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Frenchmail Fdund a Woman
in Charge of Affairs; Gets
a Tempting Offer.
U i iloitne, France, Jan 15 The re
ii i thai a noman is at the head of the
i m iti becret serue department In
ii c ittern war zone, is revived in a
t i tenient published here from the pen
if i Frenchman who says he wa of
ten (1 ar position in the German secret
- rv Ice at Jjill .
Jlii Frenchman sad he wa'a cigar
c i 'iant In Lille before the war, and
iKi tie German entrj, made a good
hunt hanklnt? cigars and cijrarets
I n.uall h clashed with the German
nitliorities and was compelled to absn-
i n his trade The German military of-
k il, however, noticed that he spoke
i. i nan flnenth. and offered him-a
t as Interpreter When he reported
r dutv he was asked if he would not
like to enter the secret service at $5
i iuv and expenses. He replied in the
affirmative and a week later he was
liken to Antwerp in a military motor
car 4
Is Questioned y 'Woman.
t Antwerp I was taken before two
officers, ' he says, "who were accom
panied by a handsomely dressed woman.
1 soon aiscoerea sne was me nan
important person of the three. She
srarchinslj, and finally Instructed me to
proceed to Haxebrouck and other points
m northern France to report "what
i rocps were stationed there, where they
ame from, and what was their condi
i ion She concluded her talk by a tempt
inK offer of money if I was able to se
. ure any valuable information, supple
menting: this with a frightful picture
of the late that would befall a traitor.
Quits Jolt on Frontier.
She gave me J 125 for my expenses
and directed me to report at Lorrach
hen I had finished my work. I left
ntwerp and crossed through Germany
to Switzerland. On reaching the French
mmtier I presented myself to a police
official and told him my story"
Wins After Hard Struggle
at Bailey School Grounds
"by Score of 2 to 0-.
11. V.'. IS. I'KUISON,
rhyMcnl Director, Kl Paso Schools.
The Sunset team met the Aoy team
Thursday afternoon at the Bailey
school grounds In the Junior Soccer
league, and after a Kood hard struggle
v. on the game in cliuirr-icishlp stylo
b a score of 2 9. The Aoy team W
gOD3 work and is lir.riovme; in every
name it plajh Early In. the season
th boys seemed to be afraid to get In
thf game; but now they ..e terrors for
bucing and aro pla- r.r a verj ag1
gressivo eanie. Flias Silva and Ellas
7opei, in fact, like the charging so
well that the." occasionally charge the
opponent who last kicked the ball after
it has gone clear across the field. Some
disqualifications are in store for plac
ers who indulge much in that; for only
the player who is in position to play
the ball, may be charged by an op
ponent. Pedro Golindo and Esequal Caste
nedo were the main rushers of the ball
Thursday for Aoy. They were in the
game from start to finish, rushing
irto the opponents to drive the ball, no
matter how manv theic were of them.
For Sunset, Capt. Russell Hay den
;,ne.t.o.ed and cross questioned me gar .starred tor -hi. itearr . bott Indl-
There Is one sure way that has nev
t failed to remove dandruff at once,
and that is to dissolve it, then yon de
nt re it entirely. To do this, Just set
i bout four ounces of plain, common
liquid arvon from any drug store (this
is all you will need), apply It at night
when retiring: use enough to moisten
ih scalp and rub it in gently with the
linper lips
Bv morning most, if not all. of your
dandruff wilt be gone, and three or
imlr more applications will completely
dissolve, and entirely destroy, every
single sign and trace of It, no matter
iic-. much dandruff you may have.
Ion ill find all itching and dlgglng
of the xcalp will stop instantly and
ur hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glos-
silki and soft, and look and feel
a hundred times better. Adv.
recting bis players and in hard boot
ing. which oiten drove tne oau a long
distance to a team mate, or made him
sucoeed in getting to the ball just be
fore son-e oppoi.en'. and safely driv
ing it toward thi danger line of the
Opponents' goal. Frtd Schneider, by
his very clever riid sure plays, saved
Sunset from being scored on at least
once, and by being always on the
alert, protected hie position from many
a hard drive sent in by the Aoy rush
iln. Fred is i0 7..t,j to bo one of the
best goal keepers in the Junior league.
Butler Plays Fiercely.
Hoy Butler played in his usual fierce
and swift style, and has improved much
in general deportment on the field. H4
is always ready to have the ball in
trusted to his care, and usually makes
rood with it. Claude and Bob Tern-
pleton are making lots of good plays,'
and are getting on to the "dribbling"
which cou'its fr more tpai. n ether
pail of the game, as it is easy for the
dribbler and worrying to the oppo
rent. This is the particular feature of
the game now that the boys are being'
coached for.
At the next all star game between
the North and South side teams, which
U being arranged for by the school
physical director, there will be seen
some good approaches to the art of
dribbling, blocking and team work that
will look something-like the real game
of soccer. The Interest in the game is
growing keener all the time.
Standing of the Tenm.
. Won Lost Pet.
San Jacinto 3 0 1800
Alt Vista 2 1 .687
Bailey 2 s 500
Alamo. 2 2 .500
Aoy. l i .500
Lamar. i i .son
Vilas. . ., , 0 2 .000
r rnjiiiii u 3 .wtv
Every Kfonian
Gael Use
and ought to uae occasionally,
a proper remedy for the
headache, backache, languor,
nervousness and depress
ion to which she may be
subject These troubles and
others are symptoms of debil
ity and poor circulation caused
by indigestion or constipation
in Four Poinin From Foster Team
Jlournton nnd llatcmnn Trnmi Spilt
Eicn In Second Content,
Thursday night's bowling in the
Smelter league at the Cactus club alleys
was marked principal by the fact that
the Abbott team went further into the
lead, through winning four points from
the Foster team in the first match
w title the Hourston and Bateman teams
split even in the second contest With
two points apiece.
In the first match Abbott, captain of
the team bearing that name, rolled high
game with 1SS, while Fenner had high
total with 512, giving him a lead of 21
points over any other man in the match
and an average of 171 for his three
games In the second match Critchett
easily had both high game arid high
total. His game of 213 was many
pins ahead of any other bowler in both
matches, while his total of Wl was also
far ahead of any other man on both al
leys. Critchett's total was 31 pins ahead
of the second man in this match and
29 ahead of the high man in the first
match. Critchett had the splendid
average of 180 for the night.
If arrangements can be completed,
the new Bankers' league will be inau
gurated tonight.
Abbott team. Tl
R. J Soderholm . ... 171 1S3 145 469
I.. I,. Hall 120 ISO 130 390
George Rogers ill 1E2 148 4.'1
F Baster Iff! 139 Its 473
G C. Abbott 161 139 188 4SS
Totals 749 713 779
Foster team.
A. IV. Foster IK, ' lss
P Stein 161 114
B. A. Fruit Ml MT
& S Baker Ml Ml
G A. Fenner 1ST Ht
7W 11
756 SIM
Hqurston team.
W. Hourston 15
C 1j. Dickinson 14t
Don Dompier 1(4
W. Stein 13
O. A. Critchett 211
Totals 784 730
Bateman team.
X. X. Rhelnhslmsr ...118 184
F C. 'Woodturn 1S 139
H. A. Morgan ..134 195
V. Koenls ,.133 139
II. G. Bateman 142 l
73S lt
Totals 739 838 729 3287
Junior Iiengue.
"Won. Lost Pet.
are at once safe, certain snd
convenient They clear the system
and purify the blood. They ex
ert a geoerol tonic effect and
insure good health and strength,
so that all the bodily organs do,
their natural work without causing
Buffering. Every woman of the
thousands who have tried them,
kaowfl that Beecbam's Fills act
To Certain
Vilas 3
San Jacinto 1
AMa Vieta 2 1
sunset. 2
Aoy. 1
Lamar. 0
Franklin 0
Beall has played one game
Junior league. This game was
the Aoy and resulted in a tie.
0 1090
0 100)
2 .m
2 .50
1 .500
2 000
4 .000
in the
New York. Jan. 15 T,wo great csi
shaped diamonds, each weighing more
than IS karats and said to have been
worn centuries ago by a queen of
Bgypt, were seised Thursday by treas
ury agents from A Anpikadjan. a resi
dent of Constantinople. Turkey. It is
claimed he failed to declare the jewels
when he arrived In the United States
last October.
The owner said he bought the dla
monda&in the jewelry market at Con
stantinople from an Tgyptlan princess
who declared they had been in her
family for centuries and had been worn
at one time by the queen of Sheba. At
the time of the purcbese, he said, the
diamonds were attached to two emer
alds, one about an inch square, the
whole forming a pair of earrings. The
enterals, he said, were purchased by
another dealer.
No attempt has been made to fix
the value otVthe gems. The owner has
retained counsel to fight for possession
of the diamonds.
Smelter League Standing;.
Won. .Lest.
Abbott .'.... 14
BaUman .. . if
Foster A ........ . 23
Hourston 19
IS .66 (
24 .638
29 .442
33 .366
Jockey L. Gentry was set down for
m i days Thursday for his rough rid
ing on Mincoe Jimmie, in the fourth
lace He was called to the stand by
the stewards following this raee and
disciplined for his rough handling of
the Jimmie horse.
1 our neighbor l5tovrs that clean coal
and full weights mean fuel econonu.
Do you? n C Semple, buccessor South
western Fuel Co , phone 5S1. Adv.
The most reliable canned foods are
what every housewife demands. Avon
dale brand never disappoints. Adv.
To the Rescue
in Blood Diseases
Just the Help Needed to Over
come Worst Troubles.
BinawM " Emy B i SptchI Vilit Is Wanes.
$M Twrwier. Is snu, Kc, 23c
Panama, Jan. IS. The canal zone po
lice Thursday discovered a wireless
plant on the top of a tall building in
the heart of Panama. The pL.nt was
destroyed by the authorities, whe ete-
cla-ed it belonged to a Danihh Wist
Indian negro, whom they believe was
k iludent of wireless telegraphy Com
plaint waa maae recently by the Brit
ish minister. Sir Claude Mallet, of the
existence of a wireless station In I 'ana
ma and he gave the police its approxi
mate location.
Athey cloth-llneil weather strip keeps
out the cold. Kathbun-Mix Co. Adv.
A Inn I,nrser Score In Bnskethnll Gnme j
In Ilvtrn Flic Minute of Tla ;
City League Open Saturday. j
Thursday night the School of Mines
and Cactus club basketball teams j
hooked up in a practice game. At the I
end of the time agreed upon the Miners j
were ahead by a score of 29 to 21.
After that the Cactus club team found 1
they were fit enough to go live min
utes longer After this extra five min
utes the club team was ahead by a
score of SI to 29.
The game was marked principally bj
the fact that both teams stand in soro
need of practiee, that it brought out
a bunch of old time players with the
Cactus club and that this team might
well be dubbed the Old Guards or
something similar. There is not a
single player on the roster of the
Cactus team who has not passed the
voting age.
Of the six men who plajed with the
Cactus team Thursday night only two
have beeli seen 111 action previously
this season Dave Hughes, who played
at forward in the second half, has
played most of the season with the
commercial league, uui ueiuie ittc
Commercial league season had not
played for three years Bob Hoover,
captain and forward of the Cactus
team, has played one or two games this
year in the Commercial league, but
prior to that had not plajed since the
days of that wonderful team at the
El Paso Military Institute.
Wendell Kirtm, who plajed at guard,
has not been seen here since he played
as a teammate of Hoover's on the In
stitute team. Kuhn has been attending
Lehigh university for the past two
and a half years. E. Sauer has not
been seen in action since his school
days here, having attended college In
the east for the past four or five
years. Al Adklns. at center, has not
played here since the City league three
seasons ago. And Frank Lucas, who
Played at guard during the firat half,
has not played for about fie jears.
The Cactus club was handicapped in
many ways. The .plajers were not all
uniformed alike, which sometimes made
it difficult for a player to recognize
a teammate in a flash as he should be
able to do. The team had never played
together before But above all else
they lacked condition. In the first half
the Cactus club gained a big lead. In
the second period), howevei, their lack
of condition told and the Miners, vt ear
ing them down, went into a good lead
After a brief rest the club team again
came strong and, holding the Mine boys
safe, it again forged into the lead.
Thursday night's plav disclosed the
fact that the Cactus bunch has not
been at all overrated Despite the fact
that the team averages several years
older than any of the other teams, it
is going to prove mighty hard to beat,
once the members regain their condi
tion and get to working together. In
Sauer and Lucas two players were un
covered who are going to add great
strength to the team. Sauer showed
clearly that his sojourn in the east
has not at all weakened his playing.
He showed a splendid game Thursday
and in addition showed that he hat
kept in better condition than the re
mainder of the team.
Saturday night at S oclock the City
league will open with games between
the High school and School of Mines
and the Y. M. C. A. and Cactus club
Owing to the fact that the other teams
have had so little practice the "HI"
and "Y" teams are expected to win
these games. After this week, how
ever, it wllil be Hard to dope out the
In S. S. S . the famous blood purifier,
is the greatest natural repair erew known.
It Is an antidote for germs, that once let
loose, multiply so fast that a definite dis
ease Is apparent over sight. And jet so
powerful is the influence of S. S. S that
like a vast army It spreads all through
the blood, checks disease, opens up all the
valves of escape and throws out disease
through the lonj, kidneys, bladder, bovels
and skin.
Do not become panic stricken if a rash
or boils or eruptions InOame the skla.
Nature Is doing her best but Nature Is at
the same time calling for help, sad in
S. 3. S. is just the kind of help Nature
demands, for it is a pure vegetable remedy
with an action that vigorously follows the
blood channels and cleans and repairs as
It goer along. In every community are
people who know this to be true. They
have used S. S. S. and are blood clean,
through and through.
Get a bottle of S. S. S today at any
drug store. Drive out these destructive
germs that cause skin eruptions, sore throat,
swollen glands, blood risings, palofol rheu
matic joints, chronic bronchitis, and most
all conditions of disease Head the folder
around the bottle that tells about the great
work being done to assist sufferers. If you
would know more about the blood and Its
treatment, write for special book to The
Swift Specific Co., 52 Swift Bide, Atlanta,
Mesa, Ariz.. Jan. IS. Arrangements
have been completed for the Chicago
White Sox to stop over in Mesa and
play a game with the local team next
April, when the Sox return east from
their spring training camp at Paso
Robles, Calif The Sox played in Mesa
last spring before one of the largest
crowds that ever saw a baseball game
in the Salt river valley.
r.ulldlnc Permits.
To F H Mullna. to build a frame bulldUm
"on lots II and 23 block K, Payne's addi
tion; estlmatad east 6104.
To A. J, Rose, to build a brick bungalow
oa lots i and 9. block 61, Highland Park,
stinwttd coat tlSM.
To Dr. T A. Bray, to make repairs at 609
South Stanton street, estimated cost (ISO.
To V. B. Ware, to make changes and
repairs at the Masonic temple, estimated
cost M0
To Jobn TV Hull, to build a brick bun
sralow or lots 9 to 12- Inclusive, bloek 129.
East El Paso addition, estimated cost W
To Phoenix-El Paso Co.. to build a brick
bunealow on lots 7 and 3. bloek Hz. East 1
x.i i-aso auoitiou; esumaieu cost ?lw
MayiieldT ilulldlng and Improvement Co,
to build four brick bungalows on lots 26 to
28. inclusive, block 39. Baseett addition.
estimated cost 311,306
Msyileld Building and Improvement Co .
to build a brick bunealow on lots 2T and
23, block 90. Bassett's, addition: estimated
cost 35006
To G. E. Fletcher, to build a tent house
on lots 11 and 13, block 4, East 1 Paso
addition, estimated cost 376.
To J E. Morgan to make repairs at 1404
Arlsena street, estimated cost 3326.
To E. Morales, to build an adobe on lot
29 block 17. East El Paso addition, esti
mated cost W
iJecus tiled.
Pabena, El Taso count) C M. Newman,
Mm. Uanel and C. J. Manel to Antonio
I4ya. lots 22 and 24, block 10, Faoens, Tex.:
consideration 3(0, Jan. 11. 1916.
soutn side or Beatrice, between Seattle
and Monterey avenues El Paso Heights In
vettmeat Co to N M Stover, lots 17 to 22
inclusive, bloek 97, Kl Paso Heights addi
tion, consideration S3fo. July 23, 1914.
South side of Madison avenue, between
lackland and Partello streets' A. G Mc
Math and wife to O. C Crismor. lota 21 to
'''''lllflifti'ra Toi
In the Most Beautiful
Harbor In the World
Over on the other side of the world Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia, is situated in what is commonly stated to be the most
beautiful harbor in the world. Capable of accommodating within
its limits all the navies of the world, it is the center of distribution
for a great part of industrial Australia.
At this and other ports the oil products of Texas, manufactured
in the State of Texas by The Texas Company, are landed to be
distributed throughout Australia. The star with its headline "The
Light of the Age" appears on all the cases being put on the lighter
shown in the picture, and "The Light of Age" is regarded in Aus
tralia as the illuminating oil to use.
Here as 'elsewhere the business in oil products manufactured in
Texas by The Texas Company has grown to great proportions.
Cargo after cargo of oil must be shipped from Port Arthur, Texas,
to supply the requirements of the growing industry in Australia.
Quality and service, which have been the watchword of The Texas
Company from its foundation, are winning there thousands upon
thousands of customers for the products made by them.
The same quality and service which lie behind the big, growing
business which The Texas Company does in Australia are at your
disposal. In your towji there is a distributing station. Call up
our Agent. He is there to serve you.
.The Texas Company
General Offices, Houston, Texas
No. 11
.. . -. TEXAC O
ran 1 Saturday Shoppers!
"i A
I " 1
wf J
i "v If
ave a Dollar
Trade here and you will buy good
shoes for less money than you will
pav elsewhere.
All the latest styles in Ladies'
and Men's Footwear for $1.00
less than elsewhere all new
shoes. Our rent and other ex
penses are lower that's the
reason whv.
As a special for about 10 days we are closing
out au oroKen lots or Jbadies' $2.50,
sa.uu ana sa.au snoes for &
Also a special lot of $2.50 Shoes 3? 4
in various styles .at P A a
Valuable Souvenirs to 'all Customers
Walk an Exfra Block or
Two and Save Money
f. inclnsire block If. Mornlncstde Heights
addition, consideration !. Jan. 11. 19U
North sil of Idalis. avenue, between
Dyer and Follara streets. TV ft HacMiMton
ana wife to Horace A. Lay, lota.lt and 1
block 109, Grand View addition, considera
tion ftuvo, Jan. 4. ill
Bast aMe Drer street, between XcKinley
and Madison avenues Morntarslsfo Hefgbts
Realty Co. to C'V. Nafe. lot J to 11 inclu
sive, block 18," fete ittoll incUwlre. Meek
1 lota 25 to n Inclusive, ttock 1, lots IT
tion, consideration Stm Feb. 12, 101J
South side of Morenci aiteet, between
Copla and Alta street W. B. Uroaston to
C J Mapel and C II. Newman, lots 23 and
. block 127. Bat El Paso addition, con
sideration JIM. July it. 1511. V
South side at Bliss streets, between San
Marclai and Estrella streets John W Phil
lips and wUe to Clarence Reld and KUaa
beth A. Reld. lots St and 32. block 99. Bast
SI Paso addition; consideration J15M, No
16. MIC.
South aide of Rivera street, between San
22arclal and llayner streets Herbert J
Murphy and wife to James L. Marr. west
om-R&lf of lot M and all of lots 21 and 22,
block B. Easts El Paso addition, considera
tion S8. Jan. S, 1915.
Automobiles Ueenved.
335 G A Ceneceras, ill Mrtle aenue,
five passenger Ford.
5 Thomas Davis, 501 North Stanton,
Hvo passenger Ford.
MS7 F H. Hessels. Grand hotel, two
passenger Mitchell.
. mi A. L. Roth. 1U "Magoffin avenue,
live passenger Ford
3059 Win Neugebeaur, J7 Durasno
street file passenger Ford
J00 Nicolas Cadena, 919 Tys street,
two passenger Ford.
UceneU to Ated.
Manuel Santaiui to Sara More
Pascual Rucho to Francises Terraxas.
Harold H Sharp to Rose M Jenkins.
Births Male.
To Mrs. Felipe Ruiz. 440 Stevens street,
Jan. I
To Mrs. Lytton R. Taylor St Mark' hos
pital, Jan. 12.
Births Female.
To Mrs. dearge W. Fraaier. 3t Mark's
hospital, Jan 12
Santa Fe, X I. Jan 15 The Rio
Grande Abstract companv, of Hillsboro,
Sierra count, has filed incorporation
papers witn the state corporation com
mission The capitalization is $3000, divided
into 200 shares of $10 each The incor
porators and directors are ndrewKel
1) and E. D Tittman Philips S. Kelh
is designated statutory agent.
Spend Your Money fo.
unless yon need them try
Phone 105. 520 N. Stanton.
The B. B. B. Shoe Store
315 Overland Street Opposite Boston Store
Buy at the Popular Price Outfitters
M. GINSBERG, Prop. 116 East Overland
The EI Paso City
and County
Democratic Club
Respectfully solicits your support
for the following candidates for
city offices, subject to -trie Demo
cratic primaries:
For Maysr.
W. G. JOLLY, '
For Aldermen.
For' Treasurer.
For Assessor and Collector
For Recorder.
For Chairman City Execu
tive Committee.
( Vdei tisonient )
HOME JMkfJCREl i)N0lffVE jjjjfll
mm Book Coupon
El Paso Herald, Jan. 15, '15 ff
hWfc the Bearer to the Beautiful Sang Book Described Belom,
when accompanied by the expense amount set opposite which covers the
items of the cost of packing, express from the factory, checking, clerk
hire, and other necessary expense items.
A grand collection of all the old favorite songs compiled and selected
with the utmost care bvthe most comoetent authorities, illustrated with '
J a rare galaxy of 69 wonderful portraits of the world's greatest vocal artists, ',
, many in favorite costumes. This bie book contains sonas of Hoase and Love : Patriotic ,
, Sacred and College songs. Operatic and National songs SEVEN completo song bosks
iinunt vousie. rreseni sm coupons to snow Jon. arc a reader this pager sad
; 79C for the beautiful heavy English cloth binding.
MAIL ORDERS Bv oareeL nasi. tnrhMb KTTBA rnta mftlim tsa mfe.
, 10 cents iso to 300 miles: for greater distances ask postmaster amount to mctade for t lbs. .
j Automobile and Accessories Directory
DtTMT DT nud !i,sht Se",e- Careful. Cuurteous Urirers. tji,-
Ktm - AUTO LIVESY CO. Pliones
Trip 36e per BaacnSer. Rales 3XM r hour. 510
Phone 2108
f'.voil Oji
Dl 1 CI e
I s msi-
10:00 P. M.
OhuciI b Careful
'up cent pr
U lU " 1 3D p 1 11 ut
Phone 5408

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