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THERE is "urgent need for the $500.
000 school bands which are to be
voted upon Tuesday bjr the peo
UcefEl Paso, according to R. J. Tighe,
superintendent of city schools.
Air Tighe Estimates that by Septem
ter 1916. the schools of the city will
eed room to seat 3(08 more pupils than
.'-e iw attending the public schools
aid to meet this need, MW school
1 ai .lings are required.
V the request of the school board he
as prepared figures of the aecomraa-
l it ns now available in the pveflic
s b jojs and of the need for more space.
Basing his figures on the increase
e 1
- o . o W .
Schools. Z- J; a " s
K c- rrw (-o ; c t. i. ts.
! : e c i- &. o c go a
. c rz tf t? -.? cjs a
rj.t eZ am r0 s.t o5 ao
""iw lifz 170 .. 143S . 8ir 623 . ...
v , ISM 77 .. 2972 lit 1822
Beaii .. mc 7 .. iei5 see ue
Franklin S07 33 .. 646 IS 400
San Jacinto 658 ' 131 .. 8 89 ... Ill
l'ouglase 187 JOB .. 275 ISO ... 85
Alta Tista 413 50 60 613 S0O IS
Highland Park 310 325 320 S
Lamar 484 61 50 5S6 70S ... 170
Bailey 778 86 f 5 914 800 114
Sunset 41 33 59, 502 See 302
Vilas 364 57 .. 421 500 ... 78
i 'Id High School 70 ... 700
Jew High School
in Sept. 1916) .. .. 700 1200 ... 50
Totals 8202 SOr 200' 1083 Slii 3453 1045
Estimated increase for 116-'16 4000.
Estimate for Sept 1916 14908
1 'educt present capacity (918S) in all ..,....' : 5S08
L'educt apparent capacity of private ami parochial schools.... 2600 '
Additional seating capacity needed before Sept. 1916 3308
Census figures given -are for May, 1914.
Enrolment given for "14 years and over" is for current year.
"Toil to care for" is sum of first three columns.
"Present capacity" is based on using all available rooms all the time, with
45 pupils to a classroom, and 36 in shops and domestic- art rooms same plan
of organization now in use at Aoy school.
"Capacity short" means number of sittings needed In districts, or the dif
ference between columns 4 and 6.
"Extra capacity" shows seats to spare In some schools for pupils wfthln
district lines. Most of these are filled by pupils from other districts, however.
Capacity given for Sunset is 262. This provides for using' the top floor for
the administration department, which now has very inadequate quarters.
The shortage in seats in Bailey and Sunset is 416, which will be more than
taken care of by the old high school in Sept. 1916.
The 4000 increase for May UlS-'lE censuses is based on the Increase last
Estimated total to care for Sept, 1916 is 14993. Deduct present capacity
(Including new high school) leaves a shortage of ES0S.
deducting apparent capacity of other schools (about 2600) the additional
capacity needed to prepare for compulsory attendance law seems to be about
Alta Vista now enrols about 100 more than census figures show in column
one These children are from beyond the eity limits.
Asserts That Army Of the
North Is Driving South
ward Fast.
(ContisBed From Pare One).
cently occupied by the Carranza, forces
in central Mexico
Juarvrfe Feeds Safe.
Juarez officials -were jubilant upon
hearlne the news of Villa's victory.
and r.carlv all predicted that in less j
than a week Omregon would be baek in i
safer Carranza territory.
"I knew that my chief would draw
''rst Mood,'" laughed Gen. Toraas Or
ceins, commander of the Juarez gar
r son ' He will continue erawing
blood' from tha pretentious Carrancis
tas until they are utterly whipped.
when Ohregon will then have to -fly
I ck and nestle under tmS protective
vms of his bewhiskered chief. We on
the border naturally feel relieved. Tou
see Gen. Villa, in preparing for battle,
confides in no one. He keeps his plans
himself and we know nothing until
e th' i ictory or defeat is recorded.
'jr garrison on the border has been
Etrena-thened considerably, and if any
n our enemies attempt to capture
Tjst-iz I have enough ammunition to
kefp up the fighting for a week by J
which time reinzorcemenis wouta reacn
us from the south in case we needed
iiem '
,en Ornelas added that he had in-ve-tjgated
every "invasion" story
which has come to hie ears, and Has
f .una that they were without founda
.Veracruz. Mex., May JO Gen. Alfredo
EH.zondo has sent .statement to first
h.rf Carranza advising that the Villis
ta r tions that were, in the vicinity of
Moielia have been dispersed and defeated-
A few maraudlngTwHidsTreinaln
ficl tins under no flag.
ITie entire state if Michoacan is de--1-ired
under Carranza control. Gen.
Rentena Luviano with all his forces
has recognized the Constitutionalist
goiemtnent, according to an official
carrorza announcement.
Fall Of Juarez Ended
Three Most Exciting
Days Four Years Ago
Four ears ago Monday the fall of
Juarez occurred, ending the three most
tic unj da8 in tbe history of El Paso.
The assault on the town started on
May 8, 1911, and ended at 10 ociock on
tl-e morning of May 18 when Gen. Juan
Navarro surrendered to the Maderista
.-.umanders. During this time 151 Paso
v.as under fire night and day and a
r umber of persons on this side f the
-. r were hit.
The battle followed a series of ex
citing incidents on the border while Md
cVros army was encamped opposite the
smelter A big May 5 celebration was
h Id at the camp at which speeches
vt re made by a number of the leaders.
Three days later the battle started
and continued until May 10, when tbe
surrender occurred after Navarro's
troops had been driven out of the cow
boy park, the old church and finally
surrendered at the cuartel.
A dollar saved by buying goods pro
duced elsewhere is a dollar thrown at
j nur neighbor's birds.
Why Swelter in the Heat This Summer?
Come Where the Breezes Blow!
Sliver City. tw Mexico, Has the Finest
Summer (limale to lie Found in
the Southwest.
Tie nights are, cool, and a blanket is
nearly always required for comfort.
No dust storms, mosquitoes or malaria.
Government approved, region. Army
ssn itonum at Fort Bayard nine miles
to the East. First class sanatoria and
boarding houses. Summer session of
the Normal School begins May 31st and
c. i tinues eight weeks. Wonderful
E eue-rj , pood automobile roads, camp-
S hunting and fishing in nearby
r -i s Utiturte 6 Duo feet
"W 'it" o the Chamber of Commerce
f ni'ion and booklet Adv
Bhown in the scholastic population last
year, Mr. Tighe estimates that there
will be an increase equally as large
this year and another increase of the
same proportions this year. Deducting
the average number who will attend
the parochial schools he arrives at the
figures quoted above.
There is no question, Mr. Tighe says,
of the necessity for carrying the bond
election to provide this room. Unless
the room is provided, the city will be
unable to care for the children or school
age. though the state law makes tt
compulsory to -educate them.
Mr. Ttghe's report on the census and
the capacity of the 1 Paso school!
One Report Is That Attempt
Was Made to Kidnap
, PresidenttGarza.
-. Serious trouble occurred in Mexico
City .Sunday morning early batween
Zapota. troops and troops of the personal
escort of provisional president Roque
Gonzales Garza.
A message Issued by the Pan-American
News service, a Carranza organiza
tion at Vera Cruz, gives a different
y?TSot J? " ffalr tjh: mada pub"
lie in Washington. The Carransa re.
port, given out at the Carranza con
sulate In El Paso, dated Veracruz today,
"Gen Antonio Barona, a Zapatista
general, killed Gen. Francisco Estrada,
chief of staff of Gen. (provisional presi
dent) Gonzales Garza, Sunday morning
in a brawl at a dance. Estrada was
first stabbed by Barona, then shot.
Barona then went to Hotel Lascurian
in search of Gen. Juan- Banderas,
against whom he held a personal griev
ance, and there occurred a fierce fight
between the soldiers of the two chiefs.
Fifty persons were killed, according to-j
a 'statement oi uonzaies uarza, une
minister of war issued a statement say-int,-
there is no cause for alarm and
that the disorders had been caused by
Gen. Barona. who. beinir drunk, resist
ed arrest, and that Gen. Serratos. when A
notified, adopted measures to estaousn
order, and Garza, who also lives in Ho
tel Tjascuraln, stated emphatically that
the attack was not directed against
Wafthlnictons llrport.
The Washington report said it was
an attempt to assassinate Koque Gon
zales Garza, the convention provisional
president of Mexico. Barona's troops
were repulsed after severe fighting
with losses to both sides, the Wash
ington dispatch says. It continues:
'According to the report, the attack
On the Hotel Lascurain, the residence ol
president Garza, began at 3 odoek
Sunday morning. The troops of Gen.
Garza met those of Gen. Barona along
the Alameda and serious fighting en
sued. When Gere Barona's forces re
treated they left 13 dead and two
wounded, while two of Gen. Garza's sol
diers -were killed. One of the lattr
was Gen. Estrada.
"Reports from the war department In
Mexico City are said to state that Gen.
Barona was arrested, but there are ru
mors that he escaped, was wounded.
Gen. Zapatelis was reported to have
been killed.
, -a critical conditions Is said to ex
ist within the capital as a result of a
rupture between Gen. Zapata and Gen.
Garza, and the dispatches said 'grave
events' were feared. Zapata was said
to hare sent a telegram to the conven
tion demanding that Gen. Palafox. who
was put out of the cabinet tar Garza,
be immediately restored to office."
Veracruz, Mex.. May 10. First chief
Carranza today issued a decree allow
ing import and export duties and taxes
to be paid in silver as welUas gold, the
peso being valued at 80.76 and the tos
tones at $0 53. This is expected to bring
into circulation much silver that Is be
ing hoarded. He also Issued a Jecree
reran ing the embargo on dynamite and
powder. This is to assist mining in the
Chaplain John A. Randolph, of the
Sixth Infantry, will deliver the memor
ial sermon Sunday, May 33, at the
chapel of the regiment in the Cotton
addition camp.
Members of the G. A. R, Confederate
veterans and Spanish war veterans will
Join in the services.
Memorial day will be observed Sun
day, May 30.
Pioneers of El Paso are eating and
talking of old times at Hart's mill,
near the viaduct, where the annual
picnic of the Pioneers' association Is
in progress.
Informal speeches will be made th's
afternoon b members of tl.e organl
7ation More than lo El Putoins arp
attending th outing.
. BEflTIlH
Officer Uses Flat of Sword;
Followed Cattleman's
Winning at "Craps."
Sttfnpilav nitrht In 9 nnnlrmm and
gambling house in Juarez, an American
was said to naie been arrestee anu 1
brutally assaulted b one of the Juarez j
police officials. lie used the flat of
his sword to whip the American. J
The trouble is said to have started
when an American cattleman won 82000
drinks at the bar for his friends. The
American who was assaulted is said
to have been standing next to him with
a negro next to him. The negro is
said to have shoved the American
against the cattleman. The cattleman
struck the American who was much
j smaller than he was, bystanders de-
(l... Tha .nan . ft... n.n .CHiillMl
complained to the police against him.
Accused of Being: a Pickpocket.
Another American, who was said to
have been emplojed at the gambling
house as a private house detective, in
terfered and, calling the Juarez -chier
of police, declared that the American
had attempted to rob the cattleman
by picking his pockets.
The chTef asked the American in the
presence of another disinterested
American why he had put his hand
in the pocket of the cattleman. The
American denied this and the house de
tective is said to have made ev ryone
leave the room. The chief then sent
for a long sword and is said to have
given the American a terrible beating
with the flat Bide of it. Americans
who looked through the window de
clare they saw it. There was an
American woman present at the time,
but she was made to leave.
After beating him, the chief ordered
toe American taken to jail, where he is
believed to be at the present time. At
the American consulate Monday it was
said that the case had not been report
ed to the consulate. There are said
to have been 30 or 40 witnesses to
the brutal beating given the American
before he was taken to jaiL
Claude I. Courtleigh was robbed of
3256 while in a. curio store in Juarez,
According to Mr. Courtleigh's story,
lie. with his wife, had been sight see
ing in Juarez, and. while looking for
a zarape, were directed to a little curio
store on a side street The shop had
no name orer it, Mr. Courtleigh says.
After selecting the zarape. Mr. Court
leigh drew out a roll of money to pay
for the articles he had purchased. One
of the four Mexicans, lounging about
the room grabbed the money away
from him, he Bald. Mr. Courtleigh went
outside and appealed to a man in a
uniform and the man told him.' to get
out of town or he would be arrested,
and the Mexicans then put Mr. Court
leigh and his wife on the oar.
Mr. and Mrs. Courtleigh were am their
way from Phoenix to Chicago, where
Mr. Courtleigh has been transferred.
He is employed with the Standard Oil
mwrCDT TirrcnAV utvivr
i-mk.. h.TI .V. "lunl I reports on therire perils of their Duild
Another band concert will be given ings tabled The scenes of the confla-
... w.,.,,1, .viluu lucsgif evening, wnen (
uie auw iniamry Band will give a
concert from 6:30 to 7:38 p. ra. at the
camp in the second ward.
The program for the concert Is:
March, "Emperor's Manoeore March."
Fried mann.
Overture, "Hungarian Comedy." Ke-ler-Bela.
Fox trot, "Ballln the Jack," Smith.
One step, "Some Baby," Lensberg.
Hesitation raise, "Nights of Glad
ness," Tacllffe.
Selection. "Robin Hood," K. de Koven.
Finale, "It's a Lone. Long, Way to
Tipperary." Williams.
Max Miller, Director.
The Wigwam offers today, without
increase In prices, one o tbe best pro
duced and strongest dramas that It has
exhibited In a long, long time. The
Snow Burners" is a specially released
featu e. produced by the Easanay com-
fiany with its strongest dramatic actors
n the leading roles. The story is one
well worthy of Rex Beach or Jack lon
don. It Is a tale of full blooded, virile
men who feared nothing. Capt. E. H.
Galvert, late of the United States army,
and Richard C Travers have the princi
pal parts. The former is cast for "Hell
Camp" Rievers and the latter as Top
py" Treplin. This is a picture that will
long be remembered. It will be hown
but one day only
Tomorrow, pretty Beverly Bayne will
be seen In a romantic drama.
Wednesday and Thursday will be the
society event of the week. Wilton
Lackaye himself will appear in his
greatest legitimate success, "The Chil
dren of the. Ghetto," the masterpiece of
the greatest Jewish author, Israel fcang
wilL Sunday will witness the fifth and last
showing 5f "Neptune's Daughter," the
spectacular nroduction whieh UrikA th
L Wigwam's record on three successive
nays. MaKe yqnr arrangement now to
come to the matinee, as you may be
crowded out at night Positively It will
be here but one day only. Adv.
"The Captive" Is the name of the sec
ond Lasky production In which Blanche
Sweet appears at the Alhambra today.
As In the case of "The Warrens of Vir
ginia," House Peters is the leading man.
The story Is strong and virile, dramatic
and exciting, abounding in romance and
realism. The scenes are many and elab
orate, ranging from the interiors of a
gorgeous Turkish castle to the hut of
a peasant and the battle scenes are pro
duced with exacting attention to detail
and supreme realism. This grand pro
duction is being shown today only at
the Alhambra. Come today.
Tomorrow, a strong social drama,
"When Justice Sleeps? with Ruth Ro
land and Henry King in the leads, will
be shown.
Wednesday and Thursday the Alham
bra will show the New Tork- Hippo
drome's record breaking success. The
Heart of Maryland." with America's
premier emotional actress, Mrs. Leslie
Carter and a superb cast, including one
of El Paso's daughters. Vivian Reed.
This show played to 138,208 people in
New Tork at 83 admission, during nine
days' showing Advertisement.
The Unique presents tomorrow and
Wednesday "Home, Sweet Home." a
wonderful picture in six parts, bv the
greatest producer In the world. D. W.
Griffith. It Is faimded on the song that
moves every human heart, and is as
beautiful a picture as was ever made
and one for those who know and appre
ciate such. The play contains more
photo stars than ever played in a single
production before. 25 being used rh the
picture, including Blanche Sweet. Mae
Marsh, Henry Wathall, Robert Herron,
Tuillian and Dorothy Giah, Donald Crisp,
Owen Moore. Irene Hunt. Miriam Coop
er. Ralph Lewis, Courtenay Foote. Fay
Tincher. Mary Allien, Edward Dillon
and others. This picture was selected
for the opentna- of the great Auditorium
at. Los Angeles which is assurance
enough of its quality. Admission prices
will be 26 cents for adults and 15 cent
for chll 1 en Advertisement
Thr Bijou is -h'.wins tod.iv a 'sensa
tional three reil Edison, adapted irom a
Stafford Campbell Held Tip
' by Boy Burglar Who Re
turns Part of Haul.
Turninr On the ll(-ht of one Of the
J bedrooms -at the Campbell home at
Hlnumn'it the Cam obeli home at 701
Mesa avenue, about 10.30 Sunday night. .
Stafford Campbell faced a 16 year old
burglar and a 38 c&Hber pistol. BacK
ing out onto a porch the boy jumped
to the ground from the second story I
and escaped. I
Less than two hours later Everett i
Edwards, who claims he had come from
San Francisco two days before, was
taken l.i custody and was identified, by
Mr Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell had Just re
turned to their rooms on the Second
floor of the house occupied by Mrs.
R P. Campbell, Mr. Campbell's mother.
Mr. Campbell was commanded tt hold
up his hands, but refused, and watched
the boy as he backed out of the room
onto the porch to make his escape. As
soon as the boy disappeared, he fired
three shots in the air.
Hoy Ileturns.
A short time after the disappearance
of the boy, the doorbell of the Camp
bell home rang. A boy stood at the
door. He stated that he was the one
who had entered the house and he de
sired to return what he had stolen, de
claring that he had never stolen before
and that he wanted to be straight. He
returned a few trinkets of small value.
The shots fired at the time L. boy
escaped from the Campbell house at
tracted the attention of Guadalupe
BeKran, who is employed at the home
of rabbi Martin Zlelonka. 712 North
Oregon street She stepped Out onto
the back porch In time to see a young
man In the yard. He approached and
grabbed her by her arms, in the mean
time telling her not to be afraid. She
struggled to release herself and her
assailant broke away and disappeared,
she said.
Police Find Boy.
The shots also attracted the atten
tion of the police. After a search of
some time they found young Edwards
at Ocboa and Boulevard. He was taken
to the Campbell home about 1 p. m. and
was there Identified as the boy who
had been caught In the house and who
afterwards returned with some of the
stolen property, the police say. At the
station, a pistol, some dice and other
'small articles were found on him.
Edwards told the police that 1 e was
put onto the Job by a tall man in a
dark suit. Monday morning, to a Her
ald man, he said: "I was to have met
the man after leaving the house, but I
did not see him- I returned part of
the stuff I had stolen when I realized
what I had done."
Edwards made denial that he had
grabbed a woman after leaving the
Campbell bue.
So far as could be determined Mon
day morning, little of value was stolen
from the Campbell home. A gold brace
let is missing, but no other articles of
considerable value are missing, al
though the house was thoroughly I
-....,.. wuiw o.,,v. n,1, nAB U.C.'
story of Rupert Hughes. This Is a spec
tacular fire pftture of unusual merit: Is
also a protest against those political
methods which enable the owners of
sweatshops and chean factories to have
Kration are verv realli
this- nfectura. Reestar
Tomorrow the BUou will show a
Vitagraph drama In three reels,
"Pawns of Mars." a Broadway star fea
ture. Advertisement,
Alamogordo, N. M-. May 10. Al
though unable to hit the youngster.
"Hop" Lee, who pitched a brilliant
game, the El Paso shop team of the El
Paso & Southwestern yesterday after
noon won from Alamogordo by the
score of 3 to 0. El Paso scored two
runs in the first and one in the fourth,
without a hit in either inning. Lee al
lowed only four hits, scattered through
as many Innings, and struck out six.
while the team behind him made eight
Fisher pitched a fine game, for El
Paso, allowing five hits and Striking
out 15. The team made two errors.
Fisher escaped from tight places sev
eral times through the wretched base
running of Alamogordo.
The batteries were Fisher and Chant
for El Paso, Lee and McRea for Ala
Rev. Kennetj Brown, pastor of the
East El Paso Presbyterian church, left
on the Golden State limited on Monday
afternoon for the east to attend the
general assembly of the Presbyterian
church at Rochester. N Y as commis
sioner from the Presbytery of El Paso.
Before arriving at Rochester. Mr.
Brown will visit relatives at Detroit.
Mich., and Hamilton, Canada. After
the general assembly closes, he will
visit his relatives in New York city
and return by the water route to Gal
veston, arriving home about the second
week of June.
During Mr Brown's absence the night
services to the East El Paso Presby
terian church will be conducted by T.
J. Taylor. There will be no morning
services. The Sunday school will con
tinue as usual each Sunday at 3:15 a.
P. K. Price. rreidlnc.
H. X. Hatcher vs. Lonewell Auto Track
and Seles company; suit oo cemmlseiee; on
T. S. HoddleatOR and JJBie Hodoieitos
va. Horse A. Lay et al. suit to set aaida
deed and for damases: filed.
Dnn M. Jackon. Presldlnc
F . Hunter, esacuter. vs. Oeraaerdal
Btttldlec company et at to cancel lease and
for poaaatalOB. filed.
T C. Hjmaam vs. Claude B. Lurvey et
ax. suit on contrast; filed.
Fred Sehauar vs. Calariaa Sehuiter. di
vorce; filed.
Josephine Crosby et al vs. H. B. Stevens
et at, trespass to try title: OS trial.
n&Hard Coldwrll. Presldlnc.
K D. McMlIlen va Texas & Pacific; salt
for ill, damages to ahipment et bones;
on trtsL
Adrian Pool, PreIdinc.
State of Teias vs. Julio Flerro and Rosta
Flerro. seUlnff liquor on Sunday; filed.
State of Texas va. Adolfo Mertinex, car
rying; a pistol, fllod.
Piano Clearance Sale On at "Blllincs."
Do you really want a genuine piano
Bargain? Make your selection early.
1420 East Boulevard, or phone 167 for
our car. Billings Piano Co. Adv.
Alamogordo, N. M., May 10. The
town council has ordered a campaign
waged on the dog nuisance and any dog
without a muzzle or license found run
ning at large will be caught and sum
marily executed.
Piano Clearance Sale On nt "UiMnes."
Do ou really want a genuine piano
1'arKain0 Make jour sehitiun tarli
14"i K ist Boiilearl, or phone 167 for
our ui Billings Piano to, Adv.
Excursion to ElephantButte
Wednesday .Crowded;
Monthly Trips
Not even stand ng room Is left on the
Elephant Butte excursion which will be
run Wednesday when 100 El Pasoans
will make a day's visit to the giant
dam. By Saturday night all of tbe 100
tickets had been sold and secretary A.
W. Reeves, of the chamber of commerce,
announced that no more reservations
would be accepted. Monday morning )
more tickets could have been sold. The
excursion is limited to ISO per:
The .Santa Fe railway will
Sightseers to Elephant Butte Junction,
above Cutter, N. M.. station, where flat
cars equipped with seatsand guard
rails will be waiting for them. The last
12 miles of the trip will be made in
government cars over the government's
railway. There are not enough cirs in
service to accommodate mora than 103
The excursion train will leave here
Wednesday morning at 7 ociock. Lunch
es prepared in a local grill room will be
taken aboard the train and eaten before
the dam is reached about noon. Accord
ing to tbe present schedule, the excur
sionists will Inspect the dam from noon
until 3 p. m., when the return trip will
Employes of the reclamation service
will take the party In charge and show
them all that can be seen of the big
project In this time. It is planned to
make tbe excursion a monthly affair.
Names of Excursionists.
Those who have purchased tickets for
the trip are: K. H. Aber. N. Abraham
and party of two, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
a Alnsa, James Brady. R. B. Bias, B. D.
Brown. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bray, H. L.
Burney, F. B. Biddle. W. L. Crockett
and party, L. Clausager. Mr. and Mrs.
Zach Lamar Cobb. J. A. Clougman. John
L. Dyer and parry, Sol. Franklin. C H.
Golle and party, J. H. Gray. Mrs. M. K.
Cutting. C. C. Gibson, M. Goldott. John
Grant. W. T. Htxson and party of two,
E. S Hill, F. E. Hunter and party. Mrs.
Kate Howell, William Hogarth. Brad
ford Hardle and party, Mrs. H. Ken?
drick. Julius Kanton, J. J. Knox and
party, Ben Levy, C Levy and narty,
Geo. it. LeBaron and wife, T D. Love
lady and party of six, Geo. Maslia and
party of two, S. C. McCurdy and party,
F. G. Morris and party. B. MeCabe. J.
C Wllmarth. A. E. Stevens. Norman
Walker. J. P. Mulltn. C. J. Keel. C. T.
Nagle. B. D. Park, Mrs. F. M. Paul. Mr.
and Mrs. R. B. Orndorf f. Dr. C A. Relne
mund and wife. Charles Rokahr and
party. Dr. & J. Strang. R. R. Seeds and
party, T. H Simmons and party, S. C.
Schutz. S. Schwartz and party. Edwin
Thomas, Wyche Oreer and party. R. E.
Thorne. R. A. WhtUoek. William Wat
son and party, D K. Winter and party.
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B skji wtifyjK 'W sea s& bbbkksi sssssvsa jstCrssfi. tfsj&yJ&jP n
Away The Stone Age man held a pebble in his
Back mouth for moisture and to prevent thirst.
Forlorn makeshift of an arid land. Roots
and herbs served better where plant life
Between Early Spanish explorers found the Aztecs used
Times "chicle" wholesome, pleasant and agreeably
chewy welcome relief from tropical heat.
Terfay Refined Mexican Chicle, its merits proven
by- the test of time, is the basis of
Studied processes, special machinery, immaculate factories
and the waxed wrapper sealed air tight make it the
Perfect Gum in the Perfect Package.
United Profit-Sharing
These Coupons are the
35 Officials of Road to Ar
rive Tonight and Spend ,
a Day in ElaPaso.
Thirty-five officials of the Texas
icific Tailway, including vice presi-
bnt N. M. Leach, will arrive bore Mon-
y nlBbt fro n New Orleans for a -l
mr visit, daring which "lima they will
isoect the road's iroierties here and
nqurrs into general business condi-
They will be met at the union stu-
by the reception commit' te of the
iber of comBterce. of whlcn Ha-ry
Swain Is chairman. Tuesday morr.'ns
the visitors will be taken for am auto
mobile trip down the valley and to
Juarez, where at noon a Mexican meal
will bo served them. The railway men
are visiting different points touched
by th T. A P, following the annual
conf srence- of traffic and .pasMnger of
ficials which ended last week in New
Member! of Party.
In the party will be: K. M. Leach,
vice president and general traffic man
ager. New Orleans. J. E. Taussig, gen
eral superintendent, Dallas. George D.
Hunter, general passenger agent, Dal
las. I. II. Griffin, general freight agent.
Dallas; Frank J. Burke, assistant gen
eral freight agent, Dallas; J. S. Hous
ton, assistant general freight agent,
EC. Louis. N. C. Woolridge, soatheaatorn
passenger agent. Atlanta, The party
also includes the following, who are
freight or passenger agents, immigra
tion and colonization agents and solicit
ing agents: J. M. Tyler, and A. T. Pratt
Birmingham; W. R. Trelford. O. E.
Duggan and James Stuart. Chicago;
P. B. Doddridge and Clarence W. Jones,
Dallas; George L. Moore, C. B. Fox. R.
P Junkin. and H. H. Rogers. Fort
Worth; H. H. Taylor. Kansas City: S.
C. Nash and John L. Greenwood. Los
Angeles: K. S. Vincent. Little Rock;
R, R. Glaridge, Lonvtew: W. G. Tru
fant, R. R. Holllnger and Killott &
HoweUNew York: J. G. R. Williams
and E. P. Gueymard. New Orleans:
Thos. B. MossS Pittsburg; A. P. Smlrl
and G. H. Lewis. St. Louis: F. M. Will
iam. Shrevoport; A. E. Sinclair. San
Franelsco; R. H. Courtlce. Chicago, and
W. P. Knight. Denver.
Julio Flerro and Roeie Flerro Wera
arrested by the police Sunday on a
charge of selling liquor on Sunday. The
cases wore transferred to the county
court Monday morning.
The Mexicans are alleged to have
sold liquor in a, saloon at Sixth and
Stanton streets.
what Vh hi&i&y&ay&
Coupons with each, package good
same as given with many popular high grade products.
Let the active WRIGLEY SPEARMEN tell you
these dainty, refreshing, toothsome confections they
Monday, May 10, 1915
Will Gather to Hear Farm
Experts Who Uncle Sam
Is Sending Here.
At 1 p. m Tuesday, at the Clint hotel.
in Cluint, Texas, valley farmers will
meet J. L. Qulcksall. govenrment dis
trict agent. In demonstration farm
work and A G Graham, local demon
strator, recently appointed under the
cooperative, plan. The njeetlng Is calleo
for the purpose of discussing plant
for establishing tbe demonstration
farm and institute work In the vslle
AH farmers are urged to attend the
meeting and state their views of th
needs of the practical farmer and th
best ways to serve the farmers' in
J L. Qulcksall, district agent of the
department of agriculture, at Wacc
Tex- will arrive here Tuesday for a
conference with, the land and irriga
tion committee of the chamber of com
merce regarding farm development
work to the Rio Grande valley.
Mr Qulcksall will meet with the com
mittee at 4 ociock Tuesday afternoon
in the chamber of commerce. George
R. LeBaron is chairman of the commit
tee. The government agricultural expert
will also consult with A. G. Graham,
farm demonstrator recently appointed
Woman's Health
Beguires Care ;
Women are so constituted- as to
be peculiarly susceptible to cansU-j
pation, and their general health, de- J
oends in large measure on careful I
regulation and eor'eetlon of this,
tendency. Thejr delicate organisms (
rebel at tne violence oe oauianic i
and , purgative remedies, which,
while ts-ey may afford temporary J
relief, shock the system and serious- j
ly disturb the functional organs. A
mild laxative Is far preferable and. i
If properly compounded, much, more
The combination of simple laxa
tive herbs with pepsin sold in drug!
stores under the name of Dr. CaM- J
well's Syrup Pepsin, is ideal fori
women's use. A free trial bottle can
be obtained by writing to Dr. W. B.
Caldwell, 48: wasamgtoa at jion-
ticeiio., nis.
for Valuable presents.
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