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i he Nerve Of Some Folks; Whaddaye Mean, Gave 'Em Real Bulletins?
Latest News By the Associated Press
EVENIMG, JULY 28, 1914:
rartly cloudy tonight and tomorrow.
lir.; 13.25 Stocks. Irregular
?" Mrter Livestock, rtrong Ml
c" !.ntea. it Vina currency. 21.
ChUmahoa currency. 28 U Carranza
curreacy, 2S9i.
Tea Pages Today.
Mme. Caillaux Is Acquitted Of M
Jury Returns Verdict at End
of Exciting Trial Involv
ing State Secrets.
Former Premier's Wife Is
Called Woman with Tears
Only For Herself.
PARIS, France, July 2S 3Ime.
Calilaax, jrlfe, the. tormer
premier of Ianee. wn acquit-'
ied by the Jury late tMi afternoon
-9n a chars of -aavlng- murdered
Gaston Calmette. editor of tie
Figaro. The Jury went Into secret
session immediately at the con
clusion of tlie dosing- addresses of
Maitre Chenn and Maitre tnbort,
opposing' counsel. Excitement tras
Intense -when the verdict -was an
nonnced There 'were cheers and
Los Angeles. Calit, July 28. It
will cost the people of California
just $190 to furnish Charles Wilson
with the right of franchise at the
coming state primaries and he in
sists he must vote. Election officials
estimate that his vote will be the
costliest luxury of its kind in the
state and perhaps in the Dnlted
Wilson lives at the Isthmus on
Catalina. Island, and is the only
voter In his precinct., which is IS
miles distant from Avalon, the only
town on the island.
Three voters will be sent by
launch or stage from Avalon to the
isthmus and with Wilson as a fourth.
will constitute an election board.
Wilson will then vote, and the board
will cast up and certify the returns.
Paris. France. July 28. Madame Hen
riette Caillaux. on trial for the alleged
murder of Gaston Calmette, editor of the
Figaro, fainted in court today again,
while Maitre Chenu. one of the attor
neys representing the family of the
murdered editor, was delivering a cut
ting analysis of her actions on. the day
of the tragedy. Because of the de
fendant's condition, judge Albaiiet sus
pended the sitting.
Mme. Caillaux looked worn and 111
when she entered the prisoners en
closure of the criminal court of the
palace of justice for tae eighth day's
hearing in her trial.
.Proceedings started with a speech by
liQuam siiuMi ode OI iq6 attorneys
representing the family of the mur
dered editor.
Defendant "Weaken.
Mme. Caillaux became visibly weaker
as the sitting continued and appeared
unconscious of what was occurring In
court. A hot water bottle was placed
beneath her feet and a cushion, at her
back soon after she entered the court.
Meanwhile Maitre Seligman continued
bis address.
"The sons of Gaston Calmette asked
us to bring them to this court to seek
justice," he said, "we refused to do so;
but do not forget, gentlemen of the
Jury, with what anguish he orphans
await your verdict. You have heard
witness after witness speak in praise
of the late M Calmette. There has been
only one discordant note and that
came from M. Caillaux. What connec
tion with the case has the fortune of
the murdered man? How many millions
must a man have in order to permit
bis being assassinated with complete
Team Only For Herself."
The Jury was next addressed -by
Maitre Chenu, and his cutting analysis
of the actions of Mme. Caillaux on the
day of the tragedy was too much for
the prisoner. She collapsed and fell in
a heap on the floor of the prisoners'
"I will speak of nothing except the
assassination of M. Calmette," Maitre
Chenn was saying.
"I will ask the accused whether when
she spoke of her love for her daugh
ter she thought of the two children of
it Calmette whose pictures never left
him. I shall not attempt to go into
the biography of Mme. Caillaux. She
Is a cool, sensible woman without emo
tion or pity. She has tears only for
m ruuGL
Czar of Russia Will Support the Servians, Whereupon
Italy Is Pledged to Support Austria if King Dares
to Try to Force His Subjects to Fight For Their
Ancient Enemy; Germany, France and
Great Britain May Become Involved.
Officials Are Baffled in At
tempt to Cut Off Her
Water Supply.
Brussels. Belgium, July 28. Nestor
Wilmart. Belgian banker, railroad man,
newspaper proprietor and sportsman,
was sentenced today to 10 years' im
prisonment and 58W fine on a charge
of swindling the public out of JMW,
000 by over Issuing shares in the
Ghent-Terneusen railway in 1912.
Five accomplices also were sentenced
Easqutn, the traffic manager to sev
en years and J 800 fine; Wareneter to
four years, and three others to three
years each.
Boulder. Colo- July 28. Wilson
Davis, manager of the Lost Lode mine
at, Eldora. was arrested today and held
for investigation in connection with
the killing of Champ X. Smith, whose
body was found in the Caledonia tun
nel at Eldora on June 13. No informa
tion has been filed against Davis.
The coroner's Jury decided that
S-.,t.h had been killed and his body
biown up to hide the crime.
Death Threat Is Hurled at
Police When They Try
to Enter House.
PJBBLO, Cole July 28. Armed with
a repeating rifle, Mrs. Mary Marti
nez barricaded herself In her home
here today and successfully kept off
officers of the local water company
and members of the police force who
had gone to the woman's house to shut
off the water supply.
The water company officials were In
formed that neighbors were getting
their supply of water at the Martinez
house, which Is the only domicile In
the neighborhood conected with the
reservoir. When they sent men to
shut off the supply today, Mrs. Mar
tinez warned them away with a gun.
Later a detachment from police
headquarters went to the scene, but
upon being threatened with death, they
withdrew. The water company will
probably file suit to accomplish its
Claim Right to Water.
Mrs. Martinez holds that she has a
right to water for domestic purposes
and that her supply cannot be wilfully
withdrawn. The company maintained
that Mrs. Martinez, in supplying all
the neighbors with water, was infring
ing the company's rules since otherwise
the neighborhood would be obliged to
connect with the mains.
Kansas City, Mo., July 28. A little
battered homing pigeon, absent from
home two years, has returned with
its wings frayed and Its feathers
missing. The bird was released, from
the balloon Uncle Sam near Chicago
two years ago by Roy Donaldson, aide
to Capt. John Hunnewell, of St.
Donladson released three pigeons.
all of which had small metal tags
attached to their legs. Both of the
others returned within a few days.
Washington, D. O, July 28i-rSenate
Republicans In conference today de"
clded not to filibuster against the
trust bills. They are opposed to them
and will say so in speeches, but their
main purpose is to bring about ad
journment as soon as possible. When
the senate convened today discussion
of the trade commission bill was resumed.
PARIS. France, July 28. By Austria's
declaration of war against Servia,
vthe whole of Europe is brought
to the brink of a general waf so terri
ble in Us proportions that it cannot be
estimated. The Issue will turn on the
action 'of Russia. "Ititbe czar's farces
backServla.3nlber.re'sSta.nee to-Aastro-
Hungaryw'lthcaanatfa!l.to draw Ger
many into we armea conuiet.
The declaration, formally announced
today, is based on the reply given by
Servia to Austrian demands for sup
pression of Austrophobe organizations
In Servia, limitation of press utter
ances, declarations of fealty by Servia
to Austro-Hungary, and the punish
ment of Servian state officials alleged
to have been implicated In plots which
resulted in the assassination of arch
duke Francis Ferdinand, of Austria,
and his consort at Sarayevo. Bosnia, a
month ago.
Servia's reply, was deemed unsatis
factory in that It failed to allow Austro-
xlUnsrarian nartlMYiattrm tnl. ..(..,..,
Investigations in Servia.
This is regarded as a pretext on
Austria's part to enforce her aggres
sion In far eastern affairs.
The whole structure of European
peace is on the brink of collapse. Ten
million men are waiting to be called
under their respective flags, and In a
few days all Europe may be aflame
with war and thousands of smiling
cornfields now awaiting the harvest
may become the scene of blackest
Anaasinatlon the Cauae.
The assassination of the arch-duke
Francis Ferdinand and his wife has
been the reward of a long life devoted
to the cause of peace, and now Franz
Josef, "the grand old man of Europe,"
has flashed his sword, and to all ap
pearances, thrown away his scabbard.
Behind the emperor's action, which
is an indirect but none the less ex
treme challenge to Russia, lies the
steadfast resolution of the German
races to sweep back the Inrush of
hordes of Slavs into Central Europe.
The dream of a greater Servia, em
bodying all the Slav elements In Austria-Hungary,
has been the hobgoblin
of the dual monarchy for the last five
years. It is realized in Vienna that the
Slav movement received a tremendous
impetus from the Servian successes 'n
the Balkan war and the unexpectedly
' aggressive siep or tne emperor u a
desperate throwuin behalf of the wan
ing Hapebsrg " tfristlge. The conse
quences are frightful to contemplate
Never since 1S7Q has there existed
a blacker outlook. In the opinion of
Georges Clemenceau, expreraier of
France and the greatest authority Is
the world on international politics.
If Austria does invade Fervia. the
czar of Russia, as "the father of all
Slavs," will be bound In honor to de
fend king Peter from being crushed
by the dual monarchy, whose objective
all along has been to obtain a road for
Itself through the Balkans and to seize
Salonika. "
Ruaaia'a Solid Front.
The great Russian empire presents
a solid front. Five army corps have
already been mobilized
To all observers the attitude which
Italy will take is most interesting.
While the Italian government Is of
ficially Informed ti- her parliamentary
representatives war tney will stand
by the agreement to support Austria,
it is questionable whether the Italian
people would ever consent to take
the field in behalf of Jhefr old oppres
sors. Italy 3Iar Revolt.
Should the Italian government Issue
an order of mobilization to help Aus
tria it is quite possible that a general
revolution might break out in Italy
and upset the monarchy.
The feeling on the peninsula runs
high against Austria, and it would not
surprise students of international poli
tics if the Italian people in the case
of a general European conflagration
should rise as one man to wrest Trieste
and Trento, the annexed provinces,
from the dual monarchy.
The immediate course Italy Is likely
to take will be neutral, as her policy,
would be largely Influenced" by Eng;
land's attitude. Sir Edward Grey, the
European statesman, realizes the grav
Conttnoed on Paffe 9, Col. 4.
I y 'rlffii'fas,. "' W i i
ilsWKff?liriis83HB5Sill i
Kins of Servia
Russian Troops Advance,
Folio-wing Austria's War
Against Servia.
Hostilities Between the Ger
roansj Austrians and Rus
sians May Break Soon.
FR.IlNZ josef
Emperor of Austria
Berlin. Germany, July 28. Reports
from the Austrian border today state
that the transport of the eighth and
ninth Austrian army corps from Bohe
mia toward the Servia frontier began
Monday and that there was no other
traffic on the Bohemian railways ex
cept that of troop trains.
Toronto, OnC July 28. Trading was
suspended on the Toronto stock ex
change this afternoon. Whether the
exchange will resume tomorrow morn
ing depends, the governors saia. on
the conditions in London and other
European exchanges.
ERLIN. Germany. July 28. Russian cavalry, artakry. two regiments
of infantry, and engineers have occupied WHDaiien. xxussaa jroiana,
rickt on the Austrian and German frontiers, wffle Russian guards have
been placed along all roads on the frontier. This -is stated m an imconfirmed
dispatch from Gumbinnen. eastern Prussia, to the Taeglehe Rundschau today.
The dispatch adds that a squadron of German IWans has advanced to
Eydtkuhnen on the Russian frontier.
Germany is pledged to Austria in the matter and Russia is in a position
in which it must fight for the Servians.
A clash at arms between Germany and Russia oa the frontier would not
come as a surprise.
VIENNA. Austria. July 28. The declaration of war against Servia by
the Austria-Hungarian, monarchy, which is expected to involve the
whole of Europe hi war, was gazetted here late this afternoon. The
text is as follows:
"The royal government of Servia, not havmg replied in a satisfactory
manner to the note remitted to it by the Austro-Hungarian minister in Belgrade
on July 23, 1914, the imperial and royal government finds itself compelled
to proceed to safeguard its rights and interest and to have recourse for this pur
pose to force of arms.
"Austria-Hungary considers itself, therefore, from this moment in a state
of war with Servia. n
(Signed) "Count Bechthold, minister of foreign affairs of Austria-Hungary."
Mme. Joseph Caillaux, Palais de Justice, Where
She Was Tried, and Joseph Caillaux, Her Hushand
Nlah, Servia, July 28. The Servian
steamers Deligrad and Morava were
seized today at Orsova on the Danube
by Austrians. The Servian colors were
hauled down and the Austrian flag
hoisted. The passengers were detained.
London. Eng July 28. The refusal
by Germany and Austria-Hungary to
participate in a mediation conference
on the Austro-Servlan conflict, reports
of the rapid movement of Austro-Hungarian
troops and the persistent down
ward trend of European stock markets,
were tb outstanding developments of
the European situation today.
Preparations for war proceeded on
all sides. Even England's battle sauad
rons have all been mobilized in readi
ness for eventualities, and the publi
cation or oinciai news as to Che move
ments of British warships has ceased.
The first and second battle squadrons
have taken on their full war strength
and are to slip their anchors at a mo
ment's notice. The destroyer flotillas
around the coast also have been pre
pared, and armed guards were placed
today around all the magazines and oil
Berlin. Germany, July 28. Toe pub
lic in the German capital was very
nervous today and alarmist rumors
continued to circulate. The run on the
savings oanR in wmch the poorer
I classes deposit their money was re
! sumed this- morning. As early as
! oclock there were long lines of depos
I itors outside the municipal savings
banks and the people Insisted on hav
' lng their money, regardless of the re-
assuring statements by the officials.
J Police authorities of Berlin today an
nounced they wonld not permit any
I more patriotic processions in th streets i
of TVrlln Hitherto these had not been I
lntcrltrcd Bitn.
LONDON. Sng, July 28. All Eu
rope may be drawn into the
Austria-Servian war which vir
tually began toiay with a formal dec
laration of war by Asstrla-Hungary.
Armies of the great powers and of the
small nations as well are mobilizing
and fleets are assembling lor prompt
action. There will, nowever. be some
effort toward localising the war so
as not to involve the great powers.
The actual cause of Austria-Hungary's
decision to enter bate hostile con
flict with Servia was the reply sent
hv the Balkan state to the note from
Vienna demanding that Servia take
steps to put a stop to the pan-Servian
propaganda of Austrian territory, and
also punish those Servians indirectly
concerned in the assassination la
Bosnia on June 22 of archduke Francis
Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian
throne The response of Servis
was considered by the foreign office
in Vienna "unaatisfacory" and in a
serai official communication made pub
lic yesterday, the Austro-Hungarian
government said that the reply as
filled with the spirit of dishonesty.
Two Nations Deellne Mediation.
In the meantime air Edward Grey
took the intative of requesting the
European powers to permit their am
bassadors in London to confer with a
view to a peaceful solution of the con
troversy. Italy and France at once
consented to join their efforts to those
of Great Britain but Germany and Aus
tria refused. Germany supporting her
ally in the contention that it would be
undignified for a great power like
Austria to appear before a tribunal of
European powers on the same -status
as the little Balkan nation.
Anatrta and Servia MobUlae Armies.
Austria-Hungary in the interval had
proceeded rapidly with the mobllixa
tlon of her great army. The entire
railroad system was utilized for the
movement of troop trains. The tele
graph system was vlrtuVlly monopo
lised for government business and a
strict censorship was imposed
Servia also has mobilized her forces
.Continued on rase 9, Colomr

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