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LeSders Generally Live Very Clean Lives and Invest
Their Money and Care For Their Families, Says the
Fight Promoter, in Answer to Critics Who Have
Assailed the Willard-Johnson Match.
(Continued from
i I i (man, a former close friend and
i inurnment art dealer of Eureka, Cal.
Hi s proves that a man against box-
l.. ilocs not always possess high mo
i u"
'Not Like Former I'iik.
Regarding the present day boxer.
1 ou must not compare him with tne
old time prise fighter. Few boxers to
ia., have any bad habits. Very few
touch liquor or cigars in any form and
all champion and near champions have
fhijr earnings Invested, are good bus
iness men, most of them happily mar
ned and hare large families, and are
all proverbially good to their folks.
As an example, I will mention a.
jw Jack O'Brien, who has installed
ins family in a beautiful home in Phi
I idclplua, Ib paying for the tuition of
two brothers who desire to so into the
iiri-sthood two of his sisters are in
on ents and his father, who was for
merly a day working carpenter, looks
after Jack's realty interests.
Battling Nelson owns half of Hege
wrh, lit "Packey" McFarland, Jimmy
Brltt, Johny Kilbane, GeorBe Carpen
tier. Johnny Coulon. Mike Gibbons, Ad
'Uolgast, Tommy Burns, Battling If--vlnsky.
Jess Willard. Jim Flynn in
fact too many to mention, as it would
take up more space than I feel enti
tled to, are clean, home loving citizens.
Are They nenlly "Bonn"!
In a recent sermon, one of the good
ministers stated that the 'Wlllard-Johni
son right would bring a lot of "bums
to El Paso. I already have hundreds
of applications for reservations from
i ear and distant points, from bankers,
merchants, business and professional
men, critics and writters -whose names
are well known and honored the -world
over But for the sake of argument,
let us say we are a lot of "bums". I
have never yet been approached by
anv of the good ministers in an effort
to reform me, to try to bring out what
little good they might find in me. Does
religion teach these good people to
brand us a a lot of "bums" without
making the slightest effort to make
good ritisens of us?
Srttlnxr Different Uxamole.
Haw different from the example set
bv many of the great heads of business
enterprises. For example. Mr. Ford, of
the Ford Automobile company, has
agents at the doors of penitentiaries
to take into his emplay men released
of crime, giving them a chance to be
come useful citizens. How different
from Thomas Nelson Osborne, a man
of Independent means, -who has him
self incarcerated in Auburn prison
that be might study conditions. Later
he willingly accepted from Gov. 'Whit
man the appointment of warden of the
Sing Sing penitentiary, that he might
work out his ideals and prove to the
world that there Is some good, even
in the worst of men.
Hoilnc Has St rone Sponsors.
Box trip has been going on for 3cQ
v ears It has kept pace with times,
from fights between men whose fists
v, en mailed and spiked, gradually
passing through the rough and tumble
stage. the bare knuckle contests, skin
Klo el .encounters to the two ounce
gloe affairs. Today it is endorsed by
some of the greatest reformers, In Its
present form the five ounce glove,
limited round bouts. Theodore Roose
velt, king George of England, Gov.
A hitman of New York, evangelist Billy
sundas. United States senator Lewis,
in 1'arkhurst, Elbert Hubbard, Mr.
ieirv of the Gerry society and others
are the strongest sponsors of the box
ing game today.
Where BoxlaK Thrives.
Police statistics in New York City
for Instance, prove that boxing has
worked benefits by decreasing street
brawls, gun and knife duels and has
increased the general health of that
cit and state of New York. Greater
men than we have studied the sub
ject extensively, and as a result, box
ing is today on a sound footing la the
xonowing stales:
B Permit
Official Laws now
Licenses pending
Colorado California
Connecticut Dalawere
Louisiana Illinois
Maine Michigan
Maryland Oklahoma
Massachusetts Utah
Montana Washington
New York nerada
Ohio New Jersey
Pennsylvania Missouri
New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island
Ponnlar Abroad.
As for foreign countries, boxing is
patronized even by royaltr and In
.France and England, like a first class
theater by men and women, mostly in
evening clothes. In England, France,
Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada,
Panama, Cuba, and severl South -Ame-ricn
countries boxing Is very-popular.
In Australia there is a tax upon ev
ery boxing show In fact a sort of
license on each boxer. Said tax is not
an assessment of so much money, but
boxers are detailed to teach the box
ing game to what is known there as
Baker's regiments, named in honor of
Snowv" Baker, the leading boxing
promoter of Sydney and Melbourne.
These regiments, consisting of school
bojs ranging from seven to 16 years,
are taught self defence during school
bous and leading authorities clam it Is
the greatest form of athletics ever
tried for school boys, and is working
great benefits on both mind and bQdy.
Bishop Introduced Principals.
In the lightweight championship
match In London, Eng. last June, the
principals were introduced by a noted
bishop of the English church, with the
At the Auditorium Skating Rink
Judge J. A. Buckler and Mr. C. W. Croorn
will tell you the facts about the present cam
paign. There is a treat in store for you.
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full sanction of the archbishop of Can
terbury. Mr. Corri, who refereed, is one
of the greatest operators on the Lon
don Stock Exchange. Take for instance,
Mr Drexel Biddle, who, as head of the
Biddle bible class, is known through
out the world. Mr. Biddle has had all
the leading pugilists as guests at his
weekly receptions. One of the features
of these events is always a boxing
match in which Mr. Biddle dons ring
costume and gloves and boxes with
one of his pugilistic guests as the prin
cipal event of his entertainment.
Bob ntzsimmons. Jack O'Brien,
Packey McFarland, Freddy Welsh and
many others hae appeared In bouts
with Mr. Biddle. This gentleman, fur
thermore referees the professional box
ing bouts at the Washington Sporting
club In Philadelphia, which take placa
every Saturday night. Every once in a
while Ms. Biddle tours the eastern
country, speaking before the Y. M. C
A.'s, and always taking along with him
pugilistic Jack OBrien. They usually
box three rounds as a feature of these
spaklng appearances. No doubt -ir.
Biddle would come to the local Y. M.
C. A. if invited. Mr. Biddle, of course,
asks for no money and pays all his
own expenses
Bnconraslng amateurs.
I can hear someone say I have noth
ing nETAlnftt hnxinc as a form of exer
cise, but we object to professianal
Great people who have made a study
n' this uncle, found that nrofesslonal
boxing encourages private training by
amateurs, in fact, tney hare come to
the conclusion that without profes
sional boxing, that form of exercise
would bacone a dead letter. Hence
their support In legalizing boxing in
so many states. This applies to all ath
letics, as for lnstace baseball. There
would be few ball games between
soungsters on empty lots were it not
for the big leagues.
Low Percentage of Crime.
I have been connected with boxing
and boxers for 20 years, and In that
timeknow of not a single one who was
convicted of any crime. That is a lower
percentage than any other profession
can boast.
In closing, I hope the coming match
between Jess Wlllard and Jack John
son will be co conducted and leave
such impression, that if I carry out
my present intentions to make my fu
ture home In El Paso, every good citi
zen will shake my hand and welcome
me. Thank you.
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Willie Ritchie 10 rounds at tife Garden
next month, and confidently counts on
outpointing Willie over the short
course as he did for 20 rounds in Lon
don. But Freddy may be down in the
cards for the surprise of his lifetime
Personally I believe Ritchie will beat
him beyond all question of dispute. Un
less the champion shows wonderful im
provement over his form in recent
Itlovv o the IrUh.
There was much rejoicing in certain
circles when the wire anounced that
Frankie Callahan had knocked out Joe
Rivers in two rounds several weeks ago
In Memphis. Tenn. "Sure he is a fine
broth of a boy, that Callahan." asserted
the harps who didn't happen to know
"Frankie Callahan" is a borrowed
monaker and that Sammy Holzman is
the oroper cognomen of Rivers's con
queror. It was a terrible blow to the Irisi
IV hen "Frankie Callahan" was revealed
in his true colors
Weight Is Sticking Point.
Should Packey MeFarlanT and Mike
Gibbons, by any chance, happen to be
matched the bout would attract the
greatest crowd that Madison Square
Garden has attracted in many years.
However. I doubt if the boys can be
brought together. Not that I believe
either afraid of a rap to his rep through
a joust with the other, but because
neither man will agree to give an iota
from their already anounoed positions
on the question of weight
Gibbons has promised to make 1 15
pounds at 3 oclock, while Packey in
sists on 145 ringside. Mike can't make
115 and be fit, so the match is impos
sible under those conditions. If it is to
be a fight McFarland will have to grant
whatever concessions are made. And
Packey is not so badly In need of
money or reputation that he will take
any the worst of it in a tilt with such a
Clever boxer and fighter as the St Paul
man has proved himself to be time and
Packey Is not afraid of Mike. I have
talked with him several times on the
subject and was impressed with the
confidence he entertains of his ability
to defeat his clever rival. Packey has
a good line on Mike and his style of
fighting, and If a few pounds heavier
himself would not hesitate to grant the
concession asked for. But as it is Mc
Farland would come closer to the 135
pound mark at 3 oclock than to 145, and
he is too wise a bird to give a ton away
to one of the best fighters in the ring
at any weight.
Jas. J. Corbett
One dollar spent at home is equal to
$10 put into circulation as against the
dollar sent out of town, whether it be
the banker or tho man with the pick,
every one benefits by the development
of home Industries and the building up
Bill Is "Threw At the Taylor's" and
Will Soon Be. a Regular Married Man
Finds Getting Ready for the Wedding as Good as a Training Trip to Take Off Weight; Steve's Present Not Yet
CHICAGO, ILL., Feb. 13 Steve. Well
Steve before I write you an other
letter I wont be single no more
but i will be married and it comes off
next Wed. night. A getting ready to
get married is as good as a trr-elng
trip Steve because it keeps a man hus
ling a round so they aint no chance
for him to stay fat, tho of corse I
dont nev-er get fat because I all ways
take good care of my self and dont
never take a drink out side of beer &
onct In a while a little skee & gin
wr.en i uont reel good. But 1 bet Ini
down to wait now because I must of
tooken off G or 10 lbs. in the passed
wk. trotlng a round & doing this In
I Threw at the Taylor's.
I finelj got threw at the taylor. I
nisht some of the peopl at home could
see me when Im married Steve because
Im going to look swell & that aint no
conseat nether but a man should ought
to look swell when you get robbed by
1 of them taylors.
All as he made for me was a dressTj
sute of evning close & a extra pare of
trousers to ware witn the blue sute I
got last fall and the new trausers fc
tho sute aint quiet exactly the same
coiler of blue but so clost that you
cant telle them a like at night thats
when a man wants to look good. And
soaked me- $50.00 dollars.
Im going to ware the new trausers
& my blue sute when we go a way af
ter the vv eding & wear going to raclne
and Milwaukee and then come back
here on acct I dont dare stay a way
from Chicago to long because Bresna
han might want I should go south a
Managing Witn the Second Guess
"Written Especially for Thl& Paper by the Famous American League
CONNIE HACK Is conceded to be one oi
the wisest men in basebalL He sel
dom makes a strategic raovo that Is
open to censure. I seriously doubt, however,
if any manager -was ever more freely criti
cised for failure to act than was the re
sourceful leader of the Athletics in the sec-
ond came of the 191S world's aeries. At the '
time ft seemed to me that possibly Mack 1
had erred, for. after all. he is only human.
On thinking the situation over that evening,
I was won back to Mack's line of resonlng,
and when I later talked the situation over
with him, he showed zne just how he had
worked out his actions on logical lines.
It will be remembered that tn Athletics
-non the iirst game of the serle to 4. i
Bender beating Marquard. Crandall and
Tesreau In the second game, the two et-
erans, Eddie Plank and Christy Mathewaon,
were the opposing pitchers. With these
two master twlrlers officiating, it was only !
natural that the contest resulted in a pitch
er s battle For nine Innings neither team
was able to score. In the tenth New York
put three runs over the plate, clinching the t
game In the ninth, it seemed certain that '
the Athletics WGUId win, but a golden
chance was tnroin away. It was the fail
ure to win in this inning that resulted In
manager Mack's being severely censured for
the way he had handled the situation.
Coacher Was Blamed.
Strunk started the Inning with a single
to center field Barry followed with a
scratch hit between Wiltse and Mathewaon
which second baseman Doyle fielded. He
had no chance to get Barry at first, but
made a try and threw wild, the ball going
to the stands. Strunk reached third on the
play and, as things turned out, probably
could have scored had he cared to take tho
chance. Barry went to second on the play
The coacher at third was probably the cause
of Strunk not taking the chance, as he
advised against it A good many critics
severely censured this play They insisted
that Strunk should have taken the chance,
that had he gone home on the play and
been thrown out. Barry would have moved
up to third, where he would have been in a
position to score on a single or a fly to the
outfield, since Strunk would have made the
first out of the inning had he been retired.
All Three Went Out.
Playing it safe put Strunk on third and
Barry on second with no one out. A slow
hit to the infield, a sacrifice fly, a safe hit,
or the squeeze play all loomed up as ways
for the Athletics to score the much needed
run. At this stage Mathewson proved his
worth. Lapp hit a sharp grfjnder to
"Wiltse, who retired Strunk at the plate on
a very close decision. On this play Barry
moved to third, while Lapp reached first
base It was now Plank's turn to bat.
Everybody figured that some pinch hitter
would be sent to bat for the southpaw
Danny Murphy started up to the plate, then
returned to the bench. There was a Bhort
conference, and then Plank walked to the
plate. Plank hit to Wiltse. who threw to
the plate ahead of Barry and that player
( . " 1 KELLYS 50,000 :
The next J disposal pLAtm y
- v I load! J . a
H A V v I - ?
" r w. if iijfMuT . r , m? swl,-! t oi - . utMMiv vr i f irii'?s iv.'3T - r mm r i rs "X. ' w viaT r.
iIllyj Garbage
WW's tte use of
A few "chronic groucnes" living in East El Paso may kick
going to do about it? Drive in anotner load!
head of the club and may be help him
brake in the new out fielders.
I Has n Hole Lot to Do.
I still got a hole lot left to do in
cludeing to get the lisence & they will
stick me up $2 00 for that and the land
lady where I bord at says 1 should
ought tp buy a new sute case but noth
ing doing because the 1 I got is good
enough and besids its got my inishuls
on it and labbles from all the diffrunt
hotels where the club stops at on the
road and may be some of the peopl
where we go on our honey moon will
reckonise me but if they do and try
and talk to me I wont say nothing but
pretend like I dident think they was
talking to me but I guess that wont
fool them none ch Steve espeshally
when it will of been in all the papers
a bout mo getting married.
Gussy Is Some Duty.
Gussys runing a round like a chick
en with out their head cut off & acts
like she was as busy is a danceing
teacher or some thing but I dont see
where shes got anj thing to do out side
of get her close fited and her old close
mend it up and anser a few letters and
so 4th.
The presents have be"ggm comeing
& the peopl that sent the most of
them we got so far could of kept them
with out makeing me sore at them but
some of them Is O. K lncludelng a cut
glass dish that will be O. K. to lay
the ciggars in when we have Co. &. 1
big chair that it just a bout fits me
but thats only 1 & Gussy cant Bet oil
my lap all the wilo and I guess she
will half to do her setting down wilo
Im to the ball nk. Dracticeing in the
A. M. tiniest some body comes acrost
with an other chair.
I sent a invatation to pres. Thomas
was run down between third and home.
There was still a chance with, Eddie Murphy
up, but he retired the side by hitting a
weak roller to Mathewson.
How Mack Itcasoned.
"What was said about Mack the next day
for his failure to permit a pinch bitter to
bat in ilace of Plank vould hae filled a
large sized book I later talked the situa-
tion over with Mack and he offered mighty
good reasons tor hts line o action. Mack
scores every same carefully and he draws
lots of conclusions from that score. When
It came Plank's turn to'bat In the ninth, he
noted that Eddie, who is a pretty fair hit
ter. had been much more successful against
Matty than & lot of his supposedly heavy
miters. In tne tnird Inning ne had given
second baseman Doyle a. hard chance In
the fifth Inning he had singled to right
field. In the seventh Fletcher made a nice
catch of his fly in short left field. Those
happenings made him decide that Plank had
4000 At Cornell
-:Ii- -Ml:- -:II:- -::-Nearly
All the Students Are
TIIACA, X. Y, Feb. 13. Of the
WOO students in Cornell Univer
sity, 4000 are registered as taking
part in some form of sport For varsity
teams alone 625 men entered in one
J ear and 45 of the HO freshmen were
candidates for a freshman team. So
about 1000 of the 4600 in the school
were directly interested in either var
sity or freshmen intercollegiate con
tests This is about as near the ideal
of athletics for anyone as can be at
tained. In the varsity group the track team
brough out 225 men; rowing. 700: base
ball, 60. football, 65. cross-country,
500, basketball, 55; soccer. 30, hockey,
4i; swimming, 12; Wrestling, 95; fenc
ing, 35, lacrosse, 30. "tennis, 20, and
golf, 30. The figures on freshman athle
tics are. Track teaa, 125; crow, 125;
baseball, 500; football, 93, cross-country,
In addition to the 1000 men engaged
in varsity and freshman athletics the
system of intercollegiate games which
was established at Cornell several
jears ago and which has gained popu
larity brought more than 700 men into
active athletics not of the varsltv- tvne.
The intercollege system provides an I
opportunity for athletic rivalry be-
VMRgt&J'f yrdK.W A - IBP" Tff " .. cS c-g
?& u.
turning tke furnaces
vi. -' r rrj.jw im i - kj - l i i . - h- i i i " - m i i us - j- - - v -j . r
the pres. of the club and to both C. P.
J Taff & C. W. Murphy so as to bo sure
in get tne man that owns the club bo
cause some peopl says 1 owns It &
some the other. But nothing has came
from nether 1 of them jet or nothing
from pres. Thomas & probly there all
going in to gether & get me some
thing .hansbme may be a sute of close
or a sofa of a davenport & of corse
that aint the same davenport that
pitched for Cinncinatti for a -wile but
this is something you lie on and is
no wonder the other davenport Jumped
to the federal because if he had stayed
in our league I would of drove him
back to the bushs if they had of gave
me a chance to hit against him because
all as he had was a little speed and
thats my meet eh Steve.
Stele's Present Missing.
Well Steve your present hasent
showed up yet & probly ou made your
mird up to not send nothing & if you
did all right & dont worry a bout it
only I thot may be jou might of send
some thing and may be send it to the
wrong a dress & thats why we dident
get it but dont worry a Dout giveing
me nothing and we will say no more
a bout it only If you had in mind to
send us some thing & havenut send it
yet you better get It right off because
wear libel to be gone all ready when
it gets here.
Well Steve I bet your wishing you
was in my place & you would If you
seen the girl & i hope jou can find
your self a girl some wheres & get
married because its grate stuff only of
corse you cant find none a round homo
like Gussy & thats not to be expect it.
Wish me luck Steve &. I will write
& tell you all a bout it.
Respy. BILL.
a chance. More important yet was who
would pitch if he used a pinch hitter for
Plank and the .Athletics failed to score. It
was fast growing dark. The situation bobbed
up so quickly that there was no chance to
warm any one up. If Plank had been taken
out, and the pinch hitter failed, and the
game won with the substitute pitcher work
ing. Mack would have been Just as severely
criticised. The very fact that the Giants
got to Plank in the next inning, scoring
three runs, made every one say that old
Plank was all in. Mack should have known
it, no youngster could have done any worse
As a matter of fact, a tough break in luck
put Plank In bad in the extra inning. It
was a tough situation to handle, but even
with a chance to make a second guess, I
opine that I would have done Just as Mack
did. Don't you think Mack had some logical
reasons for his actions' (Copyright, 1915,
by tho Wheeler Syndicate, Inc )
Holmes Dyeing and Cleaning "Works
is no longer connected in any way v ith
the tailoring and cleaning office at 108
San Antonio street, next to the "Wig
wam theater. Phone 7S6 and our auto
will call on you. Can leave package
on Mesa avenue, next to Guarantee Shoe
Co. "Xo place like Holmes." Adv. ,
Go In F
tween the various eoHeges that make
up the university. Students Interested
in intercollege athletics were divided
as follows. 'cross-country, 150; track,
150, baseball, 120. Crew, 90; soccer, 80,
basketball, 60, and hockey, 35.
Theijo are also about 9 men in the
boxing class and about 200 interested
in tennis. Under the rules of the uni
versity gymnastic training is compul
sory for freshmen and sophomores, s
that about 1200 men are enroled in the
gymnasium class which meets three
times a. iweek. Drill at Cornell also is
compulsory for freshmen students and
approximately 1000 men are required
to pursue military training three times
a week.
In addition to the forms of 'athlet
ics already mentioned it is assumed
that more than 200 men take part in
the interfraternity contests such as
baseball, football, bowling and tennis
It is undoubtedly true that same of
the students take part In more .than
one branch of athletics during the year,
therefore, in the tabulation above there
are duplications, but it is fair tp as
sume that the number of udergraduates
who during the year eret exercises in
one way or another reached the 4000 j
s o'4msmrr -,. urn ?&&n&r-
Sjii?P-l msWS!F.
wnen we liave all nnrlnnt-s in xtrUlnU A
Business Manager of Brookfeds Says Indianapolis Feds
Signed Indivdual Agreements With Members of Ath
letics For Five Game Series to Follow the World
Series if the Athletics Copped the Pennant.
v tXEW TORK, Feb.
11 Federal league a ma3or league?
Officials of organized baseball
saj it is not. Probably the majority of
followers of the game think it is not
But there is one Federal leaguer who
can give any man's son a hot argument
on the subject. He has a good come
back for very point that can be raised.
The same Is Dick Carroll, new business
manager of the Brooklyn .Federal
league club, who was Imported from
the Buffalo club to supplant the retired
John Montgomery Ward.
Carroll is a live wire the livest sort
of a live wire. His eyes glisten with
enthusiasm whenever he is involved in
debate with an admirer of the rival
forces, and his entire manner of speak
ing reveals a sincerity of conviction
that he is confident in the soundness
of his arguments.
Prevented n Scandal.
Almost at the verj beginning of the
particular debate referred to, he
passed along some inside information.
"It the Athletics had won the world's
championship series instead of the
Braves, you would hove learned what
was the greatest ball club in the uni
verse last j ear", he said. "The Indiana
polls club which won the Federal
league pennant had closed individual
personad agreements in writing with
the various members of the Athletics
to play our champions a five game
series. If- the Athletics had beaten the
Braves, we -nould have taken the hide J
ofl them in the extra event. As it was,
a situation that would have been la
beled scandal by organized baseball
was prevented oply bj the victory of
flXmnmGLlmm-JJTtnmiKVnMBKB ,ssssamcE3 .IBjlsaEgssBMsaygM-
I Genuine PlSjcflL
Kirschbaum MTTT
Suits and
Overcoats J
You know the brand and you know they are the best
when you can buy Kirschbaum clothes at ONE
THIRD OFF, you are getting a genuine bargain.
$30.00 Suits and Overcoats, now $20.00
$25.00 Suits and Overcoats, now $16.65
$22.50 Suits and Overcoats, now $15.00
$20.00 Suits and Overcoats, now $13.35
$15.00 Suits and Overcoats, now $10.00
Corner San Antonio,
w..w j.a-1. T XXAWXi l,J UU1UU kilk. HUJ? 0 JLJ.il.il.
ag'ainst tne stencn, tut wkat are tney
13. Is the the Bogon team over Mack's charges "
Carroll then set out upon the dis
cussion to show that the Federal is a
big league by paralleling its earl his
tory with that of the American leagu-.
AVe are much stronger in plaing tal
ent now than the American league w-s
at a similar stage of its career , h
declarcd, banging his list on a nearb
table "The Johnson organization did
not have any thing like as Btron- ...
bunch of players as ours until about
the third year of its existence And we
have Just passed through our ver first
season of existence as a professes
major circuit.
That List of Towns.
"Perhaps you are right," was the re
tort, "but how can you call your league
a major with that list of cities" Look,
at Baltimore, which was unable to sup
port International league ball proper
Look at Kansas City. How can y ou
possibly rate Bragtown on the kaw sji
a major league town. Buffalo is cer
tainly not a big league city. Indiana
polis couldn't support your league de
cently even when tis home club won
your pennant.
Carroll was not nonplussed Tl a
twinkle of his eyes revealed pleasure
at the knott ledge he had some argu
ments to batter down. He proceedort
to batter. "Towns like those," he sam
"failed to support minor league ball
properly for the simple reason that
they are major league cities at heart
"Want Ileal Article.
The people will pay to aee nothing
but the real article. You saw how it
was at Baltlomer last year. "We got
all the patronage and drove Jack
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Oregon and Texas Streets
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