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Wednesday, January 13,1915
Copyright, 1915, International Xens Service.
Finance $12,000,000 Loan to
Pay For Supplies Ex
ported from IT. S.
Petrograd, Russia, Jan 13 A group
of Now York bankers, including; J P.
Morgan and company, have agreed to
loan the Russian government 111,90.
000, according to an official announce
ment made today
ThlB amount subject to draft bv
Russia at one, two or three months at
i 1-2 percent witn a half of one per
cent additional for acceptance.
Morkann CoBffrm Loan,
Ken lork, Jan. II I P. Morgan
and company confirmed today dis
patches from Petrograd in respect to a
loan to the Russian government by
stating that a group of New Ydrk
banks andMwnkers had made a purely
banking arrangement with Russia tur
undertaking shprt term notes, the pro
reed- of which Vi ere" to be used lit
pa ments for supplies expertetT from
this countr
It is understood that the National
rit bank is one of the members pt the
group i
San iranchjco, Calif, Jan. 13
Charles N Black, general manager of
the United Railroads of 8ati Francisco.
announced Tuesday that HO extension
of lines or service woVM be undertaken
tint II the Jitne bus "problem" was set
tled A Los Angeles street railroad
lompinv has canceled, an order for 250
nev cars it is announced. There are
Iht jitne cars operating in San Fran
cisco now, and it is predicted the num
ber vt ill be increased to 600 within a
The rush to enter the business has
resulted in cleaning out the stocks of
second-hand cars at several automo
bile agenUes Owners of the busses
are perfecting a statewide organisa
tion and taking steps to fight proposed
drastic license measures
Kstimates made bv drivers indicate
that the average jitne car -will pay for
itself in a jear, meanwhile affording
it owner a salarv of $125 a montu
One effect of the jltnes appearance
has been to drhe from the streets a
fleet of double deck automobHes such
Ja.s are common in Fifth avenue, New
yYork and which hate charged a ten
Ant faro
"Pape's Diapepsin" makes
sick, sour, gassy Stom
achs feel fine.
Oo some foods you eat hit back
ste good, but work badly, ferment
Into stubborn lumps and cause a sick,
sour, gassy stomach Not Mr or
Mrs. Dyspeptic, jot this down Papes
Diapepsin digests everything, lea tine
nothing to sour and upset you There
ncyer was anything so safely quick, so
certainly effective. No difference bow
badly your stomach is .disordered you
will get happy relief in fire minutes,
bnt what pleases you most is that it
strengthens and regulates jour stom
ach so you can eat your favorite foods
without fear
Most remedies gle you relief some
times they are slow, but not sure.
"Pape s Diapepsin" Is quick, pogitiv e
and putB your stomach in a healthy
condition so the misery won't come
Tou feel different as soon as" "Pape'
Diapepsin ' comes in contact with the
stomach distress just vanishes your
stomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
ing, no eructations of undigested food,
jour head clears and you feel fine.
Go now, make the best investment
vou et er made, by getting a large fifty
cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any
drug store Tou realise in five min
utes how needless it is to suffer from
indigestion, dyspepsia or any stomach
disorder Adt ertlsement.
Take a glass of Salts to flush
kidneys if bladder
bothers you
Eating meat regularlv eventually
produces kidney trouble in some form
or other, says a well-known authority,
because the uric acid in meat excites
the kidneys, they become overworked,
get sluggish, clog up and cause all
sorts of distress, particularly backache
and misery in the kidney region, rheu
matic twinges, severe headaches, acid
stomach, constipation, torpid liver,
sleeplessness, bladder and urinary ir
ritation The moment your back hurts or kid
nets aren t acting right, or if bladder
bothers you. get about four ounoes of
Jad Salts from any good pharmacy,
take a tablespoonful in a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and
your kidneys will then act fine This
famous salts is made from the acid
of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for
generations to flush clogged kidneys
and stimulate them to normal activity,
also to neutralise the acids in the
urine so It no longer irritates, thus
ending bladder disorders
Jad Salts cannot injure anyone;
makes a delightful effervescent lithia
water drink which millions of men and
women take now and then to keep the
kidnevs and urinary organs clean, thus
avoiding serious kidney diseases
Nervous Periodical
Succumb to Aati-Karania Tablets
Thl trouble commonly called "sick-headache
Is said to be due to the retcatlon of
urea In the sstera. Often it la stated that
a poor condition of the blood Is a cause of
thM) headaches or that It Is a nervous
condition and In certain cases, no doubt
this in true.
Miere treatment is demanded. It is more
for the pain than anything else, and Or
A. F schellsehmldt of Louisville, has found
Antl kamnla Tablets to civs prompt and
atltnctory relief. ' Rest should be In
lined upon " h says, 'and the pstlent
hoold go to bed, darken the room, and all
the attendants and family hold.-be as
quiet as possible An emetic will some
tim3 shorten the attack The bowels should
be kept open with "Actolds," a hot bath
and a thorough rob-down with a coarse
towel often give grateful relief Two Antl
kamnla Tablets when the first signs appear.
will unually prevent the attack. During an
attack one tablet every hour or two will
shorten the attack and relieve the usual
nausea and vomiting " These tablets may
be obtained at all druggists. Ask for A-K
Tabic tu They art also unexcelled for nee
t nun headaches, neuralgia and all pains
Adt ertiaenient.
8ep2y - . -y-' I woulp make ( jti-CS SHI ,
J i m
1 2RSH2!"
Mm f''M '
-. , -,-,,.
I MM fl lilab l,imrr4. -. ' lIiW IBIIBS i rN.
I i r" JgsM. -
TheTovM5 of
'nrrr-Jl ur.
Carranza Official Notifies
Chief that Firms Are
Aiding the Eenemy.
ft aahingtoti, D C, Jan 13. Heports
to the state department today said the
Carranza, governor or the state of
Veracruz was indignant because of the
oil companies appealing to Venustiano
Carransa for protection from drastic
decrees issued by him. The governor
claims the oil companies have aided
the enemies of the Carranza govern
ment and that some of their stock
holders actually are under arms.
Two companies, "the Agullar Petro
leum company and the Penn-Mexlcan
Oil company, have been closed down,
It was reported from Tamplco. In ac
cordance with the terms of the Car
ranza decree p. eventing farther de
velopments of operation of oil lands
without permission of the Constitu
tionalist administration The report
adds that an embargo has been placed
on the Aguilar Petroleum company
and on the Huasteca Petroleum corn
pan In Tamplco. preventing the ex
portation of crude oil because of
failure to pay the production tax.
Evacuating Mexico City.
The Carransa agency here todaj
issued the following statement
"A report from Veracruz dated todaj
an a dlsnatch received there late
Tuesday night from Puebla announced
that Mexico city was oeing evacuatea
by the Zapata troops in consequence of
a victory won by Qen Obregpn Tues
day at San Martin, and also as a result
of the advance of Constitutionalist
forces under Gen Sanchez Into the
state of Morelos
"The Zapata force defeated at San
Martin numbered about 3000 and was
commanded by Gens. Higlnlo Aguilar
and Benjamin Argumedo Their loss
was heavy and a large amount of arms
and ammunition was captured.
lleport Angelei Defeated.
San Martin is about half way be
tween Puebla and Mexico City Re
ports from Veracruz and elsewhere
show the enemy was defeated at Vic
toria and Valles Gen. Angeles Is be
ing driven toward Torreon Gen Her
rera Is reassembling 5000 reinforce
ments at Monterey "
CnrTnncl(n ISvacnnte Monterey.
Monterey has been evacuated by all
Carranza troops and there are no mili
tary forces in the tbwn, although It is
expected Villa's troops v. Ill arrive there
soon, according to a dispatch to the
state department today from Monterey,
dated Tuesday Villa has left Chihua
hua city for Aguascalientes
Veracruz, Mex, Jan 13 Gen. Villa
is evacuating Mexico City, sending his
available troops into the north, ac
cording to the belief current here and
said to be shared by Gen. Carranza, It
is confidently asserted here that Car
ranza will be back in the capital in a
few days, expecting little difficulty In
disposing of the Zapata, garrison left
at Mexico City.
The states of Tlaxcala and Puebla
have been completely retaken from
Zapata, according to the advices re
ceived here
push to AsusRiaia border
San Antonio. Texas. Jan. 13 Jcr'ght-
ened by the approach of Villa troops
. toward Monterey, the populace, terror!
stricxen, is trying to get away, two
special trains bearing refugees, manv
of them Americans, arrived at Nueo
Laredo Tuesday from Monterey. Five
other triinloads were reported moving
toward the border The International
bridge was blocked for a time by hun
dreds of refugees with their belong
ings crossing to Lared). Texas
Alhey clolb-llned weather strip keeps
out the cold Rathbun-Mix Co Adv
tot APt
rivviHQr OK
CP BM1IH -J T-i-.
" -- ' llisis-ssf .. .1 s JSS-II SI.. Ill a-SM II S I
. rf -
While Villa Is Pressing Carranza at Monterey, Carranza
Army Is Said to Be Endangering Villa at Torreon;
Obregon Is Reported Near Mexico City and Gen.
Pablo Gonzales Is Moving Against San Luis.
MONTEREY or Torreon will fall in
the next week, according to pre
dictions made by Villlstas and
Carranclstas. The campaign that has
been developing around these two
cities, it is admitted by both, is the
most extensive that has yet been un
dertaken in Mexico, and the result will
depend on the strategy of Gen Felipe
Angeles and Gen. Antonio I Villareal
At the present time the advantage
lies with the Villlstas. but Torreon is
menaced by the entire Villareal force,
Carranclstas assert. V'hen the Villareal
Stiff Mtsscles
a -e-."s w
Sloan's Liniment will Bave
Lours of suffering. Tor bruiso
or sprain it gives instant rebef.
It arreste inflammation and thus
prevents more serious troubles
developing. No need to rub it
in it acts at once, instantly
relieving the pain, however
severe it may be.
Hero's Proof
CiarUt JtAnton, P O. Bos tOS, Lav
ton'i Station, NY, vmlei- "I sprained
toy ankle and dislocated ray left hip by
fclkneoutof a tb.rd story window six
months ara. I yient on crutches for four
months, then I started to u some of
your Liniment, according to your direc
tions, and I must say that it u helpiae
me wonderfully. I threw vay crutches
away. Only used two bottles of your
Liniment end now I am walkrifE auita
well with one cane. I never will bo with
out fcloaa o l.lr.nect,"
All Dealers. 25c
I Send four cents in stamps for a
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc.
Dept. B. Philadelphia, Pa.
3&TTEB, look out
cOopc c.
" 'CNSc
: Rfn
campaign agaipst Torreon began. Gen
Angeles was put in charge of the Villa
campaign Villareal withdrew ,prac
ticalls all of his troops from Saltillo
and left Gen. Maclovlo Herrera In
charge of the defence of Monterey.
With 15.000 men he moved on Torreon.
In two fights, Hipolito and Paredon.
he was successful, Angeles falling back
towards Torreon Angeles, however,
had sent Gen. Maximo Garcia with a
strong force north towards Monterey.
Garcia was successful In cutting VII
lareal's lines of communications and in
taking Saltillo, where but a small gar
rison had been left
Roth Clnlm Ailvtfhtnse.
According fo advices received by both
Villlstas and Carrancistas here the two
forces, Villareal and Garcia, are both
in the peculiar position of having their
lines or communication cut. Villareal
is between the forces of Angeles on the
west and Garcia on the east, while
Garcia is between the Villareal forces
on the west and the Herrera garrison
at Monterey on the east
The deciding factor, according to th
Cariancistas, is Gen. Pablo Gonzales.
The latter is at Valle, on the Tamplco
San Luis Postosi line, according to mes
sages received at the Carranza consu
late Tuesday
Sacrifice One to Saic Another.
Should he go to the assistance of
Herrera at Montsrej. he will leae
Tampico open to atack while, should
he continue from Valle towards San
Luis Potosi. he will leave Monterey to
its fate Carrancistas, however, pin
their faith to his capturing San Luis
Potosi, In which e ent he would be able
to assist both Herrera and Villareal
The campaign, as outlined by represen
tatives of both sides In this city, is on
a more extensive scale than any yet
undertaken and will mean a large ad
vantage to which ever side wins
Going After San Luis.
Adt Ices received by the Carrama
consulate at noon Wednesday stated
that Gen Gonzales had resumed his
march from Valle towards an Luis
Potosi and that he har also sent reln
flrcements to Herrera at Montere
Veracruz advfees to the same source
stated that 3000 Zapatistas under Gene
Henjamin Argumedo and Aguilar had
been defeated by Gen Alvaro Obregon
at San Martin which is west of Puebla
and close to Mexico Cltv
Zapatlstnn Evnennllncr Capital!
The advices declared that the evacu
ation of Me lco City by the Zapata
forces was in progress.
According to advices received by the
Carranza consulate. Villareal is already
west of Marte station and is hut a few
miles from San Pedro, which Is 43 miles
from Torreon It Is declared that he
captured an abandoned military station
west of Marte A personal message re
ceived Tuesdayl night by a Carranclsta
here from Herrera stated th-t extensive
fortifications were being built at Mon
terey Flchtinc Hear CaaKal.
Fighting has occurred close to Mexico
Cltj In which both sides claim a vl
torj The exact location is not given
Gen Alvaro Obregon is In command
of the Carranza troops and it is be
lieved Kufemio Zapata commanded the
convention forces
Gen Villa left Chihuahua Tuesdav
night, according to advices received by
Villistas here It Ib believed that he
will stop over at Torreon to direct the
northeastern campaign
A Carranza Mutiny.
A mutiny occurred at Las Vacas, a
Carranza garrison near C P Diaz, ac
cording to Carranclsta advices received
here These state that the garrison
commander. Col Felipe Menchaca, was
i I L
When I take down my ole fiddle
An' Iroswn up the bow,
I find the sweetest music
In the tunes of long ago.
Thai's a kind o' mellow sweetness
In a good thing growin' old;
Each year that rolls around it,
Leaves an added touch o' gold.
? I - VP" i
the years
classic, for a
Who would lay by his "old familiar "pipe, nut
sweet and browned by use and smoke, for the finest,
shiniest, newest pipe ever made?
You, who like the good things growin' old,
will like VELVET.The Smoothest SmokingTobacco
Kentucky s Burley
wood mellowness,
careful curing.
10c Tins
5c Metal-lined Bags
One Pound Glass Humidors
madea prisoner, but later escaped and
put down the mutlnv Seven of thd
mutineers were shot and the remainder
were sent to C. P. Diaz for courtmartial.
Gen. Hugh L. Scott, chief of the army,
passed through 1 Paso Tuesdtry on his
way to Washington The garrison at
Naco vHU be maintained until all the
terms of the Scott-Villa-Hill-Maytorena
compact are carried outs
Large supplies of coal and fuel oil
continue to be dispatched daily through
Juarez to Mexico City More than 200
cars of coal have been sent south sln
the first of the year.
Yonr neighbor Icnovm tnat clean coal
and full weights mean fuel economv.
Do you? R C Semple. successor South
western Fuel Co, phone 5S1. Adv.
Tells How She Was Saved
by Taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable
Louisville, Ky " I think if moresnf-
ferir.g women would take Lydia E.
Mgjjj ftnkham'B Vegeta
iM3j ble Compound they
would enjoy better
health. I suffered
from a female trou
ble, and the doctors
decided I had a
tumorous growth
and would have to
be operated upon,
but I refused as I do
not believe in opera
tions. I had fainting spells, bloated,
and could hardly stand tie pain in my
left side. My husband insisted that I
try Lydia E. Pinkham'3 Vegetable
Compound, and I am so thankful I did,
for I am now a well woman. I sleep
better, do all my housework and take
long walks. I never fail to praise Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for
my good health. "Mrs. J. M. Rbsch,
1900 West Broadway, Louisville, Ky.
Since we guarantee that all testimo
nials which we publish are genuine, is it
not fair to suppose that if Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has the
virtue to help these women it will help
any other woman who is suffering in a
like manner?
If you are ill do not drag along until
an operation is necessary, but at once
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
"Write to Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., (confidential) Lynn,
Mass. Your letter -wil bo opened,
read and nnsTvered by a "woman
and held in strict confidence.
fm t m
m wry;
We love the ole fren's better
Than we'll ever love the neuu
We get the greatest comfort
When we wear the oldest shoe.
tAn' I find my greatest pleasure
When rm smokm fragrant, ripe ' H
When rm smokin fragrant, ripe
Age-mellowed, smooth, old VELVET
Mr MMnnt ., '
Ait ujr iiucwij dbvcctcgi. jJiytZm
GOOD thing growin' old! Who would ex
change a well thumbed, well loved old book, that
have "mellowed" into a
dozen modem "best sellers?
de Luxe, with an aged-in-th
the result of more than two years'
One Man Is Killed in New
York; Derrick Crashes on
Theater, Panic Ensues.
Boston, Mass, Jan 1J. The storm
vhlch swept over New England Tues
day attained its maximum strength off
the southeast coast at dawn today,
causing much damage in Rhode Island,
Connecticut and southeastern Massa
chusetts. Many telephone and tele
graph wires were crippled and trans
portation by land and sea was ham
pered Summer residences on Massachusetts
bay from Sandwich to Cape Ann were
badly damaged Damage was reported
also at Nantucket. Cobasset and other
points on the south shore
Laborer Killed.
New York, Jan. 13 At least one life
was lost and considerable damage done
in New York city and vicinity by a
severe wind and rainstorm which pre
vailed Tuesday and which increased
in intensity at a late hour at night
The wind caused the virtual wrecking
of a big grain elevator In Brooklyn
Three persons passing by were injured
when several thousand square feet of
brick wall fell with a crash Two la
borers were blown off a plank leading
ashore from a barge at the Erie basin,
and one was drowned.
Panic In Theater.
In Manhattan a heavy derrick fell
over onto the roof of a moving picture
theater on Third avenue, damaging the
top of the structure and causing a
panic among the audience. In which,
women had their dresses and hats torn
as the crowd rushed for the doors. It
one was serously hurt.
Dquglas, Ariz . Jan 13 As soon oa
Gov Mavtorenas Villtata army with
draws from around Agua Prteta. the
Carranza forces under Col P. Ellas
Calles at Naco, Sonora. will move to
Agua i'rieta. gov. Maytorena has
stated he is willing to withdraw, but
lacked coal for his engines. CoL Calles
has agreed to deliver a car of coal for
his enemv to facilitate the movement
The Carranclsta wounded, women and
baggage will be shipped through the
United states.
Laredo, Tex. Jan. IS Dr TV p nor
ris, acting national director of the Red
Cross arrived here Tuesday from Wash
ington with three cars of supplies for
sufferers In Monterey. Mex Dr Mor
ris Is seeking guarantees that the sup
plies will not be confiscated by Mexican
military authorities
Claiming that he was swindled out
of $1300 in a mining deal, M Melton
has filed complaint in Justice J. M
Deaver s court against J I- Presley and
Jav Settle The charge of swindling
was entered against each of the men
and their bonds fixed at $2500 each, in
default of which they were taken to the
county jail
1 oar nelghber known that clean coal
and full weights mean fuel economy.
Do you' R C Semple, successor South
western Fuel Co , phone 531 Adv.
nun Ti
Acted fj
Sue H
e- W VU 'A7V'Oi' i
It .mTM "Or K
! JH
Use Grandma's Sage Tea
and Sulphur Eecipe and
Nobody will Know.
The use of Sage and Sulphur for re
storing faded, gray hair to its natural
cclor dates back to grandmother s
time She used it to keep her hali
beautifully dark, glossy and abundant
Whenever her hair fell oat or took o.i
that dull, faded or streaked appearand
this simple mixture was applied with
wonderful effect
But brewing at home is znussv and
eut-of-date Nowadays, by asking at
any drug store for a 50-cent bottle of
"Wyetb8 Sage and Sulphur Compound
vou will get this famous old recipe
which can be depended upon to restoi e
natural color and beauty to the hair
and is splendid for daodruff, drj, fev
erish, itchy scalp and falling hair
A well known down-town druggist
says it darkens the hair so natural
and evenly that nobody can tell it has
been applied. You simply dampen a
sponge or soft brush with it and draw
this through jour hair, taking one
strand at a time. By morning the
gTav hair disappears, and after an
other application or two it becomes
beautifully dark, glossy, and abund
ant Adv ertlsement
111 GB OIL
If cross, feverish, constipat
ed, give "California
Syrup of Mgs.M
Look hack at your childhod dax
Remember the "dose' mother insisted
on castor oil. calomel, cathartics. How
you hated them, how vou fought against
taking them
With our children ifs different
Mothers who cling to the old form ef
pbvsia simply don't realize what the
do The children's revolt is well
founded. Their tender little ' Insitles '
are injured by them
If your child s stomach, liver ami
bowels need cleansing, give onlv deli
cious 'California Syrup of Figs. ' Its
jctlon Is positive, but gentle Millions
of mothers keep this harmless "fruit
lax.itive hand) ; they know children
l7c to take It. that it never fails to
cteai tile liver and bowels and sweeten
the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given U-iay saves a sick child tomor
row sk jour druggist for a 50-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs.
which has full directions tor babie.
children of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly on each bottle. Beware of
counterfeits sold here See that it is
made by "California Fig Syrup Corr
ppny" Refuse any other kind with
contempt Advertisement.

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