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Prices Now Offered Are Net
ting Owner $15 Yearly
For Each Plant.
Bowie, Ariz, Nov. 12. C. G. Bray, a
local farmer, has a small cactus ear
den which Is attracting considerable
attention here. He has the best frult
lnir variety of Burbank spineless.
The plant, are now two yean i old.
They are almost as high a a man s
head and average more .than 38 slabs.
or leaves, to the plant. The planU pur
chased from the Burband nursery eost
2MraCBray has been offered SO cents
each for the slabs on his plants At
this ate he could" clear 18 per plant
on the cacti In two years.
im. Studied Cactus Culture
He has made a reful estimate of
the amount of forage per " "'' "-"
will produce. The rows should, be
r.Z feet snarl and the plants three
feet aDart In each row. In tne seconu
yearthly produce SO slabs to the pfant
which roV&es 48.306 slabs. At one and
a half pounds each this would be S7
'Theneirs'" this cacti are' an ex
celtontxSS Wng used Prfj-P.'"
preserves and Jellies. They find a
readv sale and a .considerable amount
would be reused from these on one
acre of ground.
Alpine, Tex . Nov. IS Celery 22 niches
long was raised and marketed by J.
B Spence on the old Edwards place
just east of Alp.ne. Mr. Spence also
is raising and marketing other un
usually large and fine vegetables, and
is demonstrating that the oll and cli
mate here are especially adapted to the
successful growing of garden truck.
Seasonable rains have made the crops
in the Alpine country excellent this
'ear and farmers are finding ready
sale for their products.
. w York. Nov 12. The committee
on unlisted or curb stocks, which was
formed soon after the opening of tne
var to exercise supervision over pur-
bases and sales of these issues, was
dissolved today. The stock exchange
committee stated that because of the
improvement In the general financial
situation there no longer remained any
reason for the continuance of the com
mittee. A
The ordinary oost or a. Want Ad In
TheBl Paso Herald Is M cents. It
reaches an average of about 86.00p
readers each issue.
Krmeraher Clean coal and full weights
tp. in fuel economy. Southwestern Fuel
n i hone 531 Advertisement.
flair DKeTUis
Realize this ambition, when
assisted by Cuticura Oint
ment, by keeping your scalp
clean and free from dandruff,
itching and irritation.
Samples Free by Mail
CutfcCTi Bo&p Bd Ointment uXA tbroofbont tbe
(raid. Liberal B&efeoie&e&ra&8ed free. wttb32-p.
boot A4droo)"CuUoun." DepL Sen, Boston.
lists era
22 ins H
Honesty is the best policy. Next to that coma ours.
The Two Republics Life Insurance Co.
An honest man without an honest policy 13 neglecting his honest
duty to those dependent upon him for support.
You cannot afford to take the chance of leaving your wife and
children without protection.. Make it your first duty to see that they
are provided for in case anything should happen to yon.
If your home is mortgaged take out a policy in sufficient amount
to cover it. Your family will then have a home that no landlord can -drive
them out of and into the street.
LIFE INSURANCE BUILDING, and full particulars "will be furnished
by a courteous agent of the Company without any obligation on your
Don't put off until tomorrow. "Delays are dangerous."
' If your birthday is near at hand, get your policy now. Every year
added to your age calls for a higher rate.
We can supply
SgK. ing.
r 1 v
Finely Flavored Product of
the Valley Disappeared
When Water Stopped.
LOST The seed of the El Paso onion
lost many years ago in the El Paso
valley. Reward If returned to MaJ. "tt.
J Fewel.
The El PaBO onion and the mission
grape, two of the El Paso valley's most
famous products, have disappeared
from the market and many older LI
Pasoans, who knew the fine flavor or
the mission grapes and the equally
fine flavor of the El Paso onion, long
for these two products of the lower
valley which became famous through
out two republics.
The old timers differ as to the exact
date when the El Pa5.tniSnthf v??lev
be a commercial product of the vallej.
Mai. W. J. Fewel, who offered a re
ward of & for anyone wfco would
bring him the seed of the El raso on
lon"lays that the onion disappeared at
the same time that the water was
taken out of the river in the upper
reaches and the native ranchers were
forced to abandon their onion farms
and mission grape vineyards. Other
ninnocr, sav that it was not more man
10 years ago that the El Paso onion
disappeared and that Uie mission
grape may be found in a few places in
the valley even at this time, although
it has disappeared as a commercial
El Paso Onion Once Famous.
The El Paso onion was the m"st fa
mous product ever grown in the i.1
Paso valley, even excelled the canta
loupe, which became famous in recent
v-o Tt wae a silver white onion.
had a fine, sweet flavor and was with
out a trace or fire in it. The onion
grew to a large size and Al Howard
says he has seen them which meas
ured 11 1-2 lBChes across. They were
shipped to-the east and to all parts or
Texas and commanded the highest price
on the markets of the country, being
especially sought by the easterners,
who bought them in boxes. It is even
said that they were sold on the fruit
stands in New York Just as fruits and
melons were offered.
Like the cantaloupe, which took Its
place in popular favor among the prod
ucts of the El Paso valley, the El
Paso onion's fine flavor depended upon
the quality of the seed from which It
was grown. Father Ortiz, the revered
nrioat of the Ysleta. church, was said to
! have made it his work to raise the seed
of the El Paso onion and to dlsmouie
it among his parishioners as long as
he lived. In this way the standard of
the onion seed was kept up. But after
he died the older residents of the val
ley say, the 'seed became mixed with
th Bermuda and other onion stocks
and became Inferior in flavor. The
onion stock Is said fo have run down
until it was finally lost entirely.
o Seed Obtainable.
In spite of the reward. MaJ. Fewel
was unable to find a single seed or
the famous onion. He heard that there
was some in the San Lorenzo settle
ment, on the Juarez side of the river,
but has never been able to obtain any
of the seed. SeTeral years ago Z. T.
White wished to plant some of this
seed on his ranch and asked the late
D. M. Payne to get him some. Mr.
Payne, who was then in the commis
sion business, sent to the interior of
Mexico, where he had heard that the
seed was grown. But it was sterile
and failed to ecrmlnate. Charles Ste,-f
ens also made an effort to get some of
the seed, but failed, although Mrxow
ensteln, of Ysleta, told him .that it
could be had at one place iy'he Juarez
valley, but it was never found. He says
that there Is an onion, seed that Is
shipped here from Michigan which is
called the El Paso onion seed, but It
did not produce the same onion as the
one the pioneers knew.
Col. Eugene Van Patten, of Las Cru
ces, says that there Is an onion grown
by the Indians near Mesilla Park which
resembles the El Paso onion, but which
is red in color.
Alamogordo, N. M., Nov. 12. The
Alamogordo Improvement company has
Just finished planting 77 acres In win
ter oats. The company last spring
harvested an average of more than SO
bushels to the acre, from the 32-acre
tract near La Lui. The management
was so much pleased with this big
yield that the acreage has been more
than doubled.
New York, Nov. 12. Judge Louis D.
GIbbs, who presided in a number of
white slave cases recently in which
foreigners were involved, is believed to
be the intended victim of one of two
bomb explosions-Wednesday night The
first explosion occurred alongside the
Bronx borough court house and dil
much damage to the building. The
shock of the explosion was felt blocks
Judge Gibbs, at the time of the ex
plosion, was preparing to leave his
chambers in the building in company
with his private secretary, Samuel Phil
lips. The judge was shaken by the concus
sion but escaped injury.
The police said the bomb was of the
time explosive type and was set to go
off at about the hour Judge Gibbs
usually left his chambers.
Shortly after the bomb had exploded
at the court house, a second explosion
blew 'up In front of the office of city
marshal John C. Hoefllng, nearby.
Hoefllng had Just left his office. He
was not hurt.
Sportsmen !
your every need in Guns,
fs? Ammunition and Hunting uiotn-
send us your man orders.
Many Books Are Added To Local Library
More Than 350 Volumes, Covering Wide Range, of Thought, Are How Ready
for Distribution.
More than 360 new books, covering
a wide range of subjects, have been re
ceived recently by the local -library.
Included In the lot are 150 books for
children and 100 books of Action. All
of these bpoks are now oh the shelves
and ready for distribution.
Arizona Cqrporatlon commission.
First annual report.
Catholic encyclopedia. Vol. 16.
Fleming, L. A., Synonyms, antonyms
and associated words.
Patterson, comp,, American educa
tional directory.
Statesman's year-book, 1S14.
Walsh, W. S., Handy" book of curious
Who's who in America, 1911-1915.
General IVorKS.
Bostwlck, A. K.. American public
Richardson, E. C, Beginnings of
Philosophy, Psychology and Ethics,
Allen, A. L.. Message of new thought.
Allen, W. IL, Modern philanthropy.
Austin, Mrs. M. H., Love and the soul
Bawden, H. H., Principles of prag-"
Bergson, H. L-, Dreams.
Cabot, R. C, What men live by.
Coriat, I. H., Abnormal psychology.
Edward, Agnes, Our common road.
Goddard. H. H.. KallaUak family; a
study In the heredity of feeble-minded-
Gruenberg, Mrs. & ZU Your child to
day and tomorrow.
Hall, Bolton, Mastery of grief.
Key, E. K. S., Love and ethics.
Munstcrberg. Hugo, Psychology, gen
eral and applied.
Seashore, C F., Psychblogy In daily
Ayer, J. C, Source book for anoient
church history.
Banks, E. J., Bible and the spade.
Coler, B. a. Two and twq make four.
Graham. Stephen. With the Russian
pilgrims to Jerusalem.
Harnack. Adolf, New testament
studies. St. Luke.
Maeterlinck, Maurice, Death.
Rose, H. R., Outside of the cup.
White, Bouck. Carpenter and the rich
Socialism and Political Economy.
Antln, Mary, They who knock at our
Beard, C. A., Economic interpretation
of the constitution of the U. S.
Boyle, James, Minimum wage and
Brandeis, L. D., Other people's money.
Clay, S. H City building.
Conway, Thomas, Operation of the
new bank act.
Cowles. X D.. Art of story telling.
GallichansSIrs. C G. H., Truth about
woman. v
Gulick, S. L., American Japanese
Howe, Mrs. J. W., Julia Ward Howe
and the suffrage movement.
Hughan, J. w.. Facts of socialism.
Judson, K. B.. Myths and legends of
the great plains. '
Kales, A. M, Unpopular government
in the V. S.
Kawakami. K, IC, Asia at the door. ,.
McKeever, W. A., industrial training
of the boy.
Mozans, H. J Women la science.
Osborne. T. M- Within prison waits.
Parry. D. H., The V-. C; its heroes and
their valor. ,
Pollock, H. M.; T Modern cities.
Price, Isaac, Comprehensive question
Puffar. J. A.. Vocational guidance.
Ray, P. O., An introduction to political
.parties and practical politics1.
Spargo. John. Syndicalism, industrial
unionism and socialism.
Stelzle, Charles, American social and
religious conditions, 1912.
Strong, Joslah, Challenge of the city.
Stuart, J. B., Education of Catholic
Ward, F. E., Montessorl method and
the American school.
Weaver, E. W., Vocations for girls.
Wilson, a D., Working one's way
through college.
Woman citizens' library, ed. by Shatt
er Mathews. 12 vols.
Zueblin, Charles, Decade of civic Im
provement. rhllolocr.
Berlitz, M. D.. Metodo Berlitz.
Worman, J. H. and Monsanto, H. It,
First Spanish book.
Chapman. F. M., Color key to North
American birds.
Fabre, J. H. C, Life of the fly.
Gibson. W. H.. aecrets out of doors.
Ober, iF. A., Crusoe's island.
Useful Art".
Abbott, A. V., Electrical transmission
of energy.
Carleton. William, New lives for old.
CasselL R. J., Art of collecting.
Child, Mrs. G. B., Efficient kitchen.
Clark, Alexander, Diseases of the
human feet.
Dalcroze, E. J., Eurythlnics.
Davenport, C. B., Heredity in relation
to nnirenics.
Delano, J. A., American Red Cross
textbook on elementary hygiene.
Harris. D. F.. Nerves.
Hatfield, H. R., Lectur.es on commerce
Hodgson, F. T-, Modern carpentry;
2 vols.
Kinne, Helen, Foods and household
Lusk. Graham, Fundamental basis of
nutrition. ...
McCann. A. W.. Starving America.
Mills, J. C, Searchlights on some
American Industries.
McClure, Abbott, Making built-in
Montgomery, E. XJ., Corn crops.
Muller, R. W., Hair; Its nature,
growth and most common affectrbns.
Murray, C. H., Practice of osteopathy.
Noyes, William, Design and eonsi ruc
tion In wood.
Olin, W. H., American irrigation
Page, V. W., Questions and answers
relating to modern automobilo design.
Parsons, F. A., Principles of adver
tising arrangement
Pusey, W. A., Care of the skin and
Richardson, Better babies and their
care. ,
Robinson, C. M., Width and arrange
ment, of streets.
Saleeby. C W., Progress of eugcnlrs
AnAppea! to Wives
You know the terrible affliction that
comes to many homes from the result
of a drinking husband or son. You
know of the money wasted on "Drink"
thatis needed in the Home to purchase
food and clothing. ORRINE has saved
thousands of drinking men. It is a
home treatment and can be given se
cretly. Your money will be refunded
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Costs only $1.00 a box. Come in and
get a free booklet and let us tell you
of the good ORRINR Is doing. Kelly
S. Pollard, Sheldon Hotel. Adv-
On Our
20c THE LB.
Agents for
(f) jfl e JF
Singleton, Esther, Furniture of our
refathers. i
tnA .tu mill anontf.
Andrews, Charlton, Drama, of today,
trr-har. William, Play-making.
Averill. Mary, Japanese
flower ar-
Burtonf Richard.
New American
n,i Vjimnn.
Daly Maurice, Billiard book.
i?al,i,r" wioio House in cood taste.
Elson. Arthur, Modern composers of
KuroDe. I
Goepp, P- H-meaning-.
Symphonies and their
Archibald, European
drfwinFiorence. Auction high-lights.
Kinney, Troy, The dance, its place
'"KnowfeVjo'seph. Alone in the wilder-
nLaWton, Mrs. M. B., How to know
oriental ruBS. ,,, in .
Lohmann, Lilll, How to sm?.
Vtfrhy M. C, Athletic training.
PaVrV B U. Two great art epochs.
Talbot. F. A., Moving pictures.
Ti?lfn.'E. L. Dancing, ancie.
ancient and
Waugh. F. A.. The landscape beautiful
Wetwikampf. Frank, How to appre
ciate 8. DrnmB
Bennett. E. A., Honeymoon,
rhesterton, G. K., Magic
Galsworthy. John, Fugitive.
HoiSton. Stanley, Hindle wakes.
Houfman and Barker, Prunella.
Kennedy, C. R-. Idol-breaker.
Kenyonf 'Charles, Kind""
Knoblauch, Edward, Kismet.
McKayeTP. W., A thousand years
Strindberg. August, Hlays.
Tagore, Rabindrath, The postoffice.
Addison. Joseph, .Essays.
BVrdoe. Edward. Browning cyclopedia.
Bostwlck. A. E.. Earmarks of llter-
Brfdees. R. S., Poetical works.
' Brink C. M.. Making of an .oration.
rhittnilen W. L., Ranch verses.
Fmaurice-Kelly, Oxford book of
Spanish verse. i.i-j
France. Anatole, Penguin island.
Housman, A. E.. Shropshire : lad
Hull, Eleanor, ed. Poem book of the
Gael. -,,, .iij r .mitt,-
Jewett, sopnie, jjum. i.,.mo . -.
em Europe.
Knota, A.
L, History of French
"iSt" W. M.. Songs from Lelnster
Little French masterpieces, '6 vols.,
Balxac. Daudet, Flaubert, Gautier, Mau
passant, Menmee. j.vi
Lyon L. S Elements of debating.
Masefleld, John, Story or a round
Morris, William. Earthly paradise.
Persky. S. M., Contemporary Russian
ckA. n T TCaw brooms.
Thompson, Francis, Poetical works,
Trevelyan, G. M., Clio.
Wendell, Barrett, Stilligerl and other
Description nnd Travel, j
Bryce. James, South AiuetMfe.
Crawford, DanieU-Thlnking black.
Fraser. J,-.. Amazing Argentine.
, tttrtneGnffith, Mrs. M. E., Behind the
a'eAl in Persia, Turkay and Arabia.
Johnson, Clifton. Highways and by
ways from the St. Lawrence to Virginia.
Munson. Arley, Jungle days.
Q'Connor, Mrs. E. P., My beloved
South. . ,
t9bva Ttafnel Two Americas.
Sears. A. W., Two on a tour in South
Shackleton. Robert. Unvisited places
In Europe. rt
Stuck, Hudeon. Ascent of BenalL
Williams, E. R, Lombard" towns of
Woodberry, G. E, Nbrth Africa and
the desert.
Hist or j.
Atterbridge, A. H.. Famous modern
Channing, Edward, Students' history
of the United States. '
Eggleston, Edward, Beglnneis or a
nation. ,r ,
Gutierrez de lara, L., The Mexican
people. . f
James, G. W.. The old Franciscan mis
sions of California.
Mansfield. R. K. Progressive Chile.
Parish. J. C Man with the Iron hand.
Prince, L. B, Concise history of New
Smith, Mrs. M. S. C Twenty centuries
of Paris.
Thwalte, Leo, Alberta.
Walsh. J. J, Thirteenth greatest of
Biography, Collected.
Foster, W. D, Heroines of modern
Vincent, L. K., Dandies and men of
Blojrrnphy, Individual.
Bertrand, Louis, Saint Augustln.
Bashklrtserr M. K, Journal of Marie
BashKlrtseft. . , ,
Orsi, Pletru. Cavour and the making
of modern Italy. 1810-1861.
JDewey, George, Autobiography.
Dowden. Edward, Robert Browning.
Egan, M. F., Everybody's" Saint
Francis. .
Fuller, Lole, ' Fitteen years u
dancer's life. . , .
Goethe. J. W. von, Early and miscel
laneous letters.
Hegermann-Lindencrone, A. I. I., in
the courts of memory.
Holl. Karl, Gerhart Hauptmann.
Jennings. A. L., Beating back.
Ward. W. P.. Life of John Henry
Newman, cardinal.
Pringle, Mrs. E. W. A., Woman rice
Whitlock, Brand, Forty years of it
Bacheller, Irving, Eben Holden.
Barr, A. E, Playing with fire.
Beach, Rex, Auction block.
Benson, A. C. Paul the minstrel.
Benson. A. C, Watersprings.
Benson. E. F Thorley weir.
Benson, E. F., Weaker vessel.
Benson, R. H.. Initiation. ,.
Biggers. E. D., Seven keys to Bald-Pafe-
. ,
Bindloss, Harold, Prescott of Sas
katchewan. Bloem, Walter. Iron year.
Brady. C. T, Sword hand of Napoleon.
Brown. Alice, My love and I.
Bryant, Marguerite, Dominant pas
sion. Burroughs, Tarzan of the apes.
Cannan, Gilbert Old Mole.
Chambers, R. W., Maids of paradise.
Chambers, R. W, Quick action.
Conrad, Joseph, Chance.
Cooke, Mrs. G. M, William ,and Bill.
Cooke. J. E, Surry of Eagle's nest
Crockett, s. R, Sandy.
Dalrymple. Leona. Diane of the green
van. V
Daskam, J. D.. Today's daughters.
Dawson, Coningsby, The raft.
Deenlne. G. W.. White gate.
Deland, Margaret Iron woman.
Dell, E. M., Rocks of Valpre.
De Morgan, W. F, When ghost meets
ghost .
Dixon. Thomas, The victim. f
Dostoievsky, F. M, Brothers Kara
mazov. .
Dostoievsky, F. M, The possessed.
Doyle, A. C, Poison belt
Evans. Larry, Once to every man.
Fillmore, Parker, Rosie world.
Ford, P. L., Honorable Peter Stirling.
Foster, Maximilian, Keeping up ap
pearances. Gillmore, I. H, Angel island.
Gillmore, R. H., Opal pin.
Graves, C. I. M., Headquarter recruit
and other stories.
Green. A. K., Dark hollow.
Haggard. H. R., Wanderer's necklace.
Hannay, J. O, Lost tribes.
Hannay, J. O, Simpklns plot
Hannay, J. O, Spanish gold,
Henry, O.. Heart of the west.
Herrlck, Robert, Clark's field.
Hewlett M. H, Bendish.
Hlnkson. K T., Mesalliance.
Hopkins W J , Burbury Stoke.
Hornung. E W, Crime doctor.
Huttcn, Baiones von Maria.
Jepon Trlprir, Intervening ladv
tr.hTi'-r.Ti ' n r-n KiliTrinder
Kc ici, au0hn, iland of tho mighty
Klngsley, Charles, Westward ho!
Klein and Hornblow, Third degree.
Knipe. H. H., Overland red.
Lincoln, J. C, Cap'n Dan's daughter. J
Lincoln, N. S., Man Inside.
Locke, W. J., Fortunate youth.
Lockhart, Caroline. Full of the moon.
London, Jack, Adventure. .
Lowndes, Mrs. M. A. B., End of her
Lytton, E. G., Last days of Pompeii.
McCall, Sidney, pseud, Ariadne of
Allan Water.
McCiitcheon, G. B., Black is white.
McCutcheon, G. B, Prince of Grau3
tark. Mclntyre, J. T., Ashton-Kirk, special
Marquis, Mrs. R. M., Torch bearer.
Martin, Mrs. H. R, Barnabetta.
Mason, A. E. W Witness for the de
fence. Maxwell, W. B, Devil's"garden.
Maxwell, W. B.. My wife's hidden life.
Neville, E. C, Father Tom of Conne
mara. Newlln, Mrs. R. C. Victory Law.
Norrfs, Kathleen,-The treasure.
Oppenhelm, E. P., Vanished messen
ger. -
Palmer, Frederick, Last shot.
Parker, Gilbert, You never know your
Pater, .W. H.. Marius the Epicurean.
Peattie, E. W., The precipice.
PhlllROUs, Eden, From the angle of
Porter; Mrs. E. H., Miss Billy, married.
Powell. T a ririrtwnnfl.
Rhodes, E. M, Bransford in Arcadia.
Richmond, Mrs. G. L. S., Twenty
fourth ot June.
Slnclalr.'S. M., Flying V ranch.
Stephens;, James. Crock of gold.
Sterfett F. R,, Jam girl.
Tarkingym. Booth, Penrod.
Tlnayre, lime. Marcelle, Madelaine at
her mirror.
Van Schaick, George, Sweetapple
Vorse. Mrs. M. M H.. Heart's country.
Walpole, Hugh, Fortitude.
Walpole, Hugh, The gods and Mr.
Ward, J. M. H., Horace Blake.
Webster. H. K., Butterfly.
Wells, H. G, World set free.
Wiseman. N. P. a, cardinal, Fablola.
Wright H. B. Eyes of the world.
Children' Fiction.
Altsheler, J. A.. Guns of Bull Run.
Altsheler, J. A., Guns of Shiloh.
Barbour, R. H.. Benton's venture.
Blaisedell, M. F.. Twilight town.
Blanchard, A. B, Elizabeth, Betsy,
and' Bess.
Breitenbach. L. MU Alma's junior year.
Brooks, E. S, Under the allied flags.
Brown, E. A, Uncle Davld'.s boys.
Biown, E. A., When Max came.
Brown, Julia. Enchanted peacock.
Burgess, T. W, Boy scouts of Wood
craft camp.
Channon, F. E, Henley on the battle
Cherubinl, E., Tinocchio under the
Curtis, A. T, Marjorie on Beacon HilL
Curtis, A. T, Story of cotton.
Fltzhugh, P. K., For Uncle Sam, boss.
Grinneil, G. B., Jack, the young cow
GrlswoId.Ldtta, JJeering of Deal.
Gould, E. L, Felicia visits.
Hnnlrt R T. TJttl VoUv FreAtlSa
ttuntiagton, 1 St., Christians party for
Santa daus. : ,
Huntlhgton, I. M., Garden of .heart's
delight . , ,
Huntlnftton. I. M, Peter Pumpkin In
Kipling, Rudyard, Jungle book.
Kipling. Rudjard, Boy stories.
Knipe, Mrs. E. B, Beatrice of Dene
wood. Lang, Andrew, ed. Strange story
Leamy, Edmund, Fairy minstrel of
Malone. P. B., West Point yearling.
Page, Margaret, Irt childhood land.
Peattie, E. W., Azalea at Sunset Gap.
Peattie, E. W, Edda and the oak.
Perkins, L. F, Irish twins.
Pumphrey, M. B, Stories of the pil
grims. Quirk, L. W, Freshman eight
Remick, G. M, Glenloch girls at
Camp West
Robinson, C. H, Longhead
Robinson, C M, Rowena'3 happy sum
mer. Schultz, J. W, Quest of the fish-dog
Stevens, W. O, Messmates.
Stevens, W. O, "Peweo" Clinton,
Staw. Edith, Nancy the joyous.
Stratemeyer, Edward. With Taylor on
the Rio Grande.
Taggart, M. A., Her daughter Jean.
Tappan, E. M, House with the silver
Thompson, Vance, Mouse colored road.
Tomlirison, E. T.. Young sharpshooter.
Thurston, L T, Scout master of
Troop S.
Wade. M. II.. Dolls of many lands.
Weatherly, F. A.. Book of gnomes.
Wells, uaroiyn, pattys irienos.
Wells, Carolyn, Patty's social season.
Wesselhoeft E. F. P, Laddie, the
master of the house.
Williams, Hawley, Winning hit
'Wilson, J. F, Tad Sheldon's Fourth
of July.
Wyss, J. D, Swiss Family Robinson.
Tells' How She Was Saved
by Taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable
Logansport, Ind. "My baby was
over a year old and I bloated till I was
a burden to myseii.
I suffered from fe
male trouble so I
could not stand on
my feet and I felt
like millions of
needles were prick
ing me all over. At
last my doctor told
me that all that
would save me was
an operation, but
this I refused. I
told, my husband to get me a bottle of
Lydia K .Finkham s Vegetable Com
pound and I would try it before I would
submit to any operation. He did so and
I improved right along. I am now doing
all my work and feeling fine.
"Ihope other suffering women will try
your Compound. I will recommend it
to all I know." Mrs. Dandsi. D. B.
DAVlS,il0 Franklin St,Logansport,Ind.
Since we guarantee that all testimo
nials which we publish are genuine, is it
not fair to suppose that if Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has the
virtue to help these women it will help
any other woman who 13 suffering in a
like manner?
If you are ill do not drag along until
an operation is necessary, but at onca
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo
Write to Lydia E. Pinldiam
Mass. Your letter tvil bo opened,
read and anstvered by a woman
and held in strict confidence
Zollinger. Gulielma, Widow O'Calla-
ghan's boys. (
nMldren's, Xon-Flctlon.
Asbjornsen, P. C, Popular tales from
the ors-c
Asbjornsen, J
'. C, Tales from the
Stories of old Greece
Baker. E. K-,
Bond A. R-. Scientific American Boy.
Boutet de Monvel, L. M, Joan or Ar&
Boutet de Monvel, L. M, Boy me-
C Brooks, E. K. True story otLafayotte.
Chapman, J. J, Four plays for chil-
rc"arke, H. A, Child's guide to myth
ology. Colum, Padralc, Boy In Eirinn.
Comstock, F. A., Dramatic version of
Greek myths and hero tales.
DeShlelds, J. T., Border wars of
Duncan, R. B., Brave deeds of Revo
lutionary soldiers.
Du Fuy, W. A, Uncle Sam, wonder,
Fraser, C. C, Every boy's book of
Hardy, M. E, Little king and the
nrincess true.
Harrison, E. O., Enchanted house.
Homer, Achilles and Hector.
Im Bang, Korean folk tales.
Johnston. Clifton, editor. Book of
fairy tale bears.
Knox. T. W, Adventures of two
youths in Ceylon and India.
Macy, J. C, Young people's history of
Mathews. Basil, Splendid quest
McDonald. Mrs. E. A. B, Colette In
McFee, Mrs. I. N. C, American herqes
from history.
Miller, Joaquin. True bear stories.
Mills, J. C, Searchlights on some
American industries.
Morley, M. W, Will O' the wasp.
Noyes, William, Design and construc
tion in wood.
Olcott, F. J, Story-telling poems.
Pogany. Nandor, ' Hungarian fairy
book. .
Rolt-Wheeler, F. W, Boy with the U.
S. Indians. , . ,
Shafer, D. C, Harper's beginning
Sharp, D. L, Beyond the pasture, bars.
Sloane, T. O, Electric toymaklng.
Smith. M. E, Holland stories.
Upton, G. P., Argonautlc expedition
and the labors of Hercules.
Upton. G. P , In music land.
VerrllL A. H . Harper's wireless book.
Wagstaff, Mrs. B. S, Colonial plays
for the school room.
Warde. Margaret, Betty Wales girls
and Mr. Nidd.
Washburne, M. F, Old fashioned
fairy tales.
Wlgtfin, K. D, Tales of wonder.
Williams, Miracles of science.
Williamson, Margaret John and
Betty's Irish history visit
Chamberlno. N. M.. Nov. 12. W. J.
Storts, of Kyle, Tex, .has been spending
a few days at his ranch. He has been
experimenting with hogs the past sea
son and now has decided to put in more
Improvements and go into the business
extensively. ,,
A. W. CrowdejJjMiabHSK alfalfa to
the w filL1 w'ar'Pa n
I IleS"PTwre of Carrisozo, is iookiur ai
"t"ler his farm which he purchased fro
E. W. NeviU. He expects 10 ieeu a"
hay to cattle this coming year.
-T TT tVallane WK 11D the W6St Side
buying hogs to fatten lorraarket
Several rarmers are finishing their I
fifth cutting of alfalfa. I
Frank wood aroe inw nn wim
a load of ehoice alfalfa from tie Want
Building Permits.
To Phoenix-El Paso Bondls? company.
repair fire loss, estimated value .
lO nii " " . - -"----, V u.
To J. C HOB. lor IM unwwi u . ..
buocakiW on Ore street; estimated value
To R. Benavides. to bolld a frame ware
house on lots 1 and z. block S, Campbell's
addition, estimated value 1.
Deeds Hied.
Ysleta townslte Francisco SWU and Pa
blo Soils to T. H. Patterson, a tract of
land containing J.S acres In Ysleta grant,
gl Paso county; consideration SUM; 0t
North side of Memphis, between Division
and Oourchesne street H. J. MeCleraenU
and wife to the Maryland Healty company,
lots 7 and 8. block SS. Altnra. addition, con
sideration 110: Oct M, 1914.
South side of Arisona between Vermont
street and Golden Hill terraee Mountain
side Realty company to M. CoWentz. lots
14. IS and IS. block 7. Golden Hill; consid
eration 450: Not 9, 1914.
Socorro grant P. Armendariz and Flll
berta de Acosta to B. Armendariz, a trst
of land containing 4.95 acres in to EU
zario grant. Bl Paso county; eeosWeratlon
JI: July 6. 1911. . .
South side of Missouri, between Atwe and.
Octavia streets W. J. Waraock to O- C.
Coles, lot 4 and westerly foar feet of let
z, block 6, Franklin HelghU; conoWeratlon
J60; Nov. 11, 1914.
North side of Memphis, between Russell
and Lowell streets T. W. Coeley to A.
Courchesne. lots 5, S. 7. 8, 9, 1. 11. 1J. "
and 14. block S. Altura Park; considera
tion $10; Nov 9. 1914.
Automobiles Licensed.
J60S Ed Ellas and son, E. K. BJias, val-
Just as easy to open a savings account with us as though yon
lived next door.
VTB PAT 4 percent Interest compounded Twice Every Year.
"We do business under the Depositor's Guaranty Law of the Stats
of Texas and are a Guaranty Fund Bank as provided by such Law.
Our plan, in addition to being convenient is safe, profitable
and liberal. Nobody has ever lost a dollar in a State bank In Texas.
Write today for our free booklet "BANKTSG BT MAIL" or
simply mall your deposit
El Paso Bank and Trust Co., El Paso, Texas
Established April. 1881. Capital. Surplus and ! O.00O.
C. K. MOREHEAD, President. II C. N. BASSETT, Vice President,
L. J. GILCHRIST. Aset. Cashier.
Tel! These People What You Want
They Will Respond Promptly
LongwelFs Transfer
Autos, Hacks nnd BaBgnee.
Auto linccaee rrucis.
-some very serious ones. Let us not make the mistake of not "Panting-.
It Induces others to follow your example. It is an excellent
'i.eVus assist you in making out a bill of paints; write us.
deaptno place, seven pasengr Bolck.
IJcentftd to Wed.
E. Murlllo to B. Laguna.
Nat O. Hudson to Marguerite Romeraa.
Births (Mrls.
To Mm. Y. Cervantes. K Wet Seventh
street; Kov. 10.
Ttlrlh Rots.
t lln. H. Anderacau' 4 a
Nov. S.
Oh! th(
of Beauty
Let Stuart's Calcium Wafers Restore
the Color to Yonr Cheeks nnd
Remove the Cause of Pimples.
Blackheads, lite.
Everyone envjes a beautiful skin,
lust as every one envies a healthy per
son. Unsightly faces filled with pim
ples, discolorations, blackheads, etc,
are nothing' but unhealthy faces due
to blood impurities. Cleanse the blood
and the facial blemishes disappear.
"Life to me now Is a beauteous thing,
for I have made all skin trouble, a
thing of the pant"
You must not believe that drugs and
salves will stop facial flemishes The
cause Is impure blood filled with all
Slrt's'caUiuVwafe'rs cleanse and
cl4r the bVod. driving out all poisons
and impurities. And r'?"
a good complexion until the blood is
These little wafers may be used with
perfect freedom. Science knows no
more powerful blood cleanser They
are entirely free from harmful drugs
or opiates. Your doctor prescribes these
hundreds of times ayear.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers go right into
vour blood. Their purifying, beneficial
effect upon the blood Is felt throughout
the body, not in a year or a month, but
in a few days. You feel better all over
because your blood, the life-giving
fluid, is doing its work properly.
No matter how bad your complexion
Is, Stuart's Calcium Wafers will work,
wonders with it You can get these
little wonder-workers at your drug
gist's for 50 cents a package. If yoj
wish to try a small sample first it will
be mailed free by addressing F A. Stu
art Co, 175 Stuart Bldg, Marshall,
Mich. Advertisement
By n Stomach Specialist.
As a specialist who has spent many
vftarq in the stndv and treatment of
, stomach troubles. I have been forced to
. coneiusion that most people who
the conclusion that most people who
complain of stomach trouble possess
stomachs that are absolute!-- healths
and normal. The real trouble, th-t
which causes all the pain and difficult' .
is excessive acid in the stomach, ag
gravated by food fermentation. Hper
acidity Irritates the dellcae lining of
the stomach and food fermentation
causes wind which distends the stom
ach abnormally, causing that full
bloated feeling. Thus both acid and
fermentation interfere with and retard
the process of digestion. The stomach
is usually healthy and normal, but irru
tated almost past endurance by these
foreign elements acid and wind. In
all suoh cases and they comprise over
90 per cent ef all stomach difficulties
the first and only step necessary is
to neutralise the acid and stop the fer
mentation by taking in a little warm or
cold -water Immediately after eating,
from one to two teaspoonfuls of bisur
ated magnesia, which Is doubtless the
best and only really effective antacid
and food corrective known. The acid
will he neutralized and the fermenta
tion stopped almost Instantly, and your
stomach will at once proceed to digest
the food in a healthy, normal manner
Be sure- to ask your druggist for tha
bisurated magnesia, as I have found
other forms utterly lacking in its pe
culiarly valuable properties. F. J. G.
Day or
Limousine, 3 nnd 7 rassens" Cars.
Xov. 12, 1914
' ,- 3
I 2 12
W bhelton-Jrayne Arms Co.
eil ui-jffrrc

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