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Friday, January 15, 1915
(Continued from page five)
to the advertising of the prosperity of
1-1 Paso and also due to the general
inoements of the unemployed seek
ing work, the number of able bodied
merican men without work who were
forced to appeal for help of some kind
m constant!) increasing and appfnr-
itl there was no way of helping
she appealed to th men present and
ikl the Chant) association was trying
to help the city handle the problem
if the unemployed and that it had now
icnctK-d a place where help is needed
fliom the men Mrs. banter called upon
Kobeu t Krnkauer president of the
i h iniber of commence, ror some sugges
tions Mr Krakauet taid Tn part I
have been greatlj interested and im
l i see;! with this meeting for it has
ien jne a better understanding of the
01 k than I previously had." Mr
Krakauer said that in all of the cham
ber of commerce advertising of El Paso
they have not hesitated to frankly state
that only people of some capital are
wanted, as for the poor the conditions
are no better in El Paso than else
where and that the development of the
valley farms or of small industries re
quired capital. Mr Krakauer said the
onlj Idea he could present would be
to foim an associated charities and
make an annual budget fund after the
Master George Franklin,, Jr , will .cel
ebrate his fifth birthday anniversary
with an Informal party Saturday af
ternoon, at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs George Franklin, on
Mesa avenue.
Mrs. IMward Mitchell entertained
orde. of the chamber of commerce t ?" '"Jr?" ?hurdaT a"e.I??"
and other bodies, to collect contribu- , """"?"" ,"",,- Z.TZiZS ,h
.i,.. t. . . v.,i,.i ! conversation pleasantly occupied the
.iviio -Livrua ci;i jviit vn u. uuinii'.Q'.i
Uneeda Biscuit
Nourishment fine fla
vor purity crispness1
wholesomeness. All
for s cents, in the
' 1
Graham Crackers
A food for every day.
Crisp, delicious and
strengthening. Fresh
baked and fresh de
livered, xo cents.
basis, making all contribute once and
then not calling upon them during the
year for other contributions.
Major Kelly extended the use of the
city council room to the association as
a meeting place for all meetings.
Upon motion of Mrs Van C Wilson
it was decided that fne president should
appoint a committee of five to decide
upon some plan for the relief of the
unemployed, three of this committee to
be men and tw wonfen Mrs. Lanier
:l appointed major u K. Kelly, Robert
fwi tuiauvi uiiu wuuij juusv .uuttll
Pool, the committee The womenwill
be appointed later '
Miss Minna Stewart, a deaconess of
the Kpiscopal church at the church
school of North Piatt, Nebraska, spoke
on missionary work before the members
of the junior auxiliary of the church
of St Clement Thursday afternoon, at a
meeting in Kendrick hall Miss Con
stance Pateman sang "Deep in the
Heart of Youth,' bv Cook. "The Dan n,"
by dHardolet, and "The Story That
My Heart's a Singing." by Hawlev.
I during the afternoon Miss Gertrude
rale pujed her piano accompaniments.
Miss Rebecca Maetze played several
piano RolpB. Following the addresses
and musical selections refreshments of
hot chocolate and rakes were served
b the girls of Uie junior auxiliary,
vi hp were Misses Phyllis Routledge, Jo
Crutchfield, Vivian Pomeroy, Leo Van
'ten uroecK. venetla Van den Broeck,
Anita Maetze, Rebecca Maetze and Lois
Maetze and Geore-in. fltuwart a mtm.
J ber of he members of the woman's aux
I iliurj were present. MIbs Stewart Is
. visiting her brother and sister Mr and
Mrs. Green Stewart, on Arizona street.
ivi a aiiurL lime
The Eastminster Benevolent society
of Westminster Presbyterian church
met Thursday afternoon at the home of
.Mrs. j H Hill, on Montana street The
The special guests were
Miss Mattle Creel Peters, of Mexico.
and Mrs J Trank Daniels, of Denver
Refreshments were served during iht
The monthly social meeting of the
First Congregational church members
was held Thursday night at the home
of Mrs. Charles B Stevens, on West
Boulevard The evening was spent
with pleasant informality Miss Julia
Coldwell and Mr and Mrs J J TyndplI
sang a number of ocal selections Re
freshments were served bj the hostess
The meeting was well attended
Friends of Frederick R. Koch assem
bled Thursday night at his residence,
the Brazos apartments on Mesa aenue,
for an evening of social pleasure, the
occasion being Mr Koch's 67th birth
day anniversary The affair was In
the nature of a surprise and was thor
oughly apreclated by him. specially as
among the guests were some of his old
students whom he taught as far back
as 29 3 ears ago and who still have a
warm feeling of Interest and friend
ship for their old teacher The spacious
apartments were filled to overflowing
with the guests and tne doctor was me
, . , , I Mr and Mis J V Hughes are the
MuSICal. parents of a babj son, weighing 11
,. ... iki. I nonnris He was born Thursday at
A musical will m .?"'"' '',', ' ,,,. ,,, J firanrtrlMv Mr .inrt
nlnir at the home of Mrs M.
131S North Florence street, by a num
ber of young people Miss Mary Noble
will nlav "Madrlelena." by Wachs Ml-s'
Rachel liojnton will play "Impromptu."
by Behr Miss Maddie Berghauer will
play Erb s "The Rosebud " Miss Audre
Wllhngham will play "The Young Mar
shal," b Renard Miss Catherine Rick'
man will play "A Barcarolle," by Chad
wick Barbour's "Up in the Swing'
will be plaed by Miss Sadie Jolly A
polonaise by Aubert will be played by
Miss Mary Smith Edwin Freeman will
plav "To a Daisy," b Erb MisaGervia
Belle Hlggins will play "Idjlle." bv
Labltzky. George Blanton will play a
gavotte by Mason Miss Isabelle Kitch
ens will play a- waltz, "Caprice." by
Newland Miss lma Huddleston ft 111
play Grant-Schaefer's "In the Garden '
Miss Dorothy Bennett will play 'T -light."
by Mclntjre A trio, "Morceaux
Brilliants, ' 1 Streabbog, will be played
by Misses Ruth McDowell. Sue Bettie
Ferguson and Alma Huddleston ls3
Mice Mahonev will plaj a nocturne bv
Rinot MIk Sup Bettie Ferguson will
rilav a polka by Engleman Miss Velm.i l
Woods will play "The Boat Song," t
Frb Miss Ruth McDowell will play
Spindle's ' Shepherd's Dream " A bolero,
v... To. k will hA nlavinl hv Minn Marin
Burkhalter Miss Florence Lilly will I
nlav fCascai e du Chadron," by Bendel,
f and the program will close with a
march, by Krogman, piayeu Dy .uisses
Catherine Hickman and Rachel Boyn
ton. f
Mr and Mr H C Myles entertained
with a dance at the Country club Thurs
day night for the members of the
younger set. in honot of the return of
their son, Ernest Myles, from the Lau
sanne university in Switzerland Mr
and Mrs. Mles and their son formed tho
.irs P k. Keilv are his grandparents
I B iHfl
HH - U-.
mmk - jm&
' W&&x3i
recipient of many gifts. The parlors During the eening eggnogg punch,
and studio room were decorated with
a profusion of flowers and the evening
was spent ery pleasantly wun music,
games and dancing A number of mu
sical selections were rendered, among
them beingf Mrs A L. Daugherty, who
delighted tre audience with seeal vo
cal selections, accompanied bv Mr
Koch Misses Llla Gaylord and Kath
erlne Brattstrom also sang, as did A
R. Millican Miss Ea Henderson, of
Garden City, Tex., who is spending the
winter with Mr and Mrs Koch, de
lighted the guests with several piano
selections, and so did Jack Tlynn Rus
sell Koch rendered several violin num
bers. Mr Koch, assisted by Mis D
Ford. Mrs. B S Catlin sr Miss Myrtle
Ford and Miss Eva Henderson served
A delightful new bis
cuit, with a rich and
delicious cocoanut fla
vor. Crisp and always
fresh, zo cents. i
Buy biscuit baked by
Atatays look for that Name
Bociet has pledged $60 toward the refreshments during the evening Those
cnurcn Duuaing rund and thus pledge
was completed at the meeting A " tal
ent" fund of J6 had been divided among
some of the members during the fall,
and with this as capital they were to
see how much each could increase the
amount by January Over J20 was
turned Into the society treasury as a
result Following the business meeting
a social time was e-Joyed anl light re
freshments were served by the hostess.
Mrs C C Gibson will be the next
hostess of the society
Mrs L. L. Mundy entertainod the
members of the St Patrick cathedral
altar guild Thursday afternoon at her
home on North Oregon street Sewing
fancy work, quilts and other useful ar
ticles passed the time pleasantly At
the close of the afternoon's work a
supper was served by the hostess. She
was assisted by Mrs. G W. Knight,
Mrs. T Sullivan. Mrs W G Roe and
Mrs. M M Redding About 30 members
were present Mrs W. G Roe will en
tertain the guild at its next meeting.
Mrs J R. Ellis entertained the Mer
ry Gossipers Thursdav afternoon at
her home in Highland Park Onlr club
members were present Sewing and
present were Mr and Mrs Ben S Cat
lin. sr, Mr and Mrs B w Mitchell.
Mr and Mrs A L. Daugherty Mr and
Mrs B C Brattstrom, Mr and Mrs.
Horace W. Blum, Meedames D Ford, J
B. Slsk, of Big Springs. Tex H S
Hewitt B Mitchell, H, W. Austin M.
Sanchez, Misses Eva Henderson, Myr
tle Ford. Margaret Maloney. Kathenne
Brattstrom, Mary Powers, Irene and j
Lila Gaylord Kathleen Allison, Peggy I
GIbbs. Bessie, Helen and Gertrude sv
mons, Dolly Sanchez, Lucy and Ethel
Mitchell. Edith McKnlght and Flov
Wood: Dr. J L. McKnlght, Messrs. .
R. Millican, Ben Catlin. Jr. Charls
Rokahr, A I Wood. John Ford Jack
Flynn, Joe Allison and Frank and Rus
sell Koch
Dinners, Luncheons. Teas.
The G O C class of the First Metho
dist church will have a class banquet
tonight at the Rose Gregory Houchen
settlement house.
In honor of Mrs. Bert King Smith of
Fort Worth, who h the guest of Mrs
Henry S Beach, an informal luncheon
was given by Mrs Fred Feldman
Thursday afternoon at her home in
Sunset Heights There were eight
Restored To Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
Montpelier, Vt. "We have grea'
faith in your remedies. I was very ir-
sjregular and was
ureu anu sieepy ai
the time, would have
cold chills, and my
hands and f eetwoulc
1 bloat My stomact
bothered me, I hac
: pain in my side anc
a bad headache most
of the time. Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound ha
done me lots of good
and I now feel fine. I am regular, mj
stomach is better and my pains have al
left me. You can use my name if yor.
like. I am proud of what your reme
dies have done for me." Mrs. MAR)
receiving line Mrs. Myles wore a gown 1 GaUTHIER, 21 Ridge St, Montpelier,"Vt
of blue velvet with trimmlncs of Er- ' r
An Honest Dependable Medicine
It must be admitted by every fair-
mindedf intelligent person, that a medi-4
cine could not live and grow in popularity
for nearly forty years, and to-day hold
arecord for thousands upon thousands
of actual cures, as has Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, without
possessing great virtue and actual
jvortn Such medicines must be looked
upon and termed both standard and
dependable by every thinking person.
If you have the slightest doubf
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will hclpyou, write
toLydiaE.PinkbamMedicine Co.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass.,f or ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
of blue velvet with trimmings of Er
mine. The club was decorated with
Christmas bells, evergreens and holly
coffee and sandwiches and cake were
served About 125 guests were present
A four piece orchestra played the dance
A number of young people enjojed a
delightfully informal dance Thursday
night at the West Ysleta Country club
Pufich was sered during the dance
intermissions Among those present
were Mr and Mrs L. J Locke, Mr.
and Mrs. B Shindlr, Mr and Mrs. W
W Barbee. Mr and Mrs. Dave Crockett
Misses Georgina Martin. Elizabeth
Fields. Newell Comnton. Gertrude
! Leighton, Helen Lake, Milda Connolly,
Hilda borenson, .Marjorle McKav, Alaoej
O'Connor Bstlle Goodman, Anne Lee
Rix, Kate Merkln. Becky Merkin,
Catherine Pernne, Floj Pence, Naomi
Killer, Dr B F Clutter. Ed. Held J
II Heid, C L. Sirmans, Hope Smith,
Charles Lev Hugh Dunn. Vbe Barg
nan, Charles Brandberg, C Schutz
Howard Rix, Sam Hawkins Karl
Goodman Will Crosby, F S Cunniff,
J A Tapee, Horner
S. fi&SBBBm,, &fijB '!PW47 iff-sH
(Till5 " I
JUr jA In
4HI i
that you cant
get money any
ea-51er than to
10 cents the Loaf.
"At Ail Grocers
Extra Fancy Jonathan Apples,, g J 5
i Hl
conversation occupied the afternoon. Kuests A silver basket filled with pink
Refreshments were served by the host-
m ai mo ciose 01 ine aiternoon. Mrs.
H. B. Goodwin will entertain th club
next week at her ho-ne on WtrteliBg
Miss Grace Mayer was the hostess
at an informal bridge party Thursday
afternoon, at her home on North Ore
gon street There were four tables of
players. Miss Ethel Levy and MJws
Louise Blumenthal won the prizes. Re
freshments were served, the hostess
being assisted by Mrs. Max Mayer, Mrs
fe Jacobs and Mrs. Max Moye
Mrs Clyde Teague was hostess at
an infoimal bridge party Thursday
afternoon at her home on Los Angeles
street, in honor of Miss Myrtle Rollins,
pf Asheville. N C, who Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. R. J Tlghe Mrs
Grover Smith and Miss Louise Hopper
were the prize winners. Light refresh
ments were served by the hostess at
th conclusion of the games
Mrs. C C Porter entertained the Half
and Half club Thursdav afternoon at
her home in Grandview The hostess
won the prize for -highest score Be
sides the club members there were
three guests, Mrs. C M Gibson, Mrs.
B E Itawllngs and Mrs. J E. Raw
lings Following the games refresh
ments were served Mrs. -J W B Rob
inson will entertain the club next
Attention, Housekeepers L
Everyone knows that the unions represent effi
ciency. Therefore, when you patronize any of
the following meat marke'ts, you may be sure
of the highest class service.
The Union Meat Market, .. .Phone 2738; 305 S. SUnton St.
Schneider's Market , ... '.rhone 14; 107 S. El Taw St
Cut Price Grocery and Meat Market. .Phone 1571; 408 Wyoming St
Model Grocery and Meat Market.. Phone 117; 1031 15. .Missouri St
Altura Cash Grocery Phone 978; Mobile and Division Ste.
Leitaer's Meat Market Vhone 3(06; 8601 Alameda St
McMickle's Gro and Meat Mkt . .Phone 61M, GOO San Antonio St
We make roof stains that will not fade We make a beautiful deep
green roof paint or stain that we guarantee will not fade.
carnations was the centerpiece of the
Complimentary to Mrs. Laura Koppe
of Houston, Tex., who Is the guest of
her daughter, Mrs S W. Fant, an In
formal afternoon tea was given by Mrs.
George Ulriek, at her home in the Oc
tayla apartments Carnations and pot
ted plants decorated the rooms. Re
freshment were served by the hostess,
assisted by Mrs. Fant
Mrs. Herman Andreas motored to the
West Ysleta Countrv club Thursday af
ternoon with Mrs. V B May of Las
Cruces. Mrs C M. Shelden, of Kansas
City, and Mrs T H Parker, as her
guests. A luncheon was served at the
club and the afternoon was dhen spent
playing bridge. Pink and white car
nations and ferns decorated the lunch
eon table and pink roses In corsage bo
quets were given the guests
Complimentary to Mrs. R. W Mc
Afee, sr , of Los Angeles, an afternoon
tea wag given by Mrs R W. McAfee,
r , Thursday at her home on Rio
Grande street. Red carnations and ferns
decorated the rooms The hostess was
assisted in entertaining her guests bj
Mesdames W. H. Austin, James L Marr.
L. G Witherspoon, S Clark, Waters
Davis, J U Sweeney. Otis Toles, J W
Pettus, Josephine Nations Morfit and C
J Mapel
Eyster's C. O. D. Grocery
PSinnac Grocery Dept. . . 4340
I UOneS MeatDept. . . 4346
Compare our prices with others We guar
antee the goods.
Fresh Fruits "and Vegetables of All Kinds.
Fancy Hood Bher Black Twig Apples Per bos 51 75
Fancy Hood River Wine Sap Apples Per box $1.75
Fancy Jonathan Apples Per box $1 75
12 lbs. Sweet Potatoes np California Red f g
for DC Grapes, lb IDC
12 lbs. White Irish njj Imported Malaga r-
Potatoes, for iOC Grapesi lb 3C
6 lbs Yellow Yam nJ. Fflnev ttaval Oranges, A f
Potatoes for OC doz.,"2Bc 30c and. . ftUC
Sugar, 18 lbs '. $1.00
5 Gal. Best Goal Oil 65c
Snowdrift, 10 lb. can , $1.20
Large Cal. Prunes, 2 lbs. for .1. .25c
Evap. Apricots, 2,lbs. for 35c
Eop. Figs. 2 lbs. for . ... .25c
Evap. Peaches, 2 lbs. for ; 25c
Fresh Kansas Eggs, per doz '. 30c
I Phones 1571-1572. (,408-410 Wyoming St I
R ' 5
9 JK
ing St
Blue Ribbon Butter 2 lbs 75c
Blue Ribbon Eggs Doz 45c
2 1-2 lb. 'cans
Standard Plums
32 1 2 lb. cans
Standard Grapes
321-2 lb. cans
Fresno Brand Cherries
321-2 lb. cans
Standard Peaches
32 1-2 lb. cans
Standard Apricots
32 1-2 lb. cans
Standard Blackberries.
Fancy Hawaiian Sliced Pineapple, Oriental Brand-r-2
lb. can 15c 2 1-2 lb. can . 20c
Fresh Kansas City Meats Home Dressed Poultry and Fresh
Oystors Daily
'Grocery Specials'
1 8 lbs. Granulated "Sugar $ 1 .00
Hills Bros." Coffees, none better, per lb 35c, 40c, 45c
Extra Standard Tomatoes, 2 cans for '. 15c
Globe Mills "Banquet" Flour
24 lb. sack 90c J 48 lb. sack $1.75
Van Camp's Soup, all kinds, 3 cans for. 25c
No. I Candled ;Eggs, per doz. 30c
Rose Brand Creamery Butter, per lb 30c
III Lion Grocery Co. 1
B 109-111 S. Stanton. Phones 2405 and 2424. M
Glean Milk From
Dirty Dairies
Is it possible? Certainly not. Dirt
in milk is mostly manure. Nothing
less. Nothing more. Good for fer
tilizer but not for your stomachs.
Now is a Rood time to visit the dairy
that supplies you Then come and see
ours. We know how. ,
El Paso Dairy Co.
SIrloJn or Round Steaks, lb 17c
T-Bone Steaks, lb 20c
Hib Roast, lb ist.
U. S. Meat Market
2229 Magoffin Phone 2675
El Paso Distilled Water Co
Attention, Sportsmen!
"We can supply your every need in Guns,
Ammunition and Hunting Cloth
mr- ing. bend us your mail orders.
W Shelton-Pavne Arrna Cn.
is the watchword of the
merchants advertising in
the '"Pure Food" section.
All food products handled
in clean, sanitary manner.
Honor Roll of E! Paso's Pure Food Dispensers
El Paso Housewives Owe It to Their Families
It is up to the home makers, (the wives and mothers) of El Paso," to help the SouthweH
grow by the purchase of goods made or grown or prepared in the Rio Grande Valley. In helping
El Paso they help their husbands, fathers and sons to greater success.
Practically all of El Paso has seen the wonderful display of these products thk week in Ac ;
White House, International BookJA. D. Foster Jewelry and Pioneer Plaza display windows.
The exhibit of food stuffs, alone, aside from being interesting, is really amazing. It includes
coffee, flour, meats, ham, poultry, eggs, bread butter, milk, cheese, lard, macaron, vermicelli,
horseradish, ice creams, candies., canned goods, besr, bottled beverages, flowers, fruits and vege
tables of numerous varieties All of superior quality.
( After having seen this exhibit all El Pasoans are more familiar with home product.
All of the merchants advertising in the Pure Food section can supply you with some of
these goods.
El Paso women can do no greater good For El Paso and for themselves and their families
than that of preferring, selecting and purchasing "Made in El Paso" products.
"Are you for El Paso or do you just live here?"
Phone 2669.
The Purest of Milk. Cream and
Dotty Products.
Vour Patronnce Solicited.
SVNDI3IISO.V A citinns
Staple and Taney Groceries.
Cor. Dakota and ban Dteco S(j.
Phone 535G.
Our groceries guaranteed We not
only want your orders, but your good
will as well We give you satisfac
tion for every dollar jou spend with
us or money refunded. Try us for
a square deal
Spanish and Mexican Dishes.
Open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m.
Stanton & Second Streets.
213 N. Stanton.
Fresh and Cured Meats. Home Made
Sausage, eta
Delivery to all parts of the city
Phone 136.
Alta Vista Grocery
We handle high grade staple and
tency Groceries. Fruits. Candles, and
nkerv Goods.
Pure products always found here.
Cor. IJnccii A Copla Sts. Phone 863.
Weston s Dairy Lunch
Dot Cakes and WanTles any hoar,
day or nlcht.
320 E. San Antonio.
Phone SSI.
Pickwick Restaurant
A. M. ERAK, Proprietor.
Ladies' Dining Room
306 North Oregon Street.
Regukr Dinner, 1 1 :30 a. m to 8
p.m. 35 Cents.
Woodlawi Bottling Co.
We solicit your patronage on all
high grade- soft drinks.
Prompt and Efficient Service.
Phone 300. M So. Florence St
Rio Grande Ice and
Fuel Co.

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