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Sar ver fHany & Farmon quota
1'.-f riln hl-n - U k
lti an latiK note 0 ilia
ftr l&Va Chihuahua current
Carranza curren'-y 21
Talr and eoldr toalpnt, Sonday fair
m1 "" "art k 4 ""V
Neither House Nor Senate
Has Quorum; Cotton
Leaders Defeated.
President Wilson Turns Deaf
Ear To Appeal and
Leaves the City.
Washington. D C Oct. 24
The day in congress
Senator Kern introduced a
resolution for adjournment
Uondai and a recess was taken
until 2 30 odock to allow con
ferences wltta house leaders.
Kecessed at ! p.SL
Filibuster of southern con
sressmen collapsed and at the
conference leaders of both
sides agreed to adjourn con
gress sue die at 4 odock today-
Reconvened at 2 p m. adopt
ed resolution for adjournment
sine die at 4 p m. and recessed
again until 3 15 to await sen
ate action
The 63d congress ended to
day, when both houses adopt
ed resolutions to adjourn at 4 p m. to
the December session. The filibuster
of southern members for legislation to
relieve the cotton situation collapsed
at the last moment after holding up
adjournment three days.
At 2 odock the house passed the
resolution to adjourn by a vote of 5S
to 27
The senate then also passed the reso
lution for the 4 oclock adjournment and
both houses marked time lor the ciock
to record that hour.
Neither senate nor house had a quo
rum for the consideration of the cot
ton relief measure on which the fili
buster was based, and it was appar
ent that president 'Wilson did not con
template interfering in behalf of the
southern states
Appealed to Wilson.
While congress was tied up by the
lack of a quorum, cotton belt senators
and representatives, Friday night, made
& lain appeal to the president for aid
to compose the situation, by securing
cotton relief and clearing the way for
the long delayed final adjournment of
the session.
President Withholds Aid.
After again blocking adjournment by
obstructn e tactics the cotton relief sup
porters went into conference late Fri
day and decided to appoint a committee
to wait upon the president The presi
dent however, when asked for an in
terview stated that he was busj with
m important state department confer
ence and therefore would be unable to
meet the committee.
Opinion was general that this would
prolong the session indefinitely, cer
tainly until after the elections, though
administration leaders planned to con
tinue today efforts for an adjournment
or a recess until after election.
Neither Ilonse lias Quorum.
General exodus of members of both
houses continued Friday until the house
had 150 members present on a roll call,
nearly 60 short of a quorum, and the
senate showed 60 present three less
than a quorum
Senator Clarke of Arkansas, presi
dent pro tern Of the senate and one vf
the champions of cotton legislation,
gae up in despair After characteriz
ing further efforts of his colleagues to
obtain relief as "grand stand playine.""
and a 'vaudeville performance." he left
the citr Alee president Marshall left
"Washington several days ago.
Representative Henry, of Texas, lead
ing the cotton supporters in the house,
refused various offers of compromise
made on both sides of the capitol Fn
da He frustrated an effort of ma
Jorin leader Underwood to secure an
adjournment of the lower house which
would hae allowed the passage of
some of the pending cotton bills.
Cold Wave Puts Crimp
in Summer Clothing;
Sealskin Coat Stolen
i chillj wavelet struck town Friday
evening and stock anrand Saturday It
wa3 as welcome as a distant relative
at county fair time and made the recall
of the summer wear imperative
A cold and cheerless drizzle fell Sat
urday morning during the absence of
climate and the presence of weather
Friday, night a sealskin coat was
taken from the home of W B. Bull. 1420
North Florence street during the ab
sence of the family Mr Bull notified
the police
Pittsburg Pa, Oct 24 President
Woodrow Vt ilson was in Pittsburg to
la and addressed a meeting of men
li celebration of a double anniversary
of the Young Mens Christian associa
tion that of the foundation of the
Pittsburg branch CO jears ago, and of
a v. "'"'," "" - B". ;" i I
1 the organization movement itself in I
J London in 1844
Not Even 3
Trie War At a Glance
Two months ago today the Brit
ish army began its retreat from
lions. Today the battered force of
Sir John French nre 50 miles to the
northenst of Mons. In the inter
vening period the Impetuous Cc
luan ndvnnce penetrated almost to
the gates o "arls, only to be hnrlrd
back, again tn tae t racial battle of
the Mnrne. and now the hostile
forces are deadlocked.
Toiluv reports throw little neir
light on the course of the battle, tin
the fighting on the plains of Flan
ders, In the opinion alike of lltltisb,
German and French iltservntlnn.
depends In large measure, the out
come of the hole campaign.
Ihe official French statement in
dicates with what Intensity tht op
posing forces are contesting the is
xue. It Is admitted thst the uer
mnns have ndvanced to the north of
liixmude and in the neighborhoMl
of La Bassee, but ns a counter
stroke, it Is said, the French have
pashed forward near Nieuport, la
the region of Langemarek and be
tween rznentleres and Lille. These.
In the languase of the French war
office, are "Inevitable fluctuations
of a contest waged so fiercely.
Over the remainder of the long
battlefront the deadlock continued.
Slight progress Is claimed by the
French at various points In the
Woevre district, but the general
position of the opposing forces Is
changed In no particular respect.
In the enst, tber Is. as hereto
fore, a conflict In the claims. The
French war office reports that the
Germans are falling back to the
aouth of Warsaw, as well as to the
west of Ivangorod. Advices from
Russian and ustro-IIungarlan
sources agree that one of the hlt
terest battles of the war Is In prog
ress along the rlier Son. An offi
cial ustrlan statement reports the
repulse of Russians. Dispatches
from Petrograd, howeter. state
that the ustro-IInngarlnn assault
was repulsed by vigorous counter
attacks of the Russians.
Into the routine of official state
ments and technical details of the
fighting was. injected a picturesque
touch by the report at Toklo of vice
admiral Kato, verifying the Ger
man claim to another audacious
feat of the sens. The rice admiral
admitted that It apparently was a
German torpedo boat destroyer and
not a mine which sank the Japan
ese cruiser Tackachlho on Oct. 17.
t the cruiser sank the men went
to their deaths with the chorus of
the Japanese anthem on their lips.
London, Eng, Oct 24 The admir
alty, through the press bureau, issued
todav a list of officers ?nd men of the
British submarine E-3 with the state
ment that it is feared no hopes for the
safetj of the submarine can now be
Berlin official advices, under date of
October 20 stated that the British sub
marine E-3 was sunk Sundav October
18. by German warships in the North
Pans, France. Oct 24 This morning
a German officer was sent under a flag
of truce to the commander of the
French army operating near Thiau
court He requested an armistice to
bury the dead and remove the wounded.
The French commander sent this offi
cer back to his lines, and immediately
caused the attack on the enemy to be
Berlin. Germany, Oct 2 1 By wire
less Information was given out from
official quarters in Berlin today as
"The entire Socialist party of Italy
again has decided to support a policy
of the strictest neutrality
"The Manchester, (England) Guardian
says it has received hundreds of let
ters from, British women who hav e re
turned to England from Germany and
declare that they were well treated
while In this countrj
"Prisoners of war also are well treat
ed. In view of these facts the destruc
tion and looting of German shops In
the borough of Dempford. London, was
London, Eng. Oct 24 The British
admiralty has announced its intention
of clearing the seas of eight or ten
erman cruisers in the Atlantic and
ijwafic oceans, notably the Emden and
Karlsruhe Th statement adds that
upward of 70 Bhtisb French. Austra
lian, Japanese a.d Russian warships
are searching for the German cruisers
which have proved so disastrous to
British shipping
Honolulu. T H. Oct 24 In sight
of the marine observers at the mouth
f the harbor, the Japanese battleship
IBzen captured today a small German
steam schooner, supposedly from the
Marshall Islands. The Hizen has at no
time entered the territorial waters, and
It was not possible to learn the prizes
Amsterdam. Holland. Oct 24 The
sinking of the British steamer Glitera
ainaing or the uritish steamer lilitera I
iv a German submarine near the Ior-
wegian coast is officialH confirmed.
- Cent Cotton Can Hold
Is Willing To Retire, But
Not To Increase Chief
Enemy's Power.
CoL Garza Informs Carranza
That Ignoring Conven
tion Means War.
Mexico crr, 31 ex Oct. t
The Acnaftcntlentea con
rent! on has recessed temporal-.,
r, pen din fr the arrii al of
the Zapata delegate, according to
unofficial reports received here
today. The convention has Issued
orders to several military men,
and this action iva looked on as
offensive to Carranza, irho expect
ed all chiefs to recognize only or
ders Issued by himself.
arEXICO CITY Mex- Oct. 24
(Y I Jealous and defiant of Gen. A ilia.
" -"enustiano Carranza refuses to
virtually driven out of his position as
be virtually driven out of his position as
ern revolutionary leader. He willing
to retire from his post of cbetf execu
tive provided Villa has no part in pro
curing his resignation, that is to say,
it onl the southern delegates at the
Aguascalientes conference, wish him to
resign Carranza also requires assur
ance that if he resigns Villa will not
become head of the nation or receive
greater power than he now enjoys.
Carranza, according to advices re
ceived by the state department out
lining his position, has indicated his
willingness to have the Aguascalientes
convention request that both he and
Gen. Villa give way to a neutral for the
provisional presidency In lew of the
fact that Villa has already stated re
peated! that he has no political am
bitions, this is taken to indicate that
Carranza believes an ulterier motive
lurke behind Villa's professions.
Sends Troops North.
In the meantime, Carranza is official
ly stated to be sending several thou
sand troops north to the vicinity of
Aguascalientes. This is explained by
Carranza representatives as not being
for the purpose of attack, but merely to
safeguard the Carranza delegates who
have complained that they were being
coercea ana intimiaated by villa s army.
The arrival of, the Carranza troops. ,
lttPUt will nruanr & AAsin
however, will
-&.au, nisT ,! ivua
anomaly or a peace conference sur
rounded by hostile troops ready to fight
at the drop of a hat
Delegates In Suspense.
Carranza s attitude toward the con
vention has kept the delegates in sus
pense. Gens. Obregon and Blanco went
to the capital two dajs ago to persuade
Carranza of the futility of opposing the
wishes of the convention. Gen Felipe
Angeles has gone to Cuernevaco to In
vite Gen. Zapata to send delegates. He
is reported to have secured Ihe promise
of the southern chief to send 21 repre
sentatives. The convention is await
ing the return of this mission before
transacting important business.
Officia reports show that the Mexico
City newspapers are publishing editor
ials attacking the purposes and act
of the Aguascalientes gathering
Garza nsnera Carranza.
CoL Roque Gonzales Garza, personal
representative of Gen. Francisco Villa,
has made a statement In reply to Ven
ustiano Carranza's recent interroga
tory message to the peace convention
at Aguascalientes. in this message
.r". afked the onventlon by what
authontj it assumed national sover
eignty IJ25,i?ir,?J1a r'ts in his policy of
K-nfl"" SS. ot tne convention
! W.U eipoi? for tn inevitable
war to follow.- CoL Garza said "The
enTrW c",,ei "" a plat?
form and form a nmvi.- !
wSL " Cannot ct merely In an ad
CarrTn Is y " demand- 7 Gen.
Mexico City. Mex Oct 21 The Mexi-
the SpropTr't,ynrWiJLCOn,t,nue operate
ii. i7ry or tne tramwajs com
o? rLV.hL,CapitaI untl1 a committee
htfff U Passes upon the question of
wh?thei- or not the company canfaf-
fn waJ,raH ' thV00 - Urease
In wages demanded bi the strlkina-
COnd,UHKrao,tornen and ln.pecVorinK
,nSi?S llJe lntrl'n the men will be
V!??? If d, ,0.w"-k under their old
wage scale. Anj refusal on their part
to operate the line, will be met by
P'aelng soldiers on the cars.
.J5 i.,nd,ictors engineers, brakemen
and mechanics of the Mexican railways
,.P,reIentdemanda to the manage
ment today for an icrease In pay and
for.a readjustment of working hours.
The board of directors of the Na
tional railways met today and elected
S?.s,.Basve' Lnis Cabrera. Rafael
Me.o. Modesto Holland and a De Lima
as the executive committee The roads
will be returned by the government
to the stockholders at a date to be
fixed at a board meetin? October 27
The government has been operating
the roads as a military measure
SSSSSslssssssmgc5s. aritfflt s4Mc " h "iijBjFi -V 4? f y j Z? M " , 1
The Belgian women are not afraid of the enemy's fire. Here is a pretty girl distributing walnuts to the soldiers is
the trenches between Duffel and Lierre. The men are lying down, enjoying a little rest during a brief respite pren them
by the enemy. Most of the Belgian army has taken lefage m France, where they are recuperating Mar the tardships of
the campaign before they return to tie battlefield. The courage of the Bcltnan population (raring the worst hour- ot the
German mission has really been astonishing, and the support gnen to king Albert b hi people has won the admira
tion of the whole, world
London, Eng, Oct 21 The French
ship Mane Henrlette. with wounded
soldiers on board, went ashore today
near Cape Barfleur. IS miles ast of
Cherbourg, according to a telegram re
ceived here from Lloyd's signal station
at Cowles. Isle of Wight -S O a
signals from her were received at
Niton. Isle of Wight A French ship
was standing by
San Francisco, Calif, Oct. 24 The
Japanese battle cruiser Kongo and the
Japanese armored cruiser Asama are
Rtanrlintr outsid th hpad of San Fran
cisco harbor, just below the horizon
rpk. T"- . l't.a r.i.k. lt ck.i.
x IIC J-sJ l n.i3r;ii xvaiaua llflTI OU1UJ V
Mart, which arrived here todai, from
Yokohama and Honolulu, brought word
that she had been convoked all the
way across the Pacific by the two
warships and that all told. Japan has
stationed eight warships to guard the
lanes of trade between the American
Pacific coast and the Orient
Just outside Honolulu the battleship
Hizen Is keeping watch, while the little
German gunboat Geier Is making re
pai.s to her machinery under the su
pervision of American naval officers. .
The Shino Maru brought $1000.000
in specie and bullion and would have
made a fat prize for a German cruiser
Amsterdam. Holland. Oct 24 A dis
patch from Vienna. Austria, brines the ,
'jSSSl'Su'SSSn-SZS? bV )M
H.t-r"H?8"i sovernment under
date of Oct 23
"Strong Servian and Montenegrin
forces which had penetrated the south
eastern frontier districts in east Bosnia
that were without offensive works,
were defeated on Oct 22 after a severe
battle lasting three days In the region
of Nokro, and forced to retreat hastil) "
The Hague. Netherlands Oct 24
Newspaper advices from Halle Ger
man, say the German authorities have
opened an Inquiry to discover whether
Gen Leman. the Belgian defender w
Liege who is a prisoner at Magdeburg,
can be identified as Heinrich Lehmann.
a soldier of the German armv, who de
serted during the war of lSJe There
appears to be an extraordinarv like
ness, the advices sa. between the men.
Washington, 15 C. Oct 24 The Ger
man ambassador, count Bernstorff.
said today that early in the European
war he had assured the United Stafes
government that whateer the outcome
of the conflict German would respect
the Moiroe doctrine.
A VTBD To bar a 2d hand grapbo-
For further Information of the
j, above see page C, cctIon B. col- ,&,
umn 6, of this paper.
the South
During Truce Both Sides in
Sonora Prepare For Re
suming Battle.
Although peace has been declared
between the Maytorena and HiU forces
in Sonora pending the outcome of the
Aguascalientes conference, both sides
are making preparations for a re
sumption of the battle if the conference
fails. Word has been received here that
the battery of cannon shipped from
Ensenada, Lower California, was re
cei ed at Guaymas Friday and has- been
shipped north. This will give the Ma,
torena forces an artillery equipment of
five large caliber cannon as against four
75-millimeter guns recently sbirped to
Hilt The latter, however, are of long
er range
Hostilities Cease.
Hostilities all over the republic came
to a standstill Friday, according to ad
vices received here The Zapatista at
tacks in the" federal district have been
stopped and, as far as is known, all
fighting has ceased, pending the out
ST"? "I l. J?.If"2f? .?", ""'
come of the conference. Advices were
fence"d adTourn'eS until Monday
Tne aarl.es ,,idJ not sUte whether or
not the 24 Zapata delegates, who were
due to reach Aguascalientes Friday,
had arrived.
Considerable Quantities of supclles
for the division of the north have been
exported to Juarez during the week.
Ammunition in small lots Is constantly
being crossed and it is stated that the
division of the north has sufficient
equipment of all classes to enable it
to immediately take the field.
Officials her of both factions -were
without special advices from Aguas
calientes on Saturday, though Carranza
officials give little credence to the re
port from Mexico City that Carranza
is willing to resign if Villa will be
eliminated as a possibility It is pointed
outthat this would be a direct viola
tion of one of the chief clauses of the
plan of Guadalupe
Stntc Department Sends Vnotber 3Ian.
Melville Honey, a special agent of
the state department has been sent to
Aguascalientes. According to recent
advices George Carothers. also a spe
cial agent of the state department Is
at Aguascalientes. keeping the depart
ment advised on proceedings. Mr.
Honey is not known here, though it is
reported that he has had previous ex
perience in Mexico as a special agent
for the government
The International Motor Car company
filed a garnishment suit against the
Rio Grande all Bank and Trust
company for tbe pavment of $1838 85,
which the company claims is due It for
the motor truck which was taken to
Juarez and equipped with an armored
truck during the r solution
The suit names Hipolit Villa is the
representative of the ini of the i orth
ind sas that he has mn y on deposu
in the local 1 anl.
Back - Bank
AX AVTOXIO. Tex , Oct 21 Eleven
deaths by drowning have been re
ported here as a result of floods
Friday A five inch rain In less than
three hours put the San Pedro and
Alazau creeks out of their banks.
There were indications that the list of
deaths might be Increased. Two thous
and were left homeless.
11 the drownings occurred In the two
creeks. They run through the western
part of the city The property damage
:s estimated at IISO.COO The Olmos
creek, which empties into the river
north of the city, reached its highest
stage in 30 years. The creek was a
mile out of its banks.
The San Pedro and Alazan creeks are
lined by small homes of Mexicans and
the poorer class of Americans. Most of
these houses are small frame shacks
that are easily washed away A num
ber of the older homes of the city's
more prominent citizens also border
these creeks in the northwestern part
of the cit and the jards fences and
outhouses of these suffered.
Mineola V T, Oct 24 The defence
of Mrs. Florence Conklin Carman, on
trial for the murder of Mrs. Louise
Bailey, rested shortly before noon to
day Counsel prepared to sum up and
Indications were that the case would
reach the jur, late this afternoon.
Rudolph Loewe, the first witness to
day, testified he -was on his way to
Dr Carman s office and within IS feet
of the window when the shot which
killed Mrs Bailey was fired- Loewe
beard the shot looked up and saw a
man run across the lawn and leap
over the fence, he said.
Thousand SacJs Peanuts
Sent by Big Springs School
Children to European Tots
Big Springs, Tex, Oct 24 The
pupils of the B g Springs schools have
prepared and shipped to New York
140 sacks of peanuts, which will be
taken to Europe on the Christmas shin
which sails on November 10
The peanuts are a gift from the chil
dren of this town to the children In
Europe who will be deprived of the
usual Christmas cheer by the war.
Another Roosevelt Article Next Week
Xew York, Oct. 26, 1914
Editor 1 Paso Herald:
CoL Theo. Roosevelt was unable to prepare an article on the European
situation for today, bat we have root received word from him that he will have
another war article m oar bands next week m ample tune for use in the
Week-End Herald next week.
Mr. Roosevelt also notifies ns that he preparing tbe sixth article in the
series, 'and this we will sead yon in time for pinUhatkai the following week.
Thus, there will be a lapse of only a week between pnbHeation of the
fourth and fifth articles in the series.
Sincereh , The Wheeler Syndicate, Inc
Guy T Viskniskki, Editor.
Or? the Boys and Gir!s
British Monitors Shell Ger
man Positions, Inflicting
Great Losses.
Air Fleet Enters the Battle
Southwest of Osiend as
Allies Advance.
LONDON. :2ng. Oct 24 A wicked
shell fire from British warships
supporting the allies' left wing
dh much to prevent German advances
on Nieuport Friday and today The
British admiralty today issued a state
ment saying British monitors and other
sea craft hurled shells into the German
ranks, inflicting heavy losses and com
pelling tae enemy to retire.
Germans Announce Gains.
German army headquarters at Ber
lin, make the following official an
nouncement under today s date
The fighting continues seerel3 n
the district of the 1 ser can-il in the
north we succeeded in irossi lg t a
canai with great forces.
EMt of Tpres ami southwest of
Lille our troops are slowly adancing.
Mr Fleet In Operation.
Germany is bringing her air fleet into
action to supplement the land forces
attacking the lines of allies along the
front from Lille In France to the Bel
gian seaboard. Denied the use of war
ships, owing to the floating mines in
the English channel which might de
stroy the Gerr--n fleet before it could
approach the French and British navies
now shelling the German land forces,
the kaiser's general staff is putting the
Zeppelins into the battle. It became
known today
The airships are rendering particu
larly effective service southwest of Os
teni toward which seaport the troops
of France. England and Belgium are
working their way The Zeppelins are
hovering high over the allies and
dropping contact bombs, sometimes ti
good advantage.
This Is Greatest Battle.
Superlatives have been so frequently
used in the attempts to describe the
engagements of the present war that
the emphasis of such terms as "most
desperate " -violent and "crucial" has
been weakened by daily use but toda
as though bv mutual agreement, both
German and British "newspapers char
acterise the conflict along the front of
Lille, in France, to the Belgian sea
board, as the greatest struggle of all
London newspapers were quick to
seize the suggestion of a German mil
itary expert, as cabled here from Ber
lin, that this Is the crucial conflict of
the whole campaign and it is agreed
that these operations are llkelv to de
cide Germany's success Or failure in
the war.
rt!!!ery Duel Continues.
This is a broad ie of the situation
in France and Bel e mm from the Eng
lish standpoint Vihich side has the
advantage is not known except to the
general staffs of the opposing armies.
All that the public will know, barring
something unforseen in the nature of
a catastrophe to one armi or the other,
will be that the terrific artillerv duel
near the Belgian coast has continued.
and that one side was pushed back
here only to advance there, as was ex
plained in the official communication
issued in Paris last night
Germans on Defensive-
That the Russians, generallv speak
ing, continue to hold the upper hand
in the eastern arena of the war is the
gist of most of the dispatches reaching
London, and accepting this as true
England thinks that the putting og
Germany on the defensive in this ter
ritory will prevent her from trans
fering any forces to the western arena.
The French forts at Verdun came
to the fore again today as a result ot
news from German sources to the ef
fect that German forces, are drawing
closer to the positions and that the
French sorties are failing
Germans Gain at Dlxmude
The official communication given
out at the war office this afternoon
says the Germans have made progress
to the north of Dixnrude and in the vi
cinity of La Bassee, but that the
French have made material advances to
the west of Nieuport in the region ot
(Ceatlaeed on rare 4, Celomn 5.)

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