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Ti r afUer (Handy & Harmon quota
tun i 49 Grains. higher Livestock.
ft. nl Mexican bank notes. 20 Villa
currency 17 Chihuahua currency, 1JH
r arranaa currency. 18 H.
Fair tonight and tomorrow.
Great Number of German
Prisoners and Cannon
Brought Into Lodz.
is next planned
Germans Report Heavy At
tacks By French' Troops
Successfully Checked!
LONDON. Ena:., Dec. 4. The Russian
army in Russian Poland has won an
Important victory over the Germans
west of Lodz, according to a dispatch.
Kens, which states tfcat great numbers
of prisoners, cannon and machine guns
are being brought into Lodz.
Since Lodz was held a few days ago
by the Germans, this Indicates that the
Tntonlc, advance into Russia is being
beaten back It was while the Germans
were in Lodz tha. the Russian envelop
ing moi ement commenced. Russian re
ports said Germans were slain by tens
of thousands in the shelling of that
city "
Fall of Oraeow Imminent.
T1 " u m mating war issae Is today In
tho . iitt rn arena of the war. Where
tne result of the great clash of millions
of men in Poland wtM go- tpr toward
ilecialng the duration of the war, as
well as its character during the next
few months v
The fighting in Russian Poland, In
the opinion of British Observers, ap
pears to have had no effect OK the Rus
sian march against Cracow to stop
y which has been the main object of the
(Germans In the possession of heights
Rithln three or four miles of the outer
forts of the former capital of Poland,
the Russians appear to have the Cracow
fortreis at their mercy The very fact
that the Muscovites have been able to
get to such close quarters seem to in
dicate that the guns of Cracow are not
so formidable as has been commonly re
ported It this city falls, it Is anticipated that
It will have an immediate effect on the
campaign m Poland, it being argued
here that the Germans would be then,
forced to double back to stem the ln
asion of Silesia.
French Attack Repulsed.
The French troops in Flanders are re
peatedly attacking the German line,
tat s the official statement given out to
cU in Berlin at the war office, which
adds that these assaults have been re
pulsed The statement follows:
"In the western theater of war.
French attacks against our troops In
i lanuers ero repeaieaiy repulsed as
th -Lre also in the region northwest
tf Altkirch, where the French suffered
considerable losses.
Jn the eastern theater of war, the
en mi ; attacks east of the plain of the
Mazurian lakes were repulsed with
heaw losses to the Russians.
Our offensive in Pdtand is taking
Its normal course.
His majesty, the emperor, arrived in
Be-lm Thursday night for a short stay."
Spirited Cannonade In Belgium.
The French official statement given
out this afternoon in Paris reads as fol
lows ' In Belgium there has been an Inter
mittent but fairly spirited cannonade
between the railroad from Ypres to
KouIits and the highway between
Becelaere and Pass Chendele, where the
infantry of the enemy endeavored to
g-iln ground, but quit without success.
"At Vermelles. we are continuing the
n ork of organising the positions taken
from the enemy
From the Somme to the Argonne re
gion there Is quiet along the entire
Infantry Attack In Argonne.
"In the Argonne there have been sev
eral attacks on the part of German in
fantrj. but all were repulsed by our
troops particularly at La Corne to the
, northwest of the forest of Grurie.
"There has been some artillery firing
In the Woe re district and in Lorraine.
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' ' 1
It's Smoking Hot ! What ?
Roosevelt's Article On Mexico In Tomorrow's Herald
YOU MAY not agree with him' in all tilings or anything, you may think
he is too hard on president Wilson and secretary Bryan, 'you may
think he ie altogether too eagy on, president Taft and secretary Knox
ft ho really inaugurated the tragic blunder of our absurd foreign policy and
who left Wilson a Mexican problem already grave enough.
But whether you agree or disagreeyyou must admit,that Roosevelt uses
the English language with singular force. He gives facts and proof,
m many matters never before published. The picture he draws "of American
failure is not a fascinating one, but it is too true to dodge around. And you
will have a feeling of gratitude that somebody whose voice carries far, has
at last had the courage to say things that need saying.
Roman Catholics especially will read the Roosevelt article with interest
matching their horror at the revelations Roosevelt makes. The letter from the
little Toluca girl bids fair to become famous in Mexican revolutionary
annals. She innocently asks her father-confessor whether it will be better
to commit suieide or submit to certain methods of certain revolutionists.
Be sure to order a copy of tomorrow's Herald from your dealer in advance.
The demand will be extraordinary.
. .
.- - , -.
Col. Roosevelt Pays
The War At a Glance
THE first official word to In
dicate that the predicted as
sault of the allies on the Ger
man lines in Beldam may hale
been begun, came today. The Ger
mnn rrnr office statement soys
that the French hoie mode repeat
ed attacks In Flanders, which were
ThU brief reference does not
make It clenr how extensile the
movement Is. For several days It
baa been reported unofficially that
the allies had determined on an
nsannlt which would lend to one of
the greatest strngsrles of the war,
with the object of breaking the
German line In the northwest and.
If possible, forcing n general re
In Alsace, too, the French appar
ently hate made n new nttnek.
The German statement reports that
nn attempted advance northwest of
Altkirch, upper Alsace, was beaten
hack with considerable losses for
the Trench.
Porta and London are curiously
reserved concerning these report
ed developments. So far ns was
related in dispatches from those
cities, no events of great import
ance are under way. In the cam
paign against the Russians. Gcr-. ,
many nsnerts that she has won n
victory In east Prussia. Inflicting
heavy losses In checking a Ilnsslnn
advance east of the plain of the
Masurian lakes.
Emperor William has returned
from his trip to the battlefield, of
east Prussia and Poland, for a short
stay In Berlin.
A. P.. Davis Gfoes Up in His
Place; Panama Man
Over Both.
Washington, D. C, Dec 4. The of
fice of director of the reclamation ser
vice will.be abolished on December 10.
The offices of director and chief engi
neer will bo consolidated, with chief
engineel-jA. P. Davis in charge. Direc
tor F. It Jsewell 'will become consult
ing engineer.
A new office chief of construction.
will be filled by the appointment of
S. B. Williamson, an engineer who was
prominent in building the Pacific di
vision of the Panama canal.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 4. The United
States district attorney's office here
today awaited word of the arrest in
the east of a multi-millionaire, whose
conduct is said to have been unrlnr
Investigation by a Chicago federal
grand jury in connection with an al
leged Tlolation of the Mann white slave
The complainant Is said to be a
California girl, member of a well
known family, who is held in this city
under surveillance of federal investi
gators. No hint of the name of the man was
given by federal officials.
Chicago, III., Dec. 4. Stockholders if
the Chicago Federal league baseball
club today voted an increase of $150,000
in the stock of the club, raising its cap
italization from $250,000 to $400,000
It was announced that $100,000 of the
new Issue was subscribed by present
shareholders and that $50,000 of the
stock would be put on the market 'n
$100 shares, no one person to be al
lowed to buy more than 10 shares.
Washington, D. U . Dec 4. The house
rules committee will meet Dec. 12 to act
on the Hobson resolution for nation
wide prohibition by constitutional
"It will not be necessary to have
hearings," said chairman Henry, "as the
committee probably will take action
with the Information before it"
Many Demands of Engine
men Are Based on TJiat
Theory, Is Assertion.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 4. That profit
' sharing is a correct economic theory
as between employer and employe, and
that many of the demands of the en
glnemen pt 98 western roads, which
are being arbitrated here, are based
or that theory, was stated on the wit
ness stand todav bv William S. Carter,
president of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Firemen and Bnginemen.
Carter's declaration came in the
course of cross examination by James
M. Sheean, attorney for the railroads.
The requests of the men for higher
wages are, in the main, based on the
allegation of the increased productive
efficiency of the railroads. Larger lo
comotives over lighter grades haul
larger tonnage, and the men claim a
share of the money saved by these
Equal Pay for Firemen.
Sheean developed, through the wit
ness, that the pay received by firemen
who shovel coal into an engine's fire
box, should also, be allowed to fire
men who have to turn on the oil in a
locomotive using that fuel. These de
mands also include one that the fire
men, formerly engaged in shoveling
coal, should receive undiminished pay
if transferred to an electric motor
where his work would be much lighter.
These points were brought out by
Sheean in contrast to testimony show
ing that on the ordinary steam rail
road the work of enginemen has been
greatly increased by increased weight
of engines and a variety of attendant
Denver, Colo., Dec 4 John R. Law
son. Colorado member of the Inter
national executive committee df the
United Mine Workers of America, an
nounced today that John McLennan,
president of district No. 15, who has
been summoned as a witness before
the federal industrial relations com
mission, would introduce a long tele
gram from John r. Rockefeller, jr..
giving minute instructions regarding
the conduct of the operators toward
the coal miners' strike.
This alleged telegram, addressed to
J. F. Wellborn, president of the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron company. Is said
to include directions for moulding pub
lie opinion and handling other mat
ters connected with the labor war.
John D. Rockefeller, jr.. Is a heavy
stockholder in the Colorado Fuel and
Iron company.
lie Lennan when summoned, dented
that there was any organized attempt
by the national officers of the United
Mine Workers of America to arm the
men ofr the conflict pending the adop
tion of the strike call by the Trinidad
convention of miners.
Of the grievances set forth by that
convention he said it ihad declared
against scrip payment ' of wages as
againBt the law of the state
"And scrip is being paid today," he
said, "by the Victor-American com
He cietaneu nom union men found
working in the mines had been driven
out of the district asserting that as
many as 1200 men in me southern dis
trict had been driven out of the dis
trict in one month, a year before the
strike was called, because they were
suspected of being union men.
New York. Dec 4. The pleas In
abatement made by William Rockefeller
and seven others of the 21 directors and
former directors of the New Haven
railroad to indictments charging them
with criminal violation of the law,
have been dismissed and pleas of not
guilty were entered instead today.
Wm. Skinner, James S. Elton and
George F. Baker entered pleas of im
munity, on the ground that they had
testified before the interstate com
merce commission at Washington. Their
pleas and the ones already filed by
John R. Billiard. John R. Robinson and
T. Dewltt Cuyler will be argued be
fore judge Rudkin on Hondas.
Boston, Mass, Dec 4 The police to
day were busily engaged in an effnt
to obtain information upon which to
base possible additional arrests in con
nection with the theft of large sums
of money from the Collateral Loan com
pany, known as the largest loan 'brok
erage concern in the country.
The investigation of the company's
affairs Is said to have disclosed losses
through thefts not connected with the
methods alleged to have been used by
William Cobb, -nho has just resigned as
president of the company and who was
arrested Thursday night charged -with
the embezzlement of $86,000
Cobb was brought before judge Dowd j
in wic muiiiLipai uuun auring tne aay.
The case was continued without a hear
ing to Dec. 15, Cobb being held in
$35,000 bonds, which his counsel said
would be furnished.
New York. Dec. 4. "Rube" Marquard,
one of the New York National league
club's trio of leading pitchers, signed
a contract today to pitch for the
Brooklyn Federal league club, accord
ing to an announcement made by pres
ident RobtB. Ward of the Brooklyn
i.u. v..w.... v..j. . sorvca in Veracruz get at) aays leave.
! -.fc
His Respects To Mr. Bryan In
Would Resign Before Seeing
Six Men Hanged,
He Says.
Refusal of Warden Maes
Him Subject To
Phoenix, Ariz., Dec 4. Because It
will be necessary to hang six men, one
at a time. Dec 19, a condition approach
ing demoralization exists at the state
"I will not be present on that day,"
warden R. B. Sims told governor Hunt
over the telephone. "I was employed to
keep men from escaping, not to lnll
.SP - Anay. It Is physically Impos
sible for me even to witness six execu
tions. "But you must conduct the executions-
the governor reminded the war
den. 'The law says that you must
There is no way you can avoid it,"
Ican resign, can I not""
lou can." the governor returned,
and the conversation was ended.
May No Ti .p.im-.
LMg4gjMb:rit will tfe rreces
I sJrMWTtatfcn Sftns to resign in order
v - wuuwuuk uio- executions, tne
governor said later, lar discussing the
matter. "While the law sa.vs that he
shall witness each hanging at the
prison and certify that the condemned
man died at the end of a rope, it pro
vides no penalty if he refuses to do so "
"pu'd that not be cause for his re
moval "It might be cause, if the matter were
pushed. But I agree with Mr Sims that
It is physically impossible for him to
see six men hanged without collapsing.
I could not
, "H?.not an executioner already been
"I dp not know. That matter Is en
tirely in the hands of warden Sims. His
name will not be made public till the
day of the executions, however. No
doubt he will want to leave the country
Immediately after his work is done. It
Is history that the hangman is forever
shunned by society. ' s
May Begin at Midnight.
i. ., "- lumumeu mat tne
ghastly work might begin immediately
9freT TnMfllo-K. nn I . n '
Ta i ..-. ..&... vit luc illuming oi lec
19. In all probability, he said, no news
paper men would be admitted
"The idea in having criminals hanged
at the penitentiary instead of at the
county jails is to make them as private
as possible." he stated "It would be
violating the spirit of the law to ad
mit representatives of the press to anv
Bryan May Succeed Sims.
If warden Sims resigns. Riley Bryan
captain of the guard, will b In charge
of the penitentiary. The next In line of
succession is vard foreman Walter Win
sor, a brother of state land commis
sioner Mulford Winsor. Governor Hunt
says that either Is as averse to con
ducting an execution as is warden Sims
Yes. I believe that somebody has
been found to do the work," he admit-
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec 4 Professor
William T Sedgwick, of Boston, wjs
elected president of the American
Health association at the closing ses
sion of the annual convention here to
day. Rochester, N. Y., was selected a3
the convention city for 1915.
Other officers elected by the associa
tion were.
Doctors J. C. Hastings, health offlser.
Toronto, Canada, first vice president
S. M. Gunn, secretary; Lee K. Frankl
New York city, treasurer. "
Drs. J. F Anderson, of the United
States public 6Elth service, Washing
ton; J. II. Landls, health officer, Cin
cinnati, and Alfredo uomtnguez. port
officer, Havana, Cuba, were elected
members of the executive committee.
Honorary membership was conferred
by the association oti"Dr. Eduardo Lee
raga, for many years president of the
bureau of health at Mexico I City.
A new section of industrial hygiene,
appointment of a committee to extend
registration area of deaths and births,
and the more extended use of autopsies
In checking up diagnosis in hospitals,
were recommended today in resolutions
adopted by the committee.
New York. Dec. I. An involuntary
petition dn. bankruptcy was filed this
afternoon against the Liebler company,
theatrical producers, by-Harry Askin of
Chicago and two other creditors of this
city. The petition estimates the firm's
liabilities at approximately $350,000 and
states that the value of its assets is
AVashington, D. C, Iec 4. Guatemala
.has contracted for the erection of a
pavilion at the Panama-Pacific exposi
tion. The news was communicated to
the state department officially today
irom uuaLeiiaiii viiy
Business Ob tjie, Road To
Prosperity Despite War
CARTER, In New York Evening Sun.
Getting over the depression,
Toledo, Ohio, Dec 4 American styles
for women's wear are to be outlined
at the convention of the National Cloak,
Suit and Skirt Manufacturers' associa
tion which opened today.
It is declared the tight skirst must
go, and that master tailor made, suits
will have plenty of pHtlts Jn the skirts.
English Distributing
American Gifts For
Christmas of Orphans
London, Eng, Dec. 4. Scores of em
ployes of the Drapers' chamberpot com
merce are engaged today In unpacking
and in arranging for distributing the
consignment of toys, clothing and
sweets sent by the children of '-he
United States to the orphaned children
of British and Belgian soldiers. These
are the gifts that came over on the
steamer Jason.
The local government Is the custo
dian of that portion of the Jason's
cargo assigned to England and Bel
gium. The actual work of unloading
and shipping the gifts was undertaken
by the Drapers' society. Already the
gifts for the Belgian children still In
Belgium have been turned over to the
American relief committee, -which Is
sending them over the canals leading
from Holland into Belgium.
Great quantities of fruit and Jam
and peanuts are included in thcie
In Europe the actual distribution to
the children is to be in the hands'of
the local relief committee. Children
of soldiers who have lost their lives in
the war will be supplied first.
San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 4. The
Belgian relief ship Camino. Capt Ahlln,
will sail from this Dort for Ttotterdam
at noon Saturday with a cargo of flour, i
Deans, canned fruit, condensed mine
and other provisions valued at approxi
mately $275,000.
The voyage, it Is estimated, will take
about 20 days A stop will be "made
at Los Angeles harbor, where 600 more
tons of foodstuff will be added to the
4400 the Camino took on here.
Philadelphia, Pa , Dec. Warmest of
welcome was given here to 350 officers
and men of the marine corps, returning
after their service at Veracruz, Mex.
High officers of the army and navy and
the wives and children of the men on
board, were at the docks.
Beginning today, the marines who
served in Veracruz get 30 days leave.
Phoenix, Ariz , Dec 4 A sheriff's
posse from Yavapai counti, including
two Indian trailers; is searching the
hirts north of Phoenix for Antonio
Pappeo. alleged to have killed Maria
Rodriguez and wounded Ventura Val
dez. near Clarkdale Tuesday.
Yesterday mottling Pappeo shot and
seriously wounded Harry, Alford. a
member of the posse, at Gibson's
ranch, in Maricopa coUnty, 50 miles
north of Phoenix. Alford was brought
int" Phoenix this morning.
With another member of the posse
Alford came upon Pappeo in an open,
road. Both were mounted. Pappeo
was on foot He turtied and shot Al
ford in the shoulder. Alford's com
panion fled without shooting. The
Mexican took Alford's horse and ran
five miles, where he abandoned the
exhausted animal. Then he fled over
the hills on foot with his own rifle
and Alford's. He is believed to be
headed toward Mexico.
Officers of the 8th Infantry brigade
are to become as good horsemen as
the cavalry officers. Classes In equi
tation have been started at all of the
Infantry camps. Capt Ben Lear, of
the 15th cavalry. Is the riding instruc
tor, with Lieut James L. Collins as
hln assistant
The 20th infantry officers have their
riding school Monday, Wednesday and
Friday afternoons.
Officers of the 6th and 16th In
fantries receive their riding lessons
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
Eugenics Jn Marriage;
Ruth St. Denis-Ted Shawn
AMERICA'S two most graceful dancers, who recently entertained El
Pasoans at the Texas Grand Miss Kuth St. Denis and Ted Shawn
Iiae recently been married and those who are advocating eugenics
in marriage are awaiting the result of the union with eagerness. Each is
declared a perfect physical specimen Miss St. Denis the perfect womair, Mr.
Shawn the most beautiful and perfectly physical man in America.
The Herald Magazine section tomorrow will contain a full page feature
story on this marriage. It is of local interest to El Paso, srece these two
people entertained several hundred of El Paso's amusement lowers recently,
and it is of general interest to readers everywhere.
Roosevelt On Mexico
This St. Denis-Shawn article is but one df the big features in the WeeTc
End Herald. The liigeest feature will be Roosevelt on "The Responsibilities
of the United States Towards Mexico." You can't afford to miss this.
"Week-End" Herald
Villa Holds Only Juarez arid
No gales, Carranza Agents
Now Assert.
The Defence of Pueblo and
Movement Against Villa
Occupies Carrancislas.
WITH the capture of Guaymas.
Carrancista. now claim to be
in complete control of both the
east and west coasts and all border ports,
with the exception of Juarez and No
gales. It Is pointed out that practically
all of the customs trues of the entire
republic are now going into the Car
tIS trasnry The railway line from
Laredo to Monterey and thence to Tan
pico is in full operation, und-r Carrania
cootrol, together with th- line from
P Diaz to Monterei. according to Car
ranza agent
Garrison Surprised.
According to additional reports re
garding the capture of Guaymas on
.Thursday, it appears that the Mayt--rena
garrison, which was not large, ws
taken almost complete! by surprise. A
small force of Iturbe's Carranza troops
Sis stationed to the north of the cit,
ns preventing the arrival of rein
forcements, and the Carrancistas thn
began shelling the city with their su
perior artillery Most of the Maytorena
forces were able to make their escape,
but were forced to leave behind them
valuable military stores. The city was
little damaged by the bombardment
Campaign Planned.
Flans for an offensive campaign and
for the defence of Puebla are being dis
cussed at an important conference be
tween VenUstiana Carranza and a num
'ber of his generals at Bravo, near Vera
cruz, according to advices received here.
Gen. Cesareo Castro, commander of the
Puebla garrison, has arrived at Bravo
and It is believed that the conference
will result in the sending of some re
inforcements and a large amount oi
artillery to Puebla, in the vicinity of
which Zapatistas have been active.
Obregon Denounces Villa.
The conference, which is expected to
last for a number of days, was also at
tended by Gen. Alvaro Obregon. The
latter, however, has returned to Vera
cruz and announced that an active cam
paign against the "bandits. Villa and
Zapata," will be begun at once, Obre
gon has recently completed an Inspt.'
tion of the garrisons along the Jme to
Mexico City, together with the garri
sons in the Puebla district and reports
all tranquil in the territory visited.
Denleo Desertion Reports.
At Veracruz, where he arrived Thurs
day, he issued a statement denying the
reports that Carranza generals hid
been deserting to the convention forces
and stated that, on the contrary, a num
ber of former convention leaders had
sworn allegiance to Carranza.
Panuco For Carranza.
Panuco, in the state of Veracruz,
which was reported captured by the
Villistas, has again come under the
control of Carranza, according to a
message from the seaport This stats
that the commander of the town. Col.
Benignes. thought that Gen. Caballero
had gone over to the convention
Caballero, however, sent him a personal
message stating that t was loyal to
Carranza and Benignes then declared
his loyalty to Carranza.
Tlajuann For Carranza.
The. garrison at Tiajuana. on the bor
der of Lower California, has declart d
for Carranza, according to advices re
ceived here. It Is stated that there wat
a minor engagement near the town and
that the garrison gave up with, harlly
a fight
Since he was reported as coming to
El Paso on Thursday, no further word
(Continued on Pag S. Column X.)

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