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The Associated
Latest News By the Associated Press
Mayor Kelly and C. C. Mc
Donald Tell Delegates the
City Is Theirs.
Pavilion Is Crowded During
Opening Session Tuesday;
Many Spectators There.
bi mhulvx ac walker.
To president Woodrow Wilson, In
his great berttwwt, the sym
path of the Tex Democratic
state conention in session m KI Paso
was extended Tuesday, tfho resolution
extending the condolences of the con
tention to the president, was offered
by goernor O B Colquitt and was
adopved unanimously
The governor's resolution was intro
duced shortly after C. C McDonald had
welcomed the delegates en behalf of the
chamber of commerce ano had referred
to the bereavement of the president.
Welcoming addresses and response!
occupied the time of the convention
Tuesdav after the noon hour. Mayor
C E. Kelly gave the delegates and visi
tors welcome to El Paso and told them
that if they got into jatl 'lust call up
Kem The city is jours for keeps.
he said.
D J Woodward, responding to the
addresses of weloozne. told the dele-patf-s
that El Paso really does not
deserve credit for being so hospitable.
is it does not know any other "way to
After two days of preliminary con
ferences, caucuses and discussions, the
Democratic party of Texas started its
deliberations Tuesday at noon when
chairman Walter Collins, of the execu
tive committee, rapped for order and
called the convention, to order. Mayor
C E. Kelly, of EI Paso, delivered the
address of welcome to the convention
on behalf of the city of El Paso. C. C.
!McXionald welcomed the visitors for the
chamber of commerce and for west
Texas. D J Woodward, of San Anto
nio, made the formal response. Her.
I R. Mlllican. of jUlamore, offered the
Temporary Organization Bff ected.
The temporary organization of the
convention included B. T. Curamings,
of Hill county, as temporary chairman;
C B. Watters, of San Antonio, tempo
rary secretary. E. Coles, W T. Potter,
E. Smith. E. J. Hussion and J. D. Ham
ilton were selected as assistant secre
taries. Jerome Shield, of Tom Green
county, was named as sergeant at arms
and BUI,-" Smith, of EI Paso. Pat
OKefe, cf Dallas. J H. Matter, of
Fort Wonh, and Lee McAffee. of Gray
son conntv, as assistants
Big Tent is Crowded.
xtie big pavilion tent was crowded
to its doors when the convention was
called to order The delegates are a
good natured crowd and It appears that
there will be no muzzling of speakers,
as they show plainly that they have
come across Texas to hear political
speaking and they will not stand for
anv steam roller tactics or speeech
muzzling. The first day was largely
taken up with the temporary organiza
t.on the addresses of welcome and the
naming of the committee on creden
tials and permanent organization.
It is settled that J. C Cunningham,
of Abilene, will be selected as per
manent chairman of the convention.
The committees will be given the
greater part of the afternoon to pre
pare their reports.
Mayor Kelly's Welcome.
"This dav is one of the greatest of
rnj life when I welcome the Democrats
of Texas to El Paso," was mayor Kel
ly's welcome to the state Democratic
The pavilion was crowded with the
83 ! delegates ana visitors when mayor
Kellv mounted the platform.
' This citi is yours, yours for keeps,"
cont'nufd the mayor. I can even guar
Bi tee Juarez for you. If any of you
pn m jail fcv mistake, of course
ivt il up Kellj The key of El
ls is lours use It
Had Rooms Reiterred for Ball.
-1 -. s r ert rooms for Ball at our
(Continued on rate 7, Column 1),
nam is
Thirteenth Lancers and 33d
Landwehr, of Austria,
Flee in Disorder. '
General Staff.
THE HAGrE, Netherlands, Aug.
11. By way of London. A
royal decree published in the
Official Gazette here today, pro
claimed a state of war in the Dateh
proilncea of Llmburg; Xortb. Bra.
bant, Zeland and some parts of
Gelderlacd, south of the river
ST. PETERSBURG. Russia, Aug It.
The Russian general staff an
nounces that the Russian troops
today dislodged a large body of Aus
trian troops from the enterenched vtl
large of Zalotche, in Austrian Gallcla.
to the southwest of Radzivioloff, in the
RiihRiiin nrnvlnpp of Vnlhvnta Tk. p...
sians sabered a section of the ISth Aus- !
trlan infantry, wnue tfie 13th Austrian
lancers and the 33d Austrian landwehr
fled in disorder
Germans TnWen Prisoners.
A telegram received here today from
Vilna says six carloads of German pris
oners passed through that city this
morning on their way to the interior of
Russia. Four wounded German officers
were taken to the Vilna hospital.
Auntrlan Evacuate Radilriloff.
The Austrian troops who previously
occupied Radziviloff hastily evacuated
the place after the Russian success on
Austrian territory
San Francisco. Calif, Aug. 11 More
wreckage from a British vessel, which
today is established to have been a
man of war. Has cast up by the early
flood tide in the neighborhood of the
frouth Shore life saving station.
Two white wooden cabin doors were
found, bearing on bright brass plates,
one the legend, ""navigating officer."
and the other, -gunner."
A German man ot war with three
stacks and two military masts, was
sighted IS miles outside the Golden
Gate at 10 a. m. today. Taken in
connection with the finding of flotsam
from a British warship Monday night
and today, her presence had signifi
cance. The description would agree
with either the Leipsig or the Kuren
berg. Firing at Sea Heard.
A critical examination of the flotsam
showed that beyond question it had
been splintered and torn loose by an
Bolts and fittings were not only torn
from their seats, but in one Instance
b5i.ru.n?5f 1? ?". door had
. ......cu ,,IU . utnsiea Knot. An
iron reinforcement two Inches wide by
a. quarter inch thick had been snapped
In two.
Life saving guards stationed near
where the wreckage was found said
they heard firing last Friday far out
at sea, but paid no atention to it at
the time.
Washington. D C, Aug. 1L Accord
ing to records here the only British
ships In American Pacific waters are
the small cruiser Sheerwater. the sloop
pf war Algerine, and the cruiser Rain
bow. The only enemy which might have
been in the vicinity was the German
protected cruiser Nuremberg which
had been on Mexican dutv at Manzan
Illo. was reported July 29 in mid Pa
cific apparent steaming for the Ger
man Chin- s'ation
J victory of Eussian Forces Is I.
P ArmSunc'eahySsTan' -'
Press Supplies All
T LIEGE the Germans today held the town ikelf but the forts still were
fighting strongly. The German main army in the north was reported
entrenching itself on the Ourthe, while two large divisions of cavalry
bad got to Tongres. north of Liege. It was expected that a general advance
was in preparation and a battle imminent, in which the Germans would be con
fronted by the allied Belgians. French and British.
The French at Meulhausen, Alsace, met with opposition after their occu
pation of that city. A superior force of Germans caused them to leate the
palace and take position outside. where a battle was fought, details of which
hae not been made public French reports are indefinite, but give the im
pression of a French success.
Many German spies were arrested today in Belgium and a secret wireless
apparatus was discovered in a German store in Brussels.
Fighting evidently has occurred on the Rutso-German frontier, as six car
loads of German prisoners were reported to have passed through Vilna today
on their way to the Russian interior.
Russians have concentrated a considerable army in Finland, thus disposing
of German reports of the landing of a German army corps there.
Bulgaria apparently is mobilizing all her lorces, to prevent, violations ot
neuhrafttw- '- .rp.-ritf ?i$iffc$i'r&m ? - "
The tfaJtecfafates. diplomatic officials in Eurooe have the further last
since Monday of looking after French interests k Austria and Austrian interests
in France.
A state of war has been proclaimed in the southern provinces of Holland.
Russian funds seized ia Berlin banks by Germany amounted to about
The German cruisers Goeben and Breslau still are at large in the Mediter
ranean, according to reports.
Germans are said in Belgian official reports to have lost 2000 killed,
20,000 wounded and 9700 prisoners in the recent fighting in Belgium.
England is said by the London Tiroes to have between 500.000 and
600,000 men under arms, without the reserves.
Aviators are at work constantly on the frontiers of France and Germany
endeavoring to observe the concentration of the respective armies.
Brussels, Belgium, Aug. 1L Military
authorities here assert German cavalry
divisions were told off to make a r
on Brussels with the object. It is be
lieved, either of leiying war contri
butions or seizing the treasury. It
is argued that they evidently reck
oned on not meeting any Belgian re
sistance. As evidence that the German plans
to traverse Belgian territory were
known to well Informed Germans here,
it is pointed out that a celebrated
chateau In Belgium, belonging to a
German prince, was emptied six weeks
ago, all the silver, work of art and
other valuables being sent to Ger
many. Among the spies captured ere four
German officers wearing Belgian uni
forms One spy was disguised as a
woman, another as a missionary and
a third, who had a basket full of car
rier pigeons, as a fisherman.
The Germans have dispatched some
forces in a western direction from
north of the river Meuse. The detach
ments, it is said, did not appear very
strong and it was expected that the
allied army would drive them back.
Some outpost engagements were re
ported today in which the Germans
were repulsed.
French Saber German Patrol.
An official statement issued today
says that at Houffalise in Belgian
Luxemburg, a French patrol attacked
a squadron of German cavalry today,
sabered them, and took several priso
ners. v
vv Ith the exception of sllghVeneoun-
iers oeiween reconnoltering lyirtles.
tui:t. yicwiicu looay in jtseigium
It was rerwirtAH (h.t hA r.
troops appeared to be reorganbirfe in
iront Olu&ee nrenaratnrv in k.u.
ning a freaflstocMrd movement. Their
advance guards afe on the banks of the
river Ourthe.
San Diego. Calif.. Calit. Aug 11
Strict secrecy regarding the movements
.2 Br'Ush and German warships
off the Lower California coast was
maintained by the officers and crew of
the United States ship Glacier, which
arrived in port today from Mazatlan
Captain Toser Intimated that any mem
ber of the crew disobeying the order
not to talk would be subject to court
martial if discovered.
It is believed here that the Glacier
sighted ships of both squadrons in the
vicinity of Magdalena bay.
Havre, France. ug 11 Between
2000 to 3000 Americans were still
waiting here toda for the siilne -f
the French transatlanti. liner". Frame
and Chlraco. wh' i lud bun. exiifri-ted
o depart Slnlai
Paces Today - . i
35,000 MESE
Shanghai, China. Aug 11 The cap
tain of a Japanese vessel which arrived
here today reported that 36,000 Jap
anese soldiers had emba-ked on trans
ports and were awaiting orders. He
said he belieed their destination was
Tslng-Tau, the German possessions in
Several Australian warships have
joined the British squadron in east
Asiatic waters.
Washington, D. O. Aug. 11. Great
Britain, pointing out the danger to
neutral shipping by mines planted in
the North sea by Germany, has indica
ted a purpose to plant mines in the
same waters. ColvUle Barclay, charge
of the British embassy, presented today
to secretary Bryan the following mem
orandum: "The Germans are planting mines in
discriminately in the North sea with
out regard to ships. Two days ago
four large merchant ships were ob
served to pass within a mile of the
mine field which sank H M. & Am
phion. The waters of the North sea
must therefore be regarded as perilous
In the last degree to merchant shipping
of all nations.
"In view of the methods adopted by
Germany the British admiralty must
hold themselves fully at liberty to
adopt similar measures in self defence,
which must Inevitably increase tne
dangers to navigation in the North
Paris, France, Aug. 11 Lieut baron
Marschail Von Bieberstein, son of the
baron Marschail Von Bieberstein, who
was formerly German ambassador at
Constantinople, was killed in a fight
near Genaville In the French depart
ment of Meurthe-El-Moselle on Aug. .
Belgian territory, except just aronnd
and to the south of Liege, was reported
todaj to have been thoroughly cleared
of German troops with the exception
of some Uhlans who had lost their
Montreal. Canaoa. Aug. 11. The
British admiralty has canceled all
transatlantic sailings of the Allen line
steamers Msatian, Victorian and Corsi
can, md mn use the vessels to trans
port supplies and troops prelum's 1!
from Cimrit to ruropf according to
mm uru uent lodui bj the stcim rij
the Herald's War News
Boilin? Water TJsed When
Ammunition Fails; 2000
Germans Are Scalded.
Belgian Colors StillEly Over
rAtms" 'Factory? WMtli
They Strongly Defend.
PARIS. France, Aug. 11. Women
workers in the Belgian national
arms factory at HerstaU just out
side of Liege, defended the village
against the German attack. The -men
were away serving in the army and
the women, according to the corres
pondent, swore that the German troops
should not take the factory They
armed themselves with revolvers and
other weapons with which they re
pulsed several charges of the German
Scald the Foe.
When their ammunition was ex
hausted the women barricaded them
selves in the houses from which they
poured boiling water on the German
soldiers in the stxeets. The corres
pondent says 2000 Germans were dis
abled by wounds or scalds.
Children and old men shared in the
defence of Herstal and the Belgian col
ors still floated over the factory build
Rome. Italy, Aug 11 There is an
unconfirmed rumor that British and
French warships hae captured the
German cruiser Goeben On the other
hand, correspondents at Athens report
that the Goeben and her sister cruiser,
the Breslau. were sighted this morning
rounding Cape Matapan, the southern
extremity of the Mores, Greece, at full
Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug 11 Premier
Radoslavoff announced in the Sobranje
that Bulgaria had determined to ob
serve the strictest neutrality, but must
take measures to repulse any violation
of her frontiers.
A state of war has been proclaimed
throughout Bulgaria in order to en
able the government to prepare to
guard the frontiers against invasion.
New York, Aus 11 The Cunarder
Lusitania, which left here at 1 oclock
last Wednesday morning for a dash
across the Atlantic reached Fastnet,
approximate) 300 miles from Liver
pool between & and 10 oclock this
morning Cunard line officials an
nounced that they had received cable
advices from Liverpool to this effect
today The Lusitania should reach
Liverpool tonight.
The British cruiser Suffolk steamed
into the entrance to New York harbor
and to within a mile and a half of the
bar this morning, clearing the way lor
a safe passage for the British tramp
steamer New York City from Madeira.
Aboard the New York City were Im
portant dispatches for the British con
sul here, placed there by officers of
the Suffolk an hour before.
Toklo. Japan. Aug 11 Count Okuma,
the premier, is an address to the news
paper men Monday urged them to re
frain from sensational rumors and in
flammatory articles in such critical
times, saying they were calculated un
duly to excite the public and injure
Japan's relations with friendly coun
tries. The premier Instanced what ne
termed a false assertion that the
United States was sending a fleet to
"America." concluded the premier,
"has made no demand on Japan and re
mains Japan's great friend."
Ottawa, Ont. Aug 11 The wreck
age cast up by the tide at San Fran
cisco is not part of the Rainbow of
that we are certain d-nHred t"ie naal
of fit i- todav
It was Thomrht thit th wrerkier
ntutit i fr m til t'- i'ie
AI l IT, in-ul liil-U. .. uU
The Hague. Netherlands. ug 11 Cheer
after cheer went up from the regiments
of Dutch troops marching past the
palace when queen Wilhelmina's daugh
ter, the little princess Juliana, was held
up to their view. The Dutch soldiers
were marching on their way to meet
the German troops which have invaded
their territory The queen, standing on
the palace balcony, sang with the sol
diers the national anthem.
H. J Gray reports that everrthinc
redy for Cutaloup day at Clint axt
Tusday. Airut IS. It was aa error yes
terday In annooaciBC It for Thursday of
this week. Th celehrmttoa la set for
TtMttday, August It. aad the CHat people
have arranced a splendid program for the
entertainment of all visitors. There will
be plenty of cantaloupes for everybody and
the whole Rio Grande valley is Invited and.
expected to be there
H J Gray, who is In charge ot arrange
ments at Clint, advertises the sale of
privileges for the celebration todftf. Bids
will be received by Un at Clint until
Saturday night.
sir (ray reports many orders received
from SI Pa spans for crates ec cantaloupes.
A carload has been made ready to ship to
Kl Paso tonight and delivery will be made
Washington. D C, Aug. IL Three
amendments to the bank law. prompted
by the European wars, were introd
duced today in the senate They would
recognize cotton and other staple ware
house receipts as commercial paper oa
which currency could be issued up U
7S percent of the value, would increase
the limit from 30 percent to 75 percent
of currency to be issued on commercial
paper, and more fully define the status
of state banks, and fully empower them,
if they Join the federal reserve system,
to issue extra currency.
Senator Hoke Smith introduced a
Joint resolution to empower the secre
tary of the treasury to fix the Issue ot
currency by the banks In the cotton
states at one-half the amount to which
they are entitled under the currency
act, and the other half In currency te
holders of cotton warehouse receipts.
Washington. D. a, Aug. 11.
The day in congress
The bill to bring foreign
ships under American regis
try was again under debate.
Bankers and planters from
the south were before the agri
cultural committee urging for
means to finance and hold the
cotton crop during the Euro
pean crisis
The Elks of PI Ia.o uil mve- -mnker
and -iecial priff'am of ntcrtalnn. nt W ed-
rcida nlpht it th 1 ks t -i n v r i
rnti'nh( r ft n .,
' ' - i 1 -s the
L v rat i: fiiia i .u a.
1 r L b ft I
Austrians Abandon Offen
fensive; Hurriedly En
trench on Frontier.
Cossacks Are Slain in De
fence of Russian Town
LONDON; , Aug. ir Not an
JmHztmn soldier is now on Se'
rfaa sail, according to the Ser
vian legation te London. An official
of the legatlOB added that seven at
tempts hy the Austrians at different
points to Invade Servian territory had
failed; that the Austrians had aban
doned the offensive and were hurried'
entrenching themselves on their own
frontier In the expectation of a Ser
vian attack.
It was officially announced that the
Montenegrin forces had Joined the Ser
vians, and that the latter had cap
tured a number of small places on Aus
trian territory
Kngland Holds S90 German Sailors.
England now holds as prisoners of
war 80 German sailors taken off ships
captured by British war vessels or
seised in British ports.
Number of Belgian Wounded Enormous
John Clarkson of Chicago, a railroad
constructor who left Antwerp on Sun
day afternoon and reached here by way
of Ostend. says the number of Bel
gian wounded is enormous. All the
hospitals at Brussels. Ghent and other
cities, he says, are full, and factories
and convents are being utilised for the
reception of the wounded.
Austrians Defeat Couaeks.
After defeating body of cossacks,
Austrian troops have occupied Mie
chow, in Russian Poland. 1 E'bs with
in the border, according to a Central
News dispatch from Vienna, by way of
The losses of the cossacks are given
as 4M killed and wounded, while those
of the Austrians are said to be 140
German Losses 3660 Killed.
A news dispatch from Brussels savs
it Is officially announced there that
the German loss in Belgium in the re
cent fighting was 2M4 dead. 20.000
wounded and 97M prisoners.
The Germans made a desperate attack
on Fort Soraign. sooth of Liege, Sun
day night and were repulsed with
heavy loss. It Is estimated that S00
Germans were killed within an area
of half a square mile.
Prince Killed. Leading Charge.
A bridge which the Germans were
crossing was shattered by the fire of
the fort which had an exact range. The
Germans attempted the assault witu
great courage. Some of their dead were
found directly in the front of the barb
wire fence that surrounds the fort. It
is reported that prince William of
JLippe and his son. who were killed,
were charging at the head of 100 Ger
man soldiers. The bodies were buried
near the front.
Plan of March Disclosed.
One of the spies arrested by the Bel
gians in" Ostend had in his possession
plans indicating the halting points ot
the German arm) on the march to
Paris. According to these. Brussels
was to be reached August Z and IJJls
France, August 5
China Receives Reply.
The Pekin correspondent of the Times
telegraphs as follows
"Replying to China's request of the
United States and Japan to use their
influence to protect China from warlike
activities of other nations. Japan has
stated that her attitude 4ePended oa
the result of the British campaign. The
time was not ripe to consider Chinas
proposal, it was said
"The United States avoided commit
ting itself "
Battle at Liege Continuous.
Dispatches to The Hague and to the
Telegraph from Maastricht sent under
Monday's date agree that the struggle
for possession of the forts at Liege was
going on coutmucustv and giving rise
to terrible seeing of bloodshed and ot
Dispatchc s th Germans were
making fierce ef'c t, to silence the
forts nearest tve ( t proper and the
defenders ueri an'Ij holding up
against almost constant bombardment.
German rmy Oceaplen Toastres.
The P-i-i- . i rrerondent of the Et
cranire Teler ,th ompar sas tnat a
iispatch fr-- Mi -truht therland.
inn1! !C. I i' 'he ' c 3 ei
1 f 1 t - a ot
it unturned an Page T Cvlcmn G.)

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