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Tuesdav, May 23, 1915
Tendency to Await Develop
ments Abroad Is Evident
Among the Traders.
NOTE Quotations reflect
Tueaua, May 25.
eloalag price
Isew York. May 25 Dntlaess. accompan
ied by & declining tendency, ttu the only
cnaract eristic of today's stock market.
(By Associated Press.)
"New York, May JS. Following was the
ciu irg quotatioju at the New York stock
x Ii n;. for the stocks mentioned-
Amalgamated Copper 65
n rlc-n Sngar Refining- l6i
Atchison 99fe
. mo Copper 44H
su-thern Taotflc .14
He nine - 1421a
Nj'jthem Pacific 8S-&
l nion Pacific ..........124
in e.I Suites Steel 54
Lnited States Steel, Pfd. 14.-
(Bj Associated 1'rres.t
ew York. May 25. Mercantile paper.
Bar sller. 4SS-
Alecican dollars. 34. :
o eminent bonds, strong. I
Railroad bonds, irregular j
Time loans, easier. 60 days. 2Kf 2; 94) !
i-. -y&, o roouius, SPS.
Call money, steady, high, 2, low, li; rul
ing rate. 1.
Copper, quiet: Electrolytic. 18.75el9 M.
The New York Metal exchange quotes tin
firm but quiet, five ton lots. 37.75 e 3s. 25.
Iron, steady No. 1 northern. 14Mei5.ee:
No 2, 14 25ft 7S. No. 1 Southern. li.OOe
14.50, No. 2. 13.7Sei4.2S.
Lead, quiet, 4 17424.2:.
Spelter, no market.
London Metals Market.
London Eng.. May 25. Tbe London met-
als market closed as follows:
Spot copepr. 70. futures. 77.
Spot tin. 104: futures, 161, slS.
Antimony, 114lli.
pesos (El Paso buying prl)
Carranza currency, S; Chlhuabna cur
rency, 4 '
El Paso Smelter Quotations.
(Corrected TJally.)
Bar silver (Bandy & Harmon quota
tloni 495,
London lead. 30, si, dS.
Pig lead. 4.20
Copper wire bars, 18.5.
Kansas City, Mo.. May 3; Butter
Creamery. 28; firsts, 24; seconds. 22; pack
ing IS.
Eggs Firsts, !&: seconds, IS.
Poultry Hens, 13; roosters. It: tur
keys, IS.
But of your nelshbor, and he'll buy
of on.
Train Dullctln.
11 afternoon and night trains for
toda are reported on time.
Or. A. T. Still Osteopathic Infirmary.
Dr. Ira tv-. Collins, physician in chief:
Dr. M. Alklre. lady specialist; Dr. Carl
Gibson. 201 "W. Missouri street. They
cured others. They can cure you.
Rival Lnlonlstn Fight.
"Wr-eelingr, W. Va, May 25 The first
rsh between members of the Amalga
mated Association of Steel 'Workers
and Union- Iron Workers in an effort
to control the mills of the Whittaker
Glessner Iron company, in Martins
Irr. O. and Wheeling, occurred here
.Ton-av night. A committee of Amal
gamated men called on. manager narry
Hooking of the iron companr, and was
met bj a party from the rival union.
Mfred Dans, chairman, and James
Sweeney, of the Amalgamated party,
were hurt -severely, being hit by bricks
and clubs.
Dr. Hurler. 319 Herald Bldg. Diseases
of children, and nervous troubles.
'Invasion' Is IVustratcd.
Boston Mass, May 25 Defeat of an
attempt to land an armed force of "in
vaders" on the New England coast, in
connection with the naval war game,
was reported Monday night. According
to this report, the dreadnought Wyom
ing, the flagship of admiral Fletcher;
head of the fleet of defence, was theo
retically sunk by the cruiser Chester,
tbe flagshfp of rear admiral Frank E.
Beattv, m command of the "hostiles."
Ask for Surety Bond Roofing at your
hardware dealer or Lauder Ju-iber Co.
Dr. Jamleson, diseases of Kidney, Blad
der. Ek'n .3d Rectum. 61S Wills Bldg.
VdvertlsIng.ABent Killed.
Seattle, Wash, ilay 25. William R.
Wolfe, proprietor of an advertising
agency, was shot to death in bis office
Mondav night- W. I HlegeL a business
partner, was arrested immediately af
terward. Phone (C7. Wilson Mllllcan. the best
cleaners. White work a specialty.
Court Jlanirerson Armtted.
Chicago, III, May SS. The morals
quad of the city police department j
Monday raided the city hall and took
Hod-, .lcning time
F.nd his wile
1 T pside dov n above women.
Lpide Cov. n abo e women.
Prediction of Bullish Crop
peport Is Cause; Corn
and Oats Advancer.
Chicago. 111-. May IS Predictions that
the next government crop report wouia oe i
! of a very bullish character gave an upward
svtins today to the price of wheat Opening stocks and bonds, Fir. National bank build
prices, which were unchanged to ic higher, . jDr.
were followed by a material advance all
around and then a reaction.
The close was unsettled at IVi to 1C
net advance.
Transactions In corn seemed to bo almost
entirely between pit traders. After opening
U to fcc off to He advance, the market
made a general upturn, but not to a radical
The close was steady at a net gain of
, to & to ic.
. Oats hardened because of the strength of
other grain.
Provisions responded to the firmness of
the hog market.
Grain and Provisions.
Chicago Grains. Close.
Wheat May. 31.55 .; July. SL2.
Corn July. 73c. Sept, 77Kc
Oats July. 52Ue, Sept, 4Stic.
Chicago Provisions. Close.
Pork July. 18 10. Sept, 18-42.
Lard July, 9 8a; Sept., 105.
Ribs July. 1G.S7; Sept, 10 St
Chicago Livestock. Close.
Chicago. Ill, May 2S. Hogs Receipts,
13.a4, market strong. Sc above Monday's
average. Bulk. 97.(07.(0; heavy 87.199
7.; pigs. SS 757.2S.
Cattle Receipts. 2000. market firm. Na
tive beef steers. S?0O?9 3O. western steers.
SS.S 10, calves, SS SO09 25
Sheep Receipts, 2000. market unsettled.
Sheep, 87 2008.2S: lambs. J7.7S.U0.3S.
Kansas City Livestock. Close.
Kansas City. Mo. Mar 25 Hogs Ee-
cedpts. 17,000, market strong. Bulk. $7.40 1?
I J.4.: heavy. 87 40S7 45. pigs, J6.7567.-5.
J Cattle Receipts. 9000. market steady.
jrnrae im steers, if oosfj.-s. western steers,
J7.7SSS.7S; calves. S$.Se9 50.
Sheep Receipts, 11.000; market strong
Lambs. S9.009U.2S; yearlings. 88.0009 75.
Fort Worth Livestock. Close.
(By Zelger Hotel).
Hoe Receipts, 1200: market 5e higher;
top. 87.60. bulk. S7.4Se7.SS.
Cattle Receipts. 4000. Including 20
calves: steers, steady; top. 88.00; bulk. 38.70
e7.40; cows 10c lower, heifers, same; top.
cows. S6.2S. bulk. J5M95 7S: heifers, S5.S0
7.5S. bulls, steady. SS25e-00. calves,
weak. 85.5007 50, best stocker steers,
steady: others loeiSe lower. 85 3007.00:
cows and heifers, steady, cows, 35.0096.25;
heifers, 35 5oe.2S, calves, steady, 35.009
7. SO.
Sheep Receipts. E000. best wethen
brought 37.00, not weighed; Iambs, 38.000
10 7S: yesrHngs, S7.Soes.00; wethers. 36.750
37.00: ewes. 6.Se.75. goats. 32.5034.50.
New York. May 35 Cottori Spot quiet.
Middling uplands. 9 65; sales. 2100.
nearly JW prisoners, bangerson of the
morals conrL Those who could not
give a good reason for being in tbe
court room were charged with vagrancy
and twill have a hearing today. "The
morals court will cease to be a theater."
said Judge Heap.
Monition. Notice is hereny given that
there has been seised in this collection
district for violation of the United
States Custom laws, certain merchan
dise, also unclaimed merchandise, de
scribed below, all of which will be sold
In front of the Custom House, El Paso,
Texas, at 10 a. m, June 8. 1S15. Anyone
claiming the property is required to ap
pear witbin the time prescribed by law
Seizures Nob. 22. 1 watch, 3 rings. J
pin; S!3J. lace: 9234, 1 lot handker
chiefs: 9235. 1 lot handkerchiefs: 9241.
1 scarf: 9243, 1 lot pins, etc.; S24S, lace;
9248, lace: 9249. 1 lot blankets, etc:
9251. 1 blanket, etc; 9254. blanket and
scarf: 9255, 1 blanket, etc., 9267, per
fumery; S359, 1 Panama hat; 9351. 1
blanket: 922. 1 dirk: 9263, 1 blanket. T
shawl, 9289, lace: 9283, 1 lot collars and
cuffs. 43BS, 1 shawl: 3340. 3 cases
draughting instruments: 9333. drawn
work, 9354. drawnwork; 9355, drawn-
work; 9351, perfumery: 932, drawn- J
Vflrt' 4K1 dnvn-nrlr- O . . nnl
spurs. 9389, 1 lot toys: 9392. 1 lot toys:
9393. 18 bu. beans: $396, 1 diamond ring,
1 diamond pin; 9396, $ diamond rings. 1
diamond pin: 9463, 1 shawl; 9106, 4ts
gallons alcohol; 9467, 4 gallons alco
hol. 9408. 4U gallons alcohol: 9423,
drawnwork, 1424, 3 zarapes; 9425, Hi
gallons alcohol: 9426, 6 zarapes: 9129,
IS bu. beans: S430, 2 wood boxes: 9434.
3 bars gold and silver bullion; 913s, 1
diamond pin, 11 gold nuggets, 4 pes. sil
ver bullion: 943S, 18 yds. silk: 9439. IM
lbs. beans 9444. perfumery; 9446. 1 lot
silk drawnwork; 9447, lace and drawn
work 9452. 1 lot drawnwork. 9459. 1
lot silver bullion. 9462, 5 pes. drawn
work, 9344, 1 lot silver bullion: 9357, 1
lot silver bullion: 9358, 1 lot silver bul
lion; 9414, 35 gallons spirituous liquor;
9445, 1 lot cigars, 1 lot cigarettes. 9454,
1 lot cigars and cigarettes, 17 gallons
spirituous liquir, 9165, 1 pistol: 9343,
3 brooches, etc.; 946. 1 revolver: 9157, I
diamond ring, I diamond pin. Un
claimed Goods. G. O. No. 31, 1 pKge.
mnf. silk; 37, 1 blanket: 38, 1 blanket;
46, 1 blanket: 47. 1 lot manufacture of
paper; 334. mkd. N. J. W, 2 cases whis
ky. 283, mkd. F. B. 161, 1 case sardines,
etc: 284, mkd. II. T, 40 cases cognac,
etc.: 369. mkd. W. K. G. 116, 1 case mnf.
shell; 323. mkd. F. B. V. 2718-2722, 5
bbls. paint. Zach Lamar Cobb, Collector
of Customs.
Ship Escapes Ice.
Nome Alaska. May 25. The steamer
j Calumet & Arizona's Rise
j Tesday Strengthens Oth
erwise Dull Market.
Calumet & Arizona's rise to tJS-ii was the
feature of the stock market Tuesday, accord
jnr to dispatches to CurUss-ManntnsT & Co.,
tub market openeo strong, ant sttowea a
slight loss In the early part of the morn
ing. At coon the market was dull but
Sare 3Ioney on Spelter.
Denver advices say: "Under the Wilson
j tariff, zinc bearing ore and zinc concen-
trates are coming almost free of duty from
the Australian mines, with the owners of
which American emeling companies recently
made contracts for the delivery at Galveston
and Perth Amboy of 85.000 tens. This Is
largely In tbe form of 46 percent spelter
concentrates, a very desirable material from
the standpoint of the smelters. The price is
said to be 36 per hundred pounds delivered
to American ports, compared to 814 to 320
per hundred pounds in New York and Boston I
Government Buying Up Copper.
New York dispatches say that Lake Su
perior copper companies under contract with
the United States government are turning out
enormous quantities of copper for use in
the manufacture of ammunition. The Qolncy
company has sold nearly its entire output
for the year under contracts which are not
subject to annulment. Calumet & Heda is
understood to have sold its output through
December under similar contracts at prices
above 20, cents a pound. All previous pro
duction figures will be broken this year.
Copper Slock quotations.
The following wire quotations furnished
by Curtiss-Uannlng . Co, give tbe dosing
Calumet & Arisona ....
Greene-Cananea .......
65 Is
' Mines Co. of America. . .
New Cornelia
Nevada Consolidated ...
North Butte
Ray Consolidated
31 H
Shannon 8.
Sbattuck , isS
United Verde Extension 4fe
Utsh Copper (5
Corurn, which has been held faot In
the Ice off Nome nearly three dajs.
succeeded In breaking- the grip of the
Ice pack at noon Monday and. after
four hours and a half of flrhtlnr ice !
floes, reached a safe anchorage in the
Nome roadstead.
Our steel fence posts will end, your
fence troubles. Lander Lumber Co.
Ask about our reinforced Malthold
asbestos top roof in colors. Lander
Lumber Co.
Pioneer Stage Owner DIcjv.
Pueblo, Colo, May 25. Harney San
derson, one of the oldest residents of
Pueblo, died Monday at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. G. L. L. Oann. Ho was
89 years old. For years Mr. Sanderson
was a member of the Sanderson-Barlow
Overland Stage company, which ran
stage coaches from Kansas City to
Santa Fe, N. M.
Dr. Rawllngs. Practice limited to obste
trics & children's diseases. 464 Rob-Ban.
EI raao Distilled Water Cow Fh. 489.
Dr. Ebert, dentist. 316-21S Mills Bldg.
Charged With Clirnret Smun-llnr-
Remijio Flores was arrested Monday t
by federal authorities, charged with
smuggling 83 packages of dgarets
SL2SlL-i VB2 8
......,..,.. w-v.e v..... ,
uur uiit- uuvi. w ten .'- luiairci, i
doors, windows, roofing, screen doors
and builders hardware to you NOW.
Lander Lumber Co.
Dr.Anna Renm.Buekler Bldg, over Elite.
P. It. Price. Presiding.
Linnie M. Wolcott vs. W. N. Carl, suit
on note; filed.
L. A. Baumstark vs. J. IL Bromberg,
suit for 326.0CO damages 'for personal
Injuries: on trial.
Fred MerKeni vs. Charles JZeiger. suit
fot 326,066 damages for persona kin
jurles; with jury.
Dan 31. Jackson, Presiding.
Josephine Crosbv et al. vs. s. B.
Stevens et al, trespass to try title; on
A. Elliott vs. Edna Elliott, di
vorce; granted.
G. A. Jones vs. Sylvia H. Jones, di
vorce, filed.
Ida Green vs. Paul Green, divorce;
Ilnllard CoIilv.nl, Presiding.
J. II. Long vs. Texas & Pacific, salt
foi 330.660 damages for persenal In
juries, on trial.
Adrian Pool. Presiding,
State of Texas vs. ITimltivo Medina, ,
is -- " ' f
carrying a pistol, filed.
State of Texas va. Cenobio Raraerez,
theft; filed.
State of Texas vs. Charles Scott, sell
ing; beer without a license; filed.
State of Texas vs. Harry K. Bates.
selling beer without a license; filed-
State of Texas vs. W. E. Gunn, sell
ing beer without a license; filed.
State of Texas vs. M. Flores, selling
liquor -w ithout a license: filed.
State of Texas vs. O. Palacios, selling
on Sunday, filed.
State of Texas va John Brennen,
selling liquor on Sunday; filed.
State of Texas vs. Knrique Delgado,
selling liquor on Sunday; riled.
State of Texas vs. Sabino Guader
rama, selling liquor on Sunday; filed.
State of Texas vs. Jesus Galindo,
selling liquor on Sunday; filed.
State of Texas vs. Thomas Jordan,
selling liquor without a license: filed.
State of Texas vs. John Mi-T-trthv
I selling liquor on Sundaj : filed.
State of Texas vs, Frederick Baker,
aggravated assault; med
State Of Texas vs. A. UrUtia, selling I
non-Intoxicating liquor without license.
state or rexas vs. u Velasco, selling
non-intoxicatihg liquor.
J. J. Murphy, Pre .Idtnc
State of Texas vs. W At r-Ai-, .ij.
J ing; defendant pleaded guilty and was
iii'pj VI. BIIU UUSUi.
State of Texas vs. Madeline T elly.
re.T.Iess driving- defendant pleaded
guilty and was fined 35 and costs.
State of Texas vs. J. M. Ramirez,
swindling, filed.
J. M. Denver, Prrsldlnsr.
State of Texas vs. Felipe Vanelzuela,
assault to murder: defendant pleaded
guilt and was fined 325 and costs.
W B. Craig, deputy sheriff of Gray
son county. left over the Texas t Pa
cific Tuesday morning for Denlson hav
ing in custody John Coker, alias Otto,
arrested here last week as a fugitive
and said to be wanted for Jumping his
At Pecos City Mr. Craig will meet tha
sheriff from Chaves county. New Mexi
co, and take i custody Lee Smith, a
Buy of your neighbor, and he'll buy
of you.
Answers to Herald Ads.
A 338
. 31
B. 33
p. 75
R. B. H.
R. 24
S. I.
T. 41S
V. SX4
X. Y. Z.
X. X.
Y. 32
31,312 ,
Itoenirag House
E. B.
G. 441
H. T.
K 473
L. W. A.
L. 481
U 4S
N. 1
o zt
Owner IS
P. a Box 508
Ph. 718
Rates For Classified Ads:
One Cent per Word. No
charge less than $ 25
Six ConsecotiVe Inser
tions, per Word 05
Notice lo Classified Advertisers
All Classified Advertising ordered to
run indefinitely (t f.) must be In writ
ing. No t, f. advertisements accepted
over the telephone. Orders to discon
tinue t. f. ads must also be in writing
and cannot be accepted over the tele
phone. A stop order receipt will be given
when a L t ad Is ordered discontinued.
Lost azd Found.
LOST One link button with diamond each
side, suitable reward Notify W. V. Ster
ling. Mine and Smelter Supply Co
LOST White bull terrier pup. strayed from
720 Mandy Ave., black over right eye; neith
er tail or ears cut. Answers to name of
Jack. Liberal reward for return Ph-5323
Sl'IRELLA Corsets. Mrs. Bnlett. Ph. 3572.
WANTED Lace curtains to wash. Ph. 3678.
CHILDREN of parents going away this sum
mer, best of care, with Montesorri training.
Phone 4809 J.
Ground to order and guaranteed by
Oro. D. Kendall, 288 Mm Ave.
BDCCATED American gentleman having
some knowledge Vf Spanish would like to
exchange conversational lessons with psrty
speaking Spanish. Address R. 86. Herald.
Spedal NoScis.
FOR ANYTHING In plain or Irish crochet.
Phone 6180 W. Mra J. W. Allen.
FORD OWNERS who do their own repair
work xray use our tools, prices reasonable.
Phone 6939
REMOVAL SALE All books at reduced
rates for next few dafs. some good volumes
to choose from. The Epic 311 Texas.
GARAGE FOR RENT Dry and dean. Can
accommodate 2 cars, also suitable for auto
repair shop. 419 X. El Paso. Phone 8727.
nUTVR ft, leaviBC- cltv. 7 5-wetks old kit
tens and 2 motfcers given away. Phons 206.
Win deliver.
Ground to order and guaranteed by
Geo. D. Kendall. 208 Men Ave.
We are headquarters for cut flowers,
blooming planta Sweet peas for Decoration
day at 305 N Stanton St.
Paso -for writing Fidelity and Surety bonds.
Douglas C Croweil Agency.
20 Mills Bldg. Phone 578.
vertible. Also general repairing on Forda
Investigate our guarantee system. More
satisfaction, less money. Grand View Garage.
Phone (OS.
S2.00 EACH.
Douglas C. Crowe!" .-.geney.
Phone 578. 208 Mills Bldg
II Imh .JInriart I.
Get our rates
before insuring.
nonvlas C Croweil Arency.
21 Mills Hldf Phone 578.
Qaut-croft Announcements.
CLOUDCROFT COTTAGE for rent or sale.
Phone 543
Phone evenings 5348 J.
CLOUDCROFT COTTAGE for rent for sea
son, modern conveniently located. Ph. 635.
for the season, or will rent by the month.
Phone -813 W.
FOR BENT OR SALE on easy terms, com
pletely furnished cottage in Ctouderoft.
Phone 385S or 448.
SISO TAKES flrstclasa cleaning sstabUsh-
ment. Phone 3055.
In automobile. 37 5. Phone 427S W.
FOR RENT Auto repair shop, good loca
tion: cheap rent, lots of toole. Will ceil
very cheap If taken at once. Phone 5131 M.
terras, or will trade on small heme. Phone
2259 W.
YOUNG LADY piano player or stager to Join
me la vaudeville, motion picture road show:
going to California, small amount cash re
quired Weick. Angeius HotcL
SALOON FOR SALE In wide open town:
good business, long lease. This will near
'""Peetlon. Address P. O. box 383. Calex-
lsr r"sh-tr
ico. Calif.
FOR SALE Billiard room. 6 tables, cheap
for cash, rent reasonable, fine loeatloa. For
sale also. 32000 bar fixtures for 35; only
need ? yean. Box 537. Miami. Aria.
llOTTLING WORKS for sale. Splendid op
portunity located la center of flee ship
ping territory Carrjaoso Bottling Works,
-lrl!lt-i- rhin. wl... there Is work to be
had, or If you need a man to drill, write
me. 12 yeirs experlehce, no boose. Bob Lee, !
Saf.ord. Arts.
Paso for sale by owner: good locations.
clearing 3( and 31 a day 3450 for one.
350 for the other, cleared 375.000 ln 1
years on one. Write or call at 20S N. Stan
ton SL
Wanted nelp male
WANTED Man for milk wagon, no boys;
must know town P. O. box 60S.
CTDnvr: l.-.!!.., wu,.- .,-. .. .-IH
of work, not under 17 years; must live with !
parents. Write R. 103. Herald.
WANTED An American baker at once.
Powell's Home Bakery, 411 E. Boulevard.
Pboao 2301.
WANTED Energetic, capable bookkeeper
and stenographer, young man preferred.
Apply in writing. O. 1. care of Herald.
WANTED Experienced shoe salesman,
young man. good Mock worker; state salary
desired. Write R. 92. Herald.
ABLE BODIED MEN, good eyesight, for
fireman and brakemen, 8120 monthly: ex
perience unnecessary. Write Railway, care
MEN Our Illustrated catalog explain bow
j we teach barber trade In few weeks, mailed.
tree wni aioier arner couege. Fort
Worth. Texas.
WANTED A good Spanish -English atengra
pher of good habits, and satisfactory refer
ences, for large mining property in Sonora.
single man preferred, either Mexican or
American: must have clerical experience as
tlmeKeeping forms greater pert of work:
salary 3133 gold to start. Address, stating
references and experience fully. The Tlgro
Mlnlog Co, S. A. B. J. Ellbert. cashier.
Douglas. Artx.
Help Tanted Female.
WANTED Dining room girl to leave city
Call 1200 San Antonio SL, morning Also man
for janitor work.
Wanted Help Female.
I WANTED Vi oman to work in band lanndry
3230 Texas and Pacific St.
I nAMlill Any girl in trouble or in need of
I a friend, apply to Salvation Army Homo.
313 Westminster. Phone 690.
WANTED AT OCR Reliable Spanish
speaking lady steaograpr-er for work, naix
day only. 1413 E. Boulevard.
, WANTED Competent v. bite woman cook.
i private family Address box 44. Las Crueea,
or phone S48. Las duces. i
WANTKD Woman for general housework
, who will go to Mountain Park for summer. '
English speaking Mexican or German pre- j
ferred.Call HI Newman St.
Situations Wanted Male
COLLARD cleans windows. Ph. 4275.
COLORED MAN wishes position as waiter.
Phone 7048.
EXPERIENCED Japanese cook wants posi
tion, hotel or private family. Write M. 5,
NORTiroKbT LUMBERMAN wants some
clerical position, ex-bookkeeper and stenog
rapher i'nooe , room as.
OFFICE JIAN, executive, would like to
make a change: am young aggressive, good
j morals, good appearanoe. now manager re-
tan mercnania iiincwuiw in csir v -.v,
also active secretary of 310.000 corporation,
no chronic disease and my record will
stand the most rigid investigation, have
alwas wanted to live in El Paso. What
have ytu to offer" R. r Cheatham, Tex
arkana. Texas.
Situations Wanted Female
liXrKSUENCED lady stenographer desires
position. Phone 5510.
rbalTION as housekeeper by widow with
girl of 12 references. Write C 64. Herald.
GRADUATE TBACUKK would like work as
companion .or tutor, no objection to country
work or traveling. Address X. 30. Herald.
refined Mexican woman wishes position
.. WHHn)TI .--.. w ., -
children, comnensation small: No. 1 Ameri.
ran references Mrs. A. D. DeKolf, 3321
Montana. Phone 5359 J
good El Paso real estate for Improvement
purposes, no commiaeiona, Write H. W. 7.
WANTED To buy about 20 or 30 acres of
I valley land, give location description and
J terms. Write R. 87. Herald.
5 ROOM new house wanted on paved street
in Alta Vista: must ba a bargain. Howell
Realty Co- 302 Herald Bldg. Phone 567.
WANTED 20 acres between EL Paso, and (
Ysleta. must be the very best land. Im- j
proven; warn lor norae. i.rms aim, nnmru.
Wanted Good business proposition: have
83000 to Invest also have buyers for several
small proposition What have you?
It. W. Stevens, 17 MorganJIdg
Wanted to Rent
WANTED House ta cars for during sum
mer, references. Phone 215 after 3. Two
, Teachers. Herald.
WANTED To take oare of borne for tbe
summer ny reeponsiDie couple wiux At ret-
Write R. 103. Herald.
WANTED By young couple, housekeeping
rooms wun sleeping porcn or small lur
ntshed house la Highland Park or Grand
View Write R, 90. Herald.
Wanted Board and Rooms.
WANTED By young business man, rooux
and board with private family, must be
walking distance. I can exchange Spaniah
lessons for English. Give details in answer
lng. Address M. 34. Herald.
Wasted Anton-oniles.
WANTED Ford ear Will pay 335 down
and (10 a week. Write (8, ears Herald.
WANTED TO TRADE 3 Jersey oowa all
giving milk, for Ford automobile. Phone
994 J 3.
automobile as payment on building con
tracts can finance good proposition, plans
and specifications furnished. A. M. sactett.
Architect and Builder, 113 California. Fh.
410 W
Wanted Bid;.
ehita schools. District No. 1. Grant county.
Now Mexico, hereby aanouaoe to the public
that they are ready to receive the sealed
bids of all contractors who care to apply
for the erection of the new addition to the
Hachlta public school -oullding. The plana
and specifications are now in the hands of
the clerk of the School Board, and all con
tractors who care to sppiy or Investigate
the proposition should write or call on the
said official, wbo win roadsr such Informa
tion tyi may be desired.
On June 35. 115, the Board of Education
will meet for the purpose of awarding the
contract to the lowest responsible bidder
The board reserves the right of rejecting
any or all bids according to their discretion.
J H. Parker.
Clerk of School Board.
Cbaa, Upsham.
Chairman of Board.
Wasted &mcelUneoss.
WANTED Nice gentle burro. Phone 2338.
WANTED Flrstrlass leather suit case. Al
condition, reasonable. Phono 3510 W.
WANTED Scrap brass, scrap sine and scran
ram-r trill .!.! . i T
Herman o.n iTc. PsTfi-W 1 BrvX
11 - .TT
For Rent Homes Furnished.
FOR RENT Furnished home. Phone 58.
FOR RENT 4 room furnished house. 3915
Durasao. No chlldroeL
ROOM HOUSE, furnished, close la. sum
mer rates. Phon 4512 J.
3 ROOM furnished house, walking distance.
Phono 4-08.
THREE housekeeping rooms for rent.
(399 V.
COMPLETELY furnished 5 room bungalow
for summer, walking distance. Phone 394.
ROOM BRICK HOUSE, sleeping perch.
ulsheL 31 mantk TRa. 4ut .
furnished. 312 month.
LIGHT housekeeping
tonio. Phono 5483.
71 Sen An.
l'OR RUNT Part or all of furnished cot
tage, convenient location, cheap. Phone
FOR RENT Cottage furnished or partly
furnished, no children. Phone 199. 1304
FOR RENT In Government MB, nicely fnr
nlshed co:tage, 4 rooms and bath, nice lawn
and shrubbery, water furnished. Ph. 3334.
COMPLETELY furnished 7 room sleeslnc 1
t.v. . ,y, aush ess montn. re- i
doced rent If owner retains one room. 911 '
Lee SL Phono 5898 W.
REASONABLE From June 1st to SepL lat.
a nice nptodate bungalow, well furnished: i
also phone, water, lis tits included, onlv I .
healthy, refined couple need apply 945 K. ,
ROOM modern furnished house, walking
distance. 146 Brown SL. for rent June lit.
345 month.
Creel J. Phillips. Phone S07S.
"City Property Specialists."
For Rent Homes Unfurnished.
3 ROOM HOUSE with sleeping porch.
block. Tularosa. Phone 8440
For Rent Apartments Furnished.
3 ROOM APT, 138 N Oregon.
ALEXANDRIA APTS. Summer rates.
THE DWYER High location. Phone 45(0.
rUBNISHED APTS, (0 Texaa Ph. 1I2S.
BOOTH APTS Finest In El Pass. Vh. 57S4.
BEAUTIFUL front apartment. 32S W. Mis
souri 4 AND 2 BOOMS with sleeping porches. 305
N. Kansas.
3 BOOM AIT, private bath, walking db
tsnee Phone 6485
MODERN furnished apL. reasonable.
Vt Missouri. Phone 5546
For Rent Apartments Furnished.
MCE AIT, sleeping porch. 41 Montana.
FIRM8HED apartmenU and rooms. II
W Boulevard.
NICELY furnished s or S room apt, sleep
Ins; porches. Apply moratnga, (I Prospect.
STRICTLY modem apartments. Phone 3357.
112 Myrtle Ave. The Echo.
4 KOOM .APARTMENT Large sleeping
porcn. Phone 374.
ONE fur and two aafur. flats for rent,
close In. Apply H. B. Stevens or phone 5-44.
MODERN FUR. AITS, 325 and 330 (11
W Missouri. Phone 5546.
FOR RENT Small apartment, one
kftcbeaet, 312.50. 114 & Virginia.
FOR RENT 3 room furnished apartment
with m4.i. 11. W W Tfl..n.irl AM. X.
Phone 6643 vt.
FUBMSHED AIT, Marguerite, sleeping
porch and piano. Phone 1253.
FOR KENT Furnished apartment No. 21.
th. Tt.mv i hmu .i. iilng TMtrcb. and
j atn. Phone i7x.
MCKLY furnished 4 room apartnwat. rent
reasonable. Montana Apartments. Phone
2823 W or 1477
CLOSE IN, private bath, ideal for.:. Phone
1517 mornings or after S p. m. 712 N.
Santa Tfr
FOB RENT. FISK APTS Small apartment.
shower bath, hot -water all hoars: furnished
or nnfumtshed. Ftsk-Ramsey Realty Co.
& furnished
apt., reaeoaabte for maimer
couple. Phono 4048 W.
to responsible
RIVERVIEW APT.2 and 4 room fur
nished and unfurnished, private bath, sleep
ing porch, hot and cold water. 705 W.
Main at
THE MONTANA 917 Montana, large, cool
elegant front apt. newly furnished, piano,
etc, sleeping porch faces beaatiful park,
nothing better in El Paso. Ssvmmer rate.
i F0r Rent Apartments Unfurnished.
sleeping porch.
kitchenet and
310 Mundy
FOR RENT t room apt., unfurnished, also
3 rooms furnished. Call 809 Octavia. Ph.
2S32. ,
Al 5 ROOM BUNGALOW for rent t reliable
parties, only 840 per month. W. w. Greek.
120 Nevada SL Phone 1045.
3 ROOMS, unfurnished ant.
all bolitin fea-
tares, elegant, modern, cool; extra largo
living room, sleeping porcn, summer rata
The Montana. 917 Montana.
FOR RENT Modera apartment. 3 rooms,
bath, steeplnr porch, dreeslnr room, hot and
cold water, buittln beda Price 337.5 per
month. Also furnished apartment same sue.
prico 535 per month. Leavell & Sherman.
307 Mills SL Phone 4326
For Rent -Rooselceeplng Rooms
UOHT housekeeping rooma 1039 Olive.
HOUSEKEEPING suite, bath. 12 Mesa.
LARGE housekeeping rooma 1106 Wyoming:
Hskpg. and Fur, 31.50 wk. no. 41TH E. Over.
ONE LARGE front housekeeping room, 311
E. Missouri.
FOR RENT Light housekeeptag rooms. 801
Montana. Phone 4403.
Tit O housekeeping
porch. Phone 336.
rooms and sleeping
HOUSEKEEPING and bearoesu. 415 Myr
tle. Phone .
FURNISHED housekeeping satte. SOS N. E4
FURNISHED ROOMS far Iwusekeepsag. Ph.
TWO large
5431 W
rooms and kitchei-st. Phone
-t NICELY furnished rooms.
Phone 3(31
HOT Arizona.
HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, cheap rent, cteee
In. Phone 5734 W. 10M & Missouri.
Til O LIGHT housekeeping rooms, furnished;
no sick or children. Inquire 81 Wyoming.
LIGHT houwkewping rooms, 331 Prospect
Phone 3741 W.
FOR RENT 3 rooms nicely furnished for
housekeeping: close in. 3M Mundy.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms with sloeplng porch,
close In. 811 N. Florence.
HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS suitable far two
gentlemen. 71 K. Campbell.
ROOMS, running
also single room.
107 N.
El Paao.
LARGE cleaa cool room, completely tor. for
housekeeping. 1013 San Antonio. Ph. 14 W.
511 E. Boulevard.
Mesa. Phon 49L
dose In. 541
NICELY' furnished suite of housekeeping
rooms, elose In. Phone 5084 J.
FOR RENT Cool clean front room. 3 win
dows, kttchenst, private porch. 318 per
month. Sll X. Oregon.
FOR RENT Furnished largo cool rooms for
hooeeheepifg. aiso sleeping rooms; near Alta
Vista school. Phone 43 J.
TWO OUTSIDE IIOOMS for housekeeping
In private family po children. 1407 E.
Boulevard. Phovie 748
?J"TrS?Me,t?nK " c,Me ln
' lSklla-lk ( staslws-tssp vflsw.se -... I i Tt
misaimiH SP.W.B ssa VVIVH. A-UCIItUB. JTJJL.
372 W.
FOR RENT Two partly furnished rooms,
large sleeping porch, lights and water 315
Phone 433.
TWO completely furnished
rooms with sleeping porcn. .n
(1 Noble
v. i '-i ovuie.
FOR KENT Nicely furnished suite of
housekeeping rooms, opens to large front
porch: running water Phone (475 R. (
W Missouri.
For Rent HscjskeepiBg Rooms
l'OR RENT 3 unfurnished rooms wit wa
ter. 310 month. 1011 N Campbell.
x-t-r. nn.. . ani-rawvea rooms SOT llgul I
j housekeeping, water, phone aad bath free. I '
Orchard Park. Phone 1738
For Rent Rooms Furnished.
LARGE cool rooms. 1015 N. Stanton.
FLBXISHEI1 front bedroom. 1039 Olive.
furnished Rooom 60S N. Oregon. Ph. 52S2. j
LARGE cool front bedroom. 917 El Paso. '
' Oase In. 313
"- w ,
DKLHAK ROOMS 117 N. 8tanton. rag: wa
I tor, free bath-. Sec. 31 day; 33.06 up wfcly.
THE KENNARD 413 X. Oregon. Cuol
DOS ClARTOS amueMadoa. centricoi,
particular Phone 644 J.
MCE famished trout room with or without
none 157 w
NICE ROOM for rent.
125 J
313 Wyoming. Ph.
IIOTKL I'lBR .ON New management, ou.
side rooms, bath. Phone 568.
ivratshed front
adjoining I
(147 M
bath. Ph. 1131.
water, lights.
LARGE eool bedroom.
1373 R.
(0 Octavia. Phono
COOL ROOMS one block east of postotflce.
2Vv Mill. SL. Hotel Beaumont
COOL FRONT BOOM, walking distance.
Phone (46 783 Roosevelt Ave.
ELBGANTLY furnished rooms for renL over
new Union bank. 13 Vt San Antonio SL
LOVELY cool furnished room. 88 N Ore-gon-
COOL BEDROOM for man In private family:
references exchanged. Phono (713.
RENT Front room with sleeping ,
,..,., .u.uiauru, rc-wuviB terms, i
515 Pro-pect Ate
For Rent Rooms Furnished.
FIRNISHED ROOMS for rent. Phone 4.5
' f 1119 San Antonio
I SOUTHERN IIOTKL Outside rooirs J
per week and up: free baths. 4-3 SL
HOTEL NORMANDY Flrstclass. every!, z
modera; all outside rooms, coolest la t j
centrally 'located. Phone 24 SL
SOUTHEAST front room, private bat
ana coia water, aiso outer rooms summer
rates. 345 H Myrtle.
FOR KENT To gentleman, lovely hiui
like room in bungalow, with pmate fu: -tly,
car and jftaos stop la front of hoe.
Phone 4894.
For Rent Rooms Urtfttrnisned.
3 LAROB unfurnished rooms to couple p.- -vate
family. N. Kansas, bo sick, referee ex
Phone 6721 W .
For Rent Rooms and Board.
ROOM Homo cooking. Phono 4332 Vf.
NICE ROOM with board. Phone 28SS J,
NJ?L"S, StS MESA Phone 3417. Roomi
strictly aptodate. Table flrstclasa.
rRIVATE BOARD Large, cool room. Mri
PePew. 73 Myrtle.
ROOM AND BOARD Home cooking. PhT
3187 W.
BEST ROOMS with sleeping porches anj.
board. 1210 N. Oregon. Phone 872.
DEMISABLE BOOM, board it desired. Ph.
FURNISHED ROOMS, sleeping porch and
board. 212 W. Bio Grande.
SELECT BOARD at reasonable rata. 213
Montana. Phon. 4658 W.
ROOMS AND BOARD 1421 Myrtle Ave7
Phone 0194.
FURNIMIBD ROOM, sleeping perch an I.
board, suitable for 2 geptlomen. 1S15 Sou e
vard. Phone 4579.
WANTED 3 or 4 young men to board in
the country, good board and rooms, reasor.
abla rates. F L. Abies. La Mesa. N M.
Inquire 101 San Antonio St. or phone 3-1T J
For R"t Store; and Offices.
LIGHT, airy offices for rent In Herald B:4t
WILL SHARE well furnished office, : 1
Roberts-Banner building
! GOOD STORE an- a9ir nwmi K-n ITr-r-1.
I Cisco St- Apply J. F. Daniels, iiu A. I
Footer Co.
i For Rent fllUC-IIaniOU.
GARAGE for rest at 808 N Oregon.
CONSUMPTIVES need not app.y. mounts-1
cottages for the season cheap, s. Kotosky
High Rolls N M.
For Sale Automobilei.
WOULD TRADE for lots or vendor Usa
notes, 7 passenger autoznobile. Phono 60S.
NEAT TOURING CAR, fine condition, new
ttrea See Watt Mission garage.
will sell cheap; terms reasonable.
Ph. S.u3.
7 PASS. CHALMERS for sale or trade t r
smaller car. Apply Imperial Garage.
TO TRADE Stndebaker -25" in good run
ning order for city lots, or will trade ln en
larger touring car. Write P. 8L Herald.
painted, excellent condition, 3125. or tra e
for cycle car Phone 0039 W. 2200 Texas S
sale, dri-aea 550 miles, flrstdass condition.
Phone Mundy 1833. ask for Mr. Cox.
REO FIFTH 5 passenger automobile for
3350; ln perfect running order, biggest bar
gala on the market, Se owner, 32 Her
ald BMg. Phone T.
114 Cadillac. 5 ps-ueager. fully equipped.
seat covers, hamper. 3 extra tires. Can c
tell It from new; must sell quick for cau.
Appcrson Motor Sales Co-,
Phono 1335. 33 W. San Antoiuo.
FOR SALE One. Baker electric victors.
newly painted. neV batteries, good mechan
ical condition: one Detroit open eiectrl.
one Baker open electric with Ironclad El!-
batteriea Western Battery and Magntto
Co.. 54 N Kansas St.
4 cyL 5 paaa Rso, 115 model, sew 311 -
Reo 114, model, second hand 3.0
Reo 1914 modeL second hand 8 '
Rao 113 model, second hand So
all with elective Ucktlir and startler
is percent orr these prices until June 1st,
account of end of fiscal year
These Price cover stock on band ihiiv
First come gets the pick.
.-SMr-sraes company.
I Phone Easy 3.
SsK Livestock Ea.
TWO fresh Jersey cows; terms. Phone Cl-4.
BCY REGISTERED Duroe Jersey horx of
Sam B. Glllett. El Paso, Texas.
WANTED To buy two good milch cow
terms. Phon. 24 W.
JERSEY COW for sale, gives lis gl.i-.
111 Wyoming.
POR SALE Easy terms or trade, one I ;
mule. What have you to offer Phone 61. '
if YOU HAVE fresh Jersey cow to rent
Unone 528 vV
FOE SALE 9 excellent Ball cows, sozrs
! ?
froah now and others t. be fresh latt.r
1 s .
I WANTED High grade Kslstetn bull
lo to
j haat Butte t M.
. '
S nM-llk .M tT 4 '
W Martin. '-
FOR SALE A. good
of mares i X
Appiy to Oliver Psaker, Vtbite Oai
New Mexico.
FOR SALE Mars for baggy with good qua
lties and of good stsa Call 1005 Magotf's
Ave. Phone IOC
Far Sale Yeliicles.
23: L
for sale cheap. Ph.
PVR SALB A good delivery wagon, b.
gain If taken at once, only 25. Apply Le j
For Sale Motorcycles.
I SIN4.I-E cylinder Excelsior motorcycle, 19' 4.
.tee Alamo Machlna Co.
FOR SALE Twin Indian motorcycle PV-j
W 230 Texas St.
TWIN CI'LINBEK Thar motorcycle for sa -3125.
1914 model Phone 116 W
For Sale Bicycle.
FOE S VLB Boy's bicycle Phone 4
Doff. For Sale, Wanted, Etc.
PEPHIREKD bull pups for sale. 2415 lei..
FOK SALE Pedigreed Airedale terrier i
month. oc 6(t E. Missouri SL
ONE PAIR reine dogs months old t
gain. Phone 514
WANTED To give away small dog. go. J.
PCt or watch dog Tin- Magoffin A-
WANTED Good watch dog for ranch p
f-r Airedale or bulL J W Rl,.!iarus- .
Cunutillo Texaa.
F &Je -Faraifciat.
FlRNITTHl: of ( roam house for rn-i
fnone 3334 w. 111 Arisona
Fl RNITUR8 for light housekeeping rooms
complete, cheap. Phone 334 W
NICE HKDHOOM SUITE. fM; rockers, t -I
bles, and .everal nieces for sale efaeap go g
ay Phono 377 J.
your o.a fu-nltar. la exchange for cm
Phone j.1;
For Sale Pianos.
BAlHiAIN Practically new piano
terms Phone 5124.
A NEW ELLINGTON cabinet grr.1 pun
cost 5500 will sell for 3200. nam 'ea.inr
town. Address E. A. care Herald.

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