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i Paso Rejoices In
Latest News By the Associated Press
Gvnn a wt? I Cli'l "B 8a 1 'Sa 1 Ib r 11 Cd Fl n K I S I n H
crnniiis jcpuisc or ps vi iu55icio5 u n 1 1 1 u n
Germans Claim Victories
Over Invading Troops
of the Czar.
St. Petersburg Also Claims
Victory; lighting on the
Austrian Frontier.
LOMIOX, Eng, Aug. 29. A dis
patch to .the Renter Telegram
company from Pari says an
official communication grren out
in the Preach capital confirms
previous reports that theRuaalans
lure completely Invested Koenlgs
herg la eastern. ,IrajisIa.
--x.iui, Germany, Qy wireless to
the AsoraatedIres). Aug. 59.
News of the defeat of five Rus
sian army corps to the south of Allen.
stein is made public here today. It Is
regarded as encouraging and as greatly
relieving the situation in east Prussia,
where for a time the Russians threat
ened to overcome the German garrisons.
Ailenstein is about SO miles sooth of
Koeniesberg, which Is a Prussian sea
port on the Gulf of Danzig, off the
Baltic sea.
The Associated Press has been In
formed from official Austrian sources
that the battles which have been in
progress for several days between the'
Austrian and Russian troops, are ex
pected to be decisive. Austrian troops
are pursuing the Russians from Kras
nik. about 20 miles north of the GaH
c lan frontier, in the direction of .Lub
lin There is no invading army between
the river Bug and tfcfe river Wleprz.
i These rivers are affluents of the Vis
tula and embrace a territory located to
the east of Warsaw.)
Austria Invades Ruuls.
Austria, according to this same au
thority, has invaded Russia and has oc
cup.ed the region in .front of Zaraose".
Zamose is a strongly,fortMled town of
Russian Poland, on the Wleprz, miles
southeast of Lublin.
The Austrian hold the regions to the
west, north and southeast of Lesnberg,
Galicia, and have advanced toward the
Dniester river against strong invading
fortes of the enemy.
German Enter Rnsala.
Washington, D C, Aug. St. A dis
patch from Berlin to the German em
bassy says:
"German forces in east Prussia com
manded by Gen Von Htadenburg,
naie defeated In a throe daw hatfl
nejj Gilgenbsrg and Ortelsburg. the
Russian army of Are army corps and
three cavalry divisions, which was
proceeding from the river Marow. The
German forces in pursuit of the de
feated army crossed the Russian fron
tier. Russians Claim Vlctorr.
London, Eos, Aug. 29. Koenlgsberg.
the strongly fortified Baltic seaport of
the Germans, In east -"Prussia, has been
captured by Russia, according to re
ports in St. Petersburg, a dispatch to
the Times asserts
The Russian advance In east "Prussia
gave rise to three days of prolonged
and stubborn engagements In the vl--In!t
of Soldau. AMensteln and Bis
choffsburg, where the enemy had con
centrated the army corps which re
treated from Gumbtnnen, and some
fresh troops. Ailenstein has been suc
cessfully occupied by the Russians.
The German losses were particularly
heavv at Jleuhlen. between Osterode
and Nordenburg. and the enemy is in
fuU retreat
Beeemes General Engagement.
On the Galician front the fighting
had on Wednesday assumed the char
acter of general engagements develop
ing m the southern districts of Lub
lin and in eastern Galicia on the road
to Lemburg The front of the battle
extended for 200 miles. At first the
fighting was more of the character of
attack and counter-attack, but grad
ually the Austrlans were compelled
to assume the defensive
A Russian foot regiment. In a hand
to hand fight with the 11th Hungary
reserves, captured their colors and
nearly annihilated the enemy.
Anatrlan Ataek Repelled.
St Petersburg dispatches to the
Timt'5 sent Saturday morning say the
Aust-ians made a bora bid for the of
fensive Friday by trying to seize the
left flank of the Russian position in
Po ai.d with the obv.ous intention of
rehev ng the pressure on the German
Fb fa PrtPIITT
feces In northeastern Prussia
Tw o or three army corps advanced
4 ps W a Kielce. where they encoun-
Me-cd H '---ns KusIan fire A Ditched
ttontjmed on Tage 5, Col. L.
MMMMgrnBLuLmawN m fig-
ls-r ' ""4-- i& WaarfJT 3fcRISSlHnilwTflEuMpOT yHi
Foams? ' ' - "fhJKSKPlSBBslSwSSS&SSS-" J - "" Sf9-H I
I asm 1 "l r & 1 isHnsHaMHasBi&SBBsBrlezCaB9ssBBBBr " il9B
If. i"-v nil I WW , .1 r-Br t:o- -flr
V'-"v ' -? -l I mm m - ' jmVI - w r JIM "SWy
The upper photograph, Jost received in this country, sho ws oermaa prisoners of war captured by the Belgians at
Bruges. These were the first prisoners taken in thj European conflict. The lower picture shows soldiers in a military hos
pital at Brussels having their injuries treated.
WAR NEWS today reflected
chiefly the situation in east
Prussia, where the operations
are assuming daily a greater Import
ance. These reports are conflicting. At
Berlin it is officially announced that
five Russian army - corns have been
defeated by the Austrians and Germans.
south oi Ailenstein, so miles souin or.
Xewsnaner dispatches from St.
Petersburg . on the other hand, declare
that Russians have captured Koenigs
burg. a great fortified fort on the
Baltic. From the same source comes
the statement that the Italians are
drawing a net arounC Weinberg, the
capital of Galllcla.
According to a report from Copen
hagen, Germany is rushing troops from
her west front to reinforce her army
and that of Austria in the east.
The British foreign office announces
Lnndon, Eng, Aug. 2. Baron Lam
bert Rothschild, one of the famous
Rothschild family of financiers, has
been designated by the German govern
ment as a hostage for the payment of
the war levy on Brussels. He has been
taxed 10.000,000 francs. Baron Roths
child is a Belgian. Ernest Solvay,
known as the Belgian Carnegie, is also
held as a hostage. A tax of 20,000,000
francs, about 56.000.000, has been Im
posed on him. The burgomaster of
Brussels has not handed over the 240.
000.000 demanded by Germany. He de
clares he cannot raise the money.
Rome. Italy. Aug. 2J. The report
that prince William of Weld, chosen by
the powers as ruler of the new king
dom of Albania, has fled from Durazzo
is now confirmed by the Avlona, Al
bania, correspondent of the Tribuna.
An earlier dispatch said that since
both Italy and Austria had withdrawn
fhAlr flnnnHal xnnnsrt fi iil.-u
the intention of prince William to va-
luc wruue is cunurmeo.
Paris, France. Aug 29 The newspa
pers are forbidden to publish more than
one edition in every 24 hours Failure
to observe the order will result in th
suspension of the newsuaper coin.uu.u.
Her Prosperity and Invites the
'Jwagan?RJaamw wMiitji'iijujiiww AaBwet?JwJB,maatfJww Kmraiffaaa
that east Prussia is being rapidly over
run by Russians. The French embassy
in Washington states that its advices
show the Russians to be within 2
miles of Lemberg.
Berlin has received a report of the
defeat of the British at St Quentin.
France. If this is true. It places the
Germans 3 miles south of Cambrai. the
scene of the recent German successes.
A dispatch from Paris says that train
service between Paris and Boulogne has
been suspended.
The German ambassador at Washing
ton today denies the story of German
cruelties and declares that Zeppelin
airships had attacked nothing but fort
Field marshal lord Roberts declared
today that Britain would require hun
dreds of thousands of men lor the
present conflict
TsingjTau, China. Aug. 29. One of
the forts threw a shell across the en
trance of the bay Friday afternoon at
a small partv of Japanese or Chinese
that had landed on Cape Jaeehke. The
landing party departed immediately. Its
mission was not known.
Pekln. China. Aug. 29. After an in
quiry at Tslng Tau. the German lega
tion denies that the German torpedo
boat destroyer "S-J0" has been sunk.
A dispatch from Cheefoo. China. Fri
day night, said that the British torpedo
destroyer Welland had engaged and
sunk the "S-90."
Toronto, Ont, Aug. 29. At the final
meeting of the workers of the Toronto
and York county patriotic fund Friday
night it was announced that the fund
had reached the total or 5SSS.000. The
announcement aroused enthusiasm,
which was increased when the presi
dent. Sir William Mulock. made the
further announcement that the Ameri
can Aid society had pledged itself to
raise J 100.000 toward the support of
the wives and families of Canadians
who had volunteered for active ser-Mce.
EVENDfG, AUGUST 29, 1914.
tt.v.5atheR FORECAST,
unsettled tonight and tommorrow.
m J?' 6 Grains, dull Llje-
steady-. Mexican tank notes, IS
,. ?FT. 21 Chluhoahna cur
rency, w Carrania currency. I-
64 Pages Today
Today's Herald contains
64 pages in 10 sections.
Be sure you receive the
complete paper from your
Partial Contents
Of This Edition
High school.
School of Mines.
Public schools.
Private schools.
Buildlnc " -Building
in a year
New residences. ,. . 1 .
New additions.
New apartments.
Courthouse and city ball. . ; .
New churches.
Fine hotels.
Model tenements. ;-
New sanatorium.
Rio Grande project.
Water assured neat year.
Two million In factories.
El Paso smelter.
Other manufactories.
Chamber of commerce.
Country clubs, etc
Union workers.
CIilc llranty.
Heautiful yards of EI Paso.
The city's parks.
El Paso's paved streets.
County roads.
Women's aid in city building.
Public utility plants.
El Paso's nlles of water mains.
Mines of southwest
1-1 Paso imports.
Soldiers bring six mllltoo to El Paso.
Fort Bliss enlargement
Bank clearings.
Milk and eggs here.
! len raila In,s.
l'oioffn.e le enns.
Two German Cruisers, Two
Destroyers Sunk; Third
Cruiser Set Afire.
Submarines and Floating
Mines Are Used Against
-r ONDON. Eng, Aug. 29 As an after-
I math of the big naval engagement
Friday off Cuxhaven at the mouth
of the Elbe river, in which the British
fleet sonic two German cruisers and
two torpedo boat aestroyers, with a
third German cruiser on fire and drift
ing, a British cruiser today arrived in
the Noere with 200 German prisoners.
The Germans were chiefly from the
cruiser Mainz, one of the sunken ships.
German Submarines Play Part.
The British cruiser squadron, accord
ing to the semi-official report of the
battle, although attacked by submarines
and menaced by floating mines and the
guns from the German warships, suf
fered no serious losses.
"The cruiser Amythest and the torpedo
boat destroyer Laertes were damaceVL
bat all the ships in the Britaih iet
ware afloat at the end of the engage
meat The British loss of life was.rrtt
Rear Admiral Beatty Victor.
In the British, battle cruuer squadron
were the flagship -Lion, the Xew
Zealand, the Queen Mary and the
Princess RoyaL commanded by rear
admiral Sir David Beatty, while rear
admiral Moore, rear admiral Christian,
commodore Goodnough and commodore
Tyrwhitt had charge of other contin
gents. Official Report of Battle.
The following official report of the
battle off Cuxhaven. was Issued today:
"Early Friday morning a concerted
operation of some consequence was at
tempted against the German fleet off
Heligoland Bight A strong force of
destroyers, followed by light cruisers
and battlecruisers. and worklnc- in con
junction with submarines. Intercepted
an attack by German destroyers and
cruisers guarding the approaches to the
German coast According to informa
tion which has reached the admiralty
so far. the operation has been fortunate
and fruitful.
Britaih Ships In Good Order.
"The British destroyers have been
busily engaged with the enemy's de
stroyers ana all tne British destroyers
are reported afloat and returning in
good order. Two German destroyers
were sunk and many damaged.
ine enemy s cruisers engaged the
British cruisers. Battle cruisers of the
first light cruisers squadron sank the
Mainz, receiving only slight damage
The flrst battle squadron sank one
cruiser of the Koln class and another
-disappeared In the mist on fire and 'n
a sinking condition.
Submarines and Mines Used.
"AH the German cruisers which were
engaged were thus disposed of. The
battle cruiser squadron, although ,
tacked by submarines and floatinx
mines, successfully evaded them and is
not damaged. The light cruiser
squadron suffered no casualties."
FIcMlns la Terrific.
The British destroyers engaged in
the battle returned today to the port
of Harwich. The crews said the fight
ing was terrible. It lasted about eight
London, En.. Aug. 29. A dispatch to
Lloyds from Xikolayev, Russia, says
that the small passenger steamer Ex
press, from Odessa for Xikoiayev,
struck a mine on August II and was
destroyed. Fifty-four persons perished
but most of the passengers and crew
were picked up by other steamers.
Geneva. Switzerland, Aug. 29 Ital
ians in Switzerland have been called
to the colors and It Is reported here
that the Italian fleet has been concen
trated at a port at the Adriatic in
preparation to imnine the Rnti-h and
(Continued on rase 3, CuL S.)
World To
Don't Argue on War,
Doctor's Health Tip
New York. Aug. 29 "War Don'ts"
are offered to members of the West
Side Y. M. a A. by Dr. Louis R.
WelsmiUer, physical director, "for
your own health's sake and your
own peace of mind:
"Don't argue about war. Every
man has a right to his own thoughts
on the subject and it will only
make yon nervous and fretful to
get Into an argument Ifs fooUsh
to lose your temper and become Ir
ritable: and, beside. It spoils your
"Don't fret about the Increased
cost of living as a result f the
war. It wont help any to worry.
and It Is certain to impair your
health. A little thinking win anew
ways of economy that won't hurt
you any. and will help you to over
come the rising prices.
"Be optimistic by all means, and
to this end take regular exercise,
eat healthy food, vreathe plenty of
fresh air. get out into the sun as
1 much as possible.
V un-.H ... ... -... 1.. ..... .
tbe war may soon end; pcagc that
Ljj mi. couiiLry iu; 14. uu wJ mw.iiwi .
1 revolved, and thank God for the tact
that you live in a land that baa not
gone war mad."
London, Eng. Aug 29 A dispatch
to Reuters Telegram company from
Milan says a report has reached there
from Bart Italy, that Brit-ih and
French warships, combined with
llentenegrln suns, resumed the bora-
'bardment of the Austrian forts at
Cattaro on Thursday night Two forts
were demolished altar stx boars can
nonading. A small Austrian squadron attempt
ed a sortie from it place of retreat
at the Island of Charso. but without
Rome. Italy, Aug. 29. A dispatch to
the Gtornale D'ltalla from Basel. Switz
erland, says that three German array
corps, two Austrian army corps and a
great quantity of siege artillery have
crossed the Rhine.
London, Eng, Aug. 29. Dr. William
Osier today sent a letter to the Times
urging the emphatic necessity of en
forcing compulsory typhoid vaccination
in tne uritisn army. Me says inat in
war the microbe kills more than tne
bullet and adds that the experience of
the American army shows the remark
able value of tyjfl-oid vaccination.
Today's Herald In Keeping
With El Paso's Greatness
IN PRESENTING this, the Annual Midsummer Advancement Edition, The
Herald takes a pride that is pardonable. The Herald believes that it is
the beet Bewspaper ever issued in the interest of a Greater El Paso
and it believes that the public will agree to thie, which aent that it is the
fiaect edition ever issued in 1 Paso, for when it is done better, Tie Herald
does it
The growth of El Paso has been coincident with the growth of The
Herald; hence it is ail the more a pleasure for The Herald to give to the
world a paper that so strikingly sets forth the advancement of thai city. It
takes a paper like The Herald to do justice to a city like El Peso. We do
not say this in egotism, bat because we are familiar with the representative
papers of other cities; we know and we are certain that The Herald's dis
criminating readers know, that we are right.
Your careful and critical reading of the edition is invited. Send copies
te your friends, so they may learn about your El Ease. Save your own
copy and send it away and if you want more, you can get them at The
Herald office, wrapped and ready for mailing, postage paid, at ten cents
In passing. The Herald wishes to thank its force for the loyalty shown
in the publication of this paper. To John W. Harm, saperintendent o The
Herald's press and stereotype room, and his able force of men, is dae much
credit for the splendid pant; the best The Herald has ever offered in a spe
cial edition; to Chas. S. Ward, foreman of the composing room, and his loyal
force of printers, is doe the credit for the neat typographical appearance
of the paper. They all worked with the enthusiasm that always marks the
work of The Herald family. A man must put his heart into his work t get
such results as we present today, and The Herald i sraU-ful for such men.
The editorial department takes no credit lor the preparation of the
articles contained in the paper, it feels that it is a duty it owes the world
a doty to show the world the greatness of the nty that has been so kind in
its support ot The Herald and its earnest efforts. The editorial department
merely gies the tacts; they are bis enough. The editors feel repaid for the
work in the lonsciomness ot a duty well pertormed.
Join Her
Germans Pressing Forward;
Claim to Be Driving Allies
in Toward Paris.
Official Statement in Paris
Says There Is No Change
on the Frontier.
LONDON. Xng.. Aus 8, Ac
cording to reports la. London,
iPranee has formed a. new
armr'of See men to take th,
offensive against the German right.
Tbls rumor, however. lacks con
Boulogne la anticipating German
occupation. A force of UbJana has
been seen rrithln 36 mHra of the
town. Heavy German forces are
known to be marching- In. that di
rection. French troops have been
withdrawn. It la apparent no de
fence will be made at Boulogne.
BERLIN. Ger, Aug. 39. German
troops are fast pushing their
way Into Preach territory, ac
cording to a. message received here by
the.Tages Zeitung declartec that the
British defeat at St Qoentte was com
plete. Tne British losses were severe, and
the routed British soldiers were forced
to accept battle by the Germany cav
alry, who were in masses on their lines
of retreat the message says
The location of St Quentin. In the
department of Aisne. France, as the
point to which the British troops were
forced to retreat before the German
attack, places the scene of this fight
ing considerably further within French
territory than it Bad been set by previ
ous reports.
Location of St Quentin.
Up to the present time the British
line baa been described aa extending
from Cambray to Lecateatt. St Quen
tin Is M mil3 south of Cambray. and
the same distance southwest of Leca
teaa. It is within eight miles of the
boundary of the department of Soman,
referred to la an official communica
tion Issued by the French war depart
ment Friday night as follows:
"The situation on our front from the
(Continued en Pace 2. Column 4).

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