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6 D Week-End Edition. February 20-21, 1915
Efficency Normal Being Held atr Westminster Presbyte
rian Church Attracts Man y; Conference of Christian
Stewardship to Be Held Sunday Afternoon; Re
vival at East El Pas o Baptist to Continue.
1 VXD AT will mark th close of the
revival meeting: which has been In
nrosriss for three iveek at the
1 irst Mothodist church. Three ser--.
ilcs will be held Sunday, at 11 a. m..
' i m. .n.l ; .io p m , and Evangelist
w 11 H II iff who has been assisting
I r Herman G Foi ter, the paftor. In
. p'iductinK the revivals, will preach at
,n sirvlee t the 11 a. m. services
i v members will be received into the
. hurrh At this sei .-ice the quartet
will render the anthem, "In the Begin
ning was me word,' by jnorio. At
tin eveninj tervice E. E. Nold will slngr
' Casting: Anchors," by Wilson. Fol
low i,it; the revival, the pastor will hold
evangelistic services next Wednesdav
nipht and also Sunday night of next
Revival Grown In Interest.
The revival at the East El Paso Bap -t't
church continues to jrrow in Inter-"-t
and attendance Each night brings
1 irper crowds and better service.
Thursday night there -were eight res
t nitions to membership and two con
versions Tne services will continue
indefinitely The song and testimony
service begins at 7:30 each evening.
The pastor's subject on Sunday at 11
) m will be He Was a Good Man."
Mr Heynolils will sing "The Path I
Tread " At 7 30 the pastor's subject
will be "Safeti First." Joe Nohnyke
w ill sing a. solo The young people
w ill hold their devotional services in
the lecture room of the church at G:30
T m To reach the church, take the
Vark car and pet off at 3S00 Alameda
m enue
Kffidencv Aoroial Being Held.
U the Westminster Presbyterian
f'uich located at the corner of Flor-
in e and Rio Grande streets, the ser
Mus Sunda- will be a continuance of
the "Efficiency Normal" beipg con
niictert in this church by representa
tive of EI Paso presbytery. In the
morning at 11 oclock there. will be one
address, delivered bv Rev. W. Ia. Down
in" of Bars'ow, Tex, on "Presbyterian
Fundamentals " This will be a popular
nres-entation of the doctrines of the
I'resbv terian church. Kev. w. vv.
Low iv D. D . of Carlsbad. N. M.t will
.T--it.t in the service. The special music
'.iiwe of this service will be a duet,
i Mother Dear, Jerusalem," by Lan
iintr, sung by Miss Rosa T. Keale and
Jli K C Copenhaver.
In the afternoon at oclock there
will bo u conference on Christian stew
Ti'siup with special emphasis given to
the ' llvcrv Member canvass" plan of
."lirinistering church finances., There
v il' we addresses by Dr. H. W. Iiowry,
cv U Downing and Bradf6rd Har
d i The male quartet will sing.
Tne evening service, which opens at
7 in ill be devoted to home missions
.Mid ivangelism. Rev. W. I Downing
v ill deliver an address on "Home Mis
sions ' and Rev. H. W. Lowry, D. D.,
v ill speak on "Evangelism." At this
service there will be a quartet, "The
K.nliant Morn," by Woodward, sung by
.lis") Rosa T Xeale. Mrs. K. C." Copen
l.avei. Theodore Forster and Otho Hilt
The Sundav school will meet at S-Ai
n m . Intermediate Christian Rndeavor
ooiitv at 3 p. m , and Senior endeavor
at C "0 p m.
To Conduct Meeting for Mexicans.
Jose U Ecobar, who has arrived
ft om New Tork City who comes as a rep-
isentatlve of the Y. M. C. A. to work
among the Mexican people along the
Lord i, will tegin a aeries of evangel
continue each night throughout the
week, except Saturday. The pastors
of all the Spanish denominations in
this city at a recent meeting decided
to unite together in an effort to .make
this a successful campaign in the sal
vation of souls. I
A ch6ir composed of members of the
different churches represented will
render some splendid songs.
Church of St. Clement.
At the Church of St. Clement, corner
of Montana and N&rth Campbell streets.
Rev. Henry Easter, rector, Sunday ser
vices will be: Holy communion at
7:30 oclock. Sunday school and chil
dren's service at 9.45 oclock. Morning
prayer and sermon at 11 oclock. Eve
ning prayer and sermon at 7.30 oclock.
At the evening prayer, the sermon
time will be spent in answering ques
tions concerning the doctrines of the
church. During the Lenten season the
Litany will be said every Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday afternoons
at 4 oclock. There will be eve
ning prayer every Wednesday night at
7:30 oclock. The music for the Sunday
services follows:
Morning prayer Processional,
"Forty days and forty nights thou wast
fasting In the wild," Helnleln. Ven
,ite, Lahgdon; Gloria Patri, Langdon;
Benediclte, MacFarlane; Benedictus;
Jackson; sermon hymn, "In the Hour
of Trial Jesus Plead for Me." Lane;
Doxology, Bourgeois; offertory anthem.
Incline Thine Ear, Hlmmel; inciden
tal solo, M. H. Lemen; presentation of
alms, Humfrey; recessional, "O Savior,
Precious Saviour, Whom Yet Unseen,
We Love," Mann.
Evening prayer Processional, "Soft
ly Now the Light of Day Fades Upon
My Sight Away," from non Weber;
Gloria Patrl, Clemens; Magnificat,
Clemens; Nunc Dlmlttis, Clemens;
prayer hymn, "Heal Me, O My Saviour,
Heal," West; sermon hymn, "Awhile in
Spirit, Lord to Thee," Dykes; doxol
ogy. Bourgeois; offertory anthem,
"Tarry With Me, O My Savior," Bald
win; Incidental solo, M. H. Lemen;
presentation of -alms, Humfrey; reces
sional, "Weary of Earth, and Laden
with My Sin." Langran.
First Presbyterian.
Rev. Charles L. Overstreet, pastor of
the First Presbyterian church, has re
turned fro mTucson, Arli-, where, he
has been conducting a series of meet
ings. He will occupy the pulpit at the
First rrcsbyterian church Sunday
morning and again Sunday evening.
The musical program at the morning
aeervice will include a solo; "By Wbters
of Babylon," sung by Mrs. A. H. Gold
stein The anthem will be' "When
Winds Ar Hairlnc" The eveninc solo
will be : "Oh Love That Will Not Let j
Me Go, which will be sung Dy jr. v.
Billings. The hymn will be, "Return,
Oh Wanderer to Thy Home."
The ' Sunday school will be held at
9:30 a. m. and the Christian Kndeavor
will be held at 6:30 Sunday evening.
To rreacli In Snlvntlon .rray Hall.
Cot Charles Miles, of Chicago, will
be here Sundav and will preach at the
Salvation Army hall Sunday morning
at 11 oclock and again at S. He will
also hold a children's service at 3 p. m.
Kait El Vano JUcyilan,
At the East EI Paso Presbyterian
church, corner of Poplar and Texas
streets. Rev. Kenneth Brown, pastor,
services on Sunday will be: Sunday
school, 9.45 a. m.: morning service, 11
oclock. subject of sermon, "The Pres
by terian Church, What It Stands For "
RMED Nations Make Militants;
Land of Liberty Produces Peace
Environment Has Great Influence in Man Making as Has Blood and Education;
but Grace of God Is Greatest Factor.
By Rev. W. C. BABER, Pastor of the Altura Presbyterian Church.
xlliJ.i&iilT4. days and forty nights; and every Uv
t t t t t t -r -r t t -r t , mg substance that L have made will I
I Cor., 15:10i "But by the grace of
God, I am iv hat I am."
ANY things enter into the mak
ing of a man, so many that It Is
often hard to find the determin
ing factor. x
Blood tells in the race horse, the
dairy cow, and the dog for the chase.
I As blood tells among the lower animals,
l it also tells In man. Moneyed blood,
I descendants of those who have ex
j traded "blood money," Is usually poor
in moral force. Noble blood may be
really ignoble, hence the degeneracy
among many "high born."
The blood of the Latin races runs to
rioti It Is ebullient, belligerent. On the
other hand the Germanic races are
steady, quiet, often, phlegmatic until
terribly aroused.
Prenatal Influence on Xnpoleon.
Some one has suessed at the pre
natal Influence on Napoleon, his mother
lived amid war alarums, the marching
of troops, and martial music in the tur
bulent island of Corsica. Who kncvi
whether the love of war was Inbred in
this masterful soldier? Some one has
said the time to begin training a child
is 100 years before he is born, thus
recognizing the effect of blood, birth,
breeding. Some statesmen expect, by
laws looking to eugenic marriage, to
so improve the race as to do away with
sickness and its consequent evil.
Ulood and Environment Tell.
Not only does the blood telt but en
vironment counts In the making bf a
men. From the slums of a great city,
born of evil parents, living in poor
tenements, smelling daily foul odors,
subsisting on poor food, one would
hardly expect to find coming a strong
sturdy character. But from a good farm
home, of good, pious parents, living
amid ennobling surroundings, breathing
pure air and eating wholesome food,
you would look for a strong man. As a
rule we find It So.
A child brought up In Europe In the
midst of an armed nation will naturally
be militant In its thought; while in a
land of liberty where there is no mili
tary parade or blare of bands, it por
tends peace to the coming generations.
JiMiicatlon Plnff Its Part.
Then we must not forget the part
education plays in man making. As a
nation we have almost defied the "little
red school house." One wonders vv hcth
er we are a great people because of the
schools, or dd we have the schools as
a. proof of our greatness. The true edu
cation is to be commended. Men trained
in body, mind and spirit are the only
really educated men. To be trained. in
body and mind and to remain wicked
and barbaric in heart and soul makes
.a. demon of man. A nation thus edu
cated Becomes a menace to tne peace
of the world.
Paul had good blood. In his veins ran
the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
His blood was the best and purest in
thvworld, "a Hebrew of the Hebrews."
He grew up in Roman environment, a
Roman citizen, under Roman law with
Its code of justice and righteousness.
ne evidently knew the rules of fair
play. Then he was educated In all the
learning of the Greeks. He had assim
ilated Its philosophy, was versed In its
poetry, and had no doubt been im
pressed with the beauty and grandeur
of Us art
Great Change In Paul.
Yet with all these advantages, this
man became the pitiless persecutor of
the poor. He stood by and saw them
stone saintly Stephen to death- He
went out breathing bitter cursings and
haled the poor Christians into his ec
clesiastical courts punishing them cru
elly. But the Lord stopped him In bis
wild career, and in our text gives credit
to the best quality ever found In man.
He tells what redeemed him. "By the
grace of God I am what I am," he said.
The grace of God can purify the blood,
it can exempt us from the ills of en
vironment, it can eradicate the evils of
the wrong education. Were It not for
this external hell), man would be nd
more responsible than the beast of the J
field, for he would be denied freedom !
of choice in which respect he still has !
the image of God stamped upon him. I
God's grace can do all. If a man will '
receive and rest upon it. From a cruel
persecutor it turned Paul Into tb,o i
greatest philanthropist of any age. J
Can Reform Man.
God's grace can reform a man. It also
regenerate him. It transforms him.
It glorifies him as he Is sent I
in unselfish love to labor for his j
fellows. God's grace found Paul ;
Dunbar, a poor negro, with thousands
of generations of gibbering ancestors,
and made him a writer of beautiful son
nets which have been read round the
world. It found Jere McAuley in the
slums of New York and changed the
thief into the great gospel mlssloner. It
found Martin Luther the educated monk
and revealed the truth from his Bible
chained to the desk, and gave through
him the great doctrine of justification
by faith, broke the chains that held all
the Bibles, and gave religious liberty
to the world. This grace of God can
save the vilest sinner, chancing his
life to godliness. It not only prepares
a man for living, but it prepares mm
for dying.
God's Love Is All Powerful.
Oh, tho wonderful love of God! Wider J
than the horizon, higher than the heav- j
ens. fathomless as the sea! The soul I
that enters into this grace into covenant
relation with the most high, can mas
ter the tendencies of the blood, remake
the shaping of his environment and
burst the bonds with which the preju
dices of his education have enslaved
him. This is the highest and best gift
of God to man. Will you accept It when
offered so freely to every one?
Genesis 7il-10.
And the Lord said unto Noah, Come
thou and all thy house Into the ark;
for thee have I sec righteousness be-,
fore me in this generation.
Of every clean beast thou shalt take
to thee by sevens, the male ani his
female; and of the beasts that ara not
clean by two, the male and his female.
Of fowls also of the air by sevens,
the male and the female; to keep seed
alive upon the face of all the earth.
For yet seven days, and I will cause"
it to rain upon the earth forty
destroy from off tho face of the earth.
And Noah did according unto all that
the Lord commanded him.
And Noah was six hundred years old
when the flood of waters was upon toe
And Noah went in. and his sons, and
his wife, and his sons' wives with him.
into the ark, because of. the waters of
the flood.
Of clean beasts, and of beasts that
are not clean, and fowls, and of every
thing that creepeth ,upon the earth.
There went in two and two unto
Noah into the ark, the male and the
female, as God had commanded Noah.
Anit It came to pass after seven days
that the waters of tle flood were upon
the earth.
!-., ..(Inn n.,t Qnnil.tr at 7311 Tl I NI&Ttlt SerVlCe Will DC SI I1J II. 111.. BUB
i-.il i,iwmi,0o i.Ab wwuwj . - - --- m m .1. . I...... T1....
at the Mekican M. E. church, corner ject 01 sermon, -im-uum "r
of rurth and Stanton streets, and will tiem." unnsnan rautnir .mcl..,k ..
Sentence Sermons by El Paso Ministers
at 645 p. m; prayer meeting Wednes
day, 7.30 p. m. At this meeting the
pastor will begin a course of Instruc
tion on the bible, its origin) construc
tion, authenticity, translation, preser
vation and so on. These studies will
continue each Wednesday night. Aid
society meeting will be with Mrs. Ed
ward Schmidt, 413 San Marcial street,
Tuesday afternoon at 2 oclock.
Altura Prcsbytcrlnn Church.
At the Altura Presbyterian church,
corner Idalla and Russell streets,
Grandvlew, Rev. W. C. Baber, pastor,
services on Sunday will be: Preaching
Ty t,8"e pastor 'at "11" a. m. and 7:30 p. -rn.
CniX.... onhnAl noA,i ... O ITT a t
uuiiuk d,.iiw, mccia etc Jilll A. n,. j
Leonard West, superintendent. Prayer I
meeting Wednesday evening, 7:30 p. m.
Pint Chriitlnn.
At the rirst Christian church, corner
of North Oregon and Franklin streets,
two blocks north of Hotel Sheldon,
Rev. Perry J. Rice, pastor, services will
be held Sunday as follows: Sunday
school at 9:30 a. m.; communion at
10.45 a. m.. followed immediately by
the preaching! service. Early evening
service at 5 oclock; Christian Kndeavor
service immediately after the close of
the 5 oclock service. The suoject for
the evening sermon will be "Facing
the Facts of Life." The, program of
music will be as follows: Organ num
bers Prologue (from Suite), Rogers:
invocation, Rogers; anthem, "The Lord
Is My Rock, Woodman: tenor solo, se
lected, Parvln Wltte; choir, "Now the
Day Is Over." Barnbj : organ postlude,
"Triumphal March," Lemmens.
Au.flln Park Christlnn.
At the Austin Park Christian church,
corner of Cebada and Montana streets,
J. H. Allen, pastor, there will be ser
vices Sunday as follows: Bible school
at 9:10 a. m.; communion at 10:45 and
preaching at 11:60 a. to. and 7:30 d. m.;
Endeavor at 6:30 p. m., Cummins Ware,
leader: subject, "Favorite Chapters of
the Bible, and Why" (a memory meet
ing). Church of Christ.
The architect has plans almost ready
for this church to erect a beautiful
structure on Montana stropt- While
this is being completed, the congrega- (
Square Cradle Roll
Babies All Under 3
The babies on the Cradle roll of the
Calvary-Houston Square Baptist church
are all under S years old. When they
arrive at that age they are promoted
to the primary department of the Sun
day school. Every birthday annlver
srry the baby is sent a little remem
brance of some kind while It is on the
cradle roll. Tj
Mrs. Etta Reed Is the superintendent
of the cradle roll.
The names on the cradle roll of Cal-vaiy-Houston
Square Baptist church
are: v
B. Barker.
Harriett Adams Branch.
Adelaide Ilevan.
Lucille Elizabeth Neville.
C. M.' Newman, jr.
Grace McChesney.
Lois Phyllis Cass.
Thomas Edwin Reed.
nlng on Sunday. Sunday school, 3:50
a. m., C. V. Nafe. superintendent; B. Y.
P. U. at 6:80 p. m.
The following service of song and
praise will be rendered In the evening.
beginning at 7:30:
i-estivai preiuae, orcnestra.
Invocation, pastor.
Anthem, "Praise ye the Father,"
choir and orchestra.
Scripture reading, Mr. Robertson.
Tone poem, orchestra.
Prayer, Mr. Hodge.
Anthem, "Hark, Hark My Soul."
Soprano solo, "The Day Is Ended,"
Miss Virginia Burke.
Cornet solo. "Star of Bethlehem,"
Mr. Williams and orchestra.
Address, pastor.
c TT & i.H. !. nv,rit-sm rrtan n,mniTn ftf thf rhttrrh will snend half
O IX JIUV Mi0U.VC.OUS UO WIH1J. ".", uwUUw - -r I V.1- 7,. " 1'"r'".-' '"" -""T -"" lnlh.m "TJn-L- f A o " .tl.-
., -,-.. i i:.i i .;-. v.m .-tM,.a,,.M iMrf TAiimia Tneiy crrnw : nun win TneeL in tne court nnuHe. I ..-.."...... ..w.. . a.ot w.v...
! :" ?.r"i?r XTTl """J,. ":: , , r cr V tm ?? " ei Bible lessor, hymn, choir.
; preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 Ir"t"UK' ""'""J101'
over nolitics. and vet if tie -pastor continues a church service five or ten
ir urates over .time there is a howl in Rome? "Consistency, thou art a jewel!
Many of these same Christian men went out into the hedges, highways and by
ways and toted the voters to the polls. Nothing wrong about this. But how
many unsaved men and boys did yon ever invite to church? Did you ever make
an engagement with an unsaved man to attend yoar church with you upon the
Sabbath day? Which is the most vital, which of first importance, electing a
man to office or leading a, lost soul to Jesus? Rev. C Wesley Webdell, of
Trinity Methodist church. (
People, everywhere and of all classes, have a passion for tinkering with the
fhings that are old and accepting the things that are presumably new.. We need
Lc remember that some things are fundamental; are definitely fixed once for all.
That which Ged has given us cannot be improved and is not to be set aside.
Rev. Wallace R. Evans, of Highland Park Methodist church.,
Mo3t of our lives are spent amidst the surface ripples, but real satisfaction
only is found in the depths. Rev. Miles Hanson, of First Congregational church.
The Presbyterian system is no weakling, no beggar, no progeny of the spirit
of cult, and has no propaganda of ecclesiasticism to herald; it has the glorious
right of existence in every community of men simply because it is a sound,
beautiful and scriptural system, deriving its principles and character from him
who is full of grace and truth. Rev. W. L. Downing, at the Westminster Presby
terian church.
The day of salvation is here. The acceptable time of Christ is new. Our
responsibilities toward God and our fellow' man are greater than they ever have
been before. Rev. Arthur C. Harris, of the English Lutheran church.
Wilful neglect or careless indifference to any of the facts of our inner lives
can only lead to uahappiness and disaster. Rev. Perry J. Rice, of the First
Christian church.
The gold covered ark of the covenant did not save Israel from defeat at the
hands of the Philistines, because their own sins had made it impossible for God
himself to be there; and this suggests that sinful practices on the part of a
congregation of Christians may, even now, rob them of God's presence in time of
need, in spite of the flittering house in which they worship. Rev. J. H. Allen,
of Austin Park Christian church.
Christianity is averse to selfishness. The man who labors and prays for
self alone, in reality does self an injury and does not seek his own jzood. "Charity
seeketh not her own;" "Let us esteem another better than ourself." This is true
greatness. Our exemplar, Christ Jesus, "did not seek his own." When we spend
and are spent for others," do we live the life that is worth while and set an
example worthy of emulation? "Charily seeketh not her own." Let us be
living epistles known and read of all men. Rev. J. W. Dunn, of Church of Christ.
10 a. m.
p. m. by the minister. Rev. J. W. Dunn
Forenoon subject, "Seeking Others'
Profit: evening subject, "Baptism In
the Holy Spirit," by request.
Trinity Methodist.
At Trinity Methodist church. BouI
vprd and Mesa, Rev. C. Wesley Webdell,
pastor, Sundav services will be: Sun
day school, 9:30 a. m.; Epworth league,
6:30 p. m ; preaching. 10:46 a. m. and
7-30 p. m.: morning theme, "Christianity
Exemplified by Paul;" special music
for morning will be: Anthem, "The
God of Abraham, Praise," Buck; solo,'
"The Holy City," Adams, sung by re
quest by J. L. Coggeshall; special by
quartet, "Bring Back the Lost to God."
Gabriel. Special music for the evening j
win uc. aninem Anu uur
Bowed with Woe," Shelley: solo. "O
Give Unto the Lord." Miss Elizabeth
Garrett, Mrs. W. D. Howe: special. I Chrltlnn Science.
"Never Known to Fail," Lacey. An At the Christian Science church, cor
evangeltsllc sermon will1 be preached ner of Montana and Stanton streets.
by the pastor. first reader S. T. Shirley, the subject
w. B. Gillispie is teacher of the
Baraca class The Philathea class Is
taught by Mrs. George B. Oliver.
es I
The organist Is Mrs. Vance: musical
director, H. D. Woolley.
Pint ConprreKatlonnl.
At the First Congregational church,
corner of Williams and Rio Grande
streets, take any Boulevard car, ser
vices on oavuruay win dc: jo a. ,m.,
Sunday school; 10:15 a. m.. Bible clas
11 a. m., public worship; Rev. Miles
Hanson will preach on "The Power Be
hind the Throne;" Miss Dorothy Cons
dati will accompany the quartet. '
EnglNh Lutheran.
The English Lutheran church, at the
corner of Montana and Ange streetst
Rev. Arthur C. Harris, pastor, there
will be morning services at 11 oclock,
And Our Heirle Are u,s. nB "" t oaivaiion:" even
Sh.r?. i B n l"S .rvice at 7:30, theme, "The Touch
of the Master."
The rule of three marriages hurriedly entered into, mutual reprisals and i j2y, '
a'tn.u.t. u,!. uivuibc. JVC. AACiJiy ,dLCl, Ul LUC 111U1U1 Ul OL. VjlCUieili,
Sin paralyzes the whole moral nature, and only the power of God can cure the
malady. Rev. H. P. Bond, of East El Paso Methodist church.
The reason God does not save all men is because some men refuse to be
saved, spurning the offer of salvation so freely given. Rev. W. C. Baber, of the
Altura Presbyterian church.
You may study geology until you are familiar with the formation of every
rock, but unless your feet are planted on the "Rock of Ages" you are lost Rev.
Ed. L. Millican, of East El Paso Baptist church.
The preacher has his appointment from heaven. "I thank Christ Jesus our
Lord who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting mc into the
ministry." God's man is he standing in God's place declaring the message of
God. He has no choice in the subject matter of his message except as his choice
is the choice of God. "Preach the preaching that I bid thee." A mighty respon
sibility, therefore, rests upon the messenger of the cr,oss. He should indeed
preach "as nerer sure to preach again and as a dying man to a dying man."
Rev. J. P. Wiliiaa, D. D., of First Baptist church.
Hold your standard high and strive to live up to it.
ef East El Paso Presbyterian church.
-Rev. Kenneth Brown,
Altn Vistn Slethodlnt.
At the Alta Vista Methodist church,
corner of Luna and Hueco streets. Rev.
W. H. Duncan, pastor, services on Sun
day will be; Sunday school. 9.45 a. m.,
R. Z. Boyef, superintendent. Rev. H.
M. Smith, presiding elder of.El Paso
district, will preach at 11 a. m. Junior
league will be at 3 p. m.; Senior league
at 7 p. m.. Clyde M. Ncy, leader. H. M.
Park, a layman and a student at the
Texas school of mines, will conduct
religious services after the league ser
vice. Highland Park Methodist.
At the Highland Park Methodist
church. Rev. Wallece R. Evans, pastor,
all services on Sunday will be as usual.
The pastor's morning theme will be:
"The Lord's Day, How Shall We Spend
Itr His evening theme will be "The
Good Old Way." D. Corley will con
duct the Thursday night prayer meet
ing. Enit EI Pnso Methodist.
At the Ist El Paso Methodist Epis
copal church, south corner of Gramma
and Rivera streets. Rev. H. p. Bond,
pastor, services Sundav will be as fol
lows. Sunday school. 10 a. m.. HUeh T.
Henty, superintendent; preaching at 11
a. m. G. L. Jones will occudv the nul-
Pit, At 7:30 p. m. the pastor will
Enworth Ieasrua. fi:3n n nv.
Ulla., VTn., flirt. nAnl.1.. wr.i
f dav. 730 n m nvnvAi. n,l nnU. ...
vice. (
Tirst Baptist.
At the First Baptist church, corner
of Magoffin avenue and Virginia
streets, Kev. J. F. Williams, D. D., pas
tor, the subject of the' morning ser
mon will be "Paying the Lord What We
Ovvo Him.' The evening sermon sub
ject will be "Christ Crucified, the Sin
ner's Only Hope." Other services Sun
day will be: Sunday school, 9:30,
Prof. G. P. Putnam, superintendent:
B. 1. P. U. Sunday evening $-30, sub
ject "Sanctificatlon," leader, Mrs. Wil
liam Graves. On Friday evening, Feb
ruary 26, the young people of the
church will give a book social for the
benefit of their B. Y. P. U. library On
Tuesday afternoon the Mission Study
class will meet in the church parlor.
The text book used is "Royal Service "
Subject of the prayer meeting Wednes
day evening, "Regeneration Its Author,-its
-Necessity and its Proof"
Calvnry-lloimton Square.
At the Calvary-Houston Square Bap
tist church, Rev. O. J. Wade, the pas
tor, will pi each both morning and eve-
Burroughs Adding
and Subtracting
For better service and
efficiency, lve have in
stalled two Burroughs
Ledger Posting 'Ma
chines, enabling us to
handle your business
with more dispatch and
safety than ever be
fore. The officials and em
ployes - of this bank
would be glad to have
you Call and see these
machines in action. The
invitati6n is extended
to' all.
Service and Safety is
our motto. 4 percent on
on Sun,day will be "Mind;" Sunday ser
vice at 11 a. m.: Sunday school, 9:30 a.
M.; Wednesday evening testimonial
meeting, 8 oclock.
T. E. Courchain, recently arrested by
the police department, was given his
preliminary hearing before justice J.
M. Deaver Friday afternoon on a charge
of forgery and was bound over to the
grand jury In the sum of $1000. He
was remanded to jail. Several witnesses
testified to having cashed checks is
sued In favor of "T. E. Courchesne."
This Ins
In Preference
to Others?
Simply this: Because, all
other things being equal, we have
a keen desire to serve you and
serve you well. We have suffi
cient capital for safety; but
others have as much. Our in
stitution is governed by experi
enced ' business men ' of sound
Judgment and' proven ability; but
others probably can ofFer-.you as
'choice a group.
BUT Ve want your ac
count. Our interest in you and
your financial affairs will be far
from casual. It will be" keen,
alive we'll give you the best
that's in us.
That spirit is worth something.
We think it's worth your account, H
What do you think?
Grande Valley
Don't give tut checks until you have sufficient
funds in the bank to meet them, as under recent legal
decisions the banks have, no option but to refuse pay
ment, of overdrawing checks.
i :
- i t
ank & Trust Co
A Valuable Asset
A Checking Account v
Is a Valuable Asset for Every Man and for Every
Woman. You Know Next Month or Next Year orin
the Years to Come, fromy Your Cancelled Checks,
Just What Your Expenditures Were Today. -Start
That Checking Account Now with the
Prompt, Efficient, -Courteous Service. l
The Beginning
of Their Success
Many successful men dale the beginning
of their success to a ban account which
encouraged them to mae prompt, regu
lar deposits.
An account with us will enable you also
to accomplish excellent results.
4rt Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.
Premier Train of the Southwest
Compare Our Service With Others.
CHICAGO . . .42 hrs.
NEW YORK. . .65 hrs.
ST. LOUIS 40 hrs.
BOSTON 67 hrs.
Round Trip Tickets to All Principal Eastern Resorts
Steamship Tickets to Ail Parts of the World .
For Fares, Pullman Reservations, Schedules, or Any Other Information, Ask
General Agent,
El Paso, Texas
City Ticket Office
Roberts-Banner Bldg.
Phones 594-5851.
Citv Passenger Agent,
El Paso, Texas.

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