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"Wcdnesdav, :tfar 26. lOlo
Fears of Further Complica-
tions Abroad Dominate
Day's Dull Dealings.
NOTE Quotation- reflect closing prtco
Wednesdaj May 26
w Tork May 2 Todays Anil and
he aw stotk market was again dominated,
bv tear or runner foreign complications. ,
- aj- of the torpedoing of the American
hip Nebraskan.
(By Associated Press.)
x w Tortc May -.6 Following was the
r! n quotations at the Jsew York stock
.ch i nee for the stocks mentioned:
-vmaigamated Conner . .............. to
merit an Sugar Refining...
t hlfeOTl ..
i hino Copper
Northern Pacific ..........
reading .
Southern Pacific
l nion Pacific
Tnited States Steel .. ....
United States Steel. Pfd ..
(B Associated Pre.)
Tors. Hay 2 Mercantile
; ,t
Bar silver, 49.
Mexican dollars, 38.
iroternment bonds, heavy
Railroad bonds, easy
Time loans, easy: ( days, 2"S-5.
days :$I six r-oothe, 34
-all money steady, high, ; loTr. IX:
ruling rate. 1.
Copper. 18.75pl9 0.
The New Tork metal exchange quotes tin
quiet. live ten Mis, CT sswjs.wp.
iron, steady
No. 1 Northern. 14.5e.W.
S'o r 14.2514 75. Na 1 SoHthern, U.eJ
14.50. No 2. 11.75014.25
Lead. Quiet. 4-27T4 32h-
Spelter, no market
London Metals Market.
London, Eng. May I. The London met
ai market closed aa follows:
. Lead 2 se21. s' 3. 5
Spelter. 73.
Spot copper 7t. sl5. futures. 7., sis.
Spot tin 1(2. futures. 1L1.
Mexican currency, 13.
Mexican pesos tsi x-aso oajms pi-i
QUhuahaa cur-
rencv, H-
Ei raan Smelter Quotations,
(Corrected Datly.J
Bar silver (Handy S. Harsion quota
tlon 49
London lead. W,sS, M.
Pig lead, 4.W.
Copper wire bars, 18.55
Kansas City. Mo. May 2 Butter
Creamery i. firsts. 24. seeeods, !2H:
packers. 18s
jsggs r irie. x.". -.
Poultry nens, xs, mwnw",
keys. 15
10: tur-
Se York. May It Cotton Snot quiet:
middling uplands. 9 5; sales. 134L
News Brevities
Tmlnr Ballctln.
1I afternoon and night trains are
reported on time for "today.
Dr. A. T. Still Oateopatnl& Intinnary,
7t. Ira "W. Collins, pbyslclaa In cnlef:
Dr. M. Alklre. ladr specialist; Dr. Carl
Gibson. 0i W. Missouri street. Tney
cured others. They can cura you.
Dr. Hurley, 319 Herald Bids. IHseases (
of children, and nervous troubles. J
Detective Finds Watches.
Cit detective J J Hausinger Tues- ,
da afternoon recovered two watches
stolen laat falL One belongs to Mrs.
( arnes and was stolen Nor. 2 The
other is the property of D. M. Cnlley
and was stolen Oct. is.
Ak for Surty Bond Roofing at your
hardware dealer or Lander Lunter Co.
Jack Dalton Getw 00 Days.
On a charge of impersonating a
l"put sheriff. Jack Dalton was sen
tenced to 96 days In jail Tuesday after
noon bj county judge Adrian PooL
Dalton entered a plea of uiity.
Our light truck, wlell get lumber,
doors, windows, roofing, screen doors
and builders hardware to you NOW.
Lander Lumber Co.
Dr. Jamleson, diseases cf Kidney. Blad
der. Skin ad Rectum. 618 JIllls Bids-
Actress For 64 Years Dies
Chicago, Ilk. May S Julia Waleott.
o if of the oldest actresses on the
vrreri-an stage, died here today She
was 76 and had been playing parts
since i.ie was 6 She xas playing at a
dov.ntoun theater, and was stricken
after the Monday sho. In private life
he vi is Mrs. Otis Randall. She Is sur
vived bv her husband and two sons, all
living in Seattle.
rlione KT, Wilson MlUican. the best 1
cleaners. White work a specialty.
' i
LCfllCH Jioncy lor ininrrai, 1
Grand Junction, Colo, May 26 J.
Carew 85 was found dead in his room j
here Tuesda with a btllet wound in
He wearied his friends with his jibes and his jokes
At golf and the people w ho plaj ,
But now he describes the phenomenaL strokes
He s made since he learned how to play
Find two more golfers.
Right side down under ladder
Wet "Weather Strengthens
Corn; Oats Ease Off;
Provisions Higher.
Chicago, I1L. May 2C Bearish cables
made tJ wheat market sac today not-
with standing some upturns at the outset.
, After opening- c on to c up, m nw-r-
ket here suffered
uvuciaio en nwi
' ... .... .i.&j fMim h
news that the American steamer Nebras-1
,"." -j . .- xr..rt t nt l ,
hn.hI was slashed from the price of May
,ht That AnHnn -which closed Tuesday
night at 155. sold down today to ,L4S.
with last transactions at $1.SAU. a net loss
-r Kii Tn h nrf Jniv ami Sentember
were restvectively fh and lc down from
"Piiu1v nlarhfa lerel
The close ws steady at ! to SHc un
der Tuesday night.
Wet weather In Iowa and Nebraska cae
some strength to corn. Opening prices,
which raried from 4c decline to c ad
vance, xrere followed by a slight general
The close was heary at & to ISc below
Tuesday night.
Oats eased off unde- scattered selling.
Higher quotations for nogs lifted provis
ions. Grain and Provisions.
Chicago firainn. Close.
Wheat May. Jl SOU: Jnly. JLItH.
Corn July. TSHc; Sept. 7aic.
Oats July. 5jC, Sept. 4j4c.
Chicago ProTislons. Cln.e.
rork July. 1S.13 Sept, 18.47
Lard July. S S. SepL. 1 tl
Ribs July. 10 57, Sept. 1 8S.
Cbicngo TjTestock. Close.
Chicago III. May 3 Hogs Heceipis.
,- j. market' strong Sc above Tuesday's
average. BUIK. !.. aeavj. H.11S
7 5: pigs. 85 7587 M.
Cattle Receipts. 13.ee.: market firm. Na
Uve beef steers. 87M09.IS. western steers.
576S2 calves, JTMS5SI-
Sheep Receipts, S. market firm.
Sheep, 37 5e26, lambs. 87.759151).
Kansas City Livestock. Close.
Kansas City. Mo. May 2 Hogs Re
ceipts. 1UM. market strong. Bulk. 87 450
7 5: heavy. 87 4g7 5. pigs. J.6tJ7.:S.
Cattle Receipts, 4Mf market steady
Prime fed steers. 58.7599.25. western
steers. 37 7568 9V. calves, J 6.50 J 56.
bheep Recelptt St. market steady
Lambs. 39M6115. yearlings, ?S.09.50.
Tort Wortll Llvestoct. Close.
(By Zelger Hotel).
Horb Receipts, 18'. market 5c higher.
Top, 87.5. bulk. 57 457C
Cattle Receipts. -. Including 8M
calves. Beef steers, strong to lc higher,
top, 87 6. bulk. 3(967 25. cows, steady:
top. 3(25. bulk. Ji00t. heifers, strong,
top. 37 5. bulk. 3(M07. bulls, steady,
UHgCM. calves, stead), top, ). bulk.
t(M7 75. stockers. steady, steers. 55.36
7.M. cows. 54 56(.. heifers. 55.M97.M,
calves, 85.567 75.
Sheep Receipts, 3. market strong.
Best wethers brought 57.1: not weighed,
lambs. 3-6175, yearlings. 57..68-.
wethers. 37M67.1. ewes, 5(75S.86.
goats, 32.564
the body. A note was found directing
that $306 concealed in his trunk be used
to defray burial expenses.
Dr. Anna Ileum, Buckler Bid?., over Elite.
Ous steel fence posts will end your
fence troubles. Lander Lumber Co.
Ship Sinks, SO Drown.
Santiago Chile, May 26. Fifty per
sons were drowned Tuesday when the
Chilean steamer Maximlano Srraaurias
struck a reef and sank. The Maxlmi
ano Krrazurias was a vessel of 8S tons
and 220 fet long She was built in
Ask about our reinforced Maltnoid
asbestos top roof in colors. Lander
Lumber Co.'
30,000 Converts A anted. -v
Lns AtistaIasl CaJ. Mar 2fi The nro-
posal to put forth extraordinary efforts
to obtain I9,0vo converts before 1916.
was ethusiagtically adopted by the
United Baptist convention here Tues-1
da) The program also calls for in- j
ereaning the missionary forces within
the United States and foreign countries
to 5090 and raisins; exmtributlon to
mission funds to SC.040,000.
Dr. Rawllnss. Practice limited to obste
trics & children's diseases. 404 Rob-Ban-
Vllefcd Smcssler on Bond.
Remijio Flores. who was arrested by
federal authorities charged with at
tempting to smuggle s3 packs ofcigar
ets into this country, was &ivan a hear
ing Tuesday before United States coln
missioner George B. Oliver. He was
bound over to the grand Jury in the
sum of 3100. He famished bond.
El Paso Distilled Water Co- Ph, 189.
Dr. Ebert, dentist. IIS-SIS Mills Bids.
Engineers Elect Chiefs.
C'eveland. Ohio, Mny 2 At the tri
ennial convention of the Brotherhood of
locomotive Engineers, being held here.
four assistant grand chief engineers
were elected Tuesday. They are M. W.
Cadle. Sedalia. Mo . H E. Wills. Wasb-
ington, D C E. Corripan. Hillsboro, j
leua lor six ytmro icriiia, nu l
Montgomery San Francisco, to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of E. W.
- ;GU
Copper Mining Stock Goes
to 31 Wednesday on a
Dull Market.
Greene-Cananea -was the strong stock of
the copper list in Wednesday's market, go-
inp tn SI seco-dinr tn f.l- ran nf,. ..tvi,.
to Curtlss-Mannlng & Co.. stocks and bonds,
Vtrst ?C-tfnnnl liantr hnllitln
The market opened unchanged from
I TnHiia. ml in hn fir f i,. ic-
sion showed slight weakness and was dull,
I-ater the mark. ralllert n..h.t nnrf.
tne leadership of SteeL Colorado Fuel and
Iron ivas strong.
More Men employed.
Reports from various sections of the
United States to Curtlss-Mannine & Co
show that In all Industrial centers more
men are being employed at an advancing
scale or wagex
Chill Copper Co. Starts.
The Chill Copper Co. began operations
May IS This company Is said to have the
largest deposits of copper In the world with
the exception of the Utah Copper Co. It is
expected that production will eventually be
worked up to :e,0W.H0 pounds annually.
Copper Stock Quotations.
The following wire quotations furnished
by Curtlss-Mannlng & Co. give the closing
Amalgamated ... .................... 65
Anaconda 31
Calumet A Arizona ................... 65.
Chlno 44U
Greene-Cananea SI
Inspiration 29
Mines Co. of America.. 3
Miami ........... 2
Nevada Consolidated ................. 14fe
Xew Cornelia .......... 9
North Butte ......................... 3
Ray Consolidated 21.
Shannon 8
Shattuck 26
United lerde Extension 4K
Utah Copper 6S
Industrial and Railroad Stocks.
Allis-Chalmers 15
California Petroleum 15 U
Central Leather 35V
Colorado Fuel & Iron ............... 39.
rle . . . .... ............. w
Missouri Pacific 12
Vorthern Pacific IMS
Southern Pacific 87
Union Pacific 135
United States Steel 9H
El Paso lodge Mo 1S7. Benevolent
Protective Order of Elks, at the resular
meeting! Tuesday night, unanimously
voted to Join the Texas State Associa
tion of Elks.
The annual meeting of the associa-
tlon "was held recently In "Waco and ,
was attended oy ezaltea ruler noy u
Barnum and G E. Wallace of the local
lodge. At this meeting Mr Barnum
was elected first vice president of the
state association
Seret. H. E. Bates of the Sixth In-
iantr. arrestee, aunoay on a cnarze ot
se!,1,'.nE:J'Ser wlthout a license, pleaded
Kuiltv before county judire Adrian Pool I
'i u.cnnv a.T.r..,mr, . ,. t.n . ..n a t
. . . i
fine of SI56 by agreement.
The case against V,'. E. Gunn. also of
the Sixth Infantry, was dismissed, Sergt.
Bates declaring that he was the only
one responsible for the offense, the po
lice say Sergt Bates was president of
the Border Patrol club, at Sixth street
and Cotton avenue, where the raid was
made Sunday resulting" in several ar
rests. .
Three other violators of the licjuorl
laws were disposed or Tuesday after
noon. M. CTores and O Palacios, em
ployed b Sabino Guaderrama. were
each fined 330 for selling liquor on
Sunda. They entered pleas of iruilty.
Guaderrama was found not gratify.
Leijrh Clark, presiding:.
Exparte Hugh H. McCallick, to re
move disabilities as a minor; filed.
L. J. Baumstarfc vs. J. II. Bromberg.
suit for S 20, 906 damages for personal
Injuries, on triaL
Fred Merkent vs. Charles Zelger. suit
for $2v",00 damages for personal in
juries, jury disagreed and was dis
charged. 34th DISTRICT COURT.
Dan M. Jackson, presiding.
Eugene Sims vs. Malinda Sims,
voree; filed.
M. S. Medlock vs. Cora Medlock, di
vorce: filed.
Josephine Crosby et al vs. If. B.
Stevens, trespass to try title: on trial
Ballard Coldrrell, presiding;.
J. H. Long vs. Texas &. Pacific, suit
for 330,000 damages for personal in
juries, on trial.
drin Pool, presiding.
State of Texas vs. Harry E- Bates,
selling' beer without a license: defend
ant pleaded guilty and was fined Hit.
State of Texas vs. W. E. Gunn. sell-
in; beer without a license; ease dis-j
State of Texas is M. flores. selling
liquor wiuiuui a "", ?'
pleaded guilty and was fined 3 50. j
State of Texas vs. O. Palacios, sell-
lng on unoay, oeienoant pieaueu uii l
ty and was fined 3SQ.
State of Texas vs. Sablno Guader
rama, selling liquor on Sunday, found
not guilty.
J. J. Murphy, presiding
State of Texas vs. R. I. Romero,
speeding defendant pleaded guilty and
was fined $5 and costs.
State of Texas vs. Nicholas Cadena,
murder, bond fixed at $1,000 pending
preliminary hearing
J. VI. Denver, presiding.
State of Xxas vs. C. M. Litchfield,
murder, filed.
State of Texas vs. David Bueno and
Ramiro Quessda. burglary, held to
grand Jury under 31,500 bond each.
State of Texas vs Jose Gonzales,
theft by bailee and robbery by the use
of firearms, held to grand Jury under
32,500 bond.
:... ilranrntvork. valued at about S0o, i
w-2 m-de Tuesday evening by customs
V seizure of a large quantity ot iiex-
was made Tuesday evening by customs
The drawnwork was located in a
house on South Kansas street. It is
believed that small quantities of the
drawnwork have been taken from time
to time and sold about the city. No
arrests were made.
Anderson Parker has been indicted
by the grand Jury on a carge of
aggravated assault in connection with
the death several weeks ago of B. V.
Parker and Brubaker arc alleged to
have engaged in a fight qarly in April.
TWO weeks later 3rubakr died at a
local hosnital Parker's bond was
fixed at $590, which he gave.
C W. Fassett, foi several years city
clerk and whose term expires on May
SI, lias been appointed assistant countv
auditor under county auditor Roy D
Barnum. For several months Mr. Bar
num has been without an assistant
Mr Fassett is suocede' at the citv
hall by Ja-k Dawson, recently ap.
pointed bj major Tom Lea.
Use home valley eggs.
n m mnvn
LJ ill li!n!ilLi
Lost E2d Founp.
Plain gold bracelet set -with dta-
mood, Phone 453. or return to .- vv
M issouri. Reward.
I OST One link button with diamond each
' side, writable reward. Notify W. V. Ster-
llng. Mine and bmclter supply Co.
hPltoLLA Corsets. Mrs. Hnlett Ph. tilt.
WANTED Lace curtains to wash. Ph. 378. '
LADY going to Colorado before June 1st.
Phone it7 W.
CHILDREN of parents going away this sum
mer, beat of care, with Montecorrl training.
Phone 489 J
i EDLCATED American gentleman haying
I ... i , 14 . nT Kn.nlli wMtM lilr. In
I exchange conversational lessons with party
1 i c.,i.k A..4.c x, IT. ,1,1
I-AnlM! We make a specialty or yoor
needs, and our store Is rapidly becoming
known as 'The Ladies' Drug Store." Phone
, us your want. We send selection pack-
i ages. Court HoueeDrnc Store
Special Hoacej.
FOB ANYTHING m plain or Irish crochet ,
Phone (18 W. Mrs. J. W. Allen. I .
INSTRUCTION by graduate teacher. Short-i
hand, typewriting. 29 Hollenbeck.
SUMMER SCHOOL at Grand View, begin.
nlng May 3L Phone 3389
FORD OWNERS who do their own repair
work may use our tools; prices reasonable.
Phone 5389
GARAGE FOR KENT Dry and clean. Can
accommodate 2 cars, also suitable tor auto
repair shop 419 ?J tn paso. mono .-,
OWING to leaving city. 7 S-weeks old kit
tens and 2 mothers given away. Phone 2(.
win deliver
We are headquarters for cut flowers,
blooming plants. Sweet peas for Decoration
day at 35 N Stanton St
Paso for writing Fidelity and Surety bonds.
Douglas C Crowell Agency.
28 Mills BldK. Phone 578.
WHITE SEWING MACHINE office 19 still
at 335 S. Stanton. H. L. Stewart Furniture
Co. We carry repairs for every known
make. For rent Phone 632.
vertible. Also general repairing on Fords.
Investigate our guarantee system. More
satisfaction, less money. Grand View Garage.
Phone (939.
, $2.00 EACH.
Donglas C Crowell Agency,
Phone 578. 208 Mills BIdg.
All losses adjusted here. Get our rates
before Insuring
Douglas C Crowell Agency.
218 Mills Bide. Phone 578.
Clondcroft Announcements.
CLOCDCROFT COTTAGE for rent or sale.
Phone 543
CLOCDCROFT COTTAGE, 8125 per season.
Phone evenings 53(8 J.
CLOCDCROFT COTTAGE for rent far sea
son modern, conveniently located. Ph. (35.
FOB BENT OB SALE on easy terms, com
pletely furnished cottage in Ckmdcroft
Phone 3355 or 448.
n-r,K. y, tw nvmnwmi . . .
nUhwt tltctlii i,ghts. water on'inside; rent
a .... Tv,nn. -m
5 - " - . -"
Bnsineu Chances.
5150 TAKES flrstcUss cleaning establish
ment Phone 355.
FOB hALE Confectionery.
Call 319 N
in automobile. 37 5. Phone 4275 W.
12 BOOM BOOMING HOUSE, 375. easy
terms, or will trade on small home. Phone
3259 W
r VYING RBSTAUBANT"for sale. Will take
good second hand automobile In trade. Call
or write 319 Texas St'
FOR SALE A busIneM. pays well; small
capital required, also home aad furniture.
Write S. U, Herald.
SALOON TOR HALE In wide open town
good business, long lease. This will hear
inspection. Address P O. box 583, Calex
leo. Calif.
FOR SALE Billiard room, ( tables, ehesp
for cash, rent reasonable; fine location. For
sale also 32 bar fixtures for 354 ; only
used t years. Box 537. Miami. Ariz.
BOTTLING WORKS for sale. Splendid op
portunity located In center of fine ship
ping territory Carrixoso Bottling Works,
Carrlxozo N M.
Paso for sale by owner, good locations.
clearing 38 and 51 a day 345 for one.
35M tor the other, eieare. 175. free in 1
years on one. Write or call at 28 T Stan
ton St
11 ANTED Man fer milk wagon, so boys,
must know town. P O box 58.
11 ANTED An Atnerloan baker at once.
Powelr Home Bakery, 411 B. Boulevard.
Phone 2941
parties. Apply The Best Cleaners. 1J12 N
un.isiiu -n Bwvu u iv aa.it; wi" u til-
valid. Does not require constant care. "W
.( iTBn . -- . . .. .. ...
W Ureek. 129 Nevada St, 1'none 145
11 ANTED Energetic capable bookkeeper
and stenographer, young man preferred.
apply in writing, u. is. care of Herald.
:- free booklet T (32. tells how Write
today KOH. Earl Hopkins, Washington.
3IEN Our illustrated catalog explains bow
we teach barber trade in few weeks, mailed i
free Write Molcr Barber College. Fort j
mono, isiax -
WANTED Klderlv slncle man with ym In.
cumbrancc to take care of lawn and house
in Aiivn mr tree rent, reierencea requirea
convalescent accepted. 219 Mllla St
Help Wanted Agents.
A live agent to sell the moto- .
meter, brand new automobile specialty
Annlv CO Mvrtl. Ave. room 1 hihrpm '
--..-. --. . -.-- . .....- j
ATTENTION Butter. 4c a pound, wonder
ful patent machlnsr which merges one pint
of milk into one pound of butter (making
two pounds) in two minutes. 15 percent to
agents. Write for Information. Family But
ter Merger Co . Washington. D. C
Wanted Help Female.
IV ANTED Woman to work In hand laundry. I
323 Texas and Pacific St
WANTED Any girl in trouble or In need of 1
." " .Salvation Army Home, j
3918 W estirttafcter. Phone (9C
WANTED Some one for light housework
for mother and 2 children for summer in
Clondcroft Pbone 1248 J
Situations Wanted Male
COLLABD cleans windows. Ph. (275.
COLORED MAN wishes position as waiter.
Phone 748.
KXrjSlUKNCKD Japantse cook wants posi
tion, hotel or private family Write M. 5,
clerical position, ex-bookkeeper and stenos
rspber. Phone 3553, room 5
SITUATION WANTED by registered drug
gist single, experienced and rolls Me. Al
references. Address J. E. Fuller, Whitney,
AS BOOKKEEPER Capable of taking full
charge of office, also have experie ee in
advertising and the selling of vehicles: ean
give beat ot references. 4 years in hut posi
tion write & 117. Herald.
COMPETENT young men desires position
as bookkeeper or office work, familiar with
the typewriter speaks Spanish and English
fluently. 5 years experience In mercantile
bufclnefts no objection to Arizona or New
Mexico references, bond. Write J. P 1113.
care Herald
Help Wanted Male and Female
J IV NT D Experienced magazine canvass-
er- Apply In penon to Miss Johnson, at
pattern department, mezzanine noor
1 Situations Wanted Female
j EXPERIENCED lady stenographer desires
! position. Phone Silt
( IF YOL WANT Mexican wash women Ph.
HOUSEKEEPER Capable and reliable,
good cook, will go oat of town. Call or
write Hotel sneiaoa, room
... ......,.., ,.. tn i .1
tK.iibJ&XX, X&.-AliV "Wli. m ..w...
companion or tutor, no objection to country
work or traveling Aaareaa A. . nww.
RX5FINED Mexican woman wishes posreton
boosekeeper -or teacher ocaBd care 01
children compensation small. No 1 Ameri-
. x. n -n-tri 9.f
u..... phone s;s J
M.- i. T nan
JIIOneY ID 1-Di2.
.. ......n.3n rwwrm cmt TfrMlfi .A Im. ah
' 'Vz iinwi.i i.iD "'"'. " ""
: vaa Kl Prnso real estate for Improvement
' purposes, no commissions. Write H. W. 7.
Wanted Real Estate.
ANTEI To buy about 2 or 3 acres of
valley land, give location, description and
Write R. 57. Herald.
3 ROOM new house waBted on paved street
In Altx Vista: must be a bargain. HoweR
Realty Co. 22 Herald BMg Phone 5(7.
It AVTRn To bnv small mountain ranch.
must hae at least 25 acres u cultivation
balance can be pasture give price, location
and full particulars. Write S 113. Herald, j
Wanted to Rent,
11 ANTED To rent 2 or I room furnished,
house by June 1st Wtte S 15. Herald. I
GENTLEMAN wants 1 or 7 unfurnished
rooms for housekeeping, not sick, state
price and location. Write S. 118. Herald. I
WANTED To take care of home for the
summer by responsible couple with Al ref
erences, writs R. 12. Herald.
WANTED By workman, furnished room tn
small family or widow's. Write Work-ir-an.
WANTED To rent modern 4 room house,
must have south sleeping porch. Address
a 3 Herald.
Wanted Board and Rooms.
WANTED Walking distance of business
state rates and conveniences in
letter Write S. 112. Herald.
Wanted Automobiles.
WANTED Ford ear Will pay 335 down
and 31 a week. Write (8. care Herald.
WANTED TO TRADE 3 Jersey cows, all
giving milk, tor Ford automobile. Phone
994 J 2.
automobile as payment on building con
tract, can finance good propoetUon plans
and specifications furnished A. M. Sackett.
Architect and Builder, 113 California. Ph.
419 TV
Wanted nEscell-neoo-.
WANTED FlrstcUss leather suit ease. Al
condition, reasonable Phone 3549 W.
WANTED Second hand gas stoves, cash
and exchange Phone 1108
Chas. Xoutz.
WANTED Scrap brass, scrap sine and acran
copper Will pay highest market price.
1 Herman Bloeh Co. Ph. 5453. 35 B, Blvd.
W 1NTED econd hand machines.
or exchange. Phone 11.
Chas. Font .
FOB BENT Furnished fcosse. Phone 68.
3 BOOM HOUSE, furnished, close in, sum-
mer rates, Pboae 4512 J.
COMPLETELY furnished 5 room bungalow
for summer walking distance. Phone 2994.
WILL BENT MY HOME furshed fer the
summer Phone 394.
2 ROOM BRICK HOUSE, sleeping porch.
furnished. 312 month. Phone 297 J.
FOR RENT Part or all of furnished cot
tage, convenient location: cheap. Phone
S7S7 W.
4 ROOM modern cottage, furnished, M
block X Stanton. For Information apply
311 . Missouri or phone 4242 W.
I OR RENT Cottage furnished or partly
furnished, no children. Phone 1999. 124
COMPLETELY faralshed 7 room, sleeping
porcn June, July. August 555 month, re
duced rent if owner retal 3 one room. 914
Lee St Phone 5898 W.
RESIDENCE 1519 X Kansas, for rent dur-
lBg summer. 5 rooms and bath: rent 33:
' completely furnished, piano, flowers, etc
reference required, so children. Phone 241S.
REASONABLE Prom June 1st to Sept 1st
a nice uptodate bungalow, well furnished;
also phone, water lights Included: only
healthy, refined couple need apptv 95 E.
COMPLETE furnishings beautiful 5 room
bnngalow furniture, linen, china, everything
goes, bungalow for rent 315 takes all.
owner leaving city A bargain. NT. G
choz Co.. successors to Buchoz-Schuster
Co Hotel Sheldon BIdg.
For Renf Hou.es Unfarnisbed.
- 1 .1 .
j 3 KOOM III) USE with sleeping porch. 384
bloek. Tolarosa. Pbone 544.
3o31 La Lux. ( rooms 835.
121 Hutton. 9 rooms . . 5.
Memphis, and Martinez. 5 rooms 3.0
James L. Marr & Co.
34 San Vntonlo. Phone 435.
For Rent Apartments Furnished.
3 ROOM APT- 128 N. Oregon.
LEXANDRL APTS. Summer rates.
NICK AIT., sleeping porch. 403 Montana.
THE DWYK High location. Phone 45.
FIRNISIIED APTS- (( Texas. Ph. 1825.
BOOTH APTS Plaeet In Bl Paso. Ph. 5754.
IIRNISHED apartments and rooms.
1 W Boulevard.
ONE fur and two unfur flats for rent j
i.A K h..i. a,-.... -. n. c 1
. .v... , npifJ .. mr. .J..i.. V. fwm .....
MODERN FUR- APTN. 335 aad 33
V Missouri. -Pboae 55U.
FOR RENT Small apartment one
ntcbenet. 312 5 314 a Virginia.
FOR RENT 3 room furnished apartment
I with private bath. 333 W. Missouri. Apt 2.
I Phone ((43 W
FOR RENT Furnished apartment No. 21.
the Ranuey, 4 rooms, sleeping porch and
bath. Pbone 5373.
CLOSE IN", private bath, ideal for 2. Phone
3.17 moraines or after 8 p. m. 712 N.
Santa Ve
EXCELLENT APTS. 5 rooms, bath, porch
ana garage; rssp.nea.te parties only, si? as;
rear rooms, 37, garage. 33. Pbone (329
FOR KENT, 1ISK AITK Small apartment
shower bath, hot water all hours; famished
or unfarnisbed. Fisk-Ramsey Realty Co.
saat fumiahed
to responsible
apt. reasonable tor
couple. Phone 448 W.
lOIl RENT 4 room fur. corner room apt.
34 rtoes In on TV Missouri. Phone 4913
for key .
THE MONTANA 917 Montana. Urge, cool
elegant front apt. newly furnished, piano,
etc sleeping porcn. laces neauful park,
nothing better in El Paso. Summer rate
3 room apt. completely far
niabed. lad i a g ueo of phone
Fisk-Rrxnsry Realty Co.
PhOBe lOTSu Trust BIdg.
BIVEKVIKW APT. 3 and 4 room fur
nished and unfurnished private bath sleep
irg porch, hot and cold water. 705 W
Main St
For font, Apartments FirnMed.
J oat-ix znoacrn. apartments, .none --
112 Myrtle Ave The Echo.
HE WITTE APTS. Furnished 2 and 4
noma private hatha. Phone lit
4 ROOM ATAKTMENT Largo sleeping
porch. Phone 37((. n
HEAUTIFUL, front apartment. 325 W. Mis
N Kam
ROOMS with sleeping porches. 85
3 ROOM AFX. private bath, walking dis
tance. Phone (485.
NICELY furnished 2 or X room apts.. sleep-
- -- - - xt
... s.. ypiy h. " c
For Rent Apartments Unfnrniihed.
Til O ROOMS idtchenet and bath, with
. awglng porch. 81 Mnedy
I 3 ROOMS, unfurnished apt. all bulltln fea-
tures. elegant modern, coon extra largo
llvfnv hmh ! . . ,i l.i ii .m'h nmMM P9tC
. . wwm '"r," jfm. ,
xne Montana. 917 Montana.
, FOR RKT Modern apartment 3
bath, sleeping porch, dressing room, hot and
com water, tntlttn beds, race i-f.ev per
month. Also famished apartment same size,
price 835 pej- month. Leave!! & Sherman,
27 Mills St Phone 423(
W RIGHT AITS. Elegant 3 and 4 roonT
apts. cool aad ..let. summer rates.
t Rio Grande Apta.. elegant 3 room apt.
J 333.5
' St Regis, well furnished single apts..
special rates.
James L. Marr Co.
34 San Antonio Phone 435
For Rent Horuelceeplsg Rooms
; LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 129 Olive.
HOUSEKEEPING suite, bath. (12 Mesa.
LARGE housekeeping rooms, 118 Wyoming.
Hskpg. and Fur- 3L5 wk. no. 417 Vi B. Over.
(39 W
housekeeping rooms for -eat
FOR BENT Light boueekeeprag rooms. M4
Montana. Phone 448L
Til O hausekeepisg
iporcfi. Phone 333.
rooms aad sleeping
i HOUSBKBEPING and bedroor-s. 415 Myr-
: "
Fheae '(.
FURNISHED housekeeping suite. 9S N. BI
FURNISHED BOOMS for howekeeptsg. Ph.
TWO targe rooms
54S1 w
kllchenet Fbe-a
LIGHT housekeeping rooms,
tonlo. Phone 54131
71 San An-
HOUSEKEEPING BOOMS. Cheap rent, dose
In. Phone 5784 W ! B. MlasO-ri.
TWO LIGHT houieu&4ng rooms, faralshed.
a. sick or c i 1 ren. Inquire Ml Wyoming.
LIGHT housekeeping rooms, 321 Prospect
Phone 3747 W
FOR RENT 3 rooms nicely fen-shed for
housekeeping, close la. 8 Maady.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms with sleeping porch,
close In. 311 N Florence.
HOUSEKEEPING BOOMS suitable for two
gentlemen. 71 N CampbelL
Tiro COOL, nicely furnished housekeeping
rooms, reasonable. Phone 394. 30 Musdy.
BOOMS, running water, sleeping
also single room. 107 N. Bl Paso.
LARGE clean cool room, eompietely far. for
boueekeepisg. 113 San ABtesra. Ph. 614 W.
lOUSEKEETING BOOMS, 816; no ejifldrea.
II E. Boolevard.
Mesa. Phone 493L
desa Is. 51
NICELY furnished suite of houseke-plDg
rooms, close in. Pbone 584 J.
TWO LIGHT housekeeping rooms, water,
lights and gas furnished. 35 per week. Phono
TWO completely faratsaed fceeeiepUur
rooms with steeping porch. In private home
19 Noble,
I-OR BENT Cool dean front room. X win
dows, kltehe-et, private porch. 313 per
month. 811 N. Oregon.
FOR RENT Furatshed large coot rooms for
housekeeping, also sleeping rooms; near Alta
V,ista school. Phone 4(33 J.
TWO OUTSIDE BOOMS for housekeeping
In private family; no children. 1107 E.
Boulevard. Phone 748.
FOR RENT Two partly furBlshed rooms,
large sleeping porch, lights and water. 315.
Phone m.
For Rent Housekeeping Rooms
TWO LARGE unfurnished housekeeping
rooms, walking distance, 315 month. 1319 X
Ochoa. Phone 5(( J
FOB SENT 2 unfurnished rooms for light
housekeeping, water, phone and bath free.
Orchard Park. Phone 1738
For Rent Rooms Furnished,
COOL BOOMS Court House Block.
LARGE cool rooms. 115 NT Stanton.
FURNISHED front bedroom. 1(33 Olive.
Turn! red Rooms (( N. Oregon. Ph. 52(2,
LARGE cool front bedroom. 117 El Paso.
THE KNNABD II-1, N. Oregon,
NEWLY tWBlshed cool front bedroom.
DBLMAK ROOM:- 117 X. Stanto-, rag. wa
ter, free baths. 50c St o-y. sr. tip nkty.
NICE furnish sd front nam with or without
board. Itm (137 W.
NICE ROOM for rest. 313 Wyoming. Pa.
4 J
HOTEL riKESON Now management Out
side reoms, bath. Phono 5(8.
N Ell LY furnished front
bath Phone (147 M. .-
room adJoiaiBg
CLOSE IN 3 flae sleeprsc room, kitchen
If desired, no children. PhMO 4192.
bath. Ph. JUL
Hot water. lights.
LARGE coot bedroom.
187 R.
M9 Oetavia. Phocs
BLB41ANTLY furnished rooms tor rent over
new Union bank. 12 Saa Antonio St
COOL BBDKOOM for man tn private family,
references exchanged. Phone (719
I OR RENT Front room with sleeping
porch, neatly faralshed, reasonable terms,
115 Prospect Ave
Modem rooms, service, coo feet, enveni-
ence. summer rates. 315 W. Missouri.
Mills St Phone ITS.
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent Phone 42SS.
1119 San Antonio
SOUTHERN HOTEL Outside roams. 11.73
per week aad up: free hatha. 433 S. El
HOTEL NORMANDY Flrstclass. everything
modoni. all outsldo rooms: cslest iu dty.
centrally located. Phono 248L
SOUTHEAST front room, private bath, hot
and coU water, ale. othor rooms; summer
rates. 345 Myrtle.
For Rent Rooms Unfurnished.
TWO unfurnished rooms, 111 Saa Antonio.
Phone 343 J
3 LARGE unfurnished rooms to c apl, pri
vate family N. Kansas; no sick, references.
Phone (731 W
Fqr Rent Miscellaneous.
GARAGE for rest at S( X. Oregon.
NICE GARAGE for rent corner. 812 Muady.
OARAGE with sleeping room cheap.
Bliss St
CONSUMPTIVES need not apply mountain
cottages for the season cne-p. , Kotosky,
High Bolls, N M
For Rent Rooms and Board.
ROOM Home cooking. Phone SIZ1 W
MCI' KOOH with board. Phone :Si J
NfAL'S, 511 MESA Phono 3417. Rooms
strictly nptodata. Table arstclasa.
' l'Rn ATE BOARD Large, cool room. SJ-a
DePew. 71 Myrtle.
KOOH AND BOARD Home cooking. Ftu
517 W
BEST ROOMB with sleeping porches anl
board. 121 N. Oregon. Phone g"-.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms with boar
7S N Stanton. Phone 887
DEblRABLE ROOM, hoard if desired. Ph.
i select board at reasonable rt. j.i
ROOMS AU UOAED 1421 3IjtU Aye.
. Phone (194.
jxkXISUBD BOOM. , sleeping porch and
board, suitable for 2 geallemen. lal 3om-
n- uoe ,.
For Rent Store: and Offices.
LIGHT, airy offices for rent in Herald B gg.
W ILL SHARE well furatshed office, 2111
Roberts-Banner building.
FOB BENT Nice store room, splendid -cation,
business district A. P Coles & Brcs.
GOOD STORE or office room, San Fran
cisco St Apply J. T. Daniels, Mgr.. A. O
Foster P.
For Sale Antomoblla.
NEAT TOURINO CAR. fine condition, new
Urea. See Watt Mission garage.
.DEXBOIT ELECTRIC in good condition.
will sell cheap, terms reasonable Ph. 5. 3
7 P.IJ'S PMT.vrKRS for sale or trad fur
smaller car Apply Imperial Oarage
painted, excellent condition. 3125 or trade
for cycle car Phono (39 W 2200 Texas S
. SIT. Qnv .w ". ...,.. n
j, .Undy 1892. aak for Mr Co
sale, driven 5a miles, flrstclasa condition.
BEO FIFTH 5 pa senger automobile tor
335. tn perfect running order biggest bar
gain on the market Seo owner. 2Q- Her
ald Bids. Phone 3T.
1314 Cadillac 5 passenger, folly eqwppel.
set eovers, hamper, 2 extra tires, -Cant
teil it from new. most sell quick for csi,
Apperson Motor Sales Co
Phone 1335. 33 W San Anto
FOR SALE One Baker electric victoria.
newly painted, sew battertes, good mechan
ical co dio. one Detroit open electr!
e-e Baker open electric with Ironclad Et-
batteries. Western Battery and Ugtto
Co.. 58 N Kansas St.
SeD LJTestock Buy.
TWO fresh Jersey cows: terms. Phone 51-4.
BUY REGISTERED Duroe Jersey hogs of
Sam B. GlUett a Paso, Texas.
WANTED To buy two good milch cows.
term- Phone 284 W.
JERSEY. COW for sale, gives 3? galiona,
111 Wyoming.
BUYING Hoistetn aad Jersey heifer calves X
months old cp. Phone 3X59.
FOB SAU5 B sy terms or trade, one t g
mule W hat have you to off er Pbone al. 4
IF YOU HAVE fresh Jersey cow to rent
phone 533 W
FOB SYLE; 9 excellent milr cows, some
fresh now and others to be fresh la'er.
Phone (829 J.
WANTED High grade Bolstera bull. 13 to
3 months old. Write W. W Martin. Ele
phant Butte. NT. M.
FOR SALE T horses and wagon, delivery
outfit Phone 34M or call at 1511 Cot'sa
Ave before 5
FOB SALE Mare for buggy with good qual
ities and or good size. Call 108 Magoff a
Ave. Phono If.
'STIR 61TV A ) Iwwl, n v .. ... A
f colts. Apply to Oliver Peaker, White Oalr,
2ew Mexico.
Poultry and , Pet -Stock
BARBED ROCKS Selected hatching eggs.
St for 15. Phone 477 J. 1419 Arizona.
WHITE ORPrNGTON baby chicks from tap
nested winter layers. Phone 6192-
FOR SALE Mocking bird, fine singer cheap.
Phono 78 W.
FOR SALE White Persian Angora kit .ens.
Phone 484 W
White Wyandotte. Barred Rock sitting ess
Phone 583 J
FOB SALE A nice flock of chickens cheap.
2 Boss, 15 friers. 7 broilers. It baby c- ks
and 1 roaster. 3(8 Aurora St Phone .3-R
TO MAKE ROOM for ray joung stock v !
seal 1 of my choir White Wyandotts 2
year old breeding he s at 3-50 each. It
1M. 311 Two varieties. 24c, 15 eggs. 31 a-a
3LM. IN. 35 and 38. Stock. 31 up. Try ux.
Me sday Poultry Farm. Alpine Tex.
For Sale Vehicles.
PIIAXTON and harness fer sale cheap. Ph.
Dog?! For Sale, Wanted. Etc.
PEDIGBEED bull pups for sale. 2414 T"xa
FOB SYLE Pedigreed Airedale terrier 13
mouths old. M E. Mlour! St
ONE FAIR collie dogs 5 months old U:t--galn.
Phone 5121.
FOB SALE One Scotch collie, Terr f so
breed. Phone 3W4.
WANTED To give away small dog good
pt or watch defcg. 71( Magoffin Ave
For Salt- Pianos.
PLYNO FOR SALE 315. Phone T014.
B.1BGAIN Practically new piano
terms Phone S124.
A NEW ELLINGTON cabinet grand plan
cost 35: will sell for 32. party leaving
tow. Address . A., care Herald.
For Sale SGsceHaneons.
TENT FOR SALE 12x14. Phone 3334 W
FOR SALE BeaattfBl sioglag caaar'ea 1-23
CABBAGE PLANTS. 4e per 1M, by parcel
i post D G Church, Meetna Park. N M-
FINE SADDLE, bargain fer cash. CaU Bt
-labor. Ph. (Q.
beat Wrtto Patterson's, Ysleta. Tex.
TRADE year old furntturs for new at ths
Homo Faro It ro Co. Phono 193.
SBWINO MACHINES New aad second
band terms to suit
Chas. Footr. 113 N. SUnton.
FOR SALB 4 drawer rophead Singer sew
tag machine, spieadld codlbon. 11 lea ng
city Pbone 3134 J
YBUUtr and red sweet potato p ants -y
whole ale or retail. John Nusbaum EI Pa.o
Tea xa
SEWING BY DAY Pboae 4(1.
DRESSMAKING aad rmoeh-g. Mrs. Webb.
Phono 8339 W
DRESSMAKING Work guaranteed. M-s.
Benfro. Phono (52 R.
DRESSMAKING PeasonaMe or will sew by
day Phone 71( J Mrs. Newbrongh.
SEWING Prices reasonable
2T21 J
il Mesa, ra.
Pfles Crnea.
9106 REWARD for anv aneomntieatad case
of Plle we fsll to cure without the Knl'e.
ligature. Cautery or Carbo ic Ac d ln.e ona.
International Specialists.
Corner Texas and Mesa. El Faso, Tex.

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