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"Week-End Edition, August 29-30, 1914
El Paso Schools Teach Manual Training
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Proper Breathing Is Aid
To Good Complexion
WE all know in a vague way,
the effect breathing has on
the blood. The longs are one
immense repository through which
the blood passes for the purpose of
x genation, or purifying by means
of the new air taken in. It Is easy to
see that, if an Insufficient amount of
air is taken in by the lungs, this work
of purification is only partly done.
Improper Hreathlng,
Few women, unless they have been
trained In this respect, breathe prop
erlj They rarely fill the entire lung
space and. In act, it is no exaggera
tion to say that one-half or two-thirds
of the lung area is about all that is in
This results In many Ills, the one I
particularly wish to dwell on is anae
mia and Us attendant ne-ve weaken
ing, the result being "nerves" or neu
rasthenia. The beauty of th." skin Is largely
dependent on the condition of the
blood Such skin troubles as pimples
acne) or eczema, medically speak-
lrg are not blooa diseases, out ms-
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Nikola Tesla, the Inventor,
Points Out Five Kinds of
Losses to Eesult From It.
Kew Tork. Aug 29 Taking Issue
with other statisticians more moderate
It their estimates, Nikola Tesla, the fa
mous im entor of electrical contriv
ances says the total cost of the general (
var now sroing on probably will not be
less than S70.000.000.000
"The present war maj easily involve
:o,000.000 combatants," said Mr. Tesla.
I have seen an estimate of a total
cost of 150,004,000 a day This is too
low The number of those disabled
through wounds and disease was re
centlv placed at 500,000 This, also, is
too moderate. It would be less than
two and one half per cent, and it must
be remembered that in the most recent
great war preceding this, the Balkan
struggle, the casualties were 19 times
greater, or 26 per cent.
"Observe that it is reported Belgium
lost $300,000,006 In two weeks fight
ing while there were no large cities
In the path of the Germans. The dif
f cultv with most statisticians of war
1 es is that they simplv consider the
m nf miUtar operations. This is a
c fraction of the whole waste.
Statistical Standards Absurd.
r measure the losses due to war
r - 1 by statistical standards is ab-
eases of the skin. At the same time
f? are largely affected b the eon
dmon of the blood Anything that
will affect the temperature of the
Hinod its free. een circulation. iTf
fe?ts the hue of the skin. When row
cheeks fade or turn purple there is
Something wrong with the Wood,
im'times It is due to Indiscretions
of diet more often it cornea from In
sufficient oxygen, or an improper
habit of using the lungs,
na ont of Door Exercise.
Take a factory worker, or one shut
.. an office, turn him out into the
rounm. subject him to considerable
ercise in the open and the color of
fhe skin will shortly change from
rllor to ruddiness. Whether he is
Conscious of changing his method of
breathing or not. the increased
amount of physical exercise forces him
to take in more air. the air being
oarer than that to which he Is ac
customed, the oxygenation In - the
lungs Is more complete and the blood
more fully nourished.
77ku JL&e&
C O OZOW5 - CZ,S723
surd. An example will make this
clear The strain imposed upon a coun
try In a state of siege is compelling of
strict economy The savings thus af
fected go to offset the drain of war
Theoreticallv it is impossible for a
nation, bv living on bread and water
and curtailing all expenses; to accumu
late enough for not only meeting the
cost of military operations, but leav
ing surplus besides. -From the point
of view of the statistician such a war,
far from being costly, would be the
very means of creating wealth.
"It is equally unreasonable to define
the waste of international conflict as
the excess of waste in time of war
over that in time of peace. A quan-
Do It For Yourself
For El Paso
Mr. Big Man and all the smaller fel
lows a subscription to the budget fund
will prove the best investment you ever
made. The results will come back to you
in proportion to your interests, hopes and
ambitions in El Paso. Join the crowd.
Get into the bandwagon for a Greater El
Paso. Don't wait, don't delay; don't say
this is not your affair, for it is, it's every
body's affair who makes a living in El Paso.
Don't take the attitude of "let Bill do it,"
but accept your share of the responsibility
the same as you accept your share of the
benefits. No effort is so small it is not worth
while. Do it for yourself and for El Paso
Subscriptions of $1 .00 and up may be
ma'de at the following places by mail,
phone or in person, payable quarterly
or in cash if desired:
Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco
Daily Herald Office
Daily Times Office
R. B. Orndorff, Sheldon Hotel
Robt. Krakauer, Krakauer, Zork &
Moyer Scrs., Inc.
Budget Fund Committee
d II
Il El Paso CLamber of Commerce 1 1
I1 jjl
tltv b may be deducted from a quan
tit -a' and the difference will be
'a b. on the supposition howe er, that
the quantities are composed of identi
cal units.
Changes Individuals and Values.
"Now, while the same human beings
are concerned both in peace and war,
these two states bear no resemblance
to each other In one, reason and so
ber sense, a feeling of safety and de
sire to do iustice prevail: in the other
these beneficial influences are weak
ened, and folly, fear and greed assert
themselves. War changes individuals
as well as values. -
"A true appreciation of the enormous
losses which are likely to result from
tnts unprecenaentea calamity can only
be gained by taking into account its
effect on all phases and conditions
of indii idual and national existence
Stated in the order of their magnitude,
these losses may be enumerated as fol
lows Dally Shrinkage, f 150,000,008.
"First, temporary or permanent
shrinkage of wealth of nations as dis
tinct from negotiable securities. The
total wealth of the countries Involved
is about J 300,000.000.006. Assume only
a moderate production of 10 per cent
and suppose further tha the war
should last from six to seven months
or about 200 dajs. as forecasted by ex
perts, then the daily shrinkage will
amount to $150,000,000. To be sure
such depreciation of physical posses
sions is mostly due to ignorance and
faintheartedness of the people, for the
properties are there and some are in
destructible. But just the same, the
warring nations will lose credit and
purchasing power and will be subject
ed for an indefinite period to suffer
ings and privations, all of which must
be interpreted as loss of so much
Losses in Industrial Pursuits.
"Second, all losses. Individual and
collective, caused by interference of
war will affect the wheel work of man
ufacture, industry and commerce. These
reflect particularly on the market val
ue of negotiable securities, which con
stitute from 20 to 30 per cent of the
whole national wealth. For obvious
reasons they are apt to be very large,
and the shrinkage may easily amount
for the above period to $ioo,w,ou a
"Third, specific losses due to de
struction of existing private and pub
lic property, including implements and
materials of war. These will greatly
depend on the circumstances, but may
be placed at from $50,000,000 to $15,
000,000 a day
Waste of Life, 3,000.000.
"Fourth, loss of life and disabling
through wounds and disease. Judging
from the data of the Balkan war. the
casualties cannot be taken at leas than
15 per cent, making the total J.000,000.
Assuming an average of $2,500 per in
dividual, this waste will be nearly tU.
000.000 a day.
"Fifth, daily cost of military opera
tions which may amount irom .
000.000 to S30.000.00a.
According to this rough estimate, the
total war cost cannot be much leas than
$70 000.000.000. making almost 25 per
cent of the total wealth of the coun
tries in the world. In the best circum
stances it will take from 40 to SO years
to repair the financial damage, not to
speak of the injury to the races and
retardation of social porgress in all
Swiss Cruisers" Strike
Terror To Surf Bathers
New York. Aug 2 The appearance
In these waters of "Swiss cruisers" has
filled thousands of beach goers with
terror and Is keeping many of them
from their daily dip In the ocean. The
"Swiss cruisers" are not vessels of the
mythical navy of Europe's inland re
public They are jelly fish, countless
millions of them, which in some un
knot n way have immediately and gen
eralK come to be known bv this name
Harmless as the jelly fish appear to
be, they are provided with long coils
or tendrils which have a little hook
or trigger on them If that trigger
touches any rough surface or is caught
by the body of a bather, it automatical
lv discharges a little poison which
causes itchlag and Irritation. It Is for
that reason that these "Swiss cruisers
are achieving a monopoly of local wa
ters. Just where this great inasion
of lellv fish rnmes from, Tin one knowa
Scientists, say that they are the lowest
form of life with eyes that can only,
distinguish between light and dark
ness t
Apparently they have no sense of di
rection, but for some strange reason '
alwnvs swim ngilnt the wind It is1
iul th t jell fih can be med f or j
n nf i uir'ii - t 'it up to ite no
t i- e c n ' i iv m ne r it t
lr !- -
Rome. Ital, Aug. 2. The corre
spondent at Trieste, Austria, of the
Messaggero. says
"A serious condition prevails at Fola.
Austria, where the troops have been re
duced to half rations. An entrenched
camp is being constructed around Fola.
"The Austrian troops operating in
the south have been ordered to remain
on the defensive, as large nnrahers of
troops have been taken from Bosnia
and sent to Gallcla to oppose the Rus
sians, who are making alarming progress."
London, Bng.. Aug 23. The marquis
of Crewe, secretary of state for India,
Indicated In the house of lords today
that the government proposed to em
ploy native Hindu troops in the war.
six moiib nniTisH cnuisuns
New Tork. Aug. 2 It was reported
in shipping circles here today that six
more British cruisers has been ordered
to the Atlantic coast to blockade Amer
ican ports against the escape of Ger
man merchant ships and to clear the
north Atlantic of the enemy's war
ships. The British consul general here
would neither confirm nor deny the
Washington. D. C Aug. 29. Ambas
sador Page In London today Informed
tne state department that the BH'lsh
censorship regulations provide that
only diplomatic messages to the gov
ernment at wasmngion may go in ci
pher. All other cablegrams must be
L. M. Bowlby
General Practice and Minor Surgery.
Doris P. nowlby
Diseases Women and Children.
That they now occupy suite 308 Mills Bldg, 3rd floor, adjacent to Dr P H.
Brown's dental offices Former location 709 same building
Four year graduates One ear in El Paso. Phone 4251
fjk.1 1
IncUM! .'Jist..l.tJ r.iA'FA. , "..-TTTTisWHBP!
Wi S K 0 K9 J Mk 1 tfl m i LfiJi il V. Ko
Pk" 3)-J w&ji) JJ525v'vV ' "i&dmirJaLxa FA-viod
Vf t ALlriinMA rvcnw ......
- fe n &
;7vVtii -V-. ..Mi, i ii ! LY
linCPtfi4B Dicnlr mf? sin rS
I M$
Spend the Summer in Los Angeles t
Hotel Lankershim
the restful reHsement of the famlshlngs:
the perfect service the people you meet:
tne cestral location.
European plan Populat prices. Free Auto
mobiles meet trains. Write oar correspoml
eace department for farther information.
a t .. aI I?-.... . TVinV illmti-atiJ- ant? rollv desertlMnf Lm Anrfclea
and furroundin territory for pleasure teeters and snoppert maibd FREE J F
upon reqnes uvrocuiu Dmiut-iw tm. Im A .! ri Tn
Address, huicl- mnRLnjnim, "'") . - "3o. ip
More Truth Than Poetry
A Motion to Amend.
Senator 5Week3s bill to send our
battleships forth with samples is all
right, if the samples are samples of
America's ability to take care of her
lie Lived Too Soon.
If Robinson Crusoe were now ma
rooned on his desert island he wouldn't
know the war was going on. which
would doubtless afford hlra a lot of
Sow is the Chance.
Shlos desiring to utw the Panama
canal are adrised to come early and
avoid the rash.
Prohibition Item.
The wets bid fair to carry Holland
in a few days.
THEIR churches glitter In the sun,
The tall spires point above
To glorify the Holy One.
Whose only creed was Lore.
Their prayers ascend, their songs ascend.
Then straight away they go
To rob and slay their fellow men.
And leave a trail of woe.
How sad the "Son of Man" must be.
Who gave away his life.
To teach men love and deswney.
And rid the world of strife.
And now the battle's roar ascends.
The fruitful earth is red.
The pleasant fields of summer strewn
And heaped with ghastly dead.
This Hideous Thing yeve wrought
shall snake
The earth from sea to nlaln.
Ye bloody men. who dare to take
His holy name in vain!
Oh. when shall love rale all the land.
And war and turmoil cease?
Oh. when shell mankind oaderstand
The "Blessed Prince of Peace"
Marvin Later HIH.
the Cure for Sciatica,
and all forms of
Rheumatism and Gout.
Besidest. Physician.
Farwood not Sarins. Jfew HexJc
. , llilF'f"' , r.: 'j ' '-rr , if-aws!
jPrifLitE LAUNDllf" COMPARE- PSJf '' 1
111! -kS-k-yL- I
Not the Oldest or the Largest--Just the Best
Three years ago we started The Elite Laundry on a very modest scale. We had only 45x120 feet of floor
space, loday we have increased our floor space nearly 100 per cent. From the start we were resolved to
have nothing but the very hest machinery and equipment. Our faith in a larger and neater El Paso in
duced us to install machinery that would be in keeping with the citv's progress, and now The Elite Laundrv
has the finest and most up-to-date machinery in the entire Southwest. We aretheonlv laundry in El Paso
using the famous Guggenheun shirt presses, which are rapid v being recognized by the progressive laundrv
men. ... . i o t
Our collar machine is The Adams, on which S9 per tent of the new collar work of the entire country is ironed,
and is the onl machine of its kind in El Paso. Our collar work has become justly famous through or
Adams ironing machine and our Prosperity collar moulder which moulds the collar round at the top giving
it twice the life and leaving a space so the tie will slip with ease. We have installed the largest and most
modern Flat Work Ironer, having 20 per cent more capacity than, any machine made and ironing the
finest table linen without leaving string marks. ,
In completing our machinery purchases we scoured the country for the finest and most modem Extractors
and finally bought them in Scotland at double the cost we could have bought other makes for, besides paying
45 per cent duty but Ave wanted the best price was not considered. '
We also have the Modem Conveyor Dry Room system nothing in El Paso like it this enables us to turn
out a much greater volume of work m a more sanitary and satisfactory way than by the old fashioned
method of drying.
These are only a few 0f fa ty and on machines that we ha-e installed, and we mention ihtmot m a boastful manner, but simply that our
patrons may know that e were not satisfied to give them anything but the best. Also or faith in a brger and GREATER EL PASO which
k being justthed day by day, led us to install a laundry that would be in keeping with the city's growth for several years to come.
Our plant is built of solid concrete throughout absolutely fire-proof and the most sanitary laundry plant m the United States.
Thanking our friends and patrons one and all for their continued friendship and patronage which has enabled us to grow as we have wows.
We are Yours for a Greater EI Paso, "
Sanitary and Fireproof
Laundry Co
I i
Phone 2177. 412414 South Oregon Street

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