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Week-End Edition, December 5-6, 1914
BMEfi YEAH 0F1 81 2
Permits Already Issued Run the Total Building iriEl
Paso For the Year to N early $2,000,000, and Will
Exceed that Figure Before the End of the N
Year, Is Belief in Building Realm.
New Homes In Richmond ie
$mmwc' lllllllil -3 tiZ2W9E& t :& irfMHraBra --
IMHt'VTlONS re that the building
u'nity in Kl Paso; represented by
the peimlU taken out during the
. it juFt ending, will be the largeat in
the hmtor of tho city, with the excep
1 on of 1912. The total amount now
presented by permits 1b eloee to ?,
o i,oio, and It Is expected that this
TM.nik will be paftsed by the middle of
t hr month This sum, it is expected,
-. ill place 1 Paso well to the ton of
i ne miunin or Texas cities tor
luildmi. actlvltj 1
ivrmits durlntr 1918 amounted to
I. nut $3,000,000, but this was accounted
f r in larfte measure by the fact that
"ie permit for the $1,000,000 Hotel
1 ( dl Norte was taken out that
i. it The building this year has
Mn a preat increase in the erection
' i m iller buildings and homes, whole
Mitinni having built up during the
tional Smelter company at Miami, Ariz.
Alien Ilnys Tenement House.
R. B. Alves has purchased through
Cassldy & Keel a 20 room tenement, lo
cated at the corner of Fifth and Camp
bell afreets The price paid was $7000.
The same firm has sold to F. B. Puga
a five room house located at 2918 Al
amogordo street, for $3600, together
with two lots in Government Hill for
Hfisin AVork on Buncnlow.
Wnrk hu hsan hMrim bv. the Whlte-
Paden Realty company on a four room
Many Apartment Houses.
The demand for rent houses, which Is
px !( r at this time than at any during
I'm e.u, has been the primary cause in
tie etnsle building of bunghlows
n d ip.iitment houses. More of the
latter hae been built this year than
eci lefoie
Mmrad the end of the year there is
; ', iIH a vlnckening In building opera
1 nn, iiut this has not been in evidence
i!-, - Mr and all indications are that
t imildtn boom will continue right
tl roiuii the holiday season.
crhwnrtz to Ilnllil $25,000 Home.
1 l.i us, were completed this week by
Ti.vt a. Trost for a $25,000 residence
f i '-ihwaitz. The home, which will
1 . i ne of the finest in the city, will be
' .t (I in the 1500 block on Mesa ave
ii It will be two stories in height
i' villi contain 11 rooms. The resi
'i. u mil he built of brick and will
I1 ie a inn foot front A large garage
n ill il'o be built It is expected that
induction work will begin before the
f il of the ear The same firm has
i itntlx completed the plans for the
J " iiiii) lpartment house that is to be
1 uilt l, Victor Oarusso The building
ill contain eipht apartments. V. K
"U ue his heen awarded the contract
f r its on: truction
BnililInK Lni(e Apartments.
The Phoenix-El Paso Building com
r ' x has beeun work on a bungalow
t mi ion apartment house on Hutton
Mriet. between Montana and Itlo
i i 'Hie streets The building; will con
1 in two apartments of four rooms
e i li It w ill cost about $3800.
The nderson-FilIer company has
sold a four room house on Detroit
pireet m Highland Park, for W. G. Jol
1 to C II Mirschell for $1500. The
s nne companv has secuied the contract
fi r altering- and enlarging the Homan
j-initorium in Grand View. The front
of the building is to be remodeled" and
fie whole sanatorium greatly enlarged.
new beating system is also to be in
stalled The work will begin early
fit w-eek and will cost about $10,000
If Thormin has been awarded
t' r. nti u t for drawing of plane for a
1 i-e office building for the Interna-
1814 i bungalow on Tularosa street, in East
El Paso, for Dr. ie Juciniyre. xui
some firm will soon complete the 40
room tenement house at the corner of
Eighth and Stanton streets, which is to
cost $25,000.
The AVhlte-Paden company has sold
for George Hltt. to Manuel Flores, a
five room bungalow on San Joso street.
in Castle Heights, for $4000. Mr. Hitt
has sold through the same firm to J. B.
Laraiorra a five room bungalow at San
Jose and Piedras street for $4000.
The Government Hill company has
sold to Laura E.'Truesdale lots 4, 5 and
6, block D, Government Hill addition.
for $550.
iBsssssssssssssan s 3c.rWBC- '.?''' - .ri"M:, . . s? : o. jss - iKSfea.ibjiin- - .aFiraSHUaH&a&tiStL fsr -aa&jk.b.' ... . .. i '(!r cy incae . '1 .
IBsIb - jHGHST & -1isdUm m ;Ms&m$tW& k3vmBEtm&& MBksmm' J
72-inch round Renaissance Lace Ta
ble Cloths at $8.00. and 54-inch, $5 50,
at Kline's old reliable Curio Store,
420 San Francisco St Advertisement.
Hi Off
Will Observe Annual Day
of Sorrow at Trinity
Church Sunday.
The above is a vier of Cambridge street in Richmond Terrace. It is paved and parked with Himalayan cedars and Arizona ash trees planted at frequent intervals along the, entire length of tlu
Btrect. It was laid out and improved by the Austin &, Mart Realty company.
There have been ?44,500 worth of new homes built on Cambridge street since it was first paved and the sidewalks laid. The home a$ the far end of the street, on the right hand side, belongs to
Capt. Robert J. Reaney, of the 15th cavalry. It cost $6000. The house adjoining Capt. Reaney's belongs to the Austin & Marr Realty company. It cost $7000. Adjoining it is the home of J. E. Neff,
which cost ?5500. The house in the foreground on the right is the home of Will K. ilarr and cost $11,000. The first house on the left is owned by the Government Hill company and cost $7000. The
furthest house on the left the big white one is the property of A. J. Humphries, and cost $8000.
Elks of EI Paso will observe the an
nual memorial day Sunday with & lodge
of sorrow which will be held at 3
oclock Sunday afternoo'i at the Trinity J big tree again this Christmas, as has
will be especially illuminated and dec
orated with flowers.
Nine members of the lodge have died
since the last memorial services. They
are- j. a Buckner. T. Jr. Kelly. L. E.
Williams. Frame Higgins. K F. Bufkin,
jjr. j. x. nace, Sam Lee, William
o Meara and Alvin Freudenstein.
ChriNtm VrfMinrnllnnN.
Entertainments are being planned by
.no iocai loages ior tne noiiaays,
which Will incluHe Christmas trees,
dances and card parties. Pine trees.
gaily decorated, will be a feature oi
the Christmas entertainments at sev
eral of the lodges, and refreshments
will be served during the afternoon
and evening. Dances will be given on
New Year's eve. when the old vear
will be danced out and the new year in.
GolnmblnnM to IlAYe n Tree.
The Knights of Columbus will have a
Methodist church on Mesa avenue.
The lodge of sorrow is held in all of
been the custom for several years. A
committee was appointed at a recent
the Elks lodges in the country each J meeting to arrange for the tree, pf
year on the same date. The names of
the dead members of the lodge are
read, eulogies are said' by the leading
members of the lodge, appropriate mu
sic is sun by the choir and a minister
says a short prayer for the dead.
Sunday W. H. H. Llewellyn, of Las
Cruces, a member of the Las Cruces
lodge of Elks, will deliver one of the
addresses at the memorial service.
Judge A S. J. Elar will also deliver
a memorial address and Rev. Charles
Wesley Webdell will deliver the convo
cation A quartet composed of Mrs. H.
E Bowles. Mrs. Ralph Henderson, Par
v in Witte and Thomas A Christian will
sing during the service The church
which George R. LeBaron is chairman.
Nearly all the members of the lodge are
expeeted to attend the entertainment
Christmas night. Fimtl arrangements
for the entertainment will be completed
at a meeting to be held next Thursday
evening. The Knights of Columbus are
also planning a .New Year's ball.
Ellvs Make Klnliornte plans.
The local lodge of Elks will carry
out its usual elaborate program of en
tertainments auring tne holidays. On
Christmas a large pine tree loaded
down with gifts will be the feature at
traction, while refreshments will be
served throughout the day and even
ing The Elks will hold their annual
40&fcs . S , I
o' tm
here, the only place in the Southwest where you can see and hear all '
styles and sizes of Victrolas and Grafonolas before buying. We will
arrange convenient terms.
I cy
Columbia "Regent" Grafonola
This beautiful library table style Grafonola is equipped with the tilting
drawer record filing system, a quadruple spring drive motor, automatic
tone control shutters and will play both Victor and Columbia Records.
There are other sizes and styles of Grafonolas and Victrolas that range in
price from $15,00 to $500.00. Easy terms of $1.00 per week and up.
Tri-State Talking Machine Co.
New Year's ball the proceeds of which
will be given to the Big Brotherhood
movement, recently inaugurated by the
lodge Every member tof the organiza
tion selects a young boy to whom he
acts as a big brother and assists the
youngster to prepare himself to take a
position in the world.
Christmas entertainments will' be
held by the Moose, Eagles. Knights of
Pythias, Masonic and other lodges.
Christmas treesv will be held at the
Moose lodge and refreshments will be
given the members during the after
noon and evening.
Chrlniinns Ilasket Fund Clrom.
The Christmas basket runa or tne
Elks' lodge is growing rapidly, there
already being- several hundred dollars
collected. This money will be used to
buy a Christmas basket for each des
titute family in the city. A commit
tee from the lodge is now making a"n
investigation of cases and collecting
names to whom the baskets will be
given. Persons knowing of worthy
poor families are expected to send their
names to the secretary of the lodge.
Several hundred baskets, each con
taining enough food for six persons,
for six dajs, will be distributed.
Mooe Committee Coming.
The committee appointed by the
grand lodge of Moose at the Denver
meeting to visit El Paso and inspect
the various sites for the proposed
J 5 00,600 sanitarium. Is expected to ar
rie within the next week or two. The
committee will be entertained during
the visit here by the local lodge and
it is expected that the members will
remain here a week.
Members of the Moose lodge are con
fident that one of the many sites they
have in v lew will be selected by the j
committee If the committee does se- '
lect one of these sites, work on the
building will be started during the
early spring.
Crawford In KadrV President.
William S. Crawford was elected
president or the local aerie of Eagles
at. the weekly meeting Thursday even-
ing. Mr grawiora is one or tne oia
I est members of the local lodge and has
held practically all the offices in tne or
i ganization. He Is one of the men that
started the movement to build a new
home, which is expected to be erected
I in 1915 The new president of the
Eagles' lodge organized one of the first
i baseball teams in the city and was In
I strumental in putting this city in the
! Cactus and Copper leagues,
j Sergt Frank Vetreal, of the Sixth in-
lamry, was eiectea vice presiaent; vii
llan Reed, chaplain; S. W. Doupe, sec
retary, James COnnors.'treasurer, Par
! ker Burnham. inside guard: G. A. Ir
I gersoll, outside guard; trustees, J. Per
I'ry and Louis Goodman; Dr. B. F. Clut-
ter, aerie physician; F. H. Nolte, custo
dian; W. H. Brophy, editor of the Eagle
j Bulletin.
! Maccabee Elect Officers.
I El Paso tent. 110.. Knights of the
I Maccabees, elected officers for the year j
on Thursday njght at a meeting held in j
I the office of recerd keeper, A Golding,
I 411 Trust building. J. P. Mullin, the ,
( retiring commander, becomes past com- '
mander for the ensuing year, and O. G. j
, Gode succeeds him as commander. Other
j officers elected are: Lieutenant eom
, mander, E. J. Bartholomaie; record ;
keeper, A. Golding; chaplain, J. E.
Deno: sergeant, L. B. French; first j
iqaster of the guard, G. G. Bakofsky; )
second master of One guard, W. H. Pen-
der; master at arms, C. AV. Geiger: The ,
membershfn derided to RMum a. reeu- f
! lar iall for it meetln.r rdnra In the fU- '
I ture and to start a canlpaign for new j
I members. The I oris-e now- has 121 mem- '
, bers.
j Pythinnx TJlect Officers.
1 El Paso lodge. No. S2, Knights of
Pythias, held its semi-annual election
of officers Thursday evening and the i
following were elected: I
I Carl Lee Smith, chancellor; T. L. I
Peach, vice chancellor; James Connors.
prelate; Ernest L. Price, master o
work; J. J. Finney, keeper of records
and seal, reelected; U. S. Goen, master
of finance, reelected: W. B. Farquhar,
master of exthequer, reelected; P. V. It
Schuyler, master at arms; E IV. .Tor-
; dan, inner guard; it. A Lowenlieia,
outer guard.
F. M Filler was reelected trustee for
a term of three jears and Thomas L.
Peach was elected trustee for a term i
i of one year, succeeding .T. AV. Lucas,
i deceased. John O. AVyler is the re
maining member of the board of
trustees. His term expires two years
i John O. Wyler, was elected as grand
lodge representative for two years, sue"
, ceeding R. C Walehe. The grand
i lodge will convene at Fort Worth In
May. N
To Inital In" Jnnunry.
Edw'ard Blumenstiel is the retiring
cnanceiior commander. The instala
tion of officers will be held the first
' meeting in January.
The rank of knifcht was conferred
on Wallace P. Tnew and Robert N. j
i.iuinu. un next unursuay evening this
rank will be conferred upon August
I Bergman.
The lodge wil fclve a Christmas tree
, and entertainment for the children on
nnsimas eve. The families of the
members of the organization will be
nvited to attend Arrangements are
in charge of a committee composed of
J L. Dwjer, Thos L. Peach, , W. G.
Schneider, Car L. Smith and G. C.
Degree of Honor linn KIcctlon.
The following officers have been
elected in the Degree of Honor lodge:
Mrs H L. Birnev, past chief of honor;
Mrs Harriett Allen, chief of honor;
Mrs Charles Hull, lady of honor, Mrs.
MOntl .imleV Thief f ..oromnnlna
i iii' ' lf ' "'' "' rc "r'"n erctarv,
J Mrs. H. o. Uuu, financial secretary,
Mrs. L. B. Taylor, receiver; Mrs. Alice
McNemar, inside watch; Mrs. Jennie
Lancaster, outer watch; Mrs. Dodie Pro
thro, usher; Mrs. Kmma Sheffield, as
sistant usher.
Officers Elected.
East El Paso lodge. No. 790, of the
I. O. O. F., held Its annual election of.
officers at the regular loage meeting
Thursday night, in the lodge hall on
Alameda street, in East El Paso. E.
F. Turner was elected noble grand;
William Fleming, vice grand; In A.
Jackson, finance secretary; T. J. Spark,
recording secretary: R. W. Bpurland.
treasurer: H. M. Gottwold, trustee. T
X Spark was elected delegate to the
annual convention and N. F. Owens al
ternate. T. D. Lovelady was recom
mended as district deputy grand
No gift Avill be more lasting or prove more profitable to tho entire fam
ily than a RICHMOND TERRACE home site.
An enduring present that will grow in value as1 each Succeeding Christ
mas rolls around.
No matter what station of life you are in the supreme joy to your
family is in living in their OAvn home No rent to look forward to and
the delightful thought always present that they will have a roof over
their head always,
Think of the joys of improving and beautifying your own home, of
making it a reflex of all your best tastes of knoAvLng that Avhatever
you do is done for YOURSELF and not for the benefit of the landlord.
Let us tell you HOW EASY it is for you to own your home in
i '
We Will Lend You Money at Six
Per Cent Interest to Build With ,
is there NOW.
The streets are paved with Bitulithic. There are miles of cement side
walks, cement curbing, and park spacing with growing trees and
shrubbery. Gas, vater, sewerage, f ire hydrants, .electricity and car sar-!.
vice are all there now not simply promised. No subdivision' of M
Paso can compare with Richmond Ten-ace in point of improvements, lo
cation and in the quality of homes that have been built.
Over One Hundred Thousand Dollars
have been spent for homes in Richmond Ten-ace during the past few
Prices Are Only $450 And Up
Phone us for an appointment and we'll gladly call and explain to you
111 person how easy it is for you to be in your OWNH01rE ere another
Christmas rolls around.
CAPLES building

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