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Week-End Edition, 'August 29-30, 1914
Women and Children In Serbia HOME OF
Are Starving As KesuJt or w ar
Representative of Servian C hurch in United States Says
Conditions Among the Helpless Are Deplorable and
Asks Aid; Federal Council of Churches
to Renew Efforts For World Peace.
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-A&&ee?r -:T' ill 1ml I
Is at the head of the Servian Or
thodox church In this country,
representing- here the archbishop ot
Belgrade, reports terrible suffering ty
women and children throughout Servia.
Three wars In three years haTe dried
up benevolence. Orphanages founded
to care for children left from earlier
varg are declared by him to be -without
food supplies. These orphanages
Include one founded ty princess Helena
and the wife of the Russian ambassa
dor at Belgrade. The children of small
trades people, with parents at war, are
starving i
The Servian church In Servia. and
congregations of it in the United
States, are organically independent of
the Russian church, but closely allied
with It Its form of service is the
same. Servian congregations exist in
New Tork. Pittsburg. Cleveland, Chi
cago, throughout some parts of the
northwest and n San Francisco. Many
male members of them volunteering to
go back to Servia to fight, have been
unable to secure passage. They are
forming relief societies, both men and
women leading, but pastor Dabovlch
states that Servians here are unable to
contribute all relief needed. Ameri
cans must come to their aid if they are
not to die.
that the eastern ehurch is often!
charged with over-conservatism, ana
Jack of all ot the spiritual care that it
ought to exercise. Now he much de
sires that his church act quickly. Bish
op Vincentlus of Uskub, bishop Barna
bas of Debar, both in historic Mace
donia, bishop Dositheus of Nish, and
archbishop Metrophanea, primate of
Montenegro, report terrible sufferings
and appeal through pastor Dabovlch for
BPlstance. The headquarters of the
Servian church In this country are, by
courtesy during the war, at the Russian
cathedral of St. Nicholas, in New York.
Laymen of the church of England.
who already had a legislative body of
their own. to see to It that plans made
bv lay minds go into christian wont ,
along with plane made by clerical j
rmnas, nave now ou,..ou - -: -board
of finance, and upon Its member
ship have taken an overwhelming ma
jority The board is representative of
both provinces. Canterbury and York,
and has upon it. not members of the
aristocracy save In rare eases but bus
iness men from the middle ranks, bank
ers and lawyers, artisans and success
ful tradesmen. v.--,.
Ival to the hierarchy. tneJa':lJ
nevertheless assumes powers suf, jS!?.
to eive It control ef funds intended for
new buildings, for the training of
voung men for the ministry, and to a
considerable extent for world mls-
5' Laymen In churches in America are
moving along similar lines, but have
not yet got so far as in England. Bap
Sits and Congregationallsts have re
cently remade their benevolent ma
chinery -if these lines, and Presbyter-,
lTns. because of deplorable mission
debts last year, are urging g"!"0
Snrlfee these other bodies. Bpicopa
laymen, quite unofficial now. but alm
IrT eventually to influence their offl
cUl bol?S ae wording for better bus
. rzJzCjt ieFraf achievements for
doUaVxpendedT-and-better manage
ment of the 18.M.we a yeir which
Episcopalians In the United States con
tribute England's central board is held
to be a forerunner of plans that are to
extend through all religious bodies,
here and abroad.
Tnoulries have just been made of
mlss?ona agendas in America cog--rfnisTwhnremTnefdJ
SJ Orthodox! Presbyterian. Baptist.
thodist. Disciples. Episcopalians and
congregational societies have beencon
5T Twrv one replies, at the out
Sat the injury to christian work
Vt-X d 8"3l mission fields is
Tnnreme in the showing how thin so
called chlristlin civilisation really is.
Mohammedans. Shlntolsts. Brahmins
an others have already made this
pSint wit American christian societies
having work by their side.
German Lutheran churches are cen-
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Good Health.
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S?S (gag
- rpT iL-UliSa
ters- of German lojalty. with thousands
of sermons. All cities are so report
ing. Danish. Swedish and other Luth
eran congregations, however, are tak
lntr the other side. Roman Catholics
are being urged to increase their al
ready large missionary gifts s.nce
France, the large giver to Catholic
world missions, may be expected to
default Episcopal missions, apait
from others, are perhaps less affected
than any. Methodist, Baptist and Dis
ciples have missions throughout Eu
rope, and most of these are prostrate,
many suffering severely. The Amer
ican board. Congregational, and the
Presbyterian foreign board have Issued
statements of hopeful character con
cerning field work. J
The American board, all Disciples so
cieties all Episcopal and others end
ing their fiscal years with August or
wfth September, are fearing heavy
deficits. Some fell far behind last
year, when there was no war. Dis
tractions of public attention, dis
heartenment over supposed progress,
remittances to friends In Europe, all
these causes are giving mission board
officers grave concern. Not a single
society but reports its work hindered,
while some express fear that not in
years will the normal be regained.
Remittances to workers on fields are
retarded, but not stopped, and most
workers are able to get to and from
fields, save those in Europe. A frac
tion have been compelled to change
vacation periods. Distress and few
bright clouas are me universal repuru
The Federal Council of churches
acts for peace the very moment its
officers return from the abortive Con
stance peace conference. It formally
approves president Wilson's offer ot
mediation between the warring Euro
pean nations, and commends secretary
Bryan's position that America ought
not to loan money to belligerents. It
appeals to president 'Wilson to send
identical notes to all European coun
tries calling attention to the dangers
of a repetition of Balkan atrocities,
and to the Protestant churches of Eu
rope asking that all members having
friends in the armies to write them
beseeching them to resist all tempta
tion to savage practices.
Endorsing the general principle ot
the Bryan peace treaties, the council
recommends a universal treaty between
nations requiring definite time to
elapse between the declaration of war
and the beginning ef actual war; that
in the interval a commission of signa
tory powers make investigation of war
causes and publish a report to the
world: and then that signatory pow
ers agree to enforce the observance
of the agreement upon the nation that
transgresses it by immediate military
Intervention. The council finally urges
all people of the United States to do
nothing that might draw us into the
present conflict, because at least one
first rate power must remain to ar
bitrate. President Wilson Is asked by the
council to recommend a Saturday and
Sunday of early date when all people
of the United States shall repair to
their places of public religious worship
and there pray for peace between na
tions, and for wisdom on the part of
the United States to assist nations now
at war to abolish passion and hatred
and come to just settlements ot aii
ferences. The council announces that
these plans are a part of its general
one to keep right on the job of bring
ing the Influence of the churches to
bear on the cause of peace.
John R. Mott, the T. M. a A. leader
and head of the continuation commit
tee of world foreign missions, an
nounces that plans made by him for a
world tour have been abandoned. It
is also announced that the World's
Christian Student federation, with
headquarters at Geneva, and part of
the Y. If. C A. work. Is thoroughly
demoralized by the war. The said out
come is upon the federation of Its three
general secretaries are called Into wars
to fight each other. Secretary Fer
maud the senior secretary, has been
.-allort tn command a Swiss regiment.
the Swiss republic being compelled to
mobilize to protect her borders; secre
tary Sauttern has entered the French
service, and secretary Chlldius the
German. . .
Canadian T. II. C A. s have sent two
of their most experienced army work
secretaries to Val Cartler. where 19.
000 Canadian troops are gathered for
transport abroad, and stand ready to
send across the Atlantic with the Can
adian troops twenty welfare secretar
ies or as many as the government will
allow. When England declared war
the other day British troops were
in camp and 400 volunteer Asso
elon "Welfare secretaries were with
them. It Is supposed that some of
them have accompanied them to
the continent. The Soldiers' .Chris
tian association is organized in all
arms of the British service, and is act
ive at this time at the front.
The Salvation Army, through Gen.
Bramwell Booth, tendered the Army
shelter houses at Portsmouth and oth
er places to the British government,
which accepted their use for the sol
diers. English Sanation Army men
have enlisted as soldiers and women
have gone as nurses. All the army sta
tions in France and Germany, about
S50 in number, have been turned over
to the use of soldiers and army pur
poses. Gen. Booth is reported as say
ing that if the war lasts six months
All Kinds
Of Fruits
Grow Well
In Valleys
El Paso.
ggggEiHHLHEiKBHiBAaiitittMkiiMMB " ,
History Reveals that Most
Big Wars Are Attended
With Comets.
New York. Aug. 9. Every great
war In the world's history has had its
comet, and the present Utanlc oonaict
Delevan. an astronomer, has the honor
ot Having nis name imj" -.
free lance of the skies, which will go
. , L, . ...a ui.nM m tnn
aown in nisiur auu -'r . ,5 Zx.
comet of the war of 1114. ..Although
when Delevan discovered his comet
from the conservatory of Za Flata, in
the Argentine republic eight months
ago. there was no war on the horizon,
and no sign of great trouble, the trav
eling body has been steadily growing
brighter, and it will become visiWe to
the naked eye very shortly, reaching
its greatest brilliancy In the course of
the present -war. .
Superstitious people might find much
In the beginning ot the great struggle
to convince them that war is a ".
that its makers are frowned on by Ood.
On Aug. 10, pope Pius X. head of the
Roman Cathollo church, died, the direct
result of worry over the great
siaugnter. v aus. - - . --,
eclipse of the sun, total over a PJ
Russia ana otner mto" .....-.,
where war Is raging. The coming of a
great comet might by the ignorant be
construed as an omen.
liny Be TUIble For Six Tn.
When Delevan first saw the cometon
- i 44 -nam 37A AAA mileS
from the son. and was not very clear
even with the telescope. At present It
. a &&A aa mllA from tlM SUX1.
and may be seen with opera glasses in
night, and early In the morning
-?... . . -i that Hm TWlevan
eSStUaV ffitAP-
for a penoa siretcnins " "-
ytrSwlll come nearest to the earth In
October, when It will be no more than
147.000.000 miles from the orbit of this
SlAHhough the atmosphere Is i ml
cities makes photography of the sky
extremely difficult, some excellent re
sults have been obtained In several
cUles "the United State, by those
who have attempted to take pictures
of the new wanderer of the heavens.
The tail of Delevan's comet is a
bushy one, and Is about three ffes
In length. As was predicted by the dis
coverer, the comet has become one of
tSI-brigbt" ones, visible to the naked
eve as distinguished from the tele
scope" comets never seen by unassisted
lay observers. The new comet now Is
not far from the constallation of
Canella, and from Castor and Pollux.
During the Franco-Prussian war,
which is vividly recalled by the war
now raging, the comet Tempel JI was
visible, and attracted much attention
as a "war comet-" Olber's comet was
the one visible when N'apoleon met his
downfall at Waterloo. In the course of
the Japanese-Russian war. Brooks
comet came within sight of the earth.
the Armv work in continental Europe
will be bankrupt and Its equipment
At the moment European nations
were declaring war Christian le?"
from many nations, assembled In I-on-noTSrnSd
the W.rld All Unce of
Churches for International Friendship.
Part of the men composing the ee
members of the executive committee
I were tnose juoi w... """,. rr
stance. Germany, by train provided by
tne uerman Kmici. 4.. -it
many by the war: J. Allen Bake. M
P.. the famous advocate and Qur.
was named chairman: Rev. Dr. WlUlain
P. Merrill, pastor of the Brick Presby
terian church. New York, vice chair
man, and Rev. Dr. Frederick Lynch
and W. IL Dickson. M. P. secretaries.
Without regard to the outcome of
the present war It was decided to hold
in London next summer a peace con
ference, to show as its subject "The
Churches and International Friend
ship," and committees were named to
prepare papers and conference ar
rangements. All of these things were
done while soldiers were leaving for
the front, and crowds were reading
war news bulletins.
Nothing is more evident than that
the peace adtocates, represented by
the Church Peace Union, are moro
determined than ever to push their
fw wmmm'r vr?mm
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t&rM$SKKGB& &Ax SssvAvIAn
.b aEiEBEXF "Sjsl - -BAnPjsvAV
f-g&lKB&H aWaIaW
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jyHQ J,llKtt,
Aj AHAAAnfinajgfnlAl AjAshAAABAAAA&v
aiiS "JilsBBlw liA9Afelid 9AHsksAsiiiiiiV
war r AjAsAust .SAAbAkA&o jAAhSAhAAb
wS'. VHHlsVKvAaB 43AhNf PHr
Br "r JsiHr BajWHPW hjm
wk jssHsB &&vSB&3m& "'. svXH
LkKl W H IaV
infflrjH i m i Tjar - wSKtkJE
&& MmaKwHasHaIBasIIIIk HaaaVavabaHk
r arasPasK "SIsSBaI
m MsmKHB 1
- v JSMBjpH jrHlaSbsBttSplHAAAAR
2. 51AAf'' ,iirJAAnllJBsiiiiffvtBAAAAAMg
r 'BIabL ' LSaAAE-H:r
VJJoBBPffV- .liAAw : jHtsR iPsBssfci
"vAfilAAF Hp
l lliAAAAAVAteis.
ft 'AF
cause. Andrew Carnegie has de-,
dared hlmselt to be more Interested.
If possible, than before In the peace
plans ot nations, and more glad than
ever of Initial steps taken by him to
help them. The Rev. Dr. Lynch or
the Union is preparing a book to be
given out free setting forth the tragic
circamstanees of the first conference,
that of Constance, and the secretary
of the Federal Council of Churches,
BeT. Dr. Macfarland. Is preparing a
statement. The Church Peace union
Is the American section of the new
World Alliance.
Paris, France, Aug. S9. The war of
fice tonight issued this announcement-
"In Galicia the Russians are taking
a vigorous offensive. After successful
engagements near (name ot place evi
dently cut out by censor) they are
marching on and are now only M miles,
from that town. The Germans con
tinue In active retreat toward Koen-
-- ' " ' -
Washington. . C, Aug. 19 Formal
protest against the burning of Louvain
by German troops as a violation of In
ternational law and the laws of hu
manity was submitted to the state de
partment late today by Belgian minis
ter Havenlth.
Sfuitt Sor t "re ealldrra ot brf
Trrttta. There U a ceosatstWl case fc
uus troehle. Mr. M. Samaen, Bar W,
j?rtre D. Ind., wfil send trte to ar neth
htr seecessfal bsnae tKieneot. irtth Ml
Initracdeas. Sen bo moety, fcnt write her
totter It ; cbHtan trMe yeo la this
wit. Doo't Wme tte chu. the dunces are
it cta't help It. TUs treitcent also card
uu ad td rejfle tisaUrf witS arlne
diacnltles by icj or n!sbt.
Pints, Regular, dor. 60c; 'gQc
Special, floz ,....
Quarts, Regular, dor. 75c; g Q c
Special, dor :V"V
l-2g5. Regular, doi 1M; OC r
Special, dos UWW
PhrU, Reg. dor. ?L0O; Qr
Spedal, dor i,uv'
Quarts, Reg. dor. J1J5; J1 ((
Special, dor PJ.eUU
Pints, Regular, dor. vLOO; Qn.
Special, dos 7VO
Quarts, Reg, dor. JL25; d -J fn
Special, dor eww
1-2 caL, Reg dor. $W8; djl OC
Special, dor Vl.&O
1-3 Pint, doz 30c
1-2 Pint, doz 35c
China Palace
112 San Antonio St.
f . .. .-., -r n -n mi. ra Paso.
i-nono - gD,j- ana gpanisn
North Texas Female College and
Kidd-Rey Conservattory
Leading CoHege for Ladies in tie Southwest. For eatalog address the president
MRS. L. A. KIDD-KEY, ShTnaa, Texas.
1 BY THE GOVERHMEHX. As a resaK of inspection, a regnlsr
offieer ol the United States Army will be detailed as Professor -of
Military Science and Tactics, for the Fall term begmnmg Sept. 15tiu
2. BY THE TmiVEKSITY OF CALIF0RHIA. For two years tha
Examiners from tho University have passed favorably upon the
Academy's work; as a resuK, the Academy's graduates are received
at the University upon the school's certificate.
in their invitations to the Battalion of Oadets to hold an encamp-
maCAPXdTH0S. ADATIS, STJPT, Gte Sixth TJ. S. V. Infty.)
Pacific Beach, Calif.
Secretary. Hi Oakland Street. San Antonio. Texas.
WHITIS SCHOOL, Austin, Texas-
v&oSsirxssLtt assy, exar"
SPTaBAINGrpEAkraErFOR GTRIS weU equipped for homo com
forts and health. ?3gieIpA Atl-. Tex,
Ask for catalog and full particular!
Wrlto today to
Custom Assay Office
cnrrcnBTT a Fergus os
Umpire and Control a Specialty.
P. O. Box 712. Phone III.
EI Paso, Texas.
Mining Men !
Tell us your wants in the line of
ftlining Machinery
We buy aad sell all classes of
mining and power machinery.
Wrecking Co.
115-117-119 Darango Street,
Texas. To inaugurate in September.
courses lor Boys and Girls.
Subscribers faifog to get The Herald
protaptly sfeniW caB at the office or
telephone He. 2030 before 6:30 p. in.
AH cwapjaiatx wiH receive prompt
jSyr i P

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