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EiPasoans Make Tours to Deming, Elephant Butte, Las
Cruces, Heuco Natural Park, Leasburg Dam, Cox's
Ranch, Over San Augustine Pass and Up and
Down the El Paso Valley Roads.
JH GRIFFIN and family, travel
ins In a Ore passenger Over-
land, made the trip, to Detains
and return Saturday and Sunday. The
party left Bl Paso about noon Satur
day and made the run to Dentins, a
distance of SS miles, in five hours.
On the return better time was made.
"The trip was the moat Interesting
I have taken in some time." said Mr.
:nffin. "The roads were good and
I made good time both going and
t oming- Being more familiar with
the roads I made better time on the
return than going and I had no trou
ble anywhere. The prettiest sight of
xhe whole trip we beheld from the
mesa on the west side of the Kio
Urande. The entire valley was green
with alfalfa and for a background was
the Franklin range. The Rio Grande
valley is very pretty everywhere Just
now "We saw considerable farming
around Myndus station, 26 miles this
side of Deming. In the past there has
been much trouble from lack of water,
but nearly all the farmers nave wind
mills now and the water problem is
practically solved. Deming we found
ery interesting. There is an air of
prosperity about the place that indi
cates that that part of the Mimbres
valley is in good shape."
Motored to Dam.
X F. Sullivan and family and Otto
Custer and family made the trip to
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edy that will quickly relieve the
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restore regularity, is the combina
tion of simple laxative herbs with
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lutely free Irom opiates or narcotic
drugs and has been the standard
household remedy in countless
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bottle can be obtained ty writing to
Dr. W. B. Caldwell. 432 Washing
ton St, Monticello. Ills.
Who Suffered As Many Girls
Do Tells How She
Found Relief.
Sterling, Conn. "I am a girl of 22
years and I used to faint away every
I month, and was very
weak. I was also
J bothered a lot with
I female weakness. I
I read your little book
Wisdom for Wo-
men, ' and Iaw how
others had been,
helped by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, and
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teen troubled with suppression. The
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tion,' and said I was all run down, but
Xydifi E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
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Elephant Butte dam and return Thurs
day and Friday, in Mr. Sullivan's Ford.
On Thursday they encountered heavy
roads as the result of rain and passed
D. C Booth, who was stuck in the
mud The return trip was made in
better time, as the roads naa partial ly
dried out. . '
Mr. and Mrs. Horace B. Stevens in
their National car, with Mrs. IL B.
Stevens, Jr., and Margaret Stevens and
Phil Stevens, motored to the Elephant
Butte dam Saturday, returning Sunday
night. ,
fH. S. Stephenson, tHicam Smith, of
I New York," and W. r . Payne, formed
a party that motored to Elephant
Botte dam Friday in Mr. Stephenson's
ear. The outbound run was made in
five and one-half hoars and the re
turn trip in four and one-half hours.
Saturday morning the party were
shown over the works, made a trip
through the dam, saw the electric
lighting system and other machinery
and crossed the river in the aerial
Mr. and Mrs. IL B. McDowell in
their Haynes car, with Mr. and Mrs.
Edmund Lachman motored Saturday
to the Elephant Butte dam. returning
Sunday night.
Edgar Held, in Lie Ford car, mo
tored to Elephant Butte dam Satur
day, returning Sunday night. With
him were Webb Haden, Will Mayer, of
Ornoba, Mex., and Hervey Logan.
To Hueco Park.
Hueco Natural park was the objec
tive point of scores of motorists Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Peticolas
with their children.-Ella Petiealoe, W.
M Peticolas, jr., and' Lloyd Peticolas.
in their JTelie car. and Mrs. F. J. Wil
liams, Misses Sophie Williams, Irma
Davis and Imogene Leavell, in Mrs.
Williams's Oakland car, motored to
the natural park Saturday and spent
the day.
W. H. Tuttie also motored out Sat
urday in his Hupmobile car With
f-bim were Mrs. W. S. Tllton, Mrs. W.
M. James. Mrs. Ralph M. Henderson
and Miss Nora Sanders.
i -T--Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Simmons
formed another party who motored
our aamraar lir weir v eiie car. v nil
Misses Vilas Simmons. Lois Maetxe and
May nighc
'p Snnday School Clan.
Mrs. C. C. Henderson took her Sun-
j day school class of boys at Trinity
sieinouisi cnnrcn u rne naxirat parK
Saturday for a picnic. They went
in Mrs. Henderson's Chalmers car and
Mrs. Ross E. Bryan's Ford car. In
the party were Miss Virginia Hall.
Dawson Bryan, Jaaee Lynch, Leslie
Lynch. Charles Dickinson. LeRoy
Sehuller, Herbert O'Rear and Maurice
W inane.
A party of young people who mo
tored out Saturday and spent the day
included Misses Viva DriskelL Violet
Chase and Fama Rickman. The boys
were Alves Cochrane, Lowden Wingo
and Will Race. They made the trip
in the Pathfinder' oar of Mr, Wingo.
Lowden Wingo, with Will Race, James
Biggs and Alves Cochrane motored
down the valley below Tfcleta Sfinday.
Sunday Parties to Hueco.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wise motored
to Hueco Natural park Sunday. They
were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
James L. Marr and Mrs. M. O Wright.
Mason Pollard, W. h. Austin. Miss
Maud Austin and J. H. Pollard made
the Hueco trip Sunday in Mason Pol
lard's HUDmobile. The road is re
ported in fairly good condition.
party or young Deome motored to
the natural park Sunday for ait all
day picnic. They made the trip in
two Hdpmobiles belonging to Miss
Margaret Davis and Will Crosby. In
the party were Misses Wanda Race.
Margaret Davis, Olive Davis, Benlah
Brown, Lieut. Theodore Barnes, jr,
Lieut. Oliver S Wood, Donald Hart
and Will Crosby. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Btschoff and
children, with Mrs. R. Congdon, in
their Maxwell car, motored to Hueco
Natural park Sunday. With them were
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Orlott in their
Ford car.
Tito Family Parties.
Joseph Driscoll and William E. Trues
dell drove to Hueco Natural park Sun
day with their families and a party of
friends to spend the day. They camped
in the park and had their lunch there.
In Mr. Driscoll's party were Mrs. Dris
coll and J. D. Gllreath. Mr. Truesdcll
was accompanied by Mrs. TruesdelL Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Rogers and Mrs. S. A.
Tulloch. The trip was made in the two.
five passenger Buicks owned bv Mr.
Driscoll and Mr. TrueedeU.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Buchoz drove
to Hueco park Sunday accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. W. C Cutler in Mr.
Buchoz's Ford tourinar cat
A -Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Marr and son.
James, accommnieal In Mr nrt Vr
Robert McAfee and son, Bobby, drove
MPeerless car.
LMr. and Mrs. W. N. Small, accom
panied by their son, Warren Small, and
Mrs. C Garlick, drove to Hueco Natural
park Sunday in Mr. Small's Ford.
Partle of Tonne Folks.
C. P. Henry and party drove to the
park Sunday and spent the day at tbe
beautiful natural park. He was accom
panied by Misses Lena Keller and Mar
garet Smith. Mrs. M. Smith, Charles Hill
and James Howard. The trip was made
in a Chalmers "six."
Maurice Schwartz and Leo Kohlberg
drove to Hueco park Sunday, accom
panied by a party ot. friends. The trip
was made in Mr. Kohtoerg's Hudson
touring car and Mr. Schwartz's Chal
mers "six" Accompanying them were
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mathias. Dr. and Mrs.
Branch Craige and Misses Edna and
Hedwig Mathias. They left at 9 oclock
Sunday morning and returned Sunday
evening, having a picnic lunch at the
Family Parties.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Krakauer. with
their children and Mrs. Krakauer's sis
ter and brother. John Fisher and Miss
Helen Fisher, motored to Hueco park
Sunday in their Paige car.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. SegaU. with their
Official Proceedings of
The County Commissioners
-Wednesday, March 24. 1915.
Court met in special call session at
3 o'clock p. m. Officers present: Hon.
Adrian Pool. County -Jdge. presiding;
Hon. James Clifford, Commissioner
Precinct No. 1; Hon. Seth B. Orndorff.
Commissioner Precinct No. J, E. B.
McCiintock. County Clerk, by C.
Aranda, Deputy.
March 24, 115.
On motion of Commissioner Orn
dorff, duly made and seconded, the
following order was passed, to-wit.
Whereas the following suit is new
pending in the district court of El
Paso County, Texas. 5th judicial dis
trict, for opening hat is known as
the James road in Socorro and de
scribed in said su.t. No. li'oi 1
Chavez et ais and LI Paso Count),
plaintiffs, vs. Mrs. .June L. James et
al. defendants. Now. therefore on
motion of Commissioner Orndorff,
duly made and seconded, it is hereby
ordered in settlement of the forego
ing suit, defendants shall convey a
stretch of property twentv (id) feet
wide as a roadway following the
j present highway in dispute, and for
uk aiBiance oi saia i-ignway in uis
pute; said deed to t- made to El
Paso County.
In consideration therefor EI Paso
County will pay defendants and Jose
Maria Holguln for the property com
prising said road, $70.00, suit to be
dismissed at County's cost.
It is further ordered that C. W.
Croom be paid a fee of ?5 04 for
representing said county in said suit.
It is further ordered that a warrant
be issued to isrs. J. L. James and
Jose Maria -Holguln jointly on re
ceipt of proper deeds to said high
way, that a warrant for $50.00 issue
to C. W. Croom as attorney's fees,
a warrant for $12.45 issue to J. A.
Escajeda. district clerk for court costs
of said suit.
(Order declaring result 'of election
and levying tax in common School
District No. W. 4, Ysleta.)
On this the 24th day of March, 1915.
there came on to be c. aidered o . .e
Commissioners Court of El Paso
County, Texas, the returns of a special
election held in Common School Dis
trict No. W. 4, and it-appearing that
at an election held in said district on
the 20th day of March. 1915, for the
purpose of levying a tax of and at the
rate of twenty five cents on the
$100,041 valuation of property in saul
district subject to taxation for tbe
purpose or supplementing the state
school fund apportioned to said d-s-trict,
that said election was duly and
legally held and said returns were
duly and legally made out, and that
at said election there .were cast 40
votes in favor of ssidV tax and 38
votes, against said tax. '
It is therefore orBered and adjudged
that a majority of the qualified prop
erty tax paying voters voting at said
election were in favor of said tax, and
that the same has carried, and that
this Court is therefore authorized to
have said tax levied, aasesaed and
collected upon the property in said
district for the purpose above stated.
It is therefore ordered that a tax
of and at the rate of twenty five cents
on the $100.0 valuation of property
in Common School District No. W. 4,
of El Paso County. Texas, be and the
same is hereby levied for the year
1914, for the purpose of supplementing
the State reboot Fund apportioned
to said district, and said tax shall.
children and Mr. Segairs mother. Mrs.
B. SegalL of New York, motored to
Hueco Natural park Sunday in their
Jeffreys car.
To Leasbnrs Dam.
Mr. and Mrs. r. B. Sawyer in their
Reo car motored to the Leasburg di
version dam. going by way of the6an
Augustine pass and returning through
Las Cruces. Their guests were Mi1, and
Mrs. F. (G. Masqoelette.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Gardner and chil
dren in their Buick car. with Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Powers and children accom
Danied by Mr and Mrs. George E. Wal
lace and daughter in their Franklin car.
motored to Leasburg, going by way of
Cox's ranch. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hurxthal. in their
Buick and F. T. Preistler and sister.
Miss Marian Preistler. In a Metz. mo
tored to Las Cruces and return Sunday.
The outbound trip was made along the
east side of the Franklin mountains.
Crossing the range over San Augus
tine Pass, they went on into Las Cru
ces and then came down the Rio Grande
valley.' The trip was made in good time
and but one stop was made at Grove
Springs, where they took lunch.
To Van Fatten'H and White Plain.
Mr. and Mrs. IL R. McCiintock. Mrs.
M. B. Stewart. E. L. W. Polk and Miss
Stella Treadwell went to WhHe Plains, I
.N. .. sunoay ln Mr. MeC'llntocK's Hud
son. Several rain storms were encoun
tered but the roads were in good condi
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Potter motored
in their Chalmers car to Patten's Drip
ping Springs resort Sunday. Their
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Henry S.
.Deacu. iney went oy way or ias'CTu-
ces and returned by the San Augustine!
-ass. Accompanying toem were Mr.
and Mrs. Fred J. Feldman in their Kis
sel Kar and Mr. and Mrs. Winchester
Edgar Kayser. accompanied by Jake
Miller. A. L. Schutx. Miss Darling. Miss
Holzman and Mrs. Kayser. went to Van
Patten's ranch near Las Cruces Sunday,
returning by way of San Augustine
Pass. The trip was made in Mr. Kay
ser's Cole.
Trips to Las Cruces.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Roe with Jack
Flynn, Phil Dietz and Winton Roe mo
tored to Las Cruces Sunday and spent
the day with Miss Blanche Roe, a stu
dent ln the Loretto academy. They made
the trip in Mr. Roe's new Paige car.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hanson, ln their
Buick car. with Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Lorentzen and Mrs. N. D. Lane, mo
tored to Las Cruces Sunday. W J. Doer
ing in his Ford car motored to Las
Cruces Saturday and returned with the
party Sunday.
W. R. Favrot and cbUdren. of S04
North Pledras street, motored to Las
Cruces Sunday
A party of young people motored to
Cox's ranch for a picnic Sunday. They
went by way of Las Cruces and re
turned by the San Augustine Pasa Thev
roade the trip in Eli Krupp s Overland
car, Joe Wolfs Ford car and Leo Ga'.e s
Buickcar. In the party were Mr and
Mrs. Leo Gale. Mrs. C K. Wolf. Misses
Grace Mayer. Selma Ziegler and Effie
JSiegier, Messrs. Eli Krupp, Joe Wolf,
Sylvan Wolf, Manuel Cers and Law
rence Calisher.
To Fort Hancock and Faben.
John M. Wyatt. accompanied .y hi3
mother, Mrs. E. B. Sayre and J. S. Mc
Daniels, made the run to Fabens Satur
day afternoon. Mr. Wyatt drives a
Pathfinder. '
L. R.. McCiintock. accompanied by his
mother and two sisters, motored to Fort
Hancock Sunday in his Oldsmobile. Mrs.
F. King was also in the party.
Mr. and Mra. D. C. Booth, driving a
Buick, made an afternoon trip to Fa
bens Sunday.
Mr. and Mra J. A. Happer In their
Reo car. with Mr. and Mra J F. Wil
liams, motored to Fabens Sunday.
Short Sunday Tours.
V. S. Stewart and family motored to
Anthony Sunday in Mr. Stewart's win
ton. Mr. and Mra W. R. Schutz. accom
panied by D. Baker Smith, drove down
the valley toward Ysleta Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Arnold with
Mr and Mrs. F. C. Searle motored down
the valley to Ysleta Sunday in the Ar
nold's Franklin car
R. IL Rlnehart, wife and guests were
motoring about the city and suburbs
Sunday in a new Velie.
James IL White, wife and daughter.
Agyra, motored about the city and
suburbs Sunday afternoon in their Chal
mers "30." They are preparing to mo
tor to the San Francisco exposition m
May or June.
hereafter be annually levied, assessed
and collected 'for said purpose.
The Court then aJjourned sine dia
-rian Pool,
County Judge.
K. B. McCiintock, Clerk.
By C. Aranda, Deputy.
Saturday, April J, ISIS.
Court met in special call session at
5.30 p. m. Officers present: Hon.
Adrian Pool, County Judge, presid
ing, Hon. George PendelL Commis
sioner Precinct No. 2; Hon. Seth Orn
dorff. Commissioner Precinct io. Z.
E. B. McCiintock, County Clerk, by C.
Aranda. Deputy; Commissioners Clif
ford and Walling being absent.
April 3. ISIS
On tins day. on motion of Commis
sioner Pendell, duly made and sec
onded, it is ordered by the Court that
P. H. Marcum, attorney at 1: w. be
and here is hereby appointed assistant
to the District Attorney at a salary
of $150 00 a month to commence from
and after March 22nd, ISIS, inclusive.
And it is further ordered that his
name be placed on the payroll of tins
County, and that a warrant be issued
for bis March salary as such district
The Court then adjourned si die.
Adrian Pool.
County Judge.
K B McCiintock, Clerk.
By C. Aranda, Deputy.
Wednesday, April 7th,
Court met at 3:30 o'clock
p. m ,
pursuant to call. Officers
Hon. Adrian Fool. -County Judge, pre
siding; Hon. James Clifford, Commis
sioner Precinct No. 1; Hon Stth B.
Orndorff, Commissioner -recii.ct No
3- E. B. McCiintock. Clerk, by C.
Aranda, Deputy. Commissioners Pen
dell and Walling being absent.
'Order declaring result of election )
On this day came on to be- consid-
r-Ml thA rvtiirni nf an .l(.ntlnn held
' on the 3rd day of April, ISIS, in Com
mon School District ro. w. , of this
count upon tbe question of issuing
$17,000 00 of School House Bond for
said district running forty years with
option of redemption after -twent
years and bearing fire percent inter
est, and levying a tax on all taxable
property of said district sufficient to
pay the current interest on said bonds
and provide a sinking fund sufficient to
pay tbe principal at maturity, and it
appearing that said election was in
al' respects legally held and that said
returns, were duly and legally made
and that there were cast at said
election 89 votes : which number
there were cast.
For the bonds 1 2 votes.
Against the bonds II votes.
And, it appearing to the Court from
said returns that a majority of the
nMllfI nnuiMtv tY TM.fni VntATS
I of said district voting at said elec
tion voted in favor of Issuing said
bonds for said lax. the Court does
hereby declare the said tax to have
carried in said district and the prop
osition for the issuance of said bonds
to have been apt.d, and this Court
is authorised to Issue said bonds and
to levy and hare assessed and col
lected said tax.
The Court then adjourned sine die.
, , ' Adrian Pool.
m - County Judge.
E. B. MeCllntocx, Clerk.
By C Arahoa, deputy.
Find the Trip by Auto From
El Paso Very Interest
ing and Enjoyable.
Myryi Coblenti and party, who left
El Paso recently in Mr. Coblentz's new
Cadillac, have reached California safely.
In a latter dated at the IT. S.I Grant
hotel, San Diego. Mr. Coblentz writes:
"I have not written sooner, as I
wanted to see if the trip could be made
with ease before writing. I have kept
a full and complete record of the trip,
which I will furnish The Herald when
I return, and from this. El Pasoans
contemplating a trip to California can
get information which I think will en
able them to make the tour and avoid
tbe worst roads.
"The trip was most interesting to all
of us and such sights as Granite Gap.
south of Lordsburg in New Mexico; tne
Santa Rita mountains, Roosevelt dam
and the 40 miles of scenic roadway into
the dam; and. above all. the great
American desert between Yuma and
Holtville. are things that are well
worth seeing. "
"One of our greatest surprises was the
beautiful Hotel San Marcos, in Chandler,
Ariz., a little town of but a few hundred
inhabitants. Yqu would not believe
there is such a hotel in this small place
a hotel that compares favorably with
the finest in the United States unless
you saw it.
"We are going from here to Los An-
Face Eruptions Have
Deep Significance
Often They Indicate Im
purities Deep in the
Tfce reso'ts snown by 9 S. S. ln clearing
the skin reveal how searchlngly and how
deeply this famous blood purifier attacks
blood troubles. Facial eruptions are more
often significant of impaired nutrition result
lag from faulty elimination of body wastes.
Most people realize this to be true. And
yet it, is a difficult matter to convince such
people they should avoid tboee harmful drugs
such as mercury. Iodide of potash, arsenic
and so on. S. 9. S. gives Just as good effect
without the destructive results, because it Is
more searching. Jt goes deeply Into the cir
culation wherever tbe Mood flows, bat It does
not remain to clog the system. And Its effect
Is complete and thorough as Indicated by
blood tests. One of the strange things today
is that so many people are wedded to the
notion that mercury Is the one antidote. It
Is net so. There is la S. S. S. a product of
nature that Is rated one of tbe most potest
principles known for the complete elimination
of blood troubles.
Wherever you go there are people who
know this to be true from their own experi
ence, for It has been clearly shown there is
one ingredient In S. S. S. as essential to
health If the blood be Impure as the nourish
ing elements of tbe grains, sugars and salts
of our dally food. Get a bottle of S. S. S.
today of any druggist, but Insist upon S. S.
S., accept no substitute. And if your ease la
peculiar or of long standing, write to the
Medical Adviser. The Swift Specific Co, 101
Swift Bide., Atlanta, Gi
By shopping here, and saving S. & H. stamps, you gel pari of your money back in
liberal premiums.
Have you had Mme.
Denver, Colo.. April 19. James
ORourke. a member of the Colorado
legislature, announced he would leave
today for the Navajo reservation in
New Mexico at the head of a party
in search of a lost gold mine and
Jl.0ov.a0e In treasure left by a Span
ish expedition in 154. The party win
be backed by several Denver capi
talists. According to records ln possesion
of CRourke. an expedition of 7 men
headed by Pedro Velarde, a Spanish
priest, entered what Is now New Mex
ico from the south in search of gold
mines. They located a mine in the
territory now occupied by the Navajo
reservation, and were on tbe way to
the trading post where Santa Fe now
stands when attacked by Indians. All
but one were massacred.
The sole survivor. Sanchez Velarde,
a brother of tbe priest, reached Santa
F insane after two weeks of wan
dering In the desert He brought rec
ords of the gold mine, however, and
of the burial of Jl.seO.OW worth of
bullion by the party. These records.
O'Rourke says, have come Into his
hands after being handed down from
generation to generation in Spain.
geles. where Mrs. Coblentz and her sis
ter will join me. Then we will motor
to the fair at San Franoisco. The roads
for the rest of the trip are fine, we
hear from the California people, and we
anticipate gseat pleasure from our
Mr. Coblentz was accompanied from
El Paso by Walter Butler. Frank Fill
more and C. A. Hirsch. They went
over the Borderland course to Phoenix,
then doubled back "to Roosevelt; con
tinued west from Phoenix after the
Roosevelt trip, to Yuma, then from
Yuma to San Diego over the new
planked road into Holtville.
HolIiBnr Permits.
T I A. de Ffegarra. te solid an adobe
In tbe rear of lots la and U. alack U.
Campbell addition, estimated cost IMS.
The Timr Grocery, to .iaatal a gaaenne
service at 1(34 Montana street: estimated i
cost ills.
To Dr. ,W. L. Brown, to add a story and
make reseirs at 1 East Boulevard; esti
mated cost M.
Deeds Filed.
Lou in Hollywood Helchts James T.
Smith to H. L. MeCune. lots IS. aad 37.
block 1. lots 4; to 4S inclusive, block II:
Hollywood Heichta sdrUen; eoaslderattOB
tM: April 1. lilt.
North side of Orient street, between
Golden Hill terrace aad Rampart street
Mountainside Realty company to Mtanle W.
Kerr, lots M and II. block 3. GeMea Hill
addition: consideration ; March 1. MM.
South side of Saa Dies street, between
Louisiana and Florida avenues Maria Bums
de Larrasola and J. B. Larrasola. jr.. to
A J. Ftallan. lots 1 and IT. block , Man
hattan Heights; March 1. HIS.
East side of Virginia street, between Third
and Fourth streets J. Stoaey Porcber to
John B. Watson, lot It. Mock 11. Camp
bell addition, consideration IxtM; April It.
East side of Ochoa street, between Second
and Third streets Angela P. Dacsene and
M A Dachene to Rafel R. Molraar. lot IT.
block 111. Campbell addition, consideration
S15M; March 22. HIS.
Land in Socorro zrant Rudolph Dtadla
er, of Greenlee county. Ariz jo August
Dtndtnger. surveys 1st. Ill anbf III, So
corro town grant, consideration tit; April
8, MIS
Lots ln El Paso Heights Bl Paso Heights
Investment company to Robert Schwanbeelc.
of Maricopa county. Aria, lots i and It.
block 94, El Paso Heights addition; con
sideration 12. March 22. ISIS.
Lots in Logan Heights Logan Heights
Treatment company, to Mrs. Soledad Peter
eon, of Lana county, N. M. lots 2T. block
88 D, Logan Heights addition, consideration
1125. April 7. 1515
Land In San Ellzario rnnt Emma K.
Chaffee to B L Lyford. survey 98 da the
Island" In San Ellzario grant, containing
49 14 acre sis and other considers tloas.
April 10. 1913
Aetomobttcs Licensed.
1425 Robert E. Dornhecter. HJ Mills
street five passenger Detrolter.
1427 Luis Gaxloia, Juarez, Max.: two pas
senger Volturette
I42S Walter a Smith. 112 San Francisco
street two passenger Flat.
141$ W. K. Marr. Austm & Marr: five
passenger Ford.
S4M Krakauer. Zork & More. MTH San
Francisco street. Cadillac track.
Licensed to Wed.
Francisco Terrazas to Refesdo Murille.
Geronimo Merada to Porfirte Telia.
Pedro Estrada to Luc-tana Herrera.
Joan Adam Hainer. Hotnaa sanitarium.
April 14. aged M years, burial Newcastle.
James cseeney Hendricks sanitarium.
April If. aged 17 years: burial Boatoa.
Martha Bryan Jones. 117 Nvvada atrtt.
April It, ased 74 years, burial Metapbls.
Carolina Sanchez. Sixth and Taya streets.
April 16. seed 4 years, burial Jsaraz. Mox.
Victoria Herrera. No z Hidalgo) alley.
April 1C. ared 8 months; bvrlal Co3ioardl&
cemetery April 17.
Manuel Hoerta. IK Sovth M Paso street.
April It. axed 1 year; burial Concordia.
cemetery April 17
Birth Male.
. To Mrs. August In Fernandes, 117 CobsbI
alley. April lit
To Mm Franoisco Garza, ::i8 Oklahoma
avenue, April lr.
' ". MJ
Rmr 2i? $SJUl 3SSIBf
&& mm Halm I' 1 1
Webber demonstrate, to you, the excellent qualities of
Elcaya Toilet Preparations?
Moth Bags
A household necessity within the reach
of all. So economically priced as to
make it possible to have a bag for every
Kennedy's air-tight, dust-proof,
moth-proof bags, for sale here '
only, at
15c Ech
Toilet Article Section, Main Floor
Don't lose a day's work!' If Constipated, Sluggish, Head
achy, take a spoonful of "Dodson's Liver Tone."
Listen to me! Take no more sick
ening, salivating calomel when bilious
or constipated. Don't lose a day's
Calomel Is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of tbe buses.
Calomel, when it comes Into contact
with sour bile crashes into it, breaking
It up. This is when you feel that
awful nausea aad cramping. If you
are sluggish and 'all knocked out." If
your liver Is torpid and bowels consti
pated or you have headache, dizatneea,
coated tongue, if breath is bad or
stomach sour just take a spoonful of
harmless Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee Go o any
drug store and get a to cent bottle of
Dodson's liver Tone. Take a spoonful
Miguel Holguln was arrested Satur
day afternoon by dty detective Billy
Smith on a charge of forgery. Holguln
was later transferred to the county Jail
aad complaint was tiled against htm In
a justice court.
Holguln is alleged to have signed the
name of Jose Estrada, a farmer residing
near Canutillo, to four checks, all of
which were cashed at the First National
bank. The cheeks bore dates, in Feb
ruary and ranged in amounts from IS
to JSS.
srrr for insurance
Denver. Colo, April 1. The V hstor
Americaa Fuel company and the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron company have
filed suit In the district court against
the Home Insurance company. They
ask payment of J485 tire Insurance
on buildings nee Aguilar which were
destroyed during disorders incident to
the coal miners' strike in April. MIL
When constipated or bilious
give ' ' California Syrup
of Figs."
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, it is a sure sign that.yoar little
one's stomach. liver and bowels need
a gentle, thorough cleansing at once.
when I peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act natu
rally, or Is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad; has stomach-ache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, EtVe a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs." and ln a few hours all the fouL
constipated waste, undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again.
Ton needn't coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative:"
they love Its delicious taste, and it al
ways makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a 5-cent
bottle of "California Syrup of Figs."
which has directions for babies, chil
dren of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly on the bottle. Beware of coun
terfeits sold here. To be sure you get
the genuine, ask to see that it ts made
by "California Fiir Syrup Company."
Refuse any other kind with contempt
"Scientific Dry Cleaning"
EI Paso Laundry
Oar Wagons Are Everywhere.
Phone. 470-471.
tonight and if it doesn't straighten ou
right up and make you feel fine and
vigorous by morning I want you to go
back to the store and get your mono
Dcdson's Liver Tone is destroying the
sale of calomel because it is real livr
nedicine; entirely vegetable, therefore
it can not salivate or make you sick
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your
sluggish liver to work and clean oar
bowels of that sour bile and consti
pated waste which is clogging our
system and making you feel miserable
I guarantee that a bottle of Dodson s
Liver Tone will keep your entire fam
ily feeling fine fpr months. Give it to
your children. It is harmless: doesn t
grtne and they like its aleaaant taste
15c PER LB.
Prompt Delivery
rhones 35 and 36.
The largest and most complete stock
in Texas of exquisite China Dinner
ware. Glassware, Silverware, Cut
Glass. Crockery, ana other house
hold. Hotel, Restaurant and Bar
Furnishings. Wholesale and Retail
Quality the Beit Prices the Lowest
Eyster's CO.D.Grocery
Bl. . Grocery DepL - - 4S40
i uuun Meat Dept. - - -
Best Bay in EI Paso
A. P. COLES & BROS, Axeats
Insist on Gettlnc Made la El Paso
Retail Store lee North Stanton
Office and Warehouse. Cor. Snd and
Chihuahua Streets.
Tuning aad Repairing
Work Guaranteed.
Jenkins Piano Company
Phnne 2S6S. SU-13 Texas Street.
Herald Want Ads for results.
esffjr w&

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