City on April 3; company I at Dem
ing on April 4; company A at Las
Cruces on April 7: companv K at
Clovis on AprH 10; company M at
Portales on April 1I ; company C at
Artesia on April 13; Company at Carls
bad on April 14.
Deming, X. M., Feb.' 19. Deming is
uctuumiB yupuiar as a place of wed
dings. Two weddings were celebrated
here this week, both on the same dav
i rH,.att ana M,ss Maud T Simmons.
of Hurley, were united in mar-iaee
while Patrick J. O'Brien " and ''mSs
Martha Lowman, of Tucumcari, also
were joined in wedlock Both couples
returned to their respective homes.
WashinsrtonD. C, Eeb. iS.-President
Wilsen expects ship, j j. va.ss,ms
through the Panama canal' this coming
fall and muehhefore the formal opening
m .Tamtary. Hi let this belief be known
,Thday mprninff mounted policeman
Tom lork went out to get somebodv's
goat that was reported to be eating the
flowers of the residents in the 500 block
on .West Missouri street. When York
arrived m the neighbarhood the goat
had disappeared.
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"Uncle Joe" Cbhhoh Say He Is a KIce
Man. But Me Would Fire All the
Cardinals and Kaie Cain.
Detroit. Mich.. Feb. 19. Mr. Taft is
not a great hit with exspeaker Cannon.
"Mr. Taft is a great man, has one or
the greatest minds in the country, but
he was such a searcher after harmony
that he became our greatest creator or
party discord," said the former speaker,
of the former president
"Why, if Taft had been chosen pope
ot Rome he would have fired the col
lege of cardinals and appointed Protest
ants Greek churchmen and Turks in
their place. In four years "there would
not have been any mother church.
Referring to the Taft-Roosevelt epi
sode, he said: .
"You rememberjthe old Greek myth
in which Saturn devoured all his chil
dren. Well Roosevelt politically begoc
Taft and he devoured him."
Cannon is supremely confident that
the Republican party will control the
next congress and that he will he a
member of that body.
-Washington, D. C, Feb. 19. Decision by
the interstate commerce commission on tne
proposed freight rate increases is expected
to be reached probably within three months
and before the commission adjourns for Its
summer recess on July 1. This announce
ment, substantially, was made by commis- '
sioner Harlan today.
They Are Arrangins Business Attaint
So They May Visit Oklahoma City
and Fort Worth.
Cattlemen of the southwest are get
ting their business affairs In order to
get away from the home ranch for two
weeks in March to attend the two cattle
conventions, one at Oklahoma City,
starting March 3, and one at Fort
Worth the following week.
The program of the Panhandle and
Southwestern Cattlemen's convention
at Oklahoma City has been announced
and includes a response by Claude 3.
Hudspeth, of El Paso; an address bv
Gov. Lee Cruce, of Oklahoma, and other
prominent cattlemen.
Among the noted speakers who will
attend both conventions will he Dr. A.
. Melvin, chief of the bureau of ani
mal industry, Washington, D. C, and Dr.
R. A. Ramsey, chief of the field depart
ment of the bureau of animal indnstrr
Dr. Leslie J. Allen, superintendent of
tick eradication in Tsacas, also will be
Grecian PrlBce Weds May 21.
Vienna, Austria, Feb. 19. The mar
riage of crown prince George of Greece
and princess Elizabeth of Roumama
will be celebrated at Athens on Ma'
21 in the presence of the German en -pen
r. who arranged the match.
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