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6 D Week-End Edition, Februar y 13-14, 1915
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Cheaper Transportation "Will
Help to Lower the
Price of Goods.
Work on trie Southern Highway
:: :J: :: .j: .j:
Poor Pieces of Road. Are Repaired
THE national capital and New York
city are at last linked together
by a good highway. The comple
tion of the short stretch of road be
tween Principio Furnace and North
Kast, Maryland, makes it possible, for
the first time, for motorists to travel
between the two cities over a "nearly
perfect roadway. This part of1 the
route would have been completed last
3 ear but for a relocation which was
not contemplated when the contract
"was first let. Another relocation was
made near Kingsvllle which materially
improves this route by the elimination
of two hills.
Transcontlnentalists who plan to use
a southern route one way will find that
a great deal of work has been done
during 1914 and much better conditions
prevail than is generally supposed. Th
Washlngten-Kichmond-Atlanta route is
completed except for two miles of road
between Pohick and Lawton and about
cfght miles in Prince William county.
While no state, county or federal funds
are available to complete this road, the
automobile clubs of Virginia are rais
ing money by private subscriptions and
the road will be in good condititon
before summer. The United States of
fice of public roads has undertaken the
maintenance of this highway and has
appointed three of its engineers to ad
vise as to the best means for keeping
this road in good condition.
Until such time as the two links In
Virginia are completed, motorists will
probably use the Shenandoah valley.
The valley pike between Winchester
and Staunton has been much, improved
during 1914 and is now in better con
dition than ever before. Connecting
with this pike, the stone road through
Berryville, Halltown and Hagerstown
is in splendid shape, and there Is hardly
a foot of the road from Baltimore via
Frederick, Hagerstown, Berryville to
Staunton in poor condition.
West of the Mississippi, much money
has already been spent to make a south
ern route practicable. The state of
Arkansas has let contracts for 10 miles
of road to connect with the bridge just
north of Memphis, and 11 miles to con
nect with the ferrv from Tmttor'e
Landing to Helena. This Is particu
larly pleasing as that part of the South
ern National Highway has always been
in very bad condition.
has been beaten in trials against time.
The fastest 300 miles Is credited to
Jean Chassagne in the Sunbeam six,
who covered the distance in 3:07:45.46
at Brooklandn, an average of 95.87
miles per hour. This upset the previous
best time of 3:15:24.72, an average of
92 11 miles an hour, made by A. J. Han
cock in a Vauxhall four, also at Brook-lands.
Pullen's Corona Record This
Year 130 Percent Ahead
of His First Mark.
Latest reliable estimates place the
number of garages in the United States
at 15,500.
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It is a far cry from the road racing
reco.d of 14 years ago and the sensa
tional mark of today from the 38.1
made in 1900, when Charron in a Pan
hard won the first Gordon Bennett cup
race, to the S7.86 made recently by Ed
Pullen in the Mercer, when he won the
Corona road race. This represents an
increase of 130 percent in speed.
In a -way one can compare the two
races in that the Gordon Bennett was
at 351 miles and the Corona event at
301. It took Charron nine hours nine
minutes to so his distance, while Pul
len triple centuried In three hours 26
Tnlnntf tTxrn cprnnHc
Stfirt tit Haclntr
Road racing, history may be said to
have started with that first Gordon
Bennett, in which nine started and only
tvo finished, and since that time the
average m. p. h, which is the only
standard by which road racing speed
may be measured, because of the dif
ference in lergth of the various events,
has been steadily boosted until now
the moderr car can, travel more than
tv Ice as fast as could its veteran
It was not until 19us that critics be
gan to pay much attention to the aver
age speea in road races. Then Nazzaro
in a Fiat, who had won the three great
road incee of 1907, shoved the mark
to 74.3 ip the Florio cup race, which
was run over a lightning fast course
In Ital. The distance was 328 miles,
17 cars starting and six finishing.
Itiroril .for Three Yearn.
Nazzaro's mark stood for three years
and then thrice In one campaign it was
smashed. ' First Ralph Mulford clipped
it, raising the average to 74.07 in the
1911 Vanderbilt. run at Savannah on
November 27. Fourteen started in this
iu in. 'j inues, six iinisning. xnree
days later, when the American grand
prix was run over the same course, the
record went again, David Bruce-Si-own
in a Fiat covering the 411 miles of the
race at an average speed of 74.45 miles
an hour.
The grand prix winner did not hold
his laurels long, for on October 14 of
the same year Harvey Hcrrick in the
.National smashed the mark in the Fer
ris cup race over the Santa Monica
course. The race was only at 202 miles,
but Herrick negotiated it at the rate
of 74.76 miles per hour; but ho had
to step lively, for pushing him were
such stars as Ptachke, Dawson. Merz,
Wilcox, Dingley, Lewis. Joe Nikrent,
Hanshue and Tetzlaff.
TctilnffM New Record.
The next year and over the same
course Teddy Tetzlaff smashed the
record, putting it up so high that It
stood for two years. Really it was three
for the mark was established May 4'
1912. The Fiat Tetzlaff drove was a
monster, the bore being 5 7-S by 8. A
good comparison may be had here be
tween Tetzlafrs mark and Pullen's for
the Santa Monica race was at 303 miles
and Corona at 301.
""""" i i'ujien s lime from an
other angle, figures show that it is the
fastest triple century ever made in
actual competition, although twice it
Motor trucks are strongly recom
mended as a means of preventing the
increased cost of living in Chicago In
a preliminary report issued by the
Chicago municipal markets commis
sion, appointed by Mayor Harrison.
After showing that the city con
sumer pays an average of $1.90 for
product that the farmer sells for SI
the commission states that it costs
more to haul 100 pounds df potatoes,
fruit or othef farm products five miles
from the docks to the city consumer
or the retail store thtn to ship them
by boat from Michigan to Chicago.
It cf st 50 cents, nearly half as much
to deliver a ton of coal from the rail
road tracks to the consumer In the
business district of the city as it cost
to ship the coal 400 miles by rail
from southern Illinois to Chicago.
It is estimated that in an area of
less than two square miles in the heart
of the city 150,000 tons of freight are
hauled dally. About 1000 teams are
engaged In hauling food products, ex
clusive of the delivery service of the
retailer, and to make a profit for their
owners single teams must earn about
56 a day and double teams $8.
ream hauling is deciaeaiy anti
quated, wastful and Inadequate," runs
the report. "Because of the conges
tion existing in. the streets of the cen
tral business district and the conse
quent inadequacy of the streets to af
ford free passage to vehicles, the
average wagon or truck spends about
one-third of its time actively hauling
commodities and two-thirds in waiting,
loading, unloading and in delays to
"Animal transportation is out of
place and an archaic survival. Un
der present methods of hauling food
products are invariably exposed for
hours to the heat of the sun. The
motor truck as a carrier of food
products assures to the consumer bet
ter food, lower prices and a lower cost
of hauling.
"Detailed comparisons, showing the
cost of hauling by horses and wagons
and motor ictjicles, indicate that the
average cost of hauling In the city by
motor is 11 1-4 cents a ton mile, as
compared with 17 3-4 cents by horse,
a saving of 36 per cent.
"The average cost of deliveries by
department stores, grocery stores and
meat markets Is shown to be approxi
mately 8 cents by motor and 16 cents
by horse."
envy grew the realization of his desire
Automobile manufacturers recognized
the merits of the six and knew that
every reduction in the price would
meet with a tremendous response from
the buying public. Steadily the price
of sixes was hammered down until to
day motorists of modest means can
own a "six."
Corset steel or a piece of .main spring
of a clock may be utilized as a trem
bler coil blade. First cut them to the
required length and then rivet the
platinum button from the broken blade
through the hole which is punned
near the end. After making the holes
for the retaining screws, the blade will
be complete and ready for instalation.
Chicago's city council is considering
an ordinance requiring all public
automobiles licensed for the carrying
of passengers within the city to be
equipped with taximeters.
I A . O 7 7 1
Oerman fimo rurcnasea oy
Phoenician Is Speed Demon
Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 6 The fastest
thing on wheels ever seen in Arizona
Is a Bugatti car, purchased by Charles
Fuller, of Phoenix, and to be driven by
Johnny Marquis in the Vanderbilt,
Grand Prix and Indianapolis races. It
has just been received by Mr. Fuller
from Molsheim, Germany, where it
was manufactured under the direction
of Ettore Bugatti. its designer It cost
$10,000, laid down in Phoenix.
Though roughly'finished the Bugatti
has a wonderful four cylinder engine,
with a speed possibility of 117 miles
an hour. Marquis tried it out on the
day of its arrival and made half a mile
in 25 seconds, with only three cylinders
hitting. The wheels were later taken
off and shipped back to ew York for
tires a little larger than those that
came with the machine.
Two years ago six' cylinders was a
synonym for costliness in the automo
blllsts' vocabulary.
The six was recognized as possessing
qualities altogether desirable in a motor
car, but they were qualities that under
the manufacturing conditions of those
days It was impossible to incorporate
In a car that the average man could af
ford to buy. A six cylinder motor of
those days with cylinders cast separate
ly was one of excessive weight and
length, necessitating a car of lonpr
wheel base to accommodate it, and of
cost so prohibitive that only the wealthy
could afford a motor of this type.
The average motorist could only envy
the man with -a six, but out of this
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