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Frld;n , Ai ll 2:"!. 1013
Mrs E. Strickland and Party
Escape Injury; Accident
Was Near Canutillo.
.1 hit passenger Chalmers car be-
" -ins to Mrs. Edna Strickland of the
Tiio hotel was destroyed bjr fire
"" uraai night on the county road
-cr c inutillo when an overheated en-
Minister Gave
A Fine Report
Rev. Andrew J. Sura, Pastor
of St. Nicholas Church,
Export, Pa.
alTOvs Interesting to listen to
statements of onr friends, and es-
p iallj when one knows that they are
5 nroie and honest in what they say.
i led .nterest Is created in a statement
rung from one of the best known
' c- men in the United States and who
s a, larg circle of friends in the busi-
-c;- nord as well as his church asso-
- ions Such a man is Rev. Andrew
J -ura formert-v or Yonkers, X. Y but
r riMor of the St Nicholas Church
- r v xpo-t. Pa., twentv miles from Pltts-
I jTe t ho in a recent interview stated:
I i the past three vears I have been
t" jhlrd with a erv bad case of ag-
" it'd stomach trouble. I suffered
'" iruj- to mi stomach while in
" riing school and it has bothered me
r - sncr I ha e tried various doctors
X man medicines without receiving
-i help until 1 began the use of Plant
ui r T felt better from the very first
t-3 ind now. after taking this aiedl-
t c for onlv a short time. I am feeling
a new man T can recommend
T nt Ttncc as a medicine for all iieople
at suffer as I did. I can now eat
f nat 1 want and enjoy my food. I
tiii' to thank ou for furnishing such
emedj that ies such positive re-
Plant Juice is a vegetable tonic ex
tracted from the roots, leaves, barks.
' 1 r and bloom of numerous plants. It
iiature s own remedy and works won
""" It ees almost immediate bene-
i' and It leads to permanent relief in
pn tivll every case where people
suffer as I have outlined.
I' inr Juice is sold in 1 Paso at the
"K ! I ollard drug store, where it is
1 introduced and its merits ex
I i i eJ. Ad i ertiscment.
"Pape's Diapepsin" makes
sick, sour, gassy Stom
achs feel fiiie.
Po some foods you eat hit back
taste good, but work badly: ferment
into stubborn lamps and cause a sick.
;"ur, gassy stomach? Now. Mr. or
Mrs Djspeptic, jot this down: Pape's
3'iapepsin digests everything, leaving
nothing to sour and upset you. There
ner was anything so safely quick, so
. ertamly effective. No difference how
hadl our stomach, is disordered you
ill get happy relief in fire minutes,
rut what pleases you most is that it
strengthens and regulates your stom
s. h so you can eat your favorite foods
w ithout fear.
Most remedies give you relief some
times they are slow, hut not sure.
Pape's Diapepsin' is quick, positive
ard puts Mmr stomach in a healthy
mdition so the misery won't come
You feel different aa soon as ""Pape's
1 'lapep? in ' cornea in contact with the
stomach distress just vanishes your
stomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
.ng no eructations of undigested food.
jour bead clears and you feel fine.
bo now, make the best investment
i on e er made, by getting a large flf ty
'nt case of Pape's Diapepsin from any
dru? store Tou realise in five min
uter how needless it is to suffer from
ndigestion, dyspepsia or any stomach
Suorder Advertisement.
U. S. Army & Navy
Goods Store
204 MrMt Street, Opposite the Orndorff Hotel.
We carry a cotaplete lisc of camp and outing goods.
Come and see our goods and get prices and save
Genuine U. S. Gold Medal Cots, folding, each. .$2J50
Folding Camp Chairs, each $2.50
Folding Camp Tables, each $2.95
U. S. Navy Hammocks , 95c
U. S Blankets, gray and olive drab, 72-90 all wool,
weigh over five pounds, each $4.95 two for. ..$9.o0
Scout Blankets, each $20
Oothers from $1 .75 to, each $3.50
Tine Kahkl cotton doth, regular TJ.
. ? ard 25 and 35 cents.
Fine olie Drab Wool doth, regular
1 s $1 75 and J! 00 yard.
W carr the most complete and,
1 ipfit st selection of Leather and
i'unas PuUees in the dty. Prices
from 40c to S3.50 pair.
Fine,ladies' 1 egg ins. pair Jl.8.
I. S. IBMT SHOE"! They have qua lit j. made of the beEt leather obtain
able, built for solid comfort, hand sewed, black and tan. price S4.00 and Jl J 5"
If Ion 1ant to Save Money Visit the Army and avy Goods Store.
A most sensational China, Crockery, Silverware,
Enamelware and Household Furnishing Sale will
he announced shortly.
(New Management.)
Bine communicated a spark to the gas ,
Although four persons were in the I
machine, no one was injured or burned.
Mrs Strickland, her son Guy, Miss
Velma Chenoweth and a mechanic. R.
Wanton, were occupants of the car 1
xney bad been buying eggs from h
farm near Canutillo and had started
homeward about 10.30 p. m-, when the
machine caught fire.
The front wheels escaped damage,
but the rest of the car was practically
destroyed. A telephone call to El Paso
brought another machine to the scene
and the party came to El Paso.
A Ford car belonging to F. M. Filler
was stolen Thursday night about
oelock from Stanton and Texas streets
The car bore the license number JSIT.
The car had not been recovered Friday
The theft of a tire from a machine
owned by K. W Kayeer was frustrated
by the arrnal of TV. C Bi.lke. of the
Bl Paso Auto Supply company. Bielke
discovered a joung Mexican in the act
of placing the tire in another auto
mobile and succeeded in recovering the
propert. although the Mexican made
his escape
J. D. Bukey reported to the police
Thursday night the theft of an auto
mobile tire from his machine as It was
standing In front of the Kelly & Pel-
iara arug store on uregon street.
Phoenix, Ariz, April ;s. Reports that
auto stag lines in Arizona are carrying
d narrate and other explosives, in vio
latton.of a federal statute, have reached
the corporation commission and are be
ing Investigated. The transportation
of explosives In passenger vehicles is
expressly prohibited by law. General
warning has been sent out by the com
mission that the practice must cease.
Alleging that he was permanently
injured whire in the employ of the com
pany. J. H. Turner has brought suit
against the Mexico-Northwestern for
JiO.WO damages. The suit is filed in
the 34th district court. Turner al
leges that as train conductor he wa.i
standing on a cowcatcher, the step of
which gave way, causing him to fall
and receive a crushed limb.
Tomorrow being the last Saturday of
tbe month. Herald carriers will present
hills for April subscriptions. Subscrib
ers -will please note and be ready for
the boys.
Genuine U. S. Army duck, double
filled. oz.. 30c yard, 10 or, 20c;
i: oz. :sc
line Summer Underwear, per gar
ment 2 and SO cents.
Haversacks and straps, extra large,
each I1.0.
Knapsacks complete J1.T5.
Canteens, all sues and quality, from
SOc to J MS.
U. S. Amy tents. 7 by 7. complete
with poles. S7.M eacn.
I A 32nd DEGREE 1
if f fi or oispi"" f rj
II .. . 1 JK
es is bo muca larger. a I jassss
II I better. and mora tssBBa
I reasonable In price, SB
1 than those of other In
1 1 . Jewelers that we IW .
1 guarantee absolute ll
ISA satisfaction and a 111
JBf saving in money. Jw
, Let our ever-ready i.H
Hi and courteous sales- 1,'jj
If' people show and con- j I
i vince you. I , I
J Masonic Jewelry I I
specialties this week. ill
jL A. D. Foster Co. kl
17 A The Jewelry Store J
J In the Herald Hide.) U Y
j jH "Our Wedding Rings flBk 1
I fffS Insure Happy Km 1
nvTi Marriages." fSsh
VC rr
Officials Charged with Caus
ing Deaths With Use of
"Third Degree."
Tucson, Aritf April IS. Charged witn
murder through having hanged three
I,eon brothers as a moans of adminis
tering the "third degree," Frank Moore,
a deputy sheriff of Pima county and
Robert Fenter. county ranger, have
been placet! under arrest. It was re
ported several days ago that the of
ficers had shot and killed the men
while an attempt was being made :o
rescue them
The harnrinr Is said to have occurred
in a lonely gulch near Greaterville in
the Santa Rita mountains. The officers
were searching for men alleged to
have abducted Mrs. Loretta Yanez. a
supposedly wealthv cattle woman.
One Died on Rope.
Juan Leon, one of the brothers, died
on the rope, according to Jose faria
Leon, who is at the point of death from
the effects of strangulation The third
brother. Francisco, was left for dead
hut released himself while his toes just
touched the ground and is supposed to
have wandered away in the mountains
and died.
After their arrest Moore and Fenter
are said by county officials to have ad
mitted hanging the Leon brothers, but
declared they did it while trying to
force them to reveal the whereabouts
of Antonio Encinas. charged with kid
naping Mrs. Tanex. The officers also
claim the Leon brothers threatened to
kill them if they did not get out of
tt mountain country immediately.
Members of the Leon family assert
that Moore and Fenter took the three
men out of theif home Mondav When
the Leons failed to return that niht. a
part). Including a justice of the peace.
set out to find them. Juan was found
dead, and Jose, who is said to be dying,
made a statement that all three had
been hanged.
Letters to The Herald.
fAll communications must bear tb
Icnature of tbe writer, but the aarae
will be withheld if requested.
Editor El Paso Herald
In regard to the discussion in the
columns of your paper pertaining: to
the concerts by army bands, there is
one important fact which seems to be
entirely overlooked, and that is the
opinion of the chief actors. '
Whoever is of the opinion that the
men comprising the army bands are
anxious and even habitually and syste
matically soliciting all the engage
ments they can pet, especially park
concerts, is gravely in error.
I can vouch for tbe majority of the
members of the band to which I be
long, that such is not the case.
Bandsmen in the army are enlisted to
furnish music for military purposes or
occasions. tVe have our duties which
cannot be shirked. They require our
constant presence in camp. We have
our rehearsals, hikes, concerts and oth
er various duties, ending the daily rou
tine with "Retreat," after which our
duties are supposed to be at an end.
and I think the little recreation we
may be able to seeure for ourselves in
our few hours of leisure is well earned
Many of the members of the army
bands are married and much prefer to
spend the eenmgs with their families.
specianv alter a dayoi tiresome rou
ble in camp
Kf the armv bandsmen wish to play
in Trooftc for the public in general, they
can easilv enough enter civil life and
do so. Flavins; in public by militarv
bands does not profit them in the least.
It does not get them back their abbre
viated clothing allowance or restore
their former four cents & mile travel
allowance, in other words it does not
buy the baby a new pair of shoes, and
at the same time may be preventing
some other good man of the profession
xrom buying nis oanr a pair or snoes.
which ma be urgentlv needed.
Music is the commodity of the musi
cian and that, he has on sale. He can
not go into a store and get a pair of
snoes ior nimseu. nis wue or nis mdj
without paing for them, therefore I
say get together, boost and help vour
municipal band, give them a chance to
buy the baby that pair of shoes ami
keep the wolf from their door.
You are at the height of a "made In El
Paso" propaganda. Why not patronize
home industry In its fullest sense.
It maj b selfish of the army bands
men to show lack of enthusiasm in
plaving for the public, but no more so
than It is for the public to expect gra
tuitous music
A service hat, I am of the opinion,
becomes us better than a laurel wreath
of glory for which we care in a very
abstract manner.
ReinboM C. Krasowski,
Corporal, Band of Sixth IT. S. Infantry.
Editor El Paso Herald:
This ts to remind the park commis
sioners that we have a liberty pole In
the plaza, but no flag. I do not know
whj It looks tery strange to tour
ists passing through and stopping in
our cit If we hate a flag, it by is it
not up' H. Gease.
Nothing is so essential to health
In advancing a Re as keeping; the
bowels open. It makes one feel
younger and fresher and forestalls
colds, piles, fevers, and other depen
dent ills.
Cathartics and purgatives are vio
lent and drastic in action and should
be avoided. A mild, effective laxative-tonic,
recommended by physi
cians and thousands who have used
it. Is the combination of simple
herbs with pepsin sold by druggists
everywhere under the name of Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. The price
Is fifty cents and one dollar a bottle.
For a free trial bottle write to Dr.
W. B. Caldwell. SI Washington St..
Montlcello, Ills.
A iteinecly
The efficiency of any drug" says Dr C.P.
Bobbin. "Is known to us by the reeults we
obtain from its use. It we are able to con
trol pain find disease by means of any pre
paration, we certainly are warranted In Its
use. One of the principal symptoms of all
diseases ll pain, and this Is what the patient
most often applies to us for, 1. e. something
to relieve his pain. If we can arrest this
promptly, the patient Is most liable to tuit
Inusf or the other remedies which will eftect
a permanent cure. One remedy which I
have used largely in my practice Is AnU
karnnla Tablets. Many and varied are their
uses. I have put them to the test on many
occasions, and have cever been disappoint
ed. I found them especially valuable for
headaches of malarial origin, where quinine
was belnz taken. They appear to prevent
the bad after-effects of tbe quinine. AnU
kamnla Tablets are also excellent for the
headaches from Improper digestion: also
for headaches of a neuralslc origin, and es
peclallytorwomensnbjectto pains at certain
times. Two Anti-kamnla Tablets give
prompt relief, and lnashort time tbe patient
is able to so about as usual." These tablets
may be obtained at all drngclste. Ask for
A-K Tablets. They are also unexcelled tor
headaches, neuralgia and all pains.
f Heavy 1). Clajton. Presldinc.
I I nltea Slates vs. Clsre 1- Rogers, allseed
embcrzlemeat from United States mails; with
Jae K. Harper. . M. V.'aHbnll and I.
Hlffzlnft, Justices.
Motion Granted: American National In
surance Co Horace Wilson, from Mania,
appellant a motion to nie brief, appellee
brief also ordered filed. Onlvettton. Harris
burs Jfe San Antonio Ry Co u G. C Car
mack, from Brenster. appellant's motion
for a rehearing E. A Brown vs. Southern
lima and uasollne Ens Co.. from Harnt..
appellee s motion to file brief. United Steam
ship Co. a. Houston Packing Co . from
Harris appellant's motion for certiorari.
Motions 0erruled Xmerican National
Insurance Co. va Horace M ilaon. from Har
hl appellee's motion to strike out appel
lant s brief M. B. Castaway et al vs. A
H. Browning, jr , et al. from Ector; appel
lant s motion for a rehearing opinion filed
Crcater Houston Suburban corporation ms
Dnpuy A Mullen, from Harris, agreed mo
tion for certiorari K. "H Brown vs. South
ern Uaa and Gasoline Eng Co. from Hams,
appellant s motion not to consider cross
Reversed and Remanded Galreston. Har
rlsburg ft San Antonio Br. Co. vs. F c.
Carmack. from Breweter
Affirmed E. W. Brown va Southern Oas
and Gasoline Eng Co. from Harris. Hous
ton, East and West Texas Ry Co. va Hous
ton Packlag Co.. from Harrla.
Set for May IS.
Arno Co-Operative Irrigation Co. s S. B.
Pagh et al, from Reeves . Geo. D Welles.
Tms., u Arno Co-Operative Irr. Co. from
Reeves. Atchison. Topeka A Santa Fa Rj.
Co. vs. C E. Harirave, from Kl Paso.
Nine cases were set for Msy IS from
Harris count.
V. R. Prlre, PrrsJdinr.
Lamar Davis va E. S. Xewrafts. trespass
to try title, on trial
Joh Miller va Bens. Miller, divorce;
W. K. Ramsey et al vs. Western Battery
sad Magneto com pans, salt for SMt dam
ares, riled.
Caaanea Cattle company va. Southern Pa
cific and El Paso ft Southwestern, salt for
lu.21&.S dsauces to cattle shipment, riled,
i Herman Block vs. Rio Grande, El Paso
ft Santa Fe. salt for loss ef roods ; filed.
Horace B. Stevens et al va. Ascela Hals
et al. trespass to try title, filed.
Robert L Adkina vs. Brotherhood of Lo
comotive Firemen and EaclDemeB, salt oa
insurance policy, filed.
Security Tract and Savings bask vs. SI
Paso Bank and Trust company, zaratoh
ment filed. .
J. K. Tomer va Mexico ft North Western,
dsmases, filed.
Ballard ColdweU. Presiding.
MlpiBia Marrajo vs. Texas ft Pacific, salt
for OS. Me damasee for oestn of husband;
E. Htaojosa va Southwestern Paving com
pany et al. salt for . dsmaces; plain
tiff awarded Hi damsges. against Geerfs
B. Brady.
E. More et al va F. B. Gaenn and G. E.
Tipton, salt on notes, filed.
A E. Mabsn va Texas ft Pacific, dam
aces, filed.
El Psfeo Association of Credit Men va
Jesus X. Morooo suit oa note, filed.
Green Foundry and Furnace Works vs.
C A Kauffman and O. B. Moore, salt on
debt, filed. i
Dan ill Jackson, Presiding.
W H. Hawbtns va G torse Harper et aL
salt on notes and foreeloaore of lien; riled.
Maria Hernandez, by Tragnlntlca. sells,
next friend, vs. EI Paso ft Southwestern.
IS damaces for death of father: fited.
Juan Antonio Moreno A a Southwestern
Portland Cement company, suit for ttQ
damaro for personal injuries; on trial.
Stat of Texas vs. Borderland Iaa dub
et al. Injunction, temporary lajuactlea
E. Krause va L G. Gaal. trerpass to try
title, rned.
Adrian Tool. Pre. din r.
State of Texas vs. Russell Harden and
Joe Charles, unlawfully taJUnf an aukamo
Wi; filed.
State of Texas ts. Juan Atvarado, carry
fnc a pistol; filed.
Ucbbub Jacob! vs. A. S. XeKinaey. wrtt
on account; filed,
A. G. Prude va, GaJvesteut. Hantebwr?
San Antonio, damaffee Sac JUS.; filed.
E. O. Ijochansea va. X EL Garrett, attach
ment . filed.
Soutn west era Portland Came at company
va. Texas & Pacific appeal fresi Justice
court, filed.
M. M. PerUlle vs. G. Wallace, suit on
note: filed.
J. M. IeTer. rrriHiir.
States of Tmms vs. dalaerue WMte. aa
' sault to murder: filed.
State of Texas vs. Revert H. Bassry. lar
ery. filed.
State of Texas vs. Inej Geszales et al.
recejvtas and coaceaUac atolea proeerty:
Stste of Texas vs. B. Macdatene. theft
ovw SS. fiiw.
State of Texas vs. a. T. Taomas. assault;
filed. f
City of El Paso vs. Joe Iaace. suit os
account for U St, filed.
J. J. Murphy. Pre! din r.
State of Texas vs. H. B. Greer, speedtar;
pleaded guilty and fined $S and costs.
State of Texas vs. J M. Marlacal, dlsturb
ins the peace, pleaded fuilty and fined l&
and coats.
State of Texas vs. A Parker, speedlat;;
pleaded guilty and fined $5 and costs.
State of Texas va, Tom R. Newman, speed
ing pleaded a-ullty and lined 5 and tests.
8t at e of Texas vs. John Tuck, assault ;
pleaded guilty and fined IS and costs.
State of Texas a. Ralph Earreu. speedlas;
pleaded guilty and fined 5 and costs.
State of Texas vs. S. J. McCarthy, speed
Inc. found not cullty.
Stat of Texas vs. Sam Scott, murder;
held to srand jury under 55t bond.
State of Texas va, C A. Glmhle. speed
Inc. pleaded guilty and fined $6 and costs.
The suit of Mlpinia Marrujo against
the Texas Ik Pacific for J25.&06 damages
for tbe death of her husband has frone
to trial in the S5th district court. The
plaintiff alleges that her husband was
run down and killed at a Tela &
Pacific crossing in Marcel, 1913 The
case was tried in the former special
district court, when a judgment for
$:000 was rendered The court of civil
appeala reversed and remanded the
14 Years Ago Today
From The Herald of this dale 11)01.
Another entirely unexpected hitch has
arisen in the appointment of a night
captain of police. At a special meeting
of the council last night mayor Ham
matt announced that be had appointed
W. G. Roe to that position Instead of
Frank Carr. This morning it was ru
mored that Mr. Bee had declined the
position. A Hernia reporter called on
Mr. Hammett and he confirmed the ru
mor. "Mr. Roe has declined the post for
the reason that nis business will not
permit him to accept it," said the
Prof R. T Hill, of the geological sur
vev. will remain bare several days.
Edward W. Orrin. the Barnum of the
circus business in Mexico, is at the Orn
dorff. Senator W. W Turney has been con
fined to his room for several days with
a. light attack of grip.
H. W. Kennedy, conductor for the
Mexi-an rallwai. after spending St days
here, returned to bis post today.
W A. Hooson. prominent livestock
dealer of Los Angeles, i at the Grand
Central. lie is here to buy cattle and
wiU ship a herd to California soon.
Rev. Dr Martin, of the Episcopal
church, left today for the Porcher
ranch for a few das outing. He will
return Saturday and fill his pulpit Sun
da v
Mrs. W G qteenr. w ife of the presi
dent of the Consolidated Copper corn
pan, left this rooming for Tacson.
after spending a few das here as Ihe
guest of Mrs. Charles DeGroff.
Charles B Stevens has returned from
Galveston where he has been to attend
the Knights of Pythias conclave Mr.
Stevens thinks he could have brought
the next convention to hi Paso, but he
was unable to make promises relative
to railroad rates and the convention
vt as secured bv Waco
K .SnwHgaursn.i ,ii 1 Kj
Abe martin
We're all aviators when it comes t
flyia in' th faee o Prevaencc. "Well,
when do you look fer th war t' end?" is
row th poplar openia' wedge t' a con
versation. -
Exquisite Hair Tinting
There is a sew preparation on the
market that is so entirely harmless
and zo easy to use that there is really
no excuse for any woman (or man)
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hair ajains 'and is so pleasing' In its
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within a few months made thousands
of friends who could not sow be in
duced to use anything else.
"Brownatone" ts the result of most
exhaustive experiments and Is abso
lutely guaranteed satisfactory or money
will be returned.
It positively can not be detected,
Vill not rub off or wash off, .and Is
harmless, and permanent in every way
Prepared in two shades one for
colden or medium brown the other for
dark brown or black. Also In two
sixes. 2Se and SI.).
A trial size and an interesting book
lot will be sent upon receipt of ten
cents, or we will fill your orders direct
if your druggist insists upon substi
tuting. .Insist on "Hrownatone at your hair-
Made only by the Kenton Pharmacal
Co.. m E. Pike St, Covington, Ky.
Sold and recommended in Kl Pao bv
Tbe Warner Drug Co.. and other lead
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Mnilerole I,oneus op Tbove Stiff
Joints Driven Out Pain.
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Tints Flesh. Pinlc, Brunette. White.
By Toilet Counter or Mail, SOc
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I nawnS
Eyster's C. O. D. Grocery
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Everything In Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.
Ki.h Asparagus, 3 bunches 25c Green Peas, per lb 121 -2c
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matoe. No. i, tot 25c No. 1 25c
4 lb- Jap Rke 25c 4 lbm. Lump Starch 25c
1 15 lbs. Best Granulated Sugar
I for
a lbs. Blue Ribbon Butter, none better, lor $1.00
3 pks. National Biscuit Co.'s 10c Crackers or Wafers 25c
1 he Very Highest Grade No. 1 Teas, all kinds, per lb 60c
Linton's Tea in Cans 1 1. can 66c; 1-2 lb. can 35c
Heinz Din Pickles on Ice, Fancy Spanish Green Olives,
per do7 20c pint .. .,. 20c
Heinz Sauerkraut on ice, lb. 5c Ex. Famy Ripe Olives, pt-.30c
Grape Juice Indiv. bottles 10c; 3 for 26c; pruts 20c; qvartc 40c;
1-2 gaHoos 75c
4 Rolls Verv Best Tissue Toilet Paper, flOOO sheet to roll.. 25c
. 6 Bars All White Soap 25c
7 Bars Lenox LaunUrv Soap 25c
10 Bars Palo Laundrv Soap 23c
4 lb. pkg. Gold Dust. 20c
Kxtra Large pkg Wyandotte
lleanstr 1GC
Fanev Evaporated Peaches,
per lb 10c . Weson Salad Oil, full qts. .35c
now Dritt, Better than Lard- .4 lb. pails 50c; 10 lb. pail $1.25
We Handle Nothing but the Very Best Kansas City Xeats and
Home Dressed Poultry.
Everything Guaranteed.
Wmti Look WH Whn
they escape the sallow skin, the pimples, black
heads, facial blemishes due to indigestion or bilious
ness. At times, all women need help to rid the
system of poisons, and the safest; surest, most
convenient and most economical help they find in
This famous familyremedy has anexcellentfcmic effect upon
the entire system- It quickly relieves the' ailments caused
by defective or irregular action of the organs of digestion,
headache, backache, low spirits, extreme nervousness.
Purifying the blood, Beecham's Kite improve
Oiear The 0nipifxiii
Dsreccioss of Special VsJae to Women w2i Every Be
Sold everywhere, ra Boxvs, 10c 35c
MJ33 ConMan- akr I am tv thin
and blood to a ad want to lacr fcc ray
wttrbt about 3t boih1. PI tell me
mkat method to porsve?"
X regular and persistent use et
three crain
i nypo-nuciane tanMit wtll as-
r1Iy produi e an nrraB of fKbt br aid
ing nutrition and building- mp tbe ftatk
tict,t. 1 nr of imtlipnt bar reverted
nrreaxes of from 19 t 4 fowtti from tbe
01 me taoifMi!. jfvu directions
ltleach vealrd package.
Mrs. X aK 'My scalp itches terribly.
1 feerlh and a great amooat of oily dan
druff la present, what is good for this?"
Answer First nam poo the hair and then
applv plain yellow minyol aboot once a
week as per direction. This relievos the
Itching. oercomes the dandruff and make
the hair beautifully glowy and vigorous.
Obtain in 4 ox. jars of druggists.
Mabel R writ- 'Both my husband and
I suffer all the time from stomach trouble.
Nothing eat seem to digest properly.
Neither of us can ever get any enjoyment
from our meals and we are drowsy aad then
again at bedtime we are sleeplcsa. Please
prescribe from us."
Anser Dyspepsia Indigestion, sluggish
liver and costive bowels with symptoms like
3 ours are beet conquered by a good aid and
tonic for the functional organs. I advise
the new treatment mown as "double-four
stomach and bowel inedlcine, aa the best
for such conditions. Almost Immediate re
lief and permanent benefits follow Its u
Sold by druggists la sealed packets with
directions cotuntete
Mrs. "Annie R." n rites fy husSand is
MireTy afflicted with some kidney diseas
He has become weak and Mifters with head
ache and pain In his back and groins. Pains
sre like rheumatism Hi.- ankle swell and
his feet teem to be tired all the time onie
days he has chills and no appetite. Please
prescribe "
Ansaer The symptoms Indicate derange
ment of kidnejs and should not be neg
lected. I uould adie balm wort tablets, a
compound welt suited to such cases. Ob
tain in sealed tubes with eVrectlons for
home use ,
"Old Soldier' nriteu: "T wwuld like to
know v. Uat to io for rhewmattsm, as I
am ko crtopled that I cannot walk. Please
answer at once "
Answer Here i the best remedy for
rheuniatUm that is known, and if taken ac-
- - 4346
Pompeian Olne OU, qt. can 90c
3 Bars Palm Oiiv Soap 25c
3 Bars Jap Rose Soap 25c
3 Burs Lava Soap 25c
6 Small Pkgs. Gold Dost.. 25c
S Small Pkgs. Perline 25c
Etaporated Plums, per lb. .10c
Th qoMttOBs aaewered below are general
fa eharaeter. tbe snaptftms or diseases ars
gives and the aaawen will "apply la any
case f similar aatsre.
Tbu(i wtabijftfi farther adrtca free mar
aedre& Dr. Lewi Baker. College Bldg
College-IUlwoad Sta. Dayte. -Q.. encloainc
self-addressed stamped eaTeieye tor zply.
Full name aad addreas ansa bs given, but
now Initials or fictitlona nam will be used
in my answers. The prescriptions can be
filled at any well-stocked 4rac store. Any
uragglst can order of wholesaler.
f-orutng io Jirrttions yon will scon be "lit
again and be strong and welL Grt Z drams
of Iodide of potapium , 4 drams sodium
9ahclatc, i ox. me of colehlcom. l e.
comp. evseni-e ardiol, 1 ox, comp. find
balm wort and oxs. of syrup sarrapri la
romp. Mix and take a tesspoonfnl at meal
time ai 1 again before going to bed.
c. O ssks "T am constipated tnpja
coated, ujv headache dlxzy ane'ls and in
dlgestio . sometlmea Pleas advise"
Answer I adris that yoa begin mniff
three grain svlpherb tablets (not salphnr.
These tablets are Iaxatie act on the li t.
kidneys and boiveN anl tend to ke-t) tio
htoofl pure by aroum? the ellminatle fun--tione
Relief shoatd follow quickly.
"Secreaary" write I hae pains In my
t aad frightful headache im bacj, of
bead fainting spells, t inning anrt t-em-bling.
nerveusnew. wleepls nes. loss of
appetite and strength, and in fact am a
has been whjn it comes to performing ac
customed work and duties. Please advice "
Answer: In all such cases the assinn a
tire function have not kept- place with,
axte functions and a powerful harmless
tonii. treatment is needed. I find three grain
cadomea tablets unexcelled and astomsh
tngtv beneficial in such case and adie
them for you.
slr C. W B. asks 'I suffer grra'iv
owing to too muih fat Can you advise m
of a good reduction remedy?"
Answer- Any cli stock pnarmao an
supply von with - grain arbolone t&bu te
packev! in sealed tut es with full dlreiiion
for use Thee tablets have proven won
derfully effective 1 reducing abnormal fat
Fern writes I have suffered with a
b 1 cough for some time and X am !
weak and tired most of the time, which I
think is due to tbe severe coughing can
you gie m a remedy?"
Answer. Tee. ur weakness ts due to
the i ou china but vou should be well rr-
peved b using the following: uet a - S
ox. paikage of essen aaatko-taxene and
' m.lra Sk. nAHlIu Ok " - aat W A riATtla
s ' saaasaisai tv u wassssssj ..s. ... m
then take a teaspoonful every hour or two
until th cough Is cured. This makes a
full pint of the very best and safest tough
"jroa ii our uruswiaK uoes noi na
leasts. l th .- a
of th wholesale firm.
Mr V r B a-k W ill vou p i
give me a prenpt on for Pel.ic ctarra
and catarrh of the b,i'"
Vn c r The erv hejt local treatn nt
for the relief and orre-tion of catarrh Is
anUsept Unne Powder obtain either a
two or eight yui e pu Kng t and with it ou
will find complete directions for treat ng
catarrh of the head and peWio. catirrh.
(Ieueorrhea It ts an antiseptic of lbs ur
highest QUiit Advertisement,

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