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Sport and Automobile Section
Sport and Automobile Section
Saturday, December Fifth, 1914.
ii .
1 "It ie better to be safe than sorry"
1 is the slogan of a company whieh
is rendering a long-wanted and very ma
terial service to buyers and sellers of
real estate in and about El Paso. This
company, which is capitalized at $300,
000, guarantees titles, affording abso
lute protection to both buyer and seller.
Give the name of the company, the name
of its local vice president and the loca
tion of -its suite of offices.
Stewart Title Guaranty Co., J. E.
Quaid, Fourth Floor Two Republics
rManyan El Psbo housekeeper has
avoHed the expense of buying a
new brass bed, table ware and other
metal household articles by patronizing
the electrical plating department of an
establishment on Texas fetreet This
firm plates all kinds of metals in all
finishes. The phone number is 50C5.
Give firm name and street number.
Southwestern Iron Wire Works, 704.
There is a new hardware store in
O El "Paso an establishment which
is fast winning, public favor because of
the uniform excellence of its stocks and
its prompt nd courteous service. Just
now the line of stoves carried by the
house seems particularly in demand.
The owners of this store are becoming
popularly known as Quality Jack nnd
Service Fred. Give their real names,
the name of the firm and its location.
Jack Shetrr, Fred Lazenby, Sheers
Hardware Co, 212 Mills :
4 El Taso automobilists are learning
tliat there is just one best place
for tire troubles an establishment with
main office and salesroom on San Fran
cisco street. This establishment is ex- m
elusive J4gent for the famous Goodrich
tires and operates a completely equipped
-vulcanizing and tire repair plant. A
big stock of bicycle tires is also carried.
Give name and location.
El Paso Rubber Co, 313 San Fran
cises r Place. 22 after the number of this
advertistanent and you have the
telephone number of a dentist located
in the First National Bank Building.
He gives, yj&u . Jfine dejjtal faervjce.and
yet you pay only nominal-prices. W1h
is this dentist and what is his room
number! -
Dr. Lee Mcintosh, 608
rFor porch curtains, tents, awnings,
camp furniture and canvas special
ties of every "kind there is just one best
place in El Paso an establishment
which carries the largest sstoek of this
kind in tins part of.tbe. veopfltry. It is
located next door to the chamber of
commerce. Give name ,of frm and
manager's' name. " l .
EI rM8 Tent & Awning Co, H. J. ,
work at reasonable prices are learn
ing that they can always get satisfac
tion at an establishment located at 417
Texas street. This place makes a spe
cialty of expert clothing repair work
and dress-making; and a-host- of pleased
customers will testifv to the expertness
of the work done. Give nf.me of estab
lishment and phone number.
W-rdrobe Repair -ho,j, 3774.
O For people who enjoy delicious,
O home cooked meals, there is just
one best place in El Paso a certain cafe
teria in the 300 block on Mills street.
Because of the exceptional excellence of
the cooking and the reasonable prices
charged the popularitsgof this estab
lishment is growing, $nly, and the lady
who owns it is spacing no effort to .
please every patron. Give name and lo
cation. X-. Clark's Cafe'eria, 307 Mi'" St.
Qr There is a furniture store at 500
7 Mesa avenue which is popular in
more wnys than one. It carries com
plete stocks of both new and second-hand
furniture, and just; now its big line of
stoves is attracting much attention be
cause o$ the many excellent values of
fered. Give name of company and
members of firm. '
Popular Furniture Co., J. R. Morgan,
K. B. Behrens. ,
rv On North Oregon street, just a
1 vl fewdoore south 'of the gas-company,
is a pretty, new drug store. Its
fixtures are unusually attractive, its
stocks complete in every particular, and
the service of the friendly, courteous
kind that makes every Jiew customer
want to come back. The telephone
number is 6753. Give the name of the
store and the number on Oregon street.
Progrerivc Pharmacy, 417.
On San Francisco street is an
establishment showing the larg
est collection of gems in the south-nest
and selling them at cutter's prices. This
company has installed the only diamond
cutting machine in this part of the coun
try a 12000 machine for cutting topaz,
garnets, amethysts, peridots and all kinds
of diamond-cut gems. Straight-forward
business methods have won for this
house the confidence not only of El Past)
people, but also of a growing host of
mail-order customers. Give name of
company and location.
Texis Turquoise Co., 305 San Fran
cisco St.
f O The particular men of El Paso,
X those who know the importance
of well made and well kept clothes, are
learning that satisfactory sen-ice is ab
solutely guaranteed at a handsome tail
oring establishment recently opened on
Mesa' avenue. This shop employs only
expert work people, and the most deli
cate of ladies' gowns are cleaned and
pressed as perfectly as a man's suit. The
name of the manager is Emrick. Give
name ofcompany and location.
New York Tailoring Co, or New York
Cleaning & Pressing Co, 320 Mesa.
-If you want really good coffee
j j'f -.rant to nay an out
rageous price for it, call telephone num
ber 2153 and ask the name f that de
licious blend that sells for 3, cents a
pound. This firm sells the highest
trades of coffee, tea, P.w,dfl!1"?
powder at lowest prices. Give name of
35-cent coffee and the firm name. , -"Sunset
Blend," Fant Coffee Co.
-The benefits of vibratory uia-
nrvar rrenerallv recog-
m. su .c ""; L:i.
nized, and it is also well bj "
ligent people that the only satisfactory
equipment for treatments of this kind
is the famous Arnold Vibrator. All
models of the Arnold Vibrator are in
stcek by a well-known electrical estab
lishment on North Stanton street, which
is exclusive agent for the Arnold in this
territory. Give' name of firm and exact, j,.
location.'. i, '
' Texas, Electrical Supply Co, 119 N.
Stanton Si.
1 The -world's greatest musicians
I O agree that the Apollo player pi
ano is the most perfect instrument of its
kind. This, is because the Apollo us
equipped with exclusive features winch
enable even the musical amateur re
produce the artistic effects of master
pianists. The Apollo player piano is
distributed exclusively in .this (territory
by a well-kno-B n piano house on San' An-
- tonio street.- Give name and-loeation of
thi3 piano house S
'Dunn's Music Store, 404 San-Antonio ,
'- There is a Jewelry Jlanufactur
lO ing firm located upstairs in "the
Mu'hdy building whose acquaintance will
prove proitable if you've not already
met him. The owner learned his busi
ness thoroughly on Fifth avenue, New
Yorkv before offering his sen-ices to the
people of El Paso. His plant is the
largest of the kind in this city. He is
to be found on the second floor of the
building. Give his name and room num
ber. . A. N. Lombardi, Room No. 1.
f Pf Discriminating , people every-
I where are agreed that Whitman's
candies represent .the perfection ' of the
confectioner's art in the TJnited",State3;
It 'may not be generally known, "however,"
" that in El Paso Whitaan's candies are .
obtainable only at a popular drug-store
on "San Antonio s'treet. T Gjve the name
. 'of JJie dnyr store and it ejsre location.
' Love's Drug Store, 213 iSxa Antonio
St '" ' ."
1 '-'-There is in El Taso the only busi
JlO ness house in the United,
'States which can' supply player
piano rolls of the ' yerj latest Mexi
can music The firm if enabled
to .do-this by reason, of a speal -arrangement
made With some of HE&Tmost fa
mous Mexican bandiLtfaB',i,n a de
,' mand for the rolls isWfcefegsseated H
"" ovST'the' country. ItVtfpBest piano
houfc in El Paso. Give Hife-name, loca
tion and the name of the proprietor.
El Paso Piano Co, 208 Texas St, W.
R. Schutz.
Q On Texas street, in the very heart
1 of the shopping district, is an
establishment which is equipped for the
prompt apd-exper.t manufacture of any
desired g tarte 'or Resign of "jewelry. As
manufacturing jewelers, - diamond set
ters and engravers. tHis firjn is offering
many new" suggestions for Christmas
gifts. Give firm name and location.
Curtis & King, 115 Texas St ,
OfY-Hundreds of El Paso women have
U learned this season that the place
to find exclusive and aeslrable millinery
styles at exceptionally low prices is at
a popular and long established stqre on
Mesa avenue. New special values are
offered at this store almost daily, and
thrifty women make it a point to visit
the establishment frequently. The tele
phone number is 942. Give name of
Kaminske Millinery Co.
Q1 The largestand best equipped
4 storage warehouse in El Paso is
located on South slnta Fe-street. It s
operated along' strictly modern and sys
tematic lines, the storage of .even small
quantities of household, effects being
given the same careful attention as large
commercial accounts. An, efficient dray
age sen-ice is operated in connection
with storage. Give name and location.
EI Paso Storage Warehouse, 409 S.
Santa Fe St.
no-The particular people of El Paso
those who take a proper pride
in the details of their personal abear
ance and of their home surroundings
have learned that there is one laundry
equipped to guarantee absolute satisfac
tion. That's because the manager takes
a great personal pride in the complete
ness of his equipment. The phone num
ber is 2177. Give name of laundry and
Elite Laundry, 412-414 S. Oregon St.
OO-A drug store in one of the
65 best residential districts has
lately come under new management and
is winning increased popularity because
of the-exceptional promptness and cour
teousness of the service given patrons.
The stocks carried are absolutely com
' plete, and the prescription department is '
in charge of a recognizeiS expert. The
phone number is 20. Give name of store
and location.
Providence Drug Co, 215 Upson Ave.
Ox There is'ust one place in EI Pago
!r where you can have rubber tires
put on your go-cart or baby carriage.
, The work is done by an expert and, the
charge is very reasonable. . The 'store
is one that buys, sells and exchanges
new and second hand furniture; and It
has won the approval of the public be
cause of its low prices and the fair treat
ment of customers. The store is on
South Stanton street. Give name .of
firm and street number.
Bait Furniture Co, 114.
Who? What? Where?
This Contest has been the most interesting one ever given
by -The -Herald.' Hundreds of replies were received.
List oHyinners of contest as follows:
1st Prize $10 Miss Anna E. Weber, 1003 E. Rio Grande
- - 2nd-Prie-$5 Miss Ruth Hytea, 710 N.St Vrain. ,
' 3rd Prize $2 -A..T. Dalton. P. Wright Apt.. Montana and '
Staaton. . , " """.'
Elizabeth- Williams -1;00
Catherine ;Ellis. 3608 -Bliss 7$-
D. C Zivley, Tri-State Telephone Coi i ..." r..$J.0O
' Ad 'No. Best because it suggest? the Christmas apinL.
nj ElPaso people, arc learning that,
6U foe keeping the skin SOft, white
and velvety, there is no better .prepara
tion on the market than Witch Hazel
Cream. This popular preparation -is
made by a leading drag store of this
city an.. establishment which has won
high faor because of the excellence of
its stocks and the courteousness of its
service. This store delivers until 10 p.
in. and has a special mail order depart
ment. Ghc name of firm anil location.
Knoblauch-Warner Drug Co, Orn-
dorff rL:d Bldg, 300 Mesa Ave,
Cor. Mills.
tJ sened at a cafe in the 200 block
on Mills street. Special turkey dinners ,
the delicious, home cooked kind, are
served Sundays and Holidays, while an
appetizing menu is ajso prepared for
every day in the week. The cafe is con--ducted
by Mrs. L. Delaney. Give its
name and location.
Success Cafe, 206 Mills St
(L MERCHANTS down on San An
tojyo street. They sell about the niftiest
little car that ever made you junip at a
crossing.' .Good looking, and an excep
tionally good Wearing car. THE. CAR
find "theft shop not-far from the court
house. Give same of manager and name
of car soldls
Mr. Garrett, ','Studebaker."
o Q Do ypu. know a real, estate firm
O that has recently moved from
204 Mills street to 105 Xorth Stanton
ttreet. They have some exceptionally
fine bargains in rooming houses and
business propositions, valley lands and
dty "property, just at present. Give
name A firm and phone number.
W. C.Belden Realty Co:, 901 or 6277.
OAprlhjs company eBs homes on easy
m$f .jymenfs,.and their list includes
lepR,-aW Irts of the city, but if
they should not have the exact iproperty
to suit jou they will build it for you
and let you pay for it just like rent. If
you are thinking of turning your rent
receipts into a home see this company;
they will treat you WHITE and your
home will -soon be Paden full. Give
name and address and the phone number
of this company.
White Paden, 11 Morgan Bldg, Phone
OVVhen you arc leady for wall
J paper remember there is a place
at 20S North Campbell that carries a
line that can't be beat. You will have
no trouble in getting them, as they are
lery wide awake, like an "OWL." This
company has an expert sign painter and
paper hanger. Be sure to call on them
for estimates before having the next
job done. Name company and manager.
Owl Sign & Wallpaper Co, Mrs. J. M.
McGrath. N '
"When all others fail
makes classes right," is the ad-
crtising slogan of an optician on Mesa
avenue. This optician has the only lens
grinding plant in El Paso. If your
presnt glasses are ill-fitting or if you
have, never worn glasses and need them,
this is the optician to sec. What is his
name and-street number?
- Geo. D. Kendall, 208.'
OO-Santa Claus arrived today at his
u6 headquarters in one of 21 Paso's
most Popular department stores. He is
giving souvenirs to all good children who
visit him today, in Toyland and Doll
dom. This store has the most complete
stock of toys ever shown in El Paso.
Give name of store and where toy de
partment is located.
Popular D. G. Co, Basment.
OO Why not? There is a new ART
"SO shop in town- K was recently
opened by a well known wholesale con
cern at their present location. Here you
'(1I find many gifts appropriate for the
Yulctide season. Souvenirs from Mex
ieb Japan) China, Europe and the Indian
reservations. Besides curios there are
many' useful and valuable articles as
well. This SHOP is run as an addition
to the wholesale house and is located
at their present location at 408 San
Francisco street. Give name of shop
rind phone number.
Beach's Art Shop, 601.
O The most popular moving picture
theater in El Paso is the one
-that shows "Paramount" Pictures. Nev
er miss a.t "Paramount" day, every Wed
nesday and Thursday; if you do you
missia 2.50 show that you could have
seen for 25c. Other reasons for the pop
ularity of. this picture house are that it
is comfortable in every way comfort
able chairs, comfortably heated and
thoroughly tentilated. The location is
on San Antonio street; the First Na
tional Bank is across the street from it.
Give mime of theater and street num
ber. Wigwam, 106.
t i
U This store is the most rapidly;
03 growing store In the southwest.
They are the originators' in El Paso of
selling flowers without profit. They
ghc the famous S. &' H. Green Trading
Stamps with purchases. Their store is
the-only Fire Proof department store in
the city. Give name and address of this
store and 'tell what special inducements
they offer, on each Friday.
Everybody's Dept Store, Texas &
Stanton Sts, Double S. & H. Green
Trading Stamps Remnant Day.
Q? "AVe run the Universal films
ijO first" advertises one of El 'Paso's
most popular photoplay houses. They
are the home of the Universal films and
show first run .pictures only, and you
are always sure of seeing the best pic
tures obtainable in their house. GKo,
the name of the theater and the man
ager's name.
Unique Theater, Mr. H. E. Engrnan.
x oy The VALLEY in which El Paso
O is located will give you the name
of this BANK & TRUST CO. Their
ability to properly care for the needs
of the people has brought them over
0000 satisfied depositors. Special at
tention given savings accounts. Name
bank state amount of resources. ..
Rio Grande Valley Bank cirust v.o, tj,
, .. . f. rr -
S3.000.000.00, or (5J,lW,l.3i. ,,
f There 13 a furniture store and
OO mattress factory on Myrtle ave
nue that does all kinds of repairing and
upholstering of fumiture. They refinish
your old furniture to match anything in
vour home. You will find their goods
and work to be the best and their prices
right. They make Auto slip covers and
tops to order. Give name of firm and
street number.
R. L. Daniels Furniture and Mattress
Factory (R. L. Daniels ' Furniture
Hospital) 410-412. '$," "
QQ A real estate firm is agent fer
5? three of the most desirable and
largest residental suburbs in El Paso.
One of their additions has every modern
improvement, including cement side
walks, bitulithic paved streets, gas,
electricity, sewerage, pure mesa water,
tar service and fire hydrants. Lots are
selling for ?450.00 and .upward, easy
terms, 6 percent interest Give the
name of this addition, name the agent
and tell the amount of money that has
been spent for homes in thfs suburb.
Richmond Terrace, Austin ,& Marr,
jWBusiness firms look to this col
H:J lege for competent office help
because- their students have practical
work in bookkeeping and ahortharSl and
on the mimeograph, diciaphone, adding
machine and mulrigraph. They hae the
only comfortable, up-to-date school
rooms in the city. Well lighted, well
ventilated. . Elevator service,' electric
fans and every thing to-add-to -the-comfort,
of the student. Positions guar
anteed. Give name of .school '.and (tell
thc new department which was 'recently
Draughon's Business College, Teleg
raphy. 44'
-The Old Firm'-is going' out of
business and '"for"' the next 60
days all furniture" will 'Jbo 'closed- out at
cost for cash. The entire stock is new
and strictly first class. This oppor
tunity will be a feast for the cash
buyer. This furniture house has been
located here for about 30 years. They
use ns an advertising phrase, "The Old
Reliable." Their phone number 'is 71.
Give name of firm and street address.
Emerson & Berrien, 324 S. EI Paso
St. '
JO Have you ever stopped to con-
sider the difference in the two
faces "before and after," which you
often see advertised, by a 'face special
ist of this city ? You will reall y. never
find a better time to' take 'advantage
of their treatment than. ,now. Jio
matter what your facial trouble may
be this specialist can successfully treat
your case. The specialist is thoroughly
prepared for this work both by train
ing and experience. Name proprietor
and room occupied in the Herald build-
Mrs. Grace Benson, 303.
Ay-There ie a little fruit store lo-
catcd on N. Stanton St, just
across from Everybody's Dept. Stor,c,
who seils bananas at 10c -ai dozen, Flo'r- '
ida grape fruit for 5c each, apples for
0 pounds for 25c, oranges 20c per 'doen',
onioijs 3 pounds for oc, pears at 5c a
pound also fresh nuts and vegetables.
All goods fresh and best products.' .The'
use an advertising phrase !Look fqr
the sisn Mrs. K Cut .Rate Fruit
Store." They are open Sundays" and
evenings and always sell for less. "Cut
down your cost of Hying by patroniz
ing them. Give proprietor's name and
ttreet number.
Mrs. Kauffman, 204 1-2. .
am ?Tay less Dress better," has
T'T' proved a fact for many El Paso
men who patronize the merchant tailor
on Ten3 St. and feel right in the suits
he tailored for. them. This man. repre
sents .the best known tailoring con
' ccrns in the world. "Who's f your
tailor." He also makes shirts, pajamas'
and underwear to order that fit and
are fit to wear. What is his name and
the name of the tailoring concerns he
Richard V. Pearson, Royal Tailors,
Ed V. Price.
AC To purchase a piano withoirt
TtO considering the instruments of
fered by a company at 211-213 Tefeis
St,'i to make a big mistake. Thw
'company carries right' here in El Paso,
'l one "of the most complete stocks of
'pianos in the entire'Southwest, also they
ha-ve- branch stores in Arizona. They
'.' will rent you a piano or sell you one on
oasyfpayments. Name company and tell
leading make they sell.
Jenkins Piano Co, Chickering Pianos.
. A,(-''Corno" chick reed, hen feed.
fO There" is no betted feed on mar
ket, -regardless of .price.. It, is carefully
made of. the yery best' materials. Your .
success in raising 'chickens depends on
the feed youuse, so don't take a chance
feed "Corno." '
Ask your-groccr for it If he don't
handle it, 'Phone us.'
Give name, address and phone number.
Heid Bros, Cor. Dallas and Texas,
Phone 35 and 36.
' A"J If you are Wise you will place
your order for chick and lien
food with a company at 10& N. Stantpn.
They are manufacturers of Perfection
Hen and Chick Food. The BEST on the
They also carry a complete line of
Poultry Supplies, Seed and Fuel.
Give name of company and phone
' numbers.
W. D. Wise Seed Co, Phones 11
AXy For quick baggage service phone
TCO 1. When going away for your
' vacation let this company's auto trucks
carry yo'ur baggage, to the station.
fruwi, wuiiiii: nuiuc, oaic juvu lahhatSi:
ohecksgor us. You'll be sure of quick
.'service an4..moderate. charges.
yender . Line" TaxicatoAfijjfcnobiles
and Lunbusine at your caffi jl:
and Ljjhbusiheat your caJfay3JigBt
,uivg name, aaaress.anqownejr.- -'
Longwell's Transfer, 116-120 'San'
Francisco St, J. J. Longwell, Mgr.
Q In EL PASO there is a LAUN
T"t DRY that not only has complete
modern equipment, but exercises great
care in the handling'' of your clothes
during the process of laundering, know
ing that the .life of washable .fabrics, is
Iengtiena7by prQpeilaunderingnietftls.
Thislaundry has been established 23
:vHJars Their Dry CleaJampBepartnwnt
Sralso the most complete in the South
west. Send your garments with your
laundry bundle. Give name of laundry
and name of manager.
El Paso Laundry, Crawford Harrie.
CfV Thesu people located at 210-12
Ow N. Stanton St are pioneers in
El Paso in the PAINT &. GLASS busi
ness. They also carry a large line of
high grade wall papers. Artistic pic
ture framing is another specialty of
theirs and is done at nominal cost. They
are manufacturers of a well known
paint. Give name of company and
name of paint they manufacture. ,
Tuttle Paint & Glass Co, Tuttle's Im
perial Paint
-This firm has a large stoek of
Electrical Appliances and -your
Cfirstmas selection will be easy if--ou
1 . look over their stock of Blectrieal'house
hold' necessities.
They are located at 304 San- Fran- '
ciscp St," and are the home of the"
Westinghouse Electrical Household Ware.
Ghe name of manager and firm's name.
Southwestern Electric & Machine Co,
. L. J. Locke, Mgr.
ftfyll you want a really enjoyable
' , 0,4--evening you should go down to
the skating rink on Mills street. It's
,ihe largest in the state; the floor is
" in fine condition; new Richardson' skates
are furnished and the charge is trifling.
Tlje . crowd ' is the crowd you want to
associate with. Give name of hall and
Auditorium Skating Rink, Cor. Mills
and Kansas.
r O Photographs have been aptly
OJ called "gifts that live." in ex-
I traordinary -special offer on photographs
is being- made by- a studio on North
Stanton .St The time is limited. Better
phone 1479 and ask about it Give
- name, of studio and street number.
Stephenson's Camera Exchange, 210
J 'N? Stanton St
m AIi you are one of the prize wilt '
OtT ners in this contest start a sav
in"s account with this National Bank.
You will appreciate their "prompt, ef
ficient, courteous service." Save all
your usual little unnecessary expend!-' ;'
turcs and add to this. Watch it grow.
It is easy to save.- The first require
ment is will power. They are locatal
on Texas Strce. Phone 1807 will help
you to solve this one. Give name fof
bahk. , .
Commercial National Bank.
HgJNo other gift, will be welcomed
CFOv more 'by '"her" than one of the
new ,?5pcrcolator8. Just think of It,
v an electric percolatpr for ?5. 'The eon
.V tern that .sells percolators also sells
electric toasters, irons, heating devices,
etc. Phpne number' 2323 will help
you solve this one.,. Give name of com
pany and location. '
El Paso Electric Ry. Co,
Electric Bldg, Stanton and San
CJ A company on Mills Street, east
"V of Stanton St can supply you
with everything electrical. They carry
the largest stock of American Ever
Ready Flashlights in the eity, batteries
-guaranteed to be fresh.
IT. Give name of manager and phone
number. , .
W. B. Glardon, 759.
Cy There is a busy little store Io
O cated on Myrtle Ave., just be
low Stanton St, where WE always go
when in need of repair work of any kind.
-For- they CAM FIX IT. This SHOP is
owned and managed by a woman, and
is the most successful of its kind. They
sell our boys- their "bicycles and 'do then
repair work. They will open your safe
when you forget the combination. Loek,
and key work, gun repairing. Give name
of smotorcycle they handle and phone
Reading Standard or the Pope, 515.
CQ-"Quality First" is the business
OO slogan of a popular pressing and
cleaning establishment at the corner of
Campbell and Wyoming streets. Pa
trons of this establishment are abso
lutely guaranteed satisfaction. Just
phone 4091 and a'uto will call. Give
name of firm.
' Crescent Cleaners.
CCt Many El Paso people will tell
DZf you there is just one best bread
' sold in this city the Cream Bread pro
duced by a popular bakery whose phone
number is 5804. This bakery offers hot
rolla every noon and evenings also sells
delicious pies and pastry. Give name
of bakery and location.
Pure Food Bakery, 608 San Antonio
St v
f f Customers of a certain retail coal
9w yard in this city are given S. St.
H. Sf een Trading Stamps in addition to
full measure of the best grades of coal.
If you are a thrifty person, you will he
interested in that trading stamp offer.
Telephone 15 or 89$. Give name of
West Texas Fuel Co .
( For' alter-the-theater parties,
O 1 for business men's lunches and
" in general for good things to eat ami
drink, eyerybodya says there is just one
best place in El Paso. It has the nama
of a famous ' German city and is n
' South Santa Fe street Give name and
street number.
Heidelberg, 111
tyOAa E El Paso's largest datnrt
- Vm "meat store advertise "the howe
.""Iew priees." Thfe saying is pro
'"fevoiy wekr in the year by the phe
nomenally low prices they quote on
shoes, elothing, ready-to-wear, dry
goods, milliner-, etc Tell what new
department they have recently added
to the store, which will greatly interest
Christmas shoppers. Give reason for
their low prices, name of store and loca
tion. ,
Toy Department, Low Rent District,
Boston VStore, Cor. 'Stanton and
in El Paso has a record of 8,00
cured with a loss of only- 8 patients.
Thev advise if tou don't stop exhausting
yourself with poisonous drugs you .will
soon be a dead one. To help yea know
who this is we say that they are' STILL
treating successfully every kind of'dls
ease. Give name of Infirmary and name
of physician-in-chief. ,
A. T.. Still Osteopathic Infirmary, Ira
.W. Collins, Physician-in-Chief.
A.hroken casting is no longer a
y serious Happening -in El Paso.
That's because an establishment on Tex
as street is equipped with perfect weld
ing apparatus and employs only expert
workmen. They also save customers
from 50 to 75 per cent on what new
casting would cost, and guarantee it to
be as good as new. Telephone 6940.
Give name and street number.
Potter Welding Co, 314.
OC-A stock broker and real estate
Oi dealer on the third floor of the
Trust Bldg, whose last name is the mid
dle one of one of AMERICA'S greatest
novelists, ean fix you up on most any
kind of trade you might want. He
makes a specialty of unlisted stocks.
Phone him when in the market Give
his name and phone number.
Byron E. Fenimore, 5022.
CI5-A certain El Paso fuel company
"u has adopted a slogan whieh suras
up very neatly its policy in dealing with
coal customers. It's a policy which is
proving successful because it'guaranteea
coal satisfaction. The telephone nnmber
is, 5721. Give name of company and
slogan. i
Dawson Fuel Sales Co. "More Heat
for Less Money."
yOf course you know "Who is
O I Who" when you want to buy a
Victor Talking Machine. This company
is also headquarters for Spalding's
Sporting Goods in the Southwest and
for Eastman's Kodaks and supplies.
They are now advertising Jhat '-Every
Home Can Have a Vktrohv for Christ
mas." And that "No one need be with
out one as far as price is concerned
$15 to ?200." Give name of firm and
W. G. Walz Co, 103 EI Paso St

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