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"VTeek-Eud Edition, February 13-14, 1915
m w GUBinr
Gibbons Will Weigh About 155 Pounds, and Clabby
About 160, Eingside; Dillon Has Posted Forfeit of
$1000 to Meet Gibbons, Clabby or McGoorty; Match
ing Stars Against Dubs Should Be Stopped.
The matching of Mike Gibbons
and Eddie McGoorty at Hudson.
'. i ' , for March Z, ever the ten round
uu, should result in a Tory Interest
ji b.ittle between the two rivals for
i uddlewclght nonors. The winner
Miould be matched with Jimmy Clabby
un the marathon route at New Or
i .me and we would then have an Araer-
in hamplon at the legitimate weight.
riie winner will be expected to meet
Jeff Smith, the New York ralddle
u ignt, on his return from Australia.
l'T Jeff has won the title in that
ountrj from Mick King and has a
i ight to ikmar.d a match for the cham
i ionship here.
iiiljbons and McGoorty can haTe their
mftrences settled while Clabby is re-
i,ciatingd own south, for Jimmy
i nt stale" about tne time ha met
M ike In Milwaukee last month. The
will be over the 20 round route and Joe
will have to travel at top speed to keep
pace with the New York lad. Mandot, 1
.(.! nil 1,1., nlAlra. MnoWll t nd ?
Defeat Courchesne Team;
Bogue Five Wins From
Sherman Team, 3 to 1.
Watson's bowling team won all four
points from the Courchesne team and
the Bogue team defeated the Sherman
five by a score of three to one in the
weekly session of the Big league at
the Wigwam alleys Friday night. The
first match, which was between tha
with all his clever blocking and . u'imn nmi rm,rA,..no tm- ,.. ,j
siraignt xiiltint, biiuuiu uo itwio w e"
the fast and agresslve Dundee some
thing to worry about. Johnny has a
left hand that is most tantalizing and
when he is working right he can make
an opponent look foolish at times.
He has a habit of springing forward
with his left hand and arm outstreched
and aimed for the face and unless his
opponent "gets next" he is. liable to
have much trouble trying to block the
move, it took Jimmy Duffy, the Buffalo
lightweight, several rounds to solre the
puzzle when they fought about six
weeks ago, but once solved, Duffy be
gan to counter heavy and more than
made up for what he lost in the early
part of the battle. It will be up to
Joseph to fathom Johnny's left leads,
otherwise the speedw little Italian
will be sure to outpoint him. New York
and Chicago fans wouiu give consiaer-
rhf frtr- th. VllfWli-t vrSlKlinna
match at Hudson is to bo IBS at J I able to see these boys over the mar-
ulotk, which will be letting the Osh- athon distance, lor it win no uoudi uc
a treat.
Dillon 'Would Post Forfeit.
It might be well to mention here that
Jack Dillon, the Hoosier claimant of
the title. Is not to be denied. Through
his manager, Sam Murbarger, Jack
writes that he still has a forfeit of
$100 which he will post with the writer
$1000 which he will post with the writer
Gibbons, Clabby or McGoorty at 168
pounds at 3 o'clock. There Is no bluff
ing about the offer ap tne money is
ready to be posted any time the match
can be made and Jack is hardly the
boy who would want to throw $1000
away, especially during these hard
times. It is almost a cinch that Dillon
and McGoorty will be matched at In
dianapolis for the night before the big
automobile race, but Jack is" anxious
to meet either Clabby or Gibbons in
the meantime.
liosh. bos in at a much better weight
man when he met Mike in New York.
I ill 4. 1912. At that time McGoorty was
trained down too fine, due no doubt
t j the fact that he worried about being
ai'le to make the weight. At 5 oclock
that afternoon I weighted Eddie at the
Madison Square Garden and he scaled
Just 1'ijVi pounds. He was drawn very
ii n and did not appear to have his
strength. At ringside weighing, instead
' iming taken on a couple of pounds,
hi was a quarter of a pound lighter
than at five oclock, scaling Just an
ern 1.1; During the fight it was ev
ident that neither man was at his best.
Mikt did not show his real form, ex-
ept in flashes, and Eddie tired after
ing gone half the distance. It was
a prt ttj even thing, with the shade,
ii ans, with McGoorty at that time.
Glhlions Han Improved.
Since then Gibbons has improved a
1 it and he has also taken on a. little
weight, so that he will enter the ring
nw at about 15S lbs, which will give
him his entire strength. McGoorty will
hai to work pretty hard to make the
weight, but it will not worry him like
t'M ringside scaling and he should en
ter the ring around tne iso pounu
mark and at his best. However, it will
t. a no-decision affair and the chances
an that they will go the ten rounds
w ithout damage to either one. The
contest should be equal to the recent
l lahb -Gibbons match in point of ac
tiuii and the fans of the northwest
r iav rest assured that they are in for
a, treat by two of the best roiddle
v, eights in the business.
Ilnjd Went Too Itght.
The old saying of a "match well
tnatli is a match half won" may be
v 1 rv true, but it does not meet the
approval of the fight fans. Last week
1 huk Hayes, the Indianapolis bantam
weight, was matched with Johnny
I 1 tie the speedy little St Paul IIS
V under, before one of the Milwaukee
1 lulis The weight was supposed to be
1 1 1 pounds at 3 oclock, but the Ertie
e.de demanded 116 at 6 oclock. Hayes is
a . I. or little fellow and at his legi
1 1 1 i' weight 118 pounds can travel
, rettv fast clip, but making lis at
".is .a bit too much for him and he
uas rot no strong as he should have
m en lor such a contest.
i.rtle is a star at his weight and
looks like a coming champion, but
f ph ro there was no need of dragging
tn other boy down to a weight that
o 'Id weaken him. i-o one can blame
1 rile s manager for sticking out for as
i"-n a weight as possible, but the pro
it (iters suffer by it, for the man mak
ing the low weight is not fit to do
! imBelf justice and the contest, as a
iiIe. is not what might be expected.
- n Attell stated recently "better
r-1 e aw ay five or even ten pounds
tuther than weaken yourself." And
while talking of weight. Just remember
that Johnny Ertle is some bear-cat of
a fighter and will be fighting for the
iiantamweight title before long, pro-
iding he retains his health. He is a
pocket edition of Tom Sharkey, only
Jit is cleverer than Tom ever thought
of being
Mandot Ftghtu Dundee.
Joe Mandot. the southern lightweight
' nampion will have his hands full
u hen he tackles Johnny Dundee, the
little Italian, before Domlnick Tortor-
the most consistent as well as the
classiest bowling of tho year. Every
man on tho Watson te.am was well over
tho 300 mark and the team rolled up a
total of 2653, giving the individuals
on the team an average of 177 to the
game, and tho team an average of 888
to the game.
Through taking all four points while
the Bogue team was losing one the
Watson crowd went ahead of the
Bogues by one game. In this match
Watson had high game with 211 while
McLain had high total for the night
with a score of 5S3 givng hiim an
average of 194.
In tho second match the Sherman
team took the first game but the Boguo
five easily took the next two and scored
high total. In this match Springer
had high game for tne match and the
night and incidentally scored high
game since tho opening of the tourna
ment with a score of 224. He also had
high total for the match with a score
of 551. Tile scores Friday night and
the standing of the teams to date are
as follows.
Mc Lain 201 210 172 583
Watson 178 14S 211 532
Gring 1C7 174 1G1 502
Spinner 149 19C 18S S30
Neary 184 152 176 511
S79 875 904 2658
In the bowling match of the Smelter
department league on the Cactus club
aiieva Prldav nltrht. the general office
force defeated the time office team by
the narrow margin of 21 pins. The vic
tory of the general office was princi
pally due to the fine bowling of Bate
man who had both high game with a
score of 181 and high total with 523.
Bateman's total gave him the nice
average of 174 for the night. Tne scores:
General Oflice.
Easter 117
Brownfield 1SS
Bateraan 181
Totals 436
Time Office.
Soderholm 153
Koenig 142
Abbott 159
147 128 392
141 139 418
169 173 523
457 440 1133
125 128 406
141 147 430
154 1G3 476
Jones 1S4
Courchesne M45
Rodriguez 173
Barela 124
Gomez 162
78S 766 738 2291
Dillard 146
Springer .....224
Machold 129
Bogue 154
Davis 179
832 583 844 2559
McCue 167
Berghauer" 163
Fuentes 171
Sherman 170
Campbell 191
....454 420 438 1312
Washington, D. C Teb. 13. New
Mexico Military institute retains its
lead for first place in class "A" of the
national shooting competition for mili
tary schools, according to the scores of
the fourth week's matches made DUblic
here Friday night. Scores:
Class A.
New Mexico, Roswell, 969 vs. North
western, Highland Tark, 111.. 951.
New York, Cornwall, 967 vs. St. Johns,
Delafield. Wis.. 934.
Bordentown, N. J., 922 vs St. Johns,
Manlius, N. Y.. 897.
Kemper, Booneville. Mo., 13 vs. Har
vard, Los Angeles, 882.
862 836
Big League Standing.
Watson 12 S 4
Bogue 12 7 5
Sherman 12 5 5
Courchesne 12 3 9
2479 He Is Main Support of Nine
People and Has Bought
Home for Family
High single came
Springer, 224.
to date, Charles
Dan Sheridan O'Leary, an illustrator
for Life, Judge and other New York
publications. Is here representing the
Winthrop syndicate. He is on his way
to California. He madn numhA nf
sketches while here, including series
EW YORK, Feb. 13 Joe Shug-
rue, the Jersey City light
weight, may be classed among
the professional boxers who are a
credit to the game. Shugrue comes from
a fighting family of Irish extraction,
having seven youger brothers who are
handy with the gloves: and when Joe
Joe' f "Young-" 1 Shugrue, who met Freddie Welsh in New York cityq Tuesday night and six of his seven brothers.
From left to right they are John, Edward, Thomas, Joe, Daniel, William and Charles. Joe boxes daily with each of his
seven brothers, including another battler (not in the picture , who is smaller even than Charles. All the Shugrue boys
exhibit a marked degree of talent in the manly art.
j V , p iviuaru or the big fighter is In training each brother takes his
and his trainers. I turn in a short bout with the light
weight tittle contender.
Shugrue has been the main support
of his parents, both of whom havo
been ill several years, and seTen broth
ers. H has sated his ring earnings
and recently purchased a beautiful
home tor the family. He is a teetotaler
and refrains from the use of tobacco
Shugrue is everlastingly preaching
temperance to his close friends.
Realizing that nature will not permit
him to box all his life, Shugrue has
decided to accept an offer made by one
of his admirers, a prominent New Jer
sey lawyer, to adopt the law as his
profession after retiring from the ring.
Thinks Ue Has Ability.
The laivjer is, of the opinion that a
man of the Shugrue type, possessed
with Icains. perseverance nad courage
qualifications absolutely essential for
a mon to become one of the most suc
cesful boxers in the world can with
two years instruction and advice and
with one year.of actual study m n law
school develop into a succesful lawyer.
Shugrue has always been desirous of
becoming a legal shining light and lost
no time in accepting the offer. He has
promised faithfully to follow instruc
tions and will make every possible ef
fort to become another Gladstone. His
friends are convinced that by applying
the same systematic attention to detail
in his new- undertaking, Joe Shugrue,
counsellor at law. will be Just as fam
ous throughout the eountry in the fu
ture as Joe Shugrue, contender for the
lightweight title. Is at present.
Boston, Mass., Feb. 13. Bill James,
one of the men who pitched the Boston
Nationals to a world's championship last
fall, wrote to a friend here today that
he was negotiating for an increase In
salary. His three year contract, signed
last July when the Braves were still
low in the league standing, calls for
140(H) a year. It is understood the big
Californian wants J6000.
President Gaffney, according to sec
retary Nickerson, has told James that
he must play for 14000 or not play at
all. In the letter received James said
he understood the binding provisions of
the contract and added: "It is my pres
ent intention nht In i-onn tl.t aAPnn
h s club at New Orleans. Feb. ,14. It I unless my demands are granted."
Is Getting
Is N
In Fine
By "TEX" O'ROURKE, Willard's Sparring Partner.
near Bl Paso, Texas, Feb. IS.
Aside from his splendid physi
ca' condition, the most gratifying re
sult of Willard's first weeks of training
i- the surprising speed he has devel
oped He moves his two hundred and
101 1 pounds about the ring with the
riimbleness of a lightweight. Willard's
ccullar style in his early fights cre
ated the erroneous impression that he
depends entirely on his great size and
strength to win his battles, but such
is far from the case. He possesses
.1 working knowledge of the fine points
ur ihe game that is equaled by few.
He is cool and level headed under
fire, and has the natural ability to
foresee and forestall a punch. He was
a business men when he took up the
lio-.ing- game, and he set about to mas-ip-
it in a business like way, learn
ing eery blow frpm start to finish
hou to deliver it, and how to guard
igainst it.
I nlike the majority of fighters, he
1ms ,-lwas been willing to consider
- ilouslv every scrap of legitimate ad-
11 offered him since I have been
.iuMin-1 him. I have often seen him
iinnice a suggested blow or step, over
.11 (1 over, studying every phase of it,
ix forf finally adding it to his reper
1 urf jr discarding It as impracticable.
in the ring he deals out his wares
i ith care and Judgment.
YtHItird'K Ilnreest II low.
Hani's hardest blow, a right hand
til pi rout, is used only when conditions
an absolutely favorable, and it sel
ilo 11 misses the mark: in fact, he in
. !nU-es in fewer wild swings and misses
Ii-s times than any fighter I know. He
watches every move of his adversary
ind when hit, knows exactly how it
happened. This gives him a chartce to
fo-m a defence which will prevent a
ic pitition.
1 expect to see him do the most dam
nge to Johnson with a straight left
lie will find an opening and finish the
bout with his right, if he can, but he
will undoubtedly depend on his fast,
punishing left to wear the negro down.
Inside Willard's Left.
Some followers of the game have fig
ured that Johnson will keep inside the
Kansan's long left. From observations
T have made at close quarters, I am of
the opinion that inside Willard's left Is
-bout the unhealthiest spot "the
smoke" could possibly pick out .No
one yet has been able to keep inside his
Eight Miles Below El Paso, on Paved North Loop Road
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arms with any degree of comfort and
Johnson, who never did relish a stiff
body blow, will be no exception to this
rule, I am sure.
Personally, 1 would prefer to be at
the end of Willard's left rather than
take chances at closer quarters with
his right, the principal objection to the
former being that you are so far out
of each that it is almost impossible to
beat him to a punch.
JohnHon'K Handicap.
Johnson will be handicapped by not
having men to train with, as big as the
challenger. He has never fought a
man anywhere Willard's dimensions
and will have to revise his Judgment
of distances at the last minute, whereas
Jess has two sparring partners whose
measurements are very close to the
negro s. One of Willard's trainers.
Walter Monaarhan. has wnrti win.
Johnson eight months and has de
veloped a style very similar to the
champion's. Monaghan has won many
of his fights by using the negro's
favorite uppercut, and yet he has failed
to land It on Willard more than once
or twice in the last two weeks.
Wlllnrd'x Height Helps.
The big fellow is too tall to be hurt
to any extent by an uppercut. The blow
Is dangerous only as long as the
weight of the body stays behind it. and
when the arm begins to extend an
extra six or eight Inches, It loses its
Another problem Willard's height of
fers to an adversary is tho necessity
of holding the hands higher than Is
natural, tiring the arms quickly. With
most boxers you can occasionally rest
your arras bv lowering them, but to
drop your guard when facing Willard
invites an immediate aIB vicious port
Side attack.
1 lllanl Will lie In Shape.
Willard's condition will be such, I can
say, that he can force the fighting all
the way, relying on the minute's Inter
mission for his rest Just how this
will suit Johnson depends largely on
what kind of shape he Is in when he
enters the ring. At the present time
this is hard to say, but I have made ar
rangements to spend some time at his
camp and hope to get a line on his
condition before long.
One thins: is certain: If Johnson lines
not take the 6lg cowpuncher seriouslj
and fails to prepare properly for the
fight, he will never be able to stand the
puce ior 4 rounaB I v.
r XV The'
r ? r sJ NN. the first
zh V:$ and
'' W .q . ! - 2 . 23 ? 23- or- ''
r v e A "''
Jr 'y' I III "
-- A tj " 9- ; 2ii;y --i? j Saaj, S3
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aL V ----- Is 3S 39 J tf
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