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Thursday, April 8. 1913
Friday Will Be Fish and Meat Day At The Herald's Cooking School
-RS. A. V. AVERILL. of El Paso.
has been chosen by the nominat
ing committee of the State Fed-
nation of Women's Clubs as the candi
date for recording secretary of the
'tate fedentlon. This office is next to
the presidency in importance and the
numbers of the El Paso Woman's dab
f-el greatly honored that an El Paso
"Oman should be selected for it. Mrs.
venll's candidacy will be announced
ft all of the district conventions, which
v. 111 be held the last of this month.
The first announcement will be nude
at the fifth district convention In en
ntonlo, which begins its meetings
Mondaj. The honor conferred upon
Mr. Averill was announced at the busi
ness meeting- of the Woman's club
Wednesday afternoon, held in the au-
'itorium of the high school. Mrs. A.
W Foster presided.
The yearly reports of the officers
k ere read. Mrs. Charles B. Stevens.
the recording secretary, read her re
port. The report of the treasurer. Mrs.
-" IT. Sutherland, showed the club to be
.n a splendid financial condition. The
club has paU over fl7M on the club
house building site debt, leaving only
a note of $306 remaining to be paid. It
has also contributed $100 to the state
federation endowment fund, thereby
putting Mrs. Olga Kohlberg on the
honor roll of the state. The club con
tributed $15 to the chamber of com
merce budget fund and SIS to the build-
' Inn I'm... e 41... .a.... ..... .
(p. wiau v mi: aMi irKUC noflie lor
delinquent girls and has a balance in
the treasury.
Mrs. H. F. Wright, the corresponding
secretary, reported her work and an
nounced the convention of the fifth
district, to which El Paso belongs. It
will be held in San Antonio next week.
Miss Grace Virginia Logan reported
as chairman of the press committee and
suggested that a scrapbook be started
for all newspaper notices of the club
meetings and activities.,
Mrs. Oi;a Kohl berg's report as chair
man of the finance and auditing com
mittee was read by Mrs. II. F. Wright.
- Mrs. S. J. Fennell's report as chair
man of the dub house committee was
read by Mrs. C B, Stevens.
Mrs. George Brunner's report as chair
man of the music department was read
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Mrs. A. P. Averill, of EI Paso
25c the Cake
Gorham Silver Polish
Use il on your
Il wSH wejfcc them hok like new. Using it your silver will
reqmfeless cleaning than with any other polish. It goes far-
thcr Jfcan ethers.
Ssmpks h er exhibit al Jhe Herald Cooking School.
Xne A.. D. Foster Co.
- (Whose Shre is. in Ac Herald Bldgi)
- "Our wedding rings insure happy marriages'
Salad Day
at the Cooking School
The dishes Mrs. Evans used in her demonstration this
afternoon were selected from our stock and feature especially
the "Minion" design in Old English Porcelian, with salad
bowl and individual plates.
No- mailer how- daintily food is prepared proper service
isabsciutely necessary for table perfection.
Our specially is having the RIGHT service in greet
range of pattern and sterling quality.
A visit to our new store will convince you.
Arts and Crafts Department
Featuring Card Prizes
FIELD and Francis Mirick Bcall
were nurrrled Wednesday night i
in the First Baptist church. Rev. J. F.
Williams performed the ceremonj.. :
using the ring service. j
A beautiful setting for the bridal
party was arranged with quantities of
palms and ferns on graduated tier's
banking the rostrum, with a blaze of
candles in seven branch' candelabra in
the center. About the edge of the ros
trum was a row of candles in brnt,!
sticks and between the candles and fit
ferns were potted calla lilies in blossoir
The row of lighted candles ex.entieil
about the railing of the choir lofts oi,
either side of the rostrum, which hit.
massed with palms and ferns and .nion,.
these, and. through the palms on the ros
trum were large gracefull shaped v hit.
baskets, filled with white carnation.
apple blossoms or calla lilies and car
nations. The baskets of flowers also
were used in the windows of the c!,uri h .
A mass of smilax vines trailed griee- 1
fully over the organ pipes the back
ground of the rostrum and the ceiling,
giving a most pleasing effect. The smi
lax was festooned about the railing of
the choir lofts and on the posts of the '
railing were large butterfly botvs of j
white tulle. The white tulle bows also ,
iwere tied on alternate seats up and
down the church aisles.
Miss Julia Pool presided at the organ
and Played selections from Mendels
sohn's "Midsummer Night's Dream" pre- 1
ceding the entrance of the bridal part. j
Miss Pool wore a gown of pale pink
silk, made- in empire style with an ovei J
drapery of white net trimmed in iri
descent beads. '
The strains of the bridal chorus from
"Lohengrin" announced the coming of j
the bridal party.
The groomsmen entered in coupl
They were Carl A. Beers. Charles A '
Brandberg. William W. Carroll and .1
Davis Mayfield. The minister and th
groom, with his best man. Tom Mar- .
field, entered from the choir door and (
awaited the bride, the groomsmen dtand-
ing facing the congregation. ,
Miss Walker McClellan led the '.rid-s-maids.
who were Miss Hildegard S;m- !
and Miss Eleanor Eubanks. Thev
dressed alike in daintv costume
white net. made with tight fitting wni
aatin bodices, with ver full skirt.-
white net, trimmed with bands of m k
aatin ribbons, with a pattern of fni!- .
satin ribbon trimming between in
horizontal bands. Tiny pink rose !inl
formed an ornamental band about th
waist line. The skirts wtre made ankle
length and were worn with pink satm
slippers. A frill of th white net
trimmed the low cut necks and form' i
a small pxift over the shoulders. The
hats were of pale pink tulle, with .i
small wreath of tiny moss rose buds. A
large wide bow ornamented the b-ick of
the hats and from these a long streamer
of the tulle extended to the nirht
wrists, where it was attached with a
bracelet of moss rose buds. The brides
maids carried very large bouquets of
long stemmed Easter lilies and ferns,
tpd with wide streamers of cmbrold-
XiH&"9SBHBBSwxa& Vvlip' u!I-a1bsMbbbbbH
HF HPHHmP"t Hegi : WSKSsmtssm
sm hIP IBaBes??- -,-. J JEssbbSbBB
F7T7 !
JbbbbbbbbHbbbk JHHnBswghssssssssssss
bbbbbIbBF bsBbsbsbsbsbsB
SsbbbbHbbHbW ' ll
&30fmmj UNtoL ' -' nil
r ' wSKSiWSSi " -f-' r"rrW8nT) i hbi itsmSssmsmssK
Miss Grace Hawkins entertained
Tuesday night with an informal dinner
dance at her home The house was
prettily decorated with spring flowers.
The gjrls were Misses Alice Myles.
Ruth Moore Morriss, Mary Goggln. Ad
h" Krrr. i:iiiabth Hawkins: the boys
wrrc Will Hawkins. John Simpson. Al
fr.l White, i: Murry, Alfred Brown
.u (1 I.irm s RandalL
!i- Uertrurle ldbetter entertained
itti a t-i informal dance at her
;,,... i Montana street Wednesday
Miht following the wedding reception
,. Mr and Mrs F. M. Beall Punch and
i"dniclie- ere serv. .! during the
i,ne intermissions. The rooms were
tintnel- dcorated with fruit blo--..i
- and narcissus, '.yaiinth and jon
. i, i I Unvsoms Among tnose present
a.w Mr and Mrs. A 1- fox. Ir. and
U I: Jamieson. Mr and Mrs. s.
ni-t- Mrs. IJlhan Corcoran.
- i It 1. 1 Hague. Beulali Brown.
' i i:.ne. Margaret Davis. Irene
I l -i.lui i:ie.inor Eubank. Alice Wfnllf.
u.Uk.i M.i'lellan. Olive Davis, Anne
;.. . i:i I'lov Pence. Lydia Pence.
v w Carroll, Charles A.
e Tom Newman. Tom May
Fi irk lioberts. Mason Pollard.
-t.iiii Blai kshear. Robert Mccarte,
l:r.l-ti' Hnllinav W. F. Payne. Capt
: fforH Uime. Capt. William Graham,
: -ut. Oliver S. Wood and Lieut. Clif
!"fd J. Mathews.
Jack Lnwlon'ii new book: new ones
liv H. G. Wells. A. Conan uoyie, B. x.
Bower, etc. Kl Paso Book Co..
Bldg. "It's handy
About El Pasoans.
Mrs. Frederick George Billing ha
been quite ill at her home on Bouie
vard, but is beginning to improve
C. A. Fox, who was recently injured
in a carriage accident on his return
from California, la greatly improved
aad is able to be about a little.
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Davis are the
parents of a baby daughter, born Mon
day at their home on Olive street. The.
baby, has been named Alice Flournoy
Mr. and Mrs. Justin C. White ar
cerebrating the birth of a bab girl,
who was born Thursday morning at j
oclock at the White home, 1115 Nobl
street. Mr. White is chief clerk in the
sales department of the El Paso Mill
ing company. His mother. Mrs. J. C.
hite, of Houston, is visiting here
El Pasoans Away.
George F. Billings left Wedncsda
for Los Aafjeles.
Jim. M. H Marsh left this afternoon
for Kansas City.
Miss Dorothy Morgan is visiting
friend's in Douglas. Ariz.
Mrs. A. B. Deason and children, of
1SZ1 Magoffin avenue, are visiting in
Big Springs.
Mrs. L C. Wilson and daughter. Miss
Nellie Mae Wilson, will leave today
for California, where they remain for
several weeks for their health.
" Advertisement.
Ladles! If yon want your suits prop
erly remodeled, ajo to XI. E. Knehne.
tailor. 40 San Francisco St. phlne Zil".
Mrs. Evans Favors
Thematic Fireless Cooker
The Herald's cooking school expert is daily
demonstrating to handreds of' EI Paso women
the myriad advantages of cooking "the fireless
way." She is showing, toe, that there are fire
less cookers and fkekss cookers. The one
thoroughly dependable kind is the THERMATIC
remember the name "Thermatic" and if
you can't arrange to see it at the cooking school,
come to the store and satisfy yourself of the
truth of all claims made for it.
ered net.
Mrfi W Tt Vavflal.1 v-Aa hA.. .u..t.
ter's matron of honor, she wor a cos- I "uston
J the sufM of Mr and Mrs. Max .MI. in
Mr? R. H Meyer and littl bab, of
Texas, are the guests of Mrs.
De Kyle Smith
102 N. Slenlon St. Phone 2398.
Hr2iy m?sr I
Tempts the Appetite
Buster Brown Bread tempts ihe appetite by its daintiness its deli
cious flavor is irresistibly appetizing. Every slice is digestible and
Avoid Bake Day Troubles. For sale by all grocers.
For Sale by All Grocers. Made by I
S f M -S" r I !&4. i. Jt M I '
"" 7" ZI 1 - j
tume of nale bine chiffon ov.i- hln.
satin. The gown was made with a train
and was trimmed with a shouldei
drapery of real lace. The edge of the
neck was trimmed with a band of bril
Uants. She carried a large bouquet of
Easter lilies.
The two little flower girls. Evelyn
Jamieson and Virginia Gardner, pre
ceded the bride, scattering rose petals
in her path. They were dressed alike
in dainty frocks of white organdie, with
pink roses trimming the decks and a
pattern of frilled pink satin ribbon or
namenting the short full skirts. Their
dainty flower basKets of straw were
held by handles of pink tulle, tied with
large butterfly bows.
The bride, entered with her father.
William Davie Mayfield. who gave her
in marrlap-e. She wore a costume of
heavy ivory white satin made in high
waisted effect with a full skirt. The
waist was made with a small tacket
effect ornamented in a pattern of Kas
ter lilies, formed of pearls, and ropes
and festoons of pearls trimmed the edge
of this. A pattern at lOlesT in pearl
beads ornamented the front panel of the
gown. The long moveaiietalre sleeves
were made of white Ualfe and there was
a high Mejici collar of real rose point
lace. Prom the little Jacket bodice fell
a long pointed train of heavy white
satin. She wore a necklace of pearls
with a small pearl pendant. The bridal
veil was worn over her face and was
attached to her hair with bands of
pearls The veil was of hand made rose
point lace. She carried a large bouquet
of long stemmed Easter lilies combined
with ferns and tied with broad white
satin steamersL
m The bridal party left the church to
ihe music of the wedding march by
jiraomssnon iron use Midsummer
Night's Dream."
Following the service a wedding re
ception was held at the home of the
bride's parents on Montana street. The
brrde and groom, with Mr. and Mrs.
Mayfield. received the guests. The
rooms were attractively decorated with
potted pink azalea plants and apple
" An Ice course was served in the din
ing rwnLv The table was very prettily
arranged with a large gilt basket, filled
with bride's roses and Easter lilies In
the center. The table was covered with
a lace cloth over green satin and broad
bands of green satin extended across
the table, finshing in large bows. The
wedding cake was made bv the bride's
mother and was heart shaped with
elaborate white frost incr Th hi-M. m
showered with pink and white heart
shaped confetti as she cat the wedding
cake. The trinkets were attached to
narrow white satin ribbons under the
cake. In pulling these, the ring was
found by Miss Alice Wnlff. Miss Irene
I-auphlln found the dime, the thimble
was on the ribbon pulled by Miss Julia
Pool and the button was drawn by Miss
Edith Morgan. w
A number of tbe younger set assisted
in the dining room in serving. Among
these were Misses Laaramande Fink,
Clara Fink. Luelah Williams and Es
telle Berrien.
The bridal couple received a large
number of handsome silver and cut
glass wedding gifts.
Mr Ant Ur NjMlt win k . &...
1 to their friends after May first, at their
new nume. ztii Montana street.
Dinners, Luncheons. Teas.
Mrs. Kid red D. War field w hiM.
at a pretty luncheon given Wednesday
afternoon in the tea rooms. Apple
blossoms were used as the table deco
rations. The guests were Mesdames
Omar Bundy. John 4u Ilines. George D.
Guyer. Alfred W. BWnstad and Henry
C. Bonnycastle.
Mrs. Will T. Owen, newlv elected
chairman of the music department of
the Woman's club, was the suett of
honor at a delightful luncheon given
Wednesday by the retiring chairman,
Mrx. George Brunner. at her home on
Mesa avenue, purple Iris blossoms, in
f ,,11 ! Tse. tied with purple
tulle, formed the table centerpiree and
eorsage boquets of violets and Cecil
Brunner roses were at each guest's
plate. A five course duncheon Svas
SK.rS.-1D' sue" were Mesdames
w 111 T. Owen. c. O. Biicker. J. J. Ffearce.
S. J. Fennell. Ralph il Henderson. A. F.
Sievers and rarvin Wltte.
Out Of Town Visitors.
Merer! sister. Mrs. Ernest DeoDerman.
Miss Virginia Hall, of New Orleans,
who is visiting Mrs. C C. Henderson,
will remain in El Paso for some time
J. n, McGhee. of Illinois, has re
turned to his pome, after visiting his
daughter. Mrs. F. O. Jones, 112 Myr
tle avenue, far the past three months.
Mrs. I w. Brown, of Pearsall, Texas, '
arrived Vednesda to visit her mothei.
Mrs. K. G. Adams, and her sisters. Mrs.
Lamar Davis and Mrs. IL F. Reynand.
for a month. While she- Is here her oth
er sister. Mrs. John Moore Thompson,
will probably come to El Paso from
Columbus for a visit.
Oe Master BnLoeTs Concrete floor
hard-Mr aad save wear. Bines has it-
Krakauer,Zork & Moye's, S.I.
n?t you want to make
A A 'fll'-a V A aPea
iriii!air& IiLta f rue f
JMAfe-O .&&&. fe,J&M4
browned perfectly on top, without being baked hard;
a top crust that is velvety in texture;
white as snow inside, breaking open with an appetizing
and so light in weight that you wonder how they can be made.
That is exactly the kind of biscuits made with
i he one great test of any shortening is with biscuits.
Use Cottolene use a third less than of any ordinary shortening,
quickly; it mixes easily; it. blends perfectly with the flour.
It creams up
A- K- i?tuhsin (. v..
j M.. is ill at Hotel Dlen.
... " rerguson. or Massachusetts,
111 in I'rovldcnce hospital.
John Gcllman. of New- York c!u
It bakes wonderfully, and when you have enjoyed biscuits made with Cottolene
you will be ready to believe that it is easily the finest cooking -fat you ever used,
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Your grocer has Cottolene now
Your grocer will deliver a pail of Cottolene to you today.
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always deliver Cottolene to you pure, sweet and clean from
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v5siiS)3JCwUJi3?T5 y

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