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ikeiehi hues pent iipiiskiitebiki!
French Describe Artillery i Approach of Spring Finds
and Infantry Battle
Fought Near -Reims.
Nations Preparing For a
Drive Against Germany.
London, Eng. March S. The end of
the 31st week of the wai and the first
?igns of better weather condition
:.! ter a hard winter, find the allied
armies in the western theater nearing
readiness for that concerted onslaught
on the Germans in the preparation for
which Gen. JofTre and field marshal Sir
John French have been doing so much
during the last lour
the use of mines, pro- From the -.ci through the dunes ol
iles and bombs from aeroplanes 1 Fiander3 lo Arras in France, the
."he-- made an exceptionally Tiolent at- J British and the Belgian armies appear
icl. on March 2 I to ha-e withstood vuccessfolly all the
Three Towns Bombarded. j attempts or the Germans to break
" lolent cannonade -was begun the tl'rouh their lines, while from Arras
of:trnoon of the p-eccding day alonsr to the Vosges the French continue to
tfte entire front. Kelms. Eetheny and t jush slowly forward. This is espe-r-una-
were bombarded all night 'jv ; cially true in the Champagne district.
S .- of every caliber. The following j although the skillful German corn
afternoon our positions were chu-gel ,iranders exact a heavy price for every
1 v three detachments coming from dif- : step gained in this tection.
"-nt directions. Only one of these ' Allies Are KntbuIatc.
vurceeded in reaching our barbed Air I Th- unaualiffed optimism with
. itanglements. where the charging sol- which, judging from the trend of the
oitfTS were eitner Killed oy our n
New Mexico Team Defeats j State College President and
All Others in Rifle Shoot
of Military Schools.
Member of Faculty Have
Fight at Hearing.
Trance. March How French
...,,,, h tlie most desperate Kind oc
ficlitmg, "held their own against three
,erm.in' infantry attacks, supplement
ed heavy artillery bombardments, is
' nbed in a semi otficial note Is-sut-j
i,v the French war office. It says:
"North of La Pompelle. on the road
from Reims to Chalons, the pssession of
, l.ttin iTin at T Ferme Aler had been
i .-itli contested inee September. The j spade work
in i mans had tried e erv means to dis- , months.
(i.' us by the use
firp or made prisoners. The other two
attachments were stopped by our in
fantry and "seventy-fives.' The Ger
mans retreated hastily, not waiting to
carry with, them their dead and
' Soon afterward another attack came
opposite our extreme fjont directly
aqamst Alger, which was repulsed, the
Germans beating a hasty retreat. At
dusk a third attack was made but this
likewise was repulsed by Infantry and
lapid firers. The German loss was es
timated at two-fifths or the attacking
force, or approximately 350 men."
vy ) comment in the London newspapers
today, the approaching gigantic
struggle is regarded in Great Britain,
France and Russia, can be attributed
largely to the remarkable recuperative
powers shown by the troops of em
peror Nicholas. These soldiers. In
spite of the fierce bk-ws of the Ger
man armies under Von Hindenburg.
have been able not only to bring
Teutonic progress to a standstill, but
to push the Invaders back along vir
tually the whole front until at one
point at least, it is admitted in Berlin,
the Sghtlng has again moved very
near to the east Prussian frontier.
In the southern arena the Russians
appear to have tightened the lines
sufficient to make their tenure per
manent. Turkey Defends Capital.
Another event which is adding to the
with which the allies today i
Paris, France, March . For services
rerdered the French army during the
war, Adolphe regoad. the iamous serenity
aviator, has oeen awarded the military j regard t
medal, it is announced onicuniy. British, French and Russian warships
The announcement says that "Pegoud I hammering at the gates of the capita!
on several occasions pursued enemy j 0f Turkey with such success, appar-
aeroolanes and on Feb. 2 attacked at a ' Anii. thai- Tti,irv- airMv h. Hmmm1
, I,. -.. .-...a .V 4..BI ., m I . . . . T.
great neigui auu uuucu .s u. vi .
German machine. Soon afterward he
attacked, two other aircraft, causing
the first to fall and the second to
Pegoud first came into fame In 1913
as the originator of the feat of flying
tip side down in an aeroplane while
making experiments for obtaining
safety in the air. A short time later
he enhanced this reputation for daring
ii performing for the first time by an
aviator of looping the loop. For his
experiments Pegoud was awarded the
decoration of the Legion of Honor.
Several times since the outbreak of
the war Pegoud has come into notice.
on August 20 he returned to Paris
from the front to get a new aeroplane.
his old one having been riddled by
the enemy's bullets. He was men
tioned in dispatches for valor in No
vember and late in January was re
ported to have destroyed a German ex
plosive depot by dropping bombs on it.
Washington. D C. March S. New I
Santa Fe. X. M, March . The min-
... - ,. .. tk. I.-ts. Ut.ta hanlr nf
Mexico Military institute at RoswelL Laa cruces. containing all the formal
X. M is the w inner of the rifle shooting j legal records of the corporation and
championship of the military schools I regarded as invaluable evidence in the
of the eonntrv havlne- w all of the I effort to substantiate charges against
or the country, having won au or the the preEldent an directors now under
seven matches and concluded the series . bond is missing.
with a percentage of .i for the grand I It is alleged that it was last seen
Results of the series announced today
show that New York Military academy
won second place. Class B league was
won by Morgan Park Illinois academy,
whose final record was 91.94 percent
of all matches shot.
Send Congratulatloni.
Assistant secretary of war Bracken
ridge has telegraphed congratulations
to the winner of the championship.
Scores in the last competition follow:
Class A .
New Mexico Roswcll 971 vs. Harvard.
Los Angeles 870.
New York. Cornwall 9C( vs. Kemper,
Boonville. Mo., 938.
Bordentown. X. J.. 942 vs. Northwest
ern. Highland Park. I1L, 930.
St. Johns. Delafield. Wis, 94, vs. St.
Johns Manlius. X. Y SSI.
Class B.
Morgan Park. Tils.. 97; vs. Hitchcock,
San Rafael, Cal.f.. SIS.
Wentworth, Lexington. Mo, 913 vs.
Miami. Germantown, Ohio, 888.
Tennessee, Sweetwater, 9C7 vs. Bing
ham. Ashevllle, X. C. S7u
Shattuck. Faribault. Minn, .82 vs.
Nazareth Hall. Pa.. 700.
I regara ine ruture is me picture 01
she has had enough of the Bgyptian
venture and is now rushing her troops
back to defend Constantinople
An official communication received
In Petrogrrad from the Russian army
in the Caucasus Sated March 4. says
that Russian troops are continuing
with the same success the operations
in the vicinity ef Tchoruk river. In
Turkish Armenia, southwest of Batum.
There have been no encounters with
the Turks on other parts of the Rus
sian front
Artillery Combat Is Lively.
The French war office this afternoon
gave out at Paris the following
account of the events of Friday at the
Paris. France. March C An official
rote Issued by the French press bureau
.loclares that the German losses since
it,- beginning or hostilities in killed.
woundtrd. sick and prisoners reaches
the total of 3,000,000 men.
This calculation is based on the
L 11 own casualties in ten German regiments.
-Somewhat lively artillery actions -!euteLe ,s?ri.0.n-
Salt Lake Ot. Utan, March S Gov
ernor Spry of Utah administered a vig
orous rebuke Friday night to "dry"
senators for trmg to force into his
hands the state wide prohibition IU1
which had Just been passed. He re
fused to receive .the bill when it was
brought to him In a hotel, and said he
wonld receive it only in his office dur
ing the regular hours of business.
Under the constitution the governor
is required to approve or veto a meas
ure within five days after M receives
it when the legislature is in session,
otherwise the bill becomes law. Sun
days and holidays are hot considered
in computing the time. If the governor
had received the bill Friday he would
be required to act on it not later than
next xnursaay. the last dav of the
occurred around Nl.-uport and Ypres.
From the Lys to the Aisne there was
an intermittent cannonade.
"In Champagne our progress north
west of Boursejeour caused the Ger
mans Friday night to undertake fresh
counter attacks which -were renulsed.
1 Near Vievillen-Haic northwest of
Pont-A-Mousson, a well directed fire
upon a farm caused a panic among the
soldiers occupying it. They fled to the
woods, pursued by our shells."
London. Eng March t--The Rome
' correspondent of the Exchange Tele
graph company .sends word that the re
serve non commissioned officers nf four
classes were called today to join the I woman represented that she had legal-
Ruth Mabel Hourston. the daughter
of Wright Hourston. of Col am bus. X.
M, is to remain in the custody of Mrs.
Lucinda Hoesli. according to an order
of the court in the habeas corpus hear
ing held in the 41st district court Fri
day afternoon. y
Hourston sued out a writ of habeas
corpus to secure possession of his
daughter, on the grounds that he was
now aoie to care lor tne CMM. The
1 adopted the child.
$200 IHRBlflEi I n-""
1 Brand jMHf
If in the market for a piano or player-piano,
we offer this week $200, $225, $250, new straight
pianos that sell everywherp at $300, $325 and $350.
"We are offering new 88 note, the very latest
styles of player-pianos at prices ranging from
$400, $425, $475 and $500. These are even better
pianos than are being sold elsewhere at $550, $600
and $700. To make it easy for you to be convinced
of the above facts, w? advise that you visit all the
other piano stores before coming to our place.
Your credit is good at our store. All are wel
come to attend our free concerts every afternoon
from 3 to 4, and evenings from 7 to 8.
Piano tuning, tone regulating, actions repaired or made oter if
necessary. Cases repaired or ref inislied. v
Jenkins Piano Co.
PHONE 2958.
Attcmnted DMn-r.
The "wets" of the senate endeavored
unsuccessfully to hold up the signing
of the bill until Friday, but it was
signed by the president of the senate
and the speaker of the house late in
the afternoon and was then ready for
the governor. The governor had left
his office for the day. so a commit'.:
of three L.-natora waa appointed to en
deavor to find him and deliver the oiH
to him. The governor heard of the
anointment of the committee, aad in-
o wm,UB tor the committee ta
rind him, sought the committee in a
leading hotel. He found the comr. tt -e
in the main lobby of the hotel acl
censured the members strongl for
"sacrificing the dignity ef the state
by becoming messengers."
He told them in conclusion that they
need not be anxious to get the bill ta
him as it would be returned by him
within 48 hours after he received it.
CItv. Un Vrh c T i
Boyle, alias J. J. Moore, said to be the
author of a series of criminal fiction
stories penned while he was an in
mate of the Colorado state prison, was
arrested here today after the arrest of
' companions two women and a
man. AH are held for Investigation at
J?.. r.e,'?"t o Francis M. Wilsoa.
united States district attorney.
T. Martin, the other man, also is
said to be a writer. One of the women
?" it""W,i0 " " formerly
Miss Bertha McAndries. a widely
known Denver society girl and writer.
The second woman under arrest,
known here as Trixie Dean, alias Violet
Wilson, si said to have been a re
porter on a Denver newspaper.
Los Angeles, CaL. March t Alfred
Sells, who with his partner, Charles
Sligh, has admitted a series of rob
beries, indudlne- train hAllm. -
. according to the police, that he
murdered Mrs. Jacob Vogel in her home
in the outskirts of Oakland, CaL. Feb
ruary 11, and that a man. who accom
panied him killed her husband. Vogel
was a retired banker and waa reputed
to be wealthy. The motive was rob
bery. -
in the room where the hearing was t ona iv.vw.
held at Las Cruces just before the as
sault by president T. R. H. Smith, or
the bank, upon attorney Heed Hollo
man on Wednesday. Receiver Clapp of
the bank is conducting a thorough in
vestigation. A fistic encounter occurred this
morning between president George IL
Ladd of the college and Prof. R. H.
Hare of the faculty, it is said. The
hearing was resumed at 2 oclock today
in the capitol building in Santa Fe.
An Indictment has been returned
against Mart Parrell and wife, charg
ing them with theft of over iS.
The couple are charge-1 with having
secured $11 from Mrs. M. Barber, an
aged woman, with the promise that
they would play the races and recover I
for ner iw, sne alleges.
La Mesa, X. M., March S. T. L. Wells
has sold his fa. . northwest of San
Miguel to A. W. Bittick of El Paso
The Wells farm is comprised of 45
acres, the greater portion of w'. ich is
in alfalfa. There are a few fruit trees.
A large dwelling house with all mod
ern conveniences and good outbuildings
are on the place. The terms are pri
vate, there being an exchange of prop
erty in El Paso. Mr. Bittick w: ta.-
possession the first of April. - r. and
Mrs. Weils will locate In M Paso.
M FAR IS 1.305J336
San Francisco, Calif.. March . The
total attendance at the Panama-Pacific
exposition for the first two weoks. end
ing Friday night, was officially an
nounced today as l,35.3So, an approxU
mate average of 74.MM a day. Tim
largest single day for the second week
was last Sunday, with S7.M0. The first
week's attendance was 2V.tva the sec-
After 2 years in the City National
building, we moved to No. i:t San
Francisco street to reduce expenses to
enable us to offer our wares from it to
4 percent cheaper than any of our
uptown competitors, and before baying
would Invite you. in order to convince
yourself, to investigate our line of
Mexican drawn and lace work, zarapes.
taMeeloth and bedspreads. silk
shawls. lace mantillas. Navajo blankets
and Indian relics, antique silverware
and works of art for wedding presents:
opals, diamonds and other precious
stones. Ingersoll watches at factory
42 San Francisco St.
"The Corset Store of El Paso'
"My New Modart is a Per
fect Beauty. Fits Well it
Couldn't Be Better"
THATS exactly what Modal wearer
have to say.
We've had customers tell us that they
would not do without their Modart if they
had to pay ten times what it costs them.
One trial fitting and you'll say the same.
It's the best corset we have ever seen
just as much a pleasure to sell as it is for
you to buy.
See why this corset is so highly praised.
iow.v Govurt.oii SIG.XS
Des Moines. la- March 8. The wom
an s suffrage amendment recently
passed by the Iowa legislature was
signed by Gov. Clarke this afternoon.
The amendment must have the sanction
of the next general assembly before iu
submission to the voters. The present
assembly has before It a bill to permit
a vote on the amendment at the prima
ries next year.
LEVV 8aeEeY I ll
sBfaa w COMPANY ALIj 01'unRS
12 Cans Tomato Pulp 50? 6 Cans Blackberries 50f
6 Cans Golden Wax String Beans 50 4 Cans Red Kidney Beans. 2 . 50f
7 Cans Peas (Travelers) 50d 6 Cans Baked Beans in Tomato
7 Cans Chicken Tamales 50 Sauce 506
Trade With Vk and Save Muurr. Unll nr.i..u 1:1... .,.. i .,-...,
--. until ausuass. niiinuuil
Phones 505 & 506. 204 & 206 East Overland St.
Panama. March . The Panama ca
nal has been closed to all but the light
er draft ships, by a rapid slide of earth
from the top of the Culebra cut at a
point north of Gold HilL A further
slide is probable but no serious tieun
is expected. "
Imports of cattle at the port of El
Paso continue to be heavy. Thursday
iiS9 nead waa Imported and Friday
00 more were crossed. 750 for J. A.
Jjarrett and 150 for George Holmes.
S? r r seayule from the Tom on
dbrtrict was also entered.
Juan Eeguieroz suffered duun to
a bicycle when an automobile hearing
license number 32J7 ran into him on
Magoffin avenue Saturday morning.
H. H. Barry was later arrested, charged
with reckless driving.
The puWIc Service Company has pur
chased and is now operating the Com
pany known as the "Association Car
bervice." Association tickets will be
redeemed on all cars operated by the
PubUc Service Company. All makes of
unmarked autos for hire by the trip,
honr or day. Five-passenger cars. S1.S
per heur; T-passenger cars, I2.M per
hour. Open day and night. 41 Myrtle
avenue. Phone 1781. Advertisement.
Why otf
Visiting Cattlemen for your on
comfort take home one of those genuine
Navajo blankets, to use In the home,
or one for a saddle blanket. See the
ones on display at
, Hrnea'x rt She7s
101 Pioneer Plun. r,tv Nail BnTuJMJs
t 'i i-riisi :ne:it j
"Tfee Store oi Service"
We take pleasure ia announcing that we have
nuaha to our staff a new cutter, Mr. W. H.
Ihisftmer, whe eowes to us whfc aa e waste.
sMBBsssfBl record Bade ia the big eattara gtyk
Oar sfriag line of woolens is complete aew,
do not wait any loafer to order that aew
SpriBg Suit
Clothes Made in El Paso
Oft Sattetul Bpjdc Building, Seeoau Iksr
The Cheapest Residence
Lots in El Paso.
Close in, walking dis
tance from business
Lots on Boulevard with
street car, Wyoming,
Bassett, Olive and San
Antonio Streets. 1700
to 1900 block in Cotton
Addition at $400.00 to
$500.00 each.
6 which is less than
$75.00 per lot cash,
balance b each year with
only 6 per cent interest.
You will never have a
chance to get as cheap
lots again after these
lots are sold, so come
and let us show you
the lots before they
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e also offer trackage
property at very
low prices.
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; in

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