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Week-End Edition, February 13-14, 1913
Kaiser's Forces Shell Nieu-
y port; Berlin Celebrates
, Prussian victory.
(ConUaged Frwn rate One).
'i k London are that it la still a see
"w .iffgtir with both aides sustaining
tn urinous losses. Further south the
.Brians contend that they are con
tinuing their advance into Bukowlna.
.iilitary experts In London are of the
sinun that the Carpathian front still
mains an area of prime importance
n th' east.
Bomb Damage Slight.
Thf. official statement issued today
' the Gwmih army headquarters at
T-lin says:
' In the w. 'stern theater of war
'"nomv aviators Friday again dropped
' mnbi on the coast. The bombs caused
trt ttahle daniage to the civil popu
lation, while from the military point of
ifw tie suffered only slight losses.
On the extreme western front, ar
'IUtv ammunition wa fanml which
doubtless originated in American fac- I
Jtuxllan Opposition Ilrnken.
"in th" eastern theater of the war
n both sides of the east Prussian
frontier our operations are everywhere
.'lOgiessina- successfully. Wherever
mmmmmmmm4 m .
lam KM.' :
lii i If v
iil 13 If
yjll ' M .
iv .-'$
roop i
i y
V f
way to heal
your sj&m wim
the enemy attempts to resist us, his
opposition Is quickly broken.
'In Poland On the right bank of the
Vistula our attacking troops crossed
the lower Skrwa and are proceeding In
the direction of Raelouc.
"On the left bank of the Vistula there
is nothing of Importance to report."
Germans llomgnril Xieupnrt.
The French war office at Paris this
afternoon issued a report on the prog
ress of the lighting which says:
"From the sea to the Lys the Ger
mans Friday bombarded Nleuport and
the country of the dunes. Their artil
lery fired on Ypres during the night of
Feb. 11-12 and' on our positions to the
east of Tores during the day of Feb. 12.
Our artillery replied to this -fire effec
tively. llorali Fall on Verdun.
"Some 16 aviators have flown ovet
the region Of Verdun. The bombs
thrown by them did no damage. During
the night of Feb. 11-12 there were two
German attacks on our trenches and in
the forest of Caures, to the north of
Verdun, which were repulsed.
"In Lorraine the German attack on
our positions at Arracourt. mentioned
In our report of last night, was led
by-one company, while at the same time
another German company endeavored
with no sreatcr success to occupy our
position at Itenzey."
Pekin, China. Feb. IS The confer
ences which hare been In progress be
tween diplomatic representatives of
China and Japan concerning future po
litical conditions, were terminated Fri
day by the Japanese minister, Eki Hiokl,
who informed the Chinese minister, Lu
Cheng-Hsiang. that Japan was not al
together satisfied with China's attitude.
However, the Chinese government In
structed its minister' at Tokio to con
sult with baron Kato, Japanese foreign
minister, with a. view to composing the
differences, if possible.
It is stated that the Chinese foreign
minister recognized the right of Japan
to make proposals concerning Man
churia and Shantung, but was Inclined
to differ with Japan in regard to the
matters at issue which affect other
Pctrograd, Ilussia, Feb. IS. Germany
and Austria have declared the indepen
dence of Poland, to beoome effective
Kebruarv 14, according to apparently
. .. . ....... ,klK. 1.....A T. Id
j auineniic uvkbh leuEuuiti &
I Mid a convention will be held at Cra
cow, Galicia, for the purpose of choos
ing a king for Poland. Archduke Karl
Stephen, of Austria, is mentioned as a
Germany has yielded German Silesia
to the proposed kingdom. Pending the
holding of the convention the tempo
rary government is headed by Ignati
Oaschinsky, Socialist member of the
Austrian reichstag.
Scarborough, Eng- Feb. 1J. The
new cargo steamer Torquay of Dart
mouth, was towed into Scarborough
barber Friday JiUht in a sinking con
dition, after either striking a mine or
having been torpedoed, eight miles
east of this port. The damage sus
tained by the steamer was amidships,
one boiler having been penetrated. One
man was killed and two were injured.
If you are suffering from eczema,
ringworm or similar itching, red,
unsightly skin affection, bathe the
sore places with Resinol Soap and
hot water, then gently apply a
little Resinol Ointment. You will
be astonished how instantly the
itching stops and healing begins.
In most cases the sick skin quickly
becomes clear and healthy again,
at very little cost.
Rerfnal Olsjnit lata milf
colored that Ucsnbe&SStUl the kz,
buds or otbtr espoM nfitee wiaV
out attracting undse ittestkm.
Serine! Ointment and Rssiaol Soap alia
clear awar pimolw, blackhead, and dandruff.
Sold by all drutsiats : for trial free, write to
Resinol, Dept. 29-S, Baltimore, MA
Letters to The Herald.
(All communications must bear the
signature of th3 writer, but the name
will be withheld if requested.)
Dose of nasty calomel makes
you sick and you lose a
day's work.
Calomel salivates: It's mercury.
Calomel acts like dynamite on a slug
jjish liver. When calomel comes into
contact with sour bile it crashes into
it, causing cramping and nausea.
If ou feel bilious, headachy, consti
pated and all knocked out. Just go to
our druggist and get a SO cent bottle
of Dodson's Liver Tone, which is a
harmless vegetable substitute - for
iar,t,erous calomel. Take a spoonful
nnd if it doesn't start your liver and
tru!ghten you up better and quicker
ilian nabty calomel and without malc
.1 g jon sick, you just go back and get
a our money.
If ou take calomel today you'll be
sick and nauseated tomorrow; besides,
it may salivate you, while if you take
TJodsun's Liver Tone you will wake up
feeling great, full of ambition and
iendv for work or play. It's harmless,
pleasant and safe to give children;
he like it Advertisement.
El Paso, Feb 12.
Editor El Paso Herald:
la Thursday'! paper judge Jackson Is
reported as sajrlas In a speech that the Alta
Vlst school was built in violation of the
eight hour law.. I was th contractor that
Milt that school, sad UUi stafcrmeot dose
sse a. gnat laJnMtbc, sad is ait to injure
my boslness. f always observe the law, and
never knowlnty violate It.
When I obtained the contract for that
school I did not know that such a law ex
isted, and I did not take Into consideration
that law In making the contract, as I wag
ignorant of its existence. However, on June
27th. 112. I received a letter from Joseyh
II. Ivsafon, who was then district attorney.
In which he. Informed me that complaint
had been mad that I was violating the
law and telhlHC me what the penalties were.
Me said in his latter that he supposed it
the charge agsmet me was true I hstd acted
in Ignorance of the act. which was not pub
lished in the published acts of the legisla
ture, owing to the fact that the governor
h-ul attempted to veto It. but that the
veto was filed too late.
Before receiving the district attorney's
letter, the skilled mechanics were working
only eight hours and the unskilled laboreis
nine hoars. After I received that letter none
of the mechanics or laborers, skilled or un
skilled, worked more than eight hours a
As you have published the charge made
against me, I ask in Justice to me that you
publish this letter. The following Is the
letter that I received from the district at
torney which sntnis my innocence In the
"June S7. 1912.
'PAMnlalfit ! kaan kailjs, tA trtlal ittfitA
that if building the East Ki'Paso school j
houaeyou are requiring men to work rr.cie
than eight hoars a day in violation of an
act of the legislature passed at th last
regular session which provides that here
the law Is summarized I therefore writ;
you this, supposing that If the charge It.
true, you nave acted in ignorance 01 .nis
act, which was not published with the regu
lar acts of the legislature last summer, ow
ing to the fact that the governor attempted
to veto the act Mis veto was filed too
late and the art Is now in full fore nn4
effect. To such parsons as are reported to
be violating the lav I am sending a lelf.r
of warning, so that they may desist.
"Jos. M, Nealon, District Attorney.
"P. 8. Kindly commanieate the contents
of this letter to your superintendent, all
contractors add foremen engaged In this
Please publish this In order that I may
stand right before the community.
c i loungwrsj.
". tfnilial showing of new wodlen
for Spring 1915,
City Vatlonal Bank BaiMiac. ' ""
" V : '
Clothes Made in El Paso.
pearance Mar. 10; Masons
Have Many Meetings. .
"The El Paso Moose," a magazine of '
lOo pages, villi make its appearance
On March 10, Oscar L. Bowen, dictator
oi El Paso lodge No. 626, Loyal Order
of Moose, has announced. The purpose
of the magazine, which will be issued
monthly, will tie principally to conduct
a campaign to secure for EI Paso the
I50V.000 tuberculosis sanitarium to be
built somewhere in the west by the
Moose. It will also contain matter of
Interest to Moosedpm and general read
ing matter and stories. Among the
more prominent Moose Who will con
tribute are Elbert Hubbard and J. J.
Davis, director general of the order.
The local lodge is planning a big
meeting for March 5, or near that date,
when a class of 50 candidates will be
initiated. '
The annual election of officers for
Mount Franklin Lodge of Perfection,
Ho. 8, Ancient and Accepted Scottish
Rite of Masonry, was held Monday
night in the Scottish Rite hall, 420 .San
Antonio street. The lnstalation of the
ntwly elected officers followed im
mediately, after Which a lunch was
The1 regular meeting of Oasis chap
ter. Knights Rose Croix, No. 5; Rio
Grande council No. 3, Knights Kadosh,
and El Paso conaistory, No. 3, Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite of .Free
masonry, will be held Monday night
at the Scottish Rite hall. Only routine
business matters will be oonsidered.
Knights Templar Instnl.
The lnstalation of the recently elect
ed officers bf El Paso commander-. No.
18, Knights Templar, occurred Monday
night at the Masonic temple. At this
meeting It was decided to carry oil a
series of drills to perfect the member
ship in this branch of the work of the
Preparations are under way for the
visit next Wednesday of T. C. Yantis,
grand warder of the grand encamp
ment of Texas, Knights Templar. Ir.
Yantis, who resides at Brownwood, is
to be in El Paso to inspect the com
mandery and will meet with the com
mandery Wednesday night at 8 oclock.
A social session following the inspec
tion may be arranged.
A called communication Of El Paso
lodge. No. 130, Ancient Free and Ac
cepted Masons, was held Friday night,
when the third degree was conferred
upon a candidate. Another called com
munication will be held Monday night
for work in the first degree.
State Elkn Here.
E. IL Perry of Plainview, Tex., dis
trict deputy for the Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks, and also pres
ident of the state Elks' association, and
.U B. Henderson of Plainview, a mem
ber of the executive committee of the
state association, were visitors to El
Paso lodge -No. 187, Tuesday. The visit
of Mr. Perry was to make his annual
Inspection. The inspection was made
Tuesday night. When there was a large
meetlng'of the lodge. At noon on that
day Mr. Perry and Mr. Henderson were
entertained with a dinner at Hotel Paso
del Norte. V. R. Stiles, exalted ruler;
Clyde Holmes, past exalted ruler; jur.
G. IL Higgins, Euwtrd Kneezell, past
exalted ruler, Roy X. Barnum, loal
knight, and J. E. Anderson, secretary,
represented the local lodge at the ban
quet. Knights of Colunibnu Entcrtnln.
El Paso council, -o. 38, Knights of
Columbus,' entertained with a smoker
Saturday night in honor of W. J. H.9
rtartr. special wiBemnao agant of tM
national organisation, . The affair took
place in tne Knignis oi uoiummu noiue.
at 800 Myrtle aenue, and was largely
attended. Mr. Moriarty delivered an
address about the order. Weekly
meetings, beginning with the meeting
last Thursday night, will bo held. This
is in preparation for the large meet
ing to be held March It for the initia
tion of a class of some SO candidates.
Preparations are well advanced tor
a social session of Tornillo camp No.
t2. Woodmen of the World, to be held
on Washington's Birthday, Feb. ft.
At this session a musical program will
bo given, and all oodmen of the city,
as well as members of the circle, the
woman's auxiliary, will be invited. The
affair will be held in the Eagle's hall
in the Mundy buiMlng, the regular
meeting place of the'lodge.
3-0 Applications to Kagles.
The Indications are that there will
be an exceptionally large class of can
didates for the initiatory Work to be
conducted by El Paao aerie, No. 73,
Fraternal Order of Eagles, to be hela
at the hall in the Mundy building on
the nigltt of Feb. SI. The campaign
for new members being; conducted uW
der a special dispensation is resulting
in the securing of a large number of
applications. At the regular meeting
Wednesday night it Was reported that
3W 'applications had been secured. It
is hoped to increase the membership
fully tod before March 1.
At the regular meeting of El Paso
lodge No. M, Knights of Pythias, held
Thursday night, the ran of knight was
conferred upon Leland V. Gardiner and
Thornton Hardie. On next Thursday
night the rank of esquire will bo con
ferred upon A. W. McLean.
Dig- Maccnbec Coming.
Deputy W. C. Henson, of the Knights
of Maccabees, is expected in El Paso
soon to wrjrk with the members of iJl
Paso tent. No. 110, in building up the
order In this city. Mr. Henson has
Just attained good results In reorgan
ising the tent at Big Spring and he
will devote considerable time to the lo
cal tent At Thursday night's meeting
of El Paso tent, one new member was
Installed and several applications were
acted dpon favorably.
The "Ladies of te Maccabees" gave
a dance Friday night at the Knights of
Columbus hall, J ,
English Mariner Dies at
108; Was 50 Years on Seas
London, Eng., Feb. 13. Captr David
Jackson, 108 years old. Who just died
of heart failure at his home in Tooting,
was, for nsArty 60 years a master
mariner on ships between England and
America. He made his, first trip as a
caWn boy In 1817. '
Ctfpt. Jackson received a letter of
congratulation from the king ore his
lMth birthday anniversary, and a
similar letter each year since.
One of the old man's boasts was
that only once had he been aboard a
steamship, all his other voyages having
been made in the days of sailing
An addition of $500 was recommend
ed to be added to the joint publicity
bureau fund of the chamber of com
merce Saturday by the advertising com
mittee to aid in carrying on the work
of the bureau.
It was also decided by the commit
tee to buy 50 more of the leather cov
ers for the El Paso booklets to be
placed in passenger offices and on
trains in the east. The plan of rat
Ing a billboard at the nniot station
showing the Elephant Butte dan will
be Investigated.
The offer of the Orpheum Theater
company to take moving pictures ot
the dam to show in the cast' was de
clined because o fthe expense. The
proposal of Foster cl Reynolds to dis
tribute literature of Jl Paso In the
east was also declined.
The members of the committee pres
ent were H S Beach, H. D Slater and
II. R. McClmtoik.
The Third Week of February Ushers in a Representative Display
of Ne'w Spring Apparel and Accessories in a Brilliant Assemblage
Any vogue uncertainty as to the best of any style will be quickly dispelled in this showing depicting
fashions from the world's acknowledged sources for exclusiveness in styles.
f t-,,i, -ci.Nri'nrvc! Tliaf Wnnwii "Will T?.a.vf About,
1 XNCUtt. J.' .LA-Ulgo au " """-.". ..-."
All of wliidi are dainty ana aeiigiuiui, ana maKe quite an huuhuucui,
for the new spring suits und dresses,
HEW COLLARETTES, in Organdie Malme, Net and Lace, PA
in many wonderful styles, IiigH and eroi-closed, 25c and. . . . JVy
BEAUTIFUL NET AND LACE GUIMPES, finished with the many
cleer variations of military and roll (tl tZfi
collars, 50c to "
EMBROIDERED ORGANDIE SETS Lace, and embroidered .vestees,
50c and upward and a wonderful selection of new rufflings, in black,
ecru and white, offering many new styles in Net, Maline, Organdie
aiul lnce. inebe aro wueu ui uunuvu, u..u .. o.... ... -
able for all purposes.
Trie New Spring Suits Are Ready
In sizes to fit the very large, the short and stout, the medium, and the
usually '-Hard-to-Fit" Misses and the selections broadly emphasize "Pop
ular" supremacy. Garments that are distinguished by every regal attrib
ute of masterful wofknianship and custom tailoring, expressing the authoritative-accepted
modes. Shepherd cheeks, Vigoreaus, Gabardines, Poplins,
Serges and others. Coals effectively fashioned in stunning ways, with
cluster side pleats, Ripples and Military touches. Skirts flaring from hip
to hem or full pleated models. Moderately priced .
$10.00, $15.00, $19.50, $25.00
Sizes range from 1C, 17, 18, 32 up to 44.
Charming Spring Dresses of Wool and Silk
Featuring copies of all the new Choruit Models, and the reviving of the
second empire the last word in styjes for the spring of 1915. Wonder
fully beautiful dresses of chiffon taffetas in checks and plain shades;
Crepe de Chine in neutral shades, new blues and black, Silk Faille, Silk
Poplin, Charmeu9e a gorgeous assemblage, picturing all the dainty
touches, the Bolero effects, the waistline flare and the empire effects,
so fascinating in the charming bodices. Beautiful woolen dresses, author
itative modes, dispersed through this showing moderately priced
$10.00, $15.00, $19.50, $25o00
A "Gossard" Corset Should Be First
The proper foundation for your suit or frock must be given the attention
it deserves and one way to be assured of the absolute correctness of the
silhouette is to be fitted with a
"Gossard" Front Lacing Corset $2.00 Upward
The new Spring models are ready for your fitting and we would be
pleased to have you stop in and let us demonstrate to you. Mme. Lyra
American Lady, Regis and other well known corsets are also offered in
all the new, Spring models a corset for every figure nd a price for
every purse.
New Dresses and Millinery Specially
Designed For Girls Who Are Growing
With the advent of Spring comes bright-fresh wearables for girl3 of 4
to 16 years and even here the military touches are noted, following
closely the methods adopted in bringing out dresses for women that is,
the girls dresses are simply trimmed with braid effects, piping and tabs.
Fancy buttons are also, much used. Belgian and Dutch styles are equally
favored with the Russian and Zouave effects. This brilliant assemblage
of wash dresses includes linens, Voiles, Challics, Linenes, Madras, fabrics
and Ginghams. A new model is the "Bloomer" dress, in brown linen, ,
made with knee length bloomers and detachable skirt. These girls ;
dresse are exceptional values at
95c, $1".45, $1.95, $2.45 and up
TOQUES, POKES AND SAILORS FOR GIRLS are here in a brilliant as
semblage of the newest styles showing many style features that arc
new and eliarming. Trimmings are not as scant as those for women, and
in some instances they are quite elaborate. Childish simplicity is the key
note throughout. These are very moderately priced
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
$3.95, 5.00, $7.50 and $10.00
The New Bags and Head Dress Novelties
These laBt few days have brought many new things to be worn both
for the street and for social occasions. Among these are:
THE NEW "DIANA" BANDEAU is quite the rage in eastern society,
it is entirely new. and dates its revival from the glorious days of
ancient Athens. Fashioned of two separated narrow velvet bands,
with metallic roaes at intervals, with large adornment just above the
.left ear. Thia baathwut i wde tffwar iw the $;r OC
-forehead shurtiag. Priced PA&0 UP
"Gaby Dcslrs"' combs, the "Xordiea" pins and downs of otker novel
effects in French Ivory, Shell and Amber, with cloisonne enamel
and beautiful Rhine stone C f
settings -. OWC UPWARD
NEW BAGS, in Malayan Goat, Pin Xorroeco and Pin Seal, d ef
in clever styles that are entirely new, $3.00 to vOtUU
Visit Our Tailoring Department
in charge of Mi Lazeres, who
will give his personal attention
to planning and choosing your
Suit. v Second Floor
5y 1SP - P
Our Mail Order Department
brings the largest stocks of new
spring merchandise in the South
west to your very door through
the Parcels Post.
cararra ot me head
maun nears
I for
causinq iLaead acnes.
Vfr VI Ti n
airricuit reamiua
xnruok me nose.
Lues smarted
a mrlamed.
v 1 decided w inj
TV... 1 . ' 11
iim measea
Jl i
pieasea to sail max
six we elks it aas driVeu the
caxarrK out a'mij sisiera
and I liavfe not been troub
led sine.
yfe-7. 'J&y
Homes vs. Gambling Hells
Mayor Kelly is the Mayor of
the Home-Owners. He has
protected the home by sup
pressing the gambling hell.
He has employed special of
ficers when necessary to do
so. He has protected homes
with his fire and police de
partments the health department has protected
the home against the ravages of disease. The
gambler, the vendor of adulterated food, the sell
er of watered milk and tubercular milk are fight
ing Kelly and his associates. Where do you stand?
For Mnyor
S For Aldermea
v For Asscusor nnd Collector
For Treasarer
For Corporation Jmlce
For CItr Democratic
Committee Chairman
Mcxn tiers
job tvmairr
Sporting Goods and Saddles
The most complete line in El Paso. Reasonable prices
Highest quality.
Shelton-Payne Arms Co.

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