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Tuesday, July 28, 1914:
Slayer of Stanford White Leading the Quiet and Peace
' ful Life; Has Been on the Sprinkler Since His Sen
sational Escape from Matteawan ; Has Had Many
Chances to Escape, but Seems Contented.
The "Popular" Closes Fridays at Noon Sharp
Wednesday A Sale of Art Statuettes
Offers an unusual opportunity to beautify the home at a trifling cost. We
secured these beautiful Plastic Mbdels at a price that permits our offering
them to you tomorrow at a smaller price than they are usually sold for. There
is nothing that could add so much to the appearance and finish of your music
room than one of these busts of your favorite composer to your library, a
bust of Emerson or Shakespeare to the living room or dining room, a Venus,
Meditation, Apollo or Cendrillon or a lion in repose or rampant.
Declares Britishers Do Not Seem Disposed to Look Fact
in Face; Compares Asquith to Wilson and Says
Former Is Becoming Entangled as Result
of His Policy Toward Ulster.
T OJCDON. Bus, July 28. Writing
I under the signature or "An Amer-
Jean visiter to Ireland." a man
from the United States who has Just
been tourintr tne green Isle with a
Cartv of friends hks straieht from the
shoulder in a remarkable open fetter
aaaresseo. to rsngiuuraea wmca iui
loirs. You English people don't seem In
clined to look facts In the face about
your Irish troubles.
Tour Mr. Asquith Is not unlike our
24r Wilson in that he talks a great
deal and does very little, but whereas
our Mr. Wilson's Mexican Inuddle can
wait awhile, your Mr. Asquith is get
ting so deep into his Irish bog that,
unless he gets a move on him quickly,
he and his fellow talkers will be sub
merged in a morass of shame that will
be all that will be remembered of
them in English history.
Shadow Haunts Tourists.
To travel through Ireland by automo
bile these lovelyl summer days would
be a delight were it not for the shadow
liat haunts our little party of Ameri
can pleasure seekers .
To Eeep Skin White,
Velvety, Wrinkle-Free
C M. W. says: "I perspire so exces
sively that powder makes my face
streaky these days and creams make It
greasy and shiny. What can I do?"
Try the treatment recommended to
A. F. G. writes: "My skin seems so
loose and wrinkly in hot weather. What
will help it?" Use a wash lotion made
by dissolving 1 oz. powdered sazolite In
one-half pt. witch hazeL This Is im
mediately effective In any wrinkled or
flabby condition. Use daily for awhile
and results will astonish you.
Anise: A simple way to keep your
skin smooth, soft and white is to apply
ordinary mercolized wax before retir
ing, washing it off in the morning. This
keeps the face free from the particles
of lifeless cuticle which constantly ap
pear. The wax absorbs these worn-out
particles, so the younger, fresher,
healthier skin Is always In view. An
ounce of mercolizezd wax may be had
at small cost at any drug store. Use
like cold cream. Aunt Sally In
y DnaL xieaim. Aavertisement.
Not In the least concerned In your,
political affairs, we do very strongly
ODJeCt that, WUea wo uavj uecii mini
across the Atlantic by the clever ad
vertising of your railroad and steam
ship corporations, we find ourselves
in a very unexpected Ireland, and Ire
land almost as certainly on the edge
of a bloody catastrophe as we were In
We open our somewhat dull-looking
English and Irish newspapers each
morning, we read aloud to our little
party the platitudes of your Lans
downes, Morleys, amid the rest of them.
and we cannot understand why they
and you Instead of staying at home and
talking, don't come and see for your
selves what your empire is heading for.
We have been here two weeks, and
throughout Ulster, Leinster, Munster,
and Connaught we have not, to our
knowledge, met an English visitor.
Attend uang sieeunffs.
TTrm ji tt
Because of its extreme purity,
delicate emollient properties and
refreshing fragrance. Assisted
by Cuticura Ointment it is
equally effective in the treat
ment of heat rashes, itchings,
irritations and chafings.
Samples Free by Hall
Ccueora Soap aaa Otstaent fold throughout the
srorM. IJbsrslsamplsolfarfiiTimsl tree, with zly.
boot, ilba -Caacnrm." Dtpt. KB. Boston
We have been present at gathering
after tratherine of the rival gangs of
fbloodthirsty cuthroats who are prepar
ing to make tne armsners ioojc ridicu
lous throughout the world, and we,
look In vain for any real presentation
of this amazing state ox affairs by
newspapers. ve ao not side witn.
Carson's army, though we admire the
wav in which Kitchener's methods
have perfected It, and we rather pity
Redmond's unarmed and leaderless
What puzzles us is the apparent. Ina
bility of your public men and your
newspapers to look at the facts and tell
the truth. The basic rock of your
Irish trouble is to be found scrawled on
every wall and fence In your well-ordered,
well-roaded, splendidly cultivat
ed and solidly built province of Uls
ter we Want No Property Here." It
is usually worded that way, but often
in stronger fashion. The red flags
that fly at most Protestant churches
and chapels, the orange marigolds at
every girl's bosom, the Covenanter's
badge at every man's buttonhole, all
say that same thing. "Wo Want Uo
Property Here."
Loathe Protestants.
And, to be frank, the Roman Catholic
Irish loathe your Protestants with
equal intensity, and. as soon as thev
find we are Americans, don't hesitate
to say so. Why, then when you are
on the verge of civil strife that is al
most entirely a question of Protestant
Ism vs. Catholicism, don't you face the
facts: stop talking about imperial re
sponsibilities, the right of minorities
and other twaddle, and keep these reli
gious extremists apart?
The Roman Catholic Irish sons like
your ways, which are or course the Uls
ter ways; they don't like your hard
business outlook on life; they are a
poetical rather than practical people:
they frankly prefer tnelr slums, bad
roads, dirty hotels, 11 shillings in the
pound taxes, and they like to be told
how to vote by their priests. That Is
not your Idea or civilization, or ours,
but surely they are entitled to their
own views in their own part of the
Take the man of Ireland: let the
Scotch and English-Irish continue their
hard, practical church of England
Protestant and Baptist -ways at one
end of the Island and leave the Roman
Catholics to manage their part by rul
ing on tne six Ulster counties.
Chance For Compromise.
Tou say that Is not enough for the
Presbyterians. I disagree. Ton sav
that the Catholics won't accept that so
lution. My own impression after many
interviews with people and priests. Is
that they will gladly take it nay,
make other sacrifices to get it.
Carson's army, whose motor despatch
riders in their hordes search the coun
trysides and watch the Catholic move
ments night and day, his Mausers and
machine guns (yes plenty of them).
- ORHAM. N. a. July 18. This sum
f v mer resort town, set In the midst
of the beautiful White moun
tains, about 10 miles from the highest
peak, Washington, is proving a blissful
temporary refuge to Harry Kendall
Thaw, slayer of Stanford White.
Automoblllng, whipping the many
good trout streams, conversing cour
teously with all who seek his acquain
tance, and doing a large amount of
work in offices he has established in
the Koyes building. Thaw Is having the
happiest summer In many a year of his
troubled career.
It is a quiet sort of life. The sur
rounding? are peaceful and Idyllic.
Thaw has come and gone about the
village so much that the inhabitants
are no longer roused to great cariosity
by his rather slovenly figure.
His habits are excellent. Dr. Austin
Flint . and William Travers Jerome,
ThaWs "Nemesis," It will be remem
bered, have often contended that with
a single drink of champagne. Thaw
might become a raving maniac and klU
I on Water Wagon
Well, however that may be. Thaw
doesn't give the single "draft of nxz
water a chance to show what it can do.
He's a teetotaler. He never frequents
the bars of the village hotels and no
liquor Is seen to enter his room. He
smokes cigars and that is alL He's
distinctly on his good behavior, and
others stopping at the Mount Madison
house, where he has a suite of four
rooms, find it difficult to realize that
the spectacled middle-aged, man with
the bulging eyes and the hair shot
with grey Is the celebrated Matftawan
Iri his suite with Thaw live deputy
sheriff c r. sttv-ns. his guard, and
H. J. Rice, his secretary- Stevens Is
assistant to sheriff Holman Drew, who
uvea in the nearby town or Herun ana
who takes turns with Stevens in guard
ing tne prisoner.
RflM-r to EM11D&
There are those who believe Thaw
would find It easy to escape. Thaw has
Just purchased a five passenger touring
oar. The Canadian Bower is not tar.
Thaw Detune Lost.
But Thaw has shown no inclination
to take French leave. This was Indi
cated conclusively by the incident of
the fishing trip when he became lost.
He and Stevens struck in at different
points on Nineteen Mile brook and
missed each other. At half past 8
odock In the evening (the deputy sheriff
called up the hotel, there was some ex
citement and a searcn party was or
ganized. Secretary Rice was the
With the aid of lanterns Thaw was
found about 2 oclock in the morning.
ne was seated philosophically on a rocK
in the middle of the stream, perfectly
calm, though a trifle wet and hungry.
With great good sense, when he real
ized that he was lost, he had concluded
the thing to do was to wait for some
one to come to him.
He could have covered a good many
miles toward liberty in the hours be
tween 10 in the. morning and the time
he was located, if he had pleased to do
Apparently he Is convinced that the
courts soon will set him free and tba'
there is nothing to do except wait and
Several Small Importations
During Past Week Partial
ly Relieves Lethargy.
Even for this dull time of the year
the cattle business Is very quiet indeed
in El Paso, and few movements of any
size were made during the past week.
J. T. Cameron brought over about S90
head of horses and mules from Mexico,
and has the cattle at the Union Stock
yards. At the same yards a shipment of
seven carloads of sheep from Califor
nia has been received. The sheep are
being consigned to George Meyer at
Del Rio.
Hughh JL Gage, of Hope, N. M, a
prominent banker of that section, is in
EI Paso looking over cattle prospects.
Albert S. Eaton of the Eaton Com
mission company, has returned from a
trip to Fort Stockton, Pecos and Kos
well, N. SL, on cattle business.
f ?i.r? .1?. ?- f7 E?i"K ?elts J ton & lnele have received four year- , the head of the hotel Fisher for the
to the fact that once more thptr hav i it , - ... . - -
to the fact that once more thev have
been out-organized. They will take
what they can get now; but the exist
ing tension cannot last.
When neighbors hate, neighbors wIU
eventually quarrel. As I write Car
son's army and Redmond's rabble are
facing each hour the hours round, and
oiooasnea may start at any minute.
Meanwhile your weU paid politicians
on both sides talk comfortably in
what you call the "Best Club in the
World," and take abundant care to
avoid the bother of coming over here
to find out for themselves the trouble
'bat is coming to them and to you.
Butte, Mont.. July 28. Ten of the
largest forest fires In western Montana
and northern Idaho this season are
raging and the efforts of scores of men
have made little progress against the
flames, according to Teports received
today at forestry headquarters at Mis
soula. The forestry officials received
word that there Is a. large fire still
uncontroled at Gold Creek; two fires
are burning on O'Brien, two at Nine
Mile, two on the Flathead reserve, one
In the Lewis and Clark forest, and two
In the Zelway forest In Idaho.
Forty men are fighting the blaze
on the Flathead reserve, where condi
tions are serious.
Pecos. Texas. Julv 2S. Ranchers of
Reeves county are improving their
herds by imoprtlng blooded stock. Hel
Mrs . Margar etB o oth Awards
the Contract For a $16,000
BuildingjBig Warehouse.
Wyoming street is beginning to rival
West Missouri street as the city's
apartment house street Mrs. Marga
ret Booth, who owns the De Witt
apartments, corner of Wyoming and
Stanton streets, has let the contract
for the erection of another apartment
building just west of the De Witte
apartments on Wyoming street. It
will cost J1S.S and will be erected
by a D. Pollack.
A warehouse Is to be erected at the
corner of Anthony and San Francisco
streets by the Rio Grande Valley bank
to cost J1SW. It will be a storage
warehouse and will be In the center
of the wholesale district
These We Offer You Wednesday
in a magnificent choice of subjects,
representing the masterpieces of
the greatest sculptors of ancient
and modern times. Your choice at
Shown in Old Ivory or Bronze Finish Each One Perfect
in Every Detail. Sale on the Main Floor
"We wish to state that though the price is ridiculously small for this grade of
art statuettes, it should not create the impression that they are of an inferior
character as they will-add distinction and refinement to any home, no mat
ter how rich the furnishings. The choosing offers a selection of fully thirty
subjects, perfectly executed, ranging in height up to 18 inches. - The same
pieces done in marble would range in value up to $100.00. -5s-.
See Our Mesa Avenue Window Display
You'll Wonder at the Low Price
New Selections
Royal Society Pack
ages, 1st Floor
Agents for
Pictorial Review
Patterns, 2nd Floor
A foot of brick wall caused El Paso's
pioneer hotel man to retire, from busi
ness. John Fisher has been in the
hotel business here since 'the Galveston
flood He first managed the old Pear
son, then the Sheldon and has been at
Green Trading Stamps Free
We give one S. & H. Green Trading Stamp abso
lutely free in our Retail Departments with each
ten cent cash purchase and also on all charge ac
counts that are paid in full within ten days from
date due. In addition to giving the valuable
Trading Stamps Eree we sell better and fresher
Groceries for less money than any other El Paso
grocery store.
ling Herefords, two two year old and
tnree tnree year oiu jjurnara nuns, me
stock was bought In Midland.
W. R. HanHns has received 35 head
of thoroughbred yearling and two year
old Hereford bulls from Dalhart
Conditions on the range In west
Texas are reported excellent by cattle
men visiting this city, the summer
rains having proved a great benefit
Duncan. Ariz, July !8. Several big
cattle deals have been transacted dur
ing the past several days in this dis
trict Hlghtower & Martin have pur
chased a hend of 1100 head from W. T.
Witt Mr. Witt announces that he has
retired from the cattle industry and
will devote his entire attention to his
Floyd Hlghtower has sold a herd of
450 head of cattle to Tuck Edwards.
W. F. Willis has sold a herd of 1
head- to -Bud" Splller.
Lakewood. N. M, July 28. R. B.
Knowles, one of the best known cat
tlemen of this section, has disposed of
his entire herd of cattle, about 704
head, to George Williams, whose ranch
is east of the Pecos river. Delivery
will be made abont August L The cat
tle brought the top market price.
Santa Fe. N. M, July 28. The 7XV
Cattle company, of Silver City, capi
talized at 3100.006. has secured a char
ter from the state corporation com
mission. The Incorporators and direc
tors are William RoyaU. Robert H.
Royall and Nina A. RoyalL all of Sil
ver City.
oast three years.
When the Alhambra Theater com
pany was building adjoining the Fisher
hotel it was discovered that the theater
property carried with it a half Interest
in the south wall of the hotel. An
effort was made to purchase this half
Interest and have the open space be
tween the new theater and the hotel
as a court to furnish light and air to
the hotel rooms. This effort failed and
when it became known that a lower
insurance rate could be obtained for
the theater by closing the windows on
that side of the hotel, brick were laid
In the window openings to a depth of
one foot but enough to .cut off all
light and air from the hoteT rooms.
When Fisher failed to make an ar
rangement with the owner of the ad
joining property for keeping these win
dows open, he offered to dispose -of his
hotel to George Look, who owns the
building. The offer was accepted and Mr.
Fisher retired from his lifelong business.
Skylight ventilators have been put on
the roof of the hotel and the rooms
are again occupied.
Davenport Iowa, May 5, 1914: "I
had a severe, torturing case of ec
zema on my feet hands, arms and
body for about four months, and I
suffered untold misery. The Itching
was something awful. In a couple
of days It spread aH over me with
blisters and then formed a raw mass
of sores. I tried . . and many
other remedies and Drescrintions. but I
'only grew worse. Finally I read of
Kesinoi ointment ana itesinoi soap ana
commenced using it I got relief from
the first treatment Resinol STOPPED
sleep the first night I used four or
five jars of Resinol Ointment and Soap
also, and I am entirely cured of that
disease eczema, and I can cheerfully
boost Resinol." (Signed) G. W. Fuller,
713 E. 10th St
Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap
also form a most valuable household
treatment for pimples, sunburn, heat
rash, insect bites, etc. For trial, free.
Md. Sold by all druggists. Advertise
3 pounds Chase and Sanborn's Am- $ 1 ff
ber Coffee, for pl.UU
1 pound Chase and Sanborn's Orange Tfi
Pekoe Tea for i DC
7 Bars Swift's Pride or 6 Bars Swift's
White Soap for
The coupons with these soaps can be exchanged
for Trading Stamps at the Premium Parlor.
Jackson-Standard Grocery Co.
Phones 3532-33-34 208-210-212 MillsStreet
Buy Your Groceries From T7s and Get Trading
William. A. Willis, correspondent of
the New York Herald who has been
In El Paso handling the Mexican revo
lution in northern Mexico for his paper
since February, left this afternoon at
2:45 on the Golden State limited for
Chicago. He wIU visit Chris Haggerty.
city editor of the Asoclsted Press, who
was here for a time during the winter.
From Chicago Mr. Willis will leave
for New oYrk aboard the Lake Shore.
This is the third visit Mr. Willis has
made El Paso since the outbreak of the
Madero revolution. He Is the political
editor of the Herald and expects to
"Jump Into politics" as soon as. he. re
turns. He will accompany president
Wilson and marty to Panama, during
the opening of the canaL '
Mining properties in northern Mexico
are being reopened as rapidly as fuel
and supplies can be obtained. Super
intendent R. E. Adams, of Velardena,
and W. E. Deavttt of Santa Eulalla,
left Monday with crews of men to re
sume work at these properties.
Miss Virginia Bean, an EI Paso girl,
daughter of Mr and Mrs. V. It Bean,
of 1S00 Golden Hill terrace, has a story
In the August number of Sunset Maga
zine entitled "n the Road to Santa
Fe " Miss Bean U- known as a violinist
of more than local riputation.
Bnlldinr Frrmlt.
To Phoenlx-El Pao Building companr,
to build a buncalow. lots 31 and 32. block 33,
Highland Park; estimated vilue H.
ureni x ilea.
El Past Helchta addition El Pad Relshts
Investment company to J. C Wlshman. lots
le and It bloclc 196. 1st .r&so iieignu; con
sideration JIM: JulT 13. 13K.
South side of Bliss, between Grama and
Luna Ernest B. Gay to Ruth Adklns. IotC
and part of 35. block 119. Bast El Paso;
consideration S10; July Z(. 1911.
rtortb sldo oz WTominr. between mag
nolia and Foolar J. E. Btschoft to Jar 1".
Knox, lots 21 to 3C. Inclusive, blocs: . Bas
sett addition; consideration Ji:0; June 4.
North side of Gold, between Indiana and
Ohio Mark L. Griffith to A. J. "Rose, lots
C and 7. block (1. Highland Park; consid
eration 3SM. May 21. 1914.
Mesa Heights addition R. D. Harvey to
Hendricks sanatorium, block II. Mesa
Heights: consideration S10 and other; J air
2. 1914.
El Paso Heights addition EI Paso Heights
Investment company to Charles E. H&gan.
lots 13 to 1(. Inclusive. Mock 71. EI Paso
Heights: consideration S219: July 19. 1914.
El Paso county. Texas J. J. Bishop to
J. L. Crawford,, section 17 and part of S.
block 1. school land; consideration itto;
June IS. 19lT
El Paso county. Texas J. X Bishop to
J. L. Crawford, sections It, 30 and-21. block
1. school land; consideration SS90; June 29.
El Paso county. Texas C C McCrosky to
Jay y. Knox, section 18. block 79. Texas
& Pacific survey: consideration, other and
910. March 10. 1914.
El Paso county. Texas D. L Greer to W.
C- Gray, section 18. block 73. Texas & Pa
cific surrey; consideration 1610; Feb. 9, 1311.
Licensed to Wed.
Frank C. Hall and Margaret V. Roberts. "
W. V. Stokes and Ona Dean.
Juan M. Garza and Jesus Bascon.
Secudlno Soils and Luz Ramos.
E. Flores and Carlotta CordleL
Ctuistobal Bosanegra. and Domltlla Ochoa.
Automobiles Licensed.
245T H. M. Schuts, Ysleta, Tex.; sevsn
naasenger Studebaker.
24S Oakland Auto Sales company, 407-11
Myrtle avenue; five passenger Oakland.
2459 Oakland Auto Sales company. 47-11
Myrtlo avenue: five passenger Oakland.
- Oakland Anto Sales company. 47-11
Myrtlo avenue; five passenger Oakland,
Births Girls.
To Mrs. F. Boise Sehutz, 1224 Orient
street; July 22.
To Mrs. Robert F. McKee. 700 Park
street: July 2.
Calomel is just another form of mer
cury, and you ought to know bow un
certain, how dlsaBrreeahle in ffpt nnd
how dangerous calomel sometimes is.
Perhaps you know several people who
u&vo oeen sajivaiea oy wnat tney
thought was a very light dose of calo
mel. Next time you have an attack of bil
iousness, or when your liver has gotten
sluggish, go to Kelly & Pollard and
ask for a bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone.
You will find it a pleasant-tasting,
vegetable, liquid remedy which takes
the place of calomel in every good re
spect and without the dangerous after
effects of calomel.
Dodson's Liver Tone gives the liver
just the amount of gentle stimulation
It needs to induce it to do its work
properly and thoroughly. You get a
large bottle for fiftV ntnta and vmi an
have your money returned right where
you made your purchase If Dodson's
Liver Tone fails to please you and prove
that It takes the place of calomel per
fectly. Isn't that fair? Advertisement.
". -.!? Js5j4z3jj
Spend the Summer in Los Angeles
Hotel Lankershim
lis restful reSflemeat of tat fernlshlngj
lis perfect service the peopte yon meet
the central location.
European plan Popular prices. "Free Auto
mobiles meet trains. Write our correspond
ence department for further information.
A Beautiful Guest! Boole. tUnrtntei and" fuUv deseribintf Los Anftln
and surroundus? territory for pleasure seekers and shoppers m14 FREE
upon request.
Aderess, hoicl lAftKcKsmiin, Broxdwty at 7tn, Us Ancele, Cal.
oleics 1
No More Desire
For Tobacco
Arthur Krouse Is a locomotive fire
man who had been using tobacco since
he was a boy. About two years ago he
began to have spells of Illness. His
memory was getting very bad and his
eyes bothered him a good deal He had
tried In vain to conquer the habit un
til he got a certain book and now he
Is freed from the thraldom of tobacco
and his health Is wonderfully Improved.
Any one who desires to read the book
can obtain it absolutely free by
writing to Edward J. Woods, 1S51 cL
Station Ji New York City. It tells how
the habit of smoking, chewing or
snuff taking can be conquered. Advertisement,
One of the supreme attractions of Long Beach, which cannot be equalled at
any other resort is the perfect bathing. The beach is ong and wide, the
sand fine and white, the slope of the ground gradual, making- it possible to
walk out a considerable distance with perfect safety. The breakers are just
strong enough to give the greatest amount of fan "with perfect safety.
Splendid hotels, apartments, cottages, tent city, for every taste 'and every
purse. We will make suitable reservations for you- Booklet free.
R. L. BISBY, Sec. Chamber of Commerce, 114 Ocean Ave, Long Beach, Calif.
Positive Relief
from the Buffering caused by dis
ordered conditions of the organs
of digestion" and elimination
from indigestion and biliousness
always secured by the safe,
certain and gentle action of
b weeTissiis " T!?r Pgggg
PLAN -VtfltoT pUN
K?,nf? ?iP.eI???it l,Prs 2FersB
75eull lltotloo SI 50 io S3 suatof ant - n
ffiihBalh With Bath VfithBalh WlthBaib IsJ H&
ILSatotl il-SOts; t2S,. iitetosr El Uli
Ghres your Bot a start
Rxe 1 147. 1 P. Mullin, Pttu
Sold ererywliere.
In boxes, 10c 25c
, Herald Want Ads for results.
the Place
to f wcy from Ow
nbcuab( tattmatt
krt E"JT
ddiftitfelly cal
Ufreo Pvcn
SaoMukd Itfflcnt
Hotel Savoy
1m tk i cw ml
th tufty bs
lic!y flftpiOwf
IUI tm Dar U
the Cure for Sciatica,
and all forms of
Rheumatism and Gout.
Resident Physlelan.
F&rrrood Hot Serines, Xctt Mexico.

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