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Albert Harris Loses Balance
and Plunges 50 feet to the
Ground; Is Killed.
Elgin, Ariz, July 29. Alberft Har
ris, a homesteader here from Texas,
MS killed near Sonoita by falling SO
feet from a railroad bridge on which
he was working. He was usinc; a crow
bar to pry up the tie when he lost his
balance and fell- Death resulted. Har
ris was aranglngr to make final proof
upon his homestead.
There hae been heavy rains in this
vicinity iv 1 thin the last few weeks and
crops and grass are growing fine.
Cattle have plenty of feed and
water and are fat.
Candidates are active Jn this county.
The G O. P. Republicans and the
"Progressives" refuse to unite. Be
cause of this split and the Republican
minority In the county, there are few
Republican anouncements. The Dem
ocrats are also split. This Is due to
two candidates for superior Judge,
each of whom has his folowing;
Charged with criminal assault. Teclo
Vox, aged 30 years, was arrested Tues
day night by officers York and Thom
son. The complaint was filed Wednes
day morning In Judge E. B. McClin
toeWs court-
The revolting crime with which Paz
is charged Is alleged to hare occurred
on June 24, when, it is charged, he as
saulted Trinidad Morale, aged IB
Paz was caught Tuesday night by
Tfn. Dayton, at the corner of Hill and
Fifth streets. He held the accused man
until the arrival of the officers. The
prisoner was transferred from the city
to the county Jail "Wednesday morning.
"When he was. taken before the child,
who has been in a critical condition
since the crime, she declared positivelv
that he was the man who committed
the deed. Paz denied that he had
anything to do with the assault, say
ing he was a hard working Mexican.
Plenty of Sports of All Kinds
in the Morning; Army
Drills in Afternoon.
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tkin is a modified form of mucous mem
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jnpurities in the blood are prepared for
expulsion. S. S. S. has a most remaifc
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-o eliminate those secretions which are
r the result of Inflammation whether they
lake the form of catarrh or red patches
5n the skin. Its coolinc. purifrine effect
-s almost Immediate since in three min- 4
ates arter entering the blood It traverses
the entire circulation. It so acts upon
the cellular tissues in the skin that each
reJI rejects any invading germ and se
lects only Its own essential, nutriment
Irom the Wood.
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ingly illustrated book "What the Mirror
Tells" which Is mailed free by the Swift
Specific Co 108 Swift Building. Atlanta,
Ga. Get a bottle of S. S. S. today of any
druggist and thus insure pure blood and
consequent health. Beware of Imitations
and disappointing substitutes.
Final details for Cantaloupe day at
Clint on August 18 were completed
Wednesday at a luncheon held' in Hotel
Sheldon by the 1 Paso committee, in
conjunction with H. J. Gray, who rep
resents the Clint people.
The committee was served with
cantaiouDes from the valley and Dro-
nounced them splendid. Cantaloupes
were served before the meal and can
taloupes a la mode were served for
The celebration will open on the
morning of the 18th at Clint and will
last al day. Iced cantaloupes will be
served free to all visitors. The visi
tors are expected to bring their own
spoons. There will be plenty of free
ice water and lemonade.
Two trains will leave El Paso, one
at a. m. ana one at a-.iv. ine sports
will be as follows:
Part 1, Mornlnjr.
Babj- carriage parade, first, second
and third prizes.
First Sweepstakes, for common
ponies, ISO yard dash. First prize, S3;
second prize, ?z; tmra prize, l.
Second Sweepstakes, for aiod horses
(thoroughbreds barred), 350 yard dash.
First prize, saddle; second prize,
bridle; third prize, spurs.
Third race. To be relay race for
ponies. First prize, second prize, third
Fourth race. Girls pony race. First
prize, second prize, third prize.
ntth race. Mule relay race. First
prize, second prize, third prize.
Tug of War between farmers and
agriculturists; prize, cantaloupes and
Goat roping contest.
Sam Gatlin will be in charge of the
Part 2, Afternoon
Saber drill, U. S. cavalry.
Bareback exhibition, U. S. cavalry,
Jumping contest. U. S. cavalry; prize
(tonamons governing jumping con
test: Once around over two brush hur
dles, one odd looking hurdle, and one
fence hurdle. Ties to be Jumped off
on fence hurdle by raising height)
Cantaloupe race, U. S. cavalry, prize
Monkey race. U. S. cavalry, prize J5.
Musical drill. U. S. cavalry, cup.
Running at rings, IT. S. cavajry, prize
Roman race, U. S. cavalry, first prize,
15: second prize. S3: third prize. 5 J.
CaDt. LeRov Eltinee will have charge
of the military events.
The 15th cavalry band from Fort
Bliss will furnish the music.
A ball game will also be played in
the morning between a team from Fort
Bliss and a team to be managed by
Ted. Brann.
In the tug of war between the farm
ers and the "agriculturists." if the
farmers win they will receive a box
of cigars; if the "agriculturists" win.
they will receive a crate of canta
loupes. "Agriculturists" are those who
make their money in the city and
spend It on a farm; farmers are those
who make their money on the farm
and spend it in the city.
Franz Josef, in Manifesto
From the Throne, Grasps
Sword For Punishment.
Robt. T. Neill
Room 17. Post Office BuMng.
Phone 599.
Missoula, Mont, July 19. Two hun
dred men were engaged today fighting
forest fires In a heavy stand or spruce
on Big River in the Flathead National
forest. Assistant forester Preston left
here Tuesday to take charge.
The fire Is the worst thus far de
veloped from a dozen burning- in vari
ous portions ot western Montana,
fanned by warm winds.
"We are facing a repetition of the
great fires of 1910." said district for
ester SIlcox, "unless we can stamp out
these fires before they run together."
Vienna, Austria, July 29. Upon "the
Intrigues of a malevolent opponent."
emperor Franz Joseph, in a manifesto
issued Tuesday night, blames the con
ditions which have brought about war
between AustriaSHungary and Servia.
He stated it had been his wish to ded
icate his declining years to peace, but
found providence had decreed other
wise. Thus, after long years of peace, the
emperor announced, he is now obliged
to grasp the sword.
.Hirers Sen la Ttngratefol. ,
The manifesto refers to the ingrati
tude of Servia for the support the em
peror's ancestors afforded to Servian
independence, how Servia for years
has pursued a path of open hostility
to Austria-Hungary: how Austrian an
nexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
which injured no Servians rights,
called forth In Servia outbreaks of the
bitterest hatred.
"My government." continues the em
peror, "then enjoyed the handsome
privileges of the stronger, and with ex
treme consideration and leniency only
requested Servia to reduce her army
to a peace footing and promise to tread
the patch of peace and friendship."
Then recalling that it was Austrian
forebearance two years ago that en
abled Servia to reap the fruits of the
struggle against Turkey, the emperor
"The hope that Servia would keep
its word has not been fulfilled; the
flame of Its hatred for myself and ov
house has blazed always higher. The
design to tear from us by 4 force, in
separable portions of Austria-Hungary
has been manifested with ever-lessening
Inciting: Youth To Treason.
The manifesto then dwells on the
"criminal propaganda which has ex
tended over the frontier, aiming at the
destruction of the foundations of or
der and loyalty in the southeastern
part of the monarchy and the lead
ing astray of growing youth and in
citing it to deeds of madness and high
It continues;
"A series of murderous atacks in an
organized and well carried out con
spiracy, whose fruitful success
wounded me and my loyal people to
the heart, forms the visible and bloody
track of those secret machinations
which were operated direct In Senvia."
.uecianng mat a stop must Be put
to these intolerable provocations, he
"I must therefore proceed by force of
arms to secure those indispensable
pledges which alone can insure tran
quility to new states within and the
lasting peace without."
Boston. Mass, July S9 Possession of
a sect ad leg on the Lonswood bowl
was the prize for which Maurice E.
McLoughlln, challenger, and "William
M. Johnston, holder of the trophy, both
of San Francisco, were to contend on
the lawn tennis courts of the Long
wood cricket club today.
Maria Acosta, arrested and charged
with selling liquor on election day was
released from the county Jail "Wednes
day morning on 5400 bond.
" -j i
il J li. M ll
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ested in the
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right here at
"We have two 88 note player pianos of old reliable standard makes. They
have been used for demonstrating only. They are in the very best playing
condition. The regular selling price of these pianos are $850.00 and $e00.00.
To stimulate tm&roess we are going to let them go at $530.00 and $600.00.
Easy payments if desired. It would be impossible to buy better pianos at
any price. Don't fail to see them. '
"We have a Tery complete stock of new and slightly used pianos rang
ing in prices from 5150.00 and upward. Terms may be arranged to suit
the convenience of every buyer.
Phone 25S. The Big Piano Hon.e. 11-213 Texas St, El Paso. Texas.
Paris, France, July S9. France con
tinues quietly to prepare for war. The
troops of the active army are gradual
ly concentrating near the frontier.
A military guard has been placed in
the great flour mills at Cordell. near
Paris, which, in the event of war, would
be taken over by the army. The bakers
in Paris are lalng in large stocks of
flour and the city authorities, tn nr.
vent all possibility of famine in the
capital, started forming today a re
serve store of 19.000 tons of flour.
The police department is exercising
a general surveillance over Austrians
and Germans in Paris. The prefect of
police today ordered the discontinuance
of the service of the nubile at tablm
on the sidewalks and on. the terraces
in front of cafes in consequence of
disorders which have occurred since
the beginning of the international In
tension. Adolphe Messlmy, minister of war. to
day visited the military wireless sta
tion on the Eiffel tower and ordered
the staff to be doubled, the officers to
remain on duty day and night.
Kew York, July 29. Thousands of
Servians and Austrians residing in the
United States have placed themselves
at the disposal of their respective
countries, according to announcements
made by the consuls here.
Telegrams from San Francisco, St.
Louis. St. Paul, Milwaukee and vari
ous cities throughout the middle states
caused the Servian consul general to
estimate that in the neighborhood ot
10,000 men would Immediately respond
to a call for recruits.
The Servian consul general received
a telegram from WilmerdlBg, Pa In
forming him that 6000 men there were
ready to start for home whenever
they should be needed.
Phone 505-506.
Portland, Eng July 29. The British,
fleet sailed from here today for an
unknown destination. No information
could be obtained from naval officials
as to tne movements of the war vessels.
Partial mobilization of the Russian
troops in the southern and southwest
ern districts was ordered by the Rus
sian war office Tuesday night, according-
to dispatches received here.
It Is argued in official circles that
although this action dangerously di
minished the chances of maintaining
European peace. It does not necessarily
Imply a rupture of relations between
Austria-Hungary and Russia.
Los Angeles, Calif, July 29. Rioting
......... wu ucic c; iuuay in me por
tion of the city where Servians and
Austrians live. There was some shoot
ing, but no one was found to have been
Injured by a bullet.
Police reserves suppressed the dis
turbance. Several Austrians were arrested.
Imported Swiss,
per lb
per lb
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keg Ol.D
All Kinds of Sardines, Salmon, Jap Crab, Tuna Fish.
4UC per lb
O C Holland Herring
"Washington, D. C, July 29. Presi
dent "Wilson kept closely informed of
the war situation in Europe today
through reports from American diplo
mats abroad, but there was no change
in the attitude of mere observation.
"Washington; D. C July 29. Deputy
commissioner Jones of the fisheries
bureau, investigating charges against
government agents on the Prlbllofr
islands, reported to secretary Redfield
v ." niftnui ui arrest naa
been Issued for p. R. Hatton and L. N
Tongue, agent and storekeeper, respec
tively, on St. Paul's island, charged
with debauching native women. Tes
timony relating to other agents has
been forwarded to officers of the de
partment of justice.
., aAhMnet0n- P- - Jul' 29 Presi
dent Wilson today nominated Cornelius
Ferris, Jr, of Colorado, to be consul
to iwcaragua- .
Program Wednesday Is to
Open With "Stars and
Stripes Forever."
Patriotic sirs will feature the con
cert to be given tonight at Fort nil,
by the 15th cavalry band. The open
ing number on the concert program
will be a patriotic march: "Star on
Stripes Forever." The closing num
ber will be "The Star Spangled Ban
ner." The attendance at the Fort
Bliss concerts is increasing and thev
are proving a popular diversion for
the summer evenings. The Droirram
for tonight, beginning at 7:45 pfm!
March. "Stars and Stripes Forever,"
Selection. "Chocolate Soldier".. StraS
Selection. "Lucretia Borgia". ......
Waltz, '".Nights' of 'Giadness"?.0nfucllV f
Selection. "Offenbachiana Ko. 2"..
Paraphrase, "Melody In F" RubenstSln
March. "Belphegor" h!oi
"The Star Spangled Banner.""
Although light showers fell through
out the evening there was an unusu
ally large crowd at Cleveland square
Tuesday to hear the concert given by
the 16th Infantry band. Hundreds of
umbrellas formed a annnv n. ...
benches, while others sought shelter
under the big trees.
.-U?iss Ma"garet Agnew "White sang
'The Holy City." and .- ,.ZJZ.-Z
ied by the band. Miss "White 1, a
graduate of the Conservatory of St.
Louis. She was giTen an oration by
the audience.
"The Good-for-Nothing- will be
shown at the Wigwam today. This is
the special release which the Essanay
cialms is Its most elaborate produc
1 CI. lr- -Anderson, commonly known
afi Brncho Bniy." has the leading
role, which deals with a disinherited
son who makes good and returns in
time to straighten out family affairs.
Anderson Is seen in the role of a young
prodigal in the east, but later on in his
. ,... n nart of a westerner. Th 1
picture , h mae ? bIS w,t everywhere,
and the Wigwam has Included It in its
masterpiece service. Advertisement.
The BiJou wlH present John Bunny
today in "The Vases of Hymen." M?.
Bunny and Flora Finch play the leads
in a way tbat w111 5ure,y. "n.ake "u
J" r.. lather comedy will also h wi
th urogram in order to give the Bliou 1
natrons a glorious time.
1 superior Lubtn drama entitled.
The Tribunal of Conscience," will
please those wishing dramatic plays.
Another Keystone day at the Gre
nan. ' Don't miss seeing Ford Ster
lings double In "Soldiers of Misfor
tune." Another laughing treat -with
the popular Keystonecast. AJso a two
reel society drama, "The Broken Bar
rier." featuring America's favorites.
Advertisement. ,
Siock'Quoons Now
and 20 Years Ago Are
Interesting in Comparison
New York. July 29. With railroad
securities, which for decades have
been considered the solldest Invest
ment, making new low marks in the
stock market nearly every day. an In
teresting comparison aeveiopea De
tween present prices and those obtain
ing exactly 20 years ago thiswmonth.
ln July, 1894, Atchison. Topeka &
Santa Fe stock which is selling in the
SO's was then seling as low as 3.
Northern Pacific which is now selling
above par could have been purchased
0 years ago at 3 1-2. Union Pacific at
that time sold at 7 and Southern Pa
cific at 17 1-2. At present these two
stocks are selling respectively at over
150 and over 90 The reason assigned
for the great increase over prices of
? rears aeo. In spite of the fact that
business is suposed to be bad. Is that
20 years ago there was a great revul
sion of feeling away from what was
then looked upon as wildcat railroad
development, the public preferring to
invest their money in such railroad
securities as New Haven and New York
Central on the theory that they were
perfectly safe Investments because they
were properties situated in the settled
and prosperous east.
Now. however, the form reversal has
become complete. New Haven which
has sold as high as 250 is now paying
ao dividend and last week sold below
50, while New York Central has reached
the lowest mark in 29 years. Probably
no more striking ilustration could be
afforded of the manner in which se
curities expand and contract in value.
Tudela, Spain. July 29. Twenty-flTe
people were killed and 50 others in
jured, some of them fatally, by an
explosion ot fireworks during a local
festival today.
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later than August 3rd, giving location,
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EataMUhed April. JSS1. Cta,itai tt, .L
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Bijou Today-John Bunny
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