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Hir silver (Handy & Harmon quota
' nl 4S Copper. 14.MH011 ITH
- "rks lower Grains. lower Livestock.
"if ili Mexican bank note 15 Mexl
nn pesos, IB Chihuahua currency, 11
irrnnra currency, 11.
Fair and coWer tonight.
LATEST NEWS BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. single corr five cents.
Cuts Mexico City Wa
Mexican Leader Praises the
President and Secretary
of State Bryan.
Feared Having Communica
tion Cut Is Representing
Convention Sentiment.
Zapntn forces have de
stroyed the waterworks In
Mexico City. The food famine has.
become more critical nnd Indica
tion are tbat Carranza forces may
noon evacuate, official adTlecH to
tbe Yraerican government say to
day. Official! here arc much con
cerned over the reports; which have
been coibIiik for tbe last three
days. "With lack of food, unrest
among tbe population and tbe fact
that Mexico r"lty In of no meat
strategic importance, diplomats) In.
Mexico City fear the place may be
left without semblance of authority
at any moment.
Idvleesj to the state department
from C P. Diaz report that on
Thursday Villa troops evacuated
Monclova. .and ,.jYel wohIb, the
CamaM force "uftfler "Wen. T,nls
Svsierre eceupylBitr "he town
without resistance.
his first statement explanatory of
h.s withdrawal from Mexico City
and his reasons for establishing a pro-
Isional government In an interview
at Guanajuato. Durango. with B. C.
I'techt, representing the New York
World. Gen. Villa talked freely of his
plans and hopes. Questions were sub
mitted to the general in writing; and he
dictated his replies. Translated, the
statment of Gen. Villa follows:
"First I deeply appreciate the opinion
of the American people in thinking me
the strongest of all the leaders of
"In spite of the fact that the army
under my command is recognized as
ery efficient, it became entirely neoetj-
sary to evacuate Mexico City, for the
lollowing reasons:
The Gutierrez Flight
"While I was at Lagos in the state of
Jalisco, I learned of the shameful flight
of expresident Enlalio Gutierrez and
some of his ministers, with some fol
lowing that soon began to desert tnem.
1 had heard rumors that this was going
to happen, very vague rumors. Natural
ly I was much surprised at the unfaith
fulness of men I had thought to be
honorable. '
"I was unable to ascertain whether or
not the spirit of treason had spread in
different directions and so I did not
wish to leave any traitors behind me.
Will Soon Itetake Capital.
"I could have kept Mexico City at all
hazards, but I was in danger of being
tut off from my base of supplies and
"Natural reason advised roe not to
spread -ay forces too much, obliging
them to cover extensive territories, for
in that manner they could be attacked
separately and they might 1 caught
with insufficient war munitions and
"As I was sure that many of the sol
diers that had been deceived by the
traitors would come baok to us in the
path of honor, it was indispensable to
w ait for them outside of Mexico City in
order to take them again in the body
of the army in order to concentrate and
reorganize the same.
"In a short time I will attack Mexico
City and will retain it at any cost.
Is Not Attempting Czarlsm.
"I do not pretend to establish a gov
ernment Independent from the conven
tion. As said assembly is at present un
able to communicate with us, I have
yielded to the necessity of decreeing, as
the true and legitimate representative
of the convention, the establishment of
three departments, which, with their
domicile in the city of Chihuahua will
conduct and decide upon all matters ap
pertaining to the federal government.
These three departments are subject to
the convention and will, in due time,
submit all their transactions to it, that
tbey may be rectified and ratified.
"In my capacity of legitimate repre
sentative pf the convention government,
which is a republican, democratic and
(Continued en race z, C6L 4).
Compliment From an Editor
Sw City, N. il., Feb. 9, 1916.
Editor El Pmo Herald:
I am writing to compliment you and each one in ine office on the mag
nificent Annual Review Edition issued last we , every page of which I read
with great, interest.
To appreciate The Herald fnlly, one must get away from El Paso. If
you could see them "eat it up" here when the mail gete in each day, it would
compensate all of you for the hard work you put in each day getting out
the paper.
The Herald is getting bigger and better ever' day and I know the people
are bound to appreciate it for the work it is doing for El Paso and the
Southwest. Every item about Silver City that it prints makes its friends
here all the more staunch. Sincerely yours, Bon W. I.uek,
Editor Silver City Independent.
What We Want To Know Is, Which Candidate Has Mr. Bryan's Endorsement?
The rVar At a Glance
THE persistent German attack
in the Argonne has gained
further ground, the Berlin war
office announced today. More than
half a mile of French positions is
said to have been won. There has
been further fighting in the Vosges
and the Berlin official report states
that all attacks of the allies were
repulsed. The French communica
tion gives few details of Friday's
fighting, laying particular stress
upon heavy artillery contests.
The German war office states that
on the western front was found ar
tillery munition "wh'ch doubtless
originated in American factories."
Regrettable damage to the civilian
population was caused, it is said in
Berlin, by the British aeroplane raid
over. Belgium, but only slight losses
were sustained by the Germans.
Berlin is already celebrating tie
striking victory said to have been
won over the Russians in east Prus
sia, and further successes are noted
in today's official report It is stated
that in northern Poland as well as
east Prussia, the Russian attacks
have failed and that the Germans
have been uniformly successful.
Charges British Government
Wh.C6nspirngJo Cap
ture or IQuHinv'
Berlin, German, Fab. IS. That the
British government has- consoired to
have him captured or killed, is charged
by Sir Roger Casement, Irish leader of
the Separatist faction, in an open letter
to Sir Edward Grey, British foreign
minister. He claims to have documen
tary evidence to sustain Mb charges.
Sir Roger made a statement, says the
Overseas Ktws agency, charging Mans
feldt de C. Findlay, British minister to
Norway, with conspiring with Sir Rog
er's man servant, Adler Christenson, a
Norwegian, for the capture or killing
or Casement, for which Christenson
would receive at least $25,000. Sir
Roger showed a photographic copy of
what purported to be a letter written
on British legation paper at Christiana
in the minister's handwriting and over
his signature. The writer of this letter
promised, "on behalf of the British gov
ernment, that if, through information
given by Christenson, Sir Roger should
be captured, either with or without his
companions. Christenson would receive
"from the British government" 5000
pounds sterling.
liure lllm to Const.
Christenson personally declared, ac
cording to Sir Roger, that Mr. Findlay
told him to lure Sir Roger to a point on
the coast, where a British ship could
run and get him, "or still better, to
knock him In the head."
Sir Roger said he has asked the Nor
wegian government for protection and,
after this promise was received, he
would go to Christiana and lay before
the government proofs of the minis
ter's conspiracy with a Norwegian sub
ject on Norwegian soil.
On Feb. 4 Sir Kdward Grey announced
in the house of commons that the pen
sion allowed to Sir Roger Casement,
who was formerly in the consular ser
vice, had been suspended pending an
investigation of allegations that he was
disloyal. A sensation was caused in
England last November, when it was
reported that Sir Roger had conferred
with the German imperial authorities
in Berlin concerning what attitude Ger
man troops would have toward Ireland
If they landed there. It was stated that
he wato assured that If German troops
should land ,n Ireland all native insti
tutions would be respected.
Washington, D. C. Feb. 13. Count
von Bernstorff, the German ambassador,
diseussed with secretary of state Bryan
today the case of the American steamer
Wilhelmlna, whose cargo of foodstuffs,
destined to civilians in Germany, is
held by British authorities at Falmouth.
The ambassador reiterated, it was
learned, that tbe attempt which he
declared Grat Britain was making to
starve the civilian population of his
country by preventing the foodstuffs
from entering Germany, would have
to be met in retaliation by Germany's
attempt to cut off commerce with the
British isles.
The Attorney General Insists
Punch and Chicken Salad
Are Groceries.
Stale Controler Is Enjoined
From Issuing Warrant
For Items.
AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 13. Although
a deficiency appropriation bill
Including an item of J166.50 for
chicken salad ana punch used at the
executive mansion when former gov
ernor Colquitt was in office, was ap
proved by Gov. Ferguson in spite of the '
rming oi tne attorney general that the
appropriation was unconstitutional, the
caterer who furnished the edible prob
ably will not get his monnv until th
courts have settled certain points.
Causes Legislative Fight.
The bill eftused a fight In the legis
lature and attorney general Looney
held that salad and punch came under
the head of groceries, which could not
legally be bOUSrht for the znverno,- nf
iiicjitLie. liDV. KPfl
. Wat
"fiWrV.i.. .-:',"
j ajuinpr i.
e kxnr.nsrantfml Mbr-
T"t, that I have fen .oeranmU ,
roatter. baMfwanr Us seffhis
eierminea as qutCKTy as pos-
cumroiar .1 ei-reM today In
the injunction which has
against him In the 53d dls-restralnlna-
him from ismi-
nts for the 3Moken salnrt
punth litems" in ' the deficiency
He said he had not a vet deforming
whom he will get to- represent him.
,aue me attorney general is the
states lesral advisor that nffi.tQi .n.r
j-beg to be excused because of his opin-
jy mw mo nens art unconstitutional.
The assistant attorney general, C C.
McDonald may be selected, Mr. McDon
ald being the representative of the
state in the court of criminal appeals.
The controler said he would finish the
conference with the governor on the
subject before he determines his course.
No date has yet been selected for a
hearing on the injunction.
Favors Suing- Insurance Companies.
Reporting favorably the concurrent
resolution introduced by senator Brels
ford, which authorizes and directs at
torney general Looney to institute suit
against 19 foreign insurance compa
"IS" who withdrew from the state in
190(, and to collect over Si nun nan in
j accrued taxes, the senate committee on
omie aiiairs inis morning paved the
way for the settlement of the contro
versy centering around the Gibson bill,
which would repeal the Robertson law
Hobby Urge Suit.
Lieut Gov. Hobby appeared before
the committee and defended the Breis
ford resolution. He declared that if the
taxes were due the state they should be
collected and that nnt a inii. av,..i,.
I Jo remitted. The Brelsford resolution
uirecis (pie senate rinance committee to
Include an item of J 10,000 in the gen
eral appropriation bill to be used by the
attorney general's department in pros
ecuting the suit
Sfo XlKht Session.
The same committee, after consider
able debate, postponed, indefinitely tbe
Townsend resolution which provided
that the senate hold night sessions for
the consideration of restricting meas
ures This means the practial death
of the resolution. However, there is a
sentiment In the committee in favor of
congressional restricting.
Makes Resolution a Bill,
In order that quick action might be
taken on the proposition, senator Lat
tlmore changed his fconcurrent resolu
tion introduced -a few days ago, to au
thorize the women of the state to vote
at a SDecial election tn lio t,Ai .
June, on the question of whether or not
an amendment will be submitted on
women a suffrage, Into a bill. This
bill was today considered by the senate
committee on commerce and manufac
ture and given a favorable report Sen;
ator Lattimore feared that the resolu
tion would not be brought out as
quickly as a bill.
May Vote Anywhere on Route
The house voted favorable yesterday
on. a constitutional amendment which,
lin,K2!?d wiU Derm't traveling and
railroad men to vote, in state and presi
roUte? el6ctIor'8 at any point on their
510 Ground Gained.
. fSr "P?nflinK the entire morning in
consideration ef the resolutions calcu
i "iff, "l separate the university and
a. &. M., the committee on constftutlon
'.""njentn to the house adjourned
without having gained ajiy ground to
ward report to the house
Considerable debate was given the
fSbt8M,fi,dHe",!5 re1on. and the
substitute offered for the original
Sackett measure. A subcommittee
worked on all the measures until nearlv
nHdnlght .last night and reported to
the main committee this morning the
iSl"al .SlStt rM0l"n with amend
ments with the recommendation that it
The house was busy this afternoon
with many local bill to be considered
est Hike
been lsutaj
trict com.
lne . watra
c. m Jo.amam
tfrs. cjftt m t$e ,
estoro portion 4he
order of the dft
.... . . .. -
the iCuropeaa
that defender
is-proving a jrrW
Tbe photozrepa
ws a French, conaft
flanking moxeiue;
Democrats- Will Caucus On
Monday Hight to Bind
majority. ty omp urn.,
Washington, D. ,C., Feb. 13. Senate
Democrats today neid a conference to
consider whether to continue the fight
for a cloture rule or to abandon this
phase of the contest and retrfrn to a
direct effort to 'pass the administration
ship purchase MIL In the meantime
administration leaders ' in the house
were drafting a compromise shipping
bill in accordance with -plans approved
by the president
Chairman Padget of -the naval com
mittee prepared a special rule for con
aideratlon of th administration pro-1
posal and arrangements were made for
a caucus of house Democrats Monday
mgnt to uina the majority to sup
port it.
The rule would discharge the com
mittee from further consideration of
the Weeks naval bill with the Gore
bill ana the other amendments as out
lined by the administration, cut oft all
other amendments, and allow six hours
of general debate, so the entire meas
ure could be put through tbe house in
a single session. It was expected the
plan would bring the ship bill before
the house Thursday or Friday.
Filibuster In Resumed.
While the administration Democrats
were reframing the ship bill, the Re
publican filibuster blossomed out anew
in the senate when senator Gore tried
to have the commerce committee dis
charged from considering his substi
tute, which is fo be used as one of the
bases of compromise.
Senator Burton took rthe floor for
speech that promised to lest all "day
and it was aparent tbat the Republican
opposition was prepared to hold its line
firm until the administration compro
mise took a thoroughly defnite form.
Washington, D. C, Feb. I. Reten
tion of control of the Pacific- Steamship
company by the Southern Pacific rail
road was authorized today by the In
terstate Commerce commission in its
first decision under the -provision of
the Panama canal act, reqnlri rail
roads to give up competing ateamahip
lines, except when joint ownership
and operation was founfl by the com
mission to be of public advantage.
The petition of the railroad set forth
that it proposed to operate the steam
ship company in traffic between San
Francisco and ports in Mexico, Guate
mala. Salvador, Honduras, Jflcaragua
and Costa Rica, between Mexican and
Central American ports -and Europe,
and between Mexican and Central ports
and the entire gulf ports of the United
The commission was told during the
argument of the case that the South
ern Pacific proposedto give up its ser-
i vice from San Francisco to New York
' tluouKh the canal. i
anatne oia wHorareeaaHi ot the;
-Stt1 '- ' n4tTV ,
- wir is pn
(,ie second, great
United St
couple- decac
. . .
tie queens and
factor for ttjp.jefeiKe. It, is so ptatjfe and
role in
. pj3
time to pour a enunuett and wimermg lire ltrtti an atfHang
advancing 'HAM rts Aareed wire. 'Protection to take up new petitions in-a
" ...
Drop Bombs on German
Bases in Northern Belgian
Cities and' Escape.
i - -
London, Eng. Feo 13. THIrty-fonr
aeroplanes ami seaplane. of the British
aerial' navy participated Friday in tbe
largest .military movement of the war.
Flying over cities In northern Belgium,
the .airships dropped bombs on Ger-,
man bases with the objeet ef br.ea'kiE
up any plans the Germans might haw
to establish submarine bases from.
which to harass North sea shipping.
THe airmen were handicapped by a Se
vere snow storm, through which they
buffeted their wa.
Sluch Damage Rcsultii '
Although no submarines were" seen,
the British admiralty statement indi
cates tbat the "raid had sarlsMetory
results for considerable damage to said
to have been done to German gun -positions,
railway lines and -railway sta
tions. 'The Ostend station is said to
have been set on fire and that at
Blankenberghe to have beeh badly
damaged. The German mine sweeping
vessels at Zeebrugge also came in for a
hall of bombs, but the damage dono
to them has not been stated.
At various" points the airmen were
received by the Germans with firing
from aerial guns and rifles.
Grnhn.me-'Wblte Escapes. '
The machine driven by flight com
mander Claude Grahams-White, among
the most interpid of the British flyettJ
felL into the sea while returning to, its
base after the rata was over and-'the
aviator -had a narrow escape from
drowning. Fortunately for him a
cruiser was nearby and picked him up
and then towed his aeroplane into port
Wing commander Samson, who pre
viously b4 'made several notable visits
to eneiny positions In an aeroplane, waa
in command of the raiding aviators.
He waa assisted bj. wing commander
Loiujmore and squadron commanders
Courtney. Porte and Rathorne.
During the raid warships bombarded
the German positions along the coast
Chtcago. 111., Feb. 13. Tour players.
Including JToramy Leach,, last year ap
tain of th4 team, were released uncon
ditionally oday by the Chicago Na
tionals. The others were Chas. Smith
and 'Edward Stack, pitchers, and .ra.
Sweeney, second baseman. Leach, be
fore Joining the Chicago Nationals, was
a star outfielder for tbe Pittsburg club
and was one of the best known player:
In the country.
Manager Bresnahan. who Issued the
releases, sid they were made in fuxth.
erance of a policy he had adoptefi ot
building up a team of young players.
the history of civiliiatioTU Itsfihrt
when fenced rasoes eradoallr became the
ie Sings" wnacects&d-. Now"harbed- Wh in.
wovnaMut in frqnfc tj$-injfrell poseUok
party below? A reaches jpeir trencfeee.
Burleson Orders B.etter.Ser
. vice for Texas, Ner Mex
ico and Arizona.
Washington. D. C, Feb. 13. New ar-
rangeinentis for faster, mall train ser-
' j
vice between Chicago and the Pacific
coast were announced today by post
master general Burleson, 'be changes
,will 'affect the service in Missouri. Kan
sas, Colorado, Oklahoma,-. Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona. and California.
' One newmaH train beiyi sfen ' Chicago
ana Los Angeles taiu make the-run in
j &4 hours and Mm'iBuAs "over the Santa
Fe The -time, of other trains through
various .states.'wnibe' slanged in
conformity, to- improve connections.
Thq, Missouri Pacific and Pennsylvania
have arrange new soheduiej to agree.
15,000,000 Cattle
Roam El Paso Ranges
Beyond question 1 Paso is the center of the greatest cattle producing
area in the world. That is why cattle producing is of such ital importance
to El Taso and Why it i regarded as El Paso's chiefest industry and asset.
The annual convention of the Southwestern and Panhandle Cattle Growers'
association will be held in this city during the first week in March and will
attract thousands of cattle growers, buyers and feeders and their families to
thie city for that occasion.
Should not fail to take advantage ef the opportunity which will be afforded
them to acquaint these visitors with what they have on sale. Many -n ill
be here from the ranches and the smaller cattle towns throughout the "cattle
growing area of Arizona," New Mexico, Texas and Northern Mexico, tributary
to 1 Paso, and many tHM corns prepared to supply their spring and summer
needs from the stock of El Paso merchants.
i ...of...
Of which 30(000 copies will be printed and distributed to carefully selected
lists of-names ef cattle growers, feeders and buyers .will afford an admirable
medium through which to reach this especially desirable class ot prospective
buyers. If you have not reserved space in this edition
Civilian Natives Begin Evac
uation and Are Pouring
Into Switzerland.
Germans Shell Nieuport, and
Ten Aviators Drop Bombs
On Verdun, France.
GEXBVA. Switzerland, Feb. 13
The reported expulsion of all
foreigners from the part of
upper Alsace still occupied by the
German, ba been confirmed, and St
is also stated that a complete evac
uation by the civilian population
has been commenced. All young
boya already hare been sent aeross
the Rhine, and now old men, women
and children are leafing, many
crossing- the Siriu frontier at Basel
and other points irbrre speelal re
lief committees have been organ
ized to take care of them. The ex
pulsion order la unexplained.
The bombardment of Than has
xear laereSHeA la la (nutty in
tW tea W data and, te ale ef ffae
dee fMt f aattliv tfce flame es
tt hr iaratrHWi The? torse eot-
' saewnfua; -mrllw and wen vIhk
jihes, ewatMtttinir the most impor
tant teihiatry of the town, are now
only heaps of atone. Cernay also
haa 'been -Virtually destroyed. Vbout
AlMilreb the artillery has been par
tieaisrjy. active, the guns on both
sides betas hidden under the snow
to conceal them from reconnolter-Ina-
aircraft constantly crulslnc
over this part of Alsace.
I , William of
Feb 13. Emperor
Germany received
field marshal von Hindenburg on
the eastern battle front on Friday and
it was decided, at the kaiser's order, to
make a renewed dash for Warsaw next
week, according to a dispatch from
Amsterdam to the Exchange Tele
graph company.
The German emperor, the message
adds, is said to be anxious that the
Polish capital be taken before the next
meeting of the Reichstag in order to
Induce the house to -vote a new war
loan without opposition.
The retirement of the Russian forces
in east Prussia and the great British
air raid on the coast of Belgium ap
pear today as the biggest factors in the
military situation.
Germans Report Victory.
As in other important encounters in
the eastern arena of the war, the claims
rof the opponents disagree as to the
strategic importance ot the German
movement Into, east Prussia. The Ger
mans are hairing it as a great victor v.
Berlin is decorated with flags. Petro
grad declares- the-'RTtssians are delib
erately realigning taefr forces on their
own territory, supported by 'their own
forts, andlhat the decisive conflict is
yet to come.
The battling in the Carpathians in
going on in the' snow,, but the informa
tion from this field of activities is
most scant and the indications reach -(Continued
on Page Three.

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