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War Is tke Return of Ma to tke
vVnere Self Preservation Comes Before
II 'or EI Paso Herald:
IN P-EPL.T to J. . Campbell' ar
ticle, I would like to ask: "Mr.
Campbell, nave you ever been on
t 9 f ring line? Do you know the tor
t o that taen endure from thirst and
hger Do you know the feelings of
r when their beloved officers are
a'-'- and killed? Do you know the
f.-el jigs of these same men If they
t' -k. of their women and babes fae--g
b. possible starvation? Do yon
tjL-, ,e them for the revenge expressed
in be ' weakened condition?"
. the March to Pekin In August.
IT , Ive gone alongside of my men
fixing them not to fall out yet, urg
1 5- tem on a step further, giving
tv--a that strengthening lump of sugar
ti I supplied myself before leav
I s Tn-Tsin men falling by the
w side because of the August heat
yes, en ing like little children, cases
f mental aberration. I loved those
trave hearts. At night they would
c-rne straggling In again, their sane
and better self.
What would you do if some "Anu
zcr would kill your bunkie or chum
wj- -.ing by your side? Would you
vcf'er the terrible strain of war's hel
l.s'a excitement spare that woman and
say. "I love you." while she gives you
lt" - others the contents of what's
left In the magazine?
As far as the Bryce commission re-
io Jlppea(-fo iEe
Summer Rates
How to Gain Weight
A Pound a Day
Tlua ii46n and iromen who would Uka to
Increase their weight -with 14 or IS pounds
of teal thy "tajr there fat 8faold try at
lr.e a. little Sargol -wttji their meals for a
wJL and note results. Here Is & good
tet ircrth. trying; First weigh, yourself and
ceasure yourself. Then take SeTgTri on
tablet with every meal for two weeks. Then
w- eh and measure again. It isn't a quea
X n of how you look or feel or what your
ir eras -ay and think. The scales and the
tap rvaure will tell their own story, and
. -: any thin man or woman can easily
a - fire to eight pounds In the first
f rzeen days by following this simple
- uon And best of ail, the new flesh
"3 put. i
irgal does net of Itself make fat. hut i
mixing with, your food, it terns the fats
:- . - and starches of what you have
ea.-1 nto rich, ripe fat prodadnfT nour
. ."nt for the tissues and blood prepares
li an easily assfmilatecl form which the
t.oo. can readily ace.pt. All this nourish-
' tijw passes from your body as waste.
33 t Sargol stops the waste and does it
q- tk. y and makes the fat producing con
:-, of the very same meals y are eat
i s iow develop pounds and pounds of
1 ..tjby flesh between your skin and bones.
Sslts ' is safe, pleasant, efficient and Inex
X r - i e A. E. Byan and other leading
-3g. .. in 1 Paso and vicinity sell It in
--ga boxes forty tablets to a package
a a guarantee of weight Increase or
x '7 lack- Advertisement.
Stomach Troubles
Due to Acidity
:-o-cj.ll-u stomach troubles, such as
Iz.'lsg-estion, -wind, ztad stomach-ache
are m probably Bine cases out of ten
s nj ly evidence that fermentation Is
taking place ia the food contents of the
stna-h, causing; tne xormation or gas
and at-ids Wind distends the stomach,
a-.-1 causes that fall, oppressive feeling
sometimes known as heartburn, while
tne acid irritates and inflames the dell
c tfe lining of the stomach. The trouble
1 es entirely In the fermenting food.
Sch fermentation is unnatural, and
&.id formation is not only unnatural,
but nay involve most serious conse
luei,es if not corrected To stop or
prevent fermentaXion of the food con-t-
:s of the stomach and to neutralize
the acid, and render it bland and harm
less, a teaspoonful of bisu rated mag--res
j a, probably the best and most effec
t ve corrector of acid stomach known,
should be taken m a quarter of a glass
r f hot or cold water immediately after
eating", or whenever wind or acidity is
felt This stops the fermentation, and
neutralizes the acidity in a few mo
menta .Fermentation, -wind and acidity
are d.-'gerous and unnecessary- Stop
or V"1- ent them by the use of & proper
tn'-i a, such as bisurated magnesia,
vL.-b can be obtained from any drug
F t aril thus enable the stomach to do
its work properly without being hln
er&1 b poisonous gas and dangerous
ands 31 F P Advertisement.
r CJ.HoRO He&Co.
BF dlrcetloBs
jaesch boxf
Clxiera uortnis, CbMerm IoTactcia, IA ones, llives.
Djge gr-. ConstipatJOO end other ailments ttsi
ps baby sgg conng the fycthtn x period.
Look for tn. Trad. HUdc Sola D7 sU droff-
C X McSeS Kcdidse Co., Si. Lom,Ha.
M kBislsB9ilil9i9i.liHBHSaiBHsHBi
tt iff Bgf H BI JE& fifssssssB H ..ssesSslBsV tBB sssH .BI KM BSkBBBKKKKKBKUtBKM
port with ns 100 witnesses, I say It
is all nonsense; simply absurd! As an
evidence of my point, I will give a
short sketch of an occurrance on July
14. 1900, at Tsin-Tsln. China. A Rus
sian soldier shot a woman with a babe
in her arms; the bullet passed through
the babe. My men. about 100 saw
it and the Russian soldier died then
and there. I won't tell how that's
enough but when we got to Pekln
and resting In our quarters, about
4006 American soldiers, thousands of
British and others were qualified wit
nesses that that babe was disembow
eled, caught on bayonets, the mother
outraged, and if the boys could have
added anything worse, they would have
done so-.
Toa remember how major "Waller, XT.
S. 3t C with his men, marched across
the island of Samar strewing: death In
his path? Why? Because he loved
his men more than the enemy; they
chose to poison food and water sup
plies of his men and he In return save
them death. A court martial fully
exonerated him because he was Justi
fied according- to rules of war.
"When our beloved Capt. Riley, 5th
TJ. & artillery, fell a few feet from me
on the "Chln-Men-Gate Pagoda." the
fury of my men and others was turned
loose on what? I will not say but
there and then the primitive reigned
for fully half an hour. Could I or you
or my superior officers control those
men? As well try to stop a tornado
with a rifle balL Were thev intifi.ri
Wo! And they nobly acknowledge it to
a man after they were sobered down.
"War Is helL" Perhaps it was, because
we were called "the dare-devil" flght-
'"s atiay .a, u. &. -Marine corps.
But Til wager there was not a more
Intelligent bunch of equal size In any
civilian gathering.
It was not the missionaries we "were
fighting for In China, for a goodly num
ber" of the good ones were running loose
in Pekin. It was the same real issue that
they have now in Europe. It la not
militarism or navalism. It's simply
that god, commerce.
"War Is no respector of person. If that
person is an active enemy or some
times Is found in company with an
How about the German report of the
terrible atrocities committed by the
jiussiansT examine our books on the
practice and usages of war of United
States forces in the field and you will
find no great difference when It comes
to taking severe measures In protect
ing the men of a command. Perhaps
the German civilians were Just as guil
ty towards the Russians as the Bel
gians or French were towards the Ger
mans, hence Russian outrages.
If I should see a woman firing at
my men from the top window of a
house, I would order that woman shot
she "will be safer out of action. I
love my men, their mothers, their
sweethearts. Just a little more than
that strange "woman. If she be unarmed
and defenceless, she will be first to
get my protection and sympathy and
in 999 cases out of 1000 she will also
get that same protection of the men
of other nations.
If a few of my civilized boys should
run a bayonet through the body of
a treacherous clvllan, it's but an ex
pression of that "war "weakness, a tem
porary return to the primitive and sav
age love for your own a temporary
aberration of mind caused by the hel
lish excitement of war.
The I6.66S Boer women and children
who died in British concentration
camps were mostly victims of their
own folly. They, like their Belgian
sisters hampered the operations of an
army in the field, hence the military
necessity. Don't blame the British for
protecting their men.
War in itself Is but the fiend
Incarnate turned loose upon the flow
ers of the earth. The British govern
ment declares to starve to death the
mothers and babes of Germany. Sav
agery! The American government en
ters a protest; that's all. Humanity!
The British government replies it Is
the only weapon. Savagery!
The German govenrment comes back
and declares to the world that she will
destroy everything within her power
with her submersibles. Savagery! Our
government makes a vigorous protest.
Humanity. The German government
replies, "that's our only protection; our
only revenge. savagery!
The Jusitanla horror Is savagery, an
exemplification of the horror of war,
but those 5100 cases of small arms am
munition? What about it? If you
were in command of a submarine and
had a love for our country, your
brothers in arms, your mothers and
babes, would you wish to destroy this
A soldier know that S,4M,M0 rounds
of ammunition is sure, at a careful
ratio, to kill HM of his brothers :n
arms, remaps you wouia. pernaps you
would not, have sunk that ship in de
fence of your mothers and babes, who
are just as innocent as those poor mis
erable, helpless people on the Lusl
tania. "We talk of Christ and pray that this
curse may end, and yet our financiers
are boasting of the big profits from
the proceeds of the terrible and devas
tating implements we ship almost daily
to the belligerant countries.
I agree with the 'noble and fearless
editor of The 1 Paso Herald when he
prophesied that war would abolish
all cant and hypocrisy. He has
been bold and fearless in presenting
the good side of all nations concerned
and shows his patriotism by his warn
ing to the nation.
Yes, war will do more. It will pre
vent the nations of the world Irom
hiding behind International laws and
breaking the same when it suits their
purpose, but. above all. It will drive
into the brain and heart of the man
that produces the actual wealth of the
world, some common sense, and In a
measure, at least, abolish these para
sites that gnaw at the vitals of the
body politic, these parasites who tell
him iust how to fight and how to sic
the dogs of war while they reap in
the sheckels. It's truly amusing If It
were not so horrible.
The remarks about German-Americans
petting out of the country, etc,
is that same old ridiculous fable. "What
is an American? He, In my estimation,
is one who comes out of the melting
pot of American institutions and
American Justice, American liberty of
action and thought, and we as Ameri
cans true to our adopted Ideals, hope
to get an Ingot out of that pot that
shall be purer than gold, yea a diamond
in the making that shall resist the
cant nd hypocrlcy of this world. If
I wens silly enough to try to meet this
anmnwnt I might, perhaps, say to
those heroic Americans that gave their
lives on that ill fated ship: "Why did
-1 K- V.fli e-a Tf WMl Hid
nt ! it- eo home." Perhaps some
will accuse me of being pro-German?
WelL I am of German stock, yes, but
first last and all the time, this coun
try is good enough for me.
Yea. and I speak for the other mil
lions of German-Americans who have
taken this country as their bride, "for
this a man may forsake his father and
mother and cleave only unto her."
vea, fight against father and mother
if they dare to Interfere in your do
mestic relations. We are with the pres
ident and will obey his call. i
I have foagnt for this, my country,
with signal honors, and may be bold
enough to state that I have done in
her service noble deeds, "nor dreamt
them all day long," and she has, like
a great and grateful nation, remem
bered me for the service rendered and
I have no regrets In having sacrificed
my health in tier service, and will
fight for her again If the medical
boards will pass me.
True, those Germans are the rats in
the corner of Europe and they seem to
be using their fangs and venom so
characteristic of the demons of war. If
the Allies use a more horrible method
so much the better, but the Question is:
Can they? "We must acknowledge that
nearly 60 per cent of the science of
chemistry is contained In Germany.
From now on It Is a question of the
sciences of chemistry fighting this war
to the finish. Do you remember in the
battle of the Marne when the good
Frenchmen used gas shells that stood
the Germans up in rows stark dead?
This time the Germans have got one
Just a little better in cloral gas. So
let's not howl Tommy, Francois,
the Guhrks. the Bengal Lancer, the
Indian Sihk or the Russian Mujlk
all are men of metal and take their
medicine to a man, and only "wait and
hope for their government to excel
the German sciences in this hellish
I am surprised that anyone would
make a statement that we are essen
tially English In the face of the offi
cial statistics of our own census bu
reau and the reports of the department
of Commerc and Labor. ,
where does our hero, Teddy, come
In? He boasts of Dutch stock, and
Is he not violently trying with his
mighty thunder to sic the dogs of war
on our great nation?
Did you ever read the true story of
Sherman's march to sea? You may
condemn his men for some of the out
rages committed, but I most emphatic
ally do not. They, too, were children
of circumstance. All the acts of those
soldiers and officers with but few ex
ceptions were according to the rules
of war; acts of necessity; acts Justi
fied, in- protecting the lives of their
men and putting th fear of God into
the hearts of those victims that stood
In their path, so that the military ob-
i Ject could be more speedily accom
plished, war respects no law, no per
son, no rights. Its origin Is hellish and
so it will remain. It's object is to kill,
malm, destroy; to do everything to
cripple the army, navy, commerce and
the people of the enemy. Its sole object
a speedy termination and extermina
tion savagery In all Its primitive state.
You know the children of Israel were
pretty savage sometimes to the women
and children of their enemies.
God deliver that our noble and far
seeing president be forced to enter
Into an offensive war with Germany
so far from our base of operations.
Should we enter the arena of that
European mad-house? I think not of
the Lusltanla when It comes to uch
an Issue; I think of the noble sacri
fices of the thousands of lives of youth
of our glorious nation the noble
mothers and the suckling babes, and
the one person in the world that suf
fers greater agony than the man on
the firing line, the woman left desolate
at home, alone and almost distracted,
fearing the sight of the postman, for
featv of news of the death of her boy.
And I ask for what?
It is not German hydrophobia: It's
aberration of the mind, superinduced
by the intense excitement caused by
thirst and hunger, the terrific strain
of mind and body which produces a
slight return to primitive savagery, the
goddess of which Is war. This spirit
is latent in all men.
Mr. Campbell may not have been on
the firing line of bullets and shrap
nel, but he is on the firing line fight
ing the curse of drink, and this same
drink Is the cause of a good deal of
those atrocities. He is doing agood
and noble work. I say, "Keep it up.
and God will speed you on your way."
Gu stave C Hoenes.
Editor El Paso Herald:
Answering your Inquiry regarding
the Inventor of the block system for
railroads, I will say that John "W.
Th6mas, Jr.. president of the Nash
ville Chattanoogo and St. Louis ratl
road. Invented and perfected the block
system. He Is a son of MaJ. John Will
iams, for many years president of the
road and it was while working under
his father that the son conceived the
Idea. MaJ. Thomas since has died. The
system was first used on the X. C &
St. L. and was Invented about 1881.
J. W. Llghtroot.
Editor EI Paso Herald:
One hears so much about German
militarism. Any intelligent person
will have to admit that the strongest
world dominating organ of militarism
is a nary, owing to its facility of be
ing brought in direct contact with any
country far or near. Could Germany
with her weaker organ, the army, be
as dangerous to other countries except
its immediate neighbors In Europe? No.
But England well, England has been
ruling the waves; she even admits she
owns the seas. I guess when God made
the seas she carried the water for
King Pluvius and thereby received a
life title to same.
Since England crushed Spain, she
has been dominating the world and
the other countries cater to England
not because they love her but because
they fear her. She brought them in
line with her navy, instead of kind
Have you few redcoated Americans
forgotten your A. E C .In history If
so. open the history to the "English
conquests of . India. Canada. United
States and South Africa and get the
truth about their kind adopted mother
Very truly yours.
Clyde Greene.
Editor El Paso Herald:
The band concert question U one that
will not down Every week The Herald
PXL s.severaI communications on the
subject, each writer discussing the mat
ii.i om hls own viewpoint. It shows
mat the concerts have a deep hold
upon many people.
The suggestion of the union musi
cians that the municipal band should
have one of the weekly concerts and
an army band the other has apparently
been Ignored altogether. There may
be several reasons for this, and one
of them may be the fact that there
-s ?ever been a onion oan1 ln thlg
city that was worth a whoop for con
cert purposes, and the local authori
ties know that the people want good
"...on, Ml UUIIC.
But now we have the word of a man
I?t.HIlkno'Brn In Iocal musical circles,
that the union has a real band. If this
if" the nnIn musicians will run
no risk, but on the contrary may gain
the end they desire, by giving a con
cert In the park. If successful ln
pleasing the public, then the people
will ask the authorities to hire the
band regularly.
It is useless, and rightly so. to ex
pei the PeP' to support the propo
sition for alternate concerts by the
union and army bands so long as the
former Is an unknown quantity. Its
Tke Mexican and tke Madero Regime s Failure;
Policy of tke United States Towards Foreigners
Richmond, Va-, June 2. 1915
Editor El Paso Herald:
THB Washington Post contains a
dispatch with an El Paso date
line stating that Carlos F. Berna
had written a letter to The Herald
abusing the American people and gov
ernment. It seems that this Don Berna
particularly objects. among other
things, to the faet that the Mexicans
are treated as Inferiors by the Ameri
can people.
Right here I wish to qualify the rest
of my statement by saying that a
"lady" and a "gentleman" In the Eu
ropean Interpretation and acceptance
of the term, require neither nationality,
race or religion to make them so.
There are. doubtlessly, such people in
Mexico, or were before Villa and Car
ranza paraphrased Patrick Henry and
cried, "Give me liberty or give me
loot" Many of these reputable people
have been made to pass over the Great
Divide for the cause of liberty, equal
ity, fraternity, murder and loot, while
others are enjoying the quiet hospital
ity of this and other countries.
It Is only people without shame (in
the Spanish meaning of the word) who
enter a home or country and, whether
drunk or sober, attempt to Insult Its
As for the ability of Mexico to
govern Itself except under a benevo
lent despotism, no sane man can be
lieve it possible. The lowbred peon
and near peon element of Mexico can
never run that country. I was one of
those ideal dreamers, visionary poets,
who believed that the mad Madero
could establish a true republic la Mex
ico, but I realized that I was wrong
before the treaty at Juarez was signed.
The man at once became the slaTe of
adulation. Italian organ grinders, Ger
man quack doctors and fugitives from
Justice, French spiritualists and adven
turers from all parts of the globe, got
Madero so completely under their con
trol that the government was run by
their partner or boss, one of Madero's
private secretaries.
Madero complained of the dishonesty
of the Cientiftcos and yet he was bribed
every day with cheap flattery. He
neither rewarded his friends nor pun
ished his enemies. At least he was an
honest fool, surrounded by dishonest
knaves. The Cientlflcos helped the
country by inducing foreign capital to
Invest and give the peon work. They
got their commission every promoter
is entitled to that.
If Madero. who was honest In prin
ciple as he saw It. made a failure, how
in God's name can thieves, known and
branded as such, make a suocess?
Mr. Berna does not seem to realize
the difference between our Feople and
his. I say to him: If you do not want
to be treated as our Inferior, make
yourself our equal and while you are
doing it don't compaln.
In the meanwhile the play will pro
ceed merrily on; the United States will
be forced to take Mexico and If It Is
not turned over to a regime similar
to the days of Diaz, I hope we will
keep the country.
On the other hand, we know that
the American cattle and horse thieves
in reality backed on this war he .t.
changing ammuniton of war for stolen
animals and that their representatives
"i aonragion worKed
nn th, sntl
1 Huerta sentiment so as to prolong the
f war. Also we know that these same
Interests have about got all the cattle
""J " set. ana nave extensive op
tions on lands in Mexico for almost
nothing, and. finally, that this Is the
element that totday wants Intervention
so as to get the land.
Toe Sluing of corn and beans to the
Poor Mexicans is not charity, as Mr.
Berna says. We made this war m
Mexico possible and we owe the Mexi
can something.
a F. 2. CaracrlstL Ph. D, C. E.
Editor Kl Paso Herald:
I note in your letters column that
"Citizen" believes that I did my peo
ple more harm than good because I
say that Mexicans come here and get
work in competition with Americans.
I still think It is creditable to Mexi
cans that they do this and I ask him
where the two chief industries of El
Paso would be If it were not for the
""" iaoor, tne smelter and the
cement plant? Take thes.'two Indus
tries from El Paso and there Is little
left Jn a manufacturing way. These
companies pay a certain rate of wages
and Mexicans accept the rate and stick
to the Job. The same positions are
open to Americans, but I am told that
they cannot get Americana to stick ,
more than a few days and for that I
reason employ Mexicans; If the wages
are lower than they should be, I sup
pose Citizen does not blame the Mexi
cans for that
l.Cf, i ?, ,entrance Into skilled
Itmis ? nouIdknow that they are not
skilled labor. Does not "Citizen" know
that about the only Job you can get
a young American to take Is to run an
automobile and if he cannot get that
past clouded with ragtime torture and
iT . HupB neia out for
.uai, iwiwr in ine.xuture.
nei tne union
hanfl1 "iTfAisfl .
else give way to organizations of rec
ognised competency, without further
Let us have peace and music!
Un Americano.
"We have Just finished 'doing" this
fair and I want to tell you it surely is
some show," writes an El Pasoan from
San Francisco.
"However, I think it the duty and the
duty of every citizen and newspaper In
Texas to go right after our legislature
on the subject of the Texas building at
the fair.
"We have a building. Its true, and
then you can let your voice fall. I saw
the contractor and he said It was only
. i pa,d fOT- II has never been fur
nished or even opened. Only some of
iw iobc uu Bioe aoors swing and slam
with occasional winds. It's the only
building on these magnificent grounds
that is completed but not furnished and
occupied. It's a disgrace to the state of
"Other states not half so well off or
one-tenth so grand or magnificent, have
"' w equpped and well furnished
and well appointed homes here.
"I would like to see everybody set
b,?"3r.,aMer that Austin bunch and roast
the life out of them. Every Texas pa
per should get out Its hammer."
Nish. Servia, June 18. The typus epi
demic Is lessening In force, since the
greater number of sick now recover,
whereas formerly the greater part died.
There is now no complaint about the
need of doctors, for many have been
sent to Servia from the United States.
Great Britain and other countries. The
main work to be done Is the cleaning
up of the outlying districts and disease
breeding grounds. New buildings for
the reception of patients during the
hot..?r?"tn'r have keen erected outside
of Xish.
Pnllworth rooflnr. 91, S1.23 and 91SO a
roll. Burton-Lingo Co, phone SO Adv.
he would prefer to remain idle, loafing
on the street.
J. Johnson criticizes my letter of re
cent date and falls In the usual error
of considering the past greatness ot
the United States instead of
its present degeneracy. He speaks of
the prowess of the United States In
ne past, and, admitting it, in both
the wars the United States had with
Great Britain, that country was so in
volved In wars in Europe that It could
not send any troops to America. The
last one. 1811, was during the days of
the war with Napoleon, when all the
resources of England were engaged on
the continent, and. notwithstanding,
that, did not the United States come
back from its invasion ot Canada badly
whipped? In the Mexican war, did not
Gen. Grant, who participated, say that
it was a most unjust war, advocated
by the slavery states to secure J.
greater field for slavery?
In the event of the Alamo, the United
States had nothing to do with It.
Texas was a separate country with a
separate government.
Does the Spanish war reflect any
credit on the United States? Like all
the wars. It was a case of .many against
a few. and out of it alj. the Cubans
dislike Americans and the Filipinos
dislike Americans more than any other
people. Out of it all the United States
only went Into Porto Rico boldly and
said, "You are ours as the spoils of
war." The Porto Rlcans are highly
content and want to be admitted as a
state, equal to the others. It is a cade
of the Unied States going out for suf
fering humanity's sake to people that
do not want their aid for humanity's
If they would go into Mexico and say,
"Conditions are Intolerable and you are
Incapable of governing your own coun
try, therefore we will govern it for
you," and admit the states of Mexico
as equal states when lit, we migat
like it in time, as we have not fared
badly side by side with the Americans.
See governor Otero, of New Mexico;
senator Luna, Capt. Luna killed In the
Philippines and other officeholders
who mhe mentions In El Paso.
Mr. Johnson has more to say about
Texans capturing Santa Ana. but I
do not dwell on that as I made a propo
sition about the United States, not
Texans. of the Texas republic I
About Germany, you have ncft got
much satisfaction yet. have you? You
consider it all right to have sold Sloo
boxes of cartridges to England which
were being transported in the Lusl
tanla and then are surprised that Ger
many, "fluttering for existence," de
stroys it. It Is strange that you see
nothing wrong about furnishing am
munition to people to kill each other
and to kill your own people In Mexi
co. You say that it does not matter
what anybody thinks, you are going
to do what is right, etc Do you mean
that in spite of what anyone thinks
you are going to keep on selling am
munition: that your curiosity seekers
will continue to sit on the housetops
at the border to see battles and then
worry because some of them are ac
cidentally killed?
Does Mr. Johnson know that a sena
torial committee consisting of Wm. AI
den Smith, A B. Fall and others made
a report on Mexico and that report was
never given to the public? "Why? Does
in Know oi the special representatives
8ent T ur- Wilson Bayard Wilson,
! Reginald Del Valle, John Lind, Duval
West: what they reported? It Is sup
posed to be such a shameless Indict
ment of American business that the
government is ashamed to print it
Did not the New York Herald publish
a series of articles dealing with the
"Waters-Pierce Oil company last sum
mer and prove that it was instigating
revolution In Mexico?
After all other countries, recognized
Huerta, did not the United States re
fuse recognition to him and go out of
the way to induce other countries not
to loan him money or permit the sale
of arms to the revolution but prevent
Huerta from obtaining them In the
United States? Then when Japan and
Germany sold him arms they landed
in Veracruz to prevent the landing of
a German boat with arms. The United
States did not Interfere with Japan,
mind you, and by this landing In Vera
cruz did they not absolutely ruin the
balance of their American citizens who
had remained in Mexico in spite of all
the warning to get out?
People who relied on the promises of
the party platform on which Wilson
was elected, that Americans should be
protected at home, on the border and
abroad, were forced to run out of the
country, aided by the British minister,
when their " charge de affaires ana
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consul general had run away, leaving
them to get out as best they couia.
The United States was a great coun
try with Ideals. Now It is a commer
cial country that talks about humanity
while it sells cartridges to any one
who will buy them. In all the notes
that president Wilson sent to president
Huerta did not Gamboa always make the
United States appear ridiculous? He
never conceded any point the United
States asked for. Are not Huerta, Ur
rutia. Gamboa and all of those the
United States would not recognise liv
ing safely In the United States? The
crowd that the United States did
tacitly recognize are otlll revolutlng
against each other.
And you talk about humanity's sake
nothing of the sake of tne Americans
(40.00O) who were ruined there by the
factions to whom you permit the. sale
ot arms while preventing its sale to
the legitimate government.
Charity to Belgium, to Serrta, Red
Cross aid to all the warring countries!
Charity to Mexico that some arms com
pany may sell ammunition!
with half a million men in New
York out of work, with many every
where, even here in El Paso, you send
money to Mexico, to Europe. Be con
sistent. Come out boldly like Great
Britain with the Boers. Take our
country, keep it; do like Italy in Tripoli:
Spain. In Morocco, like you did yourself
in Porto Rico, where you gained the
good will of those people and the hatred
of the Cubans and Filipinos, becauss
you went there for humanity's saks.
We do not want your "humanity's
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