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Fighting Continues at Gua
dalajara and Carranza
Troops Make Gains. '
Fighting at Guadalajara continued on
Monday and resulted in a slight advan
tage for the Carranza troops, according
to advices received here Tuesday. Vhen
the Villistas under Gen. Felipe Angeles
first attacked the city on Sunday, they
advanced along the railroad from the
southeast and gained control of the
line almost to the outskirts of the city.
In the fighting of Monday, however,
the reports received here state that tha
Villistas were forced to retire to
Atequiza, the third station from the
city on the main line.
Reports received by representatives
of both factions here regarding the
movements around Guadalajara have
been meager. Carrancistas claim that
Gen Dieguez, in command at Guadala
jara, has 12.000 men and that these are
to be reinforced by additional men and
artillery from west coast points. Villa
estimates of the attacking forces under
Gen. Angeles run as high as 18.000...
Herrera and Arrfetns Resume.
According to reports received in
Juarex the Herrera and Arrieta
brothers have again become active in
the Parral district and this has resulted
In the sending of 2000 Villa men. under
Col Antonio Silva, from Parral. The
combined Herrera-Arrieta forces are
etill maintaining their base at Mesa de
Sandla, but it is reported that they
now hold the lines south, which run
Into the state of Durango. According
to letters received here by former
rarral residents, the two forces are
continually raiding ranches and small
towns and have considerably increasod
their followings.
Skirmishing at Border rolnts.
There has been only occasional skir
mishing at Naco and Agua 1'rieta dur
ing the last 24 hours, according to ad
vices received by the consulate. Small
reinforcements continue to be received
by the Agua Prieta garrison, most of
them coming from the Nacozari region.
There has been much trouble lately
between the military and civil author
ities at Cananea, according to advices
received here. The military authorities
are continually Interfering with the
train service from the mining tojvn, it
Is claimed. ,
Consulate Ircblres Demanded.
Notice has been served on the local
Carranza consulate by representatives
of Ernesto Arteaga y Fernandez, newly
appointed consul of the convention,
that the Carranza consulate has no
official standing and that all of the
archives must be turned over to Fer
nandez who is the only man empowered
to represent the government of Mexico
In this cit The Carranza consulate
nas made no reply to these demands.
urn f
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War Mar. wi?E JiiT1? l-50
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ffhlSlPl!? Harald was established in March.
also, by absorption and sueces&ion Th
-... ai tne i-ostofflce In El Paso.
,-M tr.ltMlMim ICCnrKin-n "
Gens. Alvaro Obregon, Eduardo Hay
and Antonio Villarcal are under arrest
in Mexico City by order of Gen. Xiucio
Blanco, who is in control at the capital,
according to advices from San liiils
Pot6si received Monday night The
three Carranza commanders are
Charged with having violated their
pledges to the Aguascallentea i conven
tion, according to the dispatch, whl-h,
it is claimed was sent by provisional
president Gutierrez.
The dispatch also said that Gen. Villa
with 10.060 men would accompany
prealdent Gutierrez to Mexico City and
that the Journey to the capHal woeld
be made as soon as repairs on the rail
way were completed.
(Continued Irom rage One.)
Hill, the garrison' commander, turned
searchlights upon tho attackers and
mowed them down with machine guns.
The attack was directed against the
Hill trenches Th the southeast and
Maytorena's men were within 300 yards
of the defences when tho searchlights
got into play.
At daylight Hill opened a lively artil
lery flre unon tlnTbesiegers and forced
a further retreat
"Washington, D. C, Nov. 24. Presi
dent Wilson said today he had received
reassuring advices of conditions in
Mexico and was confident nothing seri
ous would result to American interests
in the present controversy among the
Mexican generals.
The president thinks conditions in
Mexico will constantly improve. In
quiries by the British, French and
Spanish ambassadors as to the safety
of their subjects have-not been pro
tests in any sense, according to the
white house Tiew, but merely Indica
tions of the desire of those European
governments for the' exercise by the
United States of its gopd offices in be
half of foreigners.
The president indicated clearly today
that the United States assumes no task
or obligation in that connection, the
European governments recognizing
merely that the United States as tho
nearest friend of Mexico, was able to
exert more influence in behalf of for
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Style of
wim eacn set
1881. The El Paso WPrM i ,
nail, m ? Herald Includes
Texas, as Second Vi.. x.-
Gov. Hunt Shorn of Power
to Set Free on State Con
victed Murderers.
Ariz.. NOV. 24. More lli.in
one surprise wag cpnceal6a , th9 of.
flclal returns from the' election held on
isovember 3. For instance, the anti
blacklist bill and industrial pursuits
act were carried and not defeated, as
first believed. The industrial pursuits
embart11! Blves,t.h state th right to
amVrnIni. any klnd of business, was
SP,W,!S ub,y ,a, majority of 911 votes.
jSrfty-JlS! b,U reC6lVed ma-
On no question wasvthe vote so close
movint110"3"'""0"?! amendmc-nt
I n n j wver ui me legislature
! n 4h? r rePeal anJ" initiated meas-
"" ijmscu Dy only ,, votes.
governor Hunt's anti-capital punish
ment bill was defeated by 1253 votes.
his power tJ reprieve and pardon con
Yi ct?.was removed by 1672 votes. That
js, the bill passed by. the legislature
placing that power in the hands of a
parodn "Board which was referred to
the voters, was sustained.
Arizona's "Dry" Vote.
It was Maricopa county that made
rijona dry. In this county there were
8632 votes for the statewide prohibition
amendment and 4951 against it, a dry
majority of 3741. The dry majority in
iub siaie was 3144. Graham, Apachq,
NavaJo and Tuma were tho other dry
' By overwhelming majorities, the
amendment limiting the holding of
prohibition eleotlons to once in eight
years, reclamation bond issue, highway
bond issue, exposition appropriations,
county division bill, Australian system
of taxation, Miami county bill and
county seat- removal bill were defeated
On the Miami county measure the vote
was 30,058 to 5888. No other measure
was so badly beaten.
There was a comparatively small ma
jority of 2192 against the bill provid
ing for the semi-annual payment of
Pensions For Mothers.
There was a large number of votes
in favor of the measure regulating
electrical construction, the mothers
pension act and the SO percent citizen
ship bill. The latter measnre provides
that wherever five or more persons are
employed, SO percent must bp American
A legal tancle of no small dimensions
Lis certain no result from the "mothers'
'pension law. This bill provides that
county poor farms shall be sold nd
the proceeds applied to carrying out
the provisions of this 'act." But no
official is charged with the duty of
selling the poor farms, nor are instruc
tions of any kind given for their sale.
It is pointed out that if the law is ever
enforced, a person must be a mother of
dependent children and more than 6a
years of age, to receive any assistance
from the state. The legislature can
not repeal or amend the law, because
its power to do so has been removed.
Vote For stair urucerx.
C. M-. Zander and Thomas E. Camp
bell were elected to the tax commission.
Zander received 16,339 votes, and Camp
bell, the only Republican elected to
state office this year. 15,783. Zander,
therefore, serves six years and Camp
bell four.
Following Is the total vote onthe
governorship: George "W. P. Hunt,
Democrat, 2G.226; George U. Young.
"Progressive," 6206; Ralph H. Camer
on, Republican,- 17,602; J. R. Barnetle,
Socialist, 2793.
For United States senator, Maik A.
Smith, Democrat, received 25.790 votes;
J. B Nelson. "Progressive," 2608; J. L.
Hubbell. Republican, 9183: 3ert Davis.
Socialist, 3583: Eugene "W. Chafin, In
dependent, 7293, N
For congressman, Carl Haydn,
Democrat, received 33,306 votes; H lj
Eads, Republican. 7586, Ulrich Grill,
Socialist, 3773.
After Political Jobs.
Candidates for positions with the
second Arizona state leglslatnre are
already making their appearance. Ar
thur C. Pearson, of "Bisbee, reading
clerk of the first state senate during
the second ana tmra special sessions
of that body, wants to be chief clerk
of the senate this time. He claims that
Dr. W. P. Sims, of Cochise, who stands
a good chance to be president of the
senate, is for him. It is claimed that
by his phenomenal rapidity in reading.
Pearson saves the senators many days
and the state many dollars.
I.. F. Sweeting, chief clerk of the
house in 1913, wants the same position
again. He is opposed by Peter Munsh,
who was his assistant
Nogales, Ariz., Nov. 24 The state
department at "Washington is taking
such an active Interest in the cases of
Can-away, Wilson and Mclnnery, Amer
icans charged with implication in a
dynamite plot against the Maytorena
government In Sonora, that it is be
lieved the men may be released today.
U. S. consul Slmpieh has been in con
sultation with Judge Zavala, chief of
the military tribunal, and the accused
men were Drougnt nere juonaay irom
Hermosillo, where they have been in
the state prison.
The Judge, consul, prisoners and wit
nesses were today to go to monument
118, where tbe men are declared to
have crossed the boundary to blow up
railroad bridges. It is the contention
of the Americans that an automobile
could not cross there because of a deep
arroyo, and that the testimony against
them is therefore false.
Washington, D. C.'Nov. 24. Venusti
ano Carranza telegraphed to his agencv
here today denying that his troops at
Leon and Irapuato deserted to Villa.
He declared it true that his troons had
withdrawn from Leon, Queretaro and
Guanajuato, leaving the cities te Villa,
but explained it was part of his
Mrs. Adeline Watt, -wife of A. &
Watt, an employe of the El Paso post
office, died at the family home, 506
Memphis street, Monday night.
Mrs. Watt accompanied her husband
to El Paso 17 months ago from Mem
phis, Tenn, and resided in this city
until the time of her death. Funeral
services were held Tuesday afternoon
at 4 oclock. Rev. W. C Baber offi
ciated. Burial was in Evergreen ceme
Judge Adrian Pool received a scratch
over the eye and attorneys M. Kemp
and Thornton Hardie received fines of
mo eacn jionaay aiiernoon when the
judge acted as peacemaker during a
disagreement between the two attor
neys. The case of the El Paso Lumber com
pany vs. the Troy Laundry company
was up for trial at the time.
Mayor C. E. Kelly, who was ap
pointed by governor Colquitt as a mem
ber of the Texas Belgian relief com
mittee, is now receiving donations from
El Fasoans for the fund.
E. Havenith, Belgian minister at
Washington, has thanked governor O
B. Colquitt In the name of king Albert
for the work that Is being done by this
-i i
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Las Cruces Hunters Return
With Substantial Tro
phies of the Hunt.
Las Cruces, N. M., Nov. 24. B. G
Stopp and two sons, who live down the
valley a few miles below Las Cruces,
fhave returned froma hunting trip in
the Mescalero ,lndian reservation and
brought home one bear and three deer.
Dr. Charles Lee Hill, wife and -two
daughters. Misses Hannah and Mary,
have returned home, after a brief visit
in El Paso. They made the trip from
l Hill to El Paso in their new car. They
attended the norse snow. rran aiur
chison, of El Paso, gave dinner party
at the Toltec club in honor of Misses
Hannah and Mary Hill. Plates were
laid for 12, as follows; Misses Han
nah and Mary Hill, Jouott Fall, Iva
Cool, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Hill,
Mr. and Mrs. James Marr and Messrs.
Carl Beers, Maury Kemp, Charles
Douglass and Frank Murchlsq,n. An
eight course dinner was served.
Dan -M. Jnckeson, Presiding,
Jury dismissed until Tuesday after
P. R. Price, Presiding.
' John Atler vs. Frank Foster and
others, suit on contract; on trial.
Leigh Clark, Presiding.
Cases set In the special district court
of El Paso county, Toxas, on November
2r 1914, for the following dates:
7314 The Exploration Co. of N. Y.
vs La Repubflca Mining Co.; Decem
ber 17.
10642 M. W. Tatum vs. Chas. F.
Hunt; December 17.
Adrian Pool. Presiding'.
Western Picture Frame Co. vs. Foutz
& ZInkler; suit on contract; in Jury's
F. L. Fuentes, charge of theft; filed.
W. T. Lewis, charge of swindling;
John Penny, charge of unlawfully
taking an automobile, filed.
Geo. I!. Oliver, Presiding.
Robert W. Rathell, arrested by fed
eral authorities charged with violation
of the. Mann act, in bringing a woman
from Denver, Colo., to El Paso; bond
fixed at 2000.
Refugio Castillo, charged with bring
ing, a woman from Albuduerque, N.
JL; bond was placed at $500.
"Gas stoves caused neither the fire
at the Piotieer Tailor shop nor at the
home of Mrs. Delia S. BoTee." K. L.
Simons, manager of the El Paso Gas
company, said Tuesday.
"I made a careful Investigation of
these fires and found that one was
probably caused by rats in a closet and
the other by a match In a waste paper
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Glass Is As Old As
Its Manufacture Is Being Handicapped
Are Too Busy
PLATE GLASS was first known
in France, commercially, some
what over 200 years ago, al
though glass, In one form or another,
has been in use for many centuries."
said J. E. Treston, of the E. Paso
S- and Door company. Rotary club
memoor. Apparently glass was known
ksP 40 years ago.
., " e'gium, France, Germany and Eng
land have been the most prominent in
the extennivo , ... , ,
decorative purposes. Considerable plate
glass is made in the Argentine repub
lic. Belgium comes first, as her deposits
or raw material are unlimited. Ger
m.a?y i3send and France, the United
K,fs' EnSland and the Argentine re
SJl? come in the order named,
rue materials used In the manufac
ture of plate glass are silica, a white
sand carbonate of soda, commonly
Knowit as soda ash, and lime, with a
i "VUXKuona of arsenic and char
coal. Th6 mining of silica, the quar
rying of limestone and the chemical
manufacture of soda ash are all carried
on Tefy extensively In this country and
envolve the essentials to glass manu-
' . Worked With JJare Feet.
Pots of fireclay are miied and
kneaded in a mill and seasoned in bins,
sometimes for as long as a year, to be
dug out and put through a treading
process by men in bare feet. This Is
apparently the only successful method
discovered so far by wlSch the right
kind of plasticity can be obtained. The
average pot holds a ton of molten
glass to a furnace liont nf snnn lorrees.
Melting reduces the bulk so that the
pot is filled three times before It con
tains a sufficient charge of metal. A
crane lifts the pot from the furnace
and an electric tramway carries it to
an Iron casting table on which there
is a heavy Iron roller so arranged as to
roll the entire width of the table. The
half-fluid metal Is poured on the table
and the roller passes over it, leaving a
layer of uniform thickness.
Speedy Operation.
This operation is a speedy one and
is performed close to an annealing
oven and the red hot plate is shoved
into it where it remains several days
until the temperature is reduced from
an intense heat to the temnerature of
an ordlnary'room. Frbm the oven the
cast glass Is carried by as many as 20
iiien 10 a revolving platform of about
25 feet in diameter, where it is laid on a
surface of plaster of naris flooded with
water. The men mount the plate and
tramp it into place and the revolving
table Is set in motion. Revolving run
ners fed by water and sharp sand com
plete the grinding and blocks of felt
attached to reciprocating machinery
fed with rouge and water, completes
the polishing, and so we have polished
plate glass.
Window Gianni
"The same pots of molten glass are
used in the manufacture of window
glass, save that a blowpipe attached to
a compressed air machine blows
the metal in a cylinder 25 feet
long and 50 inches in circumference.
Hand blown glass involves a much
smaller cylinder and is the more ex
pensive, but much simpler in opera
tion, for as yet makers have not dis
covered a continuous process of ma
chine manufacture.
"After the glass in the cylinder is
cooled off, the casting is opened by a
red hot iron which is run down the
cylinder, cutting the glass as If by a
knife. The cylinder is then placed in
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sores, woends. bolls, and
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sells them, but for trial
free, write to Dept. 21-S.
Kesinol. Baltimore, Md.
State Limited
iunriui, vuuncous lJrlvers. TJV.
Egyptian Sphinx
by the European War, as Countries
to Make It.
an annealing oven, cut side up, and the
oven, being a few degrees below the
melting point of the glass, prompts
the settling of the glass and the flat
tening process is accentuated by the
use of a large block of wood on a pole,
the wood thoroughly soaked in water,
which gradually flattens out the glass
on the stone surface of the oven.
Glnsn Often Spoiled.
"The oven is frequently too hat and
burns the glass or causes It to run,
which leaves that blotched or wavy
effect often seen in window glass
After cooling, the eutting, grading and
sacking of glass in boxes of 50 souare
feet in this country, and 100 square
feet in Europe, cbmpletes the operation
and we have window glass for commer
cial purposes.
"Before any of the glass Is finally j
consumeu il jretiueiiuy passes (nrougu
as many as five middlemen, such as
the manufacturers agent, the Jobber,
the beveler and the retailer. From
plate glass the manufacture of mir
rors, table and desk tops, show cases
and windshield plate are made possible.
liny Quarantine May Hart.
"From window glass we have glass
for picture framing, dry plate mak
ing, flashed color glass and shock
mirror plate manufacture. Then we
have the unground and unpolished
rolled glass, involving many artistic
designs which admit light and also has
a use for fire protection, prismatic ef
fect and for decorative purposes. We
also have the colored opalescent and
cathedral glass which are used in tha
manufacture of leaded glass for the
home and for stained memorial win
dows. "It is barely possible that the mouth
and foot disease, of which you have
heard much lately, will cripple the
manufacture of glass in the eastern
states, inasmuch as the government has
seen fit to include hay In their quar
antine and hay is used altogether in
the packing of window glass for ship
ment." Visit the Poultry Exhibit, 306 Texas
street Admission 10c,
for the depositor's
money is the first con
sideration of tiie officers
and directors of this
strict adherence to
this principle making
everything else second
aryhas gained the coh
fidence of serious
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in this bank they
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Hot Springs
m i :
Solicits the business of
the Cattle, and Livestock
Men of Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona, and
the entire Southwest.
Have modern facilities
for prompt, expeditious
handling of livestock.
New modern, sanitary
pens. The necessary
buildings have been
erected and t balance of
construction Tvill be
pushed to completion as
soon as possible.
Market is open to cat
tlemen, speculators and
others handling live
stock. Prices for feed fur
nished are same as now
being charged by other
yards operating here at
the present thne
No weighing or yard
age charges.
South End Gotton Addi
tion. On Second Ward Car

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