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Thursday, January 14, 1915 7
Kill Large Number of Salazar's Men and Make a Cap
tain, Among Others, a Prisoner;' Carranza Troops .
Leave Tampico to MeetVillistas in Battle at Mon
terey ; Benavides Named Coahuila Governor.
eenved here The commission is now
h gaged in suneyng the large prop-
ities iii Chihuahua with a view to di-
iding them into small tracts which
ire to be sold to peons. The bill to be
1'itrodmad p uwdes for an initial pay-
iiHjit of not less than 10 pesos per acre,
mi matter w here the land is situated.
Preference as to location of land will
io Kien to residents of the state who
lin aered In the army. It is under-
tonri that no provision is made for any
ment to the original owners where
vi id owners have been enemies of the't
ihc.mii regime. This includes Tbrrasas
aii'i owit-r large owners
West Coast Campaign.
Tie w est coast campalrn Is to be
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Frara Taut One.)
prosecuted with vigor, according to
Villa advices received here, which
state that Gen. Jose Riveros, Vllllsta
governor of Sinaloa, has arrived in Tor;
reon for a conference with Gen. Villa.
Riveros was accompanied by high mil
itary and civil officials of the state.
Gen. Villa has gone east STter a brief
stay In Torreon, according to Villlstn
advices, but it is not known just where
be is.
To Relieve Monterey.
Carransa advices Thursday continued
to declare that the telegraph line from
Teredo to Monterey. Victoria and Tain-
pico was still open and that no move
has been made by Gen. MacloVio Her
rera to evacuate Monterey. The Car
ransa consulate here Is In receipt ot
advices to the effect that Gen. Cenario
Castro was entraining Wednesday
night' at Tampico with 5000 men for
the relief of Monterey. These, mei
have been sent from Veracruz.
'What's the Idea?.
This movement of Gen. Castro, to
gether with the movement reported
estrday of Gen. Pablo Gonsales from
a point north of Tamoico towards San
Luis PotoBl, Indicates that the Car
rancistas are either desperate or have
a tremendous force of men at Tampi
co The two movements take a large
number of men away from Tampico.
Bs some it Is said It is a desperate
move to reinforce Monterey in the hope
of destroying the army of Villa now at
tacking that city, while Gonzales, press
ing against San Luis Potosl, hopes to
draw a part of Villa's force from Tor
reon and thus prevent him sending
further reinforcements to Monterey.
Bennvide Governor of Coahnlla.
That the Villistas control the greater
part of Coahuila Is Indicated by the ap
pointment of Gen. Kugenio Agulrre
Benavides as governor of the state, an
nouncement of which is made by the
Villa CU1I3U1IC amc nJiiDumw ,o av
in receipt of advices to the effect that
Gen. Celexlto contreras has Deen naraea
commander of all troops in the state ot
Jalisco and that he will at once begin
a campaign to clear up that state.
To Go After ruebla.
Three columns, aggregating 20,000
men, of the convention forces, wlU
march on Fuebla, according to advices
received by Villistas here. It is stated
that tie convention forces, when they
retired from the city, took all military
supplies with them and established a
base about 20 miles west of Pueblo.
This base was attacked by Gen. Alvaro
Obregon. but the Carranclstas were re
pulsed. The Villistas admit that Puebla
was lot after one of the fiercest lights
in the history of Mexico.
Colcxlco, Calif., Jan. 14. Col. Bste
ban Cantu, military commander In Low
er California, has sent an agent to
Mexico City to find out whether he J
really Is the oommanaer. in me mean
time. Gen Jose Leyva has notified Gen.
Villa of Cantu's refusal Wednesday to
turn over his office when Leyva pre
sented an order signed by Villa.
Cantffs refusal was based jHitlie
statement that president Gutierrez had
recognised, bis position In a telegram
dated, .(an. 11. while Villa's order to
Ijeyv was dated Dec. 25.
St. Louis, Mo, Jan. 14. In order
that the postmaster here may know to
whom to deliver mail addressed to the
Mexican consul, the attorney general's
office at Washington will be called
upon to decide between the claims of
James Arbuckle. representing the
Gutierrez government, and Jose Pes
queira, representing the Carranza ad
ministration. Postmaster Colin Selph
instructed the two men to r resent
their claims to Washington for settle
Denver, Colo., Jan. 14. II. C. Bol
slnger, representative-elect of the
Colorado legislature, and Col. James A.
Shinn. former state game and fish war
den, are safe at Espelanga, Mexico,
according to a telegram received to
day by speaker P. B. Stewart Recently
the house asked secretary of state
Bryan to aid in the search for the two
(Continued from Case One).
arc being mulcted by their connection
roads outside Texas.
Showed Mexico Tcxn roncr.
He devotes a lot of space to his at
titude in sending state troops to the
Mexican border and says his action con
vinced Mexico that Texas would not
stand for trouble along the border and
there has been none since."
Abolish Fee System.
He recommends that this legislature i
pass a law abolishing in Us entirety
the fee sjstem.
One striking fact of his message Is
where he points out that he has par
doned 1370 men from the penitentiary
and says there are about SOO men who
ought to be taken from the penitentia
ries and puf on county roads under
the honor system.
'It is not a sin to err on the side of
mercy." says Colquitt in defence of his
pardon record.
Twelve llllls Introduced.
Twelve bills were introduced in the
eenate today, among them several of
importance, senator Wiley presented
a bill known as the uniform price bill,
which seeks to nrevent nnliiBt llscrfm-
ination in all commercial transactions
and provides for ouster in case of the
violation or the provisions of the act
Senator Bee and others introduced a
bill amending the 64 hour law apply
ing to female employes so as to include
mercantile establishments, theaters,
moving picture shows and hotels.
Senator Westbrook Introduced a bill
which prohibits a member of the legis
lature from receiving any pay from
public service corporations during.-hie
tenure of office.
I'asscH Appropriation Hills.
The senate today passed finally the
mileage and per diem bill carrying an
appropriation of $125,000 and the con
tingent expense bill carrying $30,000
to defray the espences of the present
Hudspeth Offers Resolution.
A resolution was introduced by sen
ator Hudspeth providing for an ap
propriation of $5000 to renovate the
senate chamber and committee rooms
and replace the carpets.
Senator Hudspeth introduced two
bills, one creathig an Independent
school district in 'Sterling county and
the other creatine the 6Eth judicial dis
trict in the western portion of the
HoufcC DlscuKsei Snlarles.
The house consumed the entire morn
ing session over the question of the
salaries of stenographers. Yesterday the
salary was fixed at $5 per da and af
tor several hours' debate today this
was changed to ft
Is Sixth Man Selected to Fill
Out the Diaz Term
of Six Years.
It w.as reported last night from
Mexico City that the national conven
tion had renamed Gen Eulalio Gutier
rez as provisional president of Mexico.
Gen. Gutierrez will serve out the un
expired term of Gen. Porflrlo Diaz,
which would have terminated in No
vember, lDlji. .
He is the sixth man selected for the
office of president to nil out the Diaz
term since the retirement of Diaz.
Francisco de la Barra was the first se
lection, Francisco I. Madero was next,
Vlctoriano Huerta was next, Francisco
Carbajal wsb next, then came Venus
tiano Carranza. then Eulalio Gutierrez
and now he is reelected to succeed
Tho reappointment of Gen. Gutierrez
as provisional president is understood
to have had the full support of Gen.
Francisco Villa and his northern
troops. Its acceptance, however, by the
followers of .Gen. Zapata, the southern
chieftain, is held In doubt by well In
formed officials here.
Gutierrez will serve out the unex
pired term of president Diaz which was
interrupted by the Madero revolution.
The action of the Villa-Zapata con
gress was taken as indicating that It
did not consider peace as established
in the republic, which would require a
popular election according to the revo
lution pledges.
Brownsville, Texas,. Jan. 14. The re
ported retreat of Gen. Villareal's Car
ranza troops , from Monterey to the
border at Matamoras has been blocked
by a collision of a westbound train
from Matamoras t Ith a troop tram
from Monterey, in which an engineer
was reported killed.
Three trainloads of troops and four
trainloads of Monterey civilian refu
gees reached Reynosa, 65 miles west of
Monterey, according to apparently au
thentic information which reached here
Wednesday. Fourteen train more were
reported at Aldamas.
A telephone report from Hidalgo, not
far from Reynosa, says an attack by
an advancing Villa force from Monte
rey is momentarilv expected.
Early tonight Gen. F. p. Navarrate,
commander at Matamoras. issued an
t order closing the Mexican end of the
international oriage and the Mexican
end of the international ferry, ending
travel between here and Matamoras.
Naeo, Ariz., Jan. 14.-In compliance
with the agreement signed by the hos
tile forces at Naco. Sonora, at the
suggestion of Gen. H. L Scott chief
of staff of the United States army,
Col. P. Ellas Calles of the Carrancista
army, is loading camp equipment to
ship to Agua Prieta. Maytorena having
sent his Villa forces to Cananea from
here. His trooBS surrounding imi.
Prieta will be moved to Cananea as
soon as ooal promised by CoL Calles
arrK es.
Washington, D. C Jan. 14 George
C Carothers, American consular agent
who has sent the state department his
resignation In order tp accept a tempt
ing business offer, has decided, at -the
solicitation of secretary of state Bryan,
to continue his work indefinitely until
some other arrangements can be made
for representing the American govern
ment wherever Gen. Villa travels.
The suit of T. M. Wlngo, trustee. 1
sgamst ine jm i-aso Times company,
to secure payment of a note for J100
executed in favor of the bonus fund to
secure the building of the electric line
between El Paso and Ysleta, has been
dismissed by justice J M. Deaver on in
formation that settlement was made
outside of court
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Purchase of Auto Fire En
gine For Highland Park
Cuts Sate to 17 Cents.
A reduction of 1 cent in the insur
ance key rate is the city's contribution
to the "Made in 131 Paso" insurance
rate, which is the lowest in the state.
This was announced at the council
meeting Thursday morning, when an
order was placed for a new, triple com
bination auto fire truck for the High
land Park fire station. This will be
rated as a credit on HI Paeo's key rate
and will mean the saving of thousands
of dollars in insurance premiums to
the people of Bl Paso.
The present rate is IS cents, mayor
C. E. Kelly told the city council. With
the instalation of the new auto engine,
this would be reduced to 1" cents and
the city would be in perfect condition
for fighting fire.
Trnniifer l'rlllece.
W. E. Miller appeared before the
council on behalf of the Union Passen
ger Depot company, submitting a pro
posed ordinance to amend sections 119
and 125, to remove the regulations that
prohibit the company from permitting
transfer companies and others from so
liciting passenger and baggage busi
ness. Mr. Miller' pointed out that the
ordinance, as it now stands, absolutely
prohibits the company from the time
hoitored privilege of letting contracts
to transfer companies to enter the de
pot and trains. The amendments were
referred to the council as a whole.
Reports Are Mnile,
The report of Dr. W. H. Anderson,
city health officer, for the week ending
January 14 showed a total of 39 deaths,
of which 14 were Americans, 24 were
Mexicans and one was a Japanese. The
births totaled 30. of which 12 wero
Americans and 18 were Mexicans.
The December report of M. M. Riggs,
sidewalk inspector, showed 3S.S20 square
feet of sidewalk constructed and 6470
lineal feet of curbs completed.
The report of Geflrge Harper, sani
tary commissioner, for December showed
revenues of $1562 80.
The December report of I. N. Davis.
chief of police, showed $5503 In fines
imposed: J17S2 collected; $757 served
out, $1883 remitted, and $1081 pending.
Petitions Filed.
The following petitions were received
and referred to the proper committees:
Petition of Victor Dlat, for sewer n
alley south of Eighth street between
Leon and Chihuahua streets.
Petition of property owners for pav'
Ing on Myrtle avenue, from Ange
street to Eucalyptus street, with Bitu
lithie pavement.
Petition of Dues & Bell for electric
advertising screen on top of building
at the corner of El Paso and San An
tonio streets.
Petition of property owners for re
lief from flood waters and mad , an
Grama street, between I'era street anl
the canal.
Petition of .Rev. IM L. Milliean for
water service at residence on county
road, below Val Verae.
Petition of J. N. Wafer to Instal gas
oline storage tank at 1319 North Cop.a
Petition of Scottish Rite' Benevolent
association for exemption from taxri
on lots 1 and 2 and part of lot 3, block
12, Satterthwaite's addition.
Petition of Eyster's Grocery company
for special permit to keep four muUs
at 717 North Kansas street
The claim of A. N. Hoket for dam-
ages on account of death oi muie used
iff the scavenger, department was re
ferred to the cltyaUorney.
Permit Ik Granted.
The franchise ordinance granting the
Consumers' Ice and Cold Storage com
pany the right to lay a three Inch pipe
line along First street was granted on
second reading;.
The official bonds if S. B. Bates and
Roy A. Fridley as patrolmen wt3 ac
cepted. A lattAM 1mm T tv Item nnmman.l-
Ing the city on the manner In whicn '
the eruptive hospital is conducted was
received and filed, with thanks.
Authority was granted for the in
stalation of two ara lights near the de
limits, in Kast Bl Vaso
' "Tipperary" will be one of the fea
tures of the 15th cavalry concert which
the band will play from the balcony of
the Hotel Sheldon tonight beginning at
7:W oclock.
The band is playing through the
courtesy of Col. G. Jl- Morgan, as a
compliment to the people of Bl Paso
Jn honor of the "Made in El Paso" ex
position. The program will be:
March, Dunlap Commandry." HalL
Overture, "Poet and Peasant," Suppe.
Selection, "Martha," T"Iotow.
Waltz, "Love Is So Fickle," Kruse-
Song, "It's a Long, Long Way to Tip
perary," Williams.
Fantasia, "Vision of Salome," Lampe.
Medlej, "Hits No. IJ," Lampe
Selection. "Ftnk Lad." CaryU.
March, "Greeting to- Bstfigor," Hall.
This is Keystone day at the Grecian.
Prepare youself for the biggest laugh
of the season The single reel Key
stone, which was booked for showing
jrslerda;, was delated in transit, but
will be In today sure, with the two reel
Keystone which is the regular every
other Thursday special. This will make
the greatest comedy bill ever shown.
Sid Chaplin, the funniest man living, is
featuied in all three reels. Including
"Hushing the Scandal " the two reel
special which is the headliner today
Chaplin demonstrates fully that he 13
the king of all comedians, and hevgets
more fun out of the single reel todav
than the average comedian gets out of
three you will have to come early u
you don't want to miss it Adv.
A beautiful two-act Selig drama, en
titled ' The Flower of Faith," and the
Hearst-Selig Weekly will be the pro
gram today at tho Bijou. "The Flower
o Faith" is an exceptionally Interest
ing and most beautiful picture that
will entertainingly satisfy any audi
ence. The Bijou management is en
deavoring to secuVe another engage
ment of "The Spoilers," as many who
wanted to see this picture were unable
to gain admittance
Fridaj, "The Intriguers," a two-act
Lubjn .drama, will be shown.. Adver
tisement. TUB AMiAJinnt.
By request of many picture lovers
who wore unable to see "The Taint"
5esterda, the Alhambra will today
repeat this strong pioture. If you were
unable to attend, do not miss this last
opportunity of seeing something that
is really worth your while.
Tomorrow the Alhambra will pre
sent the second ctory of "The Exploits
i of Blaine." "The Twilight Sleep" 'and
Pathe's Weekly. Saturday, will be
shown the roaring comedy. In four
parts, "Without Hope " Advertisement
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eye. spring In the step and the glow of
health in the cheek. Drink 151 Paso
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and full weights mean fuel economv.
Do you? R. C Semple. successor South
western Fuel Co , phone 631 Adv.
Athry cloth-lined wcatfler strip keeps
out the cold Rathbun-Mlx Co. Adv
Death List in Great Earth
quake May Exceed
50,000 Persons.
(Continued from Tate One).
practically from one side of Italy to the
other. In Abruxzi, Latlum and Cam
pania the quake reached its highest
degree, described by scientists as
"catastrophic," and in other places It
varied between the seventh and the
tenth degrees.
Special Trains Bear Aid.
Relief measures ror the thousands
who have succeeded in escaping from
their ruined homes in safety, but are
in want and without shelter, are going
ahead with all possible speed. Special
trains have been dispatched, carrying
physicians and nurses, and government
officials have been ordered to provide
all necessaries for the stricken peoples.
King Ignores Diplomats.
King Victor Emanuel, despite the
protests of government officials, who
urged the International situation in
Europe as a reason for his staying in
Rome, left early today for the vicinity
of Avezxano to do whatever he could,
and by his presence give stimulus tq
the relief work,
Queen Helena, still In bed since the
birth of a daughter, has expressed the
keenest regret that she could not go
to the scenes of devastation as she did
at Messina.
Relief committees are being organ-,
ized in each locality that has been
stricken, to work under the direction
of the central committee in Roma.
Which is under the supervision of
premier Salandnii.
Soldiers Make Tent Colonies.
Soldiers hav been rushed to the
scene and by- night will have estab
lished tent colonies In whieh the
homeless thousands may find tem
porary shelter.
Lines of communication, especially
railroad tracks and telephone and tele
graph wires, nave been interrupted se-
riously throughout the entire earth
quake belt, and the transportation of
supplies furnished by the government
and private sources' is going forward
by automobiles and horse drawn wag
ons. Grief Is Oiorwhtlmlng.
The forces at work relieving dis
tress face scenes of the greatest
tragedy. Families have been separated.
Children are fatherless. Wives have
become widows.
In every stricken section .temporary
hospitals have been established and to
these have gone nurses and doctors
to care for the injured. The list in
cludes the duchess of Aosta, who has
gone to Monteroduni as a nurse.
Xo Deaths In Cnpltal-
In the capital itself, so far as known,
there was no loss of life, but a great
deal ot damage was done, churches and
statues suffering most For a time
the people were panie stricken with
fear and there was a veritable panic
in the hospitals, monasteries and eon
vents. The buildings on both sides oi
the Porta del Popola, north-entrance
to Rome, threatened to fall and the
eagle decorating the gate crashed to
the ground.
The obelisk in St. Peter's square was
shaken and badly damaged, while the
statue of St John Lateran and tho
statues of the apostles surmounting
the basilica are in danger of collapsing.
The famous colonnade decorating St
Peter's square was lowered four feet
A dispatch from Aquila says the vil
llage of Aetlll near Celano, was de
stroyed and that severe damage was
liOD along the Sulraona-Avi&sano line.
Several persons were killed or In
jured at TrevL province of Perugia.
Two persons were killed in the electric
station at Anicrella.
Damage at Villages.
At Monterotendo. three persons were
killed and two wounded, at Seagarolo
the d&ne of a church fell; at Faliano
part of the cathedral was wrecked; at
Veroli two persons were killed and two
Injured, at Tivoli one person was
killed, at Pereto five houses collapsed
and at Poggio Xatlvo one person was
killed and several were injured.
At Torre Cajetanl, about S7 miles east
of Rome, almost the entire village was
destroyed, while at Arnara the munici
pal building collapsed.
Tope Willing to Aid.
From numerous places in the affected
"Cure Your
Rupture Lik
I Gund Ming"
Old Sea Captain Cured His Own
Baptise After-Doctors Said
"Operate or Death."
Eli Bomedy and Boole Sent Free.
Captain Ceilings sailed the seas for
many rears; then he sustained a bad
doublo rupture that soon forced lilm to
not only rema'n ashore, but kept him
bedridden for years. He tried doctor
afte! doctor and trass after truss. No
results I Finally, he was assured that
he must either submit to a dangerous
and abhorrent operation or die. He did
ceithcrl Ho cured himself Instead.
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Name ,
Collides With Kissel and
Throws Passengers Out;
Drivers Disagree.
A Ford "Association" automobilo col
lided with. a Kissel car, driven by A.
S. Howard, Wednesday night at 9 oclock
at the intersection ot Hutton street
and Montana street.
The Association car. which was
owned and driven by J. W. Ramage,
was occupied by C. K. Jameson, A. S.
Jacobs and C. F Newsom, according
to Mr. Ramage. The Ford turned over
on its side throwing the passengers
'and driver to the paving.
Mr. Jameson suffered a badly bruised
foot and an exemination is to be made
with an X-ray to , determine if any
bones were broken. Mr. Jacobs, Mr,
Newsom and the driver were bruised
but were not seriously injured. The
top, one pane of the windshield ard the
fender were broken on the Ford. Tho
fender of the Kissel car was dented
and the finish marred.
"I was driving east on Montana when
the accident occurred." said Ramage.
"The driver of the Kissel ear turned
north on Hutton without signaling me
and I had to turn up Hutton to avoid
a collision and I turned over. I was
running about 15 or IS miles an hour
when the accident occurred "
"The driver of the Ford tried to
overtake me while we were running
on Montana," said A S. Howard. Tho
was driving the Kissel. "I blew irfy
siren twice, as required by the or
dinance, as I had Just returned Wed
nesday and was careful to read the
ordinance before starting downtown.
I had three women with me and they
will all testify that I gave the re
quired signal. I was only running
about six miles an hour, as I had
slowed un to make the turn I looked
back and saw the car was almost half
a block behind me. Tha driver must
have put on speed to have bit me."
Both C. K. Jameson and A. S. Jacobs
say that the nickel car driver was run
ning entirely too fast and that he
would not have been able to prevent
the accident had the other driver given
the signal so that he could hear iu as
the speed of tho car was too great to
regions calls for doctors and medicine
reached Rome. Pope Benedict was re
citing the thanksgiving after the morn
ing mass when the shock occurred. The
pontiff retained his composure and
gave orders immediatly that the dam
age both inside and outside tile vitimn
be ascertained and requested a report
whether assistance was required.
Viczzano Is Vnclent To-yd.
Avexzano, the town from which the
greatest number of casualties have
been reported as the result of the
earthquake, lies In the province of
"su"a, in ine oruzzi department 63
miles east of Rome. It is an ancient
town and had a population of some
10.000. One of the well preserved
buildings there was the towered castle
bu"t by Gentile Virginio Orsyio in
Most of the towns in which damage
has been done re. alt-natAri vi.nu..
in the heart of Italy, in a line runiftng
northeast and southeast from Rome
eastward toward the Adriatic sea. The
counir in ine province of Rome and
the department of the Ahn,, ,.
mostly mountainous, but thickly popu
lated. Numerous villages and towns
uw uin ivrriiosy. jionte Kotondo has
a population of about 500. It was here
in 18(7 that Garibaldi defeated the
papal forces. At Tlvoll. where one
person is said to have been killed, there
Is a population of some 14.000. It lies
18 miles northeast of Rome and retains
many of the antiquities of the, old
"jM"" days, among them the temple
of Tiberius and tho Villa d'Este, cele
brated for the beauty of its architec
ture. Pofl is a village of some 4000.
Zagarola. Paliano. Veroli, Paretd'.
Poggio. Nativo and the other places
where damage or fatalities are re
ported are all small towns.
iraiyu Terrible Kenrthqaakes.
Italy in past years has had numerous
visitations from earthquakes in which
thousands of persons have perished
and from which millions of dollars of
property damage has resulted.
It fell to the lot of Italy to suffer
what probably was the greatest dis
aster from an earthquake that the
world ever saw This was in Decem
ber, 1908, when in Sicily and Calabria
S,4S5 persons were killed, 05,470 in
jured and 1,000,000 made homeless. In
this disturbance Messina, Santa. Teresa,
Scalleta and Faro in Slcllj, and Regglo,
San Giovanni, San Ufemla, Galileo,
Palmi, Pellaro and Cannitello, in Cala
bria, were destroyed.
The financial loss never was accu
rately computed, but it ran into many
millions of dollars.
Other Great DLinxters.
Up to the time of the catastrophe
the earthquake at Lisbon in 1755, which
cost 50,000 lives, caused the greatest
number of casualties.
Nineteen hundred and six was the
worst period for seismic disturbances
on record. It was during this time
that great disasters occurred the world
dllrln t fba,n.
u"n5 S1" "35
The destruction of San Trancisco and
Valparaiso and the razing in 18 Mi
lages in Calabria occurred in the spring
and summer of 1005.
The province of Esmerald.is in Ecua
dor was shaken in ttte following Jan
uary and a great tidal wave followed,
drowning mam persons. Colombia also
suffered in this disturbance, about 300
persons being killed.
A month and a half later on the
island of Formosa the village of Kagi
and three other 'towns were destroyed
with the loss of thousands of lives
and material damage estimated at
$41,000,000. A month later Kagi again
was visited with much loss of life and
property damage.
London. F.ng, Jan. 14. A news
agency dispatch from Rome sas that
a further distinct earth shock was felt
in Rome about 3 oclock this morning.
In several quarters of the city the peo
ple "led from their houses.
At a. meeting of the Alta Vista club,
held Wednesday night at the Alta Vista
school, reports on the proposed street
improvements were made
In the case of Copia street It has been
suggested that the residents pay two
thirds and the city one-third of the
paving, as those blocks are short and
it is believed the assessments for the
entire work would be too large to be
borne by the few owners represented.
This street U the outlet for much w stter
in rainy weather and it is feared that,
unless it is paved, the paved crossing
at Montana and other streets will be
washed qut
New York, Jan 14 John I. Mann,
former director of public- works of the
Dominican republic, testified today -that
he had been removed from office by
the Dominican government at the be
hest of James M Sullivan, American
minister. In the interest, he believed,
of the Banco Nacionale of Santo Do
mingo. Tho Banco Nacionale paid $5000, he
was told, as the price of breaking the
three year contract which Mann said
the government had made with him
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foul gases, take the excess bile from
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An Old, Family Cough
Remedy, Home-Made
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yrup at home you not only save about
pi, as compared with the Teady-made
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f prompt ami positive remedy is every way.
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chest colds in 24 hours relieves even
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Pinex (SO cents worth), pour it into a
pint bottle and fill the bottle with plain
granulated sugar syrup. Full directions
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tou can feel this take hold of a cough
or cold in a way that means business. It
?niekly loosens the drv, hoarse or pam
ul cough and heals the inflamed mem
branes. Jt also has a remarkable effect
in overcoming the persistent loose cough
tne throat and bronchial tubes. "
h The effect of Pine on the membranes i,
known by almost every one. Pinex is a
most valuable concentrated compound of
genuine Norway pine extract combined
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pine elements.
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appointment, ask tout druggist for 2
ounces of Pines," and do not accept Hay
thing eh?e.
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tiia preparation. Tha Pine: Co., Ft
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Falling Hair Caused
By Dandruff
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggi
hair Is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp, of dandruff, that awful scourge
There is nothing so destructive to the
hair as dandruff. It robs the hair of
its lustre, its strength and its very life.
eventually producing a feverishnens
and itching of the scalp, which If not
remedied causes the hair roots i
shrink, loosen and die then the hau
falls out fast For the purpose m
destroying the dandruff germ ci
should get our druggist to prepaid
a lotion consisting of S ounces B.n
Rum. 2 ounces Lavona de Corepos-c
and 1-2 dram Menthol Crystals. Run
this thoroughly into the scalp with tne
finger tips. It will kill the dandrn'f
rferm at once and after the first am
plication your hair will take on that
life, lustre and luxuriance which Is so
beautiful. It will become waw and
fluff, and have the appearance of
abundance and incomparable gloss and
softness, but what will please you not
will be after a few weeks' use, utra
you will actuall) see a lot of fim
downy hair new hair growing ah
over the scalp Advertisement
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