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"Mondav, June 7, 1915
With Execution Squad of
Juarez Garrison; Wheels
barrow for Hearsed
A gravedigger attac-iet",Mf"tlie execu
t. - quad of the Juarez garrison,
3ssv.es Ellsworth was' liberated from
t c J carez Jail Sunday night after hav-
r.s assisted in burying nine Kexicans,J
in ading two soldiers, who had been
exc uted in i - Juarez cemetery sines
3 J he rtei .aet
Iworth a the man who was ar-
res,c 1 on 1 night of May 9 in the
T ' ling 1 Mi&e in Juarez when an
tOietican cttletrju claimed he-was
t "g to ron .nn, of his heavy win-
"gs at traps" The cattleman
S Kllswoi ,h in the face. Ellsworth
E -. -nd lat. - heas arrested on com-
, nt of the gaiblmg house detective
cg re says fc. as iaien to the police
etzuion m jl -ez -where-the night nan
n rtarge bf at him o-.er the shouJdeM
ard hai-k w in i!-e flat of his sword.
i- snorth e'i.b.ts cuts in hrs-.tc.itat. to
Dcjti w acre
was struck by the pw
i.ra ortlcer. rfe was then locked dd
e-er right aid at his trial next morn
's s?is a, charge of being dfunk wa
P-aC'jd against h.m. although he de
t'l'fs he had not been drinking for
norths He -was returned o the
j aarez jail, where vie was kept as a
tr-s: until his release Sunday night.
Dtur Graves for TVine.
T was detailed, to the execution
s 1 soon after being put in T1L"
sa J Ellsworth Monda morning. "I
!' l"it my hat when I was arrestee
a- J v, as taken out many4 mornings
a 4 i lock a-d made to dig graves at
t e -enelery in Juarez, where I worked
f-r nn-s in the hot sun and where I
t s Mirned and blistered on my face
ar ' Hands. The executions were held
B-Sa ' st an abandoned adobe house
-'00 ja- from the cemetery and
an -ild -u heelbarrow t cart
r ' odies ef the men who were exe
e i to the graves in the cemetery
v1 ah c had due for them. An Araer
1 an named Collins, who was picked
ti on the streets of Juarez assisted
- e m burying these dead. We had to
v -k almost ver day and it was hard
1 That old bloody wheelbarrow
Is still out ther if anyone wishes to in
fst.;ate Two Soldiers Shot.
s,-,;pi of the men executed were
e il ans who had been arested for theft
v- j other mi"or charges. The two sol
c -s -n ho were shot with their unt-f-nrs
on were accused of insultin?
t e - officer" The all died gamely.
as e office- ir charge of the firing
s - d made them stand up against the
"all viith bis sword and the flrin
saua3 -hoot before they had a chance
-c Ijreali dow'i
f the Juirez jail are three Amerl--s
One is in another part of the
j ! ani I did not get to talk with Mm.
' e was supposed to be in for four
- o 'h on a charge of burglary. Two
He rem who were known as Mark and
ja -n e-e also in on a charge of coun-t-
' -nig Villa, money.
. Mexican Is Killed.
"The last grayje digging I did was
fy "rtas morning when we buried a
,J" can who was thrown in Jail for
' c S drunk. Ha was shoved through
e main door and fell on hie h.j a.
";ie 1" neck and we look his bodv
t Pittirday morning. I have buried
men now that I feel qualified I
ne an undertaker, although I
Los Angeles and return $35.00
San Diego and return $35.00
San Erancisco and return. . .$45;00
On sale daily) Limit 3 months.
Los Angeles and return $40.00
San Diego and return. ..r. .$40.00
San Erancisco and return. .$50.00
On sale daily. Limit Dec. 31st.
Three Trains Every Day
6:45 A. M. 6:00 P.M. 10:15 P. M.
CAR. ..
City Ticket Office,
DatisfaQtory Progress
has been made in ihe Federal Reserve Banking Sys
teroA insuring comfortable conditions for the Demands
of frade.
Our Resources and Equipment Afford a reliable de
positary for funds.
Checking Accounts are invited.
The First National Bank
Mexicans Suggest Plan to
lighting Factions; Villa .
Replies to Wilson.
That each faction in Mexico aopon.t
representatives to meet; In the XTnited
States, or gome other neutral eountr
and formulate plans for an early so
lution of Mexico's troubles, is being
seriously discussed here by prominent
-members of the refugee colony and ad-
"herents of both the Vila and Oarranza
factions alons the border. This suk-f-estion
will be telegraphed today to
the prominent leaders In Mexico.
This Idea, thought to have originated
at Villa's headquarters, contains the
first definite suggestion for the settle
ment of the Mexican civil war In line I
with, president Wilsons recent note of
warning to various factional leaders.
Villa's Reply Conrlllntinfr.
tueneral Villa's reply to 'president
Wilson's Mexican message is being
drafted by Lie. Miguel Diaz Lombardo,
minister of foreign relations in the
Villa cabinet, and Gen, Feline Aneeles,
secretary of war. and will be tele-
j:raphed to Washington Tuesday or
It is believed bv those intimately ac-
quathted with the Mexican situation
and who are in close touch with high
Villa, officials that Villa's answer will .
bo cordial in tone and that It will em-
body, as an introductory, a stater-ent
of Villa's acceptance, in friendly spirit
of the American nbte. It will say that
Villa understands thoroughly the hu-
luMjjiiaiwu tuuutcs ucjiiuu me presr
dent's suggestions and is willing to eo
operate in carrying them out: provided
I a relinquishment of the more Important
mat sucn cooperation
rin'a Tint- Ant-all
luws wi ine ma. revuiuiioa. jiuiougn
Villa will express his willingness to
participate in negotiations designed to
Jbring about peace, he will point out
tnat tne wriison note falls to offer any
( - comprehensive plan, that will give the
various Mexican factions an acceptable
oasis lor peace negotiations. This, the
note will probably say, is the main
difficulty In the way of making a. more
explicit reply to the American message
at this time.
do not want to repeat my experiences
in the Juarez jalL"
Ellsworth says he was a cook at the
Success cafe before going to Juarez
on a sightseeing trip. His home is in
Portland, Ore.
The Southern Steamship company an
nounces from Los Angeles that It is
now maintaining a regular TS-Konr
service from San Pedro to Mazatlan,
mSaloa, Mexico. The S. S. "Prince Al
bert," which makes this run is a mod
ern, steel vessel of over 100 tons, car
rying freight passengers, mall and ex
press. From Mazatlan this vessel will
go to Topolobampo. returning thence
directly to Los Angeles, to repeat this
trip about every two weeks until fur
ther notice. The next sailing is from
San Pedro about June li .
J. G. McGrady and L. M. McCrummen
left ET Paso Sunday for Lubbock, ffex
as. to attend a division suit over the
estate of Mr. McCrummen's father. Mr.
McCrummen is executor of the estate
and is asking the court to settle upon
the proper division of the property.
Sesa Breezes
No. 206 No. Oregon.
I MaTfp)Paw 7"""' .Ts2gaatf&w 5S ..awawa2
HBSSvKfefc JS aU " ' "frjff
sHBwefcs'eyx5erj3Ke"nnS' nJMS-fcnslidSSnt5"
il"l mln i Isrii'ftM j !Ll!!ffi .1 1 "j f
OlCi I Dyer closed a deal Saturday
o-sior oncK ana stucco resiaence at Zeis Montana street, paying
:.Ono for the nlace The house .s at nresent occunied fat L M. Haver.
vice president and manager of Eierjbodj s Department store, who is renting
it furnished from Mr. and Mrs. IL R. McClintock. during the absence 'of Mrs.
McCllntock in California for the summer. Mr. Dyer will probably not -occupy
the place until after the first of next year as he wishes to move his roses
and flowers to his new home. Mr Dyer has the reputation of being one of
the most successful rose culturists in the city.
Big Party Leaves Famine
Y' btriCKen JlleXlCan Capital
I , t - . .
ncken Mexican Capi
on Zapatista Train.
"Washington. D. C, June 7. Ninety
Americans, it English, 114 Spaniards
and 57 other foreigners of various na
tionalities comprise the first refugee
party leaving Mexico City today on a
special train which the Brazilian minis
ter, acting for the American govern
ment, has arranged.
Other refugees from the famine
stricken capital, who will leave later
to Join the party at Veracruz, will
bring the number to more than 690.
The Ifritish consul has advised Amer
ican consul Silliman that many wo
men and children are among the num
ber. The Villa-Zapata authorities in Mex
ico City will seria a train to Tizsayuca.
where it will be met "by a train from
Veracruz, in charge ol consul-general
Food For Refugees Ordered
An emergency supply of American
food has been ordered to vercrnz for
the refugees. The Red Cross tod-.y
telegraphed Galveston officials to ship
S.(Ke pounds of corn and :0.4 pounds
of beans on a transport which goes for
The state department has no official
"Advices today to confirm the reported
Obregon victory over villa forces at
Jose Uarla Ponce de Leon, who was
secretary of state of Chihuahua Under
Sen. Salvador Mercado. died Saturday
at his home In Juarez. He was 38 years
of age and Is survived by his widow
and three children. Interment was made
Sunday at the cemetery In Juarez.
The deceased was born in Parral.
Some years ago he published a history
of the state of Chihuahua, the first com
plete work of Its kind ever Issued.
(Cootlnned Irera tmseOn).
In the meantime another posse, com
posed of cowboys and miners, had
crossed the line and accomplished its
mpotrro villa crtAitGED with
Complaints were filed Mondav
against O. C Crlsmore, Held Bros, G.
Morrison. A. It. Scott, J. K. Anderson.
Dawson Fuel company and J. S. Vlescas
for parking- cars without lights. ,
Charged with having no tail lights on
their cars complaints were filed against
E H. Bruce, J. B. Butler, Jose Sains,
Frank Oliver and Hlpollto Villa. 1).
Monago and Lelamon Lepe- were
charged with violating the traffls
The anti-marihuana ordinance is de
signed to become effective June 14. It
is stated by locJ physicans and drug,
gists that marihuana has legitimate uses.
lit is pnt up by the foremost drujj maitu-
mciurers in me ctmuu v miu is ircitrcni
ly prescribed, as it Is a sedative of
While the ordinance is designed , to
avoid the sale of this dnip for smoking
purposes, no mention is made in the new
law that it may be used legitimately.
Nearly all of the drug stores in the city
have quantities on hand for use in pre
scriptions, thouch"they say they never
sell it to smokers.
The published ordinance will mate It
a felony for drug stores to have tub'
drug on hand.
All are acreed that marihuana, is a
dangerous drug and that an effort
should be made to have Mexico adopt
stringent laws relative to its growth
and sale in that country, particularly
at border points because he stopping of
its sale in 1 Paso will not absolutely do
away with the possibility of uses; of
the weed securing it for their purposes.
In a suit filed in the 41st district court
H. Miller asks $5000 damages from E.
Durham- for alleged personal injuries re
ceived in an automobile accident. The
plaintiff alleges that he was injured
while mTninrv fmm TTirt. Tilts whn ike
I steering gear of Durham's machine broke
and the car overturned.
James Edwards, through his next
friend, has filed suit in the same court
against L. M. Crawford for $5000 dam
ages as a result of being struck by Mr.
Crawford's machine on the Vsleta road,
lie represents that the machine was on
the left side of the road and that as
a result of being struck his skull was
The Texas Hotel Men's convention,
which was to have been held here June
10 and II, nas been indefinitely'post
poned. Burt Orndorff has been advised to
this effect. It is stated that many or
the hotel men announced that they
would be unable to get away at this
time. It is believed that the conven
tion will be held here In pecember.
Barney Old field wired the Buquor Mo
tor Oar company this morning asking
the number of the ear and motor sold
to him by the local agency during his
recent visit here, as it had been stolen
from him some time Sunday night at
with Lamar Davis for the purchase of
Jommissioners Adopt Dallas
Courthouse for El Paso's
New Building
El Paso county's new $409,000 court
house will be designed after. the new
criminal courts building In Dallas and
will represent the latest ideas In coun
ty buildings, 'according to county com
missioner George Pendell, who, with
other members of the court, returned
Sunday night from a trip to Dallas.
"The new criminal courts building in
Dallas meets the ideas of the new
courthouse committee and our build
ing will in a large measure be mod
eled after it," said commissioner Fen
dell Monday. "The arrangement of va
rious rooms, the lighting, cooling anC
ventilating systems, and the jail fea
tures all appealed to us so strongly
that In their essential details all will
be incorporated in oqr building. Many
of these features are also Incorporated
fn the new county courthouse at
Athens. Ga, and It was that building
that first gave us the ideas that we
have now concluded to adopt The
Athens building is, of course, small,
and cost but $125,699. whereasnhe Dal
las building cost nearly $(00,000.
Roof Garden Jail.
"One if the features of the Dallas
building is the Jail. located on the top
of the structure. It is modernly
equipped and is kept scrupulously
clean. An elevator connects- the jail
with the various court rooms, and a
nrisoner. mwn enterintr the elevator.
Nnay be taken to any floor and trans-
rerren to roe court room witnout mc
slightest possibility of his making his
escape. Leaving the elevator, he goes
thriligh a passageway that leads di
rectly to the court room and there are
no means of escape. Should a prisoner
succeed in getting from the ,Jall he
would still be unable to get to the
lower, floors. ,
"In the court rooms the jury boxes
are so arranged that one officer can
watch the prisoner and attend to the
wants of the iurv at the same time.
There is no waste space in the build
ing. Everything is utlllxed and so ar
ranged as to afford the greatest con
venience. Every room and office is
easily accessible.
Power Plant.
"In the basement Is located a power
plant where current is manufactured at
a cost of less than one cent per Uilo-
wat. This plant not only lights the
building Itself, but supplies current for
the lighting of the new viaduct across
the Trinltv river and for lighting the
county's other buildings. The building
is equipped with a cooling- system by
means of which ice water is circulated
through pipes in every room. There Is
also a vacuum cleaning system. In
keeping with the building the furnish
iiuzs are modern."
The Inspection party was composed
of judge Adrian Pool, commissioners
George Pendell and Seth B. Orndorff.
John Jt Wyatt and H. C Trost, of Trost
& Trost, architects for the new court
house. Mr. Orndorff stopped off at
Uvalde to inspect a mine of tarvey, a
mate?al used extensively In surfac
ing roads in Dallas county. The other
members of the party ceaehed El Paso
Sunday night.
The first enuadron of the 13th cavalry
is due to arrive at Ysleta, en xoute to
relieve the troops of "the lath cavalry
on border duty in the Big Bend coun
try. The second squadron and machine
gun company of the loth cavalry, will
leave Columbus Tuesday morning, to
make the trip overland to Fabens, Tey.,
where they will relieve the loth cavalry
troops in that direction. -The third
Muadron will remain in Columbus, X.
M., until a short time before the loth
cavalry leaves Fort Bliss for the Phil
ippine" islands.
Lieut. Col. Tyree Rivers, of the 15tu
cavalry, is in El Paso arranging for the
movements of his regiment. As many o
the officers of the 15th cavalry have
but recently returned from foreign serv
ice, it is expected that a large number
of -the officers will be transferred to
other regiments remaining in the United
States. CoL George H. Morgau will be
one of the officers to be transferred.
CoL Omar Bundy, commander of the
16th infantry, lias become commander
of the eight infantry brigade with the
departure of Gen. J. J. Pershing, who
has gone on a two months leave of
absence. Col. Bundy is a. classmate of
CoL Riveras.
A total of 128 blocks of paved streets
are najr being swept nightly by the
street cleaning force, according to al
derman J. W. Fisher, of the street
and. grades department.
The system of sweeping streets only
at night was adopted recently and
sirce that time the territory covered
has graduallv been enlarged. In the
outlying sections some portions of the
streets are swept every other night,
and new streets are being taken in as
fast as it is possible to do so.
Considerable repair work to paved
streets have recently been made anlJ
these have been rolled, as well as a
number of the alleys that have been
Pole Tipton, a Tularosa cattleman,
had his buggy wrecked and was him
self bruised up considerably Saturday
night on Dyer street near the Coun
try club. The buggy was either hit
and knocked into a ditch by an automo
bile or the horse took fright at the
auto and dragged the buggy Into the
ditch. The buggy was badly damaged,
but the horse was not injured. Mr.
Tipton suffered only bruises, no
broken bone
Seay-Cranfill Co. Opens New
Addition with Big Sale
on Sunday.
Yellow arrows pointed the way to
Summit Place, El Paso's, newest addition
vest of the country club. Sunday, when
crowds of El Pasoans went out on the
street cars and in autos to inspect the
new addition which has been laid out
1 on the plateau above Fort Bliss by the
i Seay-Cranfill company, of Dallas.
' 0. S. Brack, promotion and adver-
i tising manager of the company, report-
' I fnjA.. !... .. !..! .t 4EA Inl. li.J
cx luuuaj mm a. luwi vi tftrv ivh mcu
been Sbkl in Summit Place over Sunday
and that all but 14 of the visitors to
the new addition made purchases. Along
the fort car line metal signs in the form
of arrows painted yellow were placed
to show the direction to Summit Place,
and along the paved road to the Country
club these arrows showed the direction
to the addition. At the corner of Fort
boulevard and Ord street the street cars
were met by automobiles belonging to
the 'company and the passengers taken
for a tour of the new addition. Auto
starters- were also provided for tie auto
owners who drove out to see the addi
tion and- gnide -er ' - supplied to
point out the different lots.
Another Saie ui...iJ7.
The sale of lots will continue through
the week and a special week-end sale
will be held Saturday afternoon for the
benefit of the clerks and business men
who have Saturday afternoon off. An
other sale is also being planned for next
Sunday. The. sale was in charge of Tom
E. Cranfill, vice "president and general
manager of the Seay-Cranfill company.
R. B. Seay, general sales manager, was
actively in charge of the sales force,
while Brit E. Cranfill was in charge
of the office and clerical work. A per
manent office of the Seay-Cranfill com
pany has been opened in the Two Re
publics building, and this will be in
charge of Brit E. CranfilL His familv
will arrive this week from Dallas and
he will make this his permanent home.
Clint. Texas, June 1. TVhen the wom
en of the Parents' circle, who made all
arrangements to entertain the Con
gressional committee received a phone
message that the distinguished visitors
could not come to Clint the people of
the entire neighborhood were invited
to partake of the good things and enjoy "
an evening of pleasure. After the re
freshments had been disposed of, the
large dining room of Hotel Clint was
cleared and dancing was indulged in
by those present who cared to partici
pate. Mrs. Ella Pullen. who has been visit
ing relatives at Blsbee, Arizona, ha
returned to Clint
Mrs. U. G. Murphy left Saturday fori
a few weeks' visit with her parents at
Dallas, Texas. Francis Priest accom
panied Mrs. Murphy, and will visit rela
tives at Dallas also.
Misses Vera and Margurite "Wills will
leave this week for Fort "Worth, where
they will attend summer normal.
Miss Helen Hargrove has left for
Denton, Texas, and will attend normal
at that city.
Miss Francis Shay, of Sanderson. Tex
as, is visiting at the C. M. McKInney
home for several weeks.
Jack McKinney, Albert "Webb and
Dean Stabmann. who have been attend
ing the Roswell Military institute for
the past several months, have returned
to their homes in the valley to spend
the summer vacation.
Mrs. J. H. Steen and family have left
for their new home near Faywood
Springs. N'ew Mexico.
Little Bobbie Love, who has been In
an El Paso hospital for the past week,
has sufficiently recovered as to be able
to return to his home.
The caj-es of Juan, David and Testis
Guaoerrama, charged with the murder
of deputy sheriff W. H. Garlick and
Scott Russell, was called in the 34th
district court Monday morning.
A special venire of 300 men was sum
moned and, when the-ease was called,
the court room was filled. The work
of securing a jury started at 11 a. m.
and it was anticipated that a day or
more would be consumed in getting a
full pajieL
The state in the case is represented br
district attorney W. W. Bridgers and
Hudspeth & Dale, as special counsel, ap
pointed by the governor. The defend
ants are represented by mavor Tom Lea
and J. A. Gniett. "
Mayor Lea stated Monday morning
that he regretted the necessity of taking
the city's time, but that he had par
ticipated in the former trial of the Gua
derrama case, when the jurv disagreed,
and he felt he was duty bound to carry
out his agreement to defend the men.
' A"ustin, Tex., .Tune 7. The charter of
the Sheers-Lazenby company, of El Paso,
was filed todav in the atxta daivTrmmt
.The capital stock is $50,000 ami theSiti
rcorDOratnre era .T f Klinon x TT T
lenby and J. M. Pollard. The company
deals in hardware.
With the aid of a new screen that has
Just been Installed at the Unique, you
will more than w)oy "The Black Box"
and a good Nestor comedy today. This
episode of the "Black Box" Is an Inter
esting and thrilling number, -with such
daring feats as a horse and Its female
rider leaping through a bridge into
the river below. The Nestor comedies
are always good.
Tomorrow, another one of those Ori
ental pictures telling the story of the
escape of an American girl from a
harem, will be on the program. Adv.
"The. Man On the Case." by Grace
Livingston Furniss, and "Booties'
Baby." by John Strange Winter, form a
double feature bill at the Aihimkn
today. "Booties' Baby," portrayed
by Mlml Tvonne, will long live in the
memory as one of the most tender and
sympathetic stories e,ver related on the
screen. "The Man On the Case." by way
of diverting contrast, is of farcical ten
dency and many humorous situations
are unfolded during its telling.
Tomorrow the Alnamhra-Trnf the
V second "Vitagraph Blue Ribbon feature.
yrua iownsenu Brady's "island of Re
generation." with Kdith Storey, Antonio
Horeno and a Rankin Drew In the cast.
A cable on the freight elevator of
the Mills building broke Saturday after
noon and disconnected an electric wire
which furnishes power for the passen
ger elevators.
The two passenger elevators were
stalled between floors for 15 minutes
and the passengers forced to remain in
them until the wire could be connected
Hearing to Be Held In El
Paso By TJ. S. Board of
S. p. Cooper, of New. T-Ic of the
federal board of appraisers, will arrive
here "Wednesday to bear argument in
the case of the American Smelting & '.
Refining company vs. the United I
CiA T-lmA will M ll14 in '
the federal building and will probably
continue for several aays.
The case arises out of the various
customs and rulings regarding copper
and lead matte. It is contended that In
many cases lead, which Is dutiable at
X-4 cents per pound, is often found in
large quantities in copper matte and
that, coming in In this form, it is not
subject to duty.
Customs officials, however, contend
that IaaiI comlne- In in anv form Is sdb-
ject to the same duty as If it were im
ported as stralgnt Dniiioa. it is aiso
pointed out by customs officials here
that the shippers are charged the Im
port duty by the smelting company, no
matter in what form the mejal Js
finally entered.
The case Is being watched with great
interest by mining men and customs
Queenstown. EnR.. June 7. Water
soaked and partly illegible, the un
finished and unsigped letter diary of a
girl passenger on. the Lusitanla was
picked up a few days ago near the
scene of the disaster, and is awaiting
a claimant here. There is no due tc
the Identity of the writer except for
the mention of the first names of sev
eral relatives. The letter is addressed
to "My dear Ruth,' and the other names
mentioned Include "Prae." -Aunt Buth."
"Nellie Casson." "Will Hobson.' "Ethel
Klaas" and "Willie and Bee."
an ordinance defining a motob
bus: providing that it shall be
nkces8abt to take out a special
license for the operation op the
same and the provisions under
which a special license mat be
issued: keirclating the running op
motor busses within the cttt
limits of the cttt op el paso: pro
viding a penalty for the unlaw,
ful operation thereof and de
claring the unrestricted opera
tion of said motor bushes to be a
nuisance and unlawful
SECTION L Unlearn it anDears from the
context that a different meaalair la In
tended, the following words shall have the
meantaE attached to them by tins section.
a) The word street snail mean and In
clude any street, alley, avenue, lane, pnbtte
place or hlcbwav within the dty Umits of
the City 9t El Paae.
fb) The word motor bos shall mean and
Include anv automobile, automobile track
or trackless motor vehicle emraaed la the
tmatneas of carrrinc paaeenxers for hire
within the citr limits of the Cltv of El Paee.
commonly called "Jitneys." which Is held
oat or announced by elms, writimc device
or advertleesaent to onerate or ran. or which
li intended to be onerated or ran over a
particular street or route or to anv partJcnlar
or deatrnated point, or between Dartlcular
oolnts or to or within any dedenated ter
ritory, dletxiet or soae or between anv
deatcnated terrainll. nrovided that aatorao
Mlea osed ' exclusively as bearses. ambu
lances, delivery care. etKhtaeelnr boseee
hotel boaftea. taxlcabs and tonzinc cars oner
atlnr noon the xranlic atreeta from a '040110
stand or from & raraxe noon telephone call,
aad which nave no aoecined route of travel.
shaU not be constraed motor busses within
the meaninc hereof.
(c) The word person shall include both
aiacular and ntanal and, ahaH mean and
embrace anv Hereon, firm, corsorarlon. asso
clallon. partnemhip or sodetr.
SECTION X. No person aha! run or oner
ate or cause to be ran or ooerated a motor
bus within the cltv Umlt of tbe City of El
Paso without first obtaintae a Heenee
therefor, and no license certhneate shaU be
isened anUI and unless the person ao de
strtne; to ooerate aweb motor Ires snaU file
with the Permit Cleric of tM City of KJ
Paso an aooueatloa in wrltlnr; for & li
cense, which said asnucatlea ahan state:
a) The type of soch motor car to be
used a such motor, bus.
lb) The bone nower thereof.
Icl The factory nmmber thereof.
d The County license number thereof.
(el Tbe seatlnc caDadtr thereof, ac
cording to Its trade ratlnjc
2f the motor ear has been adopted for use
a a. bos. either by eonverttnr a freight
carndiuc track into a Basseanr earrylnc
vealote or by reconstruction, modification or
addlnr to the bodv or aeatinjr arraaxement
of uassencer camrlne; motor ear. & state
ment of Ita seaUnjr caoadtr shell be added,
fV Tne name and ace of Um nereoa or
nersona to be la immediate -eharxe thereof
as driver t
(r) The termini! between which each
motor boa
tor bos la to be on-trated and tbe street
streets over whten snt-h rrot- hn. I. tA
be run. both . oUr aad retnratoc. ..
in permit t-'.erK or si raao. alter re
eHrtar aald asDlicaUoa. shaU refer same
to tbe Citr Council of th City of El Sbm.
composed of tbe Mayor aad foer Aldermen.
toretber with bis recommimdatlon thereon.
The Council mar rrant each aapUcation for
liceaae as filed or Kraut the Mine in modi
fied ftvrm. or if any sach aersoa deatcnated.
In Mb-div-sslon f, of this sectloa be aot
oaaiirted an to ae ezserlence or other
auallfieatlons brrelaafttr provldod for to be
In the oolntoa of tbe covncil an unfit teraon
to operate said motor bar. or If the motor
car described in the oaeratfcm 4t tbe nar
ticolar motor bus or motor basses over th
roite desiaaated br reason M TlJt1ng traf
fic conditions would be daneroas or hazard
ous to Habile safety, or If aald atrDlicatten
be not In comollaac- 'with the aro-risfoas of
this ordinance tbe Board, of Commiofleners
mav refaao same.
upon tne era nunc of such aoollcatlon as
fllod or modified, and the ooVrnent of the
f-cooireu license see and tne nunc with the
City Clerk of the bond herein provided for. i SECTION li Any Dereoa wheihall v
nronerlv annroved by tbe City Clerk, the , ate anv nrovuwon of this ordinance shall
said Cltv Clerk shall Issue a certificate of f be sulltv of & mieilemeanor and noon ci.n
lleenee to oBera.te.-or cause to be onerated I miction .oereof shall be pwnlahed by a flue
the motor boa described between the i QOC e-trrtHnfi: S20S.0O
tcrmlnll stated, and between no other SECTION 14. In case of tbe convict'oa
terminll. orovided that the terminil stated of the owner or ooerator of any motor bu
in such certificate thereafter may be a!- before the Jndce of the Corporation Court
fered by order of the Council of the Citr ' ot 'be violation of anv oroyialcn t.f ibis
of El Paso in Its discretion, noon the ap- , ordinance It shall be me ooty of tn- r'-rx
nilcatlon of tbe nereon holdlrtr such Ueens. ( the Corporation Court to report .ich.
fS. WhlH hauff. m aa .. .. h.1 U 1U I r-A t.-f Win tn Ih. rnitn.41 n.4 .tnAn . .a.
rDotlara (j: ;e shall b charr-fl and col.
leted 1
SECTION" 2 Tho llis-rtnvs mm k' !
-ride for I- fixed At Fifty Dollars (!U t
for each motor bus per year, payable in ad
SECTION 4. The license herein nrovtaed
for shaU be rood and in force snd effect
only for the calendar mr tn -E-phth -. la i
issued "When license Is Issued sabseoueat i -hall thereupon be entitled to credit for tho
to the 1st dav of January of any -rear, tbe talue of the unexpired portion thr-of. pro
applicant therefor shall pay an amount pro- I rated accordinr to the time ia payment of
portioned to the unexpired portion of the I license tee hereunder Any strua op-ia-caleadar
vear for which the license is is- . mr motor hoi. as defined herein nror t-
sued: arovide-1 the owners of the suto busses i tne introduction of this ordinance, under a
new batar onerated shall have fifteen davs nubile automobile l eeneo. who shall file an
after the taklnr effect of this ordinance to 1 affidavit statins; that he has elected to re
r.rSl Ul?-iBi-li.-ibon-i.i8 "'"i8' I Ure from "w business because of the adop
PvWoae of tlK ordnance tt tiou of this ordinance shall be entitled to a
SECTION B. That no person shall driv C"111 lh T-lu ot h'- unexnired !lcene
or propel a otbu! -heretabef IVec! " a$Tori?In,r -1 nm r?Kv.,,d..lnat
flned. uaon or alonr the arre.5im SLt I ld --rU ;hal. be ..-.do within, fifteen
nubile oUs of the Cltv of nli Tm
without first securtnir. under the condi
ttoae hereinafter nrescribea. a chauffeur's !
W a.. Jo-Hag
SECTIOM TtM . .. Ik.?... !.. .1
this ordinance coca into effect, the Mayor
shall aoBolat a Permit Clerk, whose dnty
it shall be to reeelve all anBUeatlons for
license fees for motor nasses and aoDllca
tlona for examinations tor chanffeafs cer
tificate, and shall annotnt also & commis
sion composed of two oersons. one of whom
snail ooasess skill la tbe rtrlrinr and oro
oelllar of aatotnobllea. whtrh shall be known
f " AntomobUe Ei-mlnlnir Board. One
of said members, torecher with his datlee
u ewuaiaer. uin n Known as a Trairie
Offteer and shall In conionrtlon with tbe
rentier Bailee officers, bave control and
1!BSITV!,on ." "notor bssees on the streets
f.P,Paso and shall aee that they comply
with the terms and provisions of this or
dinance and shaU at least every two weeks
after bis anoolntment examine each motor
Vn tn operation, resortlnc to tbe City Conn
en every macrune that may be unsafe to
oeJSSS..V!5.0,Ir IUl him recommendation.
SECTION 7. Anv person as defined In
narairraBh ffl of Section 2 h.r. ..i..
lnr a ebauffewr's certlfleate. shall make 1
....ch ..im..m.m to me sam ooara ler an
;--dnatlon. which said written aBBlleatlon
shall be .received by the Permit clerk to
I"?ir",r,iJl.ml, "-t-aaoi. tho apparent
saall deposit an examination tee of SX.M.
fj?1 m.W bofrd 'J111- ""'bin ten days alter
tbe mine of such application and the pay
ment of salrl fee. examine .aid applicant
aa to his knowledce of the ordlnancea the
Cltv of El Paso and the laws of the State
"."J? eenlatinr traffic and vehicles,
and before rtcelrlnr such chant-ear's cer
Srnbj?M e "aulred to snow a decree
' ,kno"ledre of such ordinances and' laws
sufficient to warrant a arade of seventy
five per cent, and shall also be required to
demonstrate hi ability to safely drive a
motor vehicle ihrourh the crowded portions
of the streets of that section of the CUT
I of El Paso described In Section IX. of en
of B! "aso and approved December St. 1914.
and when such tumlutlon shall .have
been suKd bv the applicant successfully
as herein reaulred. the aald Board iSall
Im wrlftlaar rarommaiMl Co tllA Mavor that
' auck aaeiftcaBt be Kraatod a chanifeur'a
certiifcte aad the Mayor sball thereupon
tMHau a eertmcat in words and figures
mbataatlaliT as fallows:
i "Olt of Paso. w 19
I This l to oertlty that has
I iih i e fully paaoed tae examlaatloa pro-
vlded for chauffevra within the City of El
Psao and Is entitled to run and oprat
Mtor hsfM wttala Um ctty-oc Bl Paso.
Mbtoct ts Hetlr rdlnaaces aad laws and
such ordlaaacw as may be hereinafter
City Clerk."
SECTION . Before the asnUeation w-v
yided for in Section 7 hereof. saaJl be eon
ptaered or said Automobile Rraalntnc
Board the applicant ahall pay to tne Per
mit Clerk a fee of $2.9.
SECTION 9. The ucenee fees for opera
Lav motor bmiii. srovided In section 3
herein tcther with the lee of S2.M for
, chauffeur'a license, when collected, shall t
i oiaced m a xana to ne Known as tne -j-rar-
' ?c Pou - rnno.
which fnnd shall be U3l
for the soroope of oaylnr the salary of iti
rwTttUV .acx J, aou wi -nin:( iriin,Tia u-ci biu-
before orovided for aad of enforcing the
nrbviaions of this ordinance, aad ail other
ordiaanoea roa-slatlsr tha operation, of motor
SSOtriOX It. No license ef the kind nro
Wded for la this ordinance atmll be issued
anleaa aad oatli the apoUeaar therefor shall
have filed with th Citr Clerk a bond to be
approved by the said. City Clerk with two
or more cood and snffldeat sureties or ex
ecuted bv applicant aad a solvent corpora
tion, incorporated under the Jaws of the
State of 'Sexaa. or. bavinr a permit to do
business In the Stat of Texas, which bond,
shall be in tho nn of One Thousand Dol
lars for each vehicle that sacb applicant
Yaall bo licensed to operate op to and in
clodlnx the number ot ten vehicles aad in
tho nn of Five Hundred Dollars for each
additloaal vehlclo In excess of ten vehicle-
that sach applicant shall be licensed to
operate, and which bond shall bo payable
to the Mavor of the City of El Paso. Texas.
and his aocoessors in office, for the use and
benefit of any and all persons, as his or
their interests may appear who shall have
a cause of -action acalast the principal
la soon bond, bv virtu of the Beclicenco
or misconduct of said principal or bis or Its
areata, servants or employes, in connection
with the operation of anv such vehicles, and
which bond anal I be conditioned for tho
prompt and faithful payment of a!l da-mares
which the principal la sach bond shall
In any eril salt in a court of competent
lurlsuiction be condemaed to pay on account;
of lnJttrv to the person or property of any
person or persons bv reason of the nerlixanc-.
or misconduct of sach principal or his or Ha
areata, servants or employes in connection
with the operation of any sach vehicles, and
any person ha vine a cause of action on suchi
bond as hereinbefore, provided against such.
nrindpal therein, shall have the nrht In hia
sail to join with sach principal as y
defendants tho sureties upon soch bond.
Such bond shall- continue as a subsisttBr oc
llratloa until it shall have been rally ex
hausted. bat la ao event shall tbe surety or
sureties thereon be liable for mora than tho
amount of sach bond. Shoaid such bond.
l-Be aartiaUy or whohy exhausted by recovery
or recoveries tnereon. it anau tneraaxter do
ualawfal for the principal therein to con
tinne to operate any motor boa or motor
basses upon the streets, alleys or public
places of ihe Cltv ot 1 Paao until ho or it
shall hare first fllod with the City ClerJt of
the City of El Paso a new bond Is a 'Ike
sum as the orirlnal bond, and ia like man
ner conditioned aad approve?.
SECTION 11. It snail be unlawful:
fa To drive r operate or cause to be
driven or ooaratetl any motor bus upon o
alonr any street unless there la in for-e
aad effect a valid license as prescribed m
this ordinance, for the operation of sue a
motor bus upon said street
lb) To stop any motor bun or to aerxnit
sach motor bos to remala staadlnr upon any
street for the narpose of loadinc or unload
Inr passenrers. except same be bro-atcet as
near as possible to the rixht aaad corn
of said street.
e) To drive or operate a motor bus
without havina- permanent" displayed upon
same and permanently attached to same a
afrn or naiafioc. both in front and on rear
of the said motor has she wine the desttn
tioa and route of same in accordance wltn
the provisions of the license eoverins the
same: to operate a motor bus without ha
tnr dlspiaved en both .front and rear in lat
ter not less than four inches hleh the word
(d To drive or operate aay nvtor bas
white anv person is standinx or Mttinr upon
anv ranainr board, door or fender thereof.
or while anv person Is ridlnr upon sa '.
motor baa upon the body thereof, or tot
more than one adult -passenxer to ride in
tbe front seat.
(e. For any driver of any motor bos to
fail or refuse t drive or Bropel rh,&-r
motor has to the sad of his desrsnated
roas before retarninr to the starting point
desfraated In Ms license.
(f For any driver or operator of any
motor baa to refase to accept a nassencer
w ben accompanied by child or chi I d rea
oader ftva years ot aire, when the capacity
ef the said motor bus is not fJued according
to the Oassenrer ratinr thereof.
(sr For aay person, licensed as afore
said, to fall, refuse or nexlect to operate
a meter baa between the terminil deatrnated
tn the license for a p-srtod sf not iess thai
ekrht consecutive hours oat of every
tewnrv-foar hours, except on Sundays, and a
reasonable time for rotor to and from meal1.
aad tn case of accidents, break downs o
otner casualties, or upon the surrender of
said Ucenee. or to operate or permit to ba
ooerated aay motor bus off of or away
from the rente stated and fixed ia the li
cense far the operation of soch baa,
h To race with any other motor bus
or drive raoidlv to pass one in order to be
first to anv nroepecttve passenrer or to truiy
on waiunr zor motor oas or otuer convey
ance. M) To refuse to carry a pesseejrer to any
point, demanded bv passenger, between
. CSS??-C xai
terminH. after savins; reeetved passaacer
I " ' 2L,T,
person en raced in the bus-
ia m ll. AAOnw bVm m.-WI W a
1 l-fbr sWaP-ln ten HOlst- t tho ifW sB SH l" li Hrf
between specified ttrminlL to cnarre &
rreater fare t.in flv tents within tha limits
of ihe-CHy of -El Pa-o.
(k) To reconstruct. material I v alter.
modify or add to the body or seatinr ar
ranrement of anv motor boa, after the li
cease thereof ts issued, without first apply -lnr
for and recertias; thn consent ot the
Citv Council.
SECTION 12.' In the operation and dra
ins of any motor bus Cn aasu snail be
stepped for the loadinr and dischareinr of
nassenrers onlv at the near aide of tha
streets intersect lnr the street on which tho
motor bus is hetne operated and onlv on ha
rirht hand side of the street on which the mo
tor bas is beina operated. Said motor bus
shall not be stopped In soch position asvnouid
interfere with the use of the cross, walks
crosstac sach streets, or as t Interfere with
to or xrom otner coareaances in
v.ction. as atforsild. the Jndjre ot the Cor-
Dor-ation Ctmrt n.tali have oo-rr t i-a nice.
"nilnd or continue- in for- mrh Iis-n- nr
rfcanffear's certificate as be mav deni,
SECTION 13. Any oer?oa holr i-c a It--ene
to operate a public automobile In tha
Cltv of El Paso at tbe time this ordinance
takes effect, mav su -render th. same, and
SHT r or-nna ice roe irto err:
SEC-TION IS. No cnarf-li-' . tr-rtif r Et
to drive or ooetat. any mot- bus sfiil be
ranted to-anr peison onir he r;e of
elahteen (1" vears. ntl unlse the -ati per
son hall ln re.tdcd t l te itv if sTl aso
for six rconths. nrecedlnx '-lie fiUae; of said
SECTIO: 17 The hoi-11-r or .lUudlrat.nn
of anv section or snb-Jtvt t-ol of nv section
of thh ordinance to re 'nslt.l. snail nr.t
effect the validity of any other section or
sub-dlvlslon of a section, out all other ec
lions and sub-division c Mortons shall
be and remain In full fo-ve and effe-t
SECTION 18. The oo-rul in of anv rror
bos. otherwise than as nrovldea In this -dlnanee
Is hereby de-lurd a nuist'ico and
mefa to pnb'ic ssfe'tv and unlawful.
SECTION lis. All of the recnlaUons and
prov.slona herein contained except th.e
flxlnr the fare to be chanced, shall apply to
motor busses operatlnc between a point or
norats within the City of El Paso ana any
point or points without the City of Si tara.
SECTION 1. All ordinances aad part ot
ordinances tn conflict with this ordinance
shall be. when the same are hereby re
pealed Insofar as in conflict and no further:
and aa ordinance pe-ed and approved the
lat day of April. A 1 . 115. rexalatlnc and
defining motor busses la exnressly repealed.
SECTION I. The threatened increase in
the rnnninc of "Jitneys" and motor bnsses
and the increase or traffic, constitutes a
xreat public emerxancy lusufylnr the sus
oraaton of the Charter Rule reautrlnc that
all ordinances, before final adoption shaU
be read at two recvlar xneeUncs of the
City Council, and aald role I by unanimous
vote of the Aldermen present and with tha
consent of the Mayor suspended aad this
ordinance shall take effect from aad after
Its nassjajte. approval and publication.
Passed and approved this :th dar ot
lay. a. XAo ISIw'.
Tom Lea, Major.
C W -Tassett. City Cleric

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