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Classified. Section
Classified Section
Tuesday May Eighteenth, 1915.
IS Pi H 7l llM J& 1 I
H y bj y jw fa in
JL .i....i.r4 . M vU Lm M .ii Mints! mM ,
lias Cruces Club Is"Home Team" For Week; Leases
Park and Cuts Out Free List; Phoenix Team Is One
of the Very Best in the League and "Will Give
the Farmers a Hard Time to Beat Them.
openings take place in the
:io Grande Baseball association
us week. The Las Cruces farm
ers open their first home series at Rio
l,ra."de park Tuesday.- and the Snwlter
rrm open at Douglas the same after
rnor We have already seen the
ranners, but they were here the first
week of the season as visitors. Now
"uey art tne home crew lor two weeks.
The formal opening ceremonies will
lake place on Thursday when the Phoe
r x and Las Cruces clubs will shift to
Las Cruces for the day. The biggest
'riil that has ever attended a sport
c.ent there is promised by the Las
Cru es fans.
Tlie Mackmen are at Douglas for a
wetk and will then come back here and
p. ay Las Cruces, bnt this time they will
' ar in the blue road suits as visi
T . The Phoenix team arrived on
Mcr.ilay morning and manager Herb
If est. r trotted his men up to the Paso
gc N .rte and demanded the best in ths
house. The Solons are certainly living
tip to their nickname.
Hester nnauestionahlv hnn nn .if thA
best t-anis in the league and. fast as
the Farmers are, they will have their
w. rk cut out for them all this week.
The 1leay hitting Dukes were also in
the city on Monday morning and passed
ca to Tucson, where they play Bob
t'oira s pennant chasers. The series
l.cre and at Tucson will enable the
fans to get a line on the relative
r-ngth of the eastern and western
With the addition of Raeder and
JTai "Murdo, the Pueblos put themselves
afcr-Lt on a pax with 'the Solons, while
tbe Albuquerque is admittedly as good
a t( am as there is at this end of the
- uit If Albuquerque can make a
swet p at Tucson, we will have to ad
mit that the Dukes are 'too good for
the rest of the league.
Phoenix has an all star aggregation
ard while the Farmers are rather crip
pled cr injuries just now. they are
about an average club and should get
aa . en break with Phoenix.
Albdaueraue tracers have been finrl-
lrg t xi uses for the high payroll of the
northern club by claiming that both
M'-Closkey and Hester have gone away
rkA-C-tT1i4 thn limit- H n it TTa I
..UUa me iimiL. as ior esier. ne i
can speak for himself. It is certain.
however, that his team is not costing I
t'm as much as the northern dub has .
x dig up twice monthly.
Thf El Paso team Is not a high
p- ed aggregation. McCloskey was
a.K- to pick up his players at bargain
pm s Se.-eral of his players are
youuirsters who are just making a start
and then he was able to grab a few
veterans under very favorable condi
tions The writer doubts very much
r-iliics vV 13 In Heavy Hitting Gamr
-- -MI:- -:IF:- -::- -::-
Dvall Protest 'Game At Kansas City
HEAVY hitting featured Monday's
game at Philadelphia when the
Phillies beat the Cardinals. 5 to 3.
It the third inning, with two en bases,
Cravath slammed out a home run. Nle
hoff then repeated the trlek and the
Phillies had four runs. In the fifth.
Becker hit for four bases and Hub
Perdue was yanked from the box. Grln
er being sent to the mound. Dolan hit
a homer for the Cardinals so It was
a real swatfest
Errors contributed to the defeat of
the Browns by the Senators. Lauder
milk s wild throw started the scoring.
Death Valley Jim Scott held the
MacKmen to a single hit, a single by
Larry Lajoie, but a couple of errors be
hind him, together with six passes, let
the Ma'ckmen shove two runs over the
Plate The White Sox found Fennock
for six hits in the first three Innings
and won by a score of S to 2.
m,,,s . - .He -""ho
.Ua. &ii,B cuai sivuer trover iand I
Suit to Measure
We Are
319 San
No. 10 San Antonio St.
It there is a man on the loeal team
getting over $160 a month. The aver
age of the squad 1s around S116 a
month. Reed's average must be around
1)4 to S2W a month.
There will be baseball at Rio Grande
park on Tuesday, Wednesday. Fridav,
Saturday and Sunday of this and next
week. The Thursday games will
be played at Las cruces.
According to the advertisement pub
lished in Monday's Herald, the Las
Cruces club has suspended the free list
for its games here and only passes is
sued by the league or the Las Cruces
club will be honored. The grounds are
leased by the Las Cruces club and they
have the same control as though the
games were played at Las Cruces.
Manager Bill Hurley did not know,
Tuesday morning, whom he would send
in against Phoenix in the opening game
but thought the Job would fall to Ray
Kallio. McCreery was the likely cholcs
for the visitors.
Umpire Harry Kane is at Douglas
this week: umpire Sterling at Tucson
and Lou Mahaffey at 1 Paso. A last
1 minute shift was made as Jtahaffey
! wanted to remain here to meet his wife.
'who arrived Monday night from Hhe
Jim Brown, of .Tucson, Is singing the
praises of an umpire who fairly fell
from the skies to handle the exhibi
tion games at Hayden last Thursday
and Friday. Brown declares that he
is a "pippin."
From the standpoint of attendance.
Tucson. Phoenix and El Paso are all
outdrawlng Albuquerque. The two
western cities have been getting out
good crowds, while the attendance here
is Increasing daily. What Douglas can
do at home will be shown this week.
The fair fans will be admitted free
to grounds and grandstand on Tuesday.
Wednesday and Friday of this week's
series. Hurley has not announced his
boys day this week, but an effort will
be made to get the kids in free at least
one game.
While the baseball writers are only
. ...... . . -.
too glad to oblige a fan wherever .t
is possible, it should "be known that the
telephones in the press box at Rio
nranHn nurt r nuciiT nwni- nn-
Grande park are purely "locals con
netting only with the newspaper of
fices and do not reach the central of
"fice. Efforts to explain this to some
of the fans desiring to use them during
the games have resulted in the fans
feeling that the scribes did not want to
oblige. The contrary is the case, but
it is not always possible to do what we
might wish.
touched Johnson's, bat and forced him
to hit Into a double nlav. manager
Stovall of the Packers protested the
victory of the Tiptops, 7 to S, at Kan
sas City on Monday.
. i
Long George McConnell got fie dec!- i
TnlnCrr5f22fr at Ch.'SFe
Terrapins and Chlfeds were tied at the
end of tie ninth. In the first half or i
the tenth, Meyer stole home and put j
the Terrapins in the lead but the Chi-
Hanford's single sent home two runs.
.v-uo iaiuc iwi-ii atruiig in Lneir nail ana i
giving Chicago a victory, 6 to 5. Both
Bender and McConenll were hit hard,
each team getting 14 hits.
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Indications Are That Ten
Round Bout Will Precede
a Title Contest.
Milwaukee, Wis.. May IS. Jim Cof
fey, the Irish giant, as he is called, is
setting a fast pace among the heavy
weights and It looks as though he will
roroe Jess Willard to match up with
him for the title before long. No one
denies Jess the righz to lay off for sir
months before meeting any one in a
championship battle, for all others be
fore him hare done thA .tnm thins-
and most of them more so.
it may be possible that Jess will
Want tO fight for tint titlo txfnni tlia
?"d of six months, for he does not take
jwnuiy io me theatrical stuff and
WOUld Prefer to haVA rT antinn Wll-
. lard is entitled to every consideration
ioaiuie ur winning me neavyweignt
title back" to the white race and in his
(Case an exception would be made by
all sporting men, but It will hardly be
Coffey's quick knockout of Al Reich,
who was looked upon as a most prom
ising candidate for heavyweight honors
by the sporting men of Xew York, has
put the Irishman near the- top of the
division aside from the, title-holder
Jess Willard and it will be a case now
of the hopes getting busy for a try
out with Jim before asking for a try
at champion Willard.
Billy Gibson, manager'of Coffey, has
announced' that-he would go-after Jess
for a title match, but the Indications
are that they will first trieet In a ten ,
rouna no decision bout In New York
City. Then, if Coffey shows strong. It
will mean a championship match over
the 10 round route or even longer.
Frank Moran, the Pittsbnrger who
fought Jack Johnsori in Paris nearly a
year ago and recently defeated Bom
bardier Wells in London, sends word
that he will soon leave for the United
States to challenge Willard for the title.
Griffiths vs. Ritchie.
It Is probable that Johnny Griffiths,
the Ohio Champion lightweight, will
be matched up with Willia Ritchie, the
former champion, for a 12 round contest
at Akron. Ohio., on July i. The weight
will likely be 1J5 at 3 oclock. if the'
match Is made, although Ritchie mav
demand a higher poundage. He refused
to make the weight for a return match
with Charlie White, although Willie
declared himself that he could make
the weight without trouble, bHt that
he would not permit White to dictate to
him as to what poundage should be.
Wolqrmt Fights Welsh.
Ad Wolgast the Michigan bearcat
and former champion, is to have an
other whirl at Freddy Welsh, the title
holder, in one of those ten round con
tests without decision. They -will meet
before the South Side A. C. of Milwau
kee, at the Elite skating rink. May IS.
The contest with Welsh has been post
poned twice, having been originally i set
for May 4. Should Wolgast be able to
jzo along all right he will in all proba
bility be matched with Charlie White
or Leach Cross for some time in July.
Why :Vot LlchtTTBlEht Tournament?
Now that Willie Ritchie has practi
cally declared that he intends to enter
uie nnierneigDi nuiits uhi ne cuidui
Slake US pounds, the lightweight Ihn-
me welterweight ranKs mat ne cannot
jl. any more way aot arrange a tour-
"Knockouts I Have Seen"
This is the fourth of a series of stories on famous knockouts
knockouts which have gone down into pugilistic history either on ac
connt of turning a losing battle Into a winning one or because of
the sensational manner in which they were landed.
TrKOCKOUT punches that land on
' j v the right spot perform some fun-
" ny freaks now and then.
Occasionally a boxer will get a clout
tha knoeks a" r reason out of
, . . . .., ... .,
hls brain, yet he fights on and on In
a purely mechanical -way. This might
be termed a knockout that is not a
One of the queerest freaks of this
nature that ever came under my no
tice happened at Apollo hall In this
city one night over 1& years ago. Andy
Daly, a lightweight from Boston, was
fighting Joe Galligan, an Italian boy
of this city. They were going six
rounds with a decision at tbe end.
Daly was a remarkably clever young
fellow without much of -a punch. Gal-
"Kau waaa i so clever, out lie naa tne I
kick of a rqule In his right hand. For 1
four rounds Daly hadd all the better at I
"Beck's" Amen Corner
ID TJLES which would necessitate an
athlete miking a selection of
various events instead of holding
hack an entire track and field pro
gram so that he can compete in them
all should be adopted before the next
southwestern championship, track
and field meet. The delays, on Sat
urday were due to the fact that
some athletes were entered in every
event and, exhausted after one
event, would want an intermission
to rest before the next was called.
This may be all right for the ath
lete but it will never encourage
track meets from the standpoint of
the spectator.
JL PAS0AKS are getting the right
idea of sport. Four or five
"simon pure" amateur ball games
were played Sunday and the packers
and printers are preparing to take
their sport in person instead of by
proxy next Sunday. The more the
TF EI Paso beats Douglas and Las
Cruces trims Phoenix, the Mack
men will be in second place on Tues
day night. And if Tucson will be so
accommodating as to check the
Dukes, the first place in the league
standing will be in sight.
A CTI0N is wanted in everything
baseball as well as track meets
and umpire Lou Mahaffey made a
hit with the fans on Sunday by the
way in which he fairly hustled the
teams on and off the field and np to
bat. Lou don't believe in delays
and the fans are "with him" in that
..um. . "A &T LATCJ1 StlK 44KT ftAflfc " ' V
S -kf pAP V & WfJ9 A "ew laajvh Wet- woajop. ne Muir )
THE- 07E7JAT OF. A AW0 tJ Tj,LeU&.TU ?- !& rrSt Trte "
V , f I OTWO. A I (tCOM-GeEWH.r J i,!:
ney at New .Orleans, where 10 round
contests are permitted. ' for tbe Am err -
can championship in the lightweight
division? The recognized weight here
has been 133 ringside, which should
really be at i oclock weighing, but the
scale was raised by Ritchie when he
defeated Wolgast for the title. All
other countries have set the weight at
1J5 at S or 3 oclock, but -in the states
the weight has been 133 for many
years. If a national boxing association
is. formed this might be changed so as
to correspond with other countries, but
unal sucn time wny xne American
weight is 133 and should be held there.
There are some high class lightweights
at 132 nonnds. among them Charlie
White. Johnny Griffiths. Joe Mandot.
Johnny Dundee. Sam Robldeau. Ad
Wolgast and Leach Cross.
Jeff Smith, the New Tork middle
weight who has been in Australia for
some months, is expected back this
week and he will no doubt get busy and
try to arrange a match with Mike Gib
bons or Jimmy Clatty. Jeff has been
,, ..... . 1.1' fill. ... n lita
i riauning tue nuirn mito, muv .w .a
I victory or Jimmy ClaVy In Adstta.-
i iia two years ago.
the work and was winning by a wide
Daly Received a Wallop.'
Early In the fifth Daly grew a little
careless an over went the famous Gal
ligan wallop to tbe jaw. Down went
Daly and It looked bad for him. He
took a count of eight, sat up, rubbed
nis ears, arose to bis leer, nnisned out i
the round In fair shape and also came '
up for the sixth as strong as could be i
Galligan made a whirlwind battle of I
it in the sixth but Daly gave him as I
good as he sent and at the end of the j
sixtn rouna tne xigm was caiiea a oraw
by the referee, a decision that flras ap
proved by the crowd.
Daly returned to his dressing room,
had a rubdown. chatted with his friends
and then donned his street clothes. He
went Into the barroom, had a couple
of glasses of beer and then announced
that he would go downtown.
Emtl Thlry was handling Daly at the
time and -was with him after the battle
was over. Just before they started
pURITYS appear to be fairly hung
with horseshoes, the way they
are cleaning up in the Commercial
league. The next thing we know,
George Reed will be trying to shift
the whole team to Albuquerque at a
salary of $1,000,000 a day to help
theDnkes win that pennant.
AS MANY as -4s events have been
pulled oS in one track meet be
tween 1 and 5:30 p. m, yet it took
five hours to pull off 14 events on
Saturday. J. H. Stine, supervisor of
recreation, declares that the. gram
mar schools meet at Washington
ipark on Saturday morning will be
completed within three hours, de
spite the fact that there will be 12
THAT'S the matter with the El
Paso tennis players? Are they
"short sports" and afraid of being
beaten? Veterans like Cooley,
Williams, Blackshear, Ferguson,
Christy and Neff are entering th?
Border States tournament, which
opens here next week, and it-looks
strange that such promising young
players as Hardiker, Dent, McGim
sey, Shea, Boyle and Heep are not
JACK LEIGHTOK, who was drowned
in a swimming pool here, on
Monday, was one of the most prom
ising young baseball players in the
city and the announcement of his
sudden end was something of a
shock to local baseball fans; who
had seen him working out with the
Rio Grande leaguers almost every
afternoon last wee-
Copyright. H15,
i for the street car, Daly called Thlry
' to one side away from the otfiers.
I "Now. EmiL I'm going to ask you a
J question and I don't want you to laugh
at me. It's no laughing matter with
I11C At 4XMM. 1VUI1 U1UIA b BUBOfiC! 4.
suppose, but this Is what J want to
know. who won the fight?"
"Which -fight?" Thlry asked In sur
prise. "My fight, of course, Daly retorted.
"Why. ft was a draw and you did very
well after that bad fifth round." Thlry
answered. "Didn't yon hear the de
cision?" Didn't Remember Anything.
"I don't remember a thing after the
fourth round." Daly answered. "The
reason I went in that barroom just now
was to try and hear something about
the fight without asking any questions.
Nobody said anything and that :s why
I had to ask you. I feared I might
have bern knocked out"
A somewhat similar thing happened
one night at the Chicago Athletic as
sociation wheq Frank Childs, the old
time hea yweight. whipped a fellow
named Walter Johnson. The latter
subbed In the fight. He was a tall, well
built negrj. but evidently hadn't been
j K H fMB TryTaBV HBESSr5 y" JliftN. p BH 1 3k BHHMiQB ISSHBBBSBssWsV&tvrBa4BT 1!
I If I JM HB 39b Bl r WjStS'JK f IT SB IBsSSSByJswWsSSrBSSSSMBSSyrrf l7nSir I
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eating with any too great regularity.
Johnson did very well in the first
two rounds. He caught Childs In the
second ronnd and knocked him down
heavily. Childs was game and weath
ered this storm, finally knocking John
son out in the fourth round, I think it
Didn't Know He Had Fought. -
They took Johnson Into one of the
dressing rooms downstairs and it
looked as If he came to fast enough.
He waved his seconds away when they
tried to remove the gloves and they
let him sit in a chair for a. few minutes
expecting his head would clear pretty
Suddenly Johnson looked up at one of
his friends and motioned him oyer.
"Say, isn't it time for me to go on?"
he asked. "I'm getting chilly sitting
here and unless they call e pretty
soon I'm going to get Into my clothes
and get out of here."
He didn't even know he had been In
a battle and they had an awful time
convincing him that he was through for
the evening.
McFarland Suffered Similarly.
Packer McFarland had a similar ex
perience in New Orleans when he boxed
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Ra Brorson Packey got a clout on
the jaw m the first round that knocked
him flat He got up and fought on.
but his head never cleared until well
into the 13th round. He claims to this
day he never remembered a thing that
happened in the intervening rounds.
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