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Thursday, June 3, 1915
Lace and Embroidery Week
FOUR days of extraordinary selling of laces and embroideries
has left an unusual amount of Remnants Take advantage
of the low prices tomorrow.
Fresh Flovtxi Tomorrow
17RESH from fields, the output of whiek ia controlled by
Balph Talpis Claims L. Sa-
maniego Failed to Stop
When He Hit His Car.
Choice Sweet Peas, All Day, Per Bunch 5c
Colliding with his Euick touring car
in which his family was Tiding, Ralph
Talpis claims that L. Samaniego, driving
a seven-passenger Abbott-Detroit car,
failed to stop after the accident, but
continued to drive down the county road
until over taken by Dan Stedham, who
happened to be passing.
ilr. Talpis said Thursday he was driv
ing down the valley Tuesday night.
When about nine miles below the city,
the collision occurred. There was plenty
of room for the cars to pass, Mr. Talpis
6avB. but he insists that the Abbott
JJetroit car was kept in the middle of
the road by Samaniego. The heavier
car struck the Bukk touring car on the
side, ripping off the fender, front wheel
and smashing the radiator, he says.
Continued Down Road.
After the collision Talpis says that
Samaniego continued down the road
without stopping to see if anyone had
been injured. Dan Stedham arrived
toon after the accident. The situation
was explained io him and he started in
pursuit. The Abbott-Detroit car had a
flat tire and was finallv overtaken bv
Mr. Stednam, who obtained the number
of the car only after lifting a case
which partially covered it, he said. He
reported the number of the car to Mr.
Talpis, who filed a complaint against
Samaniego in justice J. J. HurvbVs
court, and the hearing will be held' this
Collision at Five-3Dle Bridge.
A misunderstanding as to which ear
had the right of wav over the five-mile
bridge on the county road resulted in
a collision about 11 odock Wednesday
night of the auto of M.v R. Salridor
and L. A. Wright of the Wright Clean
ing works.
Neither car had much headway at the
time and. bevond some slight cuts from
the flying glass of his windshield on
Mr. Salvidor's face and bead, no one
a in lured. Both ears sustained some
slight damage.
The confederate flag ws floating from
the flagpole of the courthouse Thursday
in honor of Jefferson Davis's birthday
anniversary. The banks were also dosed.
The T!l Paso Ice ana Rerrlgerctar Co.
Maintains Its own delivery system.
Pure distilled water and ice. Phones
114-115, Advertisement.
More Men Than "Women
Have Appendicitis
Surgeons announce more men have
appendicitis than women, although
the difference is small. Kl Paso people
should know appendicitis la prevent
ed by taking only twice a week ONE
SPOON fill, of buckthorn bark,
glycerine, etc as mixed in Adler-1-ka.
Most medicines act only on
lower bowel; Adler-i-Jca acts on
BOTH lower and upper boweL
The QUICK: action is astonishing-.
Just ONE KPOOJfFCI. is so powerful
and cleanses so THOROUGH it re
lieves almost ANT CASE of consti
pation, sour or sassy stomach. ONE
bottle has relieved mild cases ap
pendicitis. Although powerful. It
NEVER gripes. The Warner Drug
Co.. 300 Mesa Ave. Adv.
District Attorney Preparing
Injunction Against All
the Social Clubs.
The campaign or the district attor
ney's office against the social clubs of
the city will shortly start. A petition
for an injunction against the Cactus
club, located at South El Paso and
West San Antonio streets, will be filed
soon, and this is only one of many that
will be filed, district attorney W. V.
Bridgers says.
In the case of the Cactus club, the
injunction will be asked on the ground
that it is operating without a liquor
license, he says. It is undertsood that
the bowling and billiard features of the
club will not be attacked.
All of the Injunction proceedings will
be based on the decision of the district
court in the Austin Country club case,
where it was ruled that all social clubs
are subject to the law requiring the
taking out of a liquor license to sell
To Clove Other Clnba-
The district attorney's office will
proceed against all social clubs In the
city not operating under the liquor
laws, and information is now being
gathered and petitions for injunctions
are being prepared.
At the request of district attorney
Bridgers and the police department,
the Century club, on Broadway, has
voluntarily closed. The Century club
was recently under fire In an Injunc
tion suit brought by J. A. Robertson.
The jury In the case failed to agree and
was discharged.
Austin. Tex, June 3. Many confed
erate veterans on the pension rolls are
protesting to the state pension depart
ment because they only received J1S.25
for the present quarter, while for the
previous quarter they got JS2. In or
der that the cause for this decrease
may be known and explained, pension
commissioner J. C. Jones is sending out
a circular to these old soldiers ad
vising them that the decrease Is due
failure to collect a sufficient amount
Of taxes to provide for the appor
tionment of a larger sum.
Pensions are now paid through a
special tax of S cents on the $109 prop
erty valuation and this is calculated
to yield something like J500.000. while
the amount collected for the past quar
ter aggregated only $218,00.
Olioe Drab To Be New
Summer Police Style
Olive drab uniforms with caps to
match, new, shiny belts and badges are
to be the summer styles in policemen's
wear this year.
The police have been ordered to be
measured for the new olive drab uni
form which will replace the old style
Diue uniform wnlch has been tne regu
lation color for many years.
The new uniform doth is believed
to be more practical for this ollmate
and is being used by the nassenger
train crews on the Southwestern rail
road. The new cans will be of the same
doth, and the ! -"-es. belts and nieht
sticks are all to be new.
El Paso Postal Receipts
Show Increase'Otier 1914
El Paso's postoffice will be one of
the comparatively few in the entire
country that will show a marked In
crease in business this year over last
year. The fiscal year ends on June SO
and indications are that a substantial
increase in both outgoing and incoming
mail will be shown. The amount of
Mexican mail handled has been about
on a par with last year and the Increas
ed hnsihriiis is all accounted for by the
growth of the city.
Fnllnorth roof Ins, $1. flSS and $ I JO a
roll. Unrton-I.Inso Co phone 30, Adv.
1 Kb
We put;on all kinds of new
roofs and back thein with ab
solute guarantees. Old roofs
renewed, patched or repaired.
jfft ff Baa aa s& to
PHONE 531.
Summer Rates
Council Passes Emergency
Ordinance to Stop Sale
of Mexican Drug.
To stop the sale of marihuana, or In
dian hemp, is the purpose of an ordi
nance passed on first reading by the city
council at Ihe meeting Thursday morn
ing. The ordinance makes it unlawful for
any person, firm or corporation or asso
ciation of persons to sdl, barter, ex
change or give away or have in his or
th.-ir possession any marihuana, or In
dian hemp. The dangerous properties
of marihuana and the increasing saie,
with resulting injury to public health
and public morals, are given'as the rea
son for inserting the emergency lause
making the ordinance effective imme
diately following its publication.
Mayor Tom Lea, in commenting upon
the ordinance, called attention to the
increasing use of the drug and the abso
lute necessity of adopting a means of
stopping its sale, and stated that the
city attorney would be expected to co
optrate with the police in carrying out
Paving Protest Heard. J
The hearing on the protect of H. '
Goodman against the paling of Califor
nia street was dosed and estimates on
the cost of paving the street were or
dered made.
The ordinance prescribing the form
of El Paso city school bonds, series 10,
for $500,000. was passed.
A resolution was passed ordering the
paving of Texas street, from Cotton
avenue to Alameda avenue.
Hawkers' licenses were granted to Har
old L. Cotes. Refugio S. del Seal. C. C.
Derrick, S. J. Swo'fford. Juan McDonald,
B. Cohen and Oil Benitz.
Police Bonds Approved.
Official bonds were appro ed as fol
lows: Frank H. Collins, sergeant of po
lice; William A. George, captain of de
tectives; W. B. Ware, city attorney;
J. F. Dawson, city clerk; C. W. Marshall,
deputy city attorney; L. J. Locke, as
sistant superintendent of city water
works; R. M. Reed, paving attorney, and
C. D. Gillespie. X. O. Hudson, J. K. Col
lard, R. M. Williams and J. A. Hieks,
Reports tire Made.
The May report of the city engineer
showed expenses of JS66.15 and reve
nues of $'91.
The weeklv reoort nf th ritv IimU),
fflcer showed 49 deaths, of which IS
ere Americans, 26 Mexicans and three
egroes. Births numbered 17. all Mex-
cans. The weeklv renort of the unl.
tary commissioner showed 84 748
pounds of garbage handled.
reunou Are tiranted.
The following oetitions were grant
ed- Board of trustees. Concordia
School district, to connect hlnrlr
Lincoln park, to city sewer; John Delia,
for permission to take photographs in
Washington park; board of trustees
Concordia school, to repair Martinez
street, between Frulla street and Ala
meda avenue: property owners, to cut
down intersection of Noble and Wyo
ming streets, so as to allow drainage
of flood waters; Millard Patterson, for
deep water sewer to Iydla Patterson
Institute; property owners, to narrow
California street to 30 feet; Allie D.
Cardy, for quit- claim deed to south i
eight feet of lot 3. block 118. Camnbell
addition: Hotel Taxicab and Baggage
company, for reduction taxes; Jose
F. Castro, for reduction of tax assess
ment on mill: N. Alguin, for refund
and correction of taxes; property own
ers, for fire hydrant at Pledras street
and Magoffin avenue; Jesus Carbajal.
to thansfer tax receipt paid on wrong
property by mistake; H. F. Stacy, to
remit tax penalty.
Petitions Are Denied.
The following petitions were denied:
Jesus Ocboa estate, for remission of
tax penalties and Interest: G. Gas-lord,
to purchase land from city south of
disposal plant; E- C. Scruggs, to keep
four horses and one cow at ItH Doug
las street: Gust. Togfefs, to peddle
cream and popcorn on streets!
Band Concerts In 'Alamo Park.
The following oetitlOBs were received
and referred: Citizens committee, for
financial assistance so as to have band
concerts in Alamo park; .J". G. Morris,
to lower alley In block 8. Franklin
Heights, where it intersects Circle
avenue; Mrs. E- J. Hadlock, to connect
premises with water main on county
road opposite survey No. S A; W.
Johnson, for refund of taxes on Im
provements on lota -5 and 2C, block
78, Bassett addition.
The request of C. W. Peale. custodian
of the city warehouse, to have inven
tory of stock taken at a cost of $25, was
A proposition was received from C
U. Williams to remove dead animals
from the city without cost, provided he
is given hides and carcasses and the
exclusive privilege within the city. The
nroDOsItlon was referred to the water
T and sanitary committee.
Municipal Band Concerts.
Rito Medina, organiser of the muni
cipal band, submitted a proposition to
render weekly or biweekly concerts at
$60 per concert.
A partial estimate of J 600 on the con
tract by the Southwestern Iron & Wire
works for furnishing sign posts was
received and referred; as was an esti
mate of $457.56 for fence at Doniphan
The ordinance closing the alley In
block 31, Alexander addition, was
adopted; also the ordinance closing al
leys In blocks 215,' 216, 217. 21$. 21$.
220 and 221. Alexander addition and
accepting the replotting of other alleys
in thes ame blocks.
An ordinance establishing alley grade
in block 56, Alexander addition, was
The petition of Richard H. Thome
for permission to take water from the
ditch that parallels the east line of
Washington park, was referred to the
streets and grades committee.
GALVESTON and return.... $34.40
PORT ARTHUR and return. .$37.25
KERRVILLE and return. . . .$28.25
Tickets on sale June 1st to Sept. 30th.
Limit 3 months.
Los Angeles and return. ..... .$35.00
San Diego and return $35.00
San Francisco and return $45.00
On sale daily. Limit three months.
Phone 142.
Jesus Jimenez, charged with negli
gent homicide In connection with the
killing of Porfirlo Alvarez in a saloon
on March 21, was found not guilty in
the 3th district court Wednesday aft
ernoon. Jlmlnez, who was a special officer,
undertook to arrest an offender In a
saloon. He started to strike the man
with his pistol when the weapon was
discharged and the bullet struck Alva
rez, who was an Innocent bystander,
the evidences howed. Alvarez died soon
of Wash Goods
NOTE the specially reduced Prices that
prevail in our Wash Goods Remnant Sec
tion Friday Only a few mentioned.
Dress lengths of Cotton Ratines, regular
from the bolt $20. Rem. Price $1.25
Dress Lengths of Fine Ginghams, regular
at $1.50. Remnant Price 95
Dress Lengths of Sheer Yoiles, regular at
$1.25. Remnant Price 89p
Dress Lengths of Cotton Taffetas, regular
at $1.50. Remnant Price 95
Kimono Lengths of Kimono Crepes, reg
ular at $1.50. Remnant Price 95
Shirt Lengths of Shirting Madras, regular
at 65c Remnant Price 39
Blouse Lengths of Wash Materials, regu
lar at 60c Remnant Price 39i
25c Wash Fabrics 1 5c
20c and 25c 32-inch Scotch Tissues, Striped
Flaxons, Sheer Floral and Dotted Swisses,
90 in. Irish Linette, 48 in. Printed Lace
Cloth, etc, in values regularly sold at 2e
and 25c per yard. Special, per yard, lSe.
Wash Goods Section
Stamps Alt Day
Friday I
WmKA "n i"""-"""11"'""?
4 i
Timrned Hats
Choice. $1. 00
A clearance of 75 or 80 trimmed hats that sell
regularly up to and beyond $7.50 Mostly
small and medium shapes Every hat ia the lot
untrimmed is worth more than $1.00. Trim
mings are flowers, fancies and ribbons choice
Friday $1.00
Sale Starts at 8:30
of Silks
Also for Friday we will dear a large assort
ment of Untrimmed Shapes worth regular up to
$3.95 in small and large shapes, dark and
medium colors. Choice 50 d
Friday, 2nd Floor
The Main Aisle feature for Friday will be
an unusual amount of Silk Remnants in
Dress, Waist, Coat and Skirt lengths.
Dress Lengths of Wash Silks, regular from
the bolts up fo $450. Remannt Pnce
Dress Lengths of Brocaded Crepe, regu
larly $3.00, Remnant Price $1.20
Dress Lengths Brocaded Crystal Crepe,
regularly at $2J0, Rem. Price $1.00
Dress Length Chiffon Taffeta, regular
$5.00, Remnant Price $2.95
Dress Length Satin Foulards, regular
$3.00, Remnant' Price $1.95
Waist Lengths of 'Stripe MessaEae, regu
' Iar at $00, Remnant Price. . . .$1.35
Waist Lengths of Crepe 'de Chine, regu
lar $20, Remnant Price $1.58
$1.00 Pongee 69c
A new shipment of Imported Pongee ia
natural color comes 32 iaches wide
and is sold regularly at $1.00 per yard.
Our special price is, per yard. ...69
A- Very Unusual Showing
in Dainty Summer
Dresses at
p RIDAY will be an opportune time to come to our
Dress Section, Third Floor, if you are m need
of a summer dress or will need one in the near future.
An assortment is offered at the moderate price named
that is out of the ordinary in both value and styles.
Dresses of Flowered Crepe de Chine, so cool and
summery; Voiles, Dimities and Dotted Swisses for
both women and misses. See window display of these
dresses See the dresses on third floor tomorrow.
90x108 Defender sheets, hemstitch
ed, excellent quality that will
stand the strain of laundry. Reg'
ular $L3o value, special
at ,
-nurmrat Stor
40 inch bordered lawns, splendid
line of patterns Useful for win
dow curtains; regular lSe values
$sr. 10c
-Basement Stoit
36 inch soft finish cambric and
muslin, excellent quality, both sold
regularly at 10c per yard; Aery
special at, per
jard . .
Basement Stor
A straw dye in all colors. Each
bottle contains more than eaoogfc
for any hat, sold regular at 3Se
per bottle 1 fi
Wash SzlksJ
'50c Per Yard -
Yard Wde Wash Silks in Dots aad Floral Designs
New patterns you have not seen Specially priced
at, per yard r.50
Just 30 Fortunate Women May
Have These Dresses at
$25.00 each
It's a shipment of just 30 Silk Dresses that represent
very new models and very special values. Crepe de
Chine and Taffeta some of the Taffetas in 3-tier
accordian- pleated skirt styles. The crepe de chine
in tailored and dressy models, some in plam with
chiffon sleeves, some in contrasting stripes.
See Them Tomorrow 3rd Floor
Banement Stor
Lasher's Silverware a solid white
metel do plate to wear off ia a
short time. In new and wantetl
patterns. Splendid Everyday Sil
verware. 25c Knives 15c
15c Forks 10c
25c Table Spoons 15c
15c Butter Knives 10c
Basement Store
Tie Aprons of white lawn and
Amoskeag ginghams
in good colors
For Friday oaly we offer our
regular 50c Bungalow Aprons of
Lancaster Ginghams in checks.
stripes and plain colors, trim
med in plain colors
Basement Store
Women's Hack moke drees skirts,
some left front htet season, but
worth to S3.95;
special Friday.
Basement Sto;
Women's gowns, corset covers and
drawers, made of good quality
muslin. Inward n Val and Tor
chon hue aad eoAroid-
rye. Choice
Ducmnt Stor
Women's percale house dresses of
good quality in stripes only in
sires 36 to 42, are priced on
special for Friday at.. . OJC
Basement Store
15c PER LB.
ftu JP JT
Seeking the payment of delinquent
taxes, C. W. Croom. county attorney,
has riled suit againct 224 property
owners In the county and Is preparing
to file 300 more.
The delinquent taxes are for various
years, some of the unpaid taxes running
as far back as 1900 Under the new law
the county attorney has until 1917 in
which to bring suit against all delin
quents. 'ihe suits now being brought are be
ing filed in the 41st district court.
Serst. V. II. Colling, who has been a
member of the provost guard for the
past ten months, has been appointed ser
geant of the local police. lie received
his discharge Wednesday, that beiiiK his
38th birthday aniversary.
Sert. Collins was a member of the
Sixth infantry, but has been on special
provost detail because of his ability as
a police officer. The position which he
fills has been vacant since the new ad
ministration took office.
The body of Mrs. Nellie Boyd. 31
years of age, who died at 215 Arizona
street on Wednesday, will be shipped to
Lubbock. Tex . tonight by McBean. Sim
mons A Hartford, for interment In the
family burial plot. Mrs. Boyd had been
ill for a considerable time. She was a
native of Scotland but had resided In
Texis for seeral vears Her husband.
Joseph Bod. uries rind will aiLum
Iiaui lit. remains to Lubbuik.
Twenty of the 27 pistols which were
stolen fiom K. J. Feiaman's store an J
four others have been recovered by the
city detective's department. Following
the robbery of the Feldman store's
arras department last week, Capt. W. A.
tieoige. of the detective department.
Capt. L. L. Hall, of the night police
and Juan Franco, detective starred
working on this robbery case and final
ly o-t'd nine of the pistols in a store
at the corner of Canal and Santa Fe
streets and IB others at a saloon on
South Kl Paso street
Twenty of the pistols were identified
by E. P. Hughes, manager of the sport
ing goods department of the store. The
four other pistols have not yet been
Identified Six Mexicans were arrested
by the police and detectives and later
three of the men were released. The
three others are being held pending a
further investigation of the robbery.
The pistols were taken after the
burglars had entered the store through
a skylight and broke the case contain
ing the pistols.
Manuel Melendez and Anastro Quesada
were cited for contempt of court in the
34th district because they failed to ap
pear before the grand jury when sum
moned. They Rave the exetfse that they
appeared at the courthouse but could not
find the grand jury room. Tbey were
released upon the payment of the costs
in the case.
The EI Paio lee and Rewiserator Co.
Maintains Its own delivery ostein.
Pure rti tilled water and ice. Phones
1 14-113. AU ertis. menu
A great many floors are finished' with wax nowadays. "
We have Butkcer's, Old English, aad Johason's Wax ia various sked
Also Weighted Polishing Brushes 52.50 and $3.00.
210-212 N. Stanton St.
Bfcie 285-205.
Shelton-Payne Arms Co.
301 S. EI Paso St
Sercn Passenger Cars
Stake reservations
Competent Drivers
request rate or
Mission Garage, Mills and Campbell Sts. Phone 797
629 il
jj 212
t Antonio

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