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We Saw Boobs In Uniform For Many Years and Thought They Were Players. Now We Know They Were Tired Professional Men
Eddie Kelly To Fight Gage;
Ross To Go On With Cordova
Two Bouts Arranged For Next Sunday in Juarez Arena;
Training Begins and a Good Fight Is Promised;
Kelly Is Under Same Manager as Dundee;
Papke Has a Badly Injured Eye.
y-v DDIB KELLY, lb Harlem, lightweight.
i-S who Is oae of th few lightweights in
V. the glove gtse today without & tin ear
or a naramerea nose to anew xer mm
tough, experience In the boxlag game, has in
aognr&ted training eor his proposed 20 round
contest next snnoay wiin rransw uage at
Jn&rez. He is tr&isiag at the Stanton street
camp. Pine form was exhibited by Eddie In
his Initial workout and betting Immediately
took a jump on the Harlem, boy to win the
proposed contest.
In addition to skipping the rope for three
rounds, Kelly shadow boxed for an equal
number of sessions. The Harlemite is ex
tremely fast and is a swift, snappy puncher
witli a lot of force behind his blows. Lefty
Floyd, the Uttle negro lightweight, boxed
three fast rounds with Kelly, and the Mack
and white mixed the going freely. Floyd has
shows a big lmprorement orer his form of
several months ago in Juarez and to all ap
pearances will glre Cordova a hot battle as
the seml-windnp to the Gage-Kelly contest.
Kelly appears to be in excellent physical
convdttJon. According to manager Scotty
Monte 1th, the weight of 132 pounds will be
exactly right for the little eaterner. Kelly is
m. usioru j. peana ooy, dui can majce tne
lightweight limit with easa and without
working too hard or reducing to an extent.
Frankie Gage, the prospective opponent of
Kelly, began training Tuesday afternoon Xa
A. hitch between the managers of the prin
cipals In the 30 round seml-wlndup halted
the negotiations Mosday night. B. -C Bene
tez, manager of Cordova, did not poet a for
feit, Jedd English, the aggressive manager
of Floyd, had put his money up. The $106
aide bet between the principals was posted
several days ago. The matter is to t
straightened out, however.
r X his second attempt of a complete con
I quest of the feather title of the world.
J. Johnny Dundee, ef Hew York, left El
Paso Monday afternoon for Los Angeles.
where he is signed to battLf Johnny Kilbane
i or me ieauirwetgacCfiamptonsBip on some
date during early September. It Is probable
that Johnnie will return to Er Paso before
the Kilbane battle, however, as manager
Scotty Monteitb and sparring partner, Eddie
Kelly, who has a fight on his own hands,
remained in the city.
Lugging two big grjps, each nearly as big
aa .himself if set on end, Dundee hopped
aboard the rattler bound, for California, amid
the good luck wishes of his manager and a
crowd of fans.
On arriving at the union station from the
hotel. Dundee began a search for Scotty. He
found the diminutive manager glancing over
a punch of pink sheets and .scowling over
the newspaper reports of Sunday's fight. '
Besides being one of the greatest little
fighting machines of his weight in the world,
Dundee Is remarkably clever and bright. AH
of his business Interests are attended to by
Scotty Monteith. one of the shrewdest char
acters of the glove game.
Grover Hayes, the veteran Philadelphia!!,
was accorded a similar leave taking when
he left for Michigan, accompanied by his
manager. Bemy Dorr. Monday morning.
Hayes, who made a hit with El Paso fans.
is now signed to box Jack Britton some time
during the middle of August.
K unintentional butt by a sparring
partner may break up a brHliant ca
reer In- the boxing ring. Johnnv Pane.
featherweight champion of the armv.
who defeated Frankie Martin at Fort Bliss
several days ago, is in the Fort Bliss hos
pital suffering from a severe eye ailment
that may result in the permanent injury of
one optic and leave the other In such a :
weakened condition that the great little
scrapper will have to retire from the ring
and give his ambition of becoming the mid
dleweight champion.
Physicians at the post in. response to the
many inquiries, however, believe that his
eyes can be saved and that they will be as
strong as ever in time. Tuesday night one
week ago while training for, the conteat
with Martin, a sparring partner acddentlly
butted the little boxer over the Jeft eye.
When Papke entered the ring the eye was
swelled and blue. In spite of this handicap
and a pair of badly skinned knuckles, ha
defeated Martin well within the limit.
Sunday morning when John Manyon, his
manager, -went to the hotel, Papke could
barely see out of his eyes and was groping
for a glass. He was Immediately removed to
the Fort Bliss hospital, where the eyes were
attended to by the post surgeon.
Boys of the caliber of Paoke do Tnnrfc t
raise the standard of boxing In the eyes of
the public John Manyon. manager of the
feather champion, said: "During, his short
stay in El Paso. Papke has made a very fa-
""" i4ioiu. j.ii mnK ana unas
suming manner of the little Kewanee boxer
have won him many friend. The overdress
ing and swagger that distinguish so many
boxers are entirely absent from his makeup
and he conducts himself like any other
Men's Championship Singles
and Doubles Will Be De
cided August 1 and 2.
The fourth annual tennis tournament
for the championship of EI Paso In
men's singles and doubles will be held
on the courts of the 1 Paso Country
club, commencing- Saturday, August 1,
beginning at : p. m.
The tournament will be open to all
amateur players In the city of 1 Paso
and loving cups will be awarded the
winners in each event, with other prizes
for runners up.
Holes Governing: Matches.
All matches will be the best two out
of three sets except the finals, which
will be the best three out of fire.
The rules of the United States Twn
Tennis association will govern all play.
flayers not appearing wnen their
matches are called will be nromntlv de
The foot fault rule will be risrldlv ob
Entries will "be received nn to Vridav.
July 31, at noon, and the drawings will
iae piace .Friday night at S;36 p. m. in
Lao directors room or tne l. x. u A.
All Players Invited.
All tennis players in El Paso are In-
viiea to particpate In the tournament.
The Country club has three concrete
courts which will enable the tourna
ment to be run off without delay and
lockers, showers and other conveniences
will be provided for the players during
the tourney.
Interest in the event Is unusually
keen and the best tournament ever
staged is anticipated.
Australia Has the Tennis Favorites
-:I:- -- -::- -::- -..-
Davis Cup Will Likely Go Abroad
ST. LOUIS. Jia. Juiy . with the nam
ing of Maurice McLoughUn. R. jforrts
Williams II, Karl Behr and T. C. Bun
dy as the team which will represent
America in the Davis tennis cup challenge
rounds beginning at Forest Hill. L. l, Au
gust IS. the national committee seems to
have chosen the best team and excited as
little sectional Jealousy as possible.
Behr and TOlHams represent the east and
Mclaughlin and Bundy the west, Williams
and McLoughlln represent the youth of the
team, Bundy and Bear add the seasoned vet
eran effect.
From. the host of candidates la the field
for the honor of renresentlnr the ir.Mt.ut
State the committee has chosen what ap
pears to be the best quartet available at the
present time. AH other candidates have
shown Inferiority under stress in the pre-
ununry suj ana me committee is above
any charge of favoritism, .
Although veteran and youthful timber are
mingled in the team makeup, there is little
doubt that the burden of the fight -will be
on the young men McLoughlln. the Califor
nia comet, and Williams, the Harvard star.
both of whom are 21 years of age. Behr la
2 and Bundy 31 years old.
Bundy will pair with McLaughlin In the
doubles that will be his Uttle mite. Behr
will not break Into the game at all. unless
Williams suffers a falling off In form In his
uiuu eiufcics WilLClla
.h.nM noli one or the other of th contests
?"!? ?h. fire; out It;. asking too much to
expect him to wintKrtn.
Thus the Australians wll! go into the
.h.nmn rooad favorites oyer the Americas.
ind'Su pTobblr emerge the winners. The
Smiook Is dependent entirelr on whether
?h.v"e In form. That they will bar. to
2 o reach the challenge round, la evident
from the stroar team, they must beat be
for? earning the right to face the Americana.
The Canadians. Sehwengers and Powell,
a fair playere who do not claaa on paat
tarm. The German, hare a, crack-a-Jaclc
rilarer In Froltxhelm. one who la nicely to
win a match from anybody; bat hla sup
port la not strong.
The Brltleb team Ja another one man
team In J. C Parke. This veteran ia Bsely
to beat both Wilding and Brookes, and haa
done it. in his day. That he is not a deca
dent waa evident by hi. form Ian year. Bat
neither Lowe. JJavrogordato nor Klngseete
brine reputation sufficient to warrant a hope
of their beating Brookea and Wilding.
Unless the terrific heat and their long
preliminary campaign wear oat the Austra
lasians, it will be good lock if the Davis cap
doesn t go to zar oil aaurca again.
We have with us two umpires. Byron and
Johnson. Pat In between these namea tne
word Bancroft and you can at
Prize Fighting Becoming a
Favorite Pastime tor Women
More than 1000 Were at the Eingside When Carpentier
and Smith Met in London; Leach Cross Will Meet
Johnny Tillman This Evening at Vernon;'
White Demonstrates His Ability.
- r 1LWAUKEE. Wis.. Jntr it, Of lata . have a chance
M years there haa been a great deal
of controversy going on. bath in
Europe and America, ma to whether the
women ahoald attend boxing matches. The
women seam to have answered tho question
themselves by taming out in great numbera
VAil v r nrrna
TW nalB a TJ..-J- 1 WM" AJemnia " rfw uk. a. vuvv
..""""" l .DiMmy is cone to save (where this cxar stuff comes from.
the other members of the quartet for the I ( w
Welsh. Not
Will ' Pick -Up
Fight For
-:h- -::
a Year
-V TEff YORK. July
V! irVt'' Ttow awi splendidly
.A, 1 " "bm mc latest iningf in cciam
pionsi has virtually retired
from tne-ring for a year. 'While the
new lightweight champion has made
no announcement to this effect in as
many words, the Welshman has inti
mated as much. It is Freddie's dnten
vfi 1 dlscard tne ehtinB mitts and
keep the ring resin fX his shoes for the
remainder of the current year at least.
It took welsh somnthlnt- nv oik
Srf,T -?.?'&& e. champion
ship. He -waited lfi Ithe for almost a
decade, and now that he is in a jSosi
tion to Jim; hSorni price. Tie intends
to reap the full fruits of the harvest
Harry Pollok, whose publicity cam
palgTi was so cleverly engineered that
WV"?? ,nve8isJ Bto- flghtiBg
Welsh in the enemy's country, is spon
sor for the statement that Welsh will
" " ".icuum tour or .England.
France and the continent, before he -e-turns
to the United States and starts
seriously considering an opponent.
Pollok already has booked his cham
pionship charge to appear at every
5-1? I baX, ot. not ln the British Islei
Welsh will start the Junket as soon as
SS-'hT? 1i?m the Wohttries heaped
upon him by his countrymen. It is ex
peered that Freddie will spend the
greater part or three months in tra
versing the music hall circuit! then he
Mr.. Ritchie. PoorllillvVmis'sttHla?
winnlnd,er deIus'n that Welsh
will take iim on again on the Pacific
slope, and gjye him a chance to renin
--.w u tne ousiness.
-? JfTeooae i desirous of civinc- the "ex- a done nf
nis own medicine. It took two years
of dogged trailing for Welsh to. induce
Ritchie to sign up; now Welsh will do
the same thing to Ritchie. This time
Willie will have to do the persistency
act if he cares for another battle.
Next week Ritchie will ask thRTTnlt.
States government officials for permis
sion to exhibit the moving pictures of
his boutrwith Welsh, in the various big
cities. Ritchie has declared that h.
will let the American public judge the
contest on the sheet, and wilt- abide by
men teruici just, as ae ma wnen Eu
gene Corrl declared against him and
sheared him of the championship and
several hundred thousand dollars that
went with it.
Ritchie honestlv fcelfftvAA tha wnt
he should have received" was a draw.
We shall wait for a view of the "mov- i
les before decidincr whethp,- mtnhi.
has ample grounds for his belief.
Meanwhile Abe Attell, former feath
erweight champion, 'is pestering Welsh.
The one-time boxing wizard is in Eng
land, drumming up public interest In a
fight between Welsh and himself.
Somehow Attell assembled one thou
sand "Iron men" .and ha e rM m
post the entire wad If Welsh will agree
to fight him 10 rounds with the cham
pionship at stake.
COnEpnntfna l... i,. . . Aa
If the truth must be told. Welsh hart
Sr&lwSSitS'."?81" WtSSS
pari lor quite a stretch. The Rex Is
Attell and Welsh fnm-ht k -..
at Vernon. Cal on November 25, 130S.
Jim Jeffries, who refereed the contest.
w w9sk4 es 9tn. A . . .
anovaucu U1D UCVISiUn lO W elSIl St the
termination of the 15 rounds. Attell
L. S. Cates, Manager of Bay
Consolidated Copper Co.,
Offers Loving Cup.
Harden. Aria, Julr 28. The newlr or
ganized Copper leaeiie comprised of the
Hay den-Ray Consolidated team, the Hayden
smaller team and the Ray mines team
opened Sunday with a came between the
two Hayden teams. I. S. Cates. manager of
the Ray Consolidated. Conner coranasv has
vput np a beaotlfal silver lovinr cup for the
nun winmnx; me series, ana as the three
teams are now plarinr soch evenly matched
baseball, the contest should prove exerting-.
The Harden smelter team won the first
came of the series by a score of to S.
Senner for the Rir CanMaUdtitta. iner ran.
trol and in the fifsi three Innings walked
na nun. .-, 110 xnree men on oases, in the
fourth, Schultze for the smelter, knocked
a three bagger, making: the score 5 to 1 In
favor of the smelter. Senner was relieved by
Goes, who allowed only one run frarins the
remainder of the game. The eighth lnnlnr
proved the most sensational innine of the
pa me. "When Mitchell and Champion, the
heavr Rar batters taeh mar hnm ynn
brinsHnsT the Rat score nn tA fi mm
.Neither team scored during the ninth.
Next Sunday the Ray ConsoUdateo team
plays the second game of the series against
the Ray mines team at Hayden. while the
smelter Journevs to Tucson far & nm Sat
urday and Sunday. The followtsr wV- tn
craclc Mesa team comes to Hayden for a two s
" eiay. piaying ootn uie Aar consoli
dated and smelter teams.
Orcanlxcd baseban has snapped np one cf
the best players of the Cltr leacve. Morch.
the blf left flelderxit the Compasr I, clob.
will be alened bjthe Olympla. Kebraaka
atarles. If emerrencv should .ri xrTjtn-K
tin Is the vlra of the doubles combination and
conld plar with equal efficiency If WUUanu
of Behr were hooked up with him. Bundr la
a eood player, but not up to the class ot the
other members of the team at least hla
record indicates this.
The American team 1. fiHnp . ,tirn.i
proposition. Here Is the situation: There are
four s-reat tennis players in the world today.
aeo. ".-P1" tTOPwIr be placed on
scratch. They are: Maurice McLoushlln.
America: J. C. lark. Rn,i,ii. v!x..
I Brookes, AustraUa: Anthony WlldlnV vr
Zealand. All except McLouchHn are well
over 1 years of aee. Of these, on past per
formance. Brookea Is probably the rreatest
doer: Prk. and TVIIdlnr are about artand-SL'-.mI1"
SLwubUn appears to be shaded
by all the others.
Erery other member of the scratch auar
SpJaJ! me Umt- shown superiority to
Mclxrarhlln In a match. Tarke and Wlldlas;
hara done It aa recently aa last year.
. iS.?Fl wUn one 'o- 1 Player, la
asked to beat Anstralla. with two aW of
l5tSl'?.Un';- ?a u eLoosWta ahould
Win both hi Insrlati .. .a.- .
doubles team appears no match for the won
derful pair. Brookes and Wilding. Nor is
there any reason to believe th- m- CC!
JKL .iif"1 !" yet np to inning a match
from either Brookea or "Wilding.
Bat XcLoughlln does net figure to win two
singles matches. Hla tremendous endurance
Well boys. It's all aver. Toss away your
hats and gloves and go back to the farm or
mining or other normal occupation This
great game of professional baseball is all In
but the burial certificate.
At least this is the view -of an editorial
writer in the Cincinnati Enquirer, who de
clares: The national sport. If it has not been slain
outright, lies apparently mortally wounded
upon the altar of greed.
Playing upon the credulity and cupidity of
the athletes themselves, shrewd and calcu
lating promoters have brought about condi
tions in baseball that have injured the sport
beyond repair - - Greed, a supereem
merclallzatlon. has served all too quickly to
Impair that confidence and to destroy the
unquestioned belief of the public In the In
tegrity of baseball aa a sport.
The spectacle of contract Jumping, the
utterances of athletes that they are In the
pastime only for the money that Is In It.
the indifference, expressed or implied, cf ,
many of the athletes to moral or iri nUi. !
rations, has oulcklr resulted in a lax f in.
terest on the part of the public. That apathy
and indifference will become more marked
year after year.
Just the same. It's even money the Cin
cinnati writer will have a bet down on the
world's series outcome In IIM. At any rate
the folly of a few men today cannot uproot
a recreation with as itrasr fiAid ..
American public as baseball. The promoters
may die, and the greedy athletes; but not
the love of the game. That will effect a re
organization of baseball on better Hnes. and
very soon.
Battling Terry Hypnotizes His Foes
-:M- -::- -::- -::- -::-
One Baleful Glare and Fight Is Won
Br rB-VNK. G. Myvrrr-
Etate league club at the close ot the present
season. Morch will be purchased out of the
army by the club some time In October ac
cordlnr to advices which the left fielder
received Monday afternoon.
Overtures for Morch to Join the Olympia
club were made several days ace when he
received an offer from the manaarement. xe
Qulrlnt; him to state his terms for a season.
In securing; Morch. the Nebraska dub has
signed one of the most likely looldnr play
ers ever seen on a local diamond. The speed
and consistent hitting of the Xew Yorker
have made him oae of the most valued ni...
has contended right along that TTelsh I . wvJS? jS?Ler club- ?hm u bardly a
outTrelBhed him many Bmiida .J SS S1??." 3??Tch.d.0 not KCm' Wt when
J415 cv,n iw lub piaie.
H For Tour M
H every day while your H
Hj -wife is away. jH
H 520 N. Slanton B
B Phone 9B
outweighed him many pounds, and that
ri .-?,,?" cnnDiea -u,e Briton to
win. Attell has been passive from rlnc
activity for last a year, and has taken
on sufficient flesh to make him a legit
imate lightweight. ,
A statement made public by Mrs.
Freddie Welsh before she sailed to see
ner. sP,?n!e win the championship Is
quite likely to get the new lightweight
boss in lukewarm water over in Ene-"?-
Freddie is not the most popular
fighter in king George's domain, and
with this latest kIhf fcf ntiA ..a.tn&
will probably wane some more. Fred
die's wife declared that when her hub
by won the title they would come back
iv auiciiul uefrnTTin pitmi, ... i
glorious United States and live here
8tnw32S,f .'W?en ?e Brtns learn
ihat-,lelfh ls to forsake there and take
his title to America they -trill be so in
censed at losing their first title holder
In years that they wIU refuse to have
anything further to do with him.
Leach Cross and Joe Rivers will soon
become as well tundra n c
Langford and Joe Jeannette were sev
eral years ago. Sam and Joe fought
between fifteen to twenty timesin a
r . iiTM cn ana Joe are out to
to fight for the fourth time. They
will trade wallops next Tuesday night
dfSrJT JS""' Vernon il The
distance Is so rounds. In each of the
Ie'rftoPhoIn? "wsements Joe man
aged to show just a wee bit superiority.
ft,,SS,(,S?i?lses. f ,ttle all disputes
'X'nTo thyeclerinS " knCk0Ut
Trie First and Only Book of Its Kind Ever Published.
Five Cents and This Coudoi
fwJn HeraU 0fiice ana xcaie wpy "f this handy little boolc fcefore
they are H gone. If you want a book mailed, enclose a two cent stamp
Piloted by J. -Winders, of Clifton, a delega
tion of Clifton and Morend, Ariz, sportsmen
left El Paso Monday afternoon for their
homes, They were fight fans who attended
the Dundee-Hayes contest In Juara Sunday
afternoon. All were enthusiastic over the
success ot Kid Boss, the Clifton middle
weight, who won over Louis Hoode In the
first round of the aeml-wlndup. Among those
In the party were Frank Martin and Chart..
Chesterfield, of Morend; J. Winder, and At
Wasem. lightweight champion wrestler of
the word from Clifton.
San Francisco. Calif.. July IS. Charges
that umpires of the Pacific Coart league
have been betting on the games win be rig
Idly Investigated by president Allen T. Baum.
he announced here Monday. A number ot
players have been summoned to testify at
an Inquiry resulting from accusations fol
lowing the fight at Sacramento Sunday be
tween umpire Held and outfielder Mag-gert.
u?" T'O n be able to tell any one
that asked you when the first tie game waa
Htil,Z"nla Tra? T0 tla Wa and maay
more like ouutlnn in.t -. . ZZ. . -
Sf.iUK0e. ?,oot RANDOM, and get wiieV ft
costs but five cents and one coupon to know
everything about old time record. P
and Leach Cross, of New Torfc'lighrVeTghts: i
are matched to box I. rounds at VerMn.Au- 1
If Its north llarlncr, Ifs Worth Pay-
trr j . ,nE For.
t n l ?ave to s've onr advertis-ISif-o-
y' ln order to et Jt- ar
?Sns a.re saUsOed to buy it. A word
to the wise. Advertisement.
IF HORACE OREELET. the weU known
TiJP'- wer "Te tsday. isterested In
pugillaiB, and had a chance to peruse
m (Kra oi xNiiuiag xerry. tne nyp
notlslsE nghtweight. his advice to asjtf
ranta for not honors probably would be:
"Toeing man. If you would be successful
In your chosen field, master the hypnotic
Ed Frits, of New Castle. Pa., who man
age the scrapper with the baleful glare,
assures as again that b he taught Terry
the hypnotic trick. Terry has been un
beaten although he haa mingled In more
than ring battles since then.
Here la part of Terry"a record since he
became a "hyp" a record that shows It
KnocKouta. most of tbem In Jig time, and IS
popular decisions. The record waa supplied
by Fritz, who defies any one to dispute It:
Knockout "Red" -Robinson, one round;
Tom Broderlck. two; Sammy Prott. ten;
Teddy CHara, two; Frankie CBrlen. three.
Tommy Kilbane. ten; Lea Donaldson, two;
Kid Seeae. three. Young Jack Johnson, four:
Jack Kress, four: Tommy Trimble, four:
Bddle Meadle. fire: Biny Parks, five: Buck
Miller, four, young Ilyperk, three, and
"Hock" Evans, five.
Popular decisions Young Taylor, air
rounds; Harry Prendall. six: Joe Getx. dx:
Yoaac: SrltL atx: O4to TTnehler- kIy- T..lr
MeHenry. ten: "Red" Robinson, six: Tommy
Lowe, six: Battling Gates, six: A! Grad
wall. ten. "Swatta" Adamaon. six; and Ned
Sberaoff. six.
"Immediately after he learned the hypno
tizing atuat." said Frlt concerning Terry.
"he got bajsy and knocked out about every-
oooy ne met. lie a get a gooa look Into the
eyes of his opponent etd then It was all
over but the referee's Job ef counting out the
other fellow.
"But I made Terry step that. The fans
want to see a fight go a half dozen rounds
any -way and I have forbidden Terry to
knock out any one now until the fight haa
gope far enough to satisfy the desires of
the fans. If it I. a abort bout I make him
let hla opponent stay the Hmlt. That's why
Terry. In his most recent fights, hasn't gone
ln for knockouts he's Just there to roll up
"The moment Terry gets one look Into
the other feUows eves the flrht la nvee
far as. the other fellow's chances are con.
cerned. But Terry lete them atlck around
and. while he has the spell on them, even
forces them to fight aad fight at a ter
rific cjlp too. But Terry ia the master at
all atagea.
Terry today, with his wonderful endur
ance powers, his terrible punch, and with
hypnotism aa an added asset) la the great
est lightweight fighter in the world. He
can whip them all and In any round that
he chooses. If any one doubts this asser
tion Til back It up to the limit of Terrya
bankroll and mine."
It may be added, for the benefit of these
who haven't beard about Terry heretofore,
that he never keeps the spell on the other
'"" er ine ncm is over. XI He knocks
out an opponent, according to Fritz, ha
always "sticks" around until the fallen foe
comes back to oonadousneas. whereupon
Terry maneges to get a peep Into the other
fellow's glimmers. Then he mumbles the
raaigts word and presto change, the apell
In the case of fellows whom he permits
to linger to the finish, according to Fritz.
Terry reloased the scrapper from hla power
aa soon aa -tho final bell aounds.
basn t been called any unmerited namea
McCoy knocked out George Chip la the
first round la a bout la Jlrw Tork several
".? i.?"-,. F11 T,etwy eajse to McCoy
after Chip had grabbed the clouded mM-SiltX-
bampioahlp by beating up
Frank Klaus ln a scientific. If somewhat
brutal manner.
t?i2iS S?"B tnm CM McCoy twice
tf'd BlUr Murray, and on both occa
sions Mister Murray walloped Mister Mc
Coy In a very unrefined way. Murray then
m.?-5 t011- He "took on" Chip
and Chip knocked him out.
In the antipodes the "title" aeema to
2S51 a5d " week or bo. going to
Eddie McGoorty. Jeff Smith aad Jimmy
-"-.-. -. Bvir oraim aeema to
" V,1- .. J1' outpointed Clabby. who per
sonally had won on a foul from McGoorty.
Gibbons, aa stated, has beaten both Mc
Coy and Smith ao Mike seems to have a
I?"erJiSlm to th American championship
than McCoy aad a better claim to the anti
podes laurels than Smith.
So, all ball Mike.
at the GuBboat Smith and Georges Carpen
tier match la London, and also the oae be
tween Freddie Welsh and Willie Ritchie.
There were mors than 1M women at each
of these fights, which Is certainly going
some, for even a dty like London, and the
chances are that when more big rights are
held there, the number will bo increased.
fr renorta from the other dde State that
the women were among tb most enthu
siastic ot all the asectatorv'
French Wnen)Attend.
It ls nothing new to find hundreds of
women- attending these boxing matches in
Paris, but it waa something of a novelty In
London. However, these ar sot the only
cltlea where women attend boxlar eooteata.
for in Milwaukee last winter, maay women
attended the matches at the aaditeriam ana
they seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Most ot
the women who attend these contests wero
very out-spoken aad aaid that they could
see no reason why the fair sex could not
attend them Just as well as watching a
football match.
As long as boxing znstches are properly
conducted and held ln respectable quarters,
there la no reason why women cannot at
tend them. Of coarse. It has always, been
a supposition that boxing ls a man's sport,
but nowadays the women seem to be tak
ing up all kiBds of sports snd they have
included boxing Is the list. So that settles
Cross Meets TIflman.
Leach Cross, the New York dentist, who
haa been apeadlng the summer at Loa An
geles, will meet Johnny Tillman, the Min
neapolis lirhtwdarht. on Julv lath, hefor
Tom MeCarey'a dub at Vernon. Cross was
originally matched with Joe Rivers for this
4ate. but for some reason the Mexican
dropped out and as the Minneapolis boy waa
on the ground, ho was given the chsaco
to show his wares against the hard-hitting
New Yorker. TUlmas. has been Mmlnr
I along very nicely of late and showing good
ions ia ma contests arouna toe middle
west. He ls a verr cool lad ln tha rlnr
with a long left hand, and unless Mr. Cross
should happen to put over a K. O. early la
the conteat. it will not be snrarietnt in ha
that Johnny outpoints Leachey at tho end of
the 3 rounds. Cross mar lmaclne that he
ls picking a soft one. but he Is liable to
bump Into a very big surprise party.
Charley White, the Chicago lightweight,
demonstrated ln his battle with Stanley
Yoakum Is Denver, that ho can travel the
Marathon route without the least bother
aad finish like a race horse. There was
some doubt about Charley being able to go
the distance, aad maay of the boys around
the country have intimated that hT he tried
to travel rounds with Willie Ritchie, that
the latter would have all the best of It.
claiming that White's stamina would not
be auxOdant to carry hlzn through a loag
bruSataa: eoateet- Not anlv su h M k.
maisnca wltn xaaKum. but sau tha 1k I rmt
came, he had Mlfldect reaerse force I ahoald
to score a clean knockout. Charter win 1 best of them.
to raneat bis oerfor-aanni
whoa ho meets Joe Axsvedo in San Francisco
the first week ta August. These two ban
have met In s l-iasd contest ln Badae
last spring and White had ao trouble win
ning tho verdict, although it was a "no
decision" affair. There Is no reason why
he should not score a clean victory la s
rounds over the Portugese hoy. Thea it will
be back to the east for Charier la an ef
fort to try and get on wra Winie Ritchie
again, or the new chimpfcc Freddie Welsh.
Jeanctte Going Back.
Joe JeaaeUe, oae of tho trio of great
negro fighters, baa abefet reached tha esd
of his rope aa a heavyweight chamsionahin
possibility. Jos has been a wonderful
fighter aad haa never Quibbled over terms
when arrangtag matches with the greatest
stara of the game, bat in his recent tights
with Georges Carpentier and others he has
not shown tho same daah and vim as
The other sight in New York Joe tackled
the M negro BattHns; Jim Johnson who
wetgas over H pesBds and the accounts
2rw f -! w?tbr Joe knocked out or
fouled ta the first round. Jco claimed that
ne had been hit lew and foaled while some
of the Johnson adherents alleged tho blew
25"ift Hwer. referee Billy Joh d
" J'Sf H k"u 'boold be conttnuei
after letting JeaaeUe rest three mlnuttt.
which would Indicate that a foul had been
committed. The men fought a hard con
test throughout the ten rounds and at tha
end some said draw and others that J.x
had won. It only proved that Jeanetto .
going baekajward fast or Jim Johnson is
coming sIobs rapidly. Jeanette has been
a great favorite In- New York for sever!
'".even though he ls a negro-, and tho
? 'S ? " to hmlLT ot bis downward
slide. He is one of the few fighters who
sights. He Is happily married and has
rtee famlrr asd ia tmmml4 a. ....
m. tee nf sHaruri.. W4L e
Wll Go to Australia.
Another pair of American boxers havo
ft???1. to &" fha w to Anstralla and
try their skill against the best boys there
at the present time. Tho new wanderers
Ohio lightweight, accompanied by Bernle
Strapp. the promoter of that dry who
tISS-''v.0 J"""'. " tho latter.
J v..w..n "iways managed his son.
H ""JS? bl P mae - !- trip: and
Gua Christie, the Milwaukee Slddlewelsht
who has met moat of tfc tM...i TJIT
ha. always been Just a lltxhTbtt nndi the
S?.!.red ?? to be a champion. However
Gua ls a kid aa yet. being only a years of
!5S.Kand it? V Lentr of chances still to
cUmb to the top of the ladder. Gas. whi
has been mansged by Sara Murbariercf
mediately take up with Sain on hla return
Ob country. Christie thinks MbarzS
a.?-0? 11" " a and tralie?
sad win have aone other. While In tSo
AntgojJes Ou. will throw down toe ginnS?
to Eddie McGoorty. Gibbons. Dillon. Al Mc-
ta in better sfcta now to win than ever he
? i. Z. Mfftths. toero ta no t
..!iaMi."S alnr rood. He is a
a".sz.S."i.S: 5? 5Tr d
--. . u taa jwa againn tia
"Big Sh? Is the Whitewash Kin?
-:P- -::- T:I:- .-::- -rj:-
kfcIron Man,, Walsh A Close Second
New Tort Jni w-t. -.,t
world's lightweight champion, has entered a
oVj S" tor "turn match, aa follows:
Rttehie must allow him (Welsh) SiS.M
JflSI,arS'.'. tblo must make 1 piuoda.
?"' Eltchle must poet a side Ibetcf
tJZEZU?.Bt! thMe a""nds Is not hard
'Ifl'M !h.?4 "SMwelghul
S"", boys aa Johnnie Dundee. Joe Rivera!
Ir.WaH'' Jack Bri,,o JoVMandot:
he wont even consider. -fc.
b?h"fSn',kMa? .Ju": Tbo semi-finals
both in the singles for the Loagwood cun
ana in the eastern doublea champlonshln
were reached today in the lawn tennis toux
""jent at the Longwood Cricket club.
The afternoon mart frtmi wrtiL j
defeating Johnaon ln straight seta The young
CaMfernlan played the more brilliant game
but two of the aeta went to deuce through
the steadiness of his opponent. In the la
set Johnson had a lead of five gamea to
three, when Murray ran out the set and the
max en. "
The score: 1-J, t-J. 7-5.
Santa Rita. Jr. M . July IS. Santa Rita
won here Sunday from Silver City by tha
score of s to i A ninth Inning rally won for
tne local team.
SHOULD Christy Mathewsoa of the
Giants and Eddie Plank of tbovAthlet
ics face each other ha another rorloVa
aeries conteat aext fall, the fans of New
York aad Philaderphla Being pretty posi
tive that the tribes ot MeGraw and Mack
again are going to win the pennant In their
respective orgaatzatloae. the spectators
feruaate enough to witness this encounter
would be seeing a battle between the great
est whitewash spillers In the National and
American leagues. Matbeweon has for sev
eral years been the Kalsomlne King of the
senior league.' but It was not uatil Mar Zs
of this l-ear that Plank's friends had a right
to announce that the veteran left bander
had to hia credit mora shut outs than say
other fttager ln the Junior organization.
Vhea the season started Ed Walah of the
White Sax pes. eased the honor now owned by
Plank, ot most frequently keeping has ad
versaries away from the scoring station.
The Westerner had used the brush K times,
the Easterner SS. Jimmy Callahan did not
give Walah a chance to start a game until
July a, and by that time Plank had twirled
three shut outs and since then another,
walah. In hia second trip out, came through
With a "Chleara" virtnrv imp thj VanlrM.
but he will have to pitch another brace oi
shut outa before he can eatchnp wtth
Gettysburg's beat known graduate ln the Im
portant matter of spilling whitewash. Plank
haa denied hla opponents runs In .9 contro
versies. Wslsh ln 57.
Johnson Enters Bacc
Walter Johnson, on July 3 of this yesr.
got Into the Flank-Walsh class aad by the
halt century post in whitewashing. At tho
end of the campaign of 11J, the trophy
ear winner bad to his credit 41 kataomin
lags. By May M the Idaho pheaom had
fed his oppoaeBts on hen fruit four mora
times, bat he had to wait quite a whilo
until he could produce toat Seth whitewash
ing, dolus ao July 3 against Boston.
Others Outclassed.
Plank. Walsh, and Johnson are net In
much dancer of havfsf tnv mApa nMM4t-
in their tight Uttle whitewash society tor
many yeara to come. Only three other
American league pitchers "Chief" Bender
and Jack Coombs of Philadelphia, and Jos
Wood of Boston have succeeded ln keeping
their opponents away front the nlate In 25
Or more rim,, Rn,fr hma ahnt nn. hi..
rivaia is limes. Coombs 2S times, and Wood
1 Tntse a-iaL,cs show the number of times
Plank. Walsh. Jaossea, Bender. Coombs and
Wood have blanked each of their rivals.
Their Becorda.
rJHSk7T)L.BBt "' Against St. Louis It,
Detroit 11. Boston . Chicago . Washlngtun
7'T?'w..T?r.c ' Cleveland 5. Milwaukee i.
Watoh T shut outs; Against Boston li,
Washington s. Philadelphia. S. Detroit T.
St-,Ids J. Ctsvslaad i. New York, 5.
Johnaon 51 abut outs: Against New York
!r Boton ' Philadelphia T. Cleveland T.
Sc Loyta f, Detroit . Chicago 5.
. fl""- - shut outs: Against St, Louis
rU.2jrTSk i a""- 5. Cleveland 4.
IJaJrolt J. Waahlngton J. Boston 3.
."Sf--x """t ouU: Against Washlag
L.81'.iiS ' Cleveland 4. New York
5,n Chicago J, Detroit 2.
r" fS fb" nts: Against New Tork
.. xxuls S. Chicago 4. Washington
Cleveland 2, Philadelphia DetrolTi:
Mike Gibbons, of St. PauL aeema to be
the middleweight champion of the United
States and Australia, and Europe, too, pro
vided that .Georges CsrpenUer, of France
can make the weight no longer.
And Gibbons has beaten both Al McCov
and Jeff Smith and soundly too.
McCoy has been called a fluke cham
pion. Hlw recent showings show that he
.Blrmingaam. Ala, July 2. Pete Knlaeler
outfielder for the Birmingham Southern
league team, stated Monday that he had
signed a three year contract with the Chi
cago National league club. He will report
to the Chicago dub Immediately.
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