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Affidavits Are Forwarded to State Department; Crowds
Uncover as British Sailors Carry Coffins of
Drowned Americans Through the Streets; Big
Trench Is Prepared for Unidentified Dead.
iuc i ut
imnnu lli i
Fact That Neutrals Perished
"Like Rats in a Trap"
Was of No Concern
QUEEN'STOwJr, Ireland, May 10.
Affidavits made by Hiss Jessie
Taft Smith of Braceville. Ohio;
I- Howard L Fisher. Maj. F. Warren
pi hi-1 and Robert Rankin, of New York,
are the only permanent records of the
Lusitania disaster obtained by the
United States consulate here. .All are
brief and none reflects seriously on the
behavior of the Lusitanla's crew except
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Phones 505 & 506. 204 & 206 East Overland St.
Queenstown, Ireland. . May 10. A
cabin steward of the Lusitania today
cave the following account of the
sinking of the -vessel Frlady off the
Irlah coast:
"The passengers, a large number of
whom were seriously Injured by the
explosion of the torpedoes and by
splinters from the wreckage, were all
at luncheon. The weather was neali
fully clear and calm. We were going
at about 16 knots- and were seven or
eight miles south of Galley Head when
we were struck by one torpedo and In
a minute or two afterward toy two
"The first explosion staggered us and
the other finished us, shattering the gi
gantic ship. The Lusitania disappeared
In 29 minutes after the first torpedo
Made No Attempt to Save.
"After the submarine dived, it was
not seen again. It went off after ac
complishing its work and did not at
tempt to save men. women or children,
but left them to drown like rats in a
The scene was frightful as the ship
went down. A great many persons were
carried down at once by the suction of
the big vessel. About 190 jumped over
board and clung to floating wreckage
or upturned boats which were blown off
the ship by the explosion."
Passengers Cool.
"The passengers were surprisingly
cool. Nearly all the first-class pas
sengers were drowned. Moat of those
saved were second, and third-class passengers.
"We did not get a moment's notice
from the submarine. It appeared sud
denly on our starboard bow and dis
charged a torpedo at us. The sub
marine disappeared as suddenly as it
came into view.
"We saw the track the torpedo made
in the water and we got it fairly amid
ships. The Lusitania listed forward
and started to settle. Then the sub
merged submarine discharged two more
torpeodes which also struck us and our
ship sank In 20 minutes.
coin ;t run
League for Defense Directs
Appeal to Government
and People of TJ. S.
New York. Maj 10. The National
Security league, an organization formed
to conduct a campaign for army and
navy preparedness, of which Joseph 1L
Choate, former ambassador to Great
Britain, is honorary president. Issued
today an open letter announcing the
result of investigations by its com
mittees and appealing for public sup
port for a program for better national
The league finds. It is stated, that
there are barely 30.900 mobile troops
in continental United States, that they
are so widely scattered as to make their
rapid mobilisation impossible, that theis
force is short or officers, ammunition
Head of Pearson Interests
Goes Down With Lusi
tania; Wife Also Lost.
Dr. Francis Stark Pearson, head of
the Pearson interests i the southwest
: and Mexico, was drowned on board the
steamship Lusitania. togeuer witn ais
Dr. Pearson's name was carried
among those who were lost when the
lists of bodies recovered were sent out
late Saturday evening by the Asso
ciate, JT-ess. ronoay morning ... y. , ---r- ----, ,7JLiY,on-- for ,trolin
yrocaeii. vice presiaeni at we wnw -- ", . Jk, :;,, ,. . enable
Resources Insufficient, Says
First Lord of Admiralty '
in Parliament.
London, Eng.. May 10. The first lord
of the admiralty, Winston Speneer
Churchill, said in the house of com
mons today that a board of trade in
quiry will be held to determine the
circumstances attending the loss of the
"In the meantime It Is preraatare to
discuss the matter." he continued, "but
I must make it plain that in no sircum-.
stances will it be possible to make pub-
Milling company and the Mexico North
Western railroad, both Pearson com
panies, received telegrams from Da,
Pearson's son. Ward Pearson, and from
H. I. Miller, saying that the death of
i i;L ".T. --j t t.V- .T .r.ii I H- 1- Miller, saying that the death or
!?A-!!2alpm.e"t-a.nd.h,a8.."Jr5a,n.iie Dr- Pearson'had teen confirmed. Later
what some witnesses consider the life-
boat fiasco. The affidavits of Miss
Smith and Mr. Rankin were cabled
today to secretary of state Bryan while
those of Mai Pearl and Dr. Fisher were
3ent to ambassador Pasre at London.
Flags Cover I.. S. Dead.
Beginning at noon today, at consul
Frost's orders, the bodies of the uniden
tified, covered with the Stars and
Stripes, were removed from scattered
morgues and placed side by side In the
Canard line office on the water front.
As they were carried through the
streets by the British sailors the
crowds uncovered.
A whole company of British soldiers
today completed the digging of three
huge graves, each SO by M feet, in
which the 140 odd unidentified d
will be buried Tuesday.
Flowers Cover Bodies of Babes.
Many children and little babies still
line in the morgues like so many dolls.
The townspeople covered them with
flowers today and it is possible these
little ones will be placed in graves to
day. Not a single body was brought in
today from the spot where the Lnsita
nia disappeared, but some bodies may
yet be found if a storm does not scat
ter them. There will not be so great a
number picked up, however, as was the
case In the North Atlantic after the
Titanic disaster, for that vessel re
mained afloat so long that all on deck
had ample tome to adjust lire belts.
Jinny Survivor Injured.
The CIS survivors here are quartered
In hotels, residences and hopltala, some
too badly hurt to be moved. Two groups
left town Saturday afternoon and
evening, clad in misfit clothing bound
for Dublin by rail and thence by boat
to Eolyhead. The injuries of some are
so serious that additional deaths are
expected and nearly all are too dazed
to understand fully what has hap
pened. The first lifeboat landed was filled
with women and children. It struck the
water unevenly, capsizing and throw
ing its 60 occupants Into the sea. The
Lusitania even then was making con
siderable headway and the women and
little children were swept to death in
spite of attempts of two stokers to
rescue them. These heroic men, ac
cording to the passengers, were
After that several boats ' were
launched successfully, but the steam
er's list grew more perilous, the decks
slanting to such a angle that It was Im
perative for all to cling to the starboard
rail. Many by this time had donned
lire belts and Jumped for it Several
lifeboats broke adrift unoccupied and
the sea became a froth of oars, chairs.
debris and human bodies.
Stoker. Save Lives.
Two stokers, seeing a drifting boat
dived overboard, recovered it and
pulled In nearly 40 persons, mostly
women. The Luslatnia's crew mean
while adhered to the latter of the in
structions which had been given them
and the discipline was rigid.
reserve. The national guard Is found
to be below its paper strength in men,
equipment and efficiency, coast de
fences, the letter continues, are inade
quate and fortifications are Insuffi
ciently manned and without adequate i
Xavr Is Unprepared.
Investigation dlslcoses. It is asserted,
that the navy is neither adequate nor
prepared for war, that it Is Inadequately
manned. Is short of ammunition and
has no organized reserve of trained
men; that the submarine flotilla exlst3
chiefly on paper; that fast scout cruis
ers, battle cruisers, aeroplanes, mine
layers, supply ships and transports are
lacking and that target practice has
been neglected or altogther omitted.
Urges Defence Sleasnre.
Because of this condition of affairs,
an appeal is made for support of the
following program.
"Legislation correcting present
wasteful methods of military applica
tion and disbursement; the adoption ot
a definite military policy; a stronger,
better balanced navy; an effective mo
bile army; a larger and better equipped
national guard; the creation of an or
ganized reserve for each branch of our
military service."
Anneal Is Xationnlde.
The letter Is signed by Mr. Choate.
.fZ T,r,k-.Ma. "The following
additional list of names of identified
dead among those who perished on the
Lusitania was received ly cable at the
Cunard line offices today-
xr'F1!"1 fZt: Mrs" G- w- Stephens,
Montreal; Chas. P. Paynter, Liverpool
(previously reported among survivors)
Mrs. A. Depage. New York; B. King,
(T. B. King); Frank G. Naumann, Nelv
York: Robert W. Crooks. Toronto (pre
viously reported among survivors);
Mrs. Brown (Mrs. M. C. Brown.)
Second class: Mrs. F. King, Kev.
James A. Seattle, Wm. R. Buavine. F.
C. Tyers. Michael FoHeu it-iI.,:
I J. a Snillman. (John' B. Spillman);
i Samuel Hanson, Carlton J. Broderick.
W. D. Mitchell. Mary Hansen, Mrl Ji
H0CIJV Mrs- Elisabeth Bull, (Mrs. X
H. Bull); Rev. Canan. E. E. Phalr. Miss
j Kooson, p. L. Jones, Bessie Hare.
J George Arthur. C. T. Eatman. GeoT
Hainan. Infant Ferrier.
xnira class: Geo. P. Meaney. Corne
lius Driscoll. (T. Drescoll); Margaret
"'"!) uiargarei uanigan) reported
among survivors; Tonlp Lucks, Mrs.
Johnson (A. Johnson.)
Not classified: Patrick Sheedy, Mrs.
Mary Barrow, James Roche, W. An
derson Roberts, David Samuelson, Miss
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London. Eng.. May 10. The British
destroyer Maori was blown up by a
mine, according to an admiralty an
nouncement Saturday. There were no
details. It Was also announced that
the steamer Don of Goole had bt-n
torpedoed off Oonutt island nir the
Northumberland coast The crew was
Alton B. Parker, honorary vice nresl-
dent; S. Stanwood Menken, president,
and Henry L. Stlmson. former secretary
of war. chairman of the naval commit
tee. It is addressed to present and for
mer members of the cabinet, members
of congress, governors of the states,
colleges and universities, their clubs
and alumni associations, all women's
clubs, chambers of commerce, boards
of trade, mercantile associations "and
all American citizens."
Paris, France, May 10. Germans and
Austrians are making the greatest
haste to leave Italy, according to a
dispatch from Bellinzona, Switzerland,
to the Temps. All trains in the direc
tion of the frontier are packed with
Teutonic passengers, including mer
chants and officials. The dispatch
"Special trains' have brought 3000
Germans from Rome, Florence, and
Bologna, en route for Germany.
Lugano also is filled with refugees.
"Notice uas been given of the sus
pension of the telephone service aeross
the frontier and of the suppression of
a great many passenger trains. All
German and Auetrlan Journalists have
left Italy."
us to provide destroyer escorts for mail
and passenger ships."
"It's Mnrder Most Font"
"Our enemies have reached a degree
of Infamy, culminating in the destruc- 1 our car. Billings piano Co. Adv.
tion of the Lusitania. which It is s.m
ply hopeless to attempt to drserlbe
said Andrew Bonar Law. leader of las
apposition, in the house of commons . .
a speech today.
"This Is not an act of warfare. ' Bor af
Law continued, "it is simply murde
most foul, most unnatural "
What Will V. S. Dot
Saying that up to the present - -
effective protest" had been made oy ar
neutral co-ntry. he added.
"What will happen now The rra:
proud nation the United States .a 1 1
neutral country most closely affected t
thistlatest outrage. The simple fact s
that the citiaeas of that great ttuntrv
have been murdered. It is not for me
say what their action 79ght to be. b -I
feel sure the United States wUl i
guided not merely by the monetary i
terests of the country, but by feelir ,-;
as to what is due to a great nat
among oth nations of the world. '
May Have o Thank Germany.
Bonar Law said that If the sinking f
the Luisitania had the effect he believe-!
it would upon toe feelings, not only of
l British soldiers, but of the whole ia-
for this last Instance of their barba -ous
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Coroners Jury Saijs
Emperor and Germany
Are Guilty Of Murder
KINSALE. Ireland. May lO Tie
coroner's Jury which has
been Investigating; the deaths
attendant upon the loan of the Ln
sltanla, returned the follonlng ver
dict today:
"The Jury finds that this appall
ing crime was contrary to Interna
tional law and the convention of
all civilization, and we therefore
charge the officers of the subma
rine and the German emperor and
the government of Germany, under
whose orders they acted, with the
crime ot wllfol and wholesale murder.
(Costumed From 1-are Oae).
president will go to Philadelphia to ad
dress a gathering of 4000 naturalized
Americans arranged for by the bureau
of naturalisation of the department ot
commerce several weeks ago, to launch i
a systematic course in the instruc
tion At atln In tfiA .Ivht. inA ilntlM !
of American citizenship. It Is generally
expected that he will refer to the situa
tion produced by the sinking of the
Lusitania, though not divulging defi
nitely the course the United States gov
ernment Intends to pursue.
Won't Summon Congress.
When the cabinet meets Tuesday the
president probably will present his
ideas of what the government's policy
should be. It is now certain that the
president does not intend to call con-
gress In extra session. This disposes, i
for the present at least, of the sup- :
cvjaattMAn That- a"aafm a n v'a hkHaii will !
cause the United States to be drawn
Into the European conflict
the body of Dr. Pearson was claimed
in the morgue at Queenstown by rela
tives, who were searching Sunday for
the body of Mrs. Pearson, who is also
Had Varied Interests.
Dr. Pearson was one of the most ex
tensive development operators in the
United States. In addition to the
Mexico North Western railroad, the El '
Paso Milling company, the Madera Co. !
Ltd.. which includes the Pearson and
Madera mills ana lumber tracts. Dr.
Pearson organized the Texas Land and
Irrigation company. which owned
3,000 acres of land in the Flalnview,
Tex., district, and which was being de
veloped as a pump irrigation project
He also promoted the Medina dam
project near San Antonio, owned the
4.AOO Asa ACTA riAl 7lA ranch nr
Ahumada, Chlb-, and was at one time '
considering a plan of damming the
Devil's river near Del Rio, Tex., to irrl-
gate large tracts of land. I
. in addition to his Chihuahua holdings
In Mexico. Dr. Pearson's syndicate con
troled the Mexico City tramways,
light power and beat plants in Mexico
City; the Sao Paolo railroad In Brazil as
well as the light, power, telephone and
water plants in the city of Sao Paolo
ana me aocKs at that port in Bar
celona, Spain, he controled the light. ;
power, telephone and tramways as well I
as tne power reservoir and Irrigation
system 100 miles from Barcelona.
He was a. director in the Denver &
Salt Lake railroad and was recently
elected a member of the executive com
mittee of the railroad.
Offices In Paris and London.
Dr. Pearson, although an American. I
had offices in London and Paris as (
well as in New York and he spent ;
much of his time abroad financing the'
various organizations wnicn he con
troled. He visited EI Paso freauentlv
after getting control of the lumber !
and railroad interests in northern
Mexico and he Was m Plainvlew" only
two weeks ago with H. L Miller, his
(assistant to inspect the development
worx or tne r-iaioview- project life
was in El Paso last in November, com
ing here for a conference with his rep
resentatives in the southwest
Dr. Pearson entered the southwestern
development field about three years
ago wnn no gained control of the old
Chihuahua and Pacific railroad In
Mexico. He then bought the Rio
Grande, Sierra Madre and Pacific rail
road, combined them and connected
thera with a line between Pearson and
Madera: which made up a connecting
link in the line from Juarez te Chihua
hua. He also took over the Greene
interests in western Chihuahua and
bought additional lu er tracts In that
district to supply timber for the
Madera and Pearson lumber plants.
He also arranged for the construc
tion of the El Paso Milling company in
EI Paso to work much of the timber
from the Mexican properties and. when
here last announced that a paper pulp
mill and other additions would be built
here as soon as the Mexican -ouble
was settled. .
Wm Democratic
Althocgh one ot the biggest engi
neering and development men in the
country. Dr. Pearson was most demo
cratic and he was never hard to
approach when he made his frequent
trios to El Paso. He usually travel d
in a private car for convenience but
insisted upon walking wherever he
went about the city and would even
walk down to the El Paso mills from
his ear. He Is survived Kv '- two
sons, one of whom Is in New York, an
other in college and a daughter, who
is now in England. He was 54 years
old and was a man of striking apoear
ance. being tall, slender, and with a
heavy head of gray hair. He was a
nati.'e of Massachusetts.
The EI Paso Milliner comoany's plant
and the . ladera and Pearson plants
will be ordered closed by J. O. Crockett
on the dav of Dr. Pearson's funeral, i
out or respect ror the menw-v of the
man who made these ojects possible
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Syracuse, N. Y, May 10. Now is the
time for the United States to make
good Its statement that the American
government will hold Germany to a
"strict accountability" for the- loss ot
American lives, according to Col.
Theodore Roosevelt who has Issued a
second statement In connection with
the torpedoing of the liner Lusitanix
He said:
"On the night of the day that the
disaster occurred, I called the attention
of our people to the fact that the sink
ing of the Lusitania was not only an
act ot simple piracy, but that It repre
sented piracy accompanied by murder
ot a vaster scale than any old time
pirate had ever practiced oefore being
hanged for his misdeeds.
"The use of the phrase 'strict ac
countability of course must mean and
can only mean that action will be taken
by us without an hour's unnecessary
delay. It was eminently proper to use
the exact phrase that was used: and
having used it our own self respect de
mands that we forthwith abide by It"
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