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Week-Eud Edition, March 6-7, 1913
Plant Covering 30 Acres Being Built by the Union Stock
yards Co. Will Be Complete d in Early Spring; Mayfield
Construction Co. and Perry-Kirkpatrick Co. Begin
Work on Many Bungalows; Home Building Active.
BT EARLY spring one of the largest
and most modernly equipped
stockyards plants in the south
vest, the new 1 Paso Union Stock
yards Co, will be -ompleted. Already
j.'.o pens have been Dullt and the 1.I3
c'fue building Is halt completed.
Ihe plant vers SO acres. The ex
change building, which will be in
Spinish mission style and finished in
pebble dash, will be ISO feet long by SO
ret wide, and will contain 18 offices.
These will be occupied by cattle rok
ers. The building will eost about S2S.
t'Ou Frerv facility for the rapid and ef-f.ci-
nt handling of cattle has been in
stalled in the building of the pens. A
tota of ZaOtt feet of side trackage has
been .ns tailed and the Incoming cattle
v ill be handled over tracks cm the
suJthtrn side of the yards, while the
outgoing stock will be loaded on tracks
at the northern side. Bach pen is
egjipped with a. cement trough with
drams so that the ground will not be
come muddy. Ample feed mangers sxe
prunded. At all alley crossings there
i re three way gates, which enables
sio-k to be driven in any direction.
desired in cutting out certain animals.
v huge scale, with a capacity of
3"' onj pounds, was completed this
week A ork has been started on a
complete fire protection system, and
high pressure hydrants are being in
stalled at frequent intervals. A deep
well has been sunk and a pumping
Vlant, to supply all of the needs of
the yards, is to be installed. H. H. Bass
is superintendent in charge of con
struction. He built the Oklahoma City
ards for the Morris company and
states that in point of equipment, the
Kl rao j ards are the equal of any in
the country.
Mayfield Building: Many Buncalorrs.
n ei&ht room, two story residence
h the 2400 block is being erected on
Mcntana street for Mr. and Mrs. O. B.
j:ads by the Mayfield Building & Im
pro ement Co. The house will cost $8,
500. The same company has started
' (instruction on four bungalows in
klr,,k! 73 and 52. Grand View addition.
for Tom Newman. The bungalows will
bo of four rooms each and. together
with the ground, will cost a total of
Other buildings now under way by
this firm include: Three five room
bungalows in the 2800 block on Boule
vard, that will cost between W00 and
JJ950 each; two five room bungalows
on Montana street to cost, with the
ground, 15350 each; three five room
bungalows on Riverside avenue, in the
Mundy Heights addition, costing, in
cluding ground, J4250ach; a flTe room
bungalow at 281 Boulevard for R. Ro
mero. Among the dwellings Just completed
are: a four room bungalow at 1215
Los Angeles street for K, E. D -1111.
casting S3950, a six room bung? iv at
the corner of Roosevelt street and
West Boulevard costing JS500, and a.
five room bungalow located at 2S27
Boulevard, built for Joseph G. Klapper
and costing J5500. The firm also re
ports the sale of a bungalow' at 2728
Wyoming street to E. McCoy'for J2750
and to R. Revllla. a five room bung
alow at 2 07 Montana street for J52S0.
Begin AVork. on Right Bungalows,
Plans have been drawn and work
was begun late this week by the Perry
Kirkpatrick company on eight bung
alows on East Missouri street that are
being built for Tom Newman. The
bungalows 'will contain four rooms
each and will cost abotu $2000 each.
The same firm is building for B. 1.
Farrar, three bungalows of fire rooms
each in the Mundy Heights addition,
on McKinley avenue. The homes will be
of unique design and will be built of
EI Paso brick. They will cost abuuC
J 100 each.
Building California Street Home.
Work has begun this week on a five
room bungalow, basement and beating
plant, in the 1190 block on California
street by the Anderson-Filler Invest
ment Co. The house will cost S35M.
and will be built of Atlas white brick.
Sella Cottage.
Mrs. Maggie Whitmore has sold to C
A. Portland, through Cassidy & NeeU
a five room cottage on Sacramento
street in Grand View. Mr. Portland
came here from Pottsvllle, Pa. with
his family. The selling price was $2190-
ucHi Marital Misery,
Dorothy Dii Declares,
Is Caused By Money
Husbands and Wives Could Eliminate One Source ef Friction, She Savs,
by Having Definite Understanding Like Business Partners
Before Beginning Life Together.
There is no genuine
unless it has this irade-
mark on the package.
bcb.inu3.pax off. ESTABLISHED 1780 D0RCHESTER.MASS.
FROM time to time I have expressed
the opinion that much of the
misery of matrimony was merely
a matter of money, and that' if the fi
nancial question could be settled defi
nitely and fairly between si man and
a woman before they entered into a
life partnership, as it Would be set
tled between two men who were going
Into business together, it would elimi
nate one ever present source of fric
tion in the household, and make for
peace and harmony.
The average American husband Is
not a tightwad. As a geenral thing he
wants his family to have every pos
srtljle1 thing that he can afford to give
them. But he Is as set against giving
.his wife an allowance as he is against
death. He does not want' to let ber
have the handling of the money, iie
wants her to come to him for every
penny, and even when he doesn't mind
giving her what she asks for, he likes
to growl a bit about It,
Wife Writhes Lnder Injustice.
All of this infuriates the wife, fahe
feels like a beggar rattling a tin cup
every time she asks her husband for
money. She writhes under the injustice
of never having any money of ber
own that comes to her. not as a grat
r uity, but as self respecting money that
she has earned by her own labor. It
makes her envious to see working
women with their cwn pocsetbooics
when she knows that sbe works ten
times as hard as any of them, and has
no pocketbook.
Why men are so opposed to granting
their wives the boon of an allowance
nobody knows. It would even save
husbands money to do so because any
woman coukl manage her affairs bet
ter if she knew how much she was
going to have to spend Instead of Just
having to guess how big a bill her
husband would stand for. or how much
she could jolly him out of. It is a fact,
however, that most men are unalter
ably fixed in their determination not
to give wife an allowance, or any mon
ey of her own, and that when you
commence talking to one about it, he
immediately flies off -at a tangent and
grows self righteously indignant at
what he calls woman's attempt to
"commercialise marriage."
One of the indignant men has re
cently writter me as follows:
"True love and affection, the only
justifiable basis of matrimony, cannot
be measured by dollars and cents any
more than you can add together pota
toes and pig Iron. Whenever women
attempt to place matrimony on a dollar
and cent basis, they should be treated
upon a strictly business basis, and he
compelled to give value received, and
this value received must be estimated
by the standard which they with to
establish, and in which they expict
payment, viz., cold, hard cash."
What nonsense, and what a begging
i of the question' The real service that
j a wife gives her husband is spiritual.
J It is a love and tenderness that can
I not be bought, a loyalty and devotion
that can never be repaid.
Worth More Than Ilnbnnd Can Pay.
Beyond that, though, the average
wife could send in a. bill for actual
sen ices, payable In money, that would
bankrupt any man who was not a
millionaire. Suppose wife sent In her
little account at the end of the month
for cooking, for washing, for ironing;
for scrubbing, for a'ting as purchasing
agent, for nursing the baby, for car
ing for the elder children, for act
ing as sick nurse, for entertaining
company, for pressing trousers, for
cleaning suits, and for acting as com
panion; Uarnv Her Hoard.
Cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, sew
ing, nursing, sick nursing, entertain
ing company, tutoring children, are ell
different professions, you know, for
which a man would have to pay if
he had a family, and didn't have a
wife who lumped them all in her day's
work. So you see the wife does really
earn her board and keep and a little
spending money besides.
If a woman i- too big a fool to
handle a few dollers she has not sense
enough to make a desirable wife. Jr
she is so dishonest that she cannot
be trusted with an allowance, she's too
big a thief to become the mother of
a man's children. If a woman is sen
sible and honest, what excuse can a
husband give for denying her the in
dependence that comes of having her
own money?
Hew Wen Would Take It.
There Is no man who would not feel
himself degraded by having to astc
even the most generous ef fathers for
money every time he wanted a. dollar,
il'omen feel exactly the same way
about it. and if husbands only realised
this there would be vary few mean
enough to put this humiliation upon
their wives.
It's stuff and nonsense to talk about
women trying to commercialise matri
mony by asking their husbands for
little allowance of their own. It's men
who commercialise matrimony, and
drive a cruel hard bargain, too. when
they take the work of a woman's
hands, and the devotion of her soul,
and begrudge her a dollar of her own.
Helen Keller, Famous Blind
Girl, To Lecture To El Paso
San Francisco, via Saa J? i C ff
Dkgo .. $4D.UU
Saa Francisco, one way via Denver d f Q t?f
and Portland 0 &,DJ
Saa Diego or Los
Angeles .- i
S 1 fejtJIJ I IrrP gSf 1 Special Excursion Round Trip Tickets m
I ffffffoMBlifca6 Stop-Overs at AH Points H
H San Francisco, via Saa (JJJC A A H
Diego .. $40.UU 1
H San Francisco, one way via Denver (ii 7 O Cf B
and Portland $ i &.DJ H
H San Diego or Los & Q Ef ff H
Angeles tPDD.UU
I To Portland, Seattle, Spokane or Tacoma m
H Fred Harvey Meals while on the Santa Fe m I '
B Visit the Grand Canyon when enroule to B ;
fl California !
fl For further information see m
B General Passenger Agent City Passenger Agent B
B R. G. E. P. & S. F. R. R. Co.. Mills Building. El Paso. fl
m v i
m St. Louis - - 33.25
BB Chicago - - 37.80 1n ats stopovkr al-
MpTrmlri? . wot; M at new Orleans
meHipmi. - - 00.60 i os ALL THROi;GH tickets ,
New York - - 54.25 )
A IV i
k TexasPacifio V
ous blind girl, will be aSisitor
to El Paso next week She Is
being brought here by the Women's
club of El Paso to give a lecture for
the benefit of the fund for the new
The lecture of the blind girl will
bi upon the subject of "Happiness"
and will be preceded by the story of
her life, by Mrs. Anne S. Macy, her
teacher. Miss Keller will be here on
JIarch 11 for a matinee and night ap
pearance at the El Paso theater. In the
afternoon the club will probably give
her a reception following her matinee
Helen Keller has been known to the
world over since she was seven years
old. when the first reports of ner edu-
cation were published, telling bow a
deaf blind child bad learned to read
and write in six months.
Her life has been an unbroken series
of triumphs over obstacles. Deaf and
blind at the age of nineteen months,
she remained in intellectual darkness
When Tires Go Wrong
Remember There's a Better Road Above You
Goodyears Mean Content
By going wrong wetlon't mean tires' univer
sal fate. AMrireswearoutin time AH makes
will yield to mishap or misilse. We would
not have you pass snap Judgment on a tire.
We mean inherent weakness. We mean
skimped quality. We mean faults which
Goodyear ways avoid.
When you meet such trouble-makers, take
the road above you. It is occupied now by
hundreds of thousands to whom Goodyears
brought content
Vast Difference
Between a Goodyear Fortified Tire and the
best of its rivals there's a wide, wide spread.
Goodyears combat rim-cuts in the most
efficient way. They combat blowouts and
loose treads by exclusive, costly features. One
of them our "On-Air" cure costs us
$450,000 yearly.
For safety's sake, each
Fortified Tire has 126
braided piano wires vul
canized into the tire base.
And our All-Weather
tread lough and double
thick combats punctures
and skidding as does no
other tread.
Fortified Tires
How Can You Hesitate?
Note the place which Goodyear holds
the highest place in Tiredora.
Note its users and endorsers more than
any other tire ever had.
Note its growing prestige. Last year men
bought 1,479,883.
Are you fan to yourself when you fail lo
prove out what is known to so many as the
super-quality tire?
Reduction No. 3
Ob February 1st we put into effect our
third reduction ia two years. The three
total 45 per cent Yet we retain every costly
and exclusive feature. We are spending
$100,000 yearly to discover other better
ments. You wiM find that they average best They
mean less trouble, less
cost per mile. The place
they hold would be im
possible without that.
Our extra features would
i fittaCct aroerMo-Rin-Ct feaoue.
. L , t BJowwrti-bT oar Oa-Ak" core.
Fortawd I Loom Tred-br assay rubber rrrats.
Araaut )luecnritr byl2S braided paowres.
Fracture and Sldddias by osrdoable-
V thick An-Weatber tread.
Any dealer can supply 70a
Goodyear tires. If the wanted
size is not m stock, be will
telephone oar local branch.
of Athens and of Diana's temple at
Kphesua. Its beauty nay border on the
verge of over-adornment, but It is still
such that the civilised world cannot
afford to lose It."
Resembled Breaking Out From Heat.
Burning and Itching. Very Irritat
ing. Used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment. Entirely Well.
relief until ve
Luke. Md-"My baby broke out with a
severe rash from ber bead to her feet. It
was Tery dfeOgariBg. It resembled a
breaking out from beat,
and was burning and
itching. It was wry ir
ritating to the Utile one
and sbe could not rest or
sleep but very little.
"I tried salve and oint
ment, two or three dif
ferent kinds, without suc
cess. She obtained Bttte
MfiAfl f.lllim.ii . -
Ointment. We used the Soap for her bath
ana anointed ner welt with the Ointment
immediately after. A few applications
proved sufficient to make ber entirely weU."
(Signed) Mrs. Kills Reamer. Sept. 3. 1914.
To dear the skin, cleanse the scalp,
soften and whiten the hands as wen as meet
every want of the toilet and nursery Is the
special design of Caticura Soap and Outi
enra Ointment. Nothing better.
Sample Each Free by Mail
With 32-p. Skin Book on request. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura, Drpt. T, Bos
ton." Sold throughout the world.
mini sho was neari. seven. Then Mra,
ilacy (Miss Anne M. Sullivan a sru
uate of the Perkins Institution, where
J" J-" Bridgman. went to Helen
Jv lis!! Wrtma I.
hei education. At the age of ten Helen
lvellr mmA ... ......... . , . I
-.... . .jaii. .-n. sixteen sne
was preparing tor college. She grad
uated from Radciiffe College in 1JI.
receiving the degree of Bachelor of
Arts, with distinction. While she was
SlL-Jr "Ihlch has been translated
into fifteen languages.
i.?00 then' Bh ha" written three
nooks and has devoted herself to wock
5Ihe bMnd mna tn de- At several
tneetinga in their behalf, she has de-
duw pok . But her voice
did not carry far then and it was al-
fence. sentence by sen-
H.rinR the " rear 3 taken
another step forward in her remark-
ChaVle,rw'hi,LDd'r.th",,tn,,0 ot
t-narles White, a teacher of singing
at the Xw Vnri..j r. -.,.
oeakin" JEW HJ-V !
liii .kf - . """ "i" summer of
,, hhf "?JL' b,erore convention of
teachers of the deaf at Providence. R
ii.Jf'S,wa" the "rst "e that she
stood alone on a public platform.
V-?1, cSTess in Boston at the H. "art
experiments has encouraged her lo
aPia';before the neraj pubu" '
.u nT. People say they do not know
whom they admlro niore. Helen KeUeT
or her teacher. Mrs. Macy. Mrs? Maev-s
?"m i !e mon InstrucUve lectures.
', aHl,.u7la,, and acientific polntif
Town Hall in Louoain
Is Rich Example of Lale
Gothic Architecture
Washington. D. C, March fcDe
scribing the toim hall of Iouvaln. Bel
glum, which has been .n the hands of
tne ue.inans almost since the begining
of the present war in Europe, the
National Geographic Society has pre
pared the following abort sketch of its
hlstor and architecture:
"The Hotel de Ville. or town ball.
13 a very run and beautiful example
of late Gothic architecture. Though
built by the plain people of a citv of
wavers and tradesmen it nevertheless
i", one of the most beautiful adminis
tration buildings in the world. It has
thre facades lavishly enriched with
w ulptures. memorialising persons
prominent In the history of the town
and smbo!king the mediaeval trades
of that community.
'The structure stands in the Grand
Place, a square In the center of the
town, from which the principal atreeta
raoiate. It is an achievement wjrthy
of belonging to mank-n,!. and its loss
oultl Uo h imanlty's loss as wre
tlio;e of tin. aooiwlitan masttr. i.ees
This Institution
In Preference
to Others?
Simply this: Because, al!
other things being equal, we have
a keen desire lo serve you and
serve you well. Wc have suSi
cieat capital for safety; but
others have as much. Our in
stitution k governed by experi
enced ousiaess raea of sound
judgment and proves abt)iy; but
others probably can offer you as
choice a group.
BUT We want yotrr' ac-1
count. Our mterest k you and
your fioaacial affam wifl be far
froffi catual. It wiH be keen,
arrv; we'll give ywi the best
that's m us.
That spirit is worth something.
We think it's worth your account.
What do you think?
Rio Grande: llev
Bank & Trust Co
In Every Department
We art well prepared to handle your banking buti
' nest with Jitpalch and accuracy offering nW tnoU
liberal terms, consistent mth safety.
4 interest Paid on Savings Accounb.
Kiil"B m lgTB Bv fm ij 1 1 y ft & iL ii'B
"Scientific Dry Cleaning"
El Paso Laundry
Oar Wagons Are ETerywhere.
Phones 470-171.
We appreciate our customers
arid will be glad to consider
any good new Lusiness.
Protapt. Efficient. Courteous Service.
Sporting Goods, and Saddles
The most complete line hi El Paso. Reasonable prices
Highest quality. ,
Shellon-Payne Arms Co.

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